Wingstop Original Hot Wings - Food Review


  1. Kyle Huckaby

    Kyle HuckabyHour ago

    That is my local wing stop. I go to this location once a month or so. Bit of a drive from my house, but worth it. The ranch they do is phenomenal and their seasoned fries are good enough to start a war.

  2. TheCnicus

    TheCnicus25 days ago

    Very poor wing eating technique. On the first piece type (Non drumette) you are supposed to break apart the smaller most bone, allowing you to discard it and suck the mass of meat off the other bone segment.

  3. TheCnicus

    TheCnicus25 days ago

    1:40 looks like my bathroom trash can once a month. I just can't stand flushing.

  4. nick tilles

    nick tilles27 days ago

    Review the Cheese Fries

  5. fry mclizzi

    fry mclizzi28 days ago

    Everytime I get wingstop they are always so so salty

  6. 510 JB

    510 JB29 days ago

    Haha 🅱oneless

  7. Normie McNormalot

    Normie McNormalotMonth ago

    Of course reviewbrah has napkins in the glove compartment. He’s got a bottle of Remy and a stack of Magnums in there, too.

  8. You Looked

    You LookedMonth ago

    Only ReviewBrah can eat Wings with a very red sauce in a white shirt in a car and only get his finger tips dirty which i presume he quickly cleaned after the video was over. Bravo to you sir

  9. Ben Burns

    Ben BurnsMonth ago

    3:32 did anyone else get really nervous couse they thought that little thing on the wing was a drop of sauce... no just me, ok

  10. DoesItTakeGlockMags?

    DoesItTakeGlockMags?Month ago

    Wingstop wings are always over cooked to the point of it cutting your mouth

  11. Carlos Zurita

    Carlos ZuritaMonth ago

    You say youve never tried them but your fingers are extreamly orange prior to ypu actually biting into one 😒

  12. Chuck Cribbs

    Chuck CribbsMonth ago

    "...hopeless...lost..." over wings! LOL!

  13. Itzjj

    ItzjjMonth ago

    Tf I searched a wing stop review cuz I’m tryna go there for my birthday tomorrow and this guy from the memes comes up Lmaoo

  14. Ajaxx Blue

    Ajaxx Blue2 months ago

    Basking in the sauce!!

  15. MaxZilla Gaming

    MaxZilla Gaming2 months ago

    Ironically in retrospect I am watching this video a year later and it is a good afternoon around 1 for me as of this comment, what luck!

  16. milòwó

    milòwó2 months ago

    *clap* *clap* *food review*

  17. dudeitsmattt

    dudeitsmattt2 months ago

    Watching you eat those wings with an ALL WHITE dress shirt is like watching someone defuse a bomb in a room I'm standing in. Ballsy.

  18. Sean Moist121

    Sean Moist1212 months ago


  19. Sean Moist121

    Sean Moist1212 months ago


  20. Sean Moist121

    Sean Moist1212 months ago

    *Running On Empty Food Review*

  21. Salvatore Lanzilotta

    Salvatore Lanzilotta2 months ago

    This man is such a legend. He is a timeless gentleman, stuck in a chivalrous-less modern world.

  22. omgswords

    omgswords2 months ago

    Can you wingstop the Louisiana Rub?

  23. Gucci Tae

    Gucci Tae2 months ago

    3:57 when someone you hate ask you for a piece of gum😂

  24. Fernando Velasquez

    Fernando Velasquez2 months ago

    I can sleep at night with this

  25. Nathan Martyn

    Nathan Martyn2 months ago

    You eat wings like a fuckin toddler

  26. ur mom

    ur mom2 months ago

    i dont reccomend these flavor of wings i dont know if its the one i go to but it id very salty

  27. John Jr Gonzalez

    John Jr Gonzalez2 months ago

    Hilarious: quart of milk

  28. Cuck Mangione

    Cuck Mangione2 months ago

    Wings and a white shirt. Too bold sir

  29. David

    David2 months ago

    .....I was lost...I was hopeless. He must be protected at all costs

  30. 4RealKev

    4RealKev2 months ago

    Lol why do u talk like thst

  31. christopher garcia

    christopher garcia2 months ago

    Boneless chicken wings are just chicken nuggets

  32. Tostilocos

    Tostilocos3 months ago

    Only the devil HIMSELF would eat those wings in such nice wardrobe

  33. Victor Hapavenka

    Victor Hapavenka3 months ago

    Fast food Gordon Ramsay

  34. George

    George3 months ago


  35. Tengu98

    Tengu983 months ago

    Eating hot wings in your enclosed tight spaced car while wearing a white dress shirt and a tie? My God I'm having anxiety.

