1. smackdaddy porter

    smackdaddy porter19 hours ago


  2. Susan Nabigon

    Susan NabigonDay ago

    haschak backflip

  3. Cheleston De Silva

    Cheleston De SilvaDay ago

    # Backflip

  4. Ashley McClain Lucero

    Ashley McClain LuceroDay ago


  5. Abella Goode

    Abella Goode2 days ago

    You are the best you tobers

  6. Abella Goode

    Abella Goode2 days ago

    # backflip.

  7. Candi Buelow

    Candi Buelow2 days ago

    that is so big😯😁

  8. Candi Buelow

    Candi Buelow2 days ago


  9. Candi Buelow

    Candi Buelow2 days ago

    coolest thing ever

  10. Keala Hampton

    Keala Hampton3 days ago


  11. Heather Guildford

    Heather Guildford4 days ago

    Do you have a. Girlfriend. Stephen

  12. Heather Guildford

    Heather Guildford4 days ago

    Back flip

  13. Dani Koko

    Dani Koko5 days ago


  14. Alisha Kapsimalis

    Alisha Kapsimalis5 days ago


  15. Lindsey Booher

    Lindsey Booher5 days ago


  16. Robin Atkins

    Robin Atkins5 days ago

    Hash tag backflip

  17. Blerta Dauti

    Blerta Dauti6 days ago


  18. Livv Lloyd

    Livv Lloyd6 days ago

    # back flip

  19. Srinivas J

    Srinivas J6 days ago


  20. -_- dont

    -_- dont7 days ago

    # backflip

  21. Cory Stevenson

    Cory Stevenson7 days ago


  22. Jason A

    Jason A8 days ago

    Share the love CATER and Liz and Stephen is the best share the love

  23. Jersie Fraser

    Jersie Fraser8 days ago

    back flip

  24. leando garcia

    leando garcia8 days ago

    I can do a frunt flip

  25. Brittiany McCormick

    Brittiany McCormick8 days ago

    Back flip

  26. Martin Ward

    Martin Ward9 days ago

    Whow i wish i had that trampolin

  27. Jamie Kniss

    Jamie Kniss9 days ago

    Back flip

  28. Kavien Miller

    Kavien Miller9 days ago

    No do that to your sister grace sharer

  29. Amanda Barney

    Amanda Barney9 days ago

    Stephen when you did the backflip the pondmonster was swimming behind you.... Bewere grace to!...

  30. Indo Paki Fashion

    Indo Paki Fashion10 days ago

    Thers 1 million dollars in. The safe SHARE THE LOVE🤘🤘🤘

  31. Sarahi Zagal

    Sarahi Zagal10 days ago


  32. America Ortiz

    America Ortiz11 days ago


  33. Breanna Hemiller

    Breanna Hemiller11 days ago

    Back flip

  34. suga infires my soul

    suga infires my soul12 days ago

    you re not a good brother stefin

  35. Lizzie McKay

    Lizzie McKay13 days ago

    i am harley

  36. Chinnammagari Rajiya

    Chinnammagari Rajiya14 days ago

    # back fill

  37. Kory Price

    Kory Price14 days ago

    Hi Stephen can to cannon ball in water

  38. Garrett Perkins

    Garrett Perkins16 days ago

    back flip

  39. Jayce Rush

    Jayce Rush17 days ago


  40. Juanita Patterson

    Juanita Patterson20 days ago

    Hash tell Beth I

  41. 0896jaja

    0896jaja20 days ago


  42. kiddos

    kiddos20 days ago

    Steven who is your dad?

  43. kiddos

    kiddos20 days ago

    Drop the safe from 45ft

  44. Mija’s videos !!

    Mija’s videos !!21 day ago

    I will promise you I will by socks and the blue shirt soon and I will send you fan mail 😊

  45. triston Martinez

    triston Martinez22 days ago

    Stephen sharer book at 9:08 there's somebody in the background

  46. Sinead Hutchinson

    Sinead Hutchinson22 days ago

    best I am a fun of you Steven

  47. Ethan Bloomgren

    Ethan Bloomgren22 days ago


  48. Marisa Springer

    Marisa Springer23 days ago

    # backflip

  49. I K

    I K24 days ago


  50. C and E Twyne

    C and E Twyne24 days ago

    # backflip for Grace share

  51. Chris Beeler

    Chris Beeler24 days ago


  52. Nathan Zepeda

    Nathan Zepeda26 days ago

    I. Can. Do. A. Front flip. And. Land. It

  53. Benny Huff

    Benny Huff26 days ago

    Yeah she should

  54. PJ B

    PJ B26 days ago


  55. Meibelin Torres

    Meibelin Torres26 days ago

    Bake flip

  56. Matthew Stegall

    Matthew Stegall27 days ago

    I love

  57. Sammy Grant

    Sammy Grant27 days ago

    Blap filp

  58. Artyr Сёмин

    Artyr Сёмин27 days ago

    Что за пиздец????????????

