Women Try To Read Crazy Makeup Reviews Without Laughing


  1. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person2 months ago

    When u have run out of ideas

  2. Mandy Moo

    Mandy Moo3 months ago

    I have this

  3. Narwhal DOGE

    Narwhal DOGE3 months ago

    I nervous smile.. So say if my best bird passed away I would smile.... yeah I feel like an awful person sometimes

  4. Madeleine Weiss

    Madeleine Weiss4 months ago

    1:48 she sounds like christine

  5. daria W

    daria W4 months ago

    My names Daria ahahahaha

  6. ldsgirl 76

    ldsgirl 764 months ago

    ok I am just going to comment that not all people from "the south" have an accent. To be fair it is VERY rude to all southern people, and YES I AM one to talk for I AM TEXAN!!!! I come from Dallas Texas and I don't have a trace of an accent. I grew up there for 9 years, still nothing. I can have one though if I want to, or if I get exposed to a very strong accented person, but otherwise nothing. Please don't go joking around with accents, for it can be hurtful.

  7. ZomBiE_TraSh

    ZomBiE_TraSh4 months ago

    i just need a book of these kinds of reviews and my evenings all planned out.

  8. LadyRavencide13

    LadyRavencide135 months ago

    Cat tahirt girl is hilarious!

  9. Nicki B

    Nicki B5 months ago

    Put cat shirt girl in more videos 😂😂😂😂

  10. Anna Smets

    Anna Smets5 months ago

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  11. Alexis Rodriguez

    Alexis Rodriguez5 months ago

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  12. Amélie

    Amélie5 months ago

    Alexis Rodriguez what

  13. IH N

    IH N5 months ago

    Wtaf 😂

  14. Abnoja Young

    Abnoja Young5 months ago

    Um ok? You guys are running out of ideas extremely fast.

  15. Emma Louise

    Emma Louise5 months ago

    literally how bad is this channel now! never watch the videos, cringey when i do and uninteresting

  16. Darya Morvari

    Darya Morvari5 months ago

    My name is actually Darya :)

  17. Kelsea T

    Kelsea T5 months ago

    I was laughing until they put the mouth guards in and then was just obnoxious

  18. Lisa David

    Lisa David5 months ago

    this was a stupid video

  19. Anns Lavigne

    Anns Lavigne5 months ago

    lol 1:48

  20. liv gallivan

    liv gallivan5 months ago

    loooooove ❤️😂

  21. emily smith

    emily smith5 months ago

    Grief material below PC sweet search suspend slow rule.

  22. Sara K

    Sara K5 months ago


  23. Gina Eie

    Gina Eie5 months ago

    Omggggggggg the second one is my life goal

  24. Turquoise Turtle

    Turquoise Turtle5 months ago

    I wanna know what makeup products these girls were reviewing!!!

  25. Madellyne Rose

    Madellyne Rose5 months ago

    tag yourself: im Augusta

  26. Felicity

    Felicity5 months ago

    You have to read the reviews for the 5lb bag of sugar free gummie bears on Amazon.

  27. Michi Contreras

    Michi Contreras5 months ago

    Duuuude that girl with the cabby hat. I KNEW she had to be from Miami. The accent will never escape us, lol 😩❤️

  28. simpleplanfan011

    simpleplanfan0115 months ago

    Modern Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer.

  29. bbygrlpt2

    bbygrlpt25 months ago

    Theyre both trying too much. Nothing funny in this video. Not even the comments. 😒

  30. Litzy Cuevas

    Litzy Cuevas5 months ago

    Where can I get these

  31. bees

    bees5 months ago

    Lipsense is alcohol based garbage

  32. Marie Truth-lover

    Marie Truth-lover5 months ago

    The reviews of lipstick and the mascara were insane😜😜

  33. Angie Bustillo

    Angie Bustillo5 months ago

    I didn’t laugh

  34. Phyllis Johnson

    Phyllis Johnson5 months ago

    I NEED a cat t-shirt!

  35. Emilia Lehtinen

    Emilia Lehtinen5 months ago

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  36. MF

    MF5 months ago

    LMAO Those were amazing

  37. LilRockerRulez

    LilRockerRulez5 months ago

    the content of MReporter is so great omg!1!1!!11!!1!!!!!!1!1!1

  38. Emily fuchs

    Emily fuchs5 months ago

    Why does buzzfeed keep changing their channel names

  39. kate

    kate5 months ago

    Lash blast is now my least fav...

  40. bella mack

    bella mack5 months ago

    What was the first lipstick?

  41. Melissa May

    Melissa May5 months ago

    the girl in the red top literally have no personality lol

  42. Maya Oliver

    Maya Oliver5 months ago

    Please do this again

  43. bluepopsicles

    bluepopsicles5 months ago

    I honestly don't get Daria. I get Kourtney Kardashian. I feel like Daria is truly a mood, and I didn't see that...

