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YG - Handgun (Official Music Video) ft. A$AP Rocky


  1. jay hakim

    jay hakim9 hours ago

    1:20 thank me later

  2. Kimberly Marshall

    Kimberly Marshall10 hours ago

    YG - Handgun (Official Video) ft. A$AP Rocky

  3. َ ٰ

    َ ٰ23 hours ago

    @1:45 lil fruity...

  4. wildinbesson

    wildinbessonDay ago

    The only part I like is when he go’s uh uh uh uh uh uh u h

  5. 2face montana

    2face montanaDay ago

    Trash ass boooooo

  6. Space Suitor

    Space SuitorDay ago


  7. Malik Edelbiev

    Malik EdelbievDay ago

    Yo which jacket does yg use


    EUNHEE KIMDay ago

    I like it 😎🙏

  9. DSLKanax

    DSLKanaxDay ago


  10. O Plebeu

    O PlebeuDay ago

    The bass at the start is *fucking insane*

  11. Crystal Slayz

    Crystal Slayz2 days ago

    Does anybody know the model/brand of those sunglasses??? PLEASE

  12. AsYluM-

    AsYluM-2 days ago


  13. Joe The Ranger

    Joe The Ranger3 days ago

    YG remind me of Adam from Street Of Rage

  14. Lil Holy

    Lil Holy3 days ago

    1:29 I don’t know why but every time I see that part and here it I cringe

  15. Alex Ochoa

    Alex Ochoa3 days ago

    wifigawd- dope ?

  16. Piru Rikki

    Piru Rikki3 days ago

    SUPER BLOOD WHOOOOOOOP!!!! Treez 4hunnid

  17. Junior Gon

    Junior Gon3 days ago

    But they didn't come wit drums fresh out the machine tho

  18. richu ben

    richu ben3 days ago

    Yo heart hurts good music.

  19. William Wallace

    William Wallace3 days ago

    no white man to be seen in thsi video, imagine if it was the other way round? "RACIST"

  20. Spartacus Ani

    Spartacus Ani4 days ago

    Video hilarious asf!🗣😂🤣

  21. Amir Bermudez

    Amir Bermudez4 days ago

    Super blood yg general⛽🔴🔴🔴

  22. FL4SHvs4RR0W

    FL4SHvs4RR0W4 days ago

    So ain’t nobody gon say nun bout them thin ass glasses @0:25 😂

  23. Ro Ro

    Ro Ro4 days ago

    Yg need to do some burpees 🐖

  24. Liel Karshigayev

    Liel Karshigayev4 days ago


  25. jay hakim

    jay hakim5 days ago

    hopsin's no words says it all haha!

  26. Austin DeWaal

    Austin DeWaal5 days ago

    That niggah said “goku, trunks” aaaaaand that’s when I clicked the super like

  27. Jamal Ahmed

    Jamal Ahmed5 days ago


  28. jonathanV3

    jonathanV35 days ago

    Wait when the fuck was there a fighting scene ? 💀

  29. Jerry Flores

    Jerry Flores5 days ago

    Love the subtle DBZ reference.. "Goku, Trunks"

  30. Jesse Alves

    Jesse Alves5 days ago

    cops with handguns niggas c

  31. Pelo Wilondja

    Pelo Wilondja6 days ago


  32. Carlos Ferman

    Carlos Ferman6 days ago

    Un toke y velocidad X0.75

  33. Jordan Luu

    Jordan Luu7 days ago

    /-\ ____________________

  34. Roderico O

    Roderico O7 days ago

    Is it rap or trap?

  35. Regina Rojas

    Regina Rojas7 days ago

    I like your songs

  36. Regina Rojas

    Regina Rojas7 days ago

    Na just kidding

  37. Regina Rojas

    Regina Rojas7 days ago

    Bitch ass

  38. Ruben David

    Ruben David7 days ago

    2:54 Rocky s part🔥⚠️

  39. Apache Boi

    Apache Boi7 days ago

    Fake bloods listen to YG lol

  40. Karmn

    Karmn8 days ago

    everyone has bad posture

  41. jak da snowman215

    jak da snowman2158 days ago

    Wtf is this blueface

  42. crosix

    crosix7 days ago

    What u talkin bout

  43. Jonathan Tavarez

    Jonathan Tavarez8 days ago

    lokey looks like a fu**** pangwin

  44. kiraly kiraly

    kiraly kiraly9 days ago

    shid yes no yes shid yes gud...

