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    Channel AwesomeMonth ago

    Is X-Men: The Last Stand the worst X-Men movie in the franchise? Catch all the crew at C2E2 this weekend - www.c2e2.com Support this week's charity - healthright.org/


    OVERLORD_CHAOS!16 hours ago

    last stand and dark phoenix are the worst. also even that the action scenes are decent the story and dialog is pure rotten garbage. and stop making videos you seem quite sad doug aka nostalgia critic. you clearly are burned down or depressed.

  3. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu3 days ago

    Channel Awesome nope, origins man, origins.

  4. Garibaldi Britann

    Garibaldi Britann23 days ago

    Channel Awesome do the list of bad directors that shouldn't be directing and retired imnediately, count for Uwe Boll, M Night Shyamalan, Michael Bay, Renny Harlin, and Brett Ratner also Paul WS Anderson

  5. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool27 days ago

    side note: Cayden Boyd was in Shark Boy and Lava Girl as the Lead role as Max.

  6. Lynn Taylor

    Lynn Taylor28 days ago

    It's definitely the worst of the first three. I thought it was the worst until X-Men: First Class came out. I hate that movie so much.

  7. Omar López

    Omar López18 hours ago

    Wait, didn't Xavier dusted away?? how did he survived???

  8. Kell Harris

    Kell HarrisDay ago

    I had no problem with the acting or the special effects, the music. It was just the story with so many flaws.

  9. Wisdom For All

    Wisdom For AllDay ago

    A book about Jean Grey leads to this? HOOOOWWWWW!!!!!?!!!!!?!

  10. Emma Furini

    Emma FuriniDay ago

    Rogue asked Bobbie, she wanted STAMPS!

  11. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu3 days ago

    Beast was well chosen.

  12. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu3 days ago

    It’s not bad, it’s just not as good as what came before? Honestly they’re good movies as a whole, I don’t even hate origins.

  13. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu3 days ago

    There is more to it but fair point.

  14. Nightmare Eclipse

    Nightmare Eclipse3 days ago

    Why did he sound like Michael bay when pretending not to like the climax

  15. Strozza

    Strozza3 days ago

    You’re probably the only guy that can make a sponsorship funny and interesting.

  16. Thomas Ashwood

    Thomas Ashwood6 days ago

    A Not Too Distant Future I Assume That's A Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reference

  17. Chris RJ

    Chris RJ6 days ago

    Logan was written and performed better. X3 was a total mess. The first 2 were the best. The end.

  18. Lewis Davidson

    Lewis Davidson6 days ago

    And this has told me why Doug lost my respect as a critic. To paraphrase - “Out of the original three, I’d watch this one cause it’s the most entertaining cause it has action ‘n stuff” Wow. Seriously, wow.

  19. OcularRat19 !

    OcularRat19 !6 days ago

    4:16 Hey look it's Max from Sharkboy & Lavagirl.

  20. ChristianMetalFan100

    ChristianMetalFan1007 days ago

    "Well.. that was awesome..." Best delivery ever.

  21. Hannah Mixon

    Hannah Mixon7 days ago

    I would like more Douglas cameos please.

  22. I'm not important

    I'm not important7 days ago

    I actually looked uo if there was a norm of the north 2.... There is, and i am dissaponted in humanity. Not angry, but dissapointed.

  23. shassitojn 49

    shassitojn 498 days ago

    Uh-oh Doug, Ralphthemoviemaker is going to crucify you for having a soft spot for this film. Love both your content, guys.

  24. camron bats

    camron bats9 days ago

    X-men 3 sucks

  25. Thomas Mercer

    Thomas Mercer9 days ago

    I'm glad it's not just me that thinks Beast was fantastic in this one.

  26. Curtis Mead

    Curtis Mead9 days ago

    Actually I liked this X-Men movie. The fact is that the other movies rode on this story and after its events. It also makes X-Men and the Days of the Future Past have more of a punch as well as it fixes the issues the movie had. If you watch this movie and continue on with the other movies it actually is good.

  27. OlderSnake

    OlderSnake9 days ago

    The ad was the best part of the video XD It needs its separate video!

