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ZAYN - Let Me (Official Video)


  1. marietto2008

    marietto20084 hours ago

    Sofia Jamora...

  2. Yang Lee

    Yang Lee5 hours ago

    “It’s going down like that too?.”

  3. Crysttall Carson

    Crysttall Carson5 hours ago

    the fuck is to be passing Dusk Till dawn inside the house at the beginning of the clip. But I enjoyed it anyway.

  4. fun4 time

    fun4 time6 hours ago

    shame on you you are not muslim dont change your name and religion

  5. Jeevesh Bajaj

    Jeevesh Bajaj6 hours ago

    2019 anyone??

  6. Vijay David

    Vijay David6 hours ago

    My inspiration ☯️

  7. Fatime Zeynalli

    Fatime Zeynalli7 hours ago

    Ela super🇦🇿😘

  8. Rosalyn Benton

    Rosalyn Benton7 hours ago


  9. Tahiti Ether

    Tahiti Ether8 hours ago

    Lets make it our next target #1billion

  10. يعقوب yacoub

    يعقوب yacoub8 hours ago

    Let's make it 100 million b4 2019

  11. palmira rodriguez

    palmira rodriguez9 hours ago


  12. [廣設105戊]彭思云

    [廣設105戊]彭思云11 hours ago

    I love your voice, you always Inspire me.

  13. Atetea Renthlei

    Atetea Renthlei11 hours ago

    I can't stop listening this song😍😍

  14. gigi malik

    gigi malik11 hours ago

    ❤💕❤💕❤💕💖❤💖❤💕💖❤💕💖💙❤💕💖💔💟💓💞💜💛💘💚💗💚💛💜💞💕❤💖 Let me 🌚🌚

  15. Jungkookie Is Yellow

    Jungkookie Is Yellow12 hours ago

    I love you.

  16. Martin esInWhite

    Martin esInWhite12 hours ago

    Zaynd mood Gangster 👍

  17. G' gk

    G' gk13 hours ago

    โอ้ยชอบ ฟังวันละร้อยรอบ 😗😙

  18. Gesualda Di Caccamo

    Gesualda Di Caccamo13 hours ago

    Ultime offerte sul mercato Italia 66 is a great place to work

  19. Noorza Adhicarry

    Noorza Adhicarry13 hours ago

    my bestest ever song zyan malik forever

  20. Andre Bin Khatab

    Andre Bin Khatab14 hours ago

    So handsome

  21. saikat bag

    saikat bag14 hours ago


  22. super man

    super man15 hours ago

    Look at the Pakistani

  23. b.easthetics

    b.easthetics15 hours ago


  24. Naufal Ibrahim Rofi

    Naufal Ibrahim Rofi15 hours ago


  25. ZAYN&OneDirection

    ZAYN&OneDirection16 hours ago


  26. tagru dyna

    tagru dyna16 hours ago

    zayn love you.???😙😙😙

  27. gigi malik

    gigi malik17 hours ago


  28. Siraj Shaikh

    Siraj Shaikh17 hours ago

    For the rest of my life , For the rest of yours💓

  29. Navya Bahal

    Navya Bahal17 hours ago

    addicted !

  30. Sharimah Sharimah

    Sharimah Sharimah17 hours ago

    "what's not to like?" Anywaaaayyy i dont know why i love the fighting scene

  31. Oyuntuya Ganbaatar

    Oyuntuya Ganbaatar18 hours ago


  32. Thovan Maulana

    Thovan Maulana18 hours ago

    idk I like to imagine Selena Gomez becoming she Vclip Zayn model, argh omagah will be exciting :)))))))

  33. Vanesa Zaugg

    Vanesa Zaugg18 hours ago

    Te amo negro culiado

  34. love sex

    love sex20 hours ago


  35. ayiedora j.

