World of Dance 2018 - The Lab: The Duels (Full Performance)


  1. Jherwin Cabasal

    Jherwin CabasalHour ago

    clean mix pls thanks

  2. MiMi

    MiMi2 hours ago

    Glad to see The Lab back!

  3. Awesomely Ricster

    Awesomely Ricster4 hours ago

    Who's the dude that did the insane backflip

  4. Zen God

    Zen God9 hours ago

    "THE BEST GROUP ROUTINE I'VE EVER SEEN" she said.... I've heard that a couple of times but the others still got robbed

  5. Ikonic esme

    Ikonic esme14 hours ago

    I hope they win this season .well deserved

  6. Stray Dreamer

    Stray Dreamer15 hours ago

    Can’t believe everybody I’ve talked to about this show has said “I don’t like them much”. Like, come on!


    SHAILENDER SINGH17 hours ago

    They smell blood ❤️

  8. Tyler Feildway

    Tyler Feildway18 hours ago

    The lab> charity and Andres

  9. Christhian Rojas

    Christhian Rojas18 hours ago

    0:06 Was that Spiderman?

  10. WingedRider

    WingedRiderDay ago

    the other team must feel destroyed.

  11. Jc Nuñez

    Jc NuñezDay ago

    Dude i can't even do a single step I'M 24 THO!!!!! SUPER LIT

  12. AndyRenee

    AndyReneeDay ago

    I am so in love with The Lab. They are SO amazing!!!

  13. Proxy Lei

    Proxy LeiDay ago

    replayed that flip 10x.heck pause in the air

  14. J Luv

    J LuvDay ago

    Damnn😱😍 those flip tho🔥🔥

  15. laura arias

    laura ariasDay ago

    Tremendo grupaso, excelente coordinación de movimientos

  16. Dawninator The Third

    Dawninator The ThirdDay ago

    Who were they going against?

  17. Gea Canete

    Gea CaneteDay ago

    i need the music theyve used in this choreo pls 😊😍😍

  18. Simply J.J

    Simply J.JDay ago

    I call them the next step up 😂

  19. Pandoraspocks

    PandoraspocksDay ago

    When you forget to breathe whilst watching because it’s just that damned good.....

  20. dou dou

    dou douDay ago

    Song ??

  21. TheZombifiedFairy

    TheZombifiedFairy13 hours ago

    dou dou lean back- Fat Joe

  22. SNSD.are. Queens

    SNSD.are. QueensDay ago

    Just the beginning alone killed the other team.

  23. moonlight

    moonlightDay ago

    one word: phenomenal

  24. smerlaph man

    smerlaph manDay ago

    so stunning

  25. HezSur Narcissus

    HezSur NarcissusDay ago

    That first jump, man. Insane!!!!

  26. Cinta Ananda

    Cinta Ananda2 days ago


  27. Nytfury211

    Nytfury2112 days ago

    literally can stop watching this. So amazing happy you made it back to The Cut.

  28. DNCRs

    DNCRs2 days ago

    Logan & Tre😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Vena Dacent

    Vena Dacent2 days ago

    I'm done!

  30. Jonathan Grande

    Jonathan Grande2 days ago


  31. Rachel Boehm

    Rachel Boehm2 days ago

    Why does this have 1k dislikes??

  32. kemari brown

    kemari brown2 days ago

    They cold asf

  33. Splash Attack TCG

    Splash Attack TCG2 days ago

    I feel like a PROUD big brother for all of them! I remember watching them last year. They have all grown up so much, both as dancers and physically! Keep it up!!

  34. Jenny Han

    Jenny Han3 days ago

    omgggg they slayed the stage.!!!!

  35. Ampm 123

    Ampm 1233 days ago

    Senior dancers are shaking

  36. Ampm 123

    Ampm 1233 days ago

    Look like a movie

  37. Thuong Pham

    Thuong Pham3 days ago

    anybody see the shoe...?

  38. Eileen Ponce

    Eileen Ponce3 days ago

    I love them!! Loved you all are amazing and are so inspiring ❤️


    ANIME IS LIFE3 days ago

    I love that 0:53

  40. Ruthy Ruthy

    Ruthy Ruthy3 days ago

    Me encanta este grupo. Sus coreografías son las mejores!!

  41. Analaya Meza

    Analaya Meza3 days ago

    Am I the only one that keeps watching the beginning 😂

  42. Ed Ed

    Ed Ed4 days ago

    Boring compared to others though I think they would go on far in this competition for the ratings. This group has a large fanbase. FABULOUS SISTERS > THE LAB

  43. arble-eux talented

    arble-eux talented4 days ago

    Hello guys if you wanna see my dance subscribe my channel

  44. bioman bioman

    bioman bioman4 days ago

    i can wait the next dance of the proud of guyssssssss keeep up

  45. Gabriela Alfaro

    Gabriela Alfaro4 days ago

    This is one of the best performing i have seen

  46. Prosper Miller

    Prosper Miller4 days ago

    My favorite crew on world of dance hands down . They never disappoint 👌🏽

  47. Lexi Love

    Lexi Love4 days ago

    The beginning is FIRE!! the middle is DOPE and the hair flip at the end...yeah they killed it for real!

  48. Sharkboy Phobos

    Sharkboy Phobos4 days ago

    please tell me what song ?

  49. Juan Miguel

    Juan Miguel4 days ago

    Logistx slayed my life

  50. Splash Attack TCG

    Splash Attack TCG4 days ago

    1:15 KILL'EM.

  51. Tree Trunks

    Tree Trunks4 days ago

    Anyone know the remix to this song

  52. Cheryl Guthrie

    Cheryl Guthrie4 days ago

    You guys are sooooo AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!

