ZAYN - Let Me (Official Video)


  1. feres nekka

    feres nekka4 hours ago

    the best song of 2018

  2. Daniel Karl

    Daniel Karl4 hours ago

    She looks like Gigi. The hair colour.

  3. Go For It

    Go For It4 hours ago

    I love it♥️♥️✌️✌️

  4. Be Happy

    Be Happy4 hours ago

    last chords tho

  5. Drnidhi Ahir

    Drnidhi Ahir4 hours ago

    No ... she doesn’t look like Gigi ...

  6. Alessandra Fante

    Alessandra Fante4 hours ago


  7. Maaarie 1986

    Maaarie 19864 hours ago

    I don't very like his clip pub Sofia Mora is beautiful

  8. Sufia Siti Jannah

    Sufia Siti Jannah4 hours ago

    I honestly think this song is about Gigi:(

  9. Daliygrande

    Daliygrande4 hours ago

    WOW did not expect the fighting scene, Jackie Chan is quaking

  10. Bianca Official

    Bianca Official4 hours ago

    Zayn: baby let me be your man,so i can love you ! Me :I am all yours babe !C’mon !❤️ #directioner #zquad

  11. Adlin Hamdan

    Adlin Hamdan4 hours ago

    how do i make a hairstyles like ZAYN cuz its cool tho

  12. Daliygrande

    Daliygrande4 hours ago

    When he gets someone that looks like Gigi to be in this mv because it's about Gigi

  13. Astri 31

    Astri 314 hours ago

    Yang pertama ada suara lagi di club itu lagu siapa ya yg tau comen please

  14. Daliygrande

    Daliygrande4 hours ago

    we all know this is about gigi 🌞

  15. Şule Refika

    Şule Refika4 hours ago

    Aşkı memnu izliyorum😂

  16. Amanda Oh

    Amanda Oh4 hours ago

    Cheng Long Zayn

  17. Sooraj Banik

    Sooraj Banik4 hours ago

    The Fighting scene is awsm

  18. Sooraj Banik

    Sooraj Banik4 hours ago

    I can listen this song FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE...... ❤️

  19. AzMaDINI

    AzMaDINI4 hours ago

    3:00 John wick i didn’t know that you have a younger brother ..

  20. iiMisunderstoodHusky :D

    iiMisunderstoodHusky :D4 hours ago

    Oml Should of Put Ronda Rousey in This Video, She Would of Kicked Every Single Lads Ass

  21. Pevindhre Raaj

    Pevindhre Raaj4 hours ago

    machibai lu man. you are simply awesome. From Malaysia

  22. Hari Calvin

    Hari Calvin4 hours ago

    Entry is perfect 😍😁

  23. __ __

    __ __4 hours ago


  24. Robbin Cash

    Robbin Cash4 hours ago

    🔥 Perfect 🔥

  25. Elif

    Elif4 hours ago

    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 🔄

  26. Asya Güney

    Asya Güney4 hours ago

    She totally looks like gigi

  27. Astri 31

    Astri 314 hours ago

    Lagu siapa itu yg di club itu

  28. tanmay yadav

    tanmay yadav4 hours ago

    I don't know how to express my feeling

  29. nusrat jahan

    nusrat jahan4 hours ago

    Get back with zigi she is best

  30. Lou Stylinson

    Lou Stylinson4 hours ago

    noah fence but yall gotta start looking for the tea on that girl bc bitch...

  31. Abdul karim Shaikh

    Abdul karim Shaikh4 hours ago

    RIP my repeat Button😍😂

  32. Skolastika Dian Advensia

    Skolastika Dian Advensia4 hours ago

    tambah cakep aje luu jen

  33. Areesha Ch

    Areesha Ch4 hours ago

    Heart touching 😘

  34. Ei Alessandro

    Ei Alessandro4 hours ago


  35. Tipu Butt

    Tipu Butt4 hours ago

    1:19 😂 that laser..

  36. Paulla. xx

    Paulla. xx4 hours ago


  37. usmanYNWA

    usmanYNWA4 hours ago

    This song makes you slow dance alone in your room with headphones On and eyes close

  38. shahd khan

    shahd khan4 hours ago


  39. Allie Malieb

    Allie Malieb4 hours ago

    Excuse me mr. Z why can't I subscribe to ua own channel??😫

  40. Sarah Gonzales

    Sarah Gonzales4 hours ago

    His career will flop if he won't tour.TOUR. Get over your supposed social anxiety and do what real entertainers do. They ENTERTAIN their FANS. Be a man Zayn.👍👍✔

  41. Allie Malieb

    Allie Malieb4 hours ago

    I hate those 28k bitches😡

  42. Alan Offical

    Alan Offical4 hours ago

    Whenever I listen to Zyan I feel in love with his voice.

  43. Pewdiepie clash of clans

    Pewdiepie clash of clans4 hours ago

    #1 trending Philippines

  44. Ezhil Aras

    Ezhil Aras4 hours ago

    To be continued.... 😎

  45. Aparna Majumdar

    Aparna Majumdar4 hours ago

    To hell wid those 28k haters

  46. Ezhil Aras

    Ezhil Aras4 hours ago

    To be continued.... 😎

  47. VDO Kh

    VDO Kh4 hours ago

    Love you from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  48. Bored Gamer

    Bored Gamer4 hours ago

    is this inter-connected to dusk till dawn?

