1. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrarioDay ago

    Hi bunny brill fun ! X

  2. Catalina Dawn

    Catalina Dawn26 days ago

    Oh I miss this hair color.

  3. Savita Chicher

    Savita ChicherMonth ago

    Hate to break it to you bunny but... that’s just a baloon

  4. crystal clark

    crystal clarkMonth ago

    1:49 she makes a boob

  5. TheKids plane

    TheKids planeMonth ago

    The blue looks Fancy

  6. TheKids plane

    TheKids planeMonth ago



    CAT LOVER2 months ago

    Her eyes are gorgeous

  8. like a boss coolguy

    like a boss coolguy2 months ago

    You added to much helium

  9. C w e n ‘ s C r a z y A d v e n t u r e s

    C w e n ‘ s C r a z y A d v e n t u r e s2 months ago

    Love your nails😍😍

  10. Something is peachy Today

    Something is peachy Today2 months ago

    She has creepy dolls

  11. EmmaJane Mayse

    EmmaJane Mayse2 months ago

    I can say your intro by heart

  12. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous2 months ago

    Increase your dosage.

  13. Fritz Is who I love

    Fritz Is who I love2 months ago

    What I would do would be taping a piece of string to the bottom of the bubble

  14. Greys-Corner

    Greys-Corner2 months ago

    Grabs ladder and whacks the ballon with it... I was confused when you didn’t climb the ladder. U just used it to whack the balloons

  15. Jillian Pascale-Hague

    Jillian Pascale-Hague2 months ago

    I've never had a wubble bubble but I want one

  16. Ally Gk

    Ally Gk2 months ago

    Get a big one and fill it up with 💦 water 💦

  17. emmahaswierdslimes buttherenice

    emmahaswierdslimes buttherenice3 months ago

    her eyes are EVERYTHING!!!! oml i wish i had those eyes

  18. please stop

    please stop3 months ago

    Just buy a ballon.

  19. Bits and Bobs

    Bits and Bobs3 months ago

    Why not just get a balloon wayyyyyyyy cheaper

  20. melania noamirino

    melania noamirino4 months ago

    so so magic love the way they stick so cool

  21. Random Reviews And More

    Random Reviews And More4 months ago

    $30 for a balloon, what

  22. Danielle Deisinger

    Danielle Deisinger4 months ago

    Omg it eyes are so blue

  23. Moon howler Huskie

    Moon howler Huskie4 months ago

    My wubble poped 20 minutes after I filled it. Yah

  24. Gracie J

    Gracie J4 months ago

    Found the video

  25. Cece Froman

    Cece Froman5 months ago

    Use the ladder to climb up instead of hitting it with it.

  26. Chloe Emeterio

    Chloe Emeterio5 months ago

    Your stupid

  27. Swirlychicko9

    Swirlychicko95 months ago

    Your eyes are so beautiful there brighter than my future

  28. Bambi Bowie

    Bambi Bowie5 months ago

    Is it just me or did she try to get the ball down by hitting it with a ladder? I feel like she could have executed that better..

  29. MysticAna

    MysticAna5 months ago

    You know what would be less expensive then $60?? A helium balloon

  30. Shelby Bithell

    Shelby Bithell5 months ago

    just buy your kids a balloon buhhhh

  31. Melinda Monasco

    Melinda Monasco5 months ago

    Get a balloon put some double sticky tape on top with the balloon and tie a string on the balloon let the balloon go up and stick to the ball on the ceiling

  32. sabrina lerner

    sabrina lerner5 months ago

    To get to it

  33. sabrina lerner

    sabrina lerner5 months ago

    Lol why didn't u use the ladder

  34. DJ Dave__

    DJ Dave__5 months ago

    Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  35. Shane Harbert

    Shane Harbert5 months ago

    I love you so much I’m a part of the gator family can you do a giant wobble X

  36. Ruby Webb

    Ruby Webb6 months ago

    I'm taller then you And I'm nine😂

  37. Ruby Webb

    Ruby Webb6 months ago

    I'm taller then you And I'm nine😂

  38. Smart Guinea Pig

    Smart Guinea Pig6 months ago

    hahahaha I searched up "wubble x magic tutorial" and literally like only three weeks later there was a tutorial on how to inflate a wubble x lol

  39. Morgan Celine

    Morgan Celine6 months ago

    Why can’t you just go get a balloon from party city? It will last longer than 5 minutes.

  40. Melissa Palmer

    Melissa Palmer6 months ago

    Just love you!

  41. KittyCatGirl 14

    KittyCatGirl 146 months ago

    I love the color of ur nails.

  42. Erin Whiteway

    Erin Whiteway6 months ago

    if u were to put a net around it and add a basket it will be a hot air ballon

  43. Natalie Stocking

    Natalie Stocking6 months ago

    Why she soooooo dramatic

  44. Fuiyumi Natori

    Fuiyumi Natori6 months ago

    Would be awesome if you started collecting living dead dolls or Clive Barker tortured souls and tiwsted fairlytale figurines.

  45. Fuiyumi Natori

    Fuiyumi Natori6 months ago


  46. Ash

    Ash6 months ago

    Those packages are sexist.

  47. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf7 months ago

    So it's a balloon without a string

  48. Arlee Bear

    Arlee Bear7 months ago

    I fell off a wheelie chair and broke my arm

  49. Francois Hugo

    Francois Hugo7 months ago

    lead it outside

  50. Alma Mendoza

    Alma Mendoza7 months ago

    You are so funny

  51. critical viping 1070

    critical viping 10707 months ago

    I still love ur vids and ur personality ❤

  52. critical viping 1070

    critical viping 10707 months ago

    If ur only 5"3 and the ceiling is about 11ft than how are u 10 ft away on a chair

  53. Andrea Leyba

    Andrea Leyba7 months ago

    2:09 hahahahahah

  54. tooth fairy

    tooth fairy8 months ago

    I feel you are being overexuberant again. When you are, you over exaggerate the end of your words. Try to tone it down a little if you can, this is one thing that a lot of people cant handle.

