Will This Trick Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


  1. helen wigg

    helen wigg3 hours ago

    i can't hear it if you keep speaking!!!!

  2. Nguyên Nguyên

    Nguyên NguyênDay ago

    Is my brain too fast that I cant gear voice

  3. Nguyên Nguyên

    Nguyên NguyênDay ago

    I dont hear any voicr

  4. Adrienn Pinter

    Adrienn Pinter3 days ago

    1:50 the sound of silence

  5. Jacky Manky

    Jacky Manky4 days ago

    That talking piano scared me jeez

  6. Nikola Hajdukovic

    Nikola Hajdukovic5 days ago

    I only know a bit of the song and I here the singer then but in the part I don’t know it’s a digital piano

  7. ferniarex

    ferniarex6 days ago

    1:26 i think the screen shaking when landing makes you hear something..

  8. LilyPlayzGamez

    LilyPlayzGamez7 days ago

    That speaking piano is demonic.

  9. NoobGod132

    NoobGod1327 days ago

    Clearly it is not a illusion but years of listening to the memes

  10. mossy1

    mossy18 days ago

    "Does this sound like its doing a thing?" -CONTINUES TO TALK OVER EVERY THING.

  11. Ken V.

    Ken V.8 days ago

    I really like this video and have watched it multiple times. The only downside is there is very little time to listen to an example before the the voice-over kicks back in and ruins the example. Good stuff though.

  12. Gabe

    Gabe8 days ago

    i didnt hear all star... im using airpods

  13. Annoyin’ Banana

    Annoyin’ Banana8 days ago

    I hear Laurel

  14. lol lol

    lol lol9 days ago

    somebody once told me

  15. Leah Osborne

    Leah Osborne9 days ago

    Look up the talking piano

  16. Your Boii Grey

    Your Boii Grey10 days ago

    Bug bang theory outro

  17. Angel x Demon

    Angel x Demon11 days ago

    Who new I'd learn something from an "All-star" video.

  18. Squivv

    Squivv12 days ago

    All I heard was someone slamming their face on the piano

  19. Mr BluFinz

    Mr BluFinz13 days ago

    ❌Ear rape❌

  20. Similian

    Similian13 days ago

    That speaking piano is creepy af

  21. Tyson Williams

    Tyson Williams14 days ago

    Not really an illusion is it?

  22. lesley hernandez

    lesley hernandez14 days ago

    that cough scared me so bad lmaooo i had the volume all the way up in my earbuds

  23. Marlik Sullivan

    Marlik Sullivan14 days ago


  24. Ethan G

    Ethan G14 days ago

    That's so fake

  25. Thatrobloxguy 90

    Thatrobloxguy 9015 days ago

    It’s just a piano

  26. Agent 7

    Agent 715 days ago


  27. The Joshywatt

    The Joshywatt15 days ago

    Glad he chose the national anthem as the first midi example.

  28. ChellCellys

    ChellCellys15 days ago

    i could hear the repeat because i’ve been playing musical instruments for 10 years so i am akin to hearing even the slightest change in pitch

  29. Samuel Ogunyebi

    Samuel Ogunyebi16 days ago

    This is cool

  30. Becca The Bunny

    Becca The Bunny16 days ago

    I was literally just watching a video of the piano thing, and happened to click onto this video in the middle of the all star part so when i heard all star playing in the beginning I thought i was still trippin out and hearing the piano in my head.

  31. Robbie Muhummed

    Robbie Muhummed17 days ago


  32. 10000 subs With only 2 videos

    10000 subs With only 2 videos17 days ago

    If you don’t believe then turn on captions

  33. Me me big boy

    Me me big boy17 days ago

    Omg I can't hear anything cause you too damn loud

  34. Deaconator22 Official

    Deaconator22 Official17 days ago

    I thought you were going to talk about 8d.

  35. Cisco lol

    Cisco lol17 days ago


  36. Pokenite

    Pokenite18 days ago

    This is called MIDI right?

  37. Alexis Smith

    Alexis Smith18 days ago

    I felt the thud instead of hearing it

  38. Jorge Melara

    Jorge Melara19 days ago

    It’s clearly fake

  39. OMEGAKiller12345

    OMEGAKiller1234521 day ago

    O shit

  40. Toms 115

    Toms 11521 day ago

    Wtff this is sick

  41. ODSTMAN25

    ODSTMAN2521 day ago

    Thanks now i have trust issues

  42. ReeceCarmello

    ReeceCarmello21 day ago

    When all u heard was terrible piano lmao

  43. Miggy 7264

    Miggy 726422 days ago

    Kinda like the ssbb lyrics

  44. Matthew Gupta

    Matthew Gupta22 days ago

    Oh shit

  45. donald trump

    donald trump23 days ago

    I dont know the song

  46. Mark Benn

    Mark Benn23 days ago

    I wonder if being a musician changes some of this stuff

  47. Ira  Emano

    Ira Emano24 days ago


  48. Florence Bishop

    Florence Bishop24 days ago

    My brains weird, none of them worked

  49. Colin Wammy

    Colin Wammy24 days ago


  50. 1-800-273-8255

    1-800-273-825524 days ago

    That’s so creepy

  51. ItßKaiłyn Łucas

    ItßKaiłyn Łucas24 days ago

    I didn’t hear anything

  52. Starco 2312

    Starco 231223 days ago

    You're deaf or your volume is off

  53. Emily L

    Emily L26 days ago

    That cough of definitely covering up a fart

  54. Elana - Chan

    Elana - Chan26 days ago

    Fricking brain

  55. Theesramae aarts

    Theesramae aarts27 days ago

    umm? all I can hear is banging piano keys

  56. \\karmen_knight// /

    \\karmen_knight// /28 days ago

    I’m quaking

  57. This Is not My Name

    This Is not My Name29 days ago

    OK, so can you explain why I heard the piano talking with a British accent?

