Women Go Makeup-Free At Work For A Day


  1. Makayla Groff

    Makayla Groff17 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 all the guys freaking out omg. This is perfect

  2. Redbean Mochi

    Redbean Mochi2 days ago

    I see YB I click That easy


    REIGNofTEARS3 days ago

    WOMEN "LOVE" MOVIES mreporter.net/v/video-cFFSdRaIP8I.html

  4. Jillian A

    Jillian A7 days ago

    3:43 awww

  5. Lujain

    Lujain23 days ago

    The concept is really great,the real beauty always win🖤.

  6. Fahdilla Siregar

    Fahdilla Siregar25 days ago

    They all just look beautiful... Why bother wearing make up when you all this beauty

  7. BobbieGail82

    BobbieGail82Month ago

    You all look absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. Mariana Oliveira

    Mariana OliveiraMonth ago

    I've never gave a video a thumbs down before. But these girls all have pretty good skin, they don't look tired. It's not fair that they only showed people like that. Of course they're going to look good and feel fine

  9. Sabrina Husted

    Sabrina HustedMonth ago

    I never wear makeup. You don't need it to be beautiful

  10. Fake Mail

    Fake MailMonth ago

    4:13 lol the bottom eyelash definitely had makeup

  11. Sailing Vessel Nautilus

    Sailing Vessel Nautilus2 months ago

    Common guys !!!! U didn't no she was not using makeup...... Fake If the guy is hotter then the girls face, that's how u no she's not using makeup

  12. Sharissa Davision

    Sharissa Davision2 months ago

    how come none of these women acne or dark circles??????

  13. SAUCE_ TAÏ

    SAUCE_ TAÏ2 months ago

    All I need is concealer and powder. Without them, I just look SICK and TIRED...👌

  14. Europa Man

    Europa Man3 months ago

    These women look about the same as men. Is that a problem ? Now, if they would ditch their self-imposed high heels.

  15. Europa Man

    Europa Man3 months ago

    Only women care if they wear make-up to work. Showing up to work with make-up, a miniskirt or blouses with three buttons open gives women access to top-earning men.

  16. Noorfaiza Abdul Aziz

    Noorfaiza Abdul Aziz3 months ago

    I'm sure at least half of them are doing their eyebrows. They looked so define.

  17. H C

    H C3 months ago

    Tch one of these girls said she covered up her spots and scars....pretty sure that counts as wearing makeup

  18. Anisa M

    Anisa M3 months ago

    Makeup for me is a choice, I might occasionally wear it on the weekends because it makes me feel like a piece art. School would rarely, I don’t time manage well 😅, but it crosses the line when it becomes a choice made for you. Whether society made that choice or it’s your inner demons, it’s still your choice and no one else’s.

  19. Blair Crush

    Blair Crush3 months ago

    Jesus Christ! They all look great! Why are they insecure?

  20. Janola Bleach

    Janola Bleach3 months ago

    You bitches only wear make up so that men can objectify you.

  21. Ange Ashley

    Ange Ashley3 months ago

    Oohhh too good we need more females without makeup, my skin is great for my age i dont wear makeup im 52 yrs old,

  22. Evelyn Wagner

    Evelyn Wagner4 months ago

    Dude literally every single one of you look fuckin amazing

  23. Brachiostar

    Brachiostar4 months ago

    Can I just say I wear makeup every other time except while I’m at work lmao I had no idea how weird that is till I saw this vid ahha

  24. Meggy mushroom_art

    Meggy mushroom_art4 months ago

    There saying how be bold and be urself. And they have like perfect skin XD it's gonna come easy for them ain't IT

  25. Suresh Kumar

    Suresh Kumar4 months ago

    Without makeup these girls looking lovely

  26. Vanesse Gabales

    Vanesse Gabales4 months ago


  27. Kate Lama

    Kate Lama5 months ago

    The curly haired girl at 1:11 is naturally beautiful. Sorry, the other girls look average. She’s the only one who actually looks good without makeup. I know everyone likes to praise and compliment and say only nice things but it’s also good to be honest and real.

