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ZAYN - Sour Diesel (Audio)


  1. Allie Duggan

    Allie Duggan12 hours ago


  2. ـ YoFz

    ـ YoFz19 hours ago

    Fifa 2019

  3. bosstanaka88

    bosstanaka8823 hours ago

    i really need this album

  4. Franciene da Silva

    Franciene da SilvaDay ago

    Congratulations on new music, my little angel.

  5. Tech and Motivation *

    Tech and Motivation *Day ago

  6. Nirosha Khan

    Nirosha Khan2 days ago

    Can't stop listening to this😍😍😍😍😍

  7. black pearl

    black pearl2 days ago

    The whole song... the whole sound.... Is anybody else horny but me? Anyone? No...? Okay...

  8. Kiley Smith

    Kiley Smith2 days ago

    i love this song it is so catchy

  9. the girl algérien

    the girl algérien2 days ago

    Love you soo much You are the best for ever

  10. m ahmad.30

    m ahmad.303 days ago

    This deserves more views

  11. Lertoons mind

    Lertoons mind3 days ago

    on repeat

  12. Sourabh Sahni

    Sourabh Sahni3 days ago

    Voice good, Song not

  13. ツANiKET

    ツANiKET3 days ago

    one of the best of zayn 😍

  14. Ashley Zuniga

    Ashley Zuniga3 days ago

    Zayn deserves more attention and recognition

  15. serpentinefireball

    serpentinefireball3 days ago

    As always Zayn never disappoints...Love it

  16. Afnan Ansari

    Afnan Ansari4 days ago

    its rocking!!!!;);)

  17. krazy tabber

    krazy tabber4 days ago

    Zayn are you Muslim ,?

  18. Byanjana Pokharel

    Byanjana Pokharel4 days ago

    i am addicted to this song

  19. Rito

    Rito4 days ago

    But why the MF Doom picture for the background? :)

  20. ZAYN&OneDirection

    ZAYN&OneDirection4 days ago

    Why are the views not increasing? 😟... C'MON ZQUADs!!!!! 🤘🤘

  21. oriana gabriela

    oriana gabriela4 days ago

    your songs are shit lately

  22. The chainsmoker Navid

    The chainsmoker Navid5 days ago

    Sour Diesel Broo🙋🙌😎

  23. Jadyn Afrifa

    Jadyn Afrifa5 days ago

    love u zayn

  24. Anjul HariharVevo

    Anjul HariharVevo5 days ago

    high note at value of pie

  25. Flora Dovigo

    Flora Dovigo5 days ago


  26. Chad

    Chad5 days ago

    Peter Gabriel was an influence.

  27. Rom an

    Rom an5 days ago


  28. Girls Hunter

    Girls Hunter6 days ago


  29. vox mae

    vox mae6 days ago

    MF DOOM mask? dope man

  30. Nurul Muzirah

    Nurul Muzirah6 days ago



    BRAJESH YADAV6 days ago

    Fav song

  32. Nas siM

    Nas siM6 days ago

    Zayn dominate 2k18 just WOOOOOOOOW

  33. Nitin Doctor

    Nitin Doctor6 days ago

    #dudfantastic 👈 visit this plz

  34. Shubham Sarangi

    Shubham Sarangi6 days ago

    wtf is sour diesel?

  35. Altamash Shaikh

    Altamash Shaikh5 days ago

    Shubham Sarangi weed

  36. papita tomlimson

    papita tomlimson7 days ago

    omg the solo guitar make me dead

  37. rockie0708

    rockie07087 days ago

    Very Justin Timberlake/ Prince

  38. Alessandro Coco

    Alessandro Coco7 days ago

    The beat is weird as hell but still love the song !


    MENNA STYLES7 days ago

    what's the meaning of this song guys?

  40. sapna ramesh

    sapna ramesh7 days ago

    DIRECTIONERS where u at ??? #directionerzquad

  41. Amina Muhammad

    Amina Muhammad7 days ago

    Zayn is sooo my sour diezel. His voice is sooo hot...he burn he burn he burrrn.

  42. A7 MD

    A7 MD7 days ago

    how want this song to be in performanse live

  43. AnhTuan Tran

    AnhTuan Tran7 days ago

    The mask reminds me of M.F Doom

  44. Hamza  Sohail

    Hamza Sohail7 days ago

    so liiittt

  45. Cheri Leon

    Cheri Leon7 days ago

    It's kind of a bop... But I have reservations about it- but you do you, Z! Keep doing what you love!