  28. Dennis P.

    Dennis P.9 days ago

    This is like the superbowl, people like the video, but LOVE the adds doug makes

  29. Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez

    Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez9 days ago

    I gotta say that intro is absolute dope :D

  30. Cameron Layton

    Cameron Layton9 days ago

    24:42-24:48 Every Dragon Ball fans' reactions to realizing that Jiren is a very dull, boring, and terrible character and that they mistreated Caulifla, Kale, and Universe 6 as well as other interesting characters in the Tournament of Power very badly.

  31. Jin Lightning

    Jin Lightning9 days ago

    D O U G L A S

  32. Notorious Jam the Jammed Jammin Jam

    Notorious Jam the Jammed Jammin Jam10 days ago


  33. Dennis P.

    Dennis P.9 days ago


  34. Garett Fawver Maxwell

    Garett Fawver Maxwell10 days ago

    4:38: Angle looks like Jake Pall

  35. Robert Sheilds

    Robert Sheilds10 days ago

    Please review all the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Iron Man to Captain Marvel. That’d be great!

  36. The Komičar

    The Komičar11 days ago

    23:45-24:17 I Love This Guy!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Justin Jackson

    Justin Jackson12 days ago

    A bad movie can have decent scenes.

  38. QuartuvLarry

    QuartuvLarry12 days ago

    I'm Doug's age, and haven't found any gray hairs yet. MY MUTANT POWER IS YOUTH!

  39. V TV

    V TV12 days ago

    24:41 Someone please make this a meme

  40. Comicsoid

    Comicsoid12 days ago

    Well, i like this movie... :)

  41. EWOODJ

    EWOODJ12 days ago

    Everyone cheered when they heard Juggernaut’s line in my theater. I’m guilty of that myself...no regrets.

  42. Pharoh Khan

    Pharoh Khan12 days ago

    Uh... Okay, I'm probably not the first, (but if I am please let me know *yay!*) WHY IS MALCOM A MONKEY?!!?!?! Seriously, I'm joking but it's just a noted joke. Smiles and Toodles. Great Job! :)

  43. klimmr3021

    klimmr302112 days ago

    26:19 Well, wiping out half of the universe will do that to you.

  44. klimmr3021

    klimmr302112 days ago

    10:13 Well, maybe not water, but water pressure. Xavier said that she was wrapped in a cocoon of telekinetic energy. Maybe all of that water pressure is what forced her to be wrapped in that cocoon.

  45. klimmr3021

    klimmr302112 days ago

    2:27 My reaction to The Lorax (2012). 2:29 Everyone else.

  46. David Mackey

    David Mackey12 days ago

    Joss Whedon is the only smart person who wrote this, wait he wrote the comic Brett stole the majority of intelligence from. why wasn't he asked to direct this again

  47. KingofTerror

    KingofTerror13 days ago

    From a plot stand point, it doesn't get much out of viewers. Action-wise it is the best of the first 3

  48. kztar621

    kztar62113 days ago

    I always hated how one-sided the characters are on this, like maybe mutants like Rouge who kill everything they touch or Beast who have deep-seated selfsteem issues could benefit from the cure, but no, let's demonize everyone who wants to take the cure because how dare them reject something that impacts their life negatively. It's like body positivity, going far beyond "It's okay if you don't look like a model as long as you're healthy and happy" and way into "If you don't chersh your morbid obesity that will result in early death then you're a bigot with internalized hatred!!!" Of course mutants like Storm and Iceman think like that, for them their mutation is not a problem, it's all about controlling climate or making ice sculptures while being in perfect control of their abilities and appearance, but what if one day Storm just started generating storms anywhere she goes without wanting to, or what if Iceman suddenly couldn't return to his human form after transforming and had to live in a freezer for the rest of his life? Something tells me they would then have a different perception of this issue. Their position is akin to telling you you should be okay with your malignant tumor just because they happen to be okay with their dimples, both are mutations but only one is a shit deal.