  58. Isabella Beltran

    Isabella Beltran29 days ago

    2:41 made me so overwhelmed I almost cried holy 0.0

  59. Isabella Beltran

    Isabella Beltran29 days ago

    pfft dont lie to me, that piano has been possessed by a human

  60. kawaii

    kawaii29 days ago

    thats creepy


    TRIPPY UHMonth ago

    *I feel like my piano is watching me*

  62. Moosifer

    MoosiferMonth ago

    Never heard the thud

  63. PonyoNoodles

    PonyoNoodlesMonth ago

    That talking piano is creepy for some reason...

  64. Payne Pogatchnik

    Payne PogatchnikMonth ago


  65. xtina chan

    xtina chanMonth ago

    OH MY!

  66. iluvcatz4

    iluvcatz4Month ago




    It’s only true if it can do Mariah carey emotions

  68. xxhalogamer22xx

    xxhalogamer22xxMonth ago

    1:26 I hear it

  69. Trevor Patrick

    Trevor PatrickMonth ago

    I couldn't hear the cable tower thing

  70. sibsing

    sibsingMonth ago

    all I could say is Holy sh*t

  71. Sarah !

    Sarah !Month ago

    I don’t know why but that video was sooo scary to me 😂

  72. IDK

    IDKMonth ago

    I heard my pulse when the transmission tower was jumping

  73. JustJordan

    JustJordanMonth ago

    what intros should be like

  74. N Marc

    N MarcMonth ago

    I hear it

  75. Mareeah Tlc

    Mareeah TlcMonth ago


  76. Isaac CHEUNG

    Isaac CHEUNGMonth ago

    You can do this by converting an mp3 into midi, then playing it in a instrumental software. Ah, I can’t unhear Garnet in that black midi.

  77. Daniels Dinsbergs

    Daniels DinsbergsMonth ago

    Last one is defenetly fake!

  78. Starco 2312

    Starco 231223 days ago

    Its not

  79. Tanishka tea

    Tanishka teaMonth ago

    Lilly Singh actually react to this

  80. Snow Goleming8

    Snow Goleming8Month ago

    The only one i was fooled by was the speeding up one AKA the last one.

  81. Samsung Galaxy S9 Suomi

    Samsung Galaxy S9 SuomiMonth ago

    1:32 no i dont hear it i just feel like im Bouncy

  82. Samsung Galaxy S9 Suomi

    Samsung Galaxy S9 SuomiMonth ago

    I dont know that song

  83. Chrisi Christian

    Chrisi ChristianMonth ago

    Can anybody else feel the jump of the transmission tower instead of hear it?

  84. Jame Nguyen

    Jame NguyenMonth ago


  85. DasHackii

    DasHackiiMonth ago

    do you hear it now? CUTS AWAY. TWICE.

  86. Ralph john Tuscano

    Ralph john TuscanoMonth ago


  87. Noodles Are Good

    Noodles Are GoodMonth ago

    And wow!

  88. Dan Panah

    Dan PanahMonth ago

    Even with my eyes closed I heard his voice

  89. Maximilian Wihlborg

    Maximilian WihlborgMonth ago

    this is fake

  90. Bifi Wurst

    Bifi WurstMonth ago


  91. Daniel Kime

    Daniel KimeMonth ago


  92. justin why

    justin whyMonth ago

    1:36 wtf i feel. it... whAIT A MINUTE WHAT TH

  93. Windows Infinite

    Windows InfiniteMonth ago

    What do you hear? mreporter.net/v/video-ltV8tUAXzU8.html

  94. Bertram Johnsen

    Bertram JohnsenMonth ago

    I can actually hear myself when I tap I can you do ABCs a b c d e f g oh my god fast I can see it goes up and down over now instead of that's like you I can see your face going but they don't but I put my bill up Austra prophet give me a sound and you play this Pacific Quay and I played it has to be fast because there this summer how much longer is

  95. Vipul Ravat

    Vipul RavatMonth ago

    Make a video on Graphene

  96. Calebrated Gamer

    Calebrated GamerMonth ago

    Pianos are making contact?? *Oh God I'm having flashbacks to that piano from Super Mario 64 all over again...*

  97. MasterPoog

    MasterPoogMonth ago

    do you hear it? no. how am i supposed to hear it if you wont shut the hell up?

  98. Mihir Celly

    Mihir CellyMonth ago

    2:01 "So do you hear anything now?" 0.000000001 seconds later "Our Brains....."

  99. Rosy Rose26

    Rosy Rose26Month ago

    OMGGGGGGG!!! I can hear it!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  100. Tension 89

    Tension 89Month ago

    This is trippy af

  101. Galaxy

    GalaxyMonth ago

    Bloody Wizard

  102. filipi pradogrimm

    filipi pradogrimmMonth ago

    Só eu não escuto nada na torre pulando corda?

  103. PatukaKanuka

    PatukaKanukaMonth ago

    About that transmission tower thing. I literally can't hear anything cause it was played for 2 seconds