Zoë Kravitz on Her Relationship with Prince



    101KANDYCANE7 hours ago

    Jesus Christ lady hurry up lol

  2. Schneckenwerk

    Schneckenwerk13 hours ago

    I'll marry her one day. She is the one. I feel it. Yeah.

  3. joyce boyd

    joyce boyd15 hours ago


  4. 91clarie

    91clarie16 hours ago

    And Jason Momoa is her stepdad!!!!! JEALOUSY LEVEL 10000000000

  5. BB11249

    BB11249Day ago

    I feel like her and Emilia Clarke would be besties 🤔😱🤣♥️

  6. Carlito Banks

    Carlito BanksDay ago

    Only a millennial would get tired of chillin with Prince. I kinda think she's stupid now.

  7. Maria De La Torre

    Maria De La TorreDay ago

    She is the cutest thing, she looks soooo much like her mom!

  8. Nikki Brown

    Nikki BrownDay ago

    She's Gorgeous

  9. Rayne Dlayed

    Rayne Dlayed2 days ago

    But how old is eighteen really?

  10. Caila 765

    Caila 7652 days ago

    Who else got tired of the story so you are just scrolling thru the comments while it’s playing😂😂😫

  11. Kristythepistol

    Kristythepistol2 days ago

    Wow she is a stunning woman!! Gorgeous.

  12. Just Looking

    Just Looking2 days ago

    She looks like the girl from girlfriends..oh wait no she doesn’t

  13. Jonathan

    Jonathan2 days ago

    Prince was trying to get and hit that thang, at her age eighttaine...lol that s his type, young lighter version of vanity. Vanity was the finest of them all, but Zoe is close.. Vanity had natural sex appeal, something not all women have.

  14. Lia Rivera Yip

    Lia Rivera Yip2 days ago

    The longest and pointless interview...🙄🙄🙄

  15. Anthony Crawford

    Anthony Crawford2 days ago

    She looks like Lenny Kravitz

  16. Its Domooo

    Its Domooo2 days ago

    Lol sorry to burst her bubble by he definitely wasn’t talking about you lmao mayte was definitely not 18 yet that’s who he was talking about

  17. Wendy Lynch

    Wendy Lynch2 days ago

    Her mum is a trampy hobo

  18. Walter Gregoire

    Walter Gregoire2 days ago

    Longest anecdote ever!

  19. c

    c2 days ago

    how is she nearly 30?! She looks 18, but then again her father looks 20 too

  20. tleesmith781

    tleesmith7813 days ago

    She is very beautiful!

  21. Kiki-san

    Kiki-san3 days ago

    Like her being honest. Other than that: she is just a nepotist child.

  22. shashank shekhar chaubey

    shashank shekhar chaubey3 days ago

    I thought lenny was her brother

  23. Tal Moore

    Tal Moore3 days ago

    Someone needs to write a book of just crazy Prince stories.

  24. Mark Lac

    Mark Lac3 days ago

    Sicko tranny.

  25. Chambria Parker

    Chambria Parker4 days ago

    She looks high as hell always. Maybe its just her eyes. Beautiful girl. If a man is hanging out with an 18 year old like that. He trying to holla.

  26. Ani Vai

    Ani Vai4 days ago

    It's like pulling teeth hearing that story

  27. simon payne

    simon payne4 days ago

    She's cute

  28. NOWtheband

    NOWtheband5 days ago


  29. Joshua M

    Joshua M5 days ago

    She doesn't have consistency in storytelling.

  30. Daniela Anchora

    Daniela Anchora6 days ago

    Oh pls........ whatever

  31. Daniela Anchora

    Daniela Anchora6 days ago

    She's not all that... just lucky cuz of her parents.....

  32. RoyalTee

    RoyalTee6 days ago

    I wonder where she got that scar on her left hand

  33. Erika Johnson-Kelly

    Erika Johnson-Kelly6 days ago

    Girl bye! She sounds like a brat.