  55. yasmin Cardenas

    yasmin Cardenas8 months ago

    I keep on asking my mom but she doesn’t want to get it but whatever now I have this to watch!

  56. Emmaline Coffey

    Emmaline Coffey8 months ago

    Its ever body's favrote day of the week Saturday!!!😘

  57. Oh Yeah, Yeah.

    Oh Yeah, Yeah.8 months ago

    The jelly stuff is to lubricate the bubble to make the infalter thing machine go in better.

  58. Sister_cringe

    Sister_cringe8 months ago

    2018 anyone

  59. Nicholas Gott

    Nicholas Gott8 months ago

    Love the chain

  60. guinea pig show i love guinea pig

    guinea pig show i love guinea pig8 months ago

    Turn on the fan

  61. Kaneki_shoney

    Kaneki_shoney8 months ago

    Or just get a heliam ballon

  62. Corey McDowell

    Corey McDowell9 months ago


  63. Matthew Verjan

    Matthew Verjan9 months ago

    How’s this special it’s just like a balloon that people use at parties lmao

  64. Purpi Yoshi

    Purpi Yoshi9 months ago

    *uses the ladder to try to get it down, but not by climbing up the ladder, just hitting the wubble bubble

  65. Morgan Telford

    Morgan Telford9 months ago

    I can always count on bunny to cheer me up

  66. Ko

    Ko9 months ago

    You should of waited till it was almost out, then let it go outside and let go and wait for it to come back down again

  67. queeznii

    queeznii9 months ago

    Not wanting to be mean (bc I luv u bunny) but i dont think that's how u use a ladder 6:46

  68. ibraheem khalid

    ibraheem khalid9 months ago

    why don't you just buy a balloon and blow it with aluminium air.. will cost you less than 5 dollars

  69. Christy Barnard

    Christy Barnard9 months ago

    I like you're shirt

  70. Trinity Tran

    Trinity Tran9 months ago

    Love ur videossss

  71. Survivor Cbs

    Survivor Cbs9 months ago

    omg ur eyes are so pretty

  72. Kym Kowalski Ortiz

    Kym Kowalski Ortiz9 months ago


  73. Oh no No

    Oh no No9 months ago


  74. Kassey Chua

    Kassey Chua9 months ago

    Are you okay?????

  75. Kassey Chua

    Kassey Chua9 months ago

    What is this? STOP

  76. Butterandtoast

    Butterandtoast9 months ago

    Are you okay?????????

  77. Lana Owens

    Lana Owens9 months ago

    10:52 I need to get my mind out of the gutter...

  78. wendy mercer

    wendy mercer9 months ago

    We didn't do the city city

  79. Tora Wheeler

    Tora Wheeler9 months ago


  80. Veronica Lutz

    Veronica Lutz9 months ago

    Her playing with that gave me anxiety

  81. HaitsLulu .-.

    HaitsLulu .-.10 months ago


  82. Carol Sings

    Carol Sings10 months ago

    I am 10 years old and I Am 147cm

  83. Tayler Sullivan

    Tayler Sullivan10 months ago

    I love your Channel

  84. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco10 months ago


  85. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco10 months ago


  86. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco10 months ago


  87. Ethan Owens

    Ethan Owens10 months ago

    It looks she just woke up

  88. Ella Shaw

    Ella Shaw10 months ago

    I like her eyes

  89. Xander Nava

    Xander Nava10 months ago

    Wubble X? More like wubbles ex

  90. Nicole Claudio

    Nicole Claudio10 months ago

    Ur too funny lol & whos that guy u mentioned ? A cool neighbor ?

  91. Michele Nonya

    Michele Nonya10 months ago

    Have you never played with a balloon before when you were a kid?

  92. Char Eden

    Char Eden11 months ago

    When I was little I always thought if a sucked helium from a balloon I would float

  93. kheidenSky israel

    kheidenSky israel11 months ago

    buy k i can do magic

  94. rocky graffix

    rocky graffix11 months ago

    Impressed bunny knows what American Gothic is... 😁

  95. Jennifer Sanford

    Jennifer Sanford11 months ago

    Yes it work

  96. Leggs McMuffin

    Leggs McMuffin11 months ago

    LOL you're supposed to fill until it juuuuuuuuuust barely hovers in mid-air in front of you. It's not "neutral" buoyancy if you use the whole can of helium and it shoots up to the ceiling.....mreporter.net/v/video-xgoEZ4_eUAA.html

  97. tammy myers

    tammy myers11 months ago

    Your eyes are very pretty

  98. Jessica Knolle

    Jessica Knolle11 months ago

    In the future if you loose a "balloon" filled with helium use a spray bottle with cold water as helium hates cold. They sink fast and you can shake the water off of them. I used to work in a floral shop with really high ceilings......we lost a few balloons lol

  99. Abigail Hayes

    Abigail Hayes11 months ago

    yas queen

  100. Cassidy Strader

    Cassidy Strader11 months ago

    My mom used to work at a toy store, and when they got helium balloons on the ceiling, to get them down, they'd take a broom stick with a piece of rolled scotch tape at the end and get it down with that.

  101. Sarah Creasman

    Sarah Creasman11 months ago

    You need to lube it up XD

  102. Giavanna Zaino

    Giavanna Zaino11 months ago