WWE: "I Walk Alone" ► Batista 4th Theme Song


  1. Zane Sell

    Zane Sell5 hours ago

    Is he coming back in 2018. Dones any kown

  2. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan2 days ago

    Why is Gamora!!!!!!

  3. Tiago Lethal

    Tiago Lethal4 days ago

    invisibility anthem

  4. Spring Evans

    Spring Evans5 days ago

    i miss this theme, the good ol' days

  5. CN AC

    CN AC5 days ago

    The Animal is hungry

  6. Milan91Za

    Milan91Za5 days ago

    When you work with idiots: " I WORK ALOOOOOOONE"

  7. Ivanilda Souza

    Ivanilda Souza6 days ago

    Essa música é muito foda eu curti só que o rebuliço e melho

  8. maxmadou Le grand

    maxmadou Le grand6 days ago

    I love you Batista

  9. Damian D'Orsaneo

    Damian D'Orsaneo7 days ago

    2010: Batista quits. 4 years later 2014: Batista returns, later quits. 4 years later 2018: Batista returns All ready predicting that he will return in 4 years to be in the Hall of Fame.

  10. NELSON Killian

    NELSON Killian9 days ago

    Team blue or red me blue

  11. muhanna basalem

    muhanna basalem9 days ago

    batista deserved a better run when he returned in 2014 but wwe universe are stupid brats

  12. Hilda Paz

    Hilda Paz10 days ago

    You soc

  13. filosalvaje1

    filosalvaje110 days ago

    i cant see anybody at this screen!!

  14. superjbennett1

    superjbennett111 days ago

    Miss this so much

  15. Nicky Gaming

    Nicky Gaming13 days ago

    Nice try, the link played Shawn Michaels

  16. Nicky Gaming

    Nicky Gaming13 days ago

    At the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live in Washington DC

  17. Sergio Ramos Espana

    Sergio Ramos Espana13 days ago


  18. Nghīa Trung

    Nghīa Trung14 days ago

    Batista theme song "I Walk Alone" so nice.

  19. Nghīa Trung

    Nghīa Trung14 days ago

    Wwe theme song "I Walk Alone" by Batista so nice.

  20. Tom McCoy

    Tom McCoy14 days ago


  21. Mike The Murse

    Mike The Murse14 days ago

    I loved hearing this song come on whenever someone was getting beat up. When Rey mysterio was getting his head crushed by the great khali and we hear Batistas music... here comes the animal!!!!

  22. Tony Kennedy

    Tony Kennedy15 days ago


  23. Stīvs Stīvais

    Stīvs Stīvais15 days ago

    2*speed is cool

  24. Never Mind

    Never Mind15 days ago

    This song just screams MONSTER

  25. Anand Mishra

    Anand Mishra15 days ago

    Love you Batista

  26. Shovan Mukherjee

    Shovan Mukherjee15 days ago

    I really miss the machine gun entrance.

  27. archana Chaudhary archana chaudhary

    archana Chaudhary archana chaudhary16 days ago

    This is best player on smake down

  28. The Rind of Zayo Da Dong

    The Rind of Zayo Da Dong16 days ago

    Batista and John Cena should be a tag team and if you don't get why then *SNAP* you're dead. I hope they remember you.

  29. The Rind of Zayo Da Dong

    The Rind of Zayo Da Dong16 days ago

    Why is Gamora?

  30. JDB 1042

    JDB 104217 days ago

    Batista sees a lot of fat people in the audience, and he knows they payed for two seats

  31. Boss Savage

    Boss Savage17 days ago


  32. k ane

    k ane18 days ago

    Super like 😄

  33. Nikunj Chakravati

    Nikunj Chakravati18 days ago

    After you gave two mins of presentation by yourself *i walk alone

  34. RedBull Marseille

    RedBull Marseille19 days ago

    The annimal Batista

  35. Jared Elisea

    Jared Elisea19 days ago

    Batista>>triple h

  36. Clovis senpai

    Clovis senpai20 days ago

    Mini batista.

  37. Ch Wasif

    Ch Wasif20 days ago

    All time favourite wrestler ♥️ The animal

  38. Ralex Winals

    Ralex Winals20 days ago


  39. Michael Cragg

    Michael Cragg20 days ago

    Britain, we walk alone. Don't need no EU

  40. Ryan Chester

    Ryan Chester23 days ago

    I walk alone

  41. Dipesh parichha

    Dipesh parichha23 days ago

    i love Alone😘Batista

  42. Nolan Rochlus

    Nolan Rochlus23 days ago

    FUCK X-BOX😂😂😂

  43. Lite 336

    Lite 33623 days ago

    Wait... Batista from Cuba? like before Castro. I'm doing research for a Cold War Analysis paper and I find this? Now I'm confused. I'm pumped, But im confused.