  49. The Zen Show

    The Zen Show4 hours ago

    Like if Zayn should star in Hollywood

  50. emna kaaniche

    emna kaaniche4 hours ago

    is she a copy of GIGI ?

  51. Omar Shuaibi

    Omar Shuaibi4 hours ago

    Lol 1:27

  52. K ChingBee

    K ChingBee4 hours ago

    great vdieo~

  53. Bella Donna

    Bella Donna4 hours ago

    From Artist to Action Star HAHAHAH #RealQuick

  54. Faris Raharjo

    Faris Raharjo4 hours ago

    RIP AVICII 😢😢😢

  55. Hasan Khdirat

    Hasan Khdirat4 hours ago

    I love your songs I like you voice

  56. Zuveriya Dada

    Zuveriya Dada4 hours ago

    Ohh my hotnesssss😭❤️❤️❤️

  57. Jellshear Morris

    Jellshear Morris4 hours ago


  58. Rahman Maliha

    Rahman Maliha4 hours ago


  59. rohan mr

    rohan mr5 hours ago

    R.I.P Avicii

  60. edmbest

    edmbest5 hours ago

    Very sweet song

  61. Chubby Bunny

    Chubby Bunny5 hours ago

    I swear that girls the fashonovia and pretty little thing model, is it just me who noticed that

  62. Best Friend

    Best Friend5 hours ago

    WOw nice song.. Let me be your Man

  63. Melis

    Melis5 hours ago

    New blonde huh?

  64. AISHAH ash

    AISHAH ash5 hours ago

    Nothing hurts more than realising that he meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him...😔😣

  65. Amita Mayanglambam

    Amita Mayanglambam5 hours ago

    When I see u zyan always remember ma Gigi, u 2 r so perfect why u 2 break up.......😭😭😭😭

  66. Gavin Roy

    Gavin Roy5 hours ago

    Eda Kutta Polichu Mwethe!! #kola #mass :)

  67. AISHAH ash

    AISHAH ash5 hours ago

    Ur songs always help me to fight life...u inspire me every second of my life...u dont even know how much u mean to me...😔

  68. Yogendra Kerung

    Yogendra Kerung5 hours ago

    We need 20 million zquads keep streaming guys and congrats 😁😁😁😘😘👬✌✌

  69. Miss DE

    Miss DE5 hours ago

    To be continued...

  70. AISHAH ash

    AISHAH ash5 hours ago

    I love you...i love you...i love you...i love you...i love you...i love you...i love you...i love you zayn...

  71. Giulia

    Giulia5 hours ago

    30mln! Im proud of you!

  72. happy maya

    happy maya5 hours ago

    2017 -You Don't Know Me (DTD) 2018-What's Not To Like (LET ME)

  73. nusrat rehman

    nusrat rehman5 hours ago


  74. Lily Katsamba

    Lily Katsamba5 hours ago

    #24 in Greece

  75. Zain javed

    Zain javed5 hours ago

    He never fails.

  76. Ivan Tan

    Ivan Tan5 hours ago


  77. C.

    C.5 hours ago


  78. Juliane K

    Juliane K5 hours ago

    What does the laser pointing mean?

  79. Juliane K

    Juliane K4 hours ago

    Gabriela Martinez Meza ah okay thank you!

  80. Gabriela Martinez Meza

    Gabriela Martinez Meza4 hours ago

    Juliane K He think he had a shooter pointing him thats why he didn't kill Zayn

  81. Kiran Soitkar

    Kiran Soitkar5 hours ago


  82. Salia Vanesha

    Salia Vanesha5 hours ago

    is it just me or Zayn really looks skinnier? and that girl definitely looks like gigi.

  83. world techno

    world techno5 hours ago

    7m subscribers congrats😃

  84. Kunal Krishn

    Kunal Krishn5 hours ago

    Let me be your men

  85. Nina loves Roadtrip

    Nina loves Roadtrip5 hours ago


  86. The bad kompany official

    The bad kompany official5 hours ago


  87. sushrut pajai

    sushrut pajai5 hours ago

    loop mode activated

  88. One addiction _

    One addiction _5 hours ago


  89. Muuse143 Lional

    Muuse143 Lional5 hours ago

    Amazing song zayn 👌👌👌👌

  90. xbestliarx

    xbestliarx5 hours ago

    Ugh this girl is so cringy

  91. rabin lama

    rabin lama5 hours ago

    You are supop zayan......

  92. ztarbuck

    ztarbuck5 hours ago


  93. skan shark

    skan shark5 hours ago

    2017 you don't know me 2018 what is not to like zayn

  94. Orgen Warda

    Orgen Warda5 hours ago

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  95. A L E A F 6⃣ 6⃣ 6⃣

    A L E A F 6⃣ 6⃣ 6⃣5 hours ago

    Who came here before 500 million

  96. catalina bezerau

    catalina bezerau5 hours ago


  97. ArifPuth ._

    ArifPuth ._5 hours ago

    #8 on trending in Malaysia

  98. ArifPuth ._

    ArifPuth ._5 hours ago


  99. Rupnath Das

    Rupnath Das5 hours ago

    My ears have been blessed

  100. Isabel E.

    Isabel E.5 hours ago

    Omg zaaaayn😭💖💖


    SANKALPA BISTA5 hours ago

    He always rocks by his songs..😍😍

  102. andy tv

    andy tv5 hours ago

    I love Zayn's music so much