World of Dance 2018 - The Lab: The Duels (Full Performance)


  1. Clarissa Nofable

    Clarissa NofableDay ago

    all of thier performance are the best but this one is the best of the best..

  2. javinmel

    javinmel4 days ago

    The Jump in the beginning was so HIGH

  3. CJ V0r0bei

    CJ V0r0bei4 days ago

    who knows what is name of that remix???? plz

  4. Jin Lin

    Jin Lin5 days ago

    Did anyone saw the freaking shoe??

  5. ᄋ ᄋ

    ᄋ ᄋ7 days ago

    Omg.. amazing!!😂

  6. KBcubedP3

    KBcubedP38 days ago

    I've watched this so many times and just realized one of them lost their shoe while dancing lol

  7. just rileyjane//ojsan

    just rileyjane//ojsan10 days ago

    They are all very swag when they dance but when u look at their faces they are all damn cute.

  8. Madeleine Russell

    Madeleine Russell10 days ago

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  9. Mikayla Carter

    Mikayla Carter11 days ago

    Didn’t they preform this exact dance in a different performance in July of sometime? No mean for hate.

  10. Akyrinde

    Akyrinde11 days ago

    0:04 Did anyone noticed he turned his back before flipping?..

  11. kingmob

    kingmob11 days ago

    Its ok if i have a copy of music of this

  12. ahna lovee

    ahna lovee13 days ago

    I love Derek’s reactions 😂

  13. Crystal Elk

    Crystal Elk15 days ago

    I love how this is about the DANCER'S! Not who's judging. They're the most qualified Judges to judge! PRO's ONLY! GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Sending positive vibes your way. PEACE LOVE & DREAMS!🇨🇦 💞🌐📷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌍💜🌏💚🌎🎼🎶🍂✌💕💭🎬😉

  14. Jace Sosa

    Jace Sosa16 days ago


  15. Stacy De Souza

    Stacy De Souza16 days ago

    Does anyone know what remix this is?

  16. Andra Raziel

    Andra Raziel17 days ago

    dimana beli jaket nya?

  17. Krystle Grane

    Krystle Grane19 days ago

    Cleanmixxxxx pleasserrr

  18. Lori Edington

    Lori Edington19 days ago

    There is not one dancer on this team that is the weak dancer, they are so talented!

  19. hakeme sperf

    hakeme sperf19 days ago

    When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world. 5961

  20. clarisa

    clarisa20 days ago

    i watch this everyday i can't stop!!

  21. Janeth Dofitas

    Janeth Dofitas21 day ago

    Filipinos everywhere rocking the world. Half or pure... undeniable!!

  22. Kenneth de Seriere

    Kenneth de Seriere21 day ago

    Anyone got the remix for this song??

  23. Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith22 days ago

    1:15 LMAO i love logan she cracks me up

  24. Flori cantaragiu

    Flori cantaragiu23 days ago

    Name Song ?

  25. Vasilina Vorobeva

    Vasilina Vorobeva23 days ago

    You view the dance lemon

  26. Sophia Grace

    Sophia Grace25 days ago


  27. Kxng.Malachi

    Kxng.Malachi25 days ago

    0:37 so we’re not gonna talk about the fact that Leilani lost her shoe and she was still dancing 😂

  28. I’m a Unicorn

    I’m a Unicorn26 days ago

    Someone is missing a shoe

  29. Alexa Victoria

    Alexa Victoria26 days ago

    What’s the name of the girl who did the hair flip at the end

  30. sherry

    sherry17 days ago


  31. Ashe

    Ashe26 days ago

    Yo what song is that??

  32. PastaSé RoChaeng Blink

    PastaSé RoChaeng Blink26 days ago

    Lean back

  33. Marc Chang

    Marc Chang26 days ago

    That girl on the middle got my attention, the dance, the halo and her hair flip 😅😍😂

  34. Dago Chou

    Dago Chou27 days ago

    Where can I get that hoodie???

