Women Go Makeup-Free At Work For A Day


  1. NobodySpecial TV

    NobodySpecial TV2 days ago

    Aw it’s Vedica’s aunt!

  2. trisha louise

    trisha louise3 days ago

    they’re all pretty in and out both wayssss

  3. anarky4321

    anarky43215 days ago

    trust me guys notice when you don't wear makeup....its insanely obvious

  4. Taenosaur139

    Taenosaur13910 days ago

    Why is this such a big deal?? In my eyes, nobody should depend on makeup to feel good about themselves. At the end of the day, it’s not you, it’s just face paint.

  5. kandypoppin

    kandypoppin13 days ago


  6. C G

    C G14 days ago

    the guy at 2:36 was hilarious, he was like wait, is there another woman I can compare it too! lol lol

  7. S. DP

    S. DP15 days ago

    The amount of beta males. Wow

  8. Bk73

    Bk7320 days ago

    That one girl wearing black was so beautiful without her makeup 😍

  9. Izzy Leclerc

    Izzy Leclerc20 days ago

    It’s just annoying how none of them have bad/“acneic “ skin

  10. James Cameron

    James Cameron21 day ago

    Is this something that men notice, or is it other women?

  11. Anny Lym

    Anny Lym24 days ago

    4:14 if I looked like this girl, I wouldn't wear makeup forever

  12. Mokie

    Mokie25 days ago

    I actually don't wear makeup at work. My job has me running around a lot so I just don't want to deal with oily skin. Make up to me is a way to make me feel extra happy.

  13. Guzalya B

    Guzalya B25 days ago

    all girls are so beautiful

  14. Bella Mays

    Bella Mays26 days ago

    YB looks the same!

  15. unscrewedhorses

    unscrewedhorses27 days ago

    It’s hilarious watching the girls ask the guys the “what’s different” question and watching them instantly break into a panic. 😂😂

  16. D Mcken

    D Mcken28 days ago

    I didn't think I'd be this weirded out watching this. In my country unless you work behind a counter, at a makeup place or are an entertainer; most people only wear makeup if it's a special occasion. Seeing how strange it is to them going to work without makeup on is strange to me. I'm glad they see that it doesn't really matter and that makeup is for you and not anyone else.

  17. ShadowXSerpant

    ShadowXSerpant28 days ago

    I actually had the opposite effect, i'm one of the few women at my job that does not wear makeup to work. I got harassed by two female coworkers, trying to convince me i needed to wear makeup to work.

  18. April Sunshine

    April Sunshine29 days ago

    If men don't have to do it, I don't have to do it. That's my rule for my life. I'll do anything my husband is expected to do. That's equality. If he's not wearing a bra, putting on makeup or obsessing over fashion and shoes then I don't have to waste my time with such nonsense either.

  19. April Sunshine

    April Sunshine29 days ago

    It is totally weird that this is a big deal. I never wear makeup to work. XD I'm here to do my job. That's all.

  20. fagiolification

    fagiolificationMonth ago

    I don't get why make up is even that important to all these women. Here in Italy no one cares if you don't have make up on or not. Actually, we prefer women "acqua e sapone".

  21. Sweta gupta

    Sweta guptaMonth ago

    I m indian no make up rule is normal.

  22. Emily H

    Emily HMonth ago

    I have spots and blemishes, does anyone have any tips or ?????

  23. Ropp Rös

    Ropp RösMonth ago

    Would've never had imagined that Kelsey had acne, without this.

  24. Rachel Chih

    Rachel ChihMonth ago

    omg shila always looks beautiful

  25. BigFanOfManyThings

    BigFanOfManyThingsMonth ago

    It either proves that make-up does nothing major for you at the end of the day, or that make-up is a placebo for only the wearer not the beholder, coz its defo not meant to make most men notice you, coz they rightly so don't notice that stuff. I can't be totally bias though since I don't wear makeup except for nights out. Its not a male society driven image that makes women feel attractive, its a self confidence booster made by women in modern times. Men used to wear heels and makeup rather than women so what does that say about the times-a-changin'?

  26. Amber Creppon

    Amber CrepponMonth ago

    Guys are so oblivious haha

  27. K Lam

    K LamMonth ago

    4:10 YB still looks beautiful

  28. J Lo

    J LoMonth ago

    Most women at my work don’t wear make up to work...

  29. Kandy Kookie Unicorn

    Kandy Kookie UnicornMonth ago

    I hate the stereotype that all women wear makeup. My mom doesn't, I don't, my oldest sister doesn't, my friends don't, and so many other people

  30. let's talk about harry potter

    let's talk about harry potterMonth ago

    All these women are so freakin beautiful!

  31. lasercat

    lasercatMonth ago


  32. Angie K

    Angie KMonth ago

    Devin looks like a man

  33. Lauren Pearson

    Lauren PearsonMonth ago

    It’s actually so cute that none of the guys noticed they weren’t wearing makeup

  34. wjskkk

    wjskkkMonth ago

    YB is sooooo pretty!!😍😍😍 is it just me?