  36. Toucan Sam

    Toucan Sam3 months ago

    He must have high cholesterol

  37. Billie Jean and I Dab

    Billie Jean and I Dab3 months ago

    I love Wing Stop

  38. Robert T

    Robert T4 months ago

    This guy deserves a real men of genius ad lol

  39. mwmsearch

    mwmsearch4 months ago

    Will you be my friend. You're so cool.

  40. Preston Cooper

    Preston Cooper4 months ago

    Gotta leave them wings bare bra!!

  41. Talon6551

    Talon65514 months ago

    Gotta hand it to you brah, you've got balls. Crisp white shirt, eating buffalo wings in your car. Have you ever gotten food all over your shirt and tie during a review?

  42. Booger Wolf

    Booger Wolf4 months ago

    Wingstop has the worst flavors, their mild (tastes like straight vinegar), their Korean BBQ (tastes like soy sauce/salty af), their atomic (tastes like siracha and red pepper flakes). All shitty flavors or hot for the sake of being hot. Flappers, BDUBS or anywhere but this garbage. Sauce can be hot and flavorful, Wingstop prices are descent but the sauce almost inedible (if you still have tsatebuds).

  43. michail sangiacomo

    michail sangiacomo4 months ago

    I hate to criticize but I learned how to make wing sauce the other day n I had to use alota butter in it. I wonder if their was butter in the sauce.. if so not balanced enough. I don’t think reviewbrah understands how more or less butter effects the sauce

  44. yung child support

    yung child support4 months ago

    Day 1: I've been doing fine so far Day 2: I'm getting hugrey Day 3: I could not contain myself

  45. Daniel Dambrosio

    Daniel Dambrosio4 months ago

    Blood coming from wherever

  46. SamLikesFans 99

    SamLikesFans 995 months ago

    No one could ever eat hot wings without making a mess!! Reviewbrah- Hold my Starbucks water

  47. Josh Cleaver

    Josh Cleaver5 months ago

    Comb job on point!!! Kudos to you sir!

  48. Raul costello

    Raul costello5 months ago

    He's says review like he's just shit himself

  49. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore5 months ago

    Wingstop is the shit

  50. hive_42

    hive_425 months ago

    our starbucks water drinking king

  51. Jody Armshaw

    Jody Armshaw6 months ago

    what if I told you a boneless wing is essentially a chicken nugget?

  52. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza6 months ago

    Handsome motherfucker😂😂

  53. Brian Geer

    Brian Geer6 months ago

    How do you not get food on your clothes ever?? thats talent

  54. George Miller

    George Miller6 months ago

    you look like a sloth from costa rica

  55. Spankyblack69

    Spankyblack696 months ago

    Since i dont know the reviewbrah's real name, im just going to refer to him as.. Wendel. Every time i watch.. Wendel, i always get hungry and end up heading out for take out.


    YOURE DEFEETED6 months ago

    D A W N of the D E A D red

  57. Sandy g.

    Sandy g.6 months ago

    That white man tore that wing up; not a piece of meat left in sight. A rarity.

  58. Boon Doggle

    Boon Doggle7 months ago

    A king amongst men

  59. Irrelevant

    Irrelevant7 months ago

    you should've saud you were lost in the sauce

  60. Frogcam1

    Frogcam17 months ago

    The meat is very dry.

  61. Brosef Stalin

    Brosef Stalin8 months ago

    is he trying to say his opening line with as little mouth movement as possible?

  62. john jackson

    john jackson8 months ago

    Jesus christ your talking in circles shut the f up

  63. Ray Mander

    Ray Mander8 months ago

    Watching at 1 AM I NEEDS CHICKEN WANGS

  64. Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson8 months ago

    Watching him eat that in a white dress shirt is causing me anxiety.

  65. Bryan G.

    Bryan G.8 months ago

    I love their Louisiana Rub wings and their Atomic Wings. Their regular fries are too sweet for my liking but they offer Cajun for no extra charge.