  44. Layla Foster

    Layla Foster5 months ago

    its funnier when they’re negative reviews

  45. Agusta Jensen

    Agusta Jensen5 months ago

    I am shock that I found someone else with my first name

  46. Vishwanath Verma

    Vishwanath Verma5 months ago

    too much funny look i see haha lol

  47. Joeheart

    Joeheart5 months ago

    But they laughed more because the things they had to do while reading the comment and not just reading the comment this is stupid funny but stupid

  48. Salem

    Salem5 months ago


  49. Wolfy diaa

    Wolfy diaa5 months ago

    The girl with the cat shirt is so funny 😂😂

  50. MollyInside

    MollyInside5 months ago

    Can you guys please beep out swearing

  51. avalon2468

    avalon24685 months ago

    Reviews for sugar free gummy bears on amazon😂 I saw the post on Pinterest and was crying laughing so hard

  52. A Chan

    A Chan5 months ago

    Literally the worst mascara I have ever used, the wand gigantic and the effects are mediocore. I got it a few days ago and tried it today. It also smells weird like a toosie roll. The mascara is called covergirl lash blast =__= so disappointed

  53. Sasha K.

    Sasha K.5 months ago

    None of this is funny, it’s just stupid.

  54. R School

    R School5 months ago

    The girl with the cat shirt reminded me of Leighton Meester in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  55. WickedlyDefiant

    WickedlyDefiant5 months ago

    I read a review about a setting spray once, where the girl apparently got hit by a car and ended up in the hospital for two days, and when she finally went home and used her makeup wipes, she still had her makeup on. She ended the review with "will definitely but again "

  56. Megan Soong

    Megan Soong5 months ago

    WickedlyDefiant Ah yes the NYX matte setting spray

  57. z2 [g7]

    z2 [g7]5 months ago

    Why do I want that mascara

  58. TnTeaCups Music

    TnTeaCups Music5 months ago

    UGG MLMs I can't enjoy it when lipsense is involved

  59. Alexa Bella

    Alexa Bella5 months ago

    Who are they?? This is still buzzfeed right?

  60. Shayla Bennett

    Shayla Bennett5 months ago

    Please make another one of these.I tried to hold the laugh in but I couldn’t 😂😂

  61. Megan Haines

    Megan Haines5 months ago

    Oml the highlight guy is meee😂😂😂

  62. Elizabeth Lee

    Elizabeth Lee5 months ago

    Didn't realize this is Boldly. Is Buzzfeed almost done rebranding yet? Can we just stop at the 3rd channel name? ....please 😐

  63. Lola Morris

    Lola Morris5 months ago

    I’m southern I have a really bad southern accent 😆😂

  64. Charlotte Bradshaw

    Charlotte Bradshaw5 months ago

    The girl in the cat shirt tried too hard to be funny but anyway

  65. Callee G

    Callee G5 months ago

    The southern accents were better than I thought they were going to be. I am from down here in the south and y’all were pretty close.

  66. mariana garcia

    mariana garcia5 months ago

    Boeing shiat

  67. Jordan Murrell

    Jordan Murrell5 months ago

    they second one kinda sounded southern but she over did it a bit (coming from someone in mississippi)

  68. Agnes Nygard

    Agnes Nygard5 months ago

    apple adult except coach weapon mud turkey court possess.

  69. yoyoyoyo

    yoyoyoyo5 months ago

    this was the most unfunny thing i've seen on youtube

  70. Jack Bubbles

    Jack Bubbles5 months ago

    There was a fanfic-esque review on amazon for a pheramone oil...I don't remember what the brand was but it was a top comment and it was at least 15 minutes of heavy reading and there was a love triangle in there somewhere. Definitely recommend hunting it down if you have the time to kill(there are only so many human pheramone perfumes on amazon lol). Great makeup/cosmetic reviews make life worth living.

  71. Jaztin D'souza

    Jaztin D'souza5 months ago

    I'm sorry but I owned this challenge like a bawse

  72. Marisa Lopez

    Marisa Lopez5 months ago

    If you haven't read the reviews for the sugar free gummy bears you bavebt lived 😂 😭

  73. Caitlin Hebron

    Caitlin Hebron5 months ago

    1:34 i know she was raised in the us but is she/her family from poland?

  74. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast5 months ago

    The only thing i was focused on was the wierd version in the background of Alla Turca by Motzart lmao

  75. Desi Commenter

    Desi Commenter5 months ago

    Seriously? Laughing before treading the comments isn't the same as laughing while reading them.

