Wipeout HD VR! Stomach Turning High Speed Racing | Spawn Wave Plays!


  1. Seven Angelz

    Seven AngelzMonth ago

    Standing up is always more emersive

  2. Kolin Mademe

    Kolin MademeMonth ago

    Flip your headshot vid(horizontally), it will match your direction of travel in your game. ;)

  3. Özgür Karter

    Özgür KarterMonth ago

    This became my favorite vr game as soon as I started playing it. Sony does not promote this game as it should, for example they can have wipeout bundles with the VR.

  4. cunning wolf

    cunning wolf2 months ago

    i hate they take away your perfifal vision now... i hate being forced to look straight in vr

  5. Daddy Ascii

    Daddy Ascii3 months ago

    well i guess i can look down at my Cock... PIT!!!

  6. h

    h4 months ago

    It's on sale for 11.99 on PSN guys. And it's INSANELY fun both in VR and without. Completely worth the asking price.

  7. George Tsinikos

    George Tsinikos4 months ago

    The craziest game for vr is gts! Is completely amazing.. If we had HD resolution in vr probably you didn't need to go in a real track again!

  8. PersonaG31

    PersonaG314 months ago

    I brought the PSVR mainly for until dawn rush of blood when it came out.

  9. PersonaG31

    PersonaG314 months ago

    Can u unlock new tracks, just brought it today. Cant wait to play in Vr when off work. PSN:PearsonaG28

  10. PersonaG31

    PersonaG314 months ago

    Do u have a ps4 pro or no?

  11. Jeff Raine

    Jeff Raine4 months ago

    Just got mine tonight.Cant wait to clear the dust off these things and play something decent🤞🏻

  12. Matthew Arthur Traylor

    Matthew Arthur Traylor4 months ago

    Lol. I played the demo a few days ago. Its awesome. If you thought it was fast in novice....try the hardest mode....holy hell thats awesome!

  13. mauken-dyn

    mauken-dyn6 months ago

    Fast Facing Neo/Rmx VR? XD

  14. Noside Foxhound

    Noside Foxhound6 months ago

    Looks awesome!

  15. Elkdog

    Elkdog6 months ago

    You're picking the maps that pissed me off the most lol, I didn't have trouble on time trials or stuff like that, but the single races on those two maps gave me so much trouble. I kept hitting walls and whenever I'd hit someone with rockets I'd just crash into them and they'd still be ahead of me.

  16. stoeger 2

    stoeger 26 months ago

    I hope the psvr works with ps5 when it comes,even if when they bring out a new one

  17. W1P30U7

    W1P30U76 months ago

    Been a fan of this game since the PS1 era! Awesome update 😎

  18. GoodAdvicesForFranco

    GoodAdvicesForFranco6 months ago

    wipeout and fzero where allways better in 3rd person Anyhows

  19. Thomas V.

    Thomas V.7 months ago

    Don't be fooled, the psvr set up can be really easy. In my case its matter of placing the camera and turning on the headset But i guess its different for others?

  20. ekoms108

    ekoms108Month ago

    It depends on the room. The camera shouldn't be further than 5 feet away for seated games

  21. Emanouche

    Emanouche2 months ago

    I've set it up yesterday and it was a breeze, I think there is a little bit of a learning curve where you need to do it once and figure it out. same with calibrating.

  22. trevor random

    trevor random7 months ago

    2.23 actually starts

  23. Ice_Duke

    Ice_Duke7 months ago

    Play war thunder vr

  24. droid4D

    droid4D7 months ago

    Spawn Wave can you talk about Dreams PS4 it will have PSVR

  25. urigeller Valdal

    urigeller Valdal7 months ago

    Love Wipeout since the 1st generation.. When i heard that they were makin it for VR i couldnt think of a game that would be more breathtaking than wipeout. Download day eventually came. i played one lap and was so dissapointed i never played again.. Feels very gimmicky. The viewpoint from cockpit combined with movement betrays that no real VR work has been done here thats breathtaking.. Just a fixed point of view within the immersion is not enough.. The ship layout in the cockpit is minimalist to say the least and just does not add any weight to realism. VR is about 2 generation of console away from being anywhere near 'virtual' reality. by then i'll be closing in on bein 60 finally playing games that i dreamed of since by then having seen the lawnmower man race scene 40 years earlier..ha

  26. terran warbears

    terran warbears7 months ago

    If new roll cage ( donno real name ) who wil come out on ps4 this year and if got VR do that game :D m.mreporter.net/v/video-qQBuoFN8gig.html

  27. Bastardo Borracho

    Bastardo Borracho7 months ago

    Does it work with a HOTAS?

