1. 2007tubes

    2007tubes12 days ago

    Soo... Its a balloon


    TAINA GARCIA14 days ago

    i love bunny

  3. jenny

    jenny15 days ago

    just buy a helium balloon

  4. Squishy Park Jimin

    Squishy Park Jimin16 days ago

    We’re the same height lol

  5. Selena Joosten

    Selena Joosten16 days ago

    Awesome demo I think your supposed to put a little less helium in the bubble for it to float in mid air.

  6. anniegeiger1031

    anniegeiger10312 months ago

    Maybe you shouldn’t fill them so much? Like just fill them half way so they don’t escape?

  7. Bui Hanh

    Bui Hanh2 months ago

    Are you điên

  8. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco3 months ago


  9. Eric Munoz

    Eric Munoz4 months ago

    Just get a balloon

  10. twisted whiskers

    twisted whiskers4 months ago

    U it too much helium in

  11. Korrissa C

    Korrissa C4 months ago

    I believe there is some black missing in your hair! 😮

  12. Ayana Yarn

    Ayana Yarn4 months ago

    She is lying 🤥 when she said never had one pop on her before but in the water wubble vid it pops

  13. Genderless Avocado

    Genderless Avocado4 months ago

    Ok I just started rewatching her vids and now she reminds me of the girl with the portals from incredibles 2 anyone else

  14. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario4 months ago

    Hi bunny brill fun ! X

  15. Catalina Dawn

    Catalina Dawn5 months ago

    Oh I miss this hair color.

  16. Savita Chicher

    Savita Chicher6 months ago

    Hate to break it to you bunny but... that’s just a baloon

  17. crystal clark

    crystal clark6 months ago

    1:49 she makes a boob

  18. TheKids plane

    TheKids plane6 months ago

    The blue looks Fancy

  19. TheKids plane

    TheKids plane6 months ago



    CAT LOVER7 months ago

    Her eyes are gorgeous

  21. like a boss coolguy

    like a boss coolguy7 months ago

    You added to much helium

  22. Cwen Delin

    Cwen Delin7 months ago

    Love your nails😍😍

  23. Something is peachy Today

    Something is peachy Today7 months ago

    She has creepy dolls

  24. EmmaJane Mayse

    EmmaJane Mayse7 months ago

    I can say your intro by heart

  25. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous7 months ago

    Increase your dosage.

  26. Hailee Bug

    Hailee Bug7 months ago

    What I would do would be taping a piece of string to the bottom of the bubble

  27. Greys-Corner

    Greys-Corner7 months ago

    Grabs ladder and whacks the ballon with it... I was confused when you didn’t climb the ladder. U just used it to whack the balloons

  28. Jillian Pascale-Hague

    Jillian Pascale-Hague7 months ago

    I've never had a wubble bubble but I want one

  29. Ally Gk

    Ally Gk7 months ago

    Get a big one and fill it up with 💦 water 💦

  30. emmahaswierdslimes buttherenice

    emmahaswierdslimes buttherenice7 months ago

    her eyes are EVERYTHING!!!! oml i wish i had those eyes

  31. please stop

    please stop8 months ago

    Just buy a ballon.

  32. Bits and Bobs

    Bits and Bobs8 months ago

    Why not just get a balloon wayyyyyyyy cheaper

  33. melania noamirino

    melania noamirino8 months ago

    so so magic love the way they stick so cool

  34. Random Reviews & More

    Random Reviews & More9 months ago

    $30 for a balloon, what

  35. Danielle Deisinger

    Danielle Deisinger9 months ago

    Omg it eyes are so blue

  36. Moon howler Huskie

    Moon howler Huskie9 months ago

    My wubble poped 20 minutes after I filled it. Yah

  37. Gracie J

    Gracie J9 months ago

    Found the video

  38. Cece Froman

    Cece Froman10 months ago

    Use the ladder to climb up instead of hitting it with it.

  39. Chloe Emeterio

    Chloe Emeterio10 months ago

    Your stupid

  40. Swirlychicko9

    Swirlychicko910 months ago

    Your eyes are so beautiful there brighter than my future

  41. Bambi Bowie

    Bambi Bowie10 months ago

    Is it just me or did she try to get the ball down by hitting it with a ladder? I feel like she could have executed that better..

  42. MysticAna

    MysticAna10 months ago

    You know what would be less expensive then $60?? A helium balloon

  43. Shelby Bithell

    Shelby Bithell10 months ago

    just buy your kids a balloon buhhhh

  44. Melinda Monasco

    Melinda Monasco10 months ago

    Get a balloon put some double sticky tape on top with the balloon and tie a string on the balloon let the balloon go up and stick to the ball on the ceiling

  45. sabrina lerner

    sabrina lerner10 months ago

    To get to it

  46. sabrina lerner

    sabrina lerner10 months ago

    Lol why didn't u use the ladder

  47. DJ Dave__

    DJ Dave__10 months ago

    Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  48. Shane Harbert

    Shane Harbert10 months ago

    I love you so much I’m a part of the gator family can you do a giant wobble X

  49. Ruby Webb

    Ruby Webb11 months ago

    I'm taller then you And I'm nine😂

  50. Ruby Webb

    Ruby Webb11 months ago

    I'm taller then you And I'm nine😂