Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Performs at Coachella | TMZ


  1. flame gaming

    flame gaming4 days ago

    Dreams really do come true... it was all of our dreams to get him there

  2. Steel Cucumber

    Steel Cucumber2 months ago

    White people finna be lining up to demand a refund for the MDMA they dropped 20 minutes before he got on stage.

  3. soy espitter

    soy espitter3 months ago

    Nice video

  4. Someone 2169

    Someone 21693 months ago

    Puberty hit him like a bullet train with a crap load of coc

  5. Guilherme Brum de Oliveira Souza

    Guilherme Brum de Oliveira Souza3 months ago

    Eu até que gostei



    This meme is dead you Normies lmao

  7. Queen Logic

    Queen Logic5 months ago

    Minus well just sing at McDonald's with a hat on.

  8. Kylie Leonard

    Kylie Leonard5 months ago


  9. Wolfgang Clan

    Wolfgang Clan5 months ago

    it is fake he is lipsyncing and you think i am kidding but i am not

  10. Yoon Min

    Yoon Min5 months ago

    I think this was a joke

  11. Christopher Floyd

    Christopher Floyd5 months ago

    Why couldn't this kid get snatched by Pennywise? Smh.

  12. Vanessa Ngo

    Vanessa Ngo6 months ago

    only 1 song. everywhere?

  13. Deviant Kitty

    Deviant Kitty6 months ago

    I actually almost cried when I found out he got to perform for an audience this big. I just think its really cool :)

  14. Xccept

    Xccept6 months ago

    How is he popular all he is doing is making annoying noises my brother does that all the time

  15. Stevieray Burks

    Stevieray Burks6 months ago

    I just think to myself wow this kids like 8 and more successful than I’ll ever be

  16. Julissa Barcinas

    Julissa Barcinas6 months ago

    HOW DID I GET HERE??? 😂😂

  17. ImACheekyLad

    ImACheekyLad6 months ago


  18. Lilly Rose

    Lilly Rose6 months ago

    What's kinda sad is I don't know if all those people genuinely like that song or if they like it because it's so silly but in that case if they like it because it's silly then thats just sad. That poor boy probably thinks he's got a croud of people who really love his song because it means something to them all. 😆

  19. Aki Itsuki

    Aki Itsuki6 months ago

    Que carajo le pasa a la gente hoy en día?:|

  20. Johan Adrian

    Johan Adrian6 months ago

    Why they do him like that?

  21. spicy

    spicy6 months ago

    let the poor kid live a dream yo

  22. Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith6 months ago

    He's getting booed terribly

  23. StarryRBLX

    StarryRBLX6 months ago

    *I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DOOO OOH OOH OH OHH* okay now can i preform at coachella

  24. Jako Loba

    Jako Loba6 months ago


  25. odinmp5

    odinmp57 months ago

    You need any other proof to realize that Coachella sucks now? Good to know i went a long time ago when music still mattered.

  26. Jayden Pereira

    Jayden Pereira7 months ago

    *Famous singer wakes up from coma* 'How much has the music industry improved? ' *Nurse shows this video* 'Put in coma again'

  27. Team Bmx Sesh

    Team Bmx Sesh7 months ago

    All you people disgust me Actually encouraging this Goes to show this country has nothing better to do but make autistic kids jokes or ""Famous"

  28. RUMBLƏ

    RUMBLƏ7 months ago

    Kys :-:

  29. PIERRE Global view

    PIERRE Global view7 months ago

    American people are so stranges sometime. How a so big buzz around that shit can exist..?

  30. Trashy Diamandis

    Trashy Diamandis7 months ago

    People were actually calling me an asshole because i said he shouldn’t have been to coachella. He got famous for yodelling at walmart, that was all he did yet he is at fucking coachella! I would have loved to go to coachella

  31. rosie cheeks

    rosie cheeks7 months ago

    Poor little boy. I’m feeling bad for him

  32. Your Dad

    Your Dad7 months ago

    the purest soul to ever walk this earth

  33. Cosmicstar1

    Cosmicstar17 months ago

    people say its yodeling, but i say it's his voice cracking.