  28. Belle33

    Belle335 months ago

    I just love how the guys didn't even notice anything different. So you wonder why some women are obsessed with make up. Just saw an interview of some woman saying she would never hire women who don't wear makeup, coz it means they don't care about their looks, so they won't care about their jobs....pssst🙄

  29. Roocha Thatte

    Roocha Thatte5 months ago

    YB is so adorable!

  30. Abigail walsh

    Abigail walsh6 months ago

    I primarily do no make up love it always have

  31. Consuelo Cruz

    Consuelo Cruz6 months ago

    My dad would say are you okay hunny? You look pale and are you eating. I'm like dad I'm not wearing makeup this is how I naturally look. Even though I only wear eyeliner for one day.

  32. Butterfly Eyes

    Butterfly Eyes6 months ago

    I’m glad men don’t notice when we wear makeup or not.

  33. Rachel Ellison

    Rachel Ellison6 months ago

    You know it really irritates me when I see videos like this, because at the start all the women are wearing makeup and then they take it off with a makeup wipe!! Please cleanse your face, make up wipes don't take everything off. (Yes I am a Beauty Therapist and analyze people's skin for a living) :) Take care of your skin ladies!! BTW you all look amazing

  34. Camila Miranda

    Camila Miranda6 months ago

    As a woman in programming, a domain dominated by men and where few women tend to wear makeup and dress up, I tend to be scared of wearing too much makeup or look too feminine

  35. Starry Handfish

    Starry Handfish6 months ago

    Is there not a single woman in this office who doesn't wear makeup normally? or did they just not talk to her? i work in a very unglamorous field where I'm behind a desk all the time but I have never felt weird or underdressed for not wearing makeup at work.

  36. Joey Liu

    Joey Liu6 months ago

    Lol this is my everyday.

  37. Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree6 months ago

    I'm just saying why do they have to exaggerate everything...

  38. Eduardo Maxwell

    Eduardo Maxwell6 months ago

    So brave

  39. Binye East

    Binye East6 months ago

    Curly haired persian princess looks way gooder sans cosmetics. Tell em.

  40. teknodisko

    teknodisko6 months ago

    They should do one for guys where they go to work without deodorant for a day.

  41. Chaka Nyo

    Chaka Nyo6 months ago

    They should have shown instagram-make-up wearing women and then going out without makeup.

  42. Sean San Diego

    Sean San Diego7 months ago

    Im asian but her skin is just so clear

  43. Steve Ozone

    Steve Ozone7 months ago

    The response shows how much guys really care about makeup!

  44. Max Leong

    Max Leong7 months ago

    honestly, i find them all looking great without makeup. if it isn't for a shoot, date or something, they can just be bare face at all times, and it'll just be fine. but i know off the bat, there will be women who won't give up due to insecurities or that they are simply make-up enthusiasts to go bare most of the time.

  45. Sade Metsävirta

    Sade Metsävirta7 months ago

    no makeup is easy if you have good skin and eyebrows :p

  46. Yasmine Jorgensen

    Yasmine Jorgensen7 months ago

    None of these women need makeup they have beautiful features and beautiful skin

  47. madison welch

    madison welch7 months ago

    they were glowing and actually was very beautiful

  48. IzzuanNymQ Affendi

    IzzuanNymQ Affendi7 months ago

    In Malaysia, most women don't wear makeup to work, they only wear for special events or when they just feel like spicing up a bit. It doesn't matter whether you wear makeup or not. If it gives you confident, wear it. If not, you don't have to. You're already pretty no matter what. Trust me, as much as you feel pressured by men to look beautiful, those men that we are talking about are only 1% of the overall men population represented by the social media. Don't find lust, find love, then you will love yourself.

