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YG - Handgun ft. A$AP Rocky


  1. Dj Base

    Dj Base56 minutes ago


  2. movie bros

    movie brosHour ago

    Lmao he a super BLOOD

  3. Domar95

    Domar95Hour ago


  4. Francesco Ferretti

    Francesco Ferretti2 hours ago

    OMG he always wear red red, He's a super blood!

  5. John Trujillo

    John Trujillo2 hours ago

    Its catchy like a nursery ryme= its Horrible...pac easy Biggie im sorry for this garbage

  6. Tim

    Tim2 hours ago


  7. Colga Exploration

    Colga Exploration2 hours ago

    Goku. Trunks.

  8. Spirit OfFire

    Spirit OfFire3 hours ago

    Why this song slap 🔥

  9. AB Fishing

    AB Fishing3 hours ago

    This is doo doo

  10. aleeex17s

    aleeex17s4 hours ago

    Anyone knows yg’s subglsses brand? Or similar please

  11. Tyanny Concincion

    Tyanny Concincion4 hours ago

    "I hop up the tub my feet land on gucci rugs, eat it up and slide in her make her tell me who she love" UH UH UH UH UH

  12. Mr. Kleen

    Mr. Kleen4 hours ago

    This song sounds like the one i wrote when i was 12

  13. Matthias Cross

    Matthias Cross5 hours ago

    is it me or the first guy at the vending machine forget his bullets? that niqqa is dead.... where was YG to slap the top of his head?

  14. Bogdan Gavril

    Bogdan Gavril5 hours ago

    2:08, no comment.

  15. Chris Galvan

    Chris Galvan5 hours ago

    YG captured both hip hop and penguin fans.

  16. cringe face

    cringe face5 hours ago

    I liked the old ug

  17. finessekids 0085

    finessekids 00855 hours ago

    lmao this shid whaz trash

  18. KingUw

    KingUw6 hours ago

    A child is born with no state of mind, blind to the ways of mankind. God is smiling on you, but he's frowning too. Because only God knows what you'll go through, you'll grow in the ghetto living second-rate and your eyes will sing a song called deep hate. The places you play and where you stay, looks like one great big alleyway. You'll admire all the number-book takers, thugs, pimps and pushers and the big money-makers. Driving big cars, spending twenties and tens and you'll wanna grow up to be just like them. Smugglers, scramblers, burglars, gamblers, pickpocket peddlers, even panhandlers. You say "I'm cool, huh, I'm no fool." But then you wind up dropping outta high school. Now you're unemployed, all null and void. Walking 'round like you're Pretty Boy Floyd turned stick-up kid, but look what you done did. Got sent up for a eight-year bid. Now your manhood is took and you're a Maytag. Spend the next two years as a undercover fag, being used and abused to serve like hell. 'Til one day you was found hung dead in the cell. It was plain to see that your life was lost, you was cold and your body swung back and forth. But now your eyes sing the sad, sad song of how you lived so fast and died so young.

  19. GoobyPls

    GoobyPls6 hours ago


  20. unbelievable YT

    unbelievable YT7 hours ago


  21. unbelievable YT

    unbelievable YT7 hours ago

    OMG I thought muchdank edited the goose part lmao rofl

  22. kaxumus TW

    kaxumus TW9 hours ago

    I fresh from juvi assualt hell yea im dangerous

  23. kaxumus TW

    kaxumus TW9 hours ago

    Im 11 im following your career

  24. kaxumus TW

    kaxumus TW9 hours ago

    Westcoast niggaz

  25. yung track999

    yung track9999 hours ago

    2:26 When someone trying to eat your food

  26. Gattsu13

    Gattsu139 hours ago

    What a load of bollocks lol

  27. West Texas

    West Texas10 hours ago

    Yall hoes talking shit. Hope you pussys never go to pin*

  28. bert bertson

    bert bertson11 hours ago

    This is the kick rap truly needs! Song gets you hyped but at the same time you could just kick back spark one up and cheif up ti it

  29. Tuala Rhys

    Tuala Rhys11 hours ago

    Duck duck duck duck duck duck duck...GOOSE! Straight BARS! 🔥😂😂😂

  30. MrBatman115

    MrBatman11511 hours ago

    What the fuck did I just listen to

  31. Queen Nyasia

    Queen Nyasia11 hours ago

    this is a funny/ghetto song..the way that he's singing the hook is crazy and different with a unique twist..

  32. NamasteSouls

    NamasteSouls11 hours ago

    best movie I've seen in 2018


    UR BOI ROGER11 hours ago

    YG reminds me of the movie happy feet

  34. Supreme King

    Supreme King12 hours ago

    Why is YG wearing a dog training suit?

  35. 한상현

    한상현12 hours ago


  36. adrian algiene

    adrian algiene12 hours ago

    asthma pump

  37. Rome Martin

    Rome Martin12 hours ago

    Goku trunks

  38. Segaroh

    Segaroh12 hours ago

    Can watch the latest episode of Planet of the Apes for free, youtube rocks

  39. Chippy 313

    Chippy 31312 hours ago

    “Omg he a super blood”

  40. johnson hiku

    johnson hiku13 hours ago

    Fuck your shitty singing

  41. DahBeater

    DahBeater13 hours ago

    This shit whole song was wack lmfao

  42. Stevenson Jones

    Stevenson Jones13 hours ago

    The Nigga with Tats all over his face looks like a Young Berg mix with Bow Wow Young Bow