  49. Starman Gaming

    Starman Gaming13 days ago

    Well, at least Doug didn't call Juggernaut a mutant. 31:23 Never knew I wanted to hear Doug sound like a deflating Helium balloon.

  50. Man of Salt

    Man of Salt14 days ago


  51. Rabano Doom

    Rabano Doom14 days ago

    Kitty pryde deserves her own movie

  52. Rick Carlos

    Rick Carlos14 days ago

    Funny. I'm on a show with Anna Paquin right now

  53. TouchingYouOnTheInsidePart

    TouchingYouOnTheInsidePart15 days ago

    26:11 Thanos😂

  54. Kick X Weeb

    Kick X Weeb15 days ago

    I like it too

  55. Lunatic Cringe

    Lunatic Cringe15 days ago

    Why is he wearing massive anal beads?

  56. jeremy garcia

    jeremy garcia16 days ago

    Mr.stark I don't feel so good

  57. Piotr Siporski

    Piotr Siporski17 days ago

    Całość wszechwświata oceniam na plus nieskończoność.

  58. Piotr Siporski

    Piotr Siporski17 days ago

    Wszystakie filmy z całego świata oceniam na plus nieskończoność.

  59. KonElKent

    KonElKent17 days ago

    I get, and even agree with, a lot of the criticisms of the movie, but I think it's worth the occasional watch because this Beast is far better than the pseudo-prequel films. And I've got a massive man crush on Hugh Jackman. Seriously, I sat through Movie 43 because he was in it...

  60. Nope Noperson

    Nope Noperson17 days ago


  61. ShadowWolfRising

    ShadowWolfRising17 days ago

    Not gonna lie, the gag about The Wizard of Oz made me laugh. "What you would do in these situations." Give Mutants equal rights and create special divisions in both Law Enforcement and the Military for Mutant Enlistees with higher pay than the humans Cops and Soldiers? Offer a special analysis service of Mutant Powers for Volunteers and for those with particular power that benefits certain fields, potential set them up with special jobs in construction, labs, engineering, etc and make sure to emphasize it's on a Voluntary basis. Likewise, Create American Equivalent of French Foreign Legion for Mutants for Mutant Refugees and Immigrants, again on a Voluntary basis. Like I can think of several ways I'D do it, I would focus on the positives my Mutant Countrymen could benefit our country and themselves simultaneously. .....Isn't Juggernaut a Dude empowered by a War God, not a Mutant (Basically a Chosen of Khorne.)? "Haha! Now I'm gonna be arrested, thrown back in jail, and probably have my powers taken away- Why did I agree to this?" Even as a Kid the first time watching I wondered that exact thing. Another part that bothered me Critic doesn't bring up, that part where he sends in 'The Pawns' who then get gunned down en masse by the cure guns.......only for him to send in the mutant who can make a sonic boom and make them drop/lose their weapons. I went when I saw that "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT FIRST!? Your pawns would be doing better if you did!" Zhuge Liang would be ashamed of these levels of tactics. Also what they did to Spyke from X-Men Evolution, like everything about him. And Yeah, Kelsey Grammar as Beast was perfection.

  62. Roman Kotas

    Roman Kotas17 days ago


  63. M.I. MAN

    M.I. MAN18 days ago

    Wait! In Logan everyone dead! Already! And When I watched X-men 3 first time, I really liked it.

  64. Jacob Ivanovich

    Jacob Ivanovich18 days ago

    Ты долбоёб

  65. Distinguished AllureProductions

    Distinguished AllureProductions18 days ago

    Why we haven't gotten a Channel Awesome Series called "The Douglases" where Doug plays different types of Douglasses and every five episodes a new Dougla...hmm..Douglasie? Joins the Doug house until season 12 where we find out that GOD is DOUG and all of this is a fever dream from Doug

  66. Dylan Kaiser

    Dylan Kaiser18 days ago

    Critic, nobody has ever claimed this movie is boring. Most of the criticisms come from the wasted opportunities.

  67. MrTyler189

    MrTyler18919 days ago

    Well its official! Doug's true talent is making commercials! Haha

  68. klimmr3021

    klimmr302119 days ago

    21:34 Actually, seeing Wolverine in an Evil Dead movie would be awesome!

