Wingstop Original Hot Wings - Food Review


  1. donnie brasco

    donnie brasco8 days ago

    He's says review like he's just shit himself

  2. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore13 days ago

    Wingstop is the shit

  3. greyrounds

    greyrounds21 day ago

    our starbucks water drinking king

  4. Jody Armshaw

    Jody Armshaw25 days ago

    what if I told you a boneless wing is essentially a chicken nugget?

  5. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza25 days ago

    Handsome motherfucker😂😂

  6. Brian Geer

    Brian GeerMonth ago

    How do you not get food on your clothes ever?? thats talent

  7. George Miller

    George MillerMonth ago

    you look like a sloth from costa rica

  8. Spankyblack69

    Spankyblack69Month ago

    Since i dont know the reviewbrah's real name, im just going to refer to him as.. Wendel. Every time i watch.. Wendel, i always get hungry and end up heading out for take out.



    D A W N of the D E A D red

  10. Sandy g.

    Sandy g.Month ago

    That white man tore that wing up; not a piece of meat left in sight. A rarity.

  11. Boon Doggle

    Boon DoggleMonth ago

    A king amongst men

  12. Irrelevant

    Irrelevant2 months ago

    you should've saud you were lost in the sauce

  13. Lodgedpuppet23

    Lodgedpuppet232 months ago

    The meat is very dry.

  14. Brosef Stalin

    Brosef Stalin2 months ago

    is he trying to say his opening line with as little mouth movement as possible?

  15. john jackson

    john jackson2 months ago

    Jesus christ your talking in circles shut the f up

  16. Ray Mander

    Ray Mander2 months ago

    Watching at 1 AM I NEEDS CHICKEN WANGS

  17. Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson3 months ago

    Watching him eat that in a white dress shirt is causing me anxiety.

  18. Bryan G.

    Bryan G.3 months ago

    I love their Louisiana Rub wings and their Atomic Wings. Their regular fries are too sweet for my liking but they offer Cajun for no extra charge.

  19. Decriminalize Darwinism

    Decriminalize Darwinism3 months ago

    How are those wings that red... what nuclear magic are you americucks using 😂😂😂

  20. astehlingas

    astehlingas3 months ago

    I work at a wingstop/pizzahut. The best sauces are honey bbq and lemon pepper. The buffalo sauces are ok I guess. And the wings are always juicy and tender.

  21. Ramiro Gonzalez

    Ramiro Gonzalez4 months ago


  22. dotatough

    dotatough4 months ago

    Pausing this before you eat that wing and if you don't eat it the right way I'm unsubbing and sending my shirt back.

  23. dotatough

    dotatough4 months ago

    Yup we done.

  24. coog7896

    coog78964 months ago

    Wingstop has Amazing Ranch dressing! I dip at least half of the wing in the Ranch before it goes down the hatch! And the fries in the Ranch also kick ass!

  25. King

    King4 months ago

    That intro gets me every fucking time

  26. Nguyen Duong

    Nguyen Duong4 months ago

    The internet doesn't deserve reviewbrah

  27. Darius S Collins

    Darius S Collins4 months ago

    You have nice eyes

  28. Syd Barrett

    Syd Barrett4 months ago

    Pool of buffalo wing sauce + clean white dress shirt = brave man 👍😂

  29. Blanco Nino

    Blanco Nino4 months ago

    1PM? You're up early.

  30. James Cho

    James Cho4 months ago

    Wings eaten like a true white person.

  31. DankSome TV

    DankSome TV5 months ago

    Do you even chew

  32. Perinaut

    Perinaut5 months ago

    He eats wings exactly like i do coincidence i think not

  33. J D

    J D5 months ago

    Dip fries in the sauce. :)

  34. J Palm

    J Palm5 months ago

    Wingstop is good but too much $$$$$

  35. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama5 months ago


  36. Diego I

    Diego I5 months ago

    Hi dad

  37. Adriana Whitney

    Adriana Whitney5 months ago


  38. sylenceexposed

    sylenceexposed5 months ago

    How did you manage to stay so clean eating that..