    ayiedora j.21 hour ago

    im really in love with this song ❤️

  36. Damn Dog

    Damn Dog21 hour ago

    [Verse 1] Sweet baby, our sex has meaning Know this time you'll stay 'til the morning Duvet days and vanilla ice cream More than just one night together exclusively [Pre-Chorus] Baby, let me be your man So I can love you And if you let me be your man Then I'll take care of you, you [Chorus] For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours For the rest of ours [Verse 2] We're drinking the finest label Dirty dancing on top of the table Long walks on the beach in April (beach in April) Yeah, I promise, darling, that I'll be faithful (be faithful) [Pre-Chorus] Baby, let me be your man (let me be your man) So I can love you (I can love you) And if you let me be your man (let me be your man) Then I'll take care of you (I can love you) [Chorus] For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours For the rest of ours [Bridge] Give me your body and let me love you like I do Come a little closer and let me do those things to you This feeling will last forever, baby, that's the truth Let me be your man so I can love you [Pre-Chorus] Baby, let me be your man (let me be your man) So I can love you (I can love you) And if you let me be your man (let me be your man) Then I'll take care of you, you (I can love you) [Chorus] For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours (For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours) For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours (For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours) For the rest of ours (for the rest of ours) Link:

  37. Bank akkounts

    Bank akkounts21 hour ago

    At 2:22 best kiss and so forth we get to see mini love scene. awesome mmm.

  38. Mafe Vergara

    Mafe VergaraDay ago

    La modelo se parece a Gigi

  39. Star69 Stay schemin2

    Star69 Stay schemin2Day ago

    This dude should consider acting

  40. Sandra Aldao

    Sandra AldaoDay ago

    Pensé que era Gigi bro

  41. Jam Mic

    Jam MicDay ago

    Why does she look like a Puffer Fish or a blow fish

  42. Jam Mic

    Jam MicDay ago

    Zayn is sexist man of the year 2018-2030

  43. Izzaty Dell

    Izzaty DellDay ago

    hero mana boleh kalah. haha. puih!

  44. Aarif Gouri

    Aarif GouriDay ago

    What happen to you zaynnnn😣😣

  45. CR7 Z

    CR7 ZDay ago

    Need 100M

  46. mygamingzone

    mygamingzoneDay ago

    For the rest of your

  47. Priestitute Gaming

    Priestitute GamingDay ago

    Johnny Depp in his 20's

  48. Christian charles Abejuela D

    Christian charles Abejuela DDay ago

    whats your haircut there haircut name so attractive 😍😘

  49. Muskan parveen

    Muskan parveenDay ago

    My Luv❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Zayn

  50. Shikha Arya

    Shikha AryaDay ago

    I love it song 😍😍😍😘😘😘💟💟💝💞💞💝💟💟

  51. Haris Tak

    Haris TakDay ago

    He looks malnourished.

  52. Darshan K Bhojwani

    Darshan K BhojwaniDay ago

    Before 100m,comment!!

  53. Matheos Marques

    Matheos MarquesDay ago

    This is for you Gigi hadid...💘💘💘💘😍💕🙌 but l'm imagine one fanfic zaylena💥:zayn + Selena= zaylena 🔥🔥l love this couple!!!!💘 with fanfic but😑 for real my haert is zigi💕🙆 and l ship😍 dylena💘 lmaooooooo🙆😂🙌

  54. humming bird

    humming birdDay ago


  55. Arjun Birla

    Arjun BirlaDay ago

    Wow not bad👌👌

  56. Samreen Pervin

    Samreen PervinDay ago

    I love Zayn. He is my favourite singer.

  57. angsty keith

    angsty keithDay ago

    who's the female in the mv man

  58. PRINCE Amir

    PRINCE AmirDay ago

    dusk till dawn is the best one🔥

  59. Delicia Fleming

    Delicia FlemingDay ago

    Love his voice and damn he is fine.

  60. Ariana Ayala

    Ariana AyalaDay ago

    Tomemonos un segundo para apreciar que aqui, Zayn se ve como él Zayn mafioso de las fanfics...😍

  61. Cebruthius Klub

    Cebruthius KlubDay ago

    zayn, honey, you are really handsome, but youre not a spy or drug dealer or a fighter or whatever, soooo se toca fofo

  62. jenny sanchez

    jenny sanchez2 days ago

    this > dusk till dawn

  63. X nyell

    X nyell2 days ago

    Denila faris syamsul usoff hussein sharif jstin bieber

  64. Fahad Qureshi

    Fahad Qureshi2 days ago

    Check my #Dusktilldawn instrumental cover

  65. Vijay David

    Vijay David2 days ago

    My inspiration Zayn ☯️

  66. Marie Kurowski

    Marie Kurowski2 days ago

    Playing the song "Dusk Till Dawn:*

  67. Marim K 0_o

    Marim K 0_o2 days ago

    She look like Gigi

  68. Marim K 0_o

    Marim K 0_o2 days ago

    Who is agree ?