  34. Tatiana Ames

    Tatiana Ames7 days ago

    That's young people 😁 it's Prince Zoe 😏 you make time for Prince😉

  35. Tatiana Ames

    Tatiana Ames7 days ago

    She's beautiful 😍 looking like her mom and dad.

  36. Art Forlife

    Art Forlife7 days ago

    She looks just like her mother.

  37. Beth black

    Beth black7 days ago

    Sorry, didn't get Mommy's looks.

  38. Nicole

    Nicole7 days ago

    She looks just like her mom. Beautiful.

  39. sheilla jeptum

    sheilla jeptum7 days ago

    i watched half the video before actually realizing that they were talking about PRINCE and not Prince Harry

  40. Rob Williams

    Rob Williams8 days ago

    So the moral of the story...she banged Prince but won't just say it point blank!

  41. Exposing Liars

    Exposing Liars9 days ago

    She's arrogant.

  42. JJames Burke

    JJames Burke9 days ago

    Zoe is two quarters African-American & two quarters Jewish (both her parents are half-half). Unique :)

  43. Hannah Obsiye

    Hannah Obsiye9 days ago

    That story is like my life- no sort of direction or a good ending

  44. Paul H. Kircher III

    Paul H. Kircher III10 days ago

    I thought it was solid as a rock.

  45. ceceoo3

    ceceoo310 days ago

    It wasnt a boring story. It was just a long one lol. It was funny though. People are saying she took forever to get the point and blah blah blah, it has many points. It was a story not a one liner. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

  46. ceceoo3

    ceceoo38 days ago

    +Carol Heard dumb

  47. Carol Heard

    Carol Heard10 days ago

    Born Born Homosexuality

  48. bridget leverett

    bridget leverett10 days ago

    She looks and sounds like her mom, especially her laugh.

  49. bodensick

    bodensick10 days ago

    Is Prince still dead?

  50. 2degucitas

    2degucitas11 days ago


  51. Flash Johnson

    Flash Johnson11 days ago

    This guy is a total ass. Wow.

  52. Tanya Settel

    Tanya Settel11 days ago

    Did she rolled her eyes when he mentioned who her parents were¿ I'm sure she wouldn't be sitting there if those weren't her parents. Beautiful or not

  53. Kevin Daley

    Kevin Daley11 days ago

    She’s so hot

  54. Kimbo Lee

    Kimbo Lee11 days ago

    That's creepy

  55. Cherry Ripe

    Cherry Ripe12 days ago

    Sounded like 50 shades of Purple Lol

  56. Tommy Estrada

    Tommy Estrada12 days ago

    Flowers for Zoe Love for Zoe

  57. nr99

    nr9912 days ago

    Damn I could listen to Prince stories all day!

  58. odnalro40

    odnalro4012 days ago

    She's soooo beautiful

  59. red drib

    red drib12 days ago

    maaaaan, she's so boring

  60. John Gbenga Babington

    John Gbenga Babington12 days ago

    Lisa bonet- mum Lenny kravitz- dad Jason mamoa-step dad

  61. John Gbenga Babington

    John Gbenga Babington2 days ago

    It’s just cool

  62. Wendy Lynch

    Wendy Lynch2 days ago

    John Gbenga Babington AND

  63. Jooply X Harrington

    Jooply X Harrington12 days ago

    Are Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz fully black? She looks mixed race

  64. Tassy McCormick

    Tassy McCormick12 days ago

    God almighty what a long ass, lame ass Prince story.

  65. Jeff Profine

    Jeff Profine12 days ago

    Kimmel got through an interview without having to be bleeped. He should do that all the time.

  66. Jeff Profine

    Jeff Profine12 days ago

    Well, if Prince can get the brush off......Zoe seems her type, so wonder if Prince had ideas?

  67. Abyssinian Bart

    Abyssinian Bart12 days ago


  68. Santilla V.

    Santilla V.13 days ago

    Such a beautiful young lady.

  69. makk makk

    makk makk13 days ago

    I love the way Jimmy Kimmel handles interviews, he's the man. Also she is beautiful though, I think she took Prince back in time in his mind for a minute lol but I'm glad he escaped that bullet.

