Zoë Kravitz on Her Relationship with Prince


  1. Kaz Poole

    Kaz Poole10 hours ago

    Yet another horse faced Hellywood transgender freak!

  2. The Prophet of Rage

    The Prophet of Rage15 hours ago

    She is sexy.

  3. LoRD FlACk0

    LoRD FlACk017 hours ago

    Prince was tryna smash 😂😂Big homie☝🏾☝🏾

  4. cassnova brown

    cassnova brownDay ago

    She should of married him he'll shed be a rich woman

  5. gold girl

    gold girlDay ago

    She met Prince and didn't want to smash him? Girl you're crazy. I regret clicking on this boring clip. Worse six minutes of my life.

  6. north west

    north west2 days ago

    For meals.

  7. Gabriela Mercedes Hdz

    Gabriela Mercedes Hdz2 days ago

    Wow ..To hang with your Friends !? Come one is Prince! But we were not there, as well I don't support so much Egos around!!!!

  8. Carole Watson-Mckoy

    Carole Watson-Mckoy3 days ago

    A beautiful and charming young lady just like her mother

  9. Will Chin

    Will Chin4 days ago

    i find her VERY annoying, like VERY annoying, thinking she's special..........well shes not, and if her parents weren't who they were, her looks, her acting, her talent is all subpar .......

  10. SheisAware Now

    SheisAware Now4 days ago

    I consider myself a serious Prince friend....and this young lady’s story was funny as he__ to me!!! He must have been really turned on by her.....he knew she wasn’t really digging him...so it made him want her more. probably couldn’t even remember the last time a female wasn’t digging him!!

  11. Miss Conceiteality

    Miss Conceiteality5 days ago

    That was a long story jeez and not that interesting love looking at Zoe though she’s so beautiful

  12. Morris Anderson

    Morris Anderson5 days ago

    This is boring, an I'm going to sleep,, night everyone,,

  13. Eric Carrington

    Eric Carrington6 days ago

    Snob ass weirdo

  14. welovetofloat

    welovetofloat6 days ago

    I have a knee-length, grey beard, now from listening to that story...I'm 19.

  15. generalgordon3

    generalgordon37 days ago

    Kimmel you Wanker

  16. E.TERNITY _

    E.TERNITY _7 days ago

    Her storytelling was annoying. That's for damn sure!

  17. Shawn Brown

    Shawn Brown8 days ago

    Not buying that story.

  18. Mitch Gibson

    Mitch Gibson9 days ago

    This interview shows us why Kimmel is the best. Imagine how many times Fallon would’ve interrupted her...

  19. Haley Stevenson

    Haley Stevenson11 days ago

    Am I the only person that watches this and is completely annoyed at not Prince but HER? First, don't tell a story that disrespects Prince. Second, the man was a legend. She needs to stop acting all cool.


    DARK VADER12 days ago

    Prince was notorious pranking his friends.

  21. SenkiiMK

    SenkiiMK12 days ago

    She reminds me of Adriana Lima

  22. Andrew Herbert

    Andrew Herbert13 days ago

    That story could have been about 6 minutes shorter, I would hate to ask her directions

  23. Filip Kamcev

    Filip Kamcev13 days ago

    Modest girl...

  24. JOUA1400

    JOUA140013 days ago

    Zoë ...wow!!!

  25. Jamie104

    Jamie10414 days ago

    So basically Prince used her as a wing-man. 😍😂😂

  26. christi hamilton

    christi hamilton15 days ago

    Zoe worst story ever

  27. Fan Made Videos

    Fan Made Videos15 days ago

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzoey Kravitzzzzzz

  28. ζαρα Ιωάννα

    ζαρα Ιωάννα15 days ago

    Jimmy was trying to get the creep factor over in this antidote a little too much, beyond the point where is was funny he actually made the situation feel awkward for Zoe & for the audience/viewer. It must be his opinion of him based on what we'll never know 🤔🙄

  29. dimediretes1

    dimediretes116 days ago

    She is amazing. I loved it... no words

  30. Herman Trass

    Herman Trass17 days ago

    Yeah that moment when you're at the bar and Prince won't leave you alone. We've all been there I think.

  31. RustyHornzMusic

    RustyHornzMusic18 days ago

    She is a cutie. I was crazy about her mother, Lisa Bonet. She looks like her, but I think she looks more like her father Lenny Kravitz.

  32. Symone Williams

    Symone Williams19 days ago

    Wow, Amazing Story!

  33. rebecca pante

    rebecca pante19 days ago

    Zoe is so beautiful love her parents.

  34. T St

    T St19 days ago

    Kimmel looks like a child molester

  35. Akecheta Lahpay

    Akecheta Lahpay20 days ago

    LOL...She should've known she was a target because she's a Redbone.