  66. Decriminalize Darwinism

    Decriminalize Darwinism9 months ago

    How are those wings that red... what nuclear magic are you americucks using 😂😂😂

  67. astehlingas

    astehlingas9 months ago

    I work at a wingstop/pizzahut. The best sauces are honey bbq and lemon pepper. The buffalo sauces are ok I guess. And the wings are always juicy and tender.

  68. Ramiro Gonzalez

    Ramiro Gonzalez9 months ago


  69. dotatough

    dotatough9 months ago

    Pausing this before you eat that wing and if you don't eat it the right way I'm unsubbing and sending my shirt back.

  70. dotatough

    dotatough9 months ago

    Yup we done.

  71. coog7896

    coog78969 months ago

    Wingstop has Amazing Ranch dressing! I dip at least half of the wing in the Ranch before it goes down the hatch! And the fries in the Ranch also kick ass!

  72. King

    King9 months ago

    That intro gets me every fucking time

  73. Nguyen Duong

    Nguyen Duong9 months ago

    The internet doesn't deserve reviewbrah

  74. Enigma 7

    Enigma 710 months ago

    You have nice eyes

  75. Syd Barrett

    Syd Barrett10 months ago

    Pool of buffalo wing sauce + clean white dress shirt = brave man 👍😂

  76. Blanco Nino

    Blanco Nino10 months ago

    1PM? You're up early.

  77. James Cho

    James Cho10 months ago

    Wings eaten like a true white person.

  78. DankSome TV

    DankSome TV10 months ago

    Do you even chew

  79. Waifu_Watchdog

    Waifu_Watchdog10 months ago

    He eats wings exactly like i do coincidence i think not

  80. J D

    J D10 months ago

    Dip fries in the sauce. :)

  81. J Palm

    J Palm10 months ago

    Wingstop is good but too much $$$$$

  82. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama10 months ago


  83. Diego I

    Diego I10 months ago

    Hi dad

  84. Adriana Whitney

    Adriana Whitney10 months ago


  85. sylenceexposed

    sylenceexposed10 months ago

    How did you manage to stay so clean eating that..

  86. Muncheybobo

    Muncheybobo10 months ago

    I never have fast food but I find these videos quite interesting.

  87. Kane from the ballas

    Kane from the ballas10 months ago

    one false move could be fatal to this review this man might be Jesus

  88. Felipe Orozco

    Felipe Orozco10 months ago

    Can you review Buffalo Wild Wings ?

  89. salamander child

    salamander child10 months ago

    I just had the intrusive idea of reviewbruh reviewing different drugs while on them.

  90. SmokeDef007

    SmokeDef00710 months ago


  91. The Garbageman

    The Garbageman10 months ago

    That neon orange would've destroyed that shirt

  92. Michael Storm

    Michael Storm10 months ago

    I'm surprised you drive a modern vehicle I think a car that was made in the late 1950s through the mid-1960s would suit you better

  93. Prod. BLXNT

    Prod. BLXNT10 months ago

    Dearest Reviewbrah, As I have been watching your videos for quite some time I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied than hearing you say “sauciness.” I hear it in my dreams and sometimes i feel your presence anytime I eat anything with sauce. I truly believe you are God and I will forever worship you. Best Wishes, Me

  94. Camarie Kear

    Camarie Kear10 months ago

    Btw your a legend for not getting sauce on your white t ☺

  95. Camarie Kear

    Camarie Kear10 months ago

    Review wingstop fries 😀

  96. Henry Teccsi

    Henry Teccsi10 months ago

    Who here wants to learn about God?

  97. LeXxX

    LeXxX10 months ago

    I love the tie, I have one just like it ...

  98. Scary Time

    Scary Time10 months ago

    long finger nails bro you look effeminate

  99. It's Eboni

    It's Eboni11 months ago

    I'm mad now 😭 Cravings. His eyes look nice here

  100. OutTheCutD2x GGs

    OutTheCutD2x GGs11 months ago

    Reviewbrah task force here any ways protec this man at all costs

  101. Llll Ooo

    Llll Ooo11 months ago

    He ate that wing so carefully. Lol. Ima caveman with mine. white shirt and beard all fucked up after a bite

  102. Alfaramz3

    Alfaramz311 months ago

    I'm honestly in love with you. If you're ever looking for love... I'm here.