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  1. Channel Awesome

    Channel Awesome4 months ago

    Is X-Men: The Last Stand the worst X-Men movie in the franchise? Catch all the crew at C2E2 this weekend - www.c2e2.com Support this week's charity - healthright.org/

  2. Kunisake

    KunisakeDay ago

    Nope. Dark Phoenix is

  3. Mugdha Mahdi Shams

    Mugdha Mahdi ShamsDay ago

    Not anymore....

  4. Bosse bläckfisk

    Bosse bläckfisk11 days ago

    Nah. Dark Phoenix.

  5. Austin Hamilton

    Austin Hamilton20 days ago

    Why do people think it is the worst X-Men movie. It got 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is not that bad but very decent. So I'm so confused about why it is so despised.

  6. Leonardo Crocetta

    Leonardo Crocetta26 days ago

    I just noticed: did your father composed the x-men/critic theme? Because of the last 'Barney' review... Am I right?

  7. Carlos Turrubiates

    Carlos TurrubiatesHour ago

    Maybe the near death moment triggered the, more powerful, seperate personality for survival.

  8. Lonly Wanderer

    Lonly Wanderer12 hours ago

    16:14 Jean disintegrates people about a decade before Thanos does.

  9. Lonly Wanderer

    Lonly Wanderer12 hours ago

    11:55 Magneto isn't fucking around this time

  10. Lonly Wanderer

    Lonly Wanderer12 hours ago

    2:29 worse have come out since, I'm personally indifferent about it

  11. Kunisake

    KunisakeDay ago

    27:32 You mean you DIDN'T want to be able to touch Rogue without literally having your life sucked out of you? You're fucking dumb

  12. Dorito Chip Gamer

    Dorito Chip Gamer2 days ago

    My HughJ-Ackman

  13. Casey Drilingas

    Casey Drilingas4 days ago

    8:47 How did he know??

  14. Iamcorn

    Iamcorn6 days ago

    Mmmm spaghetti cheeseburger pizza.

  15. Natasha Wilson

    Natasha Wilson7 days ago

    So the whole thing with the phoenix being a personality rather than a seperate cosmic entity is how it was originally intended. The full manifestation of her powers leading to this personality forming. However it was retconned and became the phoenix force. Fun fact

  16. Jonah Reed

    Jonah Reed8 days ago

    Sometimes Doug’s commercials are better than the actual review

  17. woodyburns

    woodyburns9 days ago

    Idc what anyone says, this is one of the best X-Men movies because Cyclops dies

  18. Graf Tobicula

    Graf Tobicula10 days ago

    Non-russian Collosus... that MUST BECOME a thing in the comics. I mean, if you look up how many Supermen or Captain(s) America there are, this would not be a stretch at all! Otherwise, my opinion on this movie is exactly the same than the Critic's: Not as good as the first two movies but better than ALL the prequels!

  19. Super John 123

    Super John 12310 days ago

    X-Men The Last Stand: Im The Worst X-Men Movie To Be Made Dark Pheniox: Hold My Beer

  20. Chamar Moore

    Chamar Moore12 days ago

    we can all agree dark phoenix sux more then this movie

  21. Jared Myers

    Jared Myers12 days ago

    Is it bad that I actually liked this movie I mean yes the last part with the Phoenix was horrible but through the rest of the movie I loved it

  22. Luke Sampayo

    Luke Sampayo12 days ago

    Ok the sponsor ship thing was pretty funny good job fam

  23. Adonan the Stoic

    Adonan the Stoic13 days ago

    I actually rather enjoyed this movie. It was far from perfect, but it was at least entertaining.

  24. Pseudonyme F

    Pseudonyme F13 days ago


  25. Hebimaru

    Hebimaru13 days ago

    Most hated X men movie? (cough) Wolverine:Origins (cough)

  26. Pervis Edmonds

    Pervis Edmonds5 days ago

    cough cough Dark Phoenix cough cough

  27. Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork Kirlia13 days ago

    I've been getting back into your channel after taking a break from the universe and it's as brilliant as ever! The sketches are hilarious; they were always amazing but everything is so polished and expert... while also the right amount of nonsense. The critique is also... genuine criticism. Y'all are often lumped in with the shouters and the cynics because, well, you inspired most of them, but you're genuinely insightful and always have been. Plus, I always appreciate Doug's charity shoutouts. A genuine good thing. That said, I'm really concerned about the stuff that's been going around about Channel Awesome... I have a lot of respect for many of the creators who felt they had to leave. None of the bad stuff seems connected directly to Doug or Rob or the rest of the NC cast, not intentionally at least, but... the platform itself is distinctly concerning. Forty to ten to four creators. I truly want to believe that you're as tied up in it as everyone else and that you haven't been the cause of any of the higher-ups' bullshit, but you're also the higher-ups in a way, even if you're not the ones doling out pay. Do you have the duty to stick up for your fellow creators? I mean, Nostalgia Critic has the name recognition to survive even if all of you literally use a different name for the show... I dunno. You've helped a lot of people with this show, but maybe supporting the platform isn't helping that. You've always seemed absolutely lovely and I really really hope none of this is on you. I'm just... concerned. But still, absolutely love the comedy, love the genuine criticism, love the show! ~A Fan Who Took A Break And Does Not Know The Full Story

  28. Talia al Ghul

    Talia al Ghul15 days ago

    X-Men the Last Stand was the worst X-Men movie ever! Dark Phoenix "Hold my beer!"