  28. popothebright

    popothebright7 months ago

    Meh. Looks cool, but I'd be bored after a couple plays.

  29. A1M AND F1R3

    A1M AND F1R37 months ago


  30. Reydriel

    Reydriel7 months ago

    Oh shit, imagine zone mode with VR!!! :OOOO

  31. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    It gets pretty intense, but you can also judge turns much better.

  32. Brian Voll

    Brian Voll7 months ago

    I was looking into getting a PS4 Pro for Spider-Man later this year. Trying to find other games, nothing really sticks out. I’m not sure I can justify buying PSVR just for one game, are there any other good VR games on PS4?

  33. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    Non VR Games: - God of War - Until Dawn - Uncharted 4 - Infamous Second Son - Bloodborne - Nier: Automata - Horizon Zero Dawn - Shadow of the Colossus - Nioh - Gran Turismo Sport - Wipeout Omega Collection - Ratchet & Clank - The Order 1886 - Driveclub - Persona 5 - Ni no Kuni II - Yakuza (0, Kiwami, 6, etc) - Gravity Rush II - Etc, etc, etc... And Upcoming: - Death Stranding, - Ghost of Tsushima - The Last of Us Part 2 - Days Gone - Detroit Become Human - Spider-Man - Concrete Genie PSVR Games: - Farpoint - Moss - Resident Evil 7 - Wipeout Omega Collection - Archangel - Megaton Rainfall - Gran Turismo Sport - Driveclub VR - Until Dawn Rush of Blood - Sprint Vector - Doom VFR - Skyrim VR - Batman Arkham VR - The Inpatient - Apex Construct - The Persistence - Mortal Blitz - RIGS - Raw Data - Rez - The Playroom VR -... Etc, etc, etc. Need more?

  34. TranceWarfare

    TranceWarfare7 months ago

    Battlefield VR is when I'll start thinking if gettin

  35. BraveStaRR

    BraveStaRR7 months ago

    This is one of the Games I've always dreamed of playing in VR !!

  36. Robert Dagata

    Robert Dagata7 months ago

    i had no idea PlayStation was doing V.R. lol

  37. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    Since 2016.

  38. CasePB

    CasePB7 months ago

    Guess you never played Redout in VR. This looks like a slower version of it.

  39. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    He is playing in the slowest speed class in the game.


    SHADOSTRYKR7 months ago

    The easiest medicinal free cure for motion sickness is have a fan pointed at you

  41. ZWGamemasterGame

    ZWGamemasterGame7 months ago

    Really love this game on VR. It is perfect. How come i do 't see the sidewalls of the cockpit in your video. Is there a setting or did you duck down and lean forward? For me this a real killer-app for PSVR.

  42. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    You can turn those off from the options menu. You can also change how the screen reacts to head motions or ship motions (in the video he left this tied to the road, so you are always parallel to the track). You have full control over a multitude of comfort settings.

  43. Arcade Party

    Arcade Party7 months ago

    Never tried psvr, but this looks really detailed and clear (hope there are more games of this quality in the future).

  44. Boogie Man

    Boogie Man7 months ago

    You can change the view settings for a radically different feel. The options are ' Lock camera to cockpit' (The one selected in the video) 'Lock camera to track' (More immersive) Or play it in classic view mode 'Lock camera to pilot' which locks the camera outright, allowing you to pitch yaw and go upside down. The patch has 3 different styles of cockpit.

  45. Boogie Man

    Boogie Man7 months ago

    Track camera is the most 'theme parky'. Pilot cam is 'Theme Park Extreme'

  46. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    which view is the most bad ass for VR?

  47. ozzyg82

    ozzyg827 months ago

    I’d love to plat this but can’t handle the stomach churning. 😭

  48. Silvacruisa

    Silvacruisa7 months ago

    This game is a Psvr system seller!!!

