YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. Miva Doll

    Miva DollHour ago

    I love this young man. He works hard and deserves the title. As my boyfriend is a Libra too, I understand that NBA doesn’t shop often like he says. He doesn’t know what’s trending, and has too much pride to get help dressing himself. Libras like him, Cardi B, 21 Savage, and Kim Kardashian would shop at Walmart if you didn’t show them better.

  2. Red Aura

    Red AuraHour ago


  3. james smith

    james smith2 hours ago


  4. Red D.U.T

    Red D.U.T2 hours ago

    NEW SONG DROPPED ‼️🔥 Check It Out And Lmk What You Think 🙏🏽

  5. robert sellers

    robert sellers3 hours ago

    Jitt look like he lost his soul a long time ago. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

  6. Bree Bree

    Bree Bree3 hours ago

    Youngboy is sooooo sexy

  7. Tissce Willis

    Tissce Willis4 hours ago

    My man the best!!!!

  8. slowcuz filmz

    slowcuz filmz4 hours ago

    That nigga got the ugliest shoes the fan hot ciment 3s 💩

  9. Leslaflame fan

    Leslaflame fan4 hours ago

    Why he sound like a little kid being interviewed😂😐😂

  10. SERG JR

    SERG JR5 hours ago

    Who is this idiot..?

  11. isaac zamora

    isaac zamora6 hours ago

    For 1 u can tell this video old cuz he dont talk like tht no more he speak clearer now and for 2 this video shot up in NY and wit his issues rn he ain allowed to leave outta louisiana at tha moment

  12. TwoOneFour Tek

    TwoOneFour Tek6 hours ago

    Female traits are very strong with this kid.

  13. rexander rafailes

    rexander rafailes7 hours ago

    hold up, is it just me or those powder blue 3 shown on the screen is fake???

  14. Uiyt

    Uiyt9 hours ago

    Damn yb only a size 8

  15. Samyil Terziev

    Samyil Terziev9 hours ago

    Dont like ..

  16. Eljuan Henderson

    Eljuan Henderson10 hours ago

    Dark energy. Really intense person. He'll be a true force in the years to come. Watch out.

  17. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez10 hours ago

    Size 8 is small. Time to upgrade to young man

  18. What Ever

    What Ever11 hours ago

    He was annoying till he hooked that dude up. But to choose that sneaker. They got that shoe at every shoe store.

  19. My Selected Movies

    My Selected Movies11 hours ago

    Too much shy

  20. Unknown User

    Unknown User11 hours ago

    we wear the same size shoe😭.

  21. Paul Messer

    Paul Messer12 hours ago

    How do yall like this dude?

  22. commentingaccount122

    commentingaccount12213 hours ago

    this felt so awkward and scripted lol

  23. Abie GR

    Abie GR14 hours ago

    How u supposed to understand this crap

  24. Ohsaint p

    Ohsaint p15 hours ago

    Who is this douche bag?? Can barely speak properly

  25. Jaybriel Akoi

    Jaybriel Akoi16 hours ago

    I can’t believe people spend so much on shoes.

  26. AlmightiiTV

    AlmightiiTV16 hours ago

    She say youngboy you tha realest 💯😤

  27. jj fish

    jj fish16 hours ago

    dis nigga retarde

  28. Roy Arroyo

    Roy Arroyo16 hours ago

    He seems ignorant as fuck what’s going on with this youth

  29. cyberline3

    cyberline317 hours ago

    This dumb motherfucker will be broke again in 10 minutes. I’m 100% certain of that.

  30. Just a random Person on YouTube

    Just a random Person on YouTube17 hours ago

    he is so chill lol

  31. martindl1986

    martindl198617 hours ago

    Nigga act like a weird ass demon

  32. huh ?

    huh ?17 hours ago


  33. Dee Simone

    Dee Simone17 hours ago

    Ummm celebrities shop at the mall all the time....

  34. john

    john17 hours ago

    man said he had the powder blue 3s in grade 6, first off man said he never had nothing, second powder blue 3s released in 2014, say word youngboy was in grade 6 4 years ago.

