Women Try Augmented Reality Makeup


  1. Rosa Medina

    Rosa MedinaMonth ago

    i googled pigmented pig

  2. Girl Unrepentant

    Girl Unrepentant10 months ago

    Watching the girl pump that lip gloss made me cringe. You don't pump your makeup like that, it introduces air into the container and dries everything out!

  3. Lizzy Steele

    Lizzy Steele10 months ago


  4. dope.

    dope.11 months ago

    Nina did soooo goooddd

  5. Piper Campbell

    Piper Campbell11 months ago

    Seriously I’m sorry but Nina’s nose ring is just not quite right

  6. Pia Lauren

    Pia Lauren11 months ago

    i fell off my chair when I saw Nina with the nose ring lmao

  7. Alyssia Pratt

    Alyssia Pratt11 months ago

    Chloe kinda looks like Amy Lee to me.maybe it's the eyes with the smoky eye

  8. Mia

    Mia11 months ago

    if you’re not wearing the nose ring for the right reason aka a wedding then don’t wear it at all

  9. Jacynta Middlemass

    Jacynta Middlemass11 months ago

    Whats with the monacle attached to her nose? 😂

  10. Evelin Mcloud

    Evelin Mcloud11 months ago

    Anyone else notice that the photos looked paler than the girls IRL? Maybe it was the lighting? Idk?

  11. Emma J

    Emma J11 months ago

    Every new look Nina tries never works

  12. Elizabeth Chandler

    Elizabeth Chandler11 months ago

    stop pumping the product!

  13. ilove malec

    ilove malec11 months ago

    What is with the nose ring???

  14. no name

    no name11 months ago

    the intro scared me

  15. Cik Peculiar Introvert

    Cik Peculiar Introvert11 months ago

    I thought this is already a thing since a few years ago😕 There are a bunch of auto-makeup apps for android and iphone out there

  16. Allen Family

    Allen Family11 months ago


  17. Melinda Shute

    Melinda Shute11 months ago

    Why did Shila completely miss the corners of her lips..?

  18. Jessica West-Sanchez

    Jessica West-Sanchez11 months ago

    Has no one used a snapchat filter before?

  19. Megan K

    Megan K11 months ago

    Nina girl you have no good friends if they arent telling you the truth about that nose ring. I hope its for a video

  20. Ceara Bostick

    Ceara Bostick11 months ago

    Meghan K it looks horrible!

  21. Asha Overstreet

    Asha Overstreet11 months ago

    most of these comments are about her nose ring lmao

  22. Tricia K

    Tricia K11 months ago

    Nobody is talking about how they have no idea what they're doing?

  23. Leo

    Leo11 months ago

    Every damn comment is about her nose ring. Get over it

  24. Elisha [insert last name here]

    Elisha [insert last name here]11 months ago

    They are so beautiful without makeup. They don't really need it.

  25. Gigi Smith

    Gigi Smith11 months ago

    What a waste of a video. The nose ring thru the entire video off. I thought it was snot at first.

  26. Lara Žohar

    Lara Žohar11 months ago

    was I the only one to notice the BLIMEY sticker on the laptop? #harrypotterreference

  27. Noodleletta

    Noodleletta11 months ago

    Yeah Nina’s nose ring shook me take it off bby she’s beautiful buttttt

  28. Abbie Sartori

    Abbie Sartori11 months ago

    Why is nina always doing cringey things PLS

  29. Kitty Kittens

    Kitty Kittens11 months ago

    I LOVE her nose ring!❤️❤️❤️

  30. Samara

    Samara11 months ago

    What kind of app is this? 😲

  31. Cara L

    Cara L11 months ago

    Nina kinda sounds like Ashly haha

  32. ALLY

    ALLY11 months ago

    Y’all stop commenting on her nose ring. It’s 2018, if she wants to wear it, let her.

  33. helloout freaky

    helloout freaky11 months ago

    What is the name of this app ??

  34. yeonseu

    yeonseu11 months ago


  35. Tatiana Boukhantsova

    Tatiana Boukhantsova11 months ago

    Why is it that when i see an app such as this i think of how we make it out of 1s and 0s, instead of how the make up looks.

  36. Astor Reinhardt

    Astor Reinhardt11 months ago

    That app does not work for me...makes me look awful. I don't wear makeup anyways but ugh I don't see myself trying any time soon.

  37. Jacqui Power

    Jacqui Power11 months ago

    Omfg Nina

  38. Which Cat

    Which Cat11 months ago

    so everyone is talking about a nose ring but i dont see anyone with a nose ring? am i going crazy?

