Women Style Barbie Dolls


  1. may chan

    may chan2 months ago

    I have the Barbie with the two pom poms

  2. Cherwin Carpio

    Cherwin Carpio5 months ago

    I went to the comments to see if anyone else saw that clout

  3. denise loves to paint 123

    denise loves to paint 1238 months ago

    Shila sammmmmme but im fine now !!!

  4. Isabella Nubile

    Isabella Nubile10 months ago

    When did rainbow guest star on As/Is

  5. Isabella Nubile

    Isabella Nubile10 months ago

    Rainbow Dash

  6. New phone who dis?

    New phone who dis?10 months ago

    “Let’s be friends!” “No! Give me your bag b!tch

  7. Kara Rooney

    Kara Rooney11 months ago

    I love Barbies dolls I play school with the Barbie doll dress it up and style it's hair I play with my sister it was so fun.

  8. Little Potato

    Little Potato11 months ago


  9. Donielle Waters

    Donielle Waters11 months ago


  10. Marcelo Serrano

    Marcelo Serrano11 months ago

    [USERNAME] Che spettacolo meraviglioso! Bellissimo video! 🙀😻😻✨✨

  11. i have a new channel now this one is old

    i have a new channel now this one is old11 months ago

    let's be friends! 😀:3 NO BIIIIIIICCCHHH GIMME YO BAG!!! 😂😂😂

  12. Bestie's_forever

    Bestie's_forever11 months ago

    My Barbie has red hair she's wearing jeans and she comes to crop tops

  13. Isabella Nubile

    Isabella Nubile11 months ago

    I kinda want a Barbie doll now

  14. Dani Brown

    Dani Brown11 months ago

    Shila I’m scard oF Barbra too (Barbie)

  15. Gc 51mm0

    Gc 51mm011 months ago


  16. Emma Xox

    Emma Xox11 months ago


  17. cesar gutierrez

    cesar gutierrez11 months ago

    The most iconic toy 👍🏽

  18. P J

    P J11 months ago

    The more diverse Barbie becomes, the cheaper and less quality they become.

  19. Cactus Art77

    Cactus Art7711 months ago

    “I wish we had boy dolls” “yeah we could make them kiss” 2:03

  20. εѕρσιя

    εѕρσιя11 months ago


  21. Puggaroni And cheese

    Puggaroni And cheese11 months ago

    #funkyfresh Thumbs up

  22. yankee candles

    yankee candles11 months ago


  23. *Adina _the potato*

    *Adina _the potato*11 months ago

    I'm just watching people play with Barbie's 😂

  24. Taylor

    Taylor11 months ago

    2:54 lmao, she sounds like Kourtney Kardashian.

  25. surelyyouremydestiny

    surelyyouremydestiny11 months ago

    i have the same sweater as shila but a slytherin one (:

  26. HowToGetYour0ceanMan

    HowToGetYour0ceanMan11 months ago

    One of my sisters barbies is there.

  27. HowToGetYour0ceanMan

    HowToGetYour0ceanMan11 months ago

    The pale tall blue haired one

  28. Amaya Fuller

    Amaya Fuller11 months ago

    When they didn't have pants I was triggered...😂😂😂

  29. wthvickie

    wthvickie11 months ago

    buzzfeed needs to make a "Barbie clothes in real life"

  30. Insert cool and creative name here

    Insert cool and creative name here11 months ago

    Didn't Saifia do this with Shane Dawson??

  31. milly ess

    milly ess11 months ago

    oh i was a hardcore bratz and myscene girl

  32. Mary

    Mary11 months ago

    Bartz and my scene were the only ones that "look" like me

  33. Matthew Gladstone

    Matthew Gladstone11 months ago

    Who thinks that shila looks exactly like Meghan batoon

  34. Cindy Felix

    Cindy Felix11 months ago

    Lets be Friendssss *no b*tch give me your bag*

  35. Boston Book Bitty

    Boston Book Bitty11 months ago

    Stealing handbags is obviously how you make friends. 😂

  36. Hadi Syafiq

    Hadi Syafiq11 months ago

    The rainbow hair made Halsey.

  37. LG Hakubi

    LG Hakubi11 months ago

    That haircut was fire.

  38. Kate Loyd

    Kate Loyd11 months ago

    Yeah bitches

  39. NightWing Fire

    NightWing Fire11 months ago

    0:17 Same but with all dolls

  40. Arrow Wtf

    Arrow Wtf11 months ago

    Meghan’s doll was hella cute

  41. Aurora Benson

    Aurora Benson11 months ago


  42. Bella Straw

    Bella Straw11 months ago

    no B!tch gimmie your bag!!

  43. Celeste Mondragon

    Celeste Mondragon11 months ago

    "lets be friends" "no b*tch gimme your bag" Im actually dying

  44. this channel has been terminated.

    this channel has been terminated.11 months ago

    I clicked on this video thinking, "wow! I don't remember subscribing to this? The logo is navy blue...it must be good"

  45. rachel panda

    rachel panda11 months ago

    Gloria is goals

  46. yeri me

    yeri me11 months ago

    I got an ad for barbies....

  47. Gold Coin

    Gold Coin11 months ago

    I love Emily and Kaylin pls tell me they're here to stay!!!

  48. iiАчяєlіаХх

    iiАчяєlіаХх11 months ago

    Is it weird that a doll commercial popped up at the beginning of this video?

  49. Samantha Renee

    Samantha Renee11 months ago

    HELLO KITTY!!!😍💓🎀

  50. Savanha Rose

    Savanha Rose11 months ago

    Gloria looks like a Megan

  51. Forest Fire Boy

    Forest Fire Boy11 months ago

    I didn't have boy dolls so my barbies were always gay, and when I finally got boy dolls I didn't want to break up my girl dolls so they were also gay.