  29. Joshua o'malley

    Joshua o'malley16 days ago

    "I can't control it!" "I can't control it" "I can't control it" You'll know what I mean when you seen a certain Phoenix movie

  30. Isaac Fowler

    Isaac Fowler16 days ago

    hahaha reading the "religions of the world" poster above the door in the ad. totally worth slowling the video down ... squinting and reading them haah

  31. Jay Dubs

    Jay Dubs16 days ago

    idk sometimes it seems like Critic always wants a different opinion to contrast with the average, but it never goes too far to say he's an extremist

  32. John Doe

    John Doe17 days ago

    Douglas: Douglas: WOOOOW

  33. Ch Chantzis

    Ch Chantzis17 days ago

    Now that I think about it why did the wicked witch of the west melt when covered by water. Is that part of the witch mythology and legends or is it something else?

  34. Kazimir

    Kazimir18 days ago

    Is it just me, or is juggernaut in caged every movie

  35. 仮面ライダーDD

    仮面ライダーDD20 days ago

    10 years later we love comic movies is because of comics,we wanted to see it goes like comic and hope our favorite hero alive.So when professer X died we were angry and upset.But after 10 years we love Hugh Jackman even more than wolverine.So when we saw him could finally take a rest we felt happy about him,then we were ok with wolverine's death.That is why I love wol3 i guess

  36. Warren305

    Warren30521 day ago

    X3 was better than X1. It's actually a lot better.

  37. Pearange Productions

    Pearange Productions24 days ago

    10:15-10:55 That scene was BEAUTIFULLY done. Amazing job.

  38. Team Twin

    Team Twin24 days ago

    You are the best Doug

  39. Team Twin

    Team Twin24 days ago

    Rouge has a southern accent


    GEEKFOREVER24 days ago

    Also, this movie is apparently NOT inspired by "THE CURE" but by Joss Whedon's X-MEN comics... And since he was also supposed to direct this movie, it just makes me even more sad that this shitty movie exist.


    GEEKFOREVER24 days ago

    The most action ? Last time I checked, X-MEN had great action, X-MEN 2 had great action but lacked a bit of a climax and X-MEN 3's action was... Mostly boring... Another proof that Origins is better.

  42. Bryce Cross

    Bryce Cross24 days ago

    I'm going to be honest. Out of the first 3 X-men film, this is my favorite. It's bad, but it has the most color and personality.

  43. The Jazz King

    The Jazz King24 days ago

    Review the Evil Dead films.

  44. MinecrafterGamma

    MinecrafterGamma24 days ago

    I mean can you blame her for wanting to take off Hugh Jackman s belt, did you see him in the first one


    BURKE SULLIVAN24 days ago

    Phoenix Thanosed people before Thanos

  46. Madzod007

    Madzod00725 days ago

    Omfg that thumbnail!!

  47. Ted pogue

    Ted pogue25 days ago

    In that wizard of oz skit, I thought the even more stupider thing was that the witch didnt ever just jump ina lake😂

  48. Predator Productions

    Predator Productions25 days ago

    Oh come on if he did run into Ash I would be praising this movie right now and it's very possibly Logan would run into Ash he was in marvel zombies

  49. RetroPCGamer

    RetroPCGamer25 days ago

    Can he stop building up jokes and cutting them off.

  50. Cameron Varner

    Cameron Varner26 days ago

    Review the leprechaun movies

  51. Andy See

    Andy See19 days ago

    I think he already reviewed at least the first one in a crossover. I wonder how the cast of Song of the Sea would react to Leprechaun.

  52. Cameron Varner

    Cameron Varner24 days ago

    I learned that all the leprechaun movies besides the newest one got 0% on rotten tomatoes

  53. Madzod007

    Madzod00725 days ago


  54. Jeremiah Hessian

    Jeremiah Hessian26 days ago

    Tamara as OG Dorothy...is epic! She just nailed it. Oh, and I agree with your assessment of X3.

  55. Swagmite 3000

    Swagmite 300026 days ago

    It would've been great if it was a comic book

  56. Jake

    Jake26 days ago

    Brian singer said once that her using cerebro in xmen one triggers it in x 2

  57. Matthew Cooper

    Matthew Cooper26 days ago

    While I like the cure story, it has a pretty simple solution. Let mutants have the right to choose the cure if they want it. For a school that literally teaches kids how to control their powers, the teachers (especially Storm, fuck off with your clouds) seem very ignorant of the fact that a lot of mutants don't want their powers and many are too destructive and SHOULD be taken away. See ROGUE DAMN IT. A better story, and this could have been the whole movie and forgotten about the Phoenix plot, would be the government debating whether they should MAKE every mutant take the cure. It would be especially interesting given that Beast has a position in government, and both sides would make a lot of sense, just like in Captain America 3. Storm's position would make sense because she knows that powers can be controlled and she helps teach that herself, but Rogue's position would make sense because she has a power that can literally only destroy. They could do something like the government can't decide so they scrap the idea pf forcing everyone to take the cure, then the final fight could be the mutants for and against the cure fighting each other like it already is, but it would have a TOTALLY different context. Maybe the ones against the cure are just trying to destroy it so no one has the chance to take it, and the X-Men want to save it so they can protect the freedom to choose it.

  58. Matthew Cooper

    Matthew Cooper26 days ago

    "This better make more sense when you're Sansa Stark." Whoops it didn't.

  59. luke atkinson

    luke atkinson28 days ago

    you should review Dark Phoenix, as you said you reserved it a spot for future botched sequels.