  49. kraenk12

    kraenk127 months ago

    First: Game is not called Wipeout HD, It’s the Omega Collection consisting of three games, HD, 2048 and Fury. Second: you really need to switch to pilot view in the options and disable the pilot assist to get the full experience! Third: Compared to other titles I think Wipeout is actually very easy on the stomach. It’s much easier than expected.

  50. kraenk12

    kraenk127 months ago

    Jeff Fuehr it’s not under PSVR as it’s a non VR game that got an upgrade

  51. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    i wondered why i didn't see this game in the PlayStation store thank you for the info

  52. theheebs100

    theheebs1007 months ago

    I suddenly am interested in VR

  53. Regaljester75

    Regaljester757 months ago

    have you tried trackmania in VR yet? i think you'll like it.

  54. Arien Van Stralen

    Arien Van Stralen7 months ago

    I think you mean "omega collection" not HD. But whatever. I'm loving this. It was a little jarring at first, and trying the "lock to track" option was a mistake, but I can handle almost anything now. I play way better in VR and you just feel awesome. They really nailed it. The first time trying the Sol track was pretty nuts!

  55. James N

    James N7 months ago

    this is a gimmick, like standing off a cliff. Hopefully future PSVR games rely less on gimmicks and instead create games where you forget you're using VR since it's so smooth and immersive. Using cheap tricks like roller coaster simulator....come on

  56. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    I get it: you saw or played Rush of Blood and thought that was it. Maybe you should try other games such as Sprint Vector, Moss, Driveclub, Farpoint, Archangel, Doom VFR, Batman Arkham VR, Skyrim VR, and so on and so forth, or check the library of games to see that there is more than just games with "things jumping at you, extreme heights, or roller coaster simulators". BTW- You have the concept of a "roller coaster simulator" wrong if you think Wipeout is one, unless you believe games like Forza or Gran Turismo are also it just because tracks have terrain variety and inclines. Even the few 2048 tracks that have a drop wouldn't fall in that category.

  57. James N

    James N7 months ago

    MegaRayland it’s basically a roller coaster simulator. I’ll believe in PSVR once new games are made that don’t rely on things jumping at you, extreme heights, or roller coaster simulators.

  58. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    How is Wipeout in VR a gimmick, exactly?

  59. Timothy Lewis

    Timothy Lewis7 months ago

    I was going to buy it for my PSVR but I haven't really liked the series since the 90s and it's $40. *Edit* Fuck it. You sold me on it. I'm buying it.

  60. coolertuep

    coolertuep7 months ago

    Farpoint with the aim controller is really, really good

  61. The VR Sofa

    The VR Sofa7 months ago

    Your playing with the tilt on? You need to play on faster tracks and use "fixed to pilot" then you can actually see what it's like.

  62. XxTheGameCollectorxX

    XxTheGameCollectorxX7 months ago

    Best way to play this is drunk. Just tested and proved that.

  63. JAWNH18

    JAWNH187 months ago

    how do you play on the cockpit view without part of it covered? I cant seem to find the option.

  64. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    OPTIONS>GAME. There you have them all.

  65. Stephen John Hall

    Stephen John Hall7 months ago

    Just played PSVR update for wipeout.........if u don't have psvr get one just for this....wow

  66. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    how can i get this game? i don't see it in the PlayStation store i looked at all the VR games, and didn't see it

  67. ビムカナン EX

    ビムカナン EX7 months ago

    VR works well for racing games. I’ve been playing around with DiRT Rally & GT Sport.

  68. Johno Daz

    Johno Daz7 months ago

    Quality let's play Jon(SW). Really nice stuff looks like it gives you that old school Arcade feel about playing it aswell. I still think Horror is probably the best genre too play in VR but Racing I can imagine feels very immersive also in VR.

  69. Fun With The Bugs

    Fun With The Bugs7 months ago

    Hard to play this game in 2D once you play it in VR. I know you mentioned this but agree that he clarity of this game compared to other PSVR games I have tried is totally at another level. It doesn't have all that bluriness that a lot of PSVR games have that makes you think your eyes are going bad.