  45. kiraly kiraly

    kiraly kiraly9 days ago


  46. Mark Mendoza

    Mark Mendoza10 days ago

    Solids Listen but a General what we need 100

  47. acecharlie229

    acecharlie22910 days ago

    Wtf shits gay

  48. ovo smurf

    ovo smurf11 days ago

    #yg 4hunnid #Bomton @MY KRAZY LIFE

  49. ovo smurf

    ovo smurf11 days ago

    2019 anyone

  50. Notorious BleezyB

    Notorious BleezyB11 days ago

    Notice the similarities between the Gunz n Butter and Handgun music video. It’s continuity man. They do it like the MCU 🤔 the Easter eggs hint towards a collab tape 😂

  51. Crazy Migs

    Crazy Migs12 days ago

    Intro is so cringe

  52. Pop Lockin

    Pop Lockin12 days ago

    Somebody knows anything about red polo with bulldog on the back wear by YG in the last scenes (in the tunnel and on the fight)? Its dope ASF

  53. cash gucci

    cash gucci12 days ago


  54. Issa Bella Jade

    Issa Bella Jade12 days ago

    i wanna slide a credit card through ygs neck tho

  55. Kelvin Njenge

    Kelvin Njenge12 days ago

    Yg your good

  56. Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy12 days ago

    Damnnn!!! Son. Where'd ya find this??!!

  57. Kelvin Njenge

    Kelvin Njenge12 days ago


  58. Rosh Alvarez

    Rosh Alvarez12 days ago

    what a fucking vibeeeee

  59. Jayke Horton

    Jayke Horton13 days ago

    Big gun Hand gun Shoot out And one Hop out Tap out Time out damnn son

  60. LvVlone slatt

    LvVlone slatt13 days ago

    On 2:10 he sounds like cj so cool On god you will like this Readmore

  61. Eddie Carrasco

    Eddie Carrasco13 days ago

    "I dont eat the butt" ... ....... Lol

  62. Mia Terrones

    Mia Terrones14 days ago


  63. saltyslayers

    saltyslayers14 days ago

    this is outrageous and over the top

  64. Nagedienag Dude

    Nagedienag Dude14 days ago

    Drip, full drip

  65. Baby Migi

    Baby Migi14 days ago

    I mix the 4Hunnid with the designer, nigga Stay laced up On Bloods Stay laced up I just bought me a handgun and that shit came with the drum Do a nigga fast like And-1, I need a bag then and some Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh I hop out the tub, my feet land on Gucci rug Eat it up, then slide in her, make her tell me who she love Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, baddies, lumps Uh, uh, Mr. Klumps Uh, uh, she on my, nuts Fuck her once, I don't eat the butt YG always cuss, YG do too much Oh my God he always wearin' red, he a super Blood You niggas super sus, act like y'all be pistoled up When them shots fire, all you niggas did was duck Duck, duck, duck, duck Duck, duck, duck, goose I don't want her, she boof, uh Heard that pussy loose, uh Yeah she with the shits, ayy Gave me head in the coupe I just bought me a handgun and that shit came with the drum Do a nigga fast like And-1, I need a bag then and some Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh I hop out the tub, my feet land on Gucci rug Eat it up, then slide in her, make her tell me who she love Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh Big gun, handgun, shootout, And-1 Hop out, tap out, time out, damn, son (what?) Goyard trunks, Gucci trunks Goku, Trunks, asthma pump Uh, uh, hit a nigga once he done Crack 'em like Humpty Dumpty She don't wanna fuck, she dumb Uh, uh, pastry cup Cakey, rump, ice cream 'Cedes truck, nine screens Brady Bunch, wide screen I was 13 with fake bling When Killa Cam was on the corner with the pink mink My little man was on the corner with the clink clink Gold bank, roll 8, gold links Whole gang hold weight, ho I just bought me a handgun and that shit came with the drum Do a nigga fast like And-1, I need a bag then and some Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh I hop out the tub, my feet land on Gucci rug Eat it up, then slide in her, make her tell me who she love Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh Alert! Bomb first Trained to go, fuck hesitation Ten steps ahead, not just of enemy, but of all men Set an example by demonstration, not conversation Fear of God, but with God keep a faithful relation Do the unthinkable, pop up on that ass out the blue like peek-a-boo All a man gots is his dick and his word So whatever that man says, he gots to do And if that pussy is yours, protect it by all means Keep them real niggas, some top lawyers Financial advisors and them get-the-job-done riders on your team And now you're ready for the world, ya-da-da-mean Stay dangerous

  66. Javon Patterson

    Javon Patterson15 days ago

    His face at 1:33XD

  67. Javon Patterson

    Javon Patterson14 days ago

    Also,much dunk anyone?