  35. Dastro GamingTV

    Dastro GamingTV17 hours ago

    do xxxtentacion

  36. Anthony Ab

    Anthony Ab18 hours ago


  37. De'Anthony Snow

    De'Anthony Snow18 hours ago

    I would of wanted to suck NBA youngboy's dick the whole time and he seem like he did not want to be there so I would of been like take them clothes off lol

  38. Justin Thomsen

    Justin Thomsen18 hours ago

    Size 8 lol

  39. Random Nynx Incorporated

    Random Nynx Incorporated18 hours ago

    He really didn't want to be there bruh

  40. Justin Bates

    Justin Bates18 hours ago

    If someone offered to buy me shows like this. . . I'm picking the most rare shoe up in there. . .they do need to make black Levi 4's tbh

  41. craig ferguson

    craig ferguson18 hours ago

    Nigga bought all hype shows but he cool tho

  42. Deshya Lewis

    Deshya Lewis18 hours ago


  43. Shyamal Mashru

    Shyamal Mashru19 hours ago

    This guy is a retard

  44. bourama dembele

    bourama dembele19 hours ago


  45. Maurice Boston

    Maurice Boston19 hours ago

    8:15 I see you

  46. Edwin Talavera

    Edwin Talavera19 hours ago

    Does NBA young boy speak English?

  47. Hemi Powered Yellow Jacket

    Hemi Powered Yellow Jacket19 hours ago

    His music is garbage!

  48. 5.0 Ken

    5.0 Ken20 hours ago

    I read the title too fast I thought it said “Youngboy never goes shopping with Complex” lmaooo

  49. nayah's universe

    nayah's universe20 hours ago

    'he to young to know' lol 1:20

  50. Gregory Brown

    Gregory Brown20 hours ago

    He wasn’t fucking with the dude doing the interview

  51. Patti Long

    Patti Long20 hours ago

    Are do og 33

  52. Patti Long

    Patti Long20 hours ago

    Do ben 10 now

  53. Patti Long

    Patti Long20 hours ago

    Do a part 2

  54. Nicolasqlf00

    Nicolasqlf0021 hour ago

    *he was forced to go lol **-*

  55. Nicolasqlf00

    Nicolasqlf0021 hour ago

    *🔥🌹💕 **-*

  56. Joseph Hildreth

    Joseph Hildreth21 hour ago

    he lokey slow

  57. all_day every_day

    all_day every_day21 hour ago

    What 11s do youngboy have on

  58. jax easter

    jax easter21 hour ago

    Youngboy a star in my eyes

  59. Tijanae Broussard

    Tijanae Broussard21 hour ago

    Lol Youngboy boy was high as Fuck 😁😁😁

  60. Robin Bishop

    Robin Bishop21 hour ago

    Is this guy retarded?

  61. fresh Best

    fresh Best21 hour ago

    Does this man talk like this all the time???? I can barely understand him😂😂😂😂

  62. Keshia xoxo

    Keshia xoxo21 hour ago

    love how he shopped for his son too💙

  63. Prettygirr Niyah

    Prettygirr Niyah22 hours ago

    yall needa stfu ..

  64. Ojas Malik

    Ojas Malik22 hours ago

    This guy is retarded I swear

  65. Lawrence Calhoun

    Lawrence Calhoun22 hours ago

    He a real one I got some respect for him how wasn’t the biggest fan but ima listen to more

  66. Toby Davis

    Toby Davis22 hours ago

    That was cool that he bought those shoes for a fan. But why he gotta be such a difficult interviewee...?

  67. Matt The Knicks Fan

    Matt The Knicks Fan22 hours ago

    frank ntilikina lookin ass

  68. Its BabyAmauriah

    Its BabyAmauriah22 hours ago

    2:26 is funny

  69. Joseph Calabria

    Joseph Calabria22 hours ago

    This is the worst episode they've had so far 😂😂 no emotion at all

  70. Braeden Myrick

    Braeden Myrick22 hours ago

    Yo im dead youngboy a size 8