  34. 231994C

    231994C7 months ago

    You gotta give this kid a lot of props! He's livin the dream

  35. Jason G

    Jason G7 months ago

    Does he only sing one song??

  36. get osu to watch and message me

    get osu to watch and message me7 months ago

    One video make this kid famous lucky

  37. JDDaniel16

    JDDaniel167 months ago

    Copyright overload probably didn’t get permission

  38. Takshil Chittuluru

    Takshil Chittuluru7 months ago

    “She’ll do me” *crowd uproar

  39. Nguyen Duong

    Nguyen Duong7 months ago

    People doing stuff all the time but did not get viral. It's all about luck and only luck. Even if you can turn back in time and yodel in Walmart before the kid what makes you think you can be like this?

  40. VIOLA

    VIOLA7 months ago

    Im at there and I came for the meme

  41. Argois Bae

    Argois Bae7 months ago

    All this kid did was sing at at Walmart I’m so confused

  42. Mr. DeadFoxz

    Mr. DeadFoxz7 months ago

    I, can't believe

  43. William Bond

    William Bond7 months ago

    So... if I sing in an aisle of Walmart, I’ll get a coachella performance? 🤔🤔🤔

  44. Mikebaird314

    Mikebaird3147 months ago

    I was there he was so good

  45. SalFortnite

    SalFortnite7 months ago

    they really just let anyone performe these days

  46. SalFortnite

    SalFortnite7 months ago

    rip everyones ears at coachella they had to listen to this cringe kid for 3 minutes

  47. Isobel Mcmullen

    Isobel Mcmullen7 months ago

    When he’s a adult Him:what have I done

  48. Sydney Wade

    Sydney Wade7 months ago

    So if I yodel at walmart I can become internet famous.... wtf happened to this world

  49. Lil 'Preme Kush

    Lil 'Preme Kush7 months ago

    Why can't they make an official EDM song and perform that one people will go nuts

  50. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays7 months ago

    yodel kid isnt funny

  51. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays7 months ago

    end the suffering

  52. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays7 months ago

    please stop

  53. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays7 months ago

    its not funny

  54. Leroy Glass

    Leroy Glass7 months ago


  55. The Donald Funk

    The Donald Funk7 months ago

    Y’all make white people famous for no reason

  56. Akro2000

    Akro20007 months ago

    hes terrible

  57. BirdGottaFly

    BirdGottaFly7 months ago

    this is such a normie meme omfg

  58. m235

    m2357 months ago

    He's going to have a bad time in highschool

  59. Lime light

    Lime light7 months ago

    From the floors of walmart to the stage of cochella

  60. furious gaming boy

    furious gaming boy7 months ago

    His voice is shiiiitttttt

  61. Matressi

    Matressi7 months ago

    this is awful

  62. Sam Holguin

    Sam Holguin7 months ago

    Pure art

  63. Sooz Kaif

    Sooz Kaif7 months ago

    Is it just me or he seems so much more confident than his Walmart video


    LENNON BLACK7 months ago

    I’m happy for this kid. But I would like to apologize to the actual artist and rappers who are trying to make a name for themselves and this kid gets to perform at Coachella just because he became a big meme...

  65. Pepified _

    Pepified _7 months ago

    *ill go to Walmart and start yodeling*

  66. Miguel Susanibar

    Miguel Susanibar7 months ago

    Anything is possible in 2018

  67. Alexis Gaeta

    Alexis Gaeta7 months ago

    How the hell did him get so famous by yodlaying in walmart

  68. PLG __

    PLG __7 months ago

    How to become popular Yodeling at WALMART Make someone record you and post it on social media Get popular and go to Coachella lol Also it looked like he was Having anxiety ME when I am scared for a test

  69. Monea Mayonnaise

    Monea Mayonnaise7 months ago

    I'd quit smoking if he'd teach me how to yodeler!

