Wow... Nipsey Hussle Scalpers, More Jeffree Star Theft, Israel Election, & NYC Measles Emergency


  1. Alec Jkul

    Alec Jkul9 days ago

    Can somebody please explain to me the meaning behind Phil's reference at 5:36

  2. Sara Grace

    Sara GraceMonth ago

    Anti vaxxers are terroritst. They need their children taken away and jail time minimum

  3. jobriq5

    jobriq5Month ago

    When you thought anti-vaxxers couldn't be any dumber someone goes and comes up with "measles parties"

  4. Hardcore1118

    Hardcore11182 months ago

    I discovered an editing mistake. Around the 12 minute to 12:45 time stamp area. You repeated yourself lol ...I think you're working James too hard hahaha

  5. ArticunoDosTres

    ArticunoDosTres2 months ago

    I can't stand Jeffree Star, he is so fuckin annoying. BUT, he didnt deserve that stuff. It's interesting to see a retail store selling stolen goods, though.

  6. AmandaKatriina

    AmandaKatriina2 months ago

    Actually theft in the retail industry is huge, and it’s ever growing. I work in retail for an outlet center in California. This weekend I saw two grandparents and their four grandkids steal $2400 worth of product. A lot of stolen product from ORC (organized retail crime) groups gets sold on sites like Facebook marketplace, or they try to bring it back to a different location for money back. Police have even tracked sales to terrorist organizations and gangs.

  7. Adrian

    Adrian2 months ago

    Anti vaxers are legit just people scared of needles 😂🤯

  8. Tanwir Ahmed

    Tanwir Ahmed2 months ago

    As you know, there is a great deal of distrust about vaccines and this has pitted parents against parents, parents against doctors, and now parents against the government. Where did this distrust come from? How do we make progress on this issue to ensure maximum protection for everyone’s children? Distrust comes from the fact that parents watch their perfectly healthy, well developing children regress into autism shortly after vaccination. Why would they trust big pharma, who has no liability, saying vaccines are safe? Why would parents trust the FDA, NIH, and CDC who are dis-incentivized to insure vaccine safety because the pharmaceutical companies have no liability and the FDA, CDC, and NIH employees regularly go on to big fat salaries in pharmaceutical companies? How do we make progress? Make the pharma companies liable in civil court for vaccine injuries and vaccines will become safe and targeted towards truly life threatening diseases. Allow each parent to choose whether or not and how much to vaccinate their children. Parents of immune compromised children will have to take steps to protect their own children. I had to do this with my son, which I did; I certainly did not demand that the world around me force-vaccinate their children because I would not do the work to protect my son.

  9. LivingAsLynn

    LivingAsLynn2 months ago

    The point of measles parties is the get your kid to catch the measles, not boost their immune system. It is not a scary disease unless you are already immune compromised and typically even then you can get the vaccine. It really isn't the crisis everyone is making it out to be.

  10. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez2 months ago

    Why don't you ask the parents of the thousands of kids who have already died of measles this year how scary measles is? Over 1200 dead kids in Madagascar from the disease. "Not a scary disease" coming from the privileged individual who has never had to worry about or has seen these diseases and has the comfort of first world medicine at hand. So incredibly ignorant.

  11. Nikronius

    Nikronius2 months ago

    deja vu anyone?

  12. MTGPlayer10

    MTGPlayer102 months ago

    Get vaccinated. Your beliefs don't trump my or others health safety. The fine should be A LOT more. Make it $10k and keep them on a leash by making it a monthly issue (meaning you will be asked to get it every month or you'll pay the $10k fine).


    SMART-voter.org2 months ago

    We had chicken pox parties as children. A similar virus. Both my children had it. It' something that leaves scars for adults so in the UK at the moment I understand that yes, now we have the MMR but you're talking about something that be double a flu. The problem with getting it as an adult can leave scars AND endanger pregnancies. This is not an anti vaxxer rant. Just saying, it's not really a disease that needs treatment, its a virus that is usually overcome naturally in a couple of weeks. Then we come to the "Will a political establishment ever seek to subjugate it's population into obedient working bees that naturally die off earlier in their retirement age with autism / cancer driving chemicals, mercury, fluorides" what measures to you put in place to prevent that. This is the anti-vaxer argument. Lets not build measles up like it's akin to Aids.