  35. Kirmol Edits

    Kirmol Edits28 days ago

    song name tho?

  36. PastaSé RoChaeng Blink

    PastaSé RoChaeng Blink26 days ago

    Lean back

  37. Баглан Утенов

    Баглан Утенов28 days ago

    can throw off the cropped music? Please

  38. Raz V

    Raz V28 days ago

    where i can buy that jacket?

  39. Ds Gl

    Ds Gl29 days ago

    Nah cuz i seen this like 20,000 times already

  40. Shanta Jones

    Shanta Jones29 days ago

    I give it a 96.7

  41. Malinkaa

    Malinkaa29 days ago

  42. Amit Verghese

    Amit Verghese29 days ago

    0:38 onwards - Leilani loser her shoe on the floor but STILL dances! RESPECT!!!

  43. Amit Verghese

    Amit Verghese29 days ago

    0:59 you can see the lost shoe clearly

  44. hola puppy

    hola puppy29 days ago

    I love this group The Lab!! I remember them from last year & I'm glad they came back & WON!!! Well deserved 😘😍❤👏💯BRAVO!!!!!

  45. Mayar Me

    Mayar MeMonth ago

    That boy with gray hair i love him and iam twice his age is that illegal? Someone stop my disturbe brian

  46. Seline_N

    Seline_NMonth ago


  47. pet

    petMonth ago

    0:11 song?

  48. anna paulina castillo

    anna paulina castilloMonth ago


  49. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis HayashiMonth ago

    That opening sequence to the routine was so crazy. Jumping straight into back hand springs is daring as hell, and they sold it. so strong, so in sync too. Goddamn

  50. Rosa Lie

    Rosa LieMonth ago

    My favorite one!

  51. imoy shi

    imoy shiMonth ago

    they looked like they belong to uchiha sasuke's clan

  52. Meg Alojepan

    Meg AlojepanMonth ago

    Clean mix?

  53. Kysa Younx

    Kysa YounxMonth ago

    I like gray it him 😍😍😍

  54. Diamond Porter

    Diamond PorterMonth ago

    I keep replaying 0:34 This was Perfection 👌

  55. Janelle Wolfe

    Janelle WolfeMonth ago

    This is definitely my favorite dance by them hand down👏😆😭❤

  56. l b

    l bMonth ago

    anyone else not realise someone lost a shoe

  57. Amalia

    AmaliaMonth ago

    Did anyone notice a shoe came off?

  58. Haha no

    Haha noMonth ago

    Charity and Andres tho 🙌

  59. amanda trinity

    amanda trinityMonth ago

    The fact that her shoe came off mid performance and they did not skip a beat!

  60. Nat Attack01

    Nat Attack01Month ago

    Does anybody what with the headphones

  61. punsandships

    punsandshipsMonth ago

    They DID that speechless. WOW.

  62. Ravennn C

    Ravennn CMonth ago

    Logan at the end tho🔥😍

  63. Ravennn C

    Ravennn CMonth ago

    They NEVER disappoint. This is one of my favorites from the whole season and from the Lab itself🙌🏾

  64. CrimsonMaverick

    CrimsonMaverickMonth ago

    The way he landed that backflip in the beginning was probably one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen.

  65. Alcon De esperanza

    Alcon De esperanzaMonth ago


  66. Nessy Maria Rodriguez Garcia

    Nessy Maria Rodriguez GarciaMonth ago


  67. erhaboriE

    erhaboriEMonth ago

    Just found out D-Trix was their choreographer. Makes sense why they were giving me mad Quest Crew vibes

  68. divagetsup

    divagetsupMonth ago

    started to watch this everyday for daily motivation

  69. Zhanar Musabayeva

    Zhanar MusabayevaMonth ago


  70. Fatima Rodriguez

    Fatima RodriguezMonth ago

    The hair flip tho ................😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Ewbi magar

    Ewbi magarMonth ago

    so where are they from?

  72. Beerus OP

    Beerus OPMonth ago

    whats the name of the other squad again?

