WWE: "I Walk Alone" ► Batista 4th Theme Song


  1. Princess Puma

    Princess Puma10 hours ago

    It's sad that he got booed in 2014

  2. A1_ Shanks

    A1_ Shanks12 hours ago

    The goat of wwe

  3. FaZe Panda

    FaZe Panda16 hours ago

    brock vs Batista 🙏🏽

  4. Gravity Arm

    Gravity Arm18 hours ago



    DEAD MAN INC22 hours ago


  6. cayo ayo

    cayo ayoDay ago

    Baba ej

  7. Joshua McNeil

    Joshua McNeil4 days ago

    Who ever disliked this song has to be some type of crazy or something

  8. Yung Dino

    Yung Dino4 days ago

    The only way I'm watching WWE again is if The Animal comes back

  9. Tiago Ferreira

    Tiago Ferreira4 days ago

    when i was younger i thought he was saying "i want colone"

  10. Rich Bands

    Rich Bands4 days ago

    Probably the #1 get you PUMPED theme song. Xavier Woods knows what i'm talking about

  11. CyberDroid -12

    CyberDroid -125 days ago


  12. Robert Evans

    Robert Evans6 days ago

    Who here after watching the wwe 24 special on the network Legend dave enjoy retirement

  13. Johnny Numbanine

    Johnny Numbanine8 days ago

    Then gangsters watch wwe too we miss you 💯💯❤️❤️

  14. Johnny Numbanine

    Johnny Numbanine8 days ago

    We love you batista ❤️💯

  15. Diana Khan

    Diana Khan8 days ago

    2004 crowd: Boooooooooooooo 2019 crowd: we want Batista back! Batista returns and attacked ric flair: crowd: never mind, send him back we want triple h, go kill thanos or something.

  16. John Stark

    John Stark3 days ago

    Batista was a God at being a Heel

  17. KK20

    KK209 days ago


  18. KK20

    KK209 days ago


  19. KenjiCBZ

    KenjiCBZ9 days ago

    "Except beat me." "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH"

  20. Ivan Hasudungan

    Ivan Hasudungan10 days ago

    i walk alone,,you are welcome scouser

  21. Spike 677

    Spike 67710 days ago

    Nobody: Xavier Woods:

  22. khaleid : Merjan

    khaleid : Merjan10 days ago

    B 🦁🔥

  23. Delan Fisi

    Delan Fisi11 days ago

    My mum knew John cena,Rey Mysterio and Batista even though she didn't even watch it.😂😁

  24. James Longhofer

    James Longhofer12 days ago

    I wish we had a longer Batista heel run before he left with cena. "John, you keep kissing babies and hugging fat chicks" Batista was dope

  25. Logan Croft

    Logan Croft14 days ago


  26. Simona Turcan

    Simona Turcan15 days ago

    Batistas fans give one like

  27. Mane Manee

    Mane Manee16 days ago

    I was buff for 3 mins

  28. Célim Lcl

    Célim Lcl17 days ago

    The best badast music

  29. Craig Biggam

    Craig Biggam17 days ago

    Daves a wank for retiring.

  30. Lance Ryder Wilson

    Lance Ryder Wilson18 days ago

    Why is Batista?

  31. Lisandra  Reyes

    Lisandra Reyes18 days ago

    When Batista comes and power bomb me in the ring like a ragdoll

  32. julianlemonte

    julianlemonte20 days ago

    you dont get themes like this anymore

  33. Arturo SFC

    Arturo SFC22 days ago

    Justo en la infancia :'v

  34. Angel GotShotz

    Angel GotShotz22 days ago

    Not gone lie this my workout music right here

  35. JackAbs

    JackAbs22 days ago

    Remember when Batista attacked Rey Mysterio the first time 😳😳😳

  36. IntrepidMike

    IntrepidMike22 days ago

    Everytime I hear this I think of Road rash

  37. Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson23 days ago

    When your mom tells you to share the game with your younger siblings.

  38. Md. Kayif

    Md. Kayif23 days ago


  39. Saif Bakri

    Saif Bakri25 days ago

    Who here thought baristas theme was going to be the same as Green Day 😆

  40. B R

    B R20 days ago


  41. patrick molina

    patrick molina25 days ago

    Filipino Pride 🇵🇭 :Manny Pacquiao : Batista

  42. Daniel Plascencia

    Daniel Plascencia25 days ago

    theme battle : the animal batista theme vs the big dog roman reigns theme

  43. Daniel Plascencia

    Daniel Plascencia25 days ago

    which theme is better batista theme or roman reigns theme

  44. Daniel Plascencia

    Daniel Plascencia25 days ago

    who will win the theme battle

  45. slim chady

    slim chady26 days ago

    When you go back to your old school and see some people you didnt like

  46. pubg pubg

    pubg pubg27 days ago

    Batista you. Are. Very. Powerful

  47. steve heaps

    steve heaps28 days ago

    Such a good song

  48. Bishal Shaw

    Bishal Shaw28 days ago

    Give me what I want

  49. Farhan Rashid

    Farhan Rashid28 days ago

    One of the best entrance theme song!

  50. abdou lmaryoul

    abdou lmaryoul28 days ago

    the animal is namber 01 no butty is bether from him

  51. Diamond Ring

    Diamond Ring28 days ago

    WWE is boring without this man

  52. Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah29 days ago

    What if batista became an universal champions. What will happen.

  53. Diamond Ring

    Diamond Ring29 days ago


  54. Warrior VA

    Warrior VAMonth ago