  14. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez2 months ago

    Tell that to the parents of the 1200 kids who have died from Measles since the beginning of the year in Madagascar alone. The fact that you would rather have the disease then prevent it entirely shows that you truly know nothing about these diseases and have bought into the misinformation and lies surrounding vaccines.

  15. Zhong Ping

    Zhong Ping2 months ago

    If the government doesn't have the power to stop an epidemic through mandatory vaccines, that itself is terrifying. Your right not to be vaccinated does not trump societies right to not suffer a pandemic following a dangerous mutation which renders our vaccines ineffective.

  16. AJA Ryan1994

    AJA Ryan19942 months ago

    Nipsey Hussle: a man nobody heard of before he died.

  17. lachlan22

    lachlan222 months ago

    The makeup story seems very suspicious. When a manufacturer or brand has stock that isn't selling and is getting close to or has passed the best before date. Rather than dispose of the product it will be sold at a massive discount to retailers that sell these types of products, The Reject Shop, NQR, ect. The owner of the makeup company was saying how high end the brand is and how well the business is doing. They don't need to sell to these discount retailers. Then why did they have $2,000,000 of unsold out of date stock. Someone over estimated how well it would sell and ordered a massive excess of stock, and now the product isn't selling as well as they would like you to believe. This might be a fraudulent damage control attempt. Option 1. Throw $2,000,000 of our of date product in the bin, loosing the entire $2,000,000 Option 2. Sell the $2,000,000 of stock at a discount (eg 75%off $500,000) to these retailers. Loosing $1,500,000 and damage you brand as its now seen as a discount brand. Option 3. fake a robery, have the stock sold to discount outlets, fein outrage. Minimasing $$ lost and no damage to branding.

  18. harper222

    harper2222 months ago

    I love Phil, I really do. But I tuned out at some point where it just sounded like he was reading a script. Phil, I loved this channel because when you talked, it sounded like we were having a conversation. Recently it just sounds like you're rrrrreeeading and it's soooooooo booooooring.

  19. Ragini

    Ragini2 months ago

    I was so confused by you callling netanyahu 'bb' repeatedly. :/

  20. CezrDaPleazr

    CezrDaPleazr2 months ago

    I'm glad ebay shut that shit down on scalpers with Nipsey merch.

  21. Dana Moeskau

    Dana Moeskau2 months ago

    What does it matter?

  22. Amya Ride

    Amya Ride2 months ago

    How the hell have we taken such a drastic step back? How the HELL?! It's MEASLES guy M E A S L E S, a horrendous disease guilty of killing hundreds of millions of people way back before modern science! IT WAS PRACTICALLY ABOLISHED BECAUSE OF VACCINATIONS AND YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO STOP DOING THAT!? WHAT??

  23. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez2 months ago

    Vaccines are a casualty of their own success. They reduced diseases so much so, that people forgot how dangerous they were.

  24. Keith Collins

    Keith Collins2 months ago

    I used to work at Burlington and I find this hilarious and completely understandable.

  25. Matt Tanner

    Matt Tanner2 months ago

    I still think that Several vaccines should be mandatory, and that failing to vaccinate your children should be a crime.

  26. Sergio Biley

    Sergio Biley3 months ago

    Pushing the vaccine?! Safe??? Wow

  27. Kenneth Potato

    Kenneth Potato3 months ago

    I think it’s amazing how parents would prefer their children to suffer or die then vaccinate them. Oh yeah, vaccines cause autism? Well I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one. Dumbyheads -__-

  28. Samantha King

    Samantha King3 months ago

    any1 else notice that "Weathered and with less support from the Israeli people" was repeated

  29. daniel scaife

    daniel scaife3 months ago

    My younger brother almost died due to a vaccination he had when he was 3. Not doubting the effectiveness of vaccinations but your dismissal of parents with concerns about vaccinations is unnecessary.

  30. Ana Teresa Gourgel

    Ana Teresa Gourgel3 months ago

    To answer your question theft in the cosmetic industry is unfortunately very common. In Portugal there is a new brand of cosmetics that has been available for like 6 months... it's launch was delayed for almost a month because the first batch produced was stolen right before distribution. Have in mind that this is a very very inexpensive brand...

  31. Hippo-Drones

    Hippo-Drones3 months ago

    Isn't it sickening that a leader is allowed to carry on, uninhibited even though they are corrupt!