  69. Rithik Bohemia

    Rithik Bohemia2 days ago

    *Damn I listen this song everyday*

  70. Logan GN

    Logan GN2 days ago

    La chica se parece a su novia (GIGI).....;)

  71. Kgosietsile Khunou

    Kgosietsile Khunou2 days ago

    Hello zany it your biggest fan

  72. Šãŕøj Ğhįmïŕę ŠĞ7

    Šãŕøj Ğhįmïŕę ŠĞ72 days ago

    we need new song like this

  73. Shibaprasad Chakraborty

    Shibaprasad Chakraborty2 days ago

    Zayn deserves trillion

  74. Mirza Arif

    Mirza Arif2 days ago

    Love zayn

  75. Ooi Zhiyi

    Ooi Zhiyi2 days ago

    what is the song of 0:11 ? pls let me know , thank you

  76. Ooi Zhiyi

    Ooi Zhiyi2 days ago

    +Kalsum Sobe thank you very much haha

  77. Kalsum Sobe

    Kalsum Sobe2 days ago

    Dusk till dawn zayn ft sia

  78. Alesha Nindya

    Alesha Nindya2 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍my mom like much

  79. • bolgarsaci •

    • bolgarsaci •2 days ago

    Am i the only who noticing Liam’s voice under Zayn’s?

  80. Fares Ahmaro

    Fares Ahmaro2 days ago


  81. liza balentina

    liza balentina2 days ago

    Zayn never disappoint


    KYM TORRES2 days ago


  83. Zaynab Azam

    Zaynab Azam2 days ago

    Everybody always delete your history after watching this..Otherwise it will be called only one view (If you are here for 100 million)

  84. Arjun Bisht

    Arjun Bisht2 days ago

    too be continued..

  85. Zaynab Azam

    Zaynab Azam2 days ago

    8 million ZQUAD LET'S DO IT🙌

  86. Alex Naorem

    Alex Naorem2 days ago

    for the rest of my life

  87. Mara Amaral

    Mara Amaral2 days ago

    Luxjxah stjx.duxrh

  88. Bella Kotokeni

    Bella Kotokeni2 days ago


  89. Akshat Rajora

    Akshat Rajora2 days ago

    I will be listening to this song for the rest of my life

  90. ig typicall.tommeraas

    ig typicall.tommeraas2 days ago


  91. Gurnoor Bedi

    Gurnoor Bedi2 days ago

    i mean the way he says "whats not to like"!!!! can i get an amen?!

  92. Akane Mikazuki

    Akane Mikazuki2 days ago

    Only yo mastah has guns, eh

  93. Tommy Collins

    Tommy Collins2 days ago

    feedback toss compose immediately heat naked county.

  94. Mermaids Own the world

    Mermaids Own the world2 days ago

    0:12 PLUG!

  95. Solomon Haokip

    Solomon Haokip2 days ago

    what is the song in the background??

  96. Omx Raj

    Omx Raj2 days ago

    Dusk till dawn

  97. מיכל גואטה

    מיכל גואטה3 days ago


  98. Amorina Cabello

    Amorina Cabello3 days ago

    I’m lesbian but he looked pretty damn cute in this

  99. Jana Roma

    Jana Roma3 days ago

    In Love This Song😍🎶🎤

  100. Michele Medeiros

    Michele Medeiros3 days ago

    Get back to gather with one direction

  101. Evelin

    Evelin3 days ago

    Lmao this shit is so corny and FAKE! But the song is good makes you want to listen to it all day

  102. Armaan Jawed

    Armaan Jawed3 days ago

    This song is addictive after you listen to it 3 times

  103. Prashant Kulla

    Prashant Kulla3 days ago

    What's the name of song....sung in hotel in starting...

  104. Prashant Kulla

    Prashant Kulla3 days ago

    It's nice

  105. Prashant Kulla

    Prashant Kulla3 days ago

    Thanks bro

  106. Sujoy B

    Sujoy B3 days ago

    Dusk till dawn by ZAYN

  107. Pikapika Pikapika

    Pikapika Pikapika3 days ago

    who’s watching this on September 2018?