  49. William Chalmi

    William Chalmi7 months ago

    Damn they turned to men. Not all but most

  50. DwolfFW

    DwolfFW7 months ago

    First world problems the video.


    REIGNofTEARS7 months ago

    LONG HAIR - ANOTHER TAKE mreporter.net/v/video-pkoDYKJjFzU.html

  52. Richard Huang

    Richard Huang7 months ago

    They just look younger

  53. Phil Wikina

    Phil Wikina7 months ago

    Ladies have you ever considered that any skin issues might because you cake your faces in product everyday.

  54. Chem Trails

    Chem Trails7 months ago

    Ew gross

  55. mark garcia

    mark garcia7 months ago

    This proves that most men don’t even notice.

  56. AnnDaEditor

    AnnDaEditor7 months ago

    After watching all these makeup related videos i feel bad for not wearing makeup😂😂like ever

  57. Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers

    Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers7 months ago

    that girl at 3:03 is drop dead gorgeous without fakeup

  58. Zouzart

    Zouzart7 months ago

    When the girl with acne asked if something was different, the guy replied " I still love you" instead of saying " you look great without makeup on" ... #sosad #acnehell

  59. Skarra Baines

    Skarra Baines7 months ago

    God sooo many soy boys😑😑😑

  60. Naman Paul

    Naman Paul7 months ago

    Third world problems

  61. Laura Alvarez

    Laura Alvarez7 months ago

    I do not use makeup to go anywhere since 2013... and when I use it is very weird.

  62. Mackenzie Stang

    Mackenzie Stang7 months ago

    2:50 I ship themmmmm 😍😍😍😱

  63. Just Some Guy With No Mustache

    Just Some Guy With No Mustache7 months ago

    With many of these women I’m just thinking “what scars and blemishes are you talking about? I’m confused.”

  64. FAIL

    FAIL7 months ago

    Look how fascinated they are about not wearing make up like they discovered something crazy new. Only put it back on when it is Time for Dating so you have an Advantage over Men, lol. Btw. if you ask them why they wear it "for themselves" lol like someone else would believe it. Why so worried then? Oh yea and this means you shouldnt wear it when Dating or going out also. So try it, otherwise you Proof you do it for others, bc you feel not good enough or something. Ah and dont forgett Men dont wear Make up so maybe if you wear it try to compare you without make up to them so you dont think that highly of yourself which lots of Times let you think you surounded by Apes while you in Reality just an Ape with a Mask looking down on others. You may not realize that but it does affect your behavior! If you feel Beauty and good with make up, try not wearing it for a Month or so in EVERY part of your Life!

  65. Pottifar 123

    Pottifar 1237 months ago


  66. Stefan Smilkovski

    Stefan Smilkovski7 months ago

    no1 noticed cuz all of them are watching NOT your faces :P MUAHAHAHAH

  67. Nanni Galaxy

    Nanni Galaxy7 months ago

    Men will be men

  68. Muskan Jindal

    Muskan Jindal7 months ago

    That's my every day

  69. Jatin Tanwar

    Jatin Tanwar7 months ago

    Girl on 2:13 really doesn't need makeup at all she is Beautiful 😍

  70. ElMadmarktigan

    ElMadmarktigan7 months ago

    When people ask me why I think humans should be purged by nuclear fire cause our stupicity mas made us unworthly, and we should leave room for cockroaches.... Ill link them this video

  71. Lolo Future

    Lolo Future7 months ago

    I have permanent makeup so I don’t mind going barefaced anytime!

  72. Nathan Walker

    Nathan Walker7 months ago

    Their faces wouldn't look so pale I. The first place if they only wore eye make up and let their faces naturally tan

  73. caleb Schiffner

    caleb Schiffner7 months ago

    They all look beautiful without makeup

  74. π Eckstein

    π Eckstein7 months ago

    The eye rubbing thing!! So important! Fellow tired and fatigued people will know

  75. Jim

    Jim7 months ago

    Putting makeup on everyday is what makes people think that look bad when they don't have makeup on

  76. Sim Won

    Sim Won7 months ago

    makeup is more about the routine....it's been proven that it releases good mood chemicals in the brain....also it makes one feel less naked.