  69. klimmr3021

    klimmr302119 days ago

    7:50 That's actually a wig?

  70. Cook James

    Cook James19 days ago

    Fun fact: That kid playing young Angel was Max in Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

  71. Joseph Hall

    Joseph Hall19 days ago

    Cook James I guess he did fly off with style

  72. atomic doomsday58

    atomic doomsday5819 days ago

    haven't seen a funny advertisement until now

  73. Thebruboy Brubaker

    Thebruboy Brubaker19 days ago

    The first two movies were awesome and this one sucked.........but yes beast was cool

  74. Archie Thomas

    Archie Thomas20 days ago

    you should've done a cross over with AVGN and cinema snob in an epic battle of which nerd is right

  75. Gr8SkyLizard

    Gr8SkyLizard20 days ago

    I quite liked this X-men movie. Not awesome but fun

  76. Daniel Witz

    Daniel Witz20 days ago

    This one was the absolute worse of the franchise.

  77. Sam

    Sam20 days ago


  78. dopplegangerdavid

    dopplegangerdavid20 days ago

    I agree with Doug on this one. The movies before this were just okay and this one had some great moments, but it all added up to nothing.

  79. C.DatAZNguyoverthere

    C.DatAZNguyoverthere20 days ago

    Can we just blame this on Brett Ratner?

  80. Jason

    Jason20 days ago

    Stupid entitled Fanboys, they never understand what Interpretation is. They act so much like Abusive ass hats.

  81. Joseph Hall

    Joseph Hall19 days ago

    Jason Opinions matter... to some people

  82. Brasegalan

    Brasegalan20 days ago

    X-Men: The Last Stamp

  83. Elijah Kelley

    Elijah Kelley21 day ago

    I thought the Phoenix was released cuz she was about to die and it saved itself

  84. Smiley The Stickman

    Smiley The Stickman21 day ago

    2:19 wait... THERE’S A SEQUEL?!?! How could this happen?

  85. Dominique Radford

    Dominique Radford21 day ago

    Smiley The Stickman: They'll want to throw in millions of dollars to make the WORST animated movies. The same way made Food Fight, Norm of the North (2) & The Emoji Movie. (31:23) My reaction to the sequel.

  86. Dominique Radford

    Dominique Radford21 day ago

    Smiley The Stickman: (31:23)

  87. JMJ021

    JMJ02122 days ago

    The mutant cure is like Static Shock's bang baby cure. And Aang's taking bending away in ATLA.

  88. JMJ021

    JMJ02122 days ago

    Magneto was badass in this movie.

  89. James VanZanten

    James VanZanten22 days ago

    I liked this movie as much as X2 and almost as much as X1. Cool battles include Wolverine vs juggernaut, storm vs the other brotherhood mutants at Jean's house, Magneto attacking the convoy, Wolverine attacking the brotherhood camp, the alcatraz battle. Like doug says, the cure conflict is good simple story with high stakes, as opposed to more convoluted and cartoonish doomsday plots in many of the more popular xmen movies. I didn't have any background with the comics and cartoons, so I didn't mind how this movie handled the Phoenix. I think adhering the source material story where the Phoenix came from an outer space being would have made the movie outlandish(even for xmen movies). It would have been a jarring shift from the first two movies set on earth. I didn't even like the time travel in DOFP. They definitely could've given the Phoenix more screen time, since the runtime wasn't even 2 hours. I was also disappointed with lack of payoff with the iceman vs Pyro subplot. It was built up over the whole trilogy. Then the whole battle is one shoots a freeze beam, the other shoots a fire beam, and the beams fight to overpower each other. Then Pyro almost wins, then iceman headbutts Pyro with an ice helmet and knocks him out. Lame. They could've made that fight a couple minutes longer. Have them move around, dodge shots, land a few shots each, then have Iceman win. With the short runtime, they also didn't need to kill cyclops offscreen. It didn't bother me that they killed professor x, cyclops, and jean. It was the last chapter of the trilogy and it gave the whole story some weight. But with storm and new leaders, xavier's school will go on. I also liked that Rouge took the cure. "This is who I am" would have been a total cliche. It is exactly what she wanted and its happy ending for her to not have be physically isolated. There were a lot of cheesy lines for sure though. That said, I forgave that in star wars prequels and matrix sequels in exchange for cool action scenes, more world building, some new good characters, and adding to the story.

