Worst 2000s Fashion Trends - RANKED


  1. Kirby Dinglebear

    Kirby Dinglebear3 hours ago

    rhetts current coat .....

  2. Gen Gg

    Gen Gg5 days ago

    So cute rhett likes everything everyone hated. Ha ha 🙂

  3. Coldstreamer18

    Coldstreamer186 days ago

    I was born in 2001, and I can now vote and drive and go to college :D

  4. Michaela Lewis

    Michaela Lewis11 days ago

    I miss the platform flip flop.

  5. polite spoon

    polite spoon16 days ago

    “girls who ride horses wear this” i laughed so hard at that😂

  6. Irham Hilmy

    Irham Hilmy19 days ago

    2000s just remind me of Avril Lavigne style tbh,she's iconic in 2002-2004. Then she change her style.

  7. Casey Spencer!

    Casey Spencer!20 days ago

    The real answer to this game is JNCO Jean's.

  8. Edna Vanilla

    Edna Vanilla21 day ago

    Omg I remember when I first got a pair of platform foam sandals when I was like 7 😂 I felt like such a baddie when I had them on

  9. Charlotte Everist

    Charlotte Everist22 days ago

    can we talk about the mini skirts over boot cut jeans?

  10. alexa hoskins

    alexa hoskins24 days ago

    11:23 harry styles looks good in anything

  11. Monica Watson

    Monica Watson25 days ago

    I like the new crew but I really miss the old crew.

  12. Hello Zen

    Hello Zen26 days ago

    Really angry none of them wore Ashley Tisdale inspired layered outfits

  13. Wat the fung Is this?

    Wat the fung Is this?27 days ago

    Lol rhett be looking like an old russian lady

  14. STEEZ4U

    STEEZ4U28 days ago

    Your corny facial hair currently.

  15. Andrew May

    Andrew May29 days ago

    Nobody did tall tee's??

  16. mark kay

    mark kayMonth ago

    i loved low rise jeans. more skin to look at is rarely a bad thing

  17. Madysen Hilton

    Madysen HiltonMonth ago

    Anyone else still waiting for an Ed hardy come back ? 😂😂 lmao I still have my shirts and tennis shoes

  18. Nolan Pieprzyk

    Nolan PieprzykMonth ago

    I love Christine so much!! ❤️ (Sorry... not sure how you spell yours)

  19. Caroline

    CarolineMonth ago

    okay first of all, OMG BABY HARRY STYLES. But also I love Abercrombie and the store smells so good bro. they got these all backwards!!

  20. Amethyst meurer

    Amethyst meurerMonth ago

    can anyone else smell the abercrombie cologne through the screen?

  21. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriterMonth ago

    Oh God. The low jeans. The flip flops. The Abercrombie and Fitch. Anyone remember Hollister?

  22. ShiningLily3

    ShiningLily3Month ago

    I'm just saying that Jordan needed a Puka shell necklace and he would have been perfect.

  23. Kiara Warton

    Kiara WartonMonth ago

    harry ❣

  24. Ezrathewarrior

    EzrathewarriorMonth ago

    One day people from 2040 wonder how bad fashion nowadays

  25. Walker Allen

    Walker AllenMonth ago

    Where did you your jacket at

  26. sugadaddy

    sugadaddyMonth ago

    Is that Harry Styles

  27. xXGeckolordXx

    xXGeckolordXxMonth ago


  28. Jerry Apodaca

    Jerry ApodacaMonth ago

    She was looking at that BBC

  29. OleMiss_Chr15

    OleMiss_Chr15Month ago

    Red Head is cute tho!

  30. Dubbz I

    Dubbz IMonth ago

    Rhett or daddyoffive?

  31. Viviana Young

    Viviana YoungMonth ago

    Duster cardigans are fabulous

  32. Imani S. H.

    Imani S. H.Month ago

    I still wear platform flip flops everyday hahha

  33. Massimo Gigante

    Massimo GiganteMonth ago

    That flip-flop girl....ew

  34. Saucy Wings

    Saucy WingsMonth ago

    Who is Emily. I like Emily

  35. Mr.gamebreaker

    Mr.gamebreakerMonth ago

    Is it just me or is jordan just not funny at all

  36. Klara Stern

    Klara Stern2 months ago

    How about a "Will it wig?"

  37. diva and the lunatics

    diva and the lunatics2 months ago

    i wore those shoes to home coming freshman year

  38. Axel Lamoree

    Axel Lamoree2 months ago

    Is it bad that when they sprayed the Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch I instantly got a headache???

  39. Andrew Magallanez

    Andrew Magallanez2 months ago

    The entire 2000s decade was a hot mess for fashion. This decade is like 2000s fashion on steroids.

  40. misz raiduatchu

    misz raiduatchu2 months ago

    Currently dying at "I like trashy moms" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Bridget Kirkland

    Bridget Kirkland2 months ago

    My mom will ONLY wear low rise jeans and gets mad when she can't find them at JCPenney.

  42. Jared d'Voiles

    Jared d'Voiles2 months ago

    No mention of guyliner or the "emo" look? Fail!

  43. Stephanie Charriere

    Stephanie Charriere2 months ago

    Hides her platform flip flops that she's currently wearing...

  44. crystal mendez

    crystal mendez2 months ago

    I still wear platform flipflops

  45. LittleMrsOtaku

    LittleMrsOtaku2 months ago

    That retro photo of Rhett and Link was awesome! I need to see more!

  46. Hollie Marie

    Hollie Marie2 months ago

    I love that cardigan not the colour but the style 😍

  47. Sasha Wade

    Sasha Wade2 months ago

    I was born in 2002, at 17 I can see that the clothes have changed drastically.

  48. maddie daddie

    maddie daddie2 months ago

    ahaha i love emily!!!

  49. Sloth Armstrong

    Sloth Armstrong2 months ago

    We need more Jordan in our lives.

  50. Wasabi_Me

    Wasabi_Me2 months ago

    Whooo! TEAM WILL!!!