  39. Muncheybobo

    Muncheybobo5 months ago

    I never have fast food but I find these videos quite interesting.

  40. Kane from the ballas

    Kane from the ballas5 months ago

    one false move could be fatal to this review this man might be Jesus

  41. Felipe Orozco

    Felipe Orozco5 months ago

    Can you review Buffalo Wild Wings ?

  42. salamander child

    salamander child5 months ago

    I just had the intrusive idea of reviewbruh reviewing different drugs while on them.

  43. SmokeDef007

    SmokeDef0075 months ago


  44. Black Kang

    Black Kang5 months ago

    Someone needs to teach you how to eat a wing.

  45. The Garbageman

    The Garbageman5 months ago

    That neon orange would've destroyed that shirt

  46. Michael Storm

    Michael Storm5 months ago

    I'm surprised you drive a modern vehicle I think a car that was made in the late 1950s through the mid-1960s would suit you better

  47. Prod. BLXNT

    Prod. BLXNT5 months ago

    Dearest Reviewbrah, As I have been watching your videos for quite some time I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied than hearing you say “sauciness.” I hear it in my dreams and sometimes i feel your presence anytime I eat anything with sauce. I truly believe you are God and I will forever worship you. Best Wishes, Me

  48. Camarie Kear

    Camarie Kear5 months ago

    Btw your a legend for not getting sauce on your white t ☺

  49. Camarie Kear

    Camarie Kear5 months ago

    Review wingstop fries 😀

  50. Henry Teccsi

    Henry Teccsi5 months ago

    Who here wants to learn about God?

  51. 6LeXXX

    6LeXXX5 months ago

    I love the tie, I have one just like it ...

  52. kyle stewart

    kyle stewart5 months ago

    long finger nails bro you look effeminate

  53. It's Eboni

    It's Eboni5 months ago

    I'm mad now 😭 Cravings. His eyes look nice here

  54. OutTheCutD2x GGs

    OutTheCutD2x GGs5 months ago

    Reviewbrah task force here any ways protec this man at all costs

  55. Llll Ooo

    Llll Ooo5 months ago

    He ate that wing so carefully. Lol. Ima caveman with mine. white shirt and beard all fucked up after a bite

  56. Alfaramz3

    Alfaramz35 months ago

    I'm honestly in love with you. If you're ever looking for love... I'm here.

  57. The Capuchin King

    The Capuchin King6 months ago

    I'm so curious to know what this man looks like without the slicked back hair

  58. Justin Gomez

    Justin Gomez6 months ago

    I wanted wings tonight but didn't get any... so now I'm watching every instance of reviewbrah enjoying the wings that eluded me to satisfy my soul.

  59. Brice Grajales

    Brice Grajales6 months ago

    And yet not one fucking stain

  60. Kermit of Rivia

    Kermit of Rivia6 months ago

    Ha, what a wuss bro! Should've tried the ghost pepper showered wings. They'll def give a dude actual flying wings like RedBull (ha, if only).

  61. FordEdge Fan

    FordEdge Fan6 months ago

    Straight savage

  62. Dominique Ballou

    Dominique Ballou6 months ago

    Winghouse and Buffalo Wild Wings are best wings in FL, Orlando

  63. rick piquette

    rick piquette6 months ago

    I cant eat anything without getting food all over my shirt plate. How doooo you keep your outfit so clean.

  64. LawnJohnSilver

    LawnJohnSilver6 months ago

    The only wings I don’t mind getting ripped off for

  65. Bryant Anderson

    Bryant Anderson6 months ago

    You look like a mole rat

  66. The RC

    The RC6 months ago

    You haven’t had wings until you come to Buffalo, ReviewBrah. Please, come here. I’ll treat you.

  67. R A Z I E L 6 6 6

    R A Z I E L 6 6 66 months ago

    ReviewBraH is the new commander!!!