  70. CasePB

    CasePB7 months ago

    It's not as hard as you think. I actually prefer racing games on a "2D" screen due to my fondness of the 3rd person view. Never liked racing in first person.

  71. mhobin12

    mhobin127 months ago

    if spawn switched the camera from locked too cockpit to locked to the pilot then you'll get an adrenaline rush. but also motion sick if your prone tp iy

  72. coolsmile1234557689

    coolsmile12345576897 months ago

    This is not the game i thought it was i thought it was Wipe out the obstacle course/game show

  73. RetroNoticias

    RetroNoticias7 months ago

    You should definitely try Mario kart vr

  74. William Collins

    William Collins7 months ago

    I could imagine the higher speeds are going to be tough on your body. Your body flinches on every turn if your not use to it. I see people tossing cookies after the race. Lol

  75. MobileDecay

    MobileDecay7 months ago

    I tried Redout in vr and it sucked. Everything was flat and zoomed in. Too bad I don't have a PS4 with psvr. ☹️

  76. ZeroB4NG

    ZeroB4NG7 months ago

    If you are on PC you should try RedOut ...also has a (tacked on) VR mode but i prefer it on a 144Hz screen for the SPEEEEED.

  77. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    He is playing in the slowest speed class here.

  78. El Jokie

    El Jokie7 months ago

    You should check out starblood arena

  79. TSOmac Games

    TSOmac Games7 months ago

    If, the very first time you played wipeout, you didn't imagine yourself in the cockpit, then I'm sorry, but you don't have any sort of imagination. This VR update was inevitable, as far as I'm concerned. Awesome stuff! 🤮😁

  80. Master Yoshi

    Master Yoshi7 months ago

    4:10 the main reason your crashing into the walls is because this game is way too floaty. F-Zero GX/AX is the best by far for it's game play.

  81. chris roberts

    chris roberts7 months ago

    So I've been a subscriber to the channel for a while, And I noticed a couple of months ago that I stopped getting notified of future videos by Spawn Wave but I was busy and didn't think much of it. I went to go visit the channel this morning, and realized that I was autounsubbed. Has this been happening often? Or was I just unlucky in this?

  82. BookerBulldogs

    BookerBulldogs7 months ago

    Was playing it yesterday, awesome game

  83. BookerBulldogs

    BookerBulldogs7 months ago

    Jeff Fuehr it is dude just do a search

  84. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    how come this game ain't in the PlayStation store?

  85. Bombchu

    Bombchu7 months ago

    Awesome, would love to see more PSVR coverage!

  86. II II

    II II7 months ago

    Better have a bucket ready for all the vomit.

  87. Rite Flyer

    Rite Flyer7 months ago

    The problem with VR and 4K and high refresh rate monitors is that unless you try it out, you can't appreciate what it feels like.

  88. Alien Frequency

    Alien Frequency7 months ago

    VR just doesn’t excite me in the slightest. It’s clunky, cumbersome and just a PITA to be stuck in one spot and to have to wear a headset just to play a game.

  89. B S

    B S7 months ago

    Yeah, seriously, if he doesn't like VR, let him not like it. Why get your panties in a bunch over it? lol. I think it's pretty stupid too, and yes, I've also tried it more than once.

  90. Alien Frequency

    Alien Frequency7 months ago

    In other words, "You can have an opinion, as long as it matches my own." In the very next News Wave after this video, John also said that it's a pain to set up and you have a lot of wires. And Yes, I have tried VR, I just find it incredibly lame and more effort than it's worth. Of course I don't expect to play VR without goggles. My point was that it's not worth the hassle to wear them. I think you know that and you're just being difficult, because I doubt you're really that stupid.

  91. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    If you have room around you can move (do it all the time in Farpoint) and the cables don't bother you at all. And in the here and now, how do you expect to play VR games without goggles, exactly? You can have your opinion, but at least make is sound reasonable when you seek out and post in a video for a VR platform you don't like or haven't tried.

  92. Alien Frequency

    Alien Frequency7 months ago

    MegaRayland too many wires, you’re stuck in one spot, you have to wear goggles... it’s just a pain in the ass, completely not worth the hassle and yes, clunky and cumbersome TO ME. You obviously disagree and you’re entitled to that opinion, just as I’m entitled to my own.