  77. Seiran

    Seiran7 months ago

    i do this everyday 24-7

  78. Eva Masterton

    Eva Masterton7 months ago

    this is so inspiring. I used to have really bad acne, but I don't anymore. I still can't go without makeup!!! I even work in makeup so its really hard to get away from it. I'm hoping to completely change my life and go into helping people or animals and maybe I'll be a no makeup wearing girl one day :)

  79. Shahul Shahabas

    Shahul Shahabas7 months ago

    Well this is nice..i wish all the women follow this. Ladies wearing all these bright colours makes my brain occupied nd creates a craving. now I feel like they re just another human being, so much better !!

  80. love Lovely

    love Lovely7 months ago

    They are look so beautiful without makeup x don’t know why girls wear makeup

  81. isolated_ailand

    isolated_ailand7 months ago

    And then there's me who feels uncomfortable wearing makeup even if it's a small thing like lipstick

  82. Sohaila Ihab

    Sohaila Ihab7 months ago

    They're so beautiful!! There should be an International No Makeup Day .....say Mar 8th .


    EUNICE KANG7 months ago

    I’m a new MReporterr! It would mean the freaking world if y’all checked out my channel and help me be something ❤️ let’s be friends

  84. Jesha Sandig

    Jesha Sandig7 months ago

    Kelsey was on the intro but nowhere else on the video

  85. Moon Babe

    Moon Babe7 months ago

    Was.. was she taking a poop @girl sitting w friend in bathroom 😂😂❤ I

  86. Denise S

    Denise S7 months ago

    I hate wearing makeup and only do so for special occasions. I love this video.

  87. Deepjyoti Ghosh

    Deepjyoti Ghosh7 months ago

    is this a 50% fake video!

  88. Asneh Singh

    Asneh Singh7 months ago

    They r all Beautiful

  89. lily

    lily7 months ago

    The hispanic woman in the black shirt and curly hair is so pretty

  90. Carolina C

    Carolina C7 months ago

    They should do this again

  91. kuoinc

    kuoinc7 months ago

    I never wear makeup even though I should because I have horrible acne. But I’m just scared that I will make my skin worse and spend a lot of money on the right makeup and that all people that know me will be disgusted when I will decide to not wear makeup...

  92. Zariah Samuel

    Zariah Samuel8 months ago

    I should suggest this for school

  93. Yasinsong

    Yasinsong8 months ago

    Didn't you make a video kind of like this??

  94. Ayzlin

    Ayzlin8 months ago

    Like the idea but I did noticed that everyone stood outside to film so they could have better lighting on their face to brighten any uneven skin. I guess it is hard going make-up free. You still somehow try to make an effort to look flawless.

  95. Mark Sp

    Mark Sp8 months ago

    They are all beautiful without makeup

  96. Anaya Javvad

    Anaya Javvad8 months ago

    They should be confident because they are all beautiful in their own special unique self

  97. NessZ Girl

    NessZ Girl8 months ago

    Yeeeaaaa, I’m too lazy or not motivated enough to put makeup on...like sheesh I rather use the money on my art supplies or games

  98. naomi tay

    naomi tay8 months ago

    so this means them partners didn't saw the natural face of his girl this silly are u telling me u stay with makeup even in your house seriously this is too much ,for me wearing makeup when I'm going work sometimes i don't i little pit lazy lol and this days makeup is way too much it neads artist to draw your face daily l

  99. Baby Goose

    Baby Goose8 months ago

    They all look amazing!

  100. Rani Mishra

    Rani Mishra8 months ago

    You're all Hella beautiful