1. saron I can sort flash abraham

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    # bak flip🤘👍

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    Otter sharer is cute

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    # Backflip

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    Zip line to the trampoline and then bounce high and bounce in the pool

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    Yes Yes

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    i agree

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    Call (614)4486648 or (614)2669955

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    Smash the safe

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    I do not

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    back flip

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    I am like grace I cant do any triks eather

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    I am 5 and I am a girl and I can do a backflip

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    you can do it Grace sharer Share the love😅.

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    You are cool bro

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    I can’t do a backflip

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    Who think that otter is the most cutest thing 😍😍

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    I saw the pound monster

  32. Mango Tango

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    Don’t be scared

  33. Mango Tango

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    Your a strong girl

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    You can do this grace

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    Yes you need to lern how to do a back flip

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    back flips are cool

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    wasup stephen

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    Is the pond monster still in the pond

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    # backflip

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    OMG I watch your vlogs all the time and I’m addicted to graces eyes and hair

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  47. Kelli Gouin

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    You can lift it

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    Ok I sort of knew and has any one wonderd y stephs hair is white or is it dyded

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    That was super awesome

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    Use the worlds sharpest jackhamer on the safe

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    Everyday I like my own comment. Please like

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    Grind it open with a grinder

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    Grace do it k

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    I love baby otter

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    Hash tag bacfliP

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    otter is so cute

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    bam hgmd

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    teach her to do a backflip

  63. carol wright

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    VICTOR MUNTEANU11 days ago

    I bairns you to do a dubl baking flip

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    back flip

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    Thieve Steve Jonas Ts

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    Back flip

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    Jake Paul’s merch is better

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    Good luck

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    How many times does he have to say Grace in one video omg its just them 2

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    # b Bacflip

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    Back flip

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    Jesse you should teach Grace how to do a backflip

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    I love youvolgs

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    You guys are living ads always telling kids to buy merch 3 yr olds by the way

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    Stop the video on 1:05

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    I can not do any backflips

  87. Valtessa 2010

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    you can do anything grace dream it to believe it

  88. Amir Alhayani

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    Zorgo defuse

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    Thy Nguyen15 days ago

    Just do a backflip

  90. 2024 Leticia Herrera

    2024 Leticia Herrera15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse { current time that is when the doomsday date is and i am watched this at 8:03

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    What's up sharers

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    Trust me there are much bigger ones than that

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    # backflip

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    Zorgo Defuse 8:18

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    You shud do a backflip challenge out of the family.

  96. Tiago Afonso

    Tiago Afonso16 days ago

    Eu sou Ariana eu te amo vem para o Brasil fazer um Show ou qualquer coisa vem no meu aniversário dia 15 de agosto vai demorar mas é para estar lá rolando curti a Travessa Santa Margarida te amo sou sua fã eu tenho tem Eu tenho tenho 9 anos e te amo sou sua fã meu aniversário mesmo

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    zorgo diffuse 11 :43

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    Where is Millie

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    The pond monster is a crocodile

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    It’s weird Stephen isn’t wearing a red shirt

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    You guys look like ants compared to that

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