The Lab: The Duels - World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)


  1. Five Dee

    Five Dee6 hours ago

    I absolutely love The Lab, but especially this performance of theirs. This always lifts me up and gives me chills. At least 300 of the views are probably mine LOL!

  2. Leon irfan

    Leon irfan2 days ago

    anybody know where do they come from?

  3. Ana Gonzalez

    Ana Gonzalez2 days ago

    What season is this? Can anybody Tell me please

  4. Afi Salahuddin

    Afi Salahuddin13 days ago

    AND where would they be without po black folk. HIP HOP CHANGED THE GAME. Your welcome. Wez proud of asiatic blackness.

  5. MrsConnie 2You

    MrsConnie 2You14 days ago

    😳😲🤯GOOSEBUMPS!!! They are freakin' AMAZING...IN SYNC AND ON FIRE!! Like Neyo said, THEY MOVED AS ONE...🙌🏾🤩THIS is just absolute PERFECTION😍🥰😍🥰

  6. Anwar M

    Anwar M19 days ago

    The kids is greats

  7. ramaravade

    ramaravade19 days ago

    I need to know where they get those hoodies. That performance was lit

  8. Doménica Fer

    Doménica Fer21 day ago

    They are going to perform with BTS tonight They are incredible!!!

  9. the last Jedi

    the last Jedi21 day ago

    Love the dance .. hate that you destroyed a good headphone

  10. kaivalya bhuvad

    kaivalya bhuvad24 days ago

    score ?

  11. Chuk Oezil

    Chuk Oezil27 days ago

    Winter is officially here with this perfomance

  12. arasada mahesh

    arasada maheshMonth ago


  13. Mathew Mausic

    Mathew MausicMonth ago

    Clean mix?

  14. Arthur Vincent Gudes

    Arthur Vincent GudesMonth ago

    Are some of them pinoys?

  15. sherry

    sherry22 days ago

    +Glenn Agustin their bgirl is pinay, the one who flipped her hair at the end. tska yung isang batang maliit. tapos may isa pang girl na pinay din bukod dun sa bgirl.

  16. Glenn Agustin

    Glenn Agustin22 days ago

    Lol hindi mga vietamese and polynesians mga yan.. Yung trainer nila na si D-trix is 3/4 pinoy.

  17. sherry

    sherry25 days ago

    Yes. I think 3 or 4 of them. One of the li'l kids is Pinoy.

  18. Riya Lt

    Riya LtMonth ago

    Uuurgh Treeee 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Joanna Delfin

    Joanna DelfinMonth ago

    I love how she untie her hair HAHAHAHA

  20. GamingWith Ellie

    GamingWith EllieMonth ago


  21. Cam G

    Cam GMonth ago

    The Lab and the track Lean Back? Pure fuego!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥just saying...

  22. Rochelle David

    Rochelle DavidMonth ago

    the fact that tre wasnt even supposed to flip like that😭

  23. Aninja

    AninjaMonth ago

    the dETAILS: lyrics: we from the bronx, new york logan: smiles and points at jennifer

  24. Sandy Navarro

    Sandy NavarroMonth ago

    These kids go fucken hard af!!!!! Talent all around that stage!!!!!!

  25. Rocket & Groot

    Rocket & GrootMonth ago


  26. epac06 Pac

    epac06 PacMonth ago

    Logan’s hair flip at the end! I love her so much!

  27. Aninja

    AninjaMonth ago

    I love everything about this! logan being so angry and amazing, leilani losing a shoe and acting like nothings wrong, tre being perfectly in sync with the drop and his landing in the beginning!

  28. Romel Paliwanan

    Romel PaliwananMonth ago

    Some of them look like filipino

  29. Pinky Toe

    Pinky Toe26 days ago

    - Nope

  30. sherry

    sherryMonth ago

    Yes, i think 3 or 4 of them are filipinos. The bgirl spinning in the end is filipino. :)

  31. Michelle Tomm

    Michelle TommMonth ago

    What is the song called??

  32. reynbaby2

    reynbaby2Month ago

    Their unison in this performance was next level!

  33. MixedNixx - GFX, Gameplays and More!

    MixedNixx - GFX, Gameplays and More!Month ago

    Dont tell me that i'm the only one who saw that girl braking those headphones.

  34. nomoreinc nomoreinc

    nomoreinc nomoreincMonth ago

    First of all, who choreographed this? it!