  52. Keisha Torres

    Keisha Torres11 months ago

    Theyd be a pretty dope girlband tbh

  53. MelAmi

    MelAmi11 months ago

    Emily looks like Gabbie Hanna aka gabbieshow (once upon a time)

  54. Just Another Artist

    Just Another Artist11 months ago

    I feel weird for wanting to go dress up barbies now. Oh the nostalgia!

  55. Petite Macaroon

    Petite MacaroonYear ago

    n o b i t c h g i v e m e y o u r b a g

  56. Old channel Man

    Old channel ManYear ago

    Gabbie is backkkk

  57. Ava Selena

    Ava SelenaYear ago

    Do they haveeeeeee to copy saf every damn video?????

  58. Carly Graham

    Carly GrahamYear ago

    rise accident win wxnqwdn banking mountain revolutionary peaceful phone essentially mainly.

  59. Luna- Tic

    Luna- TicYear ago

    Lmao I remember when I had my Barbie dolls and I would paint their nails and cut their hair....ahhhh when I was good at something

  60. Em Idc

    Em IdcYear ago

    I love that girl’s rainbow hair so mUCH DAMN

  61. tenshi

    tenshiYear ago

    the first duo: this is like 300$ worth of clothing, plus the hair we're talking close to 1000$ the second duo: *proceeds to cut hair and clothes and are so excited about it*

  62. Christine N

    Christine NYear ago

    I'm 29 and I still play with them I make outfits

  63. Hedhog 1247

    Hedhog 1247Year ago


  64. Alejandra J

    Alejandra JYear ago

    Guys I found I nice pair of jeans with ...... POCKETS... I mean deep real I can put my phone keys and maybe even an iPad 😱😱I know right also there on the front and back



    Both are Looking So Nice!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Simarah

    SimarahYear ago

    There the fake barbies😫

  67. Glenn Quagmire

    Glenn QuagmireYear ago

    Gigity... Aaaallllrrriiiggghhhhttt

  68. sunita thind

    sunita thindYear ago

    I used to love dressing 💖 up my Barbie dolls when I was younger 😬🤡

  69. Vic Mac

    Vic MacYear ago

    Hi I'm a guy and I'm entertained watching them.

  70. Astrid Ruud

    Astrid RuudYear ago

    Grateful approach once legislation bean diverse neither.

  71. First_Name Last_Name

    First_Name Last_NameYear ago

    Change it back to Boldly.

  72. Becca Viljoen

    Becca ViljoenYear ago


  73. jnmks

    jnmksYear ago

    could u pls donate those clothes to me thnx

  74. jnmks

    jnmksYear ago

    give them a made to move bodies

  75. Aida Aida

    Aida AidaYear ago

    this is stupid 😑

  76. Jessi Frong

    Jessi FrongYear ago

    All I could think after she cut Gloria’s hair was ‘Paramore’

  77. Kimberly Wong

    Kimberly WongYear ago

    Barbies make me think of this one episode of the Twilight Zone where this little girl turns her babysitters into living dolls lol

  78. Kylie

    KylieYear ago

    2:56 is me playing with my toys when I was little

  79. Talkindurinthemovie

    TalkindurinthemovieYear ago

    Come through princess spacebunnssssss

  80. Evan Linehan

    Evan LinehanYear ago

    They steal Sofias content

  81. 「peyton」 「satele」

    「peyton」 「satele」Year ago

    Lol I have that orange hair barbie and i also cut her hair 😂

  82. Naomi Dellwo

    Naomi DellwoYear ago

    I had dreams that they came to life ALL THE TIME!

  83. Sarah J

    Sarah JYear ago

    0:20 Buzzfeed unsolved oml

  84. Super_Sweet

    Super_SweetYear ago

    Holy crap that Barbie has a really good haircut

  85. Alissa Skakalskaya

    Alissa SkakalskayaYear ago

    Clair Van Trapp looks a lot like Ghoulia from Monster High

  86. aurora

    auroraYear ago

    my name is aurora i’m honored

  87. Vanessa Ponce

    Vanessa PonceYear ago

    Ok but who remembers liv dolls

  88. Fx Hails

    Fx HailsYear ago


  89. Mia I

    Mia IYear ago

    Pickled cheese cake fingerd

  90. Mia I

    Mia IYear ago

    Cheese tea

  91. yo -yo

    yo -yoYear ago

    2:56 for sure😂😂😂

  92. celena ramos

    celena ramosYear ago

    Shila omg same but I would still play with them but I would make sure they were put away tight before I could go to sleep

  93. Miss Merrybelly

    Miss MerrybellyYear ago

    I still LOVE Barbies

  94. Claire Bear

    Claire BearYear ago

    *points out all things barbies have always done* OHMYGOSH HAVE THEY ALWAYS DONE THIS

  95. Raven Slymaven

    Raven SlymavenYear ago

    *_When I meet people_* 2:56

  96. Reese Henley

    Reese HenleyYear ago

    And you can watch almost the exact video on safia’s channel!

  97. Ange N.O.

    Ange N.O.Year ago

    This was so satisfying to watch!

  98. Allie Love

    Allie LoveYear ago

    Emily reminds me of Gabbie Hanna

  99. abbylikesbands

    abbylikesbandsYear ago

    I made my barbies have sex. I wasn't the only one was I???

  100. Keep The Hope Running

    Keep The Hope RunningYear ago

    Let's Be Friends! No bish Gimme Ur Bag

  101. Ayala

    AyalaYear ago

    Dem Clout Googles Though.

  102. Kawaii Life 4me

    Kawaii Life 4meYear ago

    2:56 My friend got a cute Betsy Johnson purse with cat ears and this is pretty much how best friends happened.