YouTube Live at E3 2018: Monday with Ninja, Marshmello, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Todd Howard


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  2. Brian Zavala

    Brian Zavala3 days ago

    So cool

  3. D_ shenanigans

    D_ shenanigans4 days ago

    it seems like ninja and marsh could be like BEST FRIENDS!!

  4. Owen Wilson

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  6. Anthony Conde Cañari

    Anthony Conde Cañari5 days ago

    espero que salga los mismo que la otras esra vez es genial

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  8. cosmin me

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    good point dude my pc broke with mass effect

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  10. RJ 75

    RJ 756 days ago

    I seriously hope next year you think about getting some mods for your chat, the amount of disgraceful comments on there was totally unacceptable and It's time to start blocking these idiots who post homophobic, racist, or personal comments about peoples appearance etc I didn't see one vile comment deleted on the chat and that is wrong. Too many kiddies on there thinking they can post insulting, racist of homophobic comments and too many adults who can't act their age it seems. The coverage though on the shows was excellent and guests were diverse and interesting to listen too.

  11. BothStingray389

    BothStingray3896 days ago

    At 3:35:17 you can hear marshmallows real voice

  12. Crystal Connelly

    Crystal Connelly6 days ago

    *Hоnеу, Рlеаsе F.vсk Ме niсеlу* *Cl1сk H е r е Tо Wаtсh S.E.X.Y Liv3саМ Girls.* ⟹

  13. Ruth Carrico

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  14. KUZY

    KUZY6 days ago

    Keighley is a MONSTER, 8 hours is like 30 min for him.

  15. fernando rodriguez

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  16. eDeDeD gniK & Knuckles

    eDeDeD gniK & Knuckles6 days ago

    I lost many brain cells watching this.

  17. Photo Nerd

    Photo Nerd6 days ago

    Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about and seeing Death Stranding? seen it to much and heard way to much to the point I am bored.

  18. Moises Olazaba

    Moises Olazaba6 days ago

    Ninjas are playing all Ubisoft at e3

  19. Melanie Rosen

    Melanie Rosen6 days ago

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  20. chance ツ

    chance ツ6 days ago

    Why the hell was Ali a there? Should’ve kicked him out

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    C R I N G E F E S T 2 0 1 8

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    Xbox sucks ass!

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    *SNAP* this is going in my cringe folder

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    They gaying up video games now

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    boludos are gays

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    When does the last of us come in

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    this one is much better lol

  34. Bad Punnkins

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    I like how Marshmello is playing on the PlayStation lol

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    Suck my ass

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  40. London Pro

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    Ali a has all green at the beginning of their game

  41. Bloofa

    Bloofa8 days ago

    Non gamers going to be very confused with that title

  42. Johnny Allen

    Johnny Allen8 days ago

    It’s just gonna be more console games that people can cheat on. Lag switch your ass and everything else and cronus max users. About to quit gaming period.

  43. Zexif

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    When is name changes coming ps4 OMG

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    Hey MReporter can you ban MRbossftw, sernadoe, noughtpointfourlive, ali-a, and lipsyjimmy for clickbait ing so hard that it makes some people not to play the games that they talk about

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    Ninja is the best

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    Two words from this judge made this teenage boy cry Fortnite sucks

  50. Len SAKI

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    3:35:24 he talked

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    NBA on Sept 11th in honor of an important date?

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    3:17:35 is what you might be looking for

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    Okay how is this on trending if it hasn’t even started

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    what about red dead redemption 2

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    Can't watch 8 hours. Anyone name all the games and time

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    wish there was Mortal Kombat

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    Ofc its fortnite ._.

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    Ali A is the best fortnite player lmao

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    How far in the video is RDR2 and Assassin's Creed?

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    Can't wait to see what cool technology awaits..."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

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    Allie A won stand a chance

  85. Momin Alam

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    If tlou pt 2 comes out 2020 it ought to be a ps5 game at that point

  86. The Silver Penguin

    The Silver Penguin9 days ago

    Was Detroit: Become Human in this stream?

  87. JumperWC

    JumperWC9 days ago

    Fortnite is legit better than all of these games combined

  88. AmisJere

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    Wheres the growtopia

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    Imagine... ghost of tsushima: battle royale 😱

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    V3NOM SYMBIOT39 days ago

    Really MReporter Ninja and Ali-A two popular MReporterrs who clickbates instead of using oh idk a brain what’s next Spiderman and Elsa at E3 for MReporter you clearly sponsor them with ads so why don’t you put them in E3 and Rewind?!

  92. Revy106

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    Ali-a christ......why is he there

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    Time stamps?

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