  35. suga stole my wig .

    suga stole my wig .Month ago

    *This is actually insanity*

  36. Dara Martinez

    Dara MartinezMonth ago

    What’s the name of the girl who flipped her hair at the end ? 🤭❤️

  37. sherry

    sherryMonth ago


  38. Dave Acurantes

    Dave AcurantesMonth ago

    Heck the boy with the silver hair is myyyy mannnn

  39. Ruth Ann

    Ruth AnnMonth ago

    Ok but why the little five year old boys on the team hitting as hard as an adult though?

  40. Jayla Pickett

    Jayla PickettMonth ago

    Honestly... after this performance the other should’ve just given up LOL

  41. Sadie Markovitz

    Sadie MarkovitzMonth ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhh I got goosebumps

  42. TOL 1968

    TOL 1968Month ago

    i think some of them are filipino especially that last girl

  43. sherry

    sherry25 days ago

    +Pinky Toe yeah, probably. i'm talking about that last girl who did the hair flip at the end. she's the bgirl in the group and her name's logan..

  44. Pinky Toe

    Pinky Toe26 days ago

    sherry - I think I I’m talking about someone else

  45. sherry

    sherry26 days ago

    +Pinky Toe lol! She's not. Her name's Logan and she is filipino. Please check her IG so you would know.

  46. Pinky Toe

    Pinky Toe26 days ago

    sherry - Nope She’s Latina And japanese

  47. sherry

    sherryMonth ago

    Yes, she is filipino..

  48. Yesnomaybeso

    Yesnomaybeso2 months ago

    Season 3 is under way and yet here I am back to season 2 watching the best of The Lab!

  49. Sunday D. Conde

    Sunday D. Conde2 months ago

    They have super powers!

  50. iamafanboy

    iamafanboy2 months ago


  51. who_ theHel

    who_ theHel2 months ago

    Still. The. Best.

  52. lovelyBabab Mangahas

    lovelyBabab Mangahas2 months ago

    They're Asian's?

  53. sherry

    sherryMonth ago

    Some of them, yes.

  54. Tsunami ‘BLON’ GYATSEY.TM

    Tsunami ‘BLON’ GYATSEY.TM2 months ago

    The Lab & The Fabulous Sisters were my favorite in the WOD..

  55. Jalynn Lai

    Jalynn Lai2 months ago

    That girl at 1:10-1:15 is my MoOd.

  56. Rik Peril

    Rik Peril2 months ago


  57. Blue 'e

    Blue 'e2 months ago

    เทพจัดอ่ะ 🖒🖒🖒

  58. Clara J

    Clara J2 months ago

    Who makes their outfits? Can I get a coupon or something?😂😭😍👏👏👏👏👏

  59. I Victory

    I Victory2 months ago


  60. Storm Gaming Montages

    Storm Gaming Montages2 months ago

    jus keep tapping 0:05

  61. Dina Kanat

    Dina Kanat2 months ago

    Who knows the outro song’s name?

  62. Allyson Valdez

    Allyson Valdez2 months ago

    the shoe on the ground lmao

  63. Musa zuluboy

    Musa zuluboy2 months ago


  64. Zayn Hanes

    Zayn Hanes2 months ago

    That flip tho.

  65. Thara Maria Palabrica

    Thara Maria Palabrica2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that when she removed her hair tie and pushed her hair back that guy from LilKillaz pushed his hair back too at 1:12-1:13?

  66. wariits 000

    wariits 0002 months ago

    mini kinjaz

  67. FDchick

    FDchick2 months ago

    This routine was FIRE!!!!

  68. Zavek

    Zavek2 months ago


  69. Leona Edith

    Leona Edith2 months ago

    Lean back

  70. Faith Mauga

    Faith Mauga2 months ago

    is no one gon talk bout that girls hair flip at the end ? like wake up yalllll .

  71. Brady Santos

    Brady Santos2 months ago

    0:17 favorite part

  72. Britney Go

    Britney Go2 months ago

    ok now who lost his shoe on stage?

  73. Noela DaCosta

    Noela DaCosta2 months ago

    The best 👍🥰

  74. nadz mcfee

    nadz mcfee2 months ago

    For a show like this they need much more qualified judges for certain of these dancers or dance groups... This team should've gotten higher.. Guess its all about the hype of d show tho

  75. Aiysha Ali

    Aiysha Ali2 months ago

    These kids are INSANE!!!!! I love what they do. I loved that burn with the headphones. I also never get over Derrick's reaction his whoo at the beginning

  76. Eunhyuk Park

    Eunhyuk Park2 months ago

    They are so on point and vicious.....I just feel bad see'ing the other jr competitors get demolished. A lot of them come from rough backgrounds and steel sharpens steel when it comes to competitiveness.

