Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Performs at Coachella | TMZ


  1. jason v

    jason v26 minutes ago

    You could say the performance was ...RAW!!!

  2. quita1569

    quita156932 minutes ago

    Yooooooo cockadoodadooo shawty!

  3. Mr Minecraft

    Mr MinecraftHour ago

    And this Love all???????!

  4. Abe Fromen

    Abe Fromen3 hours ago

    Can this kid go away now Yodeling sucks so much

  5. Berend Dekker

    Berend Dekker3 hours ago

    This is so stupid

  6. Hannah Grace

    Hannah Grace3 hours ago

    All of you people complaining about this- TMZ makes money off your views and comments! You’re supporting the kid! And the reason why he performed at Coachella was a business move. It’s not because he’s talented. It’s because they knew the humor of it all would produce revenue. It’s 2018.... everything is about money.

  7. Hannah Grace

    Hannah Grace3 hours ago

    I wanna know how much money this kid is making off all the stuff he’s doing. I kinda feel bad for him because it kinda seems like his family is pressuring him... but at the same time I feel like he’s old enough to say no. I just hope he’s saving the money for when he’s an adult, and his family isn’t taking it away from him.

  8. Mariana Souza

    Mariana Souza3 hours ago

    Gugu Gaitero internacional

  9. Kwaii Tiffany Poland

    Kwaii Tiffany Poland3 hours ago

    Why did people pay for this?

  10. Jake Selig

    Jake Selig5 hours ago

    The Crowd Got The Most Hype For A Kid Who Got Famous For Performing In A Walmart Aisle What A World We Live In In The Year 2018.

  11. Idoesblank

    Idoesblank6 hours ago

    He not even that good y he famous

  12. Translate This

    Translate This8 hours ago

    If it's not in MReporter Rewind... I will blame my eyes for that.

  13. Devvy

    Devvy8 hours ago


  14. Alexia Lee

    Alexia Lee8 hours ago

    I think it’s cool. He’s not doing stupid stuff. He showing his talent.

  15. Anjali Hembrom

    Anjali Hembrom10 hours ago

    yodelling sounds creepy

  16. superchalupa

    superchalupa12 hours ago

    People disappoint me

  17. WEIRDGUY 2134

    WEIRDGUY 213417 hours ago

    He’s Popular

  18. r o c k i

    r o c k i17 hours ago

    yes please

  19. 222 kg

    222 kg17 hours ago

    В чем прикол? Он не попадает ни в одну ноту

  20. Scott Playz

    Scott Playz17 hours ago

    He made it I swear he has made it Walmart gave him a 15,000 dollar for college and will preform at the great opry

  21. • Crybaby •

    • Crybaby •18 hours ago

    Great job America. Putting a horrible singer at a freaking concert? Jesus.

  22. Some 6 year old

    Some 6 year old19 hours ago

    When memes went to far...You get this

  23. Living Dead Girl

    Living Dead Girl20 hours ago

    I’ve heard people say that the song he’s singing is inappropriate for him to sing? It’s Hank Williams! How is it inappropriate?

  24. Ace Com4

    Ace Com421 hour ago

    so this is what it comes down to in America ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. My name is Chase

    My name is Chase21 hour ago

    You the man ur name should be lil yodel

  26. Epic Tien

    Epic Tien22 hours ago

    This is blatant discrimination why didn’t PPAP get a performance in Coachella

  27. ABZ 400

    ABZ 40022 hours ago

    The world is fucking going mental

  28. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze23 hours ago

    Why did they let this cancer cell perform ?

  29. Josh Since

    Josh Since23 hours ago

    Society is so strange

  30. Yvng Navy

    Yvng NavyDay ago

    can this kid get shot???????

  31. BigEvilToast IDK

    BigEvilToast IDKDay ago


  32. Anna x

    Anna xDay ago

    Kids like him I don’t even mind becoming famous, he actually has a talent and a brilliant voice. I’d rather see him go viral than one of them stupid musically kids who get attention from literally nothing.

  33. Backup test

    Backup testDay ago

    Walmart makes you famous...


    HIERARCHYDay ago

    How do you delete the internet?

  35. U wOT maTe

    U wOT maTeDay ago

    What a fucking joke

  36. Demi-Leigh Davies

    Demi-Leigh DaviesDay ago

    This kid ows Walmart money mate😂

  37. Sickdodo

    SickdodoDay ago

    this kid is a meme. and as of 4-20-18 it’s already pretty much a dead meme now.

  38. Sim on

    Sim onDay ago

    I come back later when i sung at Walmart

  39. ProjectLifeCommand

    ProjectLifeCommandDay ago

    The song fits the crowd though, because it's about a girl that will screw everyone.

  40. StarryWolf 21

    StarryWolf 21Day ago

    All he frickin' did was sing at wal-mart ... now this, well now we all know how to get famous XD

  41. Baby Jimin

    Baby JiminDay ago


  42. Coconut Leaf Spine

    Coconut Leaf SpineDay ago

    He's not born, he's made in the Pixar studios

  43. Herman Koteli

    Herman KoteliDay ago

    Wish I could time travel to see his grown up a$$

  44. Keegan L

    Keegan LDay ago

    Is this really where we're at in the world

  45. Kimchi Minchi

    Kimchi MinchiDay ago

    Just for singing in walmart

  46. Annie music LOVER

    Annie music LOVERDay ago

    this is sad

  47. Daniel Madden

    Daniel MaddenDay ago

    Talent wise he n Kardie are on par, Kardie used to check out at Walmart. I think Walmart shoppers are just a bunch of Kardie clones. I must have seen her there a thousand times, Why do so many Walmart shoppers look like Kardie B.

