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XXXTENTACION - SAD! (Official Music Video)


  1. Xxx R. I. P

    Xxx R. I. P3 hours ago

    😭Rip X😭 You'll always be in our ❤❤ Hearts❤❤

  2. Omul Sorin

    Omul Sorin3 hours ago

    The beast legend dont die Rip x 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Тёма Молочный

    Тёма Молочный3 hours ago

    Where "Falling down" on x channel?

  4. Dane Ernest

    Dane Ernest3 hours ago

    i love you brother

  5. Nik Rel

    Nik Rel3 hours ago

    Земля тебе пухом братан ))))😥😑

  6. Joshua Proplayer

    Joshua Proplayer3 hours ago

    How did he know he was gonna die? :(


    BGANG GM3 hours ago

    The last song xxxtentacion is the best song and sad song😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Barbara Newman

    Barbara Newman3 hours ago

    I want to kill myself because I don't belong in this world and no one notices me I'm in a huge group but I'm invisible to everyone If u want me to suicide just say suicide I will it's ur guys choice

  9. Djdnndid Djdidjjd

    Djdnndid Djdidjjd4 hours ago

    Y do all the good rappers pass away?😓

  10. Colby Patrick

    Colby Patrick4 hours ago

    He has beautiful eyes...

  11. Morty Games BR

    Morty Games BR4 hours ago

    We lost the legends ,i dont really happy ,mi heart is broken ,rip x ,my inspiration

  12. Ramon Angeles

    Ramon Angeles4 hours ago

    Welp okay bye 😑💥🔫😱😵😇

  13. steven ginissa torres

    steven ginissa torres4 hours ago

    whomeva saying peep is a legend stop smoking crack

  14. Shania Shania

    Shania Shania4 hours ago

    I miss you 😭😭

  15. Shania Shania

    Shania Shania4 hours ago

    Oh my,xxx 😭

  16. Miss Tay Loan Sờ Wít

    Miss Tay Loan Sờ Wít4 hours ago


  17. Swawix

    Swawix4 hours ago

    Hope is in a better place now!

  18. Sadly Wolfy_AJ

    Sadly Wolfy_AJ4 hours ago

    R.I.P. XXX

  19. Marvin White III

    Marvin White III4 hours ago

    X’s death will be avenged

  20. jack rabbit

    jack rabbit4 hours ago

    cant belive it's been 3 months sents he past time flies fast x time flies fast man

  21. Gacha Crown

    Gacha Crown4 hours ago

    Omg 😡😡😡😡😡😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Jakiez GD

    Jakiez GD5 hours ago

    You shouldn't be a prince. You should be a legend.

  23. Ayden Crites

    Ayden Crites5 hours ago

    Truly am sad Rip xxx

  24. awkard gaming

    awkard gaming5 hours ago

    iam reincarnation you x

  25. Ie-eesha Shavers

    Ie-eesha Shavers5 hours ago

    So young

  26. Ciara Bass

    Ciara Bass5 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I miss x and so do u💙😭😭🖤

  27. Dope boy 51 Leave me alone

    Dope boy 51 Leave me alone5 hours ago

    I hate the person that killed xxx everyday I cry my self to bed

  28. Zainab Bhatti

    Zainab Bhatti5 hours ago

    *cries* ....................... *cries even harder*

  29. 800M views

    800M views5 hours ago

    why is it that the best die😢 #ripx

  30. maddie o-o

    maddie o-o5 hours ago

    we all need to stop coming back :(. but before you go.. i always wanted to meet x and actually get a time to have a chit-chat with him. we all love this man so much but its time to move on. this young man should have never died at a young age. i swear everyday that i wish i took the bullet instead of x, and you probably do too. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was killed from a cause of a gunshot wound. when i first heard that it happened i didn't believe it. thinking he would tell us he's alive. but him being gone for 2 months he's never coming back. hopefully he's with god and the devil got revenge for what jahseh "wanted". if you didn't know jahseh sold his soul to the devil asking for fame and fortune. the devil said he would once get whats his and the devil gave him his "wish". anyways you probably didn't even read this. but this was just about how much x meant to everyone. june 18th in my heart - jocelyn flores backwards.