  70. dub16100

    dub1610013 days ago

    What an annoying interview


    FARRINGTON13 days ago

    Hey Mom and Dad I want to be an actress, Okay Zoey we will use our connections to make that happen.

  72. Jenny Jones

    Jenny Jones13 days ago

    When you have two good looking parents! 😍

  73. TheReturnofStephan1

    TheReturnofStephan114 days ago

    Does anyone else notice that 99% of ALL of Prince's female friends, etc., LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE?

  74. Interceptor810

    Interceptor81014 days ago

    she is gorgeous

  75. deez nutz

    deez nutz14 days ago

    My God! A spitting image of her Mom!! She even sounds like her.

  76. youngsaaron

    youngsaaron14 days ago

    is she white?

  77. 1honeychild

    1honeychild14 days ago

    She is pretty , but her mom was prettier than her in her days

  78. Baby Pudge

    Baby Pudge14 days ago

    Looks just like her fly ass daddy!

  79. Scorpio Moon

    Scorpio Moon14 days ago

    I love her story telling maybe because we have a similar style of narration 😉

  80. Sincere Presence

    Sincere Presence14 days ago

    You see! That stops me from clicking subscribe EVERY time! I did click like though lol

  81. Januquaria Space

    Januquaria Space14 days ago

    So pretty and I see both her parents when I look at her. Best to her!

  82. John Knighton

    John Knighton14 days ago

    Nobody in the world gives a rat's ass nobody cares

  83. Ana Farias

    Ana Farias14 days ago

    Prince ♥

  84. Kita Patton

    Kita Patton14 days ago

    😒 This bores Me *Charlie Murphy voice kmsl 👉🏾Girl bye!!! It's Mr. Nelson to u both!!

  85. corey murry

    corey murry14 days ago

    It’s crazy how the more beautiful you are, the more interesting a boring story can be.

  86. BlessedByHim

    BlessedByHim15 days ago

    I love the stare in her eyes, very soft, femenine and alluring😍

  87. Roxie Sharpei

    Roxie Sharpei15 days ago

    She kinduv looks like Denise Matthews aka Vanity (former partner & lead singer of Vanity 6)

  88. Jackson Brown

    Jackson Brown15 days ago

    Prince hit that

  89. elizabeth davis

    elizabeth davis15 days ago

    She is gorgeous.

  90. Zariya J

    Zariya J15 days ago

    Awww she is so lucky!!

  91. Queen C

    Queen C15 days ago

    What does she do

  92. Nv B

    Nv B15 days ago

    What was Prince doing in a spot with 18 yr olds. 😒

  93. wreed18121

    wreed1812115 days ago

    Why do I believe she is lying? I think she's mad Prince didn't take her home that night.

  94. Luk Worthy

    Luk Worthy16 days ago

    I thought u was j8mmy Fallon and I was going to subscribe

  95. Banana *

    Banana *14 days ago

    why would you suscribe to Fallon tho

  96. Reynolds Colton

    Reynolds Colton16 days ago

    Ugly whore.

  97. Tru & livin

    Tru & livin16 days ago

    Truly made in the image and likeness !!

  98. Beet

    Beet16 days ago

    Yeah , prince wanted to hang out with you cause you were so interesting and talented, clearly as evident by this interview . LOL ...

  99. Alec Dawson

    Alec Dawson16 days ago

    Need to get a 'wrap it up' buzzer especially for Jimmy.

  100. Husture

    Husture16 days ago


  101. Kanyesige Muhumza

    Kanyesige Muhumza16 days ago

    What's her race because I love her skin and hair

  102. Sir Winston Lennon

    Sir Winston Lennon16 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a creepy pervert.

  103. SingleTax

    SingleTax16 days ago

    She's pretty, but nauseatingly shallow.

  104. mina vamp

    mina vamp16 days ago

    from her story, prince came across to me as creepy and perverted. she was 18 and he was 48.

  105. monta ellis

    monta ellis17 days ago

    Prince is the ultimat playa....but she did him wrong here