  93. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    How is it "clunky or cumbersome"? PSVR takes you about 20 seconds to put on the moment you turn it on. You are playing in VR the moment the game loads.

  94. Difford

    Difford7 months ago

    If you think this was the best use of VR that you have seen Spawn, then I think it still has a long way to go. I don't like the menu's moving around because of your head as I believe you don't need to look around like that when selecting something. Edit: I don't think it will catch on as a spectator sport either because you can't control the other person's movement. I just noticed that at the end of the video. There is a big difference when someone is streaming a non-VR game where the screen is static. Great video though, nice to see it in action.

  95. Zachary Goterch

    Zachary Goterch7 months ago

    Ha, Thumper would beat the speed of this game all day in VR. You have to try that game next.

  96. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    He is playing in the lowest speed class.

  97. Tariq Yasiin

    Tariq Yasiin7 months ago

    John is your real name???

  98. Young Dev

    Young Dev7 months ago

    Super Hot VR is 100% worth it

  99. Benjamin Munk

    Benjamin Munk7 months ago

    You want the ultimate VR experience, get Robo Recall. Mind blowing experience.

  100. Mako69

    Mako697 months ago

    You need to play raw data

  101. Jock Jackson

    Jock Jackson5 months ago

    Mako69 raw data is fun as hell I just played the demo

  102. Lucy LeSeelleur

    Lucy LeSeelleur7 months ago

    One of the best uses of VR is when games have you sitting in a cockpit. It can feel very immersive.

  103. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    did you check out the jackal?

  104. Fendera

    Fendera7 months ago

    in the options I locked the camera to the player, in that way it is so much more intense!

  105. enjoi0555

    enjoi05557 months ago

    I’ve got PSVR and this is the opposite of experience I want with it. It seems to just be a gimmick with VR I need to focus on high speed racers not feel like I’m legit piloting one. It used to be an arcade racer, now it’s a sim.

  106. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    Same here.

  107. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    You need to play it. It has nothing of gimmick. Not only this is the full game, with all tracks, events, and championships, but you can also play online against non-vr people. In actually once you play it in VR you are not going to want to play it in 2D again. You can judge turns much better, asses spacing and distancing without issues, and just overall drive more efficiently. I never posted as fast times on HD and Fury as I have playing it in VR.

  108. Arien Van Stralen

    Arien Van Stralen7 months ago

    Actually, I found I was smashing my times when I was in VR. You can anticipate corners better and the experience is way more intense. I don't see it as a gimmick. I have no desire to play 2D now. I couldn't believe how well I did on the Altima track with Zone mode

  109. Jay T

    Jay T7 months ago

    I wish I made videos with Psvr content so I could share my enthusiasm and genuine excitement that Vr brings. I'll name 3 VR games that I feel made my purchase well worth it. MOSS... Resident Evil 7... REC ROOM... There's definitely more but these games have different gameplay and VR experiences that u can judge the impact of vr VS non vr. Such as the difference of a puzzle platformer game traditionally VS a puzzle platformer In Vr.

  110. JustGamesville

    JustGamesville7 months ago

    Good buddy has been drifting in Asseto Corsa with a rift since they came out and it is impressive but still hard to play for long... Still tho it looks amazing from that perspective

  111. ZDMON

    ZDMON7 months ago

    I don't have a PSVR so i can't say anything about this game, but i played Redout on PC with a Vive and it was decent but way too slow and limited, racing without VR was more fun. But I also played F-zero GX in VR and THIS was awesome! And dude the first time i did aeropolis with that crazy U-turn, i realize how insane that was and i didn't get sick so that was a plus. I got a headache trying Mario Galaxy in VR tho... which kinda makes sense. Anyway, can't wait for cool future uses of the VR like this one.

  112. TayoEXE

    TayoEXE7 months ago

    The thing about motion sickness isn't VR. I research VR, and the effect of such high immersion is an experience close to reality. It's no longer like a game. If you were in a real experience, you'd likely feel motion sick or more.