  70. Cupocakey Fan

    Cupocakey Fan7 months ago


  71. shadow

    shadow7 months ago

    Hope he gets famous soon!

  72. Wong Sifu

    Wong Sifu7 months ago

    America where everbody can get his 15 mns of fame thanks to youtube

  73. Shareeb Hashmi

    Shareeb Hashmi7 months ago


  74. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür7 months ago

    Meme on stage 😂💗

  75. Chris Estrada

    Chris Estrada7 months ago

    Hella hater on her saying why him and not me, yall asking the wrong questions..... im out to work....on my dreams not punch another mans clock

  76. Gameplay Gamer

    Gameplay Gamer7 months ago


  77. Gameplay Gamer

    Gameplay Gamer7 months ago

    Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey just did the unimaginable of making himself look like acomplete idiot

  78. Memes Я Us

    Memes Я Us7 months ago

    Cough... baby jesus reborn ...cough

  79. mathijs birahy

    mathijs birahy7 months ago

    Not coachella worthy...

  80. scuttle06

    scuttle067 months ago

    they turned the meme into the real thing 😂😂😂👌👌👌👌

  81. McFlareXD

    McFlareXD7 months ago

    I wanna deck him in the face


    THEN WAI DID U ASK FOR IT?7 months ago

    So if I go to whole foods and sing Eminem songs I'll become famous..

  83. camila Arguijo

    camila Arguijo7 months ago

    Y el remix mi yodel

  84. Pigs

    Pigs7 months ago

    I’m glad the crowd was cheering because no one heard the retched yodeling/terrible singing

  85. Pigs

    Pigs7 months ago

    Yodeling retard

  86. FrostFlakejr

    FrostFlakejr7 months ago

    Pigs what?

  87. Pigs

    Pigs7 months ago

    FrostFlakejr pigs

  88. FrostFlakejr

    FrostFlakejr7 months ago

    Pigs I was joking

  89. Pigs

    Pigs7 months ago

    FrostFlakejr what someone cannot put their favorite animals as a name and picture

  90. FrostFlakejr

    FrostFlakejr7 months ago

    Pigs I don't know why you're saying that when your username is Pigs and your profile picture is a cat.

  91. Lol i have no clue

    Lol i have no clue7 months ago

    The terrible lip syncing th

  92. TOBG Show

    TOBG Show7 months ago

    But why? Why would you?

  93. SonishBarghare

    SonishBarghare7 months ago

    I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  94. SonishBarghare

    SonishBarghare7 months ago

    I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  95. Just Den

    Just Den7 months ago


  96. Skyzer's Arena

    Skyzer's Arena7 months ago

    Wow, this is a thing now. A new legend is born. I wish they introduce him amazingly. "Please welcome the yodelling kid from Walmart with sWeEt DAaAaAdy."

  97. Morgan

    Morgan7 months ago

    legends only

  98. Porque c leu Pedru?

    Porque c leu Pedru?7 months ago

    Memes Of Brazil is Best

  99. Daniel Son

    Daniel Son7 months ago

    I don’t get it lol I cringe when I hear him sing

  100. whitty man

    whitty man7 months ago

    This racism in its purest form

  101. TeamMax

    TeamMax7 months ago

    This meme went too far

  102. arsen west

    arsen west7 months ago

    He was the sensation of coachella people scream more for him than beyonce hahaha god bless him

  103. Brian Aguilar

    Brian Aguilar7 months ago

    se pasan de verga

  104. Jada Castro

    Jada Castro7 months ago

    Wow I would sound like a donkey he actually good damn

  105. the random dude

    the random dude7 months ago

    Ok I'm going to Walmart now

  106. Ian Moline

    Ian Moline7 months ago

    This is terrrrrrrrrrible.

  107. Justin Villalobos

    Justin Villalobos7 months ago

    Didn't even sound good

  108. Lowprojects

    Lowprojects7 months ago

    So f*cking stupid. Forced Facebook meme. And this is what it comes to. Smfh