    He walks with evolution

  45. Ray Marshall

    Ray Marshall25 days ago



    JANE SCHIMDT25 days ago

    "I walk alone"! "Ummm ok"

  47. thegamingbulldog 17

    thegamingbulldog 1727 days ago

    its never too loud

  48. Cynthia Mello

    Cynthia Mello27 days ago

    we Miss You,THE Animal.... Batista........

  49. César Reis

    César Reis27 days ago

    Cena the wwe champ on raw, Batista the heavyweight champ on smackdown... the best times in wwe ever!

  50. Bob Polo

    Bob Polo28 days ago

    Smackdown live 1000 was fucking disappointing

  51. Sunderland rules

    Sunderland rules19 days ago

    Bob Polo I agree

  52. Bob Polo

    Bob Polo19 days ago

    Sunderland rules yeah that was pretty much the only good part of the show

  53. Sunderland rules

    Sunderland rules20 days ago

    Bob Polo evolution segment mainly Baristas part was fucken awesome

  54. Mister Who

    Mister Who25 days ago

    Smackdown 1000 beat raw ratings

  55. Christian Reyes

    Christian Reyes27 days ago

    No u

  56. Diego Leon

    Diego Leon29 days ago

    Drax u.u

  57. Barbiey

    Barbiey29 days ago


  58. yacine belkacem

    yacine belkacem29 days ago

    The animal Batista height 6"3' weight 271 pounds lbs ,

  59. Ranganathan Thiruventhipuram Ramarajan

    Ranganathan Thiruventhipuram RamarajanMonth ago

    My absolute favorite ! Physique, Mic Work, working the crowd, Championship capabilities, Franchise player, working the heavy weights and the light weights in the ring, persona, theme songs, entrance, drawing money, he's my absolute favorite. Unleash the Animal ! See and Listen to Jr's and King's commentary whenever Batista was on, the absolute best !

  60. Matteo Tononi

    Matteo TononiMonth ago

    0:29 tattatatatttaattatataattata 0:34 BOOM

  61. Iraklis Vlaxos

    Iraklis VlaxosMonth ago

    just beatiful

  62. Pratham Dutt

    Pratham DuttMonth ago

    He is back ! Now waiting him to face HHH at Wrestlemanoa 35 maybe :/

  63. Aaron Bugs

    Aaron BugsMonth ago

    He's Back!!!

  64. adrien carroll

    adrien carrollMonth ago

    Every time I hear this song I wanna do his stage routine and have pyro behind me and just start Batista bombing

  65. Vicky Malhotra

    Vicky MalhotraMonth ago

    Bring the firecrackers again

  66. Oscar3 777omg

    Oscar3 777omgMonth ago

    Is back in smackdown1000

  67. Theodore Wrathchild

    Theodore WrathchildMonth ago

    I'd love to see Drax listening to this.

  68. twistidtimmer

    twistidtimmerMonth ago

    one of the most memorable themes for any wrestler ever. still gives me goosebumps

  69. Haseeb Sami

    Haseeb SamiMonth ago

    The good old days we so lucky to live in this generation

  70. Josh Jackson

    Josh JacksonMonth ago

    Batista was on fire on the Mic at smack down 1000

  71. C h i s u k a使

    C h i s u k a使Month ago

    The animal in any bed

  72. C h i s u k a使

    C h i s u k a使Month ago


  73. Atakan Özübay

    Atakan ÖzübayMonth ago

    He's back!

  74. Hans Louis

    Hans LouisMonth ago

    Smackdown 1000 anyone?

  75. JJ Gaming

    JJ GamingMonth ago

    Ruined by Daniel Bryan fanboys. DB's talented, but he just doesn't have the main event look.

  76. Its- Showtime

    Its- ShowtimeMonth ago

    His tattoos are cool ^_^

  77. Dean Ambrose

    Dean AmbroseMonth ago

    Who’s here from SmackDown Live? Welcome back Batista!