  31. Marcus Royal

    Marcus Royal5 hours ago

    Rip xxx❤️

  32. Дима Инюшев

    Дима Инюшев6 hours ago

    You understand that we are watching a video of a person Who is no longer with us? ((

  33. matrehui

    matrehui6 hours ago

    Rip legend

  34. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez6 hours ago

    Rip😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 xxx

  35. THE threetards

    THE threetards6 hours ago

    A A A

  36. Than Than OO

    Than Than OO6 hours ago

    Not cool

  37. prasemaster

    prasemaster6 hours ago

    Rip xxxtencion

  38. gibby from icarly

    gibby from icarly6 hours ago

    This song pops in my head when it gets quiet


    ANIME LORD X ANIME GOD6 hours ago

    Wait this was uploaded June 28 but it says he died June 18

  40. Alex Serrano

    Alex Serrano6 hours ago

    3:06 THAT IS NOT X RIP XXX🙏🏽🤧😭 Still listening 2018 🤷🏽‍♂️ Pause this video then watch it at 3:06

  41. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    Sad how there is a church and a coffin and guess were XXXTENTION went :(

  42. X

    X6 hours ago


  43. Karen Olson

    Karen Olson6 hours ago

    A bullet can kill any normal person. But nothing can kill a legend. We love you X. We miss you.. At least you are reunited with Jocelyn...

  44. Mrleo0078

    Mrleo00786 hours ago

    Your message was indeed in use and still is RIP X

  45. FuriousMan23 YT

    FuriousMan23 YT6 hours ago

    i dont get how this was uploaded if x died

  46. FuriousMan23 YT

    FuriousMan23 YT6 hours ago

    ok thx

  47. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    +FuriousMan23 YT it was supposed to be seconds longer but they did not finish this because X died

  48. FuriousMan23 YT

    FuriousMan23 YT6 hours ago


  49. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    One of his friends found this recording

  50. Aydan Jones

    Aydan Jones6 hours ago

    I’m never gonna find a rapper like X 😭😭😭

  51. diego García

    diego García6 hours ago


  52. Mustang2000 GT500

    Mustang2000 GT5007 hours ago

    Waiitt x died in june 22 but this is posted in june 28 so how did he post this if he dead?

  53. Mustang2000 GT500

    Mustang2000 GT5006 hours ago

    +XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel oh thx

  54. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    One of his friends posted his last recording

  55. Jose Yanez

    Jose Yanez7 hours ago

    He's not dead I looked up his death on Google it said he did on June 18 ,2018 but this video was published on June 28,2018

  56. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    One of his friend found this recording his last recording

  57. Рэд

    Рэд7 hours ago

    простите но какого хера? у него там та тату я часами

  58. NOT RUBY

    NOT RUBY7 hours ago

    Bruh if ya’lol look on x’s recent post...there’s a lotta hate...😔😔 R.I.P......f$/k DA HATERS

  59. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez7 hours ago

    give a like if XXXTENTACION is in your heart ❤ we all love him

  60. بغداد -مودل bagdad model

    بغداد -مودل bagdad model7 hours ago


  61. Ashley Rutherford

    Ashley Rutherford7 hours ago

    I'm crying hard I can't even stop

  62. Ashley Rutherford

    Ashley Rutherford7 hours ago

    sorry bro

  63. Jack James

    Jack James7 hours ago

    RIP X 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  64. False Start Ifedi

    False Start Ifedi7 hours ago

  65. Jasper Music And Gaming

    Jasper Music And Gaming7 hours ago

    may god be with you x

  66. Jose Pina

    Jose Pina7 hours ago

    Probably the thing that's most saddening Is how young he was, at 20 years old he still had A lot to give to this world.

  67. Bowen Ferguson

    Bowen Ferguson7 hours ago


  68. SP1D3R BlockStrike

    SP1D3R BlockStrike7 hours ago

    2018 💔😭 Who Still Crying 😢

  69. IIAshley_ PlayzII

    IIAshley_ PlayzII7 hours ago


  70. - SHARD -

    - SHARD -7 hours ago


  71. Steven Draws

    Steven Draws8 hours ago

    RIP X

  72. Gamer Z

    Gamer Z8 hours ago

    XXXTENTACION you finally touched that you were your own enemy and finally killed him rest in peace X

  73. GFire53

    GFire538 hours ago

    Who’s still morning in season 6 of Fortnite

  74. Nightninja 64

    Nightninja 648 hours ago

    Xxx is gay. Beating pregnant women.