  73. sarahslovely08

    sarahslovely08Month ago

    Holy hair flip that was AMAZING!!!!

  74. Sophia L

    Sophia LMonth ago

    I need this song

  75. Allura Love

    Allura LoveMonth ago

    They give me chills

  76. abru bs

    abru bsMonth ago


  77. rxiicy

    rxiicyMonth ago

    Lmao that hair flip yooo I love them

  78. Brittanie Reed

    Brittanie ReedMonth ago

    I keep watching this idk why

  79. smileitsizzy

    smileitsizzyMonth ago

    Do these kids choreograph their own dances? or do they have a choreographer from the Lab?

  80. k m

    k mMonth ago

    JLo made of stupid

  81. Rudelia Nin

    Rudelia NinMonth ago

    Can you help me, please? What is the name of that song?

  82. Liyana Rabah

    Liyana RabahMonth ago

    this had me shootkethh on levels, that girl is mental tho... i cant stop repeating that hairflip

  83. Lina Ibrahim

    Lina IbrahimMonth ago

    The best everrrrrrrrrrrr👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  84. Kawaī Hime

    Kawaī HimeMonth ago

    Wow they just reached and maybe past the jabbawockeez’s level

  85. Alicia

    AliciaMonth ago

    OMFG that flip at 0:04 was INSANE! It was perfectly timed with the music. I've lost track of how many times I've replayed this routine.

  86. judz elcano

    judz elcanoMonth ago


  87. Sal Vang

    Sal VangMonth ago

    the lab absolutely kills it oml

  88. Sister Shook

    Sister ShookMonth ago


  89. A Rose

    A RoseMonth ago

    They won!!!

  90. mjordie97

    mjordie97Month ago

    I wish they would show the judges less honestly

  91. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Jennifer RodriguezMonth ago

    *I can barley walk...* wtf 😂

  92. Emily Pham

    Emily PhamMonth ago

    Bloods on the stage, Crips on the side LOL

  93. Jazz Rayne

    Jazz RayneMonth ago

    That hair flip fuckin gave me lIIIFFEEE

  94. Lexus Lopez

    Lexus LopezMonth ago

    Love that the lab came back with vengeance this year & won the whole thing. This will always be my favorite performance of theirs!

  95. mackenziefearon

    mackenziefearonMonth ago

    They are clear winners like they dance as one the opponents watch eachother when they dance to check timings

  96. Gloria Natalia

    Gloria NataliaMonth ago

    Their choreography is so awesome. Their movements are so sharp and absolutely talented, all of them are so incredible. But... I don't like some of their personality. You don't need to underestimate the other groups or being arrogant. Guys, yes you really have skill, but skill without good personality is nothing. 😅 Please respect each other and appreciate them. I don't really like the last woman in this video was underestimate the other group. That's all. Remember your skill is by grace not by your hardwork, even your hardwork is grace too.

  97. fpv_jennasbirdseyeview

    fpv_jennasbirdseyeviewMonth ago


  98. GuitarHeroMusic191

    GuitarHeroMusic191Month ago

    LOL the tall blonde guy from the crew they were dueling at 1:13 is why she did the hair flip i think

  99. GuitarHeroMusic191

    GuitarHeroMusic191Month ago

    honestly best introduction in the history of this competition so far

  100. fated to be innercircle for WINNER

    fated to be innercircle for WINNERMonth ago

    my jaw touch the floor watching this

  101. Cyra Coughlin

    Cyra CoughlinMonth ago

    this was extremely satisfying to watch.

  102. Erin Marie

    Erin MarieMonth ago

    I need a front row view of this

  103. jay2fono

    jay2fonoMonth ago

    Why she keep saying routine? Nothing was repetitive or routine about it lol

  104. Carmie T

    Carmie TMonth ago

    I would love to see these guys do a duel to this song "heads will roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Start it off with the begging of the song then switch to another aong then end it with the ending of this song