  53. Kate Alsalem

    Kate Alsalem4 days ago

    Name of this song please any body know it


    Jen YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR4 days ago

    ive watched the beginning like a thousand times now

  55. Antonia Dey

    Antonia Dey4 days ago

    The fire nation has attacked.

  56. michelinho197

    michelinho1974 days ago

    Maaaaaaaan that was something speciaal

  57. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim5 days ago

    The best duel I want to see is Poreotics Vs The Labs

  58. Mingie14 Tuazon

    Mingie14 Tuazon5 days ago

    is there any clean mix for this song😭


    EDGAR DAVILA5 days ago

    The best without doubt 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Troy Anthony

    Troy Anthony5 days ago

    1 word Amazing

  61. M K

    M K5 days ago

    Wooow, great😍 And what the name of this music track?

  62. Anne Mørk

    Anne Mørk5 days ago

    that intro is so aesthetically pleasing damn

  63. Catalina Andreea

    Catalina Andreea5 days ago

    I m just going to say this : the guy who is doing all those flips is hot!:)))

  64. Mabelina Durán

    Mabelina Durán6 days ago


  65. Kai K

    Kai K6 days ago


  66. Fabricio Ferrada Martinez

    Fabricio Ferrada Martinez6 days ago


  67. Mercedes Oseguera

    Mercedes Oseguera6 days ago

    Royal Family who? I only know The Lab☺️😍

  68. Donna nickles

    Donna nickles6 days ago

    They went so hard the girl in the crew shoe came off 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Emma Dawn

    Emma Dawn6 days ago

    It’s honestly so unhealthy how many times a day I watch this, no joke.

  70. Emma Dawn

    Emma Dawn6 days ago

    C M lol

  71. C M

    C M6 days ago

    glad you enjoyed their performance. Thanks for the support!

  72. Amanda Choses

    Amanda Choses6 days ago


  73. Michael Lee

    Michael Lee6 days ago

    0:05 Damn that dude has hops. Lol Flip was smooth af But they all killed it. Outstanding performance.

  74. D'Jae Chelle

    D'Jae Chelle6 days ago

    taking some notes from the kinjaz i see.

  75. Nicholas Camero

    Nicholas Camero7 days ago

    Yoooo where do I get those hoodies! gotta get that merch!

  76. Meezy The Rapper

    Meezy The Rapper7 days ago

    i keep getting goosebumps watching this back

  77. Raquel Gutiérrez

    Raquel Gutiérrez7 days ago


  78. Alli Norman

    Alli Norman7 days ago

    Lol Neyo cracks me up. But fr I love the Lab!

  79. Ariel Pedroza

    Ariel Pedroza7 days ago


  80. Hazeyama

    Hazeyama7 days ago

    Whats the music cant find it

  81. How_To

    How_To7 days ago


  82. Andrea Nedd

    Andrea Nedd7 days ago

    That one judge that got 👆tho😂😂😂😜

  83. LaBerry02

    LaBerry027 days ago

    😲 this is so good

  84. yooo Samuel

    yooo Samuel7 days ago

    Best performance ever 💯❗️

  85. wainsley's dummas

    wainsley's dummas7 days ago

    The song please?

  86. bxby zan

    bxby zan7 days ago

    i absolutely love this dance group. however, I've noticed a recurring theme here-- that kid (I forgot his name) jumps over a bunch of people OR comes from the behind and does a big backflip. it's impressive, but every dance I watch of this group seems to have that same trick. and the other trick that seems to appear in every dance, and always after the first trick, is Logan doing her headspins/breakdance in the middle while the rest of them are dancing.

  87. Nmo 12

    Nmo 127 days ago

    Can't stop watching it

  88. AWholeNewLOW !

    AWholeNewLOW !7 days ago

    Who made the edit of this song cause its high key fire

  89. AWholeNewLOW !

    AWholeNewLOW !4 days ago

    Andrew Elam Thank you

  90. Andrew Elam

    Andrew Elam4 days ago

    AWholeNewLOW ! Insta: @t2thay

  91. Samantha Suchorab

    Samantha Suchorab7 days ago

    Fu*king amazing.

  92. Nalintha Lala

    Nalintha Lala7 days ago


  93. Manoela Norberto

    Manoela Norberto8 days ago

    That was amazing

  94. Aleisha

    Aleisha8 days ago

    Can someone tell me what song this is? I know it's "Lean Back" by Terror Squad, but what version/edit is it?

  95. yamizer0

    yamizer08 days ago


  96. dorklo ermen

    dorklo ermen8 days ago

    Doing nothing is worse than failure. 3978

  97. dorcas02

    dorcas028 days ago

    An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. 7638

  98. hi i'm haley's kitty

    hi i'm haley's kitty8 days ago


  99. Janine Buenaflor

    Janine Buenaflor8 days ago


  100. Kendra LP

    Kendra LP8 days ago

    What the 😲 KILLED that opening. The entire routine was fiiiiiiiiiiiyahhhhh!

  101. Javadi Merrell

    Javadi Merrell8 days ago

    That flip was amazing god dam how sway

  102. Amaya Thomas

    Amaya Thomas8 days ago

    Honestly the best group performance I’ve seen on this show 😭😩 I don’t know if I like them or Bdash and Konkrete better . I’m content with either of them winning tbh

  103. Elisha Warbutin

    Elisha Warbutin8 days ago

    Yo Chris needs to be a judge ASAP

  104. sam just

    sam just8 days ago

    Waw waw 😨😨😨so good 😍😍😍😍😍

  105. ashajaaronasiaaidan

    ashajaaronasiaaidan8 days ago

    Why does that kid in the end look like Tfue 😂