  90. Mark Aleman

    Mark Aleman22 days ago

    It's more you run into a tree from Evil Dead

  91. Ghost

    Ghost22 days ago

    Xmonth? does this mean MegamanX?

  92. Omar Ismael

    Omar Ismael22 days ago


  93. Gius63_productions

    Gius63_productions22 days ago

    I love how the Nostalgia Critic continuity is respected by the time he made the "Movies I like everyones else hates" by saying that he loved hated some parts of the movie!

  94. Cameron St.Bernard

    Cameron St.Bernard23 days ago

    I would watch that sitcom!!!!

  95. Melissa Cummings

    Melissa Cummings23 days ago

    I guess it is pretty stupid to believe throwing water on someone would melt them. Especially if the it's not boiled ....

  96. Joseph Hall

    Joseph Hall19 days ago

    Melissa Cummings Throw water on the attacker... now they are wet.. and even more pissed off

  97. Luis Miguel Martínez

    Luis Miguel Martínez23 days ago

    I love this movie. I don't care what people says

  98. Nerd Girl

    Nerd Girl24 days ago

    Dear Nostalgic Critic! Please give permission to translate your videos to JoShizo! We love your videos very much, but they all speak English at a sufficient level that you understand your jokes and wonderful critical judgments. With love, your fans from Russia

  99. Hannah Barker

    Hannah Barker24 days ago

    Isn’t baby angel the kid from shark boy and lava girl? Wow.

  100. The Dark Conservatarian

    The Dark Conservatarian24 days ago

    LOL I don't know what you're on about the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" line. That was one of the most badass and memorable lines of the whole movie. Lol

  101. Justinian

    Justinian24 days ago

    love that commercial 17:20

  102. TheSebShock

    TheSebShock24 days ago

    Its not that bad

  103. Kindlegolas

    Kindlegolas24 days ago

    The one thing I always disagreed with....don't make Rogue the poster child for why you shouldn't have your powers taken away. She literally kills anyone she touches. She's the one person who probably should have her powers taken away. Her life would be miserable. It's not like Storm who can control the weather, Rogue freaking kills anyone she touches and cannot have any sort of human contact ever

  104. Ken Hollis

    Ken Hollis24 days ago

    Personally, not having read comic books growing up, I've always enjoyed these three movies. On the other hand, the first Wolverine movie bored me to tears and I got so drunk while watching First Class that I don't remember it.

  105. DolbikStudios

    DolbikStudios25 days ago

    10:39 Tinface is rasits. Tin is not the costume.

  106. Neo-Xgray87

    Neo-Xgray8725 days ago

    @00:00-01:06 Weren't all the other X-Men movies before X-Men First Class also focused on the Wolverine's character? How is Logan any different from those other X-Men movies that had Wolverine as the center-focused character?

  107. President Kudsi

    President Kudsi25 days ago

    It seems like they planned this to be the final X men wrote the script but then changed there minds so eddited in Magnito getting his powers back (why isn't he in jail?) Charles coming back to life ect

  108. Neo-Xgray87

    Neo-Xgray8725 days ago

    Pathetic, isn't it?!

  109. LORD MAV B.M.P

    LORD MAV B.M.P25 days ago

    Isnt that the kid from sharkboy and lava girl

  110. Neo-Xgray87

    Neo-Xgray8725 days ago

    I don't think so.

  111. WasabiSniffer

    WasabiSniffer25 days ago

    You wanted to give an Oscar to the kid from shark boy and lava girl?

  112. Herginderg [R3KT]

    Herginderg [R3KT]25 days ago

    S12 E12 YAY!

  113. Kingofgames2k

    Kingofgames2k25 days ago

    These midrolls are amazing