  77. Amber rush

    Amber rush2 months ago

    they should have lost

  78. O Wilkie

    O Wilkie2 months ago

    Love them so Much .This Is So Killer

  79. Britain Riley

    Britain Riley3 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what’s the name of the red clothing they wearing? I would really appreciate it. Thanks 🙏

  80. Mckenzie Wilson

    Mckenzie Wilson3 months ago

    I C O N I C😆💕

  81. Zen Merrino

    Zen Merrino3 months ago

    This is the best dance hiphop ever ive watched love ya lab so so so amazing keep it up kidddos... :))

  82. Jamie Fernandez

    Jamie Fernandez3 months ago

    What was the name of girl?

  83. A maloqueira

    A maloqueira3 months ago

    Music ( the lab ) ?

  84. Kotol Tokol

    Kotol Tokol3 months ago

    The hair flip made me love them even more...BTW what ethnicity are this kids

  85. Kotol Tokol

    Kotol Tokol3 months ago

    Best of the best

  86. Eunhaneun Anae

    Eunhaneun Anae3 months ago

    wtf these kids are not human

  87. Train Elainey

    Train Elainey3 months ago


  88. Revs

    Revs3 months ago

    anybody know who the girl who did the hair flip at the end? ey ey she pretty haha

  89. sherry

    sherry2 months ago

    Her name's Logan

  90. Satyajeet Kumar

    Satyajeet Kumar3 months ago

    Where the KINGS UNITED. Please upload their videos

  91. Blue Pines

    Blue Pines3 months ago

    Me and the replay button have a very abusive relationship. Like really abusive

  92. maygie jansor

    maygie jansor3 months ago

    that flip deyymm 💖💗💪

  93. Ashlyn Berg

    Ashlyn Berg3 months ago

    No one lost their show it was headphones....

  94. Julianne Vang

    Julianne Vang3 months ago

    One of my favorite performances from The Lab

  95. Rachel Newman

    Rachel Newman4 months ago

    I’ve seen a lot of better the only thing was the first flip after that ......

  96. Wellington Schröter

    Wellington Schröter4 months ago

    Where can I donate for this crew?

  97. Emma

    Emma4 months ago

    she is so cool

  98. Keelvs TV

    Keelvs TV4 months ago

    Para sakin pag sumali pilipinas dito sa wod. Papanisin ng mga batang toh. Sa pinas kasi halos ginagaya lang ung sa ibang bansa.

  99. Porkchop Ginger

    Porkchop Ginger4 months ago

    0:36 they realized that they dead but one keep on saying that he is good lol lol lol

  100. Shayla Bautista

    Shayla Bautista4 months ago

    What type of shoes are they wearing !?

  101. Katelyn Vong

    Katelyn Vong4 months ago

    Does nobody else get Kinjaz vibes?

  102. Joe Marvin Calderon

    Joe Marvin Calderon4 months ago

    What's thr title of their music dance?

  103. Praise Henein

    Praise Henein4 months ago

    1:13 hahaha my kid in the front MOOD

  104. Dila Ates

    Dila Ates4 months ago

    Omg Tre is AMAZINGGGG😍

  105. Mariana Rodrigez camilo

    Mariana Rodrigez camilo4 months ago


  106. kristina bianca

    kristina bianca4 months ago

    so sick

  107. PIKA FAN BOY BITCH Fucking loser

    PIKA FAN BOY BITCH Fucking loser4 months ago

    Me and my friends when school is over

  108. natalie granados

    natalie granados5 months ago

    name of the song?

  109. aisha belleza

    aisha belleza5 months ago

    Who’s teaching these kids?!

  110. Donald Lutu

    Donald Lutu5 months ago

    Yaasss Logan you tell em

  111. Sosoli yacamayou

    Sosoli yacamayou5 months ago

    how does it make for there to be a shoe on stage if everyone has his own

  112. thinkingofagoodusername

    thinkingofagoodusername5 months ago

    What was the song in the beginning: the DUUUUN DUUUN DUUUUUUN DUUUUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

  113. Dalys Pate

    Dalys Pate5 months ago

    i like logan's breakdancing and hair flip

  114. Gemma Suñé

    Gemma Suñé5 months ago

    1:56 What's her name? The Lab is amazing 😊

  115. sub 2 pewdiepie

    sub 2 pewdiepie5 months ago

    Logan I think