  59. Brighton Sutherland

    Brighton Sutherland27 days ago

    cool!!!!!!! I am 10

  60. Nayara Preciado

    Nayara Preciado28 days ago

    Is it just me or does grace kind of sound like tessa brooks

  61. James S Adventures m

    James S Adventures m28 days ago

    That is cool

  62. Skye Rumney

    Skye Rumney28 days ago

    Come on Grace who can do a backflip or is it or anything

  63. Skye Rumney

    Skye Rumney28 days ago

    The porn nonsense behind you when you was talking

  64. Lauren Jackson

    Lauren Jackson28 days ago


  65. Joanne Janvier

    Joanne Janvier29 days ago


  66. valeria Garcia

    valeria GarciaMonth ago

    you need a haircut

  67. Brianna Da Cruz

    Brianna Da CruzMonth ago

    I wish I had a pool like yours I love swimming 🏊‍♀️

  68. Pz Fan

    Pz FanMonth ago

    # backflip

  69. Ricky Chapa

    Ricky ChapaMonth ago


  70. Ricky Chapa

    Ricky ChapaMonth ago


  71. mike

    mikeMonth ago


  72. Fouad Alsheikh

    Fouad AlsheikhMonth ago

    # back flip

  73. Waimiria Rowberry

    Waimiria RowberryMonth ago


  74. Ashley Anderson

    Ashley AndersonMonth ago

    # backflip

  75. Ally Manchester

    Ally ManchesterMonth ago


  76. Samantha Boria

    Samantha BoriaMonth ago

    Hi Stephen

  77. Shannon J

    Shannon JMonth ago

    # back flip

  78. Mat Hop

    Mat HopMonth ago


  79. Mat Hop

    Mat HopMonth ago

    Nice water trampoline

  80. meowmisu

    meowmisuMonth ago


  81. Roy Lindley

    Roy LindleyMonth ago

    back flip

  82. Isaac Rodriguez

    Isaac RodriguezMonth ago

    Hashtag backflip!

  83. Mike Murray

    Mike MurrayMonth ago

    i do not like you

  84. gabbies channel

    gabbies channelMonth ago

    I. Lovvvvv÷eeeeee. Yougs. Liz. Carter Steven and Grace and baby otter and Millie

  85. Kymm Scott

    Kymm ScottMonth ago


  86. Jayshawn Harrison

    Jayshawn HarrisonMonth ago

    Where is your homes

  87. Debbie Frair

    Debbie FrairMonth ago


  88. Lynn Pilkington

    Lynn PilkingtonMonth ago

    do it

  89. Millie And Maggie 2

    Millie And Maggie 2Month ago

    10:15 rip Stephen sharer!

  90. Laura McGevna

    Laura McGevnaMonth ago

    open it with a jackhammer

  91. mohi haines

    mohi hainesMonth ago

    the snake skin is a crock skin there's a crock in your pond

  92. mohi haines

    mohi hainesMonth ago


  93. Shanell Lewis

    Shanell LewisMonth ago

    Tell your brother that Lizzy share likes him

  94. Jasminemostwanted Love

    Jasminemostwanted LoveMonth ago

    How did the room d monster even .get in there

  95. Melsi Daka

    Melsi DakaMonth ago


  96. TutorialsData

    TutorialsDataMonth ago

    Do blackflip

  97. Jorge Vazquez

    Jorge VazquezMonth ago

    Yes yes yes yea YES she has to do a backflip

  98. Els-marie Van Den Heever

    Els-marie Van Den HeeverMonth ago

    Yes you can do it

  99. Manik Maharjan

    Manik MaharjanMonth ago

    Yes you can do grace

  100. Marie Moore

    Marie MooreMonth ago

    You got this you is the best