  43. Carlos Leónel Díaz Barrón

    Carlos Leónel Díaz Barrón13 hours ago


  44. No More mr Nice guy

    No More mr Nice guy14 hours ago

    Yg funny asf

  45. Karell _official24

    Karell _official2414 hours ago

    "Damn son” 😂😂😂😂

  46. abi

    abi14 hours ago

    I'm a MReporter'r subscribe

  47. Wavyy Vegas

    Wavyy Vegas14 hours ago

    2:03 😂😂😂

  48. murphacus

    murphacus14 hours ago


  49. Reign Lucas

    Reign Lucas14 hours ago


  50. Cmr Mac

    Cmr Mac14 hours ago

    Shit weak asf on Compton

  51. Fidel chavez

    Fidel chavez15 hours ago


  52. Stevenson Jones

    Stevenson Jones15 hours ago

    Ru look like Blade

  53. TOH_ Metroo

    TOH_ Metroo15 hours ago


  54. TOH_ Metroo

    TOH_ Metroo15 hours ago


  55. Life Of A Hypebeast

    Life Of A Hypebeast15 hours ago


  56. Alvaro Diaz

    Alvaro Diaz16 hours ago

    YG is trash 😂💩💩💩

  57. Producer Iroc-z Beats

    Producer Iroc-z Beats16 hours ago

    HOLY SHIT THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐣🐣🐣

  58. Alvaro Diaz

    Alvaro Diaz16 hours ago

    YG 100 trash 💩

  59. Snipez

    Snipez16 hours ago

    no clue how they even filmed this without laughing i wanna see bloopers

  60. Joey Johnson

    Joey Johnson16 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna drown a fish

  61. Quincy Johnson

    Quincy Johnson16 hours ago

    that dude in the back didn't have his ear he was in war for real.

  62. Quincy Johnson

    Quincy Johnson16 hours ago

    this song make me wanna hit lick with my grandmother.

  63. KRAZY cris

    KRAZY cris16 hours ago

    Tf is this

  64. KRAZY cris

    KRAZY cris16 hours ago

    Weak af

  65. vAsTSneak

    vAsTSneak16 hours ago

    his voice tho

  66. Eclipse 4k

    Eclipse 4k16 hours ago

    damn son

  67. RS

    RS16 hours ago

    This shit weak as fuck.

  68. LaDana Spells

    LaDana Spells16 hours ago

    This funny ash 🤣 they really rocking on beat

  69. Ro Kaine

    Ro Kaine17 hours ago

    Lmao why this song grow on us like dat? 😂😂

  70. Kyle Joyce

    Kyle Joyce17 hours ago

    Dis ain't his best buhh it koo igs

  71. Lil Crush

    Lil Crush17 hours ago

    1:47 debit or credit ?

  72. TheRight Is Right

    TheRight Is Right17 hours ago

    Lmao yall seen drunk yg get kicked off a plane and try n act sober and call racism

  73. Kuntry Mane

    Kuntry Mane17 hours ago


  74. Jon jozif Gintoki às vezes Kenpachi

    Jon jozif Gintoki às vezes Kenpachi17 hours ago

    ‘DAMN son’ come this whole video hasn’t been meme’nt yet, soo much content

  75. Shalise M.

    Shalise M.18 hours ago

    Is that bow wow with all the face tats? 😂😂😂

  76. Dpukh 2003

    Dpukh 200318 hours ago

    Only yg would say "uh uh uh uh" in anther dudes ear

  77. Gus Martinez

    Gus Martinez19 hours ago

    About the stupidest video ever

  78. keia henry

    keia henry19 hours ago

    YG My Dawg Fasho

  79. pashtun631

    pashtun63119 hours ago

    Either YG trying to fit in or he’s giving signs that hes gay with the way he dresses, also this new flamboyant attitude.

  80. pashtun631

    pashtun63119 hours ago

    At 2:25 the tattoo face after he said that, lmao gayyhy

  81. tyson d

    tyson d19 hours ago

    Yg sleepin on us on this one


    PHOENIX X19 hours ago

    Why ASAP whyyyyyy....this shit is wackkkk....


    DDB JBOOGIE19 hours ago

    Asap saved this song

  84. Thomas Dobbs Jr.

    Thomas Dobbs Jr.19 hours ago

    The chorus kills but the song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Major Nick

    Major Nick20 hours ago

    I showed this to a bunch of crips Now they bloods

  86. TJ Barton

    TJ Barton20 hours ago

    i like band drum better

  87. Ogywar

    Ogywar21 hour ago


  88. Savage GhosT

    Savage GhosT21 hour ago

    This funny asf 😂

  89. Judgment

    Judgment21 hour ago

    Wtf is this 😂😂

  90. Xilver Entertainment

    Xilver Entertainment21 hour ago


  91. jirek honza

    jirek honza21 hour ago

    I think I listen to some illegal shit

  92. Justin Simmons

    Justin Simmons22 hours ago

    Is it just me or is he wearing the thug life glasses

  93. Chowey G

    Chowey G22 hours ago

    She on my. Nuts 🌰

  94. Kevin paredes

    Kevin paredes22 hours ago

    i miss the old yg

  95. King Fly

    King Fly22 hours ago

    dis music just here to brain wash me

  96. Michael O'Brien

    Michael O'Brien23 hours ago

    This is the worst song I’ve ever heard the beat makes it slap

  97. bison yea

    bison yea23 hours ago

    Drewskidagod add me on ig i add back

  98. Haamakri

    Haamakri23 hours ago


  99. homeless kangaroo

    homeless kangaroo23 hours ago

    No way this isn't a fucking parody, this is the shittiest song I've heard in a while. Wtf is rap anymore.

  100. joshua Jeemiah

    joshua Jeemiah23 hours ago

    A$Ap SPAZZ

  101. Muhammad Ali Hassan

    Muhammad Ali Hassan23 hours ago

    This makes me go flippin 👽