  113. Colton Zamora

    Colton Zamora7 months ago

    Nino kuni 2 on switch please

  114. The Aki War

    The Aki War7 months ago

    Keeps dreaming~~~ F-Zero VR

  115. staefah

    staefah7 months ago

    Dolphin (the Gamecube emulator) has a VR mode that works with F-zero GX.

  116. mpholicx2

    mpholicx27 months ago

    I have a rollercoaster demo for the Vive and it really can cause motion sickness in some people.

  117. Aidán G.

    Aidán G.7 months ago

    They just mentioned you like twenty times in the known today, congrats!

  118. philosoaper

    philosoaper7 months ago

    I'm sure you'll be able to finish a single track once you get used to the VR mode of it.

  119. Soul Invader

    Soul Invader7 months ago

    You should give knockout league a try it’s like super punch out in VR . Also another great VR racing game that doesn’t seem to get the love it deserves is Dirt Rally that game really gives you the feeling of speed. Definitely going to pick this one up I been a wipeout fan since that demo disc I got with my PlayStation 1

  120. El Comanche

    El Comanche7 months ago

    Very very cool. I don’t have this, and I don’t have a PS4, but very cool

  121. firepunch012

    firepunch0127 months ago

    Imagine at a higher difficulty these type of games get a lot faster, I kinda want to see some sim racers that play VR often, what their reactions might be, looking at you Jimmy Broadbent and Gamer Muscle LOL

  122. Switch Master

    Switch Master7 months ago

    You should deff do more vr videos

  123. 1970scout800

    1970scout8007 months ago

    I don't get motion sick..this looks pretty good!

  124. No Filter A Nintendo Podcast

    No Filter A Nintendo Podcast7 months ago

    Im super excited for vr to hit ita stride, and props to sony for pushing it. Well see where it is in 5 years

  125. IceBergs

    IceBergs7 months ago

    VR is a gimmick and a joke to gaming prove me wrong go

  126. Kennon Petrini

    Kennon Petrini7 months ago

    Look many people can't handle roller coasters or other rides. That doesn't mean they aren't awesome. You are the problem, not the tech

  127. ZWGamemasterGame

    ZWGamemasterGame7 months ago

    IceBergs try it and you will be sold. You never ever want to play flat again.

  128. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    Prove a negative? That's not how it works. YOU need to prove that "VR is a gimmick and a joke".

  129. Kurt Grech

    Kurt Grech7 months ago

    Same people I know who said this went and bought it after a couple of hours trying mine out. I invite you to do the same. If you don't, well, your loss mate

  130. Jeff Fuehr

    Jeff Fuehr7 months ago

    it's gonna be the future of gaming guaranteed

  131. EZ Assegai

    EZ Assegai7 months ago

    looks like Im buying a ps4...

  132. MegaRayland

    MegaRayland7 months ago

    Get a Pro.

  133. Max Pein

    Max Pein7 months ago

    good idea, support the vr tech :D

  134. Slimv3 .1

    Slimv3 .17 months ago

    Eve Valkyrie and project cars 2 on my rift are the best VR games I’ve played hands down

  135. kraenk12

    kraenk127 months ago

    Slimv3 .1 Wipeout is better for sure.

  136. Grabakr Fen

    Grabakr Fen7 months ago

    i get sick playing fps, this is unfortunately unplayable for me. feelsbadman

  137. RockerGaming

    RockerGaming7 months ago

    quote from the video. "I am just going to look around" *looks straight down at his crotch* "just checking out the cockpit" Hilarious!

  138. Shaun

    Shaun7 months ago

    Love the VR video! How about rick and morty when it comes to psvr?

  139. Andy Peters

    Andy Peters7 months ago

    Cnt i just fucking buy a vr game from a shop as im not online and dnt wat to be. Fuck psvr

  140. BobaGabe1

    BobaGabe17 months ago

    You have to check out Farpoint. That was a game changer for me.

  141. Emanouche

    Emanouche2 months ago

    I liked the aim controller controls, but the game was boring to me. :/

  142. ShapeshifteR

    ShapeshifteR3 months ago

    Yes! A glimpse of the future of FPS. With Aim-Controller of course!

  143. George Q

    George Q5 months ago

    BobaGabe1 love farpoint!