  68. Captain Davy Jones

    Captain Davy Jones6 months ago


  69. Mr. Rage

    Mr. Rage6 months ago

    I think he liked the sauce!!!

  70. Scary Eyeball

    Scary Eyeball6 months ago

    you are brave, eating buffalo wings, in the car, with a white dress shirt. didn't even tuck a napkin in. bravo.

  71. Topaz Thetopaz

    Topaz Thetopaz6 months ago

    Don’t get any of that on ur suit😂

  72. Joe C

    Joe C6 months ago


  73. Jackman LeBlanc

    Jackman LeBlanc6 months ago

    I really think I must be crazy. I love wings, but I hate my local Wingstop. Both the wings and the fries. Everyone else seems to love them, but I personally can't stand them and I don't know why. My favorite wings come from Buffalo Wild Wings and Albertsons honestly. I'll try the Wingstop around here one more time. I'll give it one last chance to impress me since you gave it such a positive review.

  74. Chris G

    Chris G6 months ago

    Ok. Guess I'm driving to Wingstop now.

  75. CrimeFightin'Corn

    CrimeFightin'Corn6 months ago

    Stop making me so hungry at 5am you lord of sheep and chickens

  76. Mr061099

    Mr0610996 months ago

    The fact that he ate Wingstop hot wings with a white shirt and didn't get one stain just proves once again that he's God.

  77. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith6 months ago

    Try their fries...they are very good for a wing place

  78. poison pixie

    poison pixie6 months ago

    I would have got that sauce all over me

  79. christian Lemonade

    christian Lemonade6 months ago

    I like this guy(no homo)

  80. Mohammed Helmy

    Mohammed Helmy6 months ago

    reviewbrah never chews his food O_O

  81. My Hot Stream

    My Hot Stream6 months ago

    How you can do that without making a mess of that shirt, that's a skill ;)

  82. Lewis1Motion

    Lewis1Motion6 months ago


  83. djburst

    djburst6 months ago

    It has to be asked: are you a drums or a flats man?

  84. Cthulhu’s Abode

    Cthulhu’s Abode6 months ago

    Man, those look goooood

  85. Savage tiger 21

    Savage tiger 216 months ago

    He bits like he has no teeth

  86. Jason Magana

    Jason Magana6 months ago

    What are they called

  87. Ich bin gaxly

    Ich bin gaxly6 months ago

    He is the stereotype of a white guy eating chicken wings

  88. jayson r

    jayson r6 months ago

    You look like a gay zebra

  89. bull frogger

    bull frogger6 months ago

    How do you do it ? I would have to get naked to eat those in my car . Hmmmm . I wonder .

  90. Gypsyblood777

    Gypsyblood7776 months ago

    I become more celebate every one of these videos I watch.

  91. YPeezy

    YPeezy6 months ago

    8.6 lol

  92. luke rossi

    luke rossi7 months ago

    That's definitely a Prius

  93. Untamed Essence

    Untamed Essence7 months ago

    It is of major importance that one simply lets the wings bask in the sauce, as if you drown them in the sauce, the wings will become lost in the sauce.

  94. godzilla932

    godzilla9327 months ago

    Are you an alien ? How do ya eat stuff like this without getting food all over yourself ?

  95. a

    a7 months ago

    You never finish a meal on camera. After you finish filming a review, do you finish the meal? Also, do you have a workout regiment?

  96. SterrShow

    SterrShow7 months ago

    He throws it out No, he doesn't exercise

  97. Daniel Conklin

    Daniel Conklin7 months ago

    First there was Bob Ross...Now, there's Review Brah!!!! 🤘😁🤘

  98. • Myriado

    • Myriado7 months ago

    The way he grabs his food just pisses me off...

  99. E 5150

    E 51507 months ago

    Are you on Xanax?

  100. Caleb Youngblood

    Caleb Youngblood7 months ago

    He's so high

  101. Joey Delvalle

    Joey Delvalle7 months ago

    Eating chicken extra white

  102. Keepers Of Flow

    Keepers Of Flow7 months ago

    Bring a quart of milk with you hehe