  78. Shaq Diesel

    Shaq Diesel23 hours ago

    HE BACK ???? 😱

  79. 賴美麗

    賴美麗2 days ago


  80. alavy moin

    alavy moin6 days ago

    Look dean you're not doing right with the shield

  81. amaan hasan

    amaan hasan6 days ago

    H I

  82. Red Demon

    Red Demon21 day ago

    WE'RE going home j you poster

  83. Armon Johnson

    Armon JohnsonMonth ago

    It suck that really none of the past wrestlers can keep their old theme like Bobby, Shelton, drew to name a few.as long as Batista don't get a corny CFO theme I'm good.

  84. Squirles G

    Squirles GMonth ago

    Play this in your car and watch the blue and red lights appear behind you

  85. Ken Gutierrez

    Ken GutierrezMonth ago

    Smackdown 1000 he’s home

  86. Flow TgT

    Flow TgTMonth ago

    The begining is awesome for poop time I do this alone...

  87. YD 223

    YD 223Month ago

    Remember when edge had sex in the middle of the ring?

  88. Bob Polo

    Bob Polo28 days ago

    YD 223 yes lol

  89. KasLPKado

    KasLPKadoMonth ago

    uhm yeah why

  90. Brady Curtis

    Brady CurtisMonth ago

    2018 gang?? Who's ready for Smackdown 1,000?

  91. Brady Curtis

    Brady CurtisMonth ago

    Still one of the best themes EVEERR. THAT DROP GIVES ME LIFE

  92. Artist Of Life

    Artist Of LifeMonth ago

    I Walk Alone" Yeah! This television has a poison on its breath This counter culture of both wicked lives and death It makes my eyes bleed everytime I turn around How will they all feel when I bring them to the ground? and I said I walk for miles inside this pit of danger A place where no one follows me; I walk alone I'm sick of all these people talking out their heads I never understood a damn thing that they said From words to actions never knowing what they're about I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out and I said I walk for miles inside this pit of danger I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger The weight of the world is falling on my shoulders A place where no one follows me; I walk alone Yeah! I walk alone! Oh yeah! Yeah! I walk for miles inside this pit of danger I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger The weight of the world is falling on my shoulders A place where no one follows me; I walk alone I walk alone! Yeah!

  93. Aylin Madrigal

    Aylin MadrigalMonth ago

    SMACKDOWN 1000 !

  94. Otaku Tester

    Otaku TesterMonth ago

    The ideal body ladies and gents

  95. Adamska _01

    Adamska _01Month ago

    What a badass theme for a badass wrestler

  96. Roberto Santos

    Roberto SantosMonth ago


  97. Evan Mulryan

    Evan MulryanMonth ago

    Back in the day we walked with Batista, now we have to walk with Elias

  98. Evan Mulryan

    Evan MulryanMonth ago

    Back in the day we walked with Batista, now we have to walk with Elias

  99. romeo duabe

    romeo duabeMonth ago

    For a lot of wrestler he met , he ended with achievements , , , ( Hall of fame )

  100. Fred Alan

    Fred AlanMonth ago

    I wore COLOOOOOOGNE!!!

  101. koshish Gc

    koshish GcMonth ago

    Who's here before SDL 1000th episode when this song hit the arena

  102. CDA Gaming

    CDA GamingMonth ago

    Smack down live 1000 🤟🏼

  103. Blackheart Gamer

    Blackheart GamerMonth ago

    Me: I wish Batista returned to WWE for at least one night. *reads up on CagesideSeats that Batista is going to be at Smackdown 1000* Me: Well, shit. My wish came true!

  104. Deepraj Bhatt

    Deepraj BhattMonth ago

    Who is here after he is announced to come at sd 1000??

  105. thegamingbulldog 17

    thegamingbulldog 17Month ago

    Lets hope they book him better then they did his last return

  106. Melvina Williams

    Melvina WilliamsMonth ago

    I love you I'm hungry for more than a dog

  107. joby george

    joby georgeMonth ago

    Batista > daniel bryan

  108. Nick nigrid esva

    Nick nigrid esva11 days ago

    joby george fuck daniel overrated bryan

  109. m ff

    m ffMonth ago

    my wife left mee

  110. TheVindein

    TheVindeinMonth ago

    good for you

  111. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh KumarMonth ago

    the animal Batista randy ortan hhh the evolution

  112. Alex banuelos

    Alex banuelosMonth ago

    2019 royal rumble winner

  113. L'enfoiré à lunettes

    L'enfoiré à lunettesMonth ago

    cancer avengers comments 🤮

  114. Laiken Nazario

    Laiken NazarioMonth ago

    I Loooooooooooooooooooooove Wwe