WWE tryout kicks into high gear in Saudi Arabia



    RACING STAR26 days ago

    brather joine me pless aderas

  2. Fluffy, The Dignified Old Cat

    Fluffy, The Dignified Old CatYear ago

    I cant even roll like that😂 am i not athletic?

  3. Vincent Jance

    Vincent JanceYear ago

    The body built of arab men is perfect for wrestling!

  4. bdhd hdhdh

    bdhd hdhdhYear ago

    فلم هندي اقوى شي



    A Train trainer

  6. RainyDay Libosen

    RainyDay LibosenYear ago

    Better than Roman reigns Segments honestly

  7. HayatoRPG

    HayatoRPGYear ago

    Is that Simon from WhatCulture?



    التذاكر خلصت

  9. Elvira Ramos

    Elvira RamosYear ago

    Great Khali!!

  10. gigi Gigi

    gigi GigiYear ago

    السنه الجايه وين بتكون

  11. JonnySuite13

    JonnySuite13Year ago

    Wow that was impressive!! Really kept the pace, there!

  12. Briah Johnson

    Briah JohnsonYear ago

    Cant wait to see the ladies tryout. The WWE is making Moolah proud

  13. Lincoln Prince

    Lincoln PrinceYear ago

    Where is Johhy Moss

  14. Michael Castro

    Michael CastroYear ago

    I couldn't memorize how to do this to save my life

  15. Rodd Boward

    Rodd BowardYear ago

    Good to see /ourguy/ manny faberino

  16. S7S

    S7SYear ago

    welcome 🇸🇦😘


    SUPER __TSAMEMYear ago

    we can see show in kuwait???

  18. Omara_ 45

    Omara_ 45Year ago

    SUPER __TSAMEM اية

  19. الجهني

    الجهنيYear ago

    موفقين بإذن الله ]S A 👑

  20. Wired tomprose

    Wired tomproseYear ago

    behind the picture all the efforts training goes make me more love towards wwe

  21. David Kershaw

    David KershawYear ago

    This event is dead no one cares about it and its in a backwards country

  22. Tyler Maier

    Tyler MaierYear ago

    Lol thats high gear

  23. BSUGrad

    BSUGradYear ago

    Hopefully they can stand actually being in the same ring that female competitors compete in. Will extend a show immensely to have to have different rings to set up.

  24. Random Contents

    Random ContentsYear ago

    We have out terrorist team!

  25. Nathan Ybanez

    Nathan YbanezYear ago

    But still good training

  26. Nathan Ybanez

    Nathan YbanezYear ago

    This is so confusing



    Wow I can't wait to see Nia Jax defend her Raw Women's Championship at the Greatest Roy . . . . . . . . Oh Wait.

  28. R.C Jones

    R.C JonesYear ago

    In other news, Saudi Air-Strikes bomb an wedding party in Yemen killing 20 people including the bride

  29. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah AliYear ago

    R.C Jones at the same time American air strikes hits Syria and kills tons of children and women so choke on my balls

  30. Robert Chrisman

    Robert ChrismanYear ago

    That audio has sent my mind to the gutter... *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *repeat*

  31. Brandon Alvarez

    Brandon AlvarezYear ago

    Man hard work and courage to make it in WWE. Respect to the people training

  32. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Legend Gotta Catch Em AllYear ago


  33. Charm City

    Charm CityYear ago

    those moves are the bomb...

  34. Oss Al-NASSEB

    Oss Al-NASSEBYear ago

    قدمت وقبلوني وسويت المقابله وواحد من اللي فالفيديو كان معايه اللي هو اخر واحد ، لكن مارحت لسبب شخصي اتمنى فالسنوات الجايه التحق ❤️❤️

  35. abd al

    abd alYear ago

    American's is in everywhere🐾🐾 even though playing around👎👎 in Holy Land Saudia Arabia

  36. Chris Peepz Show

    Chris Peepz ShowYear ago

    Nice! Greatest royal rumble should be.. great?! Lol. Join me live tn to talk more!

  37. The Outsider

    The OutsiderYear ago

    Excellence of Execution

  38. ioane kharebava

    ioane kharebavaYear ago

    aj styles will retain his championship who agrees?

  39. Ray Crank

    Ray CrankYear ago

    come on you know who is going to win the one the only CHRIS JERICO like if you agree

  40. كل شي

    كل شيYear ago

    قاهرني الأمريكان اللي يطالبون بمصارعات سعوديات و اللي قاهرني اكثر الأتراك اللي يردون عليهم ويسخرون منا عيال الكلب مسلمين على ورق بس

  41. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah AliYear ago

    كل شي ماعليك منهم ، هم يبون يغيرون عاداتنا وتقاليدنا الحنيفه لاكن ماحد يغيرها

  42. Rob jr

    Rob jrYear ago

    now that's amazing

  43. عين حول العالم

    عين حول العالمYear ago

    when you come Saudi 💪🏼🇺🇸🇸🇦

  44. كل شي

    كل شيYear ago

    These Saudis are actually wrestlers 🇸🇦👏

  45. Alberto Ultranaut

    Alberto UltranautYear ago


  46. Sam

    SamYear ago

    Who are the two American lads in the ring??

  47. Sam

    SamYear ago

    I asked who they were, not what they are doing.

  48. awesome1ru

    awesome1ruYear ago

    Samh H coaching?

  49. Sam

    SamYear ago

    Are you blind

  50. XDgamer

    XDgamerYear ago

    Samh H What Americans?

  51. Alejandro

    AlejandroYear ago

    The long-haired dude will participate in the Greatest Royal Rumble

  52. Alejandro

    AlejandroYear ago

    Dan Matha & Tucker Knight

  53. Joshua Watkins

    Joshua WatkinsYear ago

    Where are the women trying out...? Oh wait, that's right- this company is supporting a bigoted misogynistic monarchy.

  54. Collin C.

    Collin C.Year ago

    The women were paid as like the men were for the event and additionally given the weekend off so I would say they made out rather nice.

  55. Edsel Becker

    Edsel BeckerYear ago

    Rome wasn't built in one day...it takes a while. At least they are open for new things.

  56. Faizal Iqbal

    Faizal IqbalYear ago


  57. Joshua Watkins

    Joshua WatkinsYear ago

    Imagine the Saudi culture didn't allow men of color to perform? Would it be okay to leave "the blacks" off the of the show because some country as an oppressive culture??

  58. YAM24

    YAM24Year ago

    Omg I'm so hyped! I'm from Saudi Arabia!!! YEAH BOYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  59. Joseb BDHZ29

    Joseb BDHZ29Year ago

    CM PUNK plsssss

  60. Joseb BDHZ29

    Joseb BDHZ29Year ago

    Usman 8bp sorry bro I can't. Speak very much english xd

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    برق رعد صاعقة مرعبة 100%Year ago

    حياكم الله حياكم الله حياكم الله في المملكة العربية السعودية باكملها 100%

  62. Alphaloud

    AlphaloudYear ago

    this training >>> roman on Wrestlemania Main Event

  63. Omega of Gallifrey

    Omega of GallifreyYear ago

    I could watch these enthusiastic tryouts do their running all day over Roman looking bored fighting a clearly lazy Bork Laser.