  68. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan Ulloa15 days ago

    I hope they are registered weapons so mans doesn't have to have the possibility of getting caught up for dumb shit

  69. Trey production's

    Trey production's15 days ago

    Might need my handgun uh uh djdnfs in uh in uh uh huh huh uh like uh uh my need love ,y nuts uh uh in uh un

  70. Micah 2005

    Micah 200515 days ago

    Handgun (Fortnite Version) I Just Landed in Tilted,gunna find me some good loot. Yall do da rest

  71. Janusz

    Janusz15 days ago

    Is that in chinese?

  72. Janusz

    Janusz4 days ago

    +Dick Willie cing ciang ciong ksiedzu

  73. Dick Willie

    Dick Willie5 days ago



    GUCCI MYTH16 days ago

    damn im 12 and i kant go to yg concert in the west his shit is like 21+ for age gimme a rip in da chat

  75. Marco Antonio Hernandez

    Marco Antonio Hernandez16 days ago

    YG is straight trying to read everyone lol

  76. bushgreen

    bushgreen16 days ago

    *what does drip mean?*

  77. Lango Hicks

    Lango Hicks17 days ago

    This song got me arrested

  78. ceren xx

    ceren xx17 days ago

    his song reminds me of bts-ddaeng. repeat parts is same, wtf

  79. The bald one

    The bald one19 days ago

    Wat if he drip to hard??

  80. VinySix 651

    VinySix 65119 days ago

    ID on YG's jacket ?

  81. fionn simmons

    fionn simmons19 days ago

    So u all didn't catch that xxx tribute when he said time out and the tag from look at me came after.


    ᏢᎬᏞᎬ ᎪNᎠ ᎷᎬ20 days ago

    The intro is traaaaassshh


    ᏢᎬᏞᎬ ᎪNᎠ ᎷᎬ20 days ago


  84. Itz Sauce

    Itz Sauce20 days ago

    Duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck

  85. Kevin Sacks

    Kevin Sacks21 day ago

    YG fell the fuck off .... Fell the fuck off hard


    THE DOPE DUDE22 days ago

    *He look like a pedifile*

  87. Sealus

    Sealus22 days ago

    What the hell was 1:30

  88. 김득춘

    김득춘23 days ago

    Yg 씹변태같이생겻네

  89. Earl Pharaoh

    Earl Pharaoh23 days ago

    Race Clothing yooooo

  90. uhnoel

    uhnoel23 days ago


  91. uhnoel

    uhnoel23 days ago

    UH UH

  92. FourceArchive lo

    FourceArchive lo23 days ago

    uh uh

  93. Riddl-ah Mynsta

    Riddl-ah Mynsta24 days ago


  94. Yung Scarlxrd

    Yung Scarlxrd24 days ago

    2:49 when you getting head

  95. Nova coleman

    Nova coleman24 days ago

    he looks looks creepy at 1:33

  96. Travis Ru

    Travis Ru24 days ago

    Hxw many xf yall sx kall hxme Bxys Knxw wat this means ''Dx yall knxw the answer''Dx u think like Quick'' wat is the answer fxr all my real Damu's P1RU TTreeGang shit Foe Blxck TTree Gang xr dxnt bang TTwx TTecks in a Pump

  97. Got Jokes

    Got Jokes24 days ago

    1:32 when u see yo friends girl cheating on him

  98. Austin Robison

    Austin Robison24 days ago

    Why isn’t book gang in the vid I mean just look at all the face tats

  99. Trey Wright

    Trey Wright24 days ago

    Omg he were so much red he a super blood bro🤣🤣🤣

  100. Berdan198

    Berdan19825 days ago

    1:59 i understand mist kommt

  101. HotWheels K!NG

    HotWheels K!NG25 days ago

    Played this to my bills. Now they're parole fees..

  102. Ybn Glock

    Ybn Glock25 days ago

    This stuff hard

  103. Alvaro Rafael

    Alvaro Rafael25 days ago

    I️ can’t believe no one wanted to stop YG from making this song. It’s the Worst song he’s ever made Jesus Christ

  104. Areyon Mccants

    Areyon Mccants25 days ago

    yea dat handgun

  105. Icebreaker iz da amk

    Icebreaker iz da amk25 days ago

    duck duck duck duck duck duck GOOSE lmfao