  48. Nathan Gasti

    Nathan GastiDay ago

    HISTORY IN THE MAKING. First yodeller at Coachella

  49. Suzy

    SuzyDay ago


  50. Jana Kailani

    Jana KailaniDay ago

    honestly can you guys be more mature about this? hes just a kid and his yodeling is UH MAY ZING

  51. Lord_Chil Chilangojr

    Lord_Chil ChilangojrDay ago

    i hope he realized he's getting meme d

  52. Yvonne Liu

    Yvonne LiuDay ago

    I have never seen an audience so white before 😂😂

  53. Ethan

    EthanDay ago

    So if I sing at Walmart I’ll be famous Or should I go to target

  54. 2Pac Avalley

    2Pac AvalleyDay ago

    seriously who pays for this garbage????

  55. Blake M Hall

    Blake M HallDay ago

    See when i was that loud in the store when i was his age i got yelled at, wish i was a little kid nowadays lol

  56. Pepe The Toad

    Pepe The ToadDay ago

    Man last year it was the backpack kid this year it’s the yodeling kid

  57. Khalid Mahadeen

    Khalid MahadeenDay ago

    This is why I regret being in this generation

  58. princess by dawn

    princess by dawnDay ago

    I can feel myself descending into hell

  59. Zane Lowe

    Zane LoweDay ago

    Pure legend right there



    This is the stupidest shit i've seen in a while

  61. bob bob

    bob bobDay ago

    Biggest meme troll of 2018😂

  62. cojo5500

    cojo5500Day ago

    The Movie Idiocracy came true


    ACK ACK ACK ACKDay ago

    Y’all let’s all make a song and maybe we’ll make it to Coachella

  64. Tyler Leyden

    Tyler LeydenDay ago

    Wtf did i just watch?

  65. Mo

    MoDay ago


  66. Goddess McMillon

    Goddess McMillonDay ago

    This HAS to be photo shopped!!!!

  67. Jack Salonsky

    Jack SalonskyDay ago

    we have a pathetic society :(

  68. NATRIX Show

    NATRIX ShowDay ago

    Pewdiepie called it

  69. Damien Sahagun

    Damien SahagunDay ago

    Are they saying boo ?

  70. Adriana Mendoza

    Adriana MendozaDay ago


  71. Cerys Evans

    Cerys Evans2 days ago

    Am I the only one that feels sorry for this kid?

  72. Brenda Goncalv

    Brenda Goncalv2 days ago

    Lol this is the best thing ever

  73. Kurt Pullen

    Kurt Pullen2 days ago

    If he was black, he would be praised for being a genius

  74. Greg Bradley

    Greg Bradley2 days ago

    Look at this chode fest

  75. XX X

    XX X2 days ago

    *T E S T I E P O P*

  76. Mushfeka Ferdousi

    Mushfeka Ferdousi2 days ago

    Is everyone screaming because they don't wanna listen to the song???

  77. Alisha Tobias

    Alisha Tobias2 days ago

    Feels like they used him as a side show like a mockery...

  78. Mista Incredible

    Mista Incredible2 days ago

    he does not have that much talent tbh they make any little kid a sensation for no reason

  79. Brucey

    Brucey2 days ago

    Never knew Walmart could make you so famous..

  80. Thisisme_ 3303

    Thisisme_ 33032 days ago


  81. Space Trash

    Space Trash2 days ago

    SMH he's not even that good. I think after he went on the Ellen show that was honestly more than enough exposure. If anyone else randomly started yodeling in a Wal-Mart they would have been told to shut up.

  82. lyricalchild

    lyricalchild2 days ago

    Why they frontin like they know the song? 🤣

  83. Shadow Playa

    Shadow Playa2 days ago

    I Feel Bad for the guy that recorded him in the first place at Walmart. He is the one that needs the credit.

  84. Shadow Playa

    Shadow Playa2 days ago

    I Feel Bad for the guy that recorded him in the first place at Walmart. He is the one that needs the credit.

  85. James J

    James J2 days ago

    Another kid to be given everything in life.

  86. Uknown User

    Uknown User2 days ago

    TUTORIAL HOW TO SING TO COACHELLA Step 1: Sing at walmart The End

  87. Dagz P

    Dagz P2 days ago

    Every day...we stray further from gods light....

  88. hedge hog

    hedge hog2 days ago

    what is that little kid singing

  89. KBZ4 Life

    KBZ4 Life2 days ago

    I would never stand in front of people


    MØRTE ET DABØ2 days ago

    Never seen a meme perform live before

  91. SkyliaSkye

    SkyliaSkye2 days ago

    Hes so cute

  92. J Rams

    J Rams2 days ago

    Some1 shoot that poor dog and put it out of it’s misery

  93. oplix

    oplix2 days ago

    The kids love the memes

  94. Fufu

    Fufu2 days ago

    I’m gonna twerk to XXXtentation in Ikea and then I better get flight to the USA and an invite to the Ellen show

  95. Mario Rivas

    Mario Rivas2 days ago

    Disrespectful for the kid and the artists.

  96. Scotty

    Scotty2 days ago


  97. MixedBiz

    MixedBiz2 days ago

    He's literally so precious I'm crying

  98. Brackett Cole

    Brackett Cole2 days ago

    Omg lol. Everyone should check out my cover of Grenade by Bruno Mars! Honest opinions and advice needed, thanks!

  99. Emily Ayley

    Emily Ayley2 days ago

    Does he know more than one song...? Just wondering

  100. Korn Akopia

    Korn Akopia2 days ago

    Reminds me to take my Ricola cough drop.