  46. Isabella Clavijo

    Isabella Clavijo8 days ago

    Y luego dicen que por que me encanta tanto 😍

  47. Nurul Muzirah

    Nurul Muzirah8 days ago


  48. maciel perez

    maciel perez8 days ago

    Me encanto

  49. ZAYN&OneDirection

    ZAYN&OneDirection8 days ago

    That high note THOUGH!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  50. Ayaan Malik

    Ayaan Malik9 days ago

    wooooow zayn!!!

  51. Kapish Mankoo

    Kapish Mankoo9 days ago


  52. zayn

    zayn9 days ago

    Zquad i have made this as an backup youtube account ,SUBSCRIBE IT.

  53. Aisha Chalkoo

    Aisha Chalkoo8 days ago

    zayn fake

  54. x gamer

    x gamer8 days ago

    love your songs i 'm hearing your songs when you were in one direction any way love your songs😊😊😊😊😊😊

  55. jaskirat singh

    jaskirat singh9 days ago

    So Sexxxy .. So Hott....

  56. Mimoza Xharavina

    Mimoza Xharavina9 days ago

    Zayn's high note at 3:13 almost sounds like a electric guitar🔥Hands down to one of the best vocalists of this generation!

  57. AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty9 days ago

    Love how amazingly his style is evolving!!❤

  58. AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty9 days ago

    What a fucking stud!!😎

  59. AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty9 days ago

    Amazing! This style suits Z's voice perfectly!!😍

  60. AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty9 days ago

    I mean. WOW!!

  61. Informative Innovative

    Informative Innovative9 days ago

    I made a cover.

  62. Kerelyn Duarte

    Kerelyn Duarte9 days ago

    SUPER Z😎😎😎

  63. H•i•D•A TR•a•v•l

    H•i•D•A TR•a•v•l9 days ago

    Zayn always trying do something new 💗💗

  64. virsi123

    virsi1239 days ago

    What genre of music is this

  65. TommysTracks

    TommysTracks10 days ago


  66. leo fernandez

    leo fernandez10 days ago

    Thanks zayn for blessing mah ears

  67. Aditi T

    Aditi T10 days ago

    My cycle Listening for the first time : WTF is this!? Second time : not that bad actually Third time : it's actually catchy tho Fourth time : * jamming to this song the whole day *

  68. Melisa Malik

    Melisa Malik10 days ago


  69. Cynthia La Mutante

    Cynthia La Mutante10 days ago


  70. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez10 days ago

    If zayn and harry were allowed to explore their music taste genuinely, back in the 1d days, they would have realized their music styles are actually quite similar.

  71. Natalia Ferreira

    Natalia Ferreira10 days ago

    Doom ??

  72. Yenifer Nohelis

    Yenifer Nohelis10 days ago


  73. Febri Dwi

    Febri Dwi10 days ago


  74. nani

    nani10 days ago


  75. AISHA JK

    AISHA JK11 days ago

    I just decided to check more zayn songs and I don’t have any regrets I love all this songs I have heard such talented artist 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  76. Nurul Muzirah

    Nurul Muzirah11 days ago


  77. Fecal Alcohol Syndrone

    Fecal Alcohol Syndrone11 days ago

    Thought it was MF DOOM ffs

  78. ThatJohanna

    ThatJohanna11 days ago

    Sour D like fire 🌿🔥🔥

  79. ThatJohanna

    ThatJohanna11 days ago

    Sour D like fire 🌿🔥🔥

  80. Nadymilla Almeida

    Nadymilla Almeida11 days ago

    the type of song u f* to

  81. Brock Lesner

    Brock Lesner11 days ago

    gaurdian of galaxy/star wars soundtrack

  82. Avion Hanley

    Avion Hanley12 days ago

    idk why he is considered a flop. hes doing good in this to me

  83. ARMYZquad

    ARMYZquad6 days ago

    Avion Hanley because people dont understand that he didnt release any single after Let Me all songs after that were just tracks from his album and still they entered many charts trended worldwide some naive people believe all are singles but no check the official data not wikipedia no single after let ne has been released yet his just tracks were great enough that many people considered them single, Zayn doesnt promote well but when its for a single even he does something more than just a simlle tweet or post on instagram remember the time of dusk till dawn or let me promotion he did indeed showed some effort to promote them for these tracjs he didnt even promote them more than a tweet or post because these were just meant for his fans and people who wanted diffrent genre style from him when he officially releases a new single we will show the strenght of Zquad