  35. Times I've lost it

    Times I've lost itMonth ago

    they all look so good

  36. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago

    Some women in the video are honest and actually not wear makeup, those women are going to be stabbed in the back by their two-faced coworkers that can blatantly lie in front of camera with a smile

  37. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago

    Shameless liars

  38. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago

    Eyeliner in the water line *pretend not wearing makeup*

  39. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago


  40. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago

    How can they lie in front of the camera like this?

  41. Niveus Amazon

    Niveus AmazonMonth ago

    They are wearing mascara

  42. Carlos Parra

    Carlos ParraMonth ago

    what these girls are doing takes courage, especially when you are young and very sensitive about your looks

  43. mackenziefearon

    mackenziefearonMonth ago

    I’m going on holiday in 4 days and I have packed everything already including my makeup so I have to face the next 4 days without my makeup which I wear everyday

  44. encanta411

    encanta411Month ago

    Is it odd that I find it refreshing that almost none of the guys noticed that ALL the women didn't have makeup on...?

  45. Taylor O

    Taylor OMonth ago

    This is goals

  46. AKI D 7030

    AKI D 7030Month ago

    They don't even look any different.

  47. Baronessa X

    Baronessa XMonth ago

    Every day without makeup....used to wear makeup, acne was terrible, quit makeup for a year, still a bit of acne but huge improvement

  48. Rupa Kundu

    Rupa KunduMonth ago

    They look so good widout makeup..

  49. Federica Marano

    Federica MaranoMonth ago

    I absolutely loved this

  50. TaRa0350

    TaRa0350Month ago

    Ha you can tell some of the guys knew right away that they weren't wearing make up but were still like...'oh you look the same!'

  51. Judy Jones

    Judy JonesMonth ago

    The only makeup I can’t live with out is my eyebrow pencil and concealer lol

  52. Tamra Lee

    Tamra LeeMonth ago

    Next, try going a whole month without makeup! Your skin will thank you!

  53. Aly Olsen

    Aly OlsenMonth ago

    YB you are gorgeous!

  54. Ida Todd

    Ida ToddMonth ago

    Who are the 2 curly, dark haired girls??

  55. zarowka013

    zarowka013Month ago

    They all have bold natural eyebrows and I think that this is the main reason they look so good without makeup. If I had eyebrows like that I probably would be able to not use makeup on daily bases. I'm a brunette but my eyebrows have many sparse areas and even though I have rather good skin my face still doesn't look nice without makeup...


    ESHBAIL GILLMonth ago

    Asian girl is so beautiful

  57. Claire D

    Claire DMonth ago

    Majority of these girls look exactly the same with and without makeup

  58. Hell Yee

    Hell YeeMonth ago

    Im 15 and I never wear makeup to school.. But you do you girl❤️

  59. Phoebe Burke

    Phoebe BurkeMonth ago

    ALL the ppl look the same before and after when they took if off

  60. Emily Lian

    Emily LianMonth ago

    “Is there another woman I can look at?” 😂

  61. A Crawford

    A CrawfordMonth ago

    They all look beautiful without makeup. I could never at least not wear Foundation because I to stop birth control and my face is going crazy so I completely understand

  62. Club Tropícana

    Club TropícanaMonth ago

    Where are all the damn hijabs at? I'm getting very angry and impatient.

  63. Supergadir Ly

    Supergadir LyMonth ago

    4:14 looks beautiful with and without makeup, didn’t really see any difference

  64. Rosie Williams

    Rosie WilliamsMonth ago

    This is amazing 😁

  65. Stephanie Perez-Pria

    Stephanie Perez-PriaMonth ago

    Most of the women I work with go bare faced actually and we're a pretty small team! I still wear make up to work because it definitely makes a difference in how I start my day (make up makes me more positive personally!), and the only person who has commented when I don't wear make up is a client of ours (with ASD), and I try to address that myth that one looks more tired just because they aren't wearing make up. It's nice to feel like it's not a big deal if I go make up less or pack it on though! :)

  66. JJames666male

    JJames666maleMonth ago

    If you like makeup more power to you. Just don't wear it because "you have to". ther's a big difference

  67. Francesshi X17

    Francesshi X17Month ago

    I stopped wearing makeup and I feel more beautiful that way

  68. JJames666male

    JJames666maleMonth ago


  69. Jasmin Talbot

    Jasmin TalbotMonth ago

    I find it so sad that women feel less beautiful and have lower self confidence without makeup. Embrace the skin you are born with and love yourself. Don't feel like you need to cover up or enhance your face for anyone. We are all beautiful people ❤✌

  70. Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane KatrinaMonth ago

    “Take it away with a makeup wipe and be yourself.” I hardly ever wear makeup…

  71. kailey grace

    kailey graceMonth ago

    they’re all so goddamn beautiful it’s not fair