  75. Heavy DirtySoul

    Heavy DirtySoul8 hours ago

    you is Gay stupid

  76. meu mundo

    meu mundo8 hours ago

    Eternamente em nossos corações


    JOSÉ JOSÉ8 hours ago

    Death of the legends, x peep and Mac

  78. Diego destroyer Acevedo

    Diego destroyer Acevedo8 hours ago

    I love this song it's my first time

  79. AnOriginalHDChannel

    AnOriginalHDChannel8 hours ago

    my friend thought this music video would take his soul so he stopped watching it lmfao

  80. Helay Roadwall

    Helay Roadwall8 hours ago


  81. Helay Roadwall

    Helay Roadwall8 hours ago


  82. Luis Hernández

    Luis Hernández8 hours ago

    R.I.P XXX I LOVE YOU ALWAYS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. shamaury

    shamaury8 hours ago

    X you mack me Be happy and i love your song i wish you NERE Get kill 💜💜💜💜💜😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👍😘😄😣

  84. Sawwnn

    Sawwnn8 hours ago

    Gone but not forgotten

  85. ItzMe Jed

    ItzMe Jed8 hours ago


  86. XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel

    XxxxstrikerXxxx Removalof3amchannel6 hours ago

    -said those 3am youtubers

  87. Smatungux 014

    Smatungux 0148 hours ago

  88. Peep

    Peep8 hours ago


  89. Stacie Reeves

    Stacie Reeves8 hours ago

    In the beginning of the vid it said his name is "Gekyume" XXXTentacion made a video of him saying he wants to make a new word and its "Gekyume" and he said that he is in the next gekyume of thought...... what does this message mean???............

  90. hazzel buenrostro

    hazzel buenrostro8 hours ago

    He said geykum which he said in one of his funny moments when he said it was gonna be a new word

  91. Lanisa Bertuccelli

    Lanisa Bertuccelli8 hours ago

    Só eu q sou br aqui poha

  92. 18

    189 hours ago

    rip x


    CLOUT LANDON9 hours ago

    Still can’t believe LLJ

  94. Young Sun

    Young Sun9 hours ago

    My theory is he had a deal with the devil and do that the devil gave his soul back and x turned to his good side

  95. WhyDon’tWe_ FanXOXO

    WhyDon’tWe_ FanXOXO9 hours ago

    X Xx Xxx Xxxt Xxxte Xxxten Xxxtent Xxxtenta Xxxtentac Xxxtentaci Xxxtentacio Xxxtentacion Xxxtentacion p Xxxtentacion pl Xxxtentacion ple Xxxtentacion plea Xxxtentacion pleas Xxxtentacion please Xxxtentacion please c Xxxtentacion please co Xxxtentacion please com Xxxtentacion please come Xxxtentacion please come b Xxxtentacion please come ba Xxxtentacion please come bac Xxxtentacion please come back Xxxtentacion please come bac Xxxtentaction please come ba Xxxtentacion please come b Xxxtentacion please come Xxxtentacion please com Xxxtentacion please co Xxxtentacion please c Xxxtentacion please Xxxtentacion pleas Xxxtentacion plea Xxxtentacion ple Xxxtentacion pl Xxxtentacion p Xxxtentacion Xxxtentacio Xxxtentaci Xxxtenta Xxxtent Xxxten Xxxte Xxxt Xxx Xx X

  96. Mattrapids 4

    Mattrapids 49 hours ago

    Fuck you is you dislike this video

  97. Eric Carrillo

    Eric Carrillo9 hours ago

    "He killed his old self, but his past environment killed him" *R.I.P KING X*

  98. K.M.C GAMES

    K.M.C GAMES9 hours ago

    Sera se ele ta no ceu ou no hades

  99. Tony's Gaming

    Tony's Gaming9 hours ago

    you will be missed :( 🙏 R.I.P Legend XXX

  100. Jose Gerardo Rodas Padilla

    Jose Gerardo Rodas Padilla9 hours ago

    Ya no sube videos :c

  101. GG Gamer

    GG Gamer9 hours ago

    legends never die in people’s heart ❤️😓🙏🏻

  102. Gatinho Asustado

    Gatinho Asustado9 hours ago

    Uuuu Baby and changes

  103. Mariyah N Noah

    Mariyah N Noah9 hours ago

    R.i.p X

  104. Cat Nap

    Cat Nap9 hours ago


  105. Pamela Mejia

    Pamela Mejia9 hours ago

    I love you x RIP Xxxteentoci

  106. JaRiah Joseph

    JaRiah Joseph9 hours ago

    I wish he had actually woke up at his real funeral

  107. Jovem Gamer

    Jovem Gamer9 hours ago

    ╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮  ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯        💧 rip

  108. No Dor_i_tos

    No Dor_i_tos6 hours ago

    What is that?

  109. jenny bow

    jenny bow9 hours ago

    We miss you x. 😩

  110. Jayden Collins

    Jayden Collins9 hours ago

    R.i.p xx 😭😭😭