  84. d ace

    d ace9 days ago

    Avion Hanle lack of promo

  85. edwin honoret lover

    edwin honoret lover12 days ago

    So good

  86. AyrisJolie

    AyrisJolie12 days ago

    The bass is slapping... too bad it’s just like computer programming and it won’t be an actual person playing it live but it’s slappin and I’m living

  87. Mari Iwa

    Mari Iwa12 days ago

    He is the real deal.

  88. Amirah Ahmed

    Amirah Ahmed12 days ago


  89. Amina Muhammad

    Amina Muhammad12 days ago

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a sour diesel........she burn she burn she burrrrn

  90. axmkrt

    axmkrt12 days ago

    J’ai cru que c’était j’ai demandé à la lune au début

  91. Amina Muhammad

    Amina Muhammad12 days ago

    Zayn is so addictive.

  92. Amanda Goslin

    Amanda Goslin12 days ago

    His voice is amazing 😍😍😊💙

  93. Sean Vicencio

    Sean Vicencio12 days ago

    this can be a movie soundtrack!

  94. katherine in space

    katherine in space12 days ago

    stole DOOM's mask just to put it on a weak, repetitive, and boring track. sad

  95. d ace

    d ace9 days ago

    katherine in space Lots of us love this song,so thank u very much,now take ur opinion somewhere else

  96. Ashley Zuniga

    Ashley Zuniga11 days ago

    katherine in space it's better if u take ur comment back and leave thank you 🤝

  97. Bruna Lopes

    Bruna Lopes12 days ago

    My favorite until now

  98. cantforgetyou

    cantforgetyou12 days ago

    Not a good song.

  99. d ace

    d ace9 days ago

    cantforgetyou listen wid headphones on

  100. cantforgetyou

    cantforgetyou11 days ago

    I like my own taste. Some songs of Zayn are beautiful.

  101. Ashley Zuniga

    Ashley Zuniga11 days ago

    cantforgetyou well that's not what a whole bunch of other people think 🙄

  102. Sam Asaiya

    Sam Asaiya13 days ago

    He's makin a way to 50 shades darker 😂😂

  103. Syed Muhammad

    Syed Muhammad13 days ago

    Don't forget who u are be proud.

  104. Syed Muhammad

    Syed Muhammad13 days ago

    I feel so bad for u bro what have u done to or money is not everything in life.pillow talk or many other songs are so disgusting.please controllll 🙏this is not u.

  105. Syed Muhammad

    Syed Muhammad2 days ago

    Zayn is my favorite singer but now he's totally changed.

  106. Syed Muhammad

    Syed Muhammad2 days ago

    d ace so u don't care!these illlumanatis people ruining ur life's there making u slave of Satan and u don't care.

  107. d ace

    d ace9 days ago

    Syed Muhammad shut up,we don't care

  108. Innocent Yahya

    Innocent Yahya13 days ago

    zayn plz make Your old type of song plz i dont like your new song like this and few more

  109. Innocent Yahya

    Innocent Yahya9 days ago

    d ace Oh Hello I Just Said That Thing Which H I Feel And I Think I Feel Right

  110. d ace

    d ace9 days ago

    Innocent Yahya not everyone likes hollow pop songs,we fucking love this song

  111. Music For You

    Music For You13 days ago

    It feels like a song harry would sing, and it's unbelievably amazayn!

  112. Sarthak Mohanty

    Sarthak Mohanty13 days ago

    Damn this song has that retro vibe to it! Like Sour Diesel, I can't stop the feeling!

  113. Akanksha Kukreti

    Akanksha Kukreti13 days ago

    Ohhh emm geee...!!😭😭😭

  114. Gabrielle Holt

    Gabrielle Holt13 days ago

    I was not expecting this to be so good....damn....this is the kind of song that makes me want to start collecting records, blast them all night, and groove around my room into infinity

  115. Bennett Walker

    Bennett Walker13 days ago

    Is this dude an MF DOOM fan