  32. Montrealer89

    Montrealer893 months ago



    FINESSE SEASON FSE3 months ago


  34. Rather Not

    Rather Not3 months ago

    A thing to keep in mind: expiry date on certain beauty products, especially unopened, are more of a legal requirement than a necessity. Also, as much as I don't think it's fair on Jeffrey, it's really weird he'd claim that his brand is good enough to not need resells in places like tj Maxx and so on. You mean literally every high street brand needs to beg for extra cash for their stuff from resellers? Please. I wish people stopped covering him as much. I wish him all the best, but with such a terrible attitude toward people that sneaks into almost every video he posts... I wish he was mentioned less.

  35. Jase

    Jase3 months ago

    That 1k dislikes are from anti-vaxx tards and scalpers. 1 too many...

  36. Evan Patipa

    Evan Patipa3 months ago

    This Israeli elections really ended up to be a disappointment. Conservative politics really need to take an exit in Israel. More progressive thinking is needed

  37. mike davis

    mike davis3 months ago

    178 jump cuts....holy crap how have I never noticed how much you move around good editing

  38. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone3 months ago

    I was somewhat sympathetic to Jeffree Starr until I heard him talking.

  39. Tsaka

    Tsaka3 months ago

    Phil, I know you're really busy and stuff and this message probably won't make it to you, but I really wish to talk to someone with regards to the duffel bags. Been trying to contact someone here, Twitter (I know you're not necessarily there for that one), and Reddit for days and nobody has responded.

  40. Richard Small

    Richard Small3 months ago

    Using children as an excuse to give the government the right to punish people for not being a "good" citizen. Or worse, allowing the government the right to inject you with a "vaccine" against your will. I believe in vaccinations, but this is a very dangerous precedent.

  41. Jason Avila

    Jason Avila3 months ago

    Im having a measles after party after the measles party at the crib baby girl

  42. Alex Coop

    Alex Coop3 months ago

    When everyone's freaking out about black market Jeffree cosmetics but this has literally been an issue with these stores since they've existed. Especially in the hair industry. I am sipping so much tea rn...

  43. Brett DuGuay

    Brett DuGuay3 months ago

    Can someone please tell me why Phil keeps calling the Israeli prime minister "BB"?

  44. V1DE0

    V1DE03 months ago

    Anti-vaccers need to understand that getting vaccinated is a societal obligation. It is required to halt the propagation of diseases in major population hubs. I think it should be their right to choose not vaccinate themselves but that they should also remove themselves from society for the safety of themselves and society.

  45. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe3 months ago

    Why don't they understand heard immunity why?!? Dangerous idiots indeed.

  46. weedblaze Ɽ

    weedblaze Ɽ3 months ago

    that Jeff kid is gross

  47. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi3 months ago

    Hey, Phil I hope you can help! Totally random but there’s this youtuber I’ve been watching recently. He is really frustrated over some copy right claims he got in his videos, and his revenue has gone down a LOT. The problem is he can’t seem to get ahold of anyone in youtube and lawyers are expensive. Idk if you or anyone can help, but here’s the link:

  48. Alexis

    Alexis3 months ago

    Measles is terrifying. It can cause you to lose previously built immunity, so if you were already immune to strains of flu or colds, get measles, and you can get those again. This Podcast Will Kill You, did a great episode covering it.

  49. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez2 months ago

    Love that podcast!

  50. Adam Greenberg

    Adam Greenberg3 months ago

    As an Israeli I was fairly impressed by the detailed accuracy of your last video about Israel, it was spot on. That being said, there are some inaccuracies/missing details to connect the dots in this video (as it pertains to the Israeli elections). Good job overalls, and thank you for your work.

  51. Nexvik117

    Nexvik1173 months ago

    Am I the only person who noticed the editing mistake? "And although BB is essentially guatanteed to be Prime Minister, he's also coming out of this election significantly weathered and with less support from the Israeli people" ×2

  52. steve johnson

    steve johnson3 months ago

    No nippy and no trans thumbnails

  53. Allan Henriques

    Allan Henriques3 months ago

    I thought scalpers meant something else lol *sigh of relief*

  54. Burntburgers

    Burntburgers3 months ago

    How can you people I’ll be so naïve do you really think the government cares about you forcing someone to put chemicals in your body is tyranny