  39. Ceara Bostick

    Ceara Bostick11 months ago

    Which Cat in the beginning of the video. I don’t know her name but one of the girl has a nose ring that goes like to her ear..

  40. Joleneee Joleenne

    Joleneee Joleenne11 months ago

    Oh NOoooooo that noseee ring 😨

  41. localcaitortot

    localcaitortot11 months ago

    When I was in Japan there were tons of photo booths for appearance augmentation. It was so interesting! When I (a pale white girl) used them, they made me look like an alien; they tended to widen the eyes and whiten the skin before adding faux makeup.

  42. abbi Kenney

    abbi Kenney11 months ago

    That nose thing to much

  43. Zena

    Zena11 months ago

    I think that if the nose ring was for a video then wear it for the video (being that it is a “I wear ‘blank’ for amount of time) but those are for weddings and they usually don’t look that tacky they are really gorgeous. Like blitz/diamond bindis aren’t just wore with a t-shirt and sweats but come on she could of at least dressed up or even wore an outfit that suits it rather than wearing casual clothes.

  44. Erika Kurnia

    Erika Kurnia11 months ago

    You gals need to try LOOKS app from Line

  45. trintiy acevedo

    trintiy acevedo11 months ago

    Tbh at first I didnt know what was on her face but then I relized it was a nose ring lol ( not hating i just didnt know what it was )

  46. Deniz Z.

    Deniz Z.11 months ago

    Does a realistic make up app like this site exist?

  47. Ceara Bostick

    Ceara Bostick11 months ago

    Deniz Z. Yes I had one before and it was fun to go on there and just mess around with different makeup looks I forget what it’s called.. just search it on safari. 😊

  48. Maisie Collings

    Maisie Collings11 months ago


  49. Lay // 레이

    Lay // 레이11 months ago

    there’s an app called look (it’s by the company snow,, they have a lot of other filter apps) and it’s seriously such a good fake makeup app lol

  50. RedWolfSaver

    RedWolfSaver11 months ago

    I'm sorry. I just think if the Nath was gold in color it would have looked nicer with her skin complexion. I'm all for diversity but the white just looks weird and you can hardly see any of the details on it.

  51. Boston Book Bitty

    Boston Book Bitty11 months ago

    That blue lipstick is beautiful!

  52. Deltora

    Deltora11 months ago

    shila is gooooooooorgeous

  53. Hilly_Billy

    Hilly_Billy11 months ago

    Ok, so here is an Indian perspective about that nose ring. My first reaction was, "Why? Just...why?". That nose ring is only worn by a girl on her marriage and to wear it on a day to day basis would be so incongruous. Secondly, the one she is wearing looks so cheap quality wise. Plus it looks so funny with her skin tone. hahahahahahaha

  54. Natalie

    Natalie11 months ago

    I thought that was a NG tube..

  55. Still Just-Me

    Still Just-Me11 months ago

    1% Actually commenting on the video 1% Just random statements 98% NOSE RING!1!!!111!!!!!!11!1!

  56. Kate Findlay

    Kate Findlay11 months ago

    Why in the simulation photo does everyone look like they want to die

  57. Mattie Taylor

    Mattie Taylor11 months ago

    I feel like everyone is always mad over Nina lol

  58. Abigail Mossuto

    Abigail Mossuto11 months ago

    The thing definitely made their skin look lighter than it was

  59. Sophie Helsinger

    Sophie Helsinger11 months ago

    that nose ring tho

  60. Kitty Spalla

    Kitty Spalla11 months ago


  61. darealleelee

    darealleelee11 months ago

    Damn. Most of these comments are about the nose ring lol 😂😂

  62. alexis Flowers

    alexis Flowers11 months ago

    the nose ring is soooo cool it would look even better on her if it was like a gold and emerald

  63. Colette Walker

    Colette Walker11 months ago

    soooooooooo its like snapchat

  64. Eve Casey

    Eve Casey11 months ago

    buzzfeed if your gonna use a website or whatever in your videos at least put the link to it in the bio

  65. Alex Hood

    Alex Hood11 months ago

    hey at least Nina is being brave and trying to show how unique she is. some people don't even try.

  66. I am someone

    I am someone11 months ago

    I thought the makeup was fine

  67. Alysarine Payne

    Alysarine Payne11 months ago

    Maya's liner wow 😱😻

  68. Esther Ruol

    Esther Ruol11 months ago

    5:33 Did she just not even bother filling in the corners of her mouth? 😂

  69. Starya

    Starya11 months ago

    People, these are REAL WOMEN! Not everyone of us, in fact the rarest of us are like those instagram models and pro in this.

