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WWE Marquee Matches sneak peek


  1. lexorcism

    lexorcism3 months ago

    It's already on the network. Can you show us what this show offers, apart from an introduction?

  2. Scott Fillingham

    Scott Fillingham3 months ago

    Charlie annoys me

  3. Gaming Palooza Empire

    Gaming Palooza Empire3 months ago

    That Royal Rumble logo is way better than the new one.

  4. King 07

    King 073 months ago

    What exactly is the greatest royal rumble match winner rewarded with?

  5. Jhon.constantine Hellblazer

    Jhon.constantine Hellblazer3 months ago


  6. Jay King

    Jay King3 months ago

    Oh great. Another boring series that we've seen a number of times. BRING BACK 5 THINGS WITH TOM PHILIPS.

  7. Air Canada Carter

    Air Canada Carter3 months ago

    Why is it that all these girls feel the need to look like a knock-off brand of Kim Kardashian these days?

  8. Phillip Reilly

    Phillip Reilly3 months ago

    Big fan of Chuck

  9. Arabic wrestling

    Arabic wrestling3 months ago

    If Roman didn't won the the rumble He will be the last man to be eliminated

  10. Fazle Rabbe

    Fazle Rabbe3 months ago

    the greatest Royal rumble in Saudi Arabia for this event Saudi Arabia king give WWE 20 million dollar as a gift

  11. Önder Yılmaz

    Önder Yılmaz3 months ago

    we miss CM PUNK

  12. Santiago Jaramillo

    Santiago Jaramillo3 months ago

    He does not miss us

  13. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry3 months ago

    Önder Yılmaz who cares about Cm Punk

  14. Tajhae Scott-Walls

    Tajhae Scott-Walls3 months ago

    Ric Flare was the funny man that night

  15. pushkar Reigns 3:16

    pushkar Reigns 3:163 months ago

    50 man battle royal is going to be great


    CRAZY HACKSBD3 months ago

    Nice Video😍😍😍

  17. برون /Brown

    برون /Brown3 months ago

    العرب لايك وشترك🔥🔥🔥😘

  18. Hector Pinto

    Hector Pinto3 months ago

    Nicholas better return at the rumble or we riot

  19. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry3 months ago

    123 champ who cares about James Ellsworth That chinless freak ain’t gonna return to the Greatest 👑 Rumble

  20. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Hector Pinto lol and even James Ellsworth

  21. Aniel Maharjan

    Aniel Maharjan3 months ago

    roman reigns fan from nepal hit like ❤❤❤❤

  22. Ruba Zakout

    Ruba Zakout3 months ago


  23. Kanishk Jha

    Kanishk Jha3 months ago

    Every Royal Rumble match is great.

  24. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Kanishk Jha not every

  25. أخو هدله

    أخو هدله3 months ago

    Undertaker 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Undertaker👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Undertaker👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  26. Kanishk Jha

    Kanishk Jha3 months ago

    We want women's tag title

  27. Kanishk Jha

    Kanishk Jha3 months ago

    123 champ WWE will manage that

  28. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Kanishk Jha not enough women for tag team title for individual brand in RAW and SD Live

  29. Kanishk Jha

    Kanishk Jha3 months ago


  30. taskin reza

    taskin reza3 months ago

    I whant sami to win universal championship and ko to win wwe championship at the same time. Because they DESERVE IT.

  31. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    taskin reza no I will like to see them as tag team champions

  32. status king

    status king3 months ago

    WWE royal rumble is the best show in the world

  33. Abhishek Pathak

    Abhishek Pathak3 months ago

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock at WrestleMania 17 is THE MARQUEE Match.

  34. Marc Ortega

    Marc Ortega3 months ago

    I can't wait watch the Greatest Royal Rumble this Friday. 🤘🤘👍👍💪💪💪😊😊😊

  35. Aj Style

    Aj Style3 months ago

    Happy Birthday 🎉 Sachin Tendulkar....

  36. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Aj Style yes happy birthday Sachin Tendulkar

  37. Aggela 1

    Aggela 13 months ago

    If you are Greek, like :-D

  38. TheBrightBwoy

    TheBrightBwoy3 months ago

    Rick flair drip, go Woooooh on a...

  39. James R

    James R3 months ago


  40. Tommy Gaming

    Tommy Gaming3 months ago

    i watched this at 392 views and i want to see this

  41. Karinaxox1010 !

    Karinaxox1010 !3 months ago



    ROYAL RAHUL3 months ago

    I thought they were talking about Marquees brownlee 😅

  43. Wayne Chetty

    Wayne Chetty3 months ago

    soooo how is it that Roman gets another shot at Brock ....

  44. Fajar Haroon

    Fajar Haroon3 months ago

    Via comment I am officially entering the Royal Rumble match

  45. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Fajar Haroon really or you joking

  46. 123 champ

    123 champ3 months ago

    Ric Flair was hilarious in that match

  47. alex kanyima

    alex kanyima3 months ago

    Chris Forrest a very significant Royal Rumble

  48. Chris Forrest

    Chris Forrest3 months ago

    Well.... Bobby Heenan's commentary putting Flair over was hilarious!

  49. M.P.R M moddy P playz R roblox

    M.P.R M moddy P playz R roblox3 months ago

    yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can u guyz sub to my chan

  50. Naman Shukla

    Naman Shukla3 months ago

    Wwe should bring back the BROKEN DREAM for drew macıntyre

  51. The Scientific Kid

    The Scientific Kid3 months ago

    haha 11th comment from me

  52. Reabetswe Mosito

    Reabetswe Mosito3 months ago

    8oth comment

  53. Sishshh Hshshs

    Sishshh Hshshs3 months ago


  54. AsHisH PaTeL

    AsHisH PaTeL3 months ago

    78 viewer ..

  55. wrestling time

    wrestling time3 months ago


  56. Team Flare Central pika ?

    Team Flare Central pika ?3 months ago

    1 st as always

  57. barshon anthony

    barshon anthony3 months ago

    I am the first one to comment

  58. Family Reed

    Family Reed3 months ago

    1st comment and like

  59. bruno silva

    bruno silva3 months ago

    Im so proud =D

  60. vivek Srivastava

    vivek Srivastava3 months ago

    First comment