  36. ramelep

    ramelep20 days ago

    In my next life I want to be her... Haha Or Jared Leto

  37. B B

    B B21 day ago

    This Prince story was great because Zoe was irreverent and hopefully told it like it is from the perspective of an 18 year old. Kusos 👌💜

  38. joyce boyd

    joyce boyd21 day ago


  39. Art T

    Art T21 day ago

    You could hang oil paintings on her brow.

  40. Frühlings Frisch

    Frühlings Frisch22 days ago

    I love this!

  41. Ebony Eyes

    Ebony Eyes22 days ago

    I don't think for a moment Prince was hitting on her. If you're a Prince fan you know Lenny Kravitz and Prince were very good friends; often performing together at each others concerts. To Zoe, Prince was annoying because he was her father's friend and he hanging around. To Prince he was being the supportive; yet protective Uncle. For all we know Lenny may've told him to keep an eye out. I have many uncles and male cousins; and a Father and when I was growing up and I bumped into them at a club or even their friends at a club they stuck to me like glue; because men know the mentality of other men. Prince was purposely blocking and scoping Zoe's crowd. Zoe knew this; which is why she wanted him to leave.

  42. Alliss Nikkole

    Alliss Nikkole22 days ago

    Lawd she is gorgeousss

  43. LAKERS2019champions

    LAKERS2019champions23 days ago

    Her smile 😥😍

  44. LilianO

    LilianO23 days ago

    She is so cool.😎😎

  45. cuteblackberry1

    cuteblackberry123 days ago

    Comment from London, both parents are just gorgeously gorgeous, and Zoe is just beautiful.. with or without make up. Like her parents. Fine...as hell! Jimmy you are a charming host, with a great host charisma.

  46. Ladiesman1447

    Ladiesman144725 days ago

    Her Dad is Lenny Kravitz and her step-dad is Jason Momoa..

  47. Suzy Q

    Suzy Q26 days ago

    Omg you guys are so judgemental of her, let the girl alone she’s wonderful as she is, even if she tells a long story and gets tired of hanging with the same much older guy for the entire evening. come on people, just bc it’s prince doesn’t mean she has an obligation to obey and adore him every single minute of every day. She’s just a human being for gods sake....

  48. Paranormal Shadows Society

    Paranormal Shadows Society29 days ago

    Sounds like he was hitting on her. BTW, she is a bad storyteller!!!

  49. Alyssa Whatever

    Alyssa WhateverMonth ago

    Both her parents are legends and so is her moms new bf, Jason Momoa. I wonder what it's like being part of such a legendary family.

  50. I Ron, Man

    I Ron, ManMonth ago

    not as pretty as her mother nor as talented as dad without prince as her lover this video's just sad

  51. Sheresa Sanders

    Sheresa SandersMonth ago

    I would imagine that Prince wanted to see what the younger crowd was listening to and what the vibe is. I bet you think this song is about you, don't you?

  52. o o

    o oMonth ago

    this is really, really rude

  53. Jaded Muse

    Jaded MuseMonth ago

    Wow...should have known with two smoking hot parents that Zoe would grow up to be absolutely stunning. Of course she looks a lot like Lisa BUT I see features from Lenny too...

  54. Knowledge Seeker 78

    Knowledge Seeker 78Month ago

    Prince made a huge impact on all of us...I've been listening to him since I was 6 and my avatar has been the same since I first signed up for MReporter many years ago...way before he died

  55. kc

    kcMonth ago

    She's so great. Awesome story teller as well

  56. Neosoulgroovydude

    NeosoulgroovydudeMonth ago

    Young people dont always know how big a star or music is.

  57. Caoimhe !

    Caoimhe !Month ago

    Millennial cool. Which is exactly why she comes off as, a little annoying. Bonet is dope though.

  58. Elaine Donaway

    Elaine DonawayMonth ago

    Her beauty is the Black...African blood in her. Her grandmother and great grandmother are ugly dried up Jewish White women. Lenny Mother Roxie is in her. Lisa features come from her Black side and yeah she hates her Black Dad..do u research. I'm no hater but I'm real.

  59. Elaine Donaway

    Elaine DonawayMonth ago

    Playing both races..I can't stand this girl. Taking work from 100 percent Black girls..she has always bragged about her Jewish grandmother..now she claiming her Jamaica ties from Roxie..what about Al Debra and their dark kids..uck this fake chick

  60. Sylvia Kabalouris

    Sylvia KabalourisMonth ago

    That was the worst story ever. So disrespectful of such an amazing artist.😕

  61. Tonya Skuse

    Tonya SkuseMonth ago

    Your father should give you words of wisdom. If Prince was alive.....you wouldn't be saying what you said. You made Prince sound like a desperate sad man. To say Prince is finally gone... No fan for sure.... Fame certainly has gone to this girls head.