  70. Dilynne H.

    Dilynne H.11 months ago

    That nose ring thing really startled me lol caught me off gaurd. The color is so white, it's so freaking huge, thought she had a string of snot across her face. 🤔😕

  71. Sophia Wishes

    Sophia Wishes11 months ago

    I’d like to see this with online shopping for clothes lol

  72. Autumn Is Cool

    Autumn Is Cool11 months ago


  73. Ingrid Van Gijzel

    Ingrid Van Gijzel11 months ago

    Snapchat is shook

  74. MoPeaDaz

    MoPeaDaz11 months ago

    “I’m gonna go steal this lipstick now. Goodbye”

  75. Camille Ericka Jimenez

    Camille Ericka Jimenez11 months ago

    whyyyyy would she do that to liquid lipstick i mean whyyyyy

  76. Hikaru Amv

    Hikaru Amv11 months ago

    Soooo pigmented

  77. MyLifeAsLouis

    MyLifeAsLouis11 months ago

    Shila is gorgeous

  78. Kiana Alexis

    Kiana Alexis11 months ago

    And the girl with the blue lipstick didn’t put it in the corner of her mouth... why?

  79. Zubaida Qwertyds

    Zubaida Qwertyds11 months ago

    Nina's nose ring!!!!

  80. Emerald Mara85

    Emerald Mara8511 months ago

    I was just talking about this the other day on a video about the grossness on test make up products in stores and how augmented reality can be a solution to the problem!

  81. Ugnė Šumskaitė

    Ugnė Šumskaitė11 months ago

    lol when did they change their chanell name?

  82. BVB trash

    BVB trash11 months ago

    every comment is about the nose ring lmao😂

  83. Rahel N.

    Rahel N.11 months ago

    Is Chloe british?

  84. I'mNotYourPrincess

    I'mNotYourPrincess11 months ago

    I love Nina’s nose ring! She looks beautiful as always

  85. Persephona

    Persephona11 months ago

    I like her nose ring.

  86. 小玛丽

    小玛丽11 months ago

    This has been in China for so long...😓even in stores

  87. Catawayy

    Catawayy11 months ago

    i don't mind the nose ring. would be cuter in a different colour tho

  88. Sara Radley

    Sara Radley11 months ago

    Wow, its looks really realistic

  89. amy

    amy11 months ago

    this isn't even "augmented reality"

  90. Grace Millar

    Grace Millar11 months ago

    Nose ring looks like a hook #fishing

  91. Grace Millar

    Grace Millar11 months ago

    That nose ring doe #gonefishing

  92. Anna G

    Anna G11 months ago

    hoping the nose ring is from another video

  93. Victoria Salas

    Victoria Salas11 months ago

    Everyone is talking about Nina's nose ring but the way Shelila was taking the product out made me cringe so hard

  94. N M

    N M11 months ago

    I've seen Indian women wearing nose rings before and they look stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Nina does not.

  95. jleon

    jleon11 months ago

    Good technology that needs further developing. Their should probably be directions to recreate and pigmentation adjustment for skin tones is a must

  96. Ariel Shan

    Ariel Shan11 months ago

    The nose ring, looks fake and it looks sort f awkward?

  97. Nia Theweirdgirl

    Nia Theweirdgirl11 months ago

    That nose ring or "noth" in bangla,looks stupid with her outfit .

  98. krisisnkaos

    krisisnkaos11 months ago

    The nose ring looks like a string of snot from far away lol

  99. Bin Amir Hamnah Binti Abdul Halek F1C01

    Bin Amir Hamnah Binti Abdul Halek F1C0111 months ago

    krisisnkaos true

  100. Nita Minx

    Nita Minx11 months ago

    My lips ate that colour naturally 🤷🏼‍♀️runs in the family

  101. AmidnightGrace13

    AmidnightGrace1311 months ago


  102. Hannah currier

    Hannah currier11 months ago

    0:28 oh no honey.... enhhhhh plsss nneeoooo

  103. Kiana A

    Kiana A11 months ago

    The nose ring caught me off guard lol

  104. Elysia Charlotte Cartwright

    Elysia Charlotte Cartwright11 months ago

    Thought it was a feeding tube

  105. Lovely Lia

    Lovely Lia11 months ago

    Kiana A HAHHAHAHA same though

  106. Sp00ky Gh05t

    Sp00ky Gh05t11 months ago

    Same, it just looks so silly

  107. rararabia19

    rararabia1911 months ago

    Lollll same I was like ...? What, this ain't a wedding 🙃

  108. Cara-May Drummond

    Cara-May Drummond11 months ago


  109. Rachel Porter

    Rachel Porter11 months ago