  76. ange

    ange5 months ago

    why does this feel like im watching a different channel

  77. Sam animals

    Sam animals5 months ago

    Pause at 2:09 😂

  78. Leslie Isamar

    Leslie Isamar5 months ago

    New video up on my channel! Go check it out loves 💕

  79. brooke josey

    brooke josey5 months ago


  80. Emma K

    Emma K5 months ago


  81. Bill Denbrough

    Bill Denbrough5 months ago

    Insert: *The vine, Wait a minute who are you*

  82. Bláithín Cooney

    Bláithín Cooney5 months ago

    The highlight review omfg 😂


    SPARKLING PETS5 months ago

    who else got a fortnite ad??😂

  84. Gacha Fan

    Gacha Fan5 months ago

    I’m definitely am Augusta I will laugh at anything even if someone gets hurt

  85. lonely rose

    lonely rose5 months ago


  86. MaryAnne Achieng

    MaryAnne Achieng5 months ago

    the best reviews ever are from the people who bought Haribos sugarless gummy bears off Amazon

  87. Landry Cook

    Landry Cook5 months ago

    Lol the accents have me dead I’m from the south (Arkansas) the one w/ black hair did the best

  88. Eric Barajas

    Eric Barajas5 months ago

    Intro song plz

  89. Eric Barajas

    Eric Barajas5 months ago

    pearlstar 123 thank you

  90. pearlstar 123

    pearlstar 1235 months ago

    It's Turkish March by Mozart

  91. Aubrey Vasquez

    Aubrey Vasquez5 months ago

    Not gonna lie the chick in the red sweater completely annoyed me. It just seems though she was trying intentionally to be like all dead inside or something. I just didn’t particularly enjoy her parts of the video. The other girl was absolutely hilarious though.

  92. Amélie

    Amélie5 months ago

    I disagree about the other girl. She’s so annoying, 2:00, 2:43 🤨

  93. Gabby C

    Gabby C5 months ago

    Yes totally agree. It's as if it is cool to be "dead inside" or like the cimorelli (sp?) Sisters Having merch that says sad girls club or something like that. When you REALLY have depression and are miserable it is so annoying to see all these ppl that act or portray themselves as such because it is the in thing to do. Really gets on my nerves. Do they really know what it is like to truly have those emotions? I doubt it.

  94. Amélie

    Amélie5 months ago

    NerdyNex yeah try not to laugh, not hide any semblance of personality

  95. TeenDream888

    TeenDream8885 months ago

    lenin's cat it's not that, it's when people deliberately create a fake persona for themselves just to seem cool whilst participating. red shirt seems like she'd be chill and relaxed, not at all as annoying as she was in this video. she just needed to be herself, and she came across as stale, annoying and fake.

  96. lenin's cat

    lenin's cat5 months ago

    when the premise of the whole challenge is to try not to laugh it’s a bit confusing when people get mad at said person for not trying to laugh. i’m JUST wondering.

  97. paola mendez

    paola mendez5 months ago

    The girl who said they tell her she’s like Daria has such a beautiful smile shout-out to her 😊👏🏻slay

  98. Boston Book Bitty

    Boston Book Bitty5 months ago

    Girl, where can I get that highlight?

  99. Lucinda

    Lucinda5 months ago

    Loved them both!

  100. viryfloresdlr

    viryfloresdlr5 months ago

    What’s the name of the mascara? 🤔🤔🤪

  101. Silver Owen

    Silver Owen5 months ago

    Because the reviews weren't actually funny, they made two girls do stupid things to make it funny? It didn't work, it's kind of awkward to watch.

  102. Rainia Wright

    Rainia Wright5 months ago

    These reviews are the best

  103. Noelle Irina

    Noelle Irina5 months ago

    "In college they called me Daria" Literally IS Daria

  104. Abby B

    Abby B5 months ago

    This was obnoxious af

  105. Kelsea T

    Kelsea T5 months ago

    Abby B I agree

  106. Turtle Queen

    Turtle Queen5 months ago

    I don't like the girl with the cat shirt

  107. Adina M.

    Adina M.5 months ago

    What?! She's awesome!

  108. Wolfy diaa

    Wolfy diaa5 months ago

    Turtle Queen well that’s your opinion ^^ I personally love her she’s hilarious 😂

  109. Choj Rojo

    Choj Rojo5 months ago

    “It actually feels nice after a while”💀💀💀😂😂

  110. Jabreakit Jubawtit

    Jabreakit Jubawtit5 months ago

    Seriously this video sucks

  111. Name Alsoname

    Name Alsoname5 months ago

    Haribros sugar free gummy bear amazon reviews !

  112. Tiger9302

    Tiger93025 months ago

    the girl in the red is so boring