  62. Tony Harris

    Tony HarrisMonth ago

    Way to make it Awkward Jimmy.

  63. Karla Faulkner

    Karla FaulknerMonth ago

    Stay away from the lead singer of rolling stones

  64. leeleechristmaslover

    leeleechristmasloverMonth ago

    She's too gorgeous! I want to be her best friend!

  65. JSCM34

    JSCM34Month ago

    Feel like she said Prince to please the crowd.

  66. The Zo

    The ZoMonth ago

    "damnit, i wanna hang with my friends, but prince is taking all of my time, what am i going to do!?" privileged much ?

  67. Usama Javaid

    Usama JavaidMonth ago

    and that’s how you NOT tell a story

  68. The Oracle Chick

    The Oracle ChickMonth ago

    She also resembles Alicia Keyes.

  69. dreamergirlbaby

    dreamergirlbabyMonth ago


  70. Ladybug321

    Ladybug321Month ago

    She lying!! Why would Prince just randomly bring up Purple Rain!!

  71. Billy Joe Riley

    Billy Joe RileyMonth ago

    Must be nice being born into a crystal bubble, shielded from the real world. Wish she would ditch that ball of yarn in her head. Her natural features are beautiful enough.

  72. Ladybug321

    Ladybug321Month ago

    Yea right!!



    Dam she’s hott🔥🔥🔥

  74. Mommy D

    Mommy DMonth ago


  75. Non Compliant

    Non CompliantMonth ago

    never liked lenny kravitz or lisa bonet. so its fitting i dont like their demonspawn daughter badmouthing prince after he died. her career is over as far as i'm concerned.

  76. Mommy D

    Mommy DMonth ago

    😃😄😂😁😅😂😄😄 Damn. Ok. Lol

  77. Rhynda Watson

    Rhynda WatsonMonth ago

    She's gorgeous just like her parents

  78. Karla Valentine

    Karla ValentineMonth ago

    Every story here about Prince, it's like his goal in life was to be the biggest creeper in the world. Such a strange little man.

  79. Karla Valentine

    Karla ValentineMonth ago

    Every story here about Prince, it's like his goal in life was to be the biggest creeper in the world. Such a strange little man.

  80. Ray2311us

    Ray2311usMonth ago

    Idk why she looks like a pathological lier...

  81. Sam Crutchley

    Sam CrutchleyMonth ago

    Her mothers doppleganger

  82. derpfrog

    derpfrogMonth ago

    Prince was a real nasty man. Cream get on top cream you don't stop cream... Cream shaboogey bop.

  83. Mommy D

    Mommy DMonth ago


  84. Xavier Hall

    Xavier HallMonth ago

    Why is everyone saying its a bad story when this is the best "what" I've ever heard in my life @3:22

  85. Teo Teo

    Teo TeoMonth ago

    So short so unacttractive so bad actress and singer yakkkkk

  86. Cheri Whitaker

    Cheri WhitakerMonth ago

    He hit!!!

  87. lyomon

    lyomonMonth ago

    She was right

  88. Abby O.Y

    Abby O.YMonth ago

    Lettt her talk!!! My god

  89. ewdryk

    ewdrykMonth ago

    I should breed that girl...

  90. Stas Shustov

    Stas ShustovMonth ago

    She looks after her father. Her face the way she smiles... Lenny's blood :-)

  91. GoodMrDawes

    GoodMrDawesMonth ago

    Great Genes

  92. Senate Shakya

    Senate ShakyaMonth ago

    Darn cute.

  93. britt dino

    britt dinoMonth ago

    🙂....😐....😑....😴....😳 😐....😑....😪........

  94. Manny Calavera

    Manny CalaveraMonth ago

    Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz... Those are some good genes. When her mom got pregnant everyone was probably like "yeah, that is gonna be a good looking kid".

  95. Tim Denchanter

    Tim DenchanterMonth ago

    She’s no story teller.

  96. vladimir ikic

    vladimir ikicMonth ago

    Shes a really good story teller. But did Prince hit it off with a girl her age at that time? Old perv haha

  97. L

    LMonth ago

    kimmel ain't funny

  98. jimi08jam

    jimi08jamMonth ago

    Prince wanted a piece of ass from her

  99. jimi08jam

    jimi08jamMonth ago


  100. graceful beauty

    graceful beautyMonth ago

    it was a funny story

  101. tris

    trisMonth ago

    love love love her

  102. Fashion4We

    Fashion4WeMonth ago

    Is everyone just repeating each other's comments in the comments section. If ur reading comments like me here's them in nutshell "She's a boring story teller" "She's beautiful like her mother!" .....