Will This Trick Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


  1. Greekmythdude Gaming

    Greekmythdude Gaming4 hours ago

    In a way that I think you

  2. Mike Havin

    Mike Havin7 hours ago


  3. Joep van den Berg

    Joep van den Berg20 hours ago

    im fkng scared

  4. Joep van den Berg

    Joep van den Berg20 hours ago

    im fkng high

  5. NTECH

    NTECHDay ago

    I didn't even hear this song in my entire life so it's just a piano noise for me

  6. andrei jimenez

    andrei jimenezDay ago


  7. Pukar Khatiwada

    Pukar KhatiwadaDay ago

    I haven't heard the song I don't hear a lyrics

  8. SloppySlime31

    SloppySlime313 days ago

    I heard the song even though I never heard it before! 😱 Ok... Maybe I heard the beginning...

  9. Sat Mat

    Sat Mat3 days ago

    The beauty of MIDI

  10. Rolling Boi

    Rolling Boi5 days ago

    This video is scary

  11. Fnaf Theorist

    Fnaf Theorist5 days ago

    Ok, uhh I don’t trust anything anymore.... is this fake or real....

  12. Radiotélévision Nationale du Shifumi

    Radiotélévision Nationale du Shifumi6 days ago

    *Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me*

  13. Radiotélévision Nationale du Shifumi

    Radiotélévision Nationale du Shifumi6 days ago

    I heard the thud.

  14. LilTrXsh

    LilTrXsh7 days ago

    I can't hear the song

  15. PandaMan

    PandaMan7 days ago

    omg, you mean, like, pianos make noise, just like people!?!

  16. what if i told you

    what if i told you9 days ago

    mandela effect

  17. Lourenço Vieira

    Lourenço Vieira10 days ago

    I didnt hear the singers singing

  18. Plo Koon SETS

    Plo Koon SETS10 days ago

    I have very bad ears SSD so yeah

  19. Angie Rosado

    Angie Rosado11 days ago

    Wow wait what

  20. Daniel Leclere

    Daniel Leclere11 days ago

    Not working with me

  21. Nope.

    Nope.11 days ago

    yeet heer did

  22. Yabuddy

    Yabuddy11 days ago

    no you

  23. Kaden Blanton

    Kaden Blanton11 days ago

    The piano 🎹 I could hear words

  24. PiKaZaRd O

    PiKaZaRd O11 days ago

    February 2019?

  25. PiKaZaRd O

    PiKaZaRd O11 days ago

    *I hear laurel*

  26. Darius World

    Darius World12 days ago

    Did we just get shreked at the beginning

  27. RnArOfficial

    RnArOfficial12 days ago

    Great Now I dont trust anybody Thanks

  28. Justice Morrow

    Justice Morrow12 days ago

    You know that every body that goes to school in the USA has at least listened to the song once

  29. -Sketchy Sam-

    -Sketchy Sam-12 days ago


  30. Wasteman 6969

    Wasteman 696913 days ago

    It’s not ear tricks it’s all about the brain

  31. loki_rar

    loki_rar13 days ago

    im watching this stoned and its insane

  32. Shrek is my fav anime Lol

    Shrek is my fav anime Lol13 days ago


  33. BlackDiamond 1789

    BlackDiamond 178913 days ago

    I never heard voices i only heard piano

  34. RXY GXNG

    RXY GXNG13 days ago

    The first time I watched this I didn’t hear him say all star so it sounded like a bunch of nothing

  35. RXY GXNG

    RXY GXNG14 days ago

    I swear to god I didn’t hear the voice until he said all stars

  36. MarinM \/ Minecraft & More

    MarinM \/ Minecraft & More14 days ago

    The piano wasnt playing tiles somebody's sound was mixed with it

  37. Kayla Riley

    Kayla Riley14 days ago

    What if you don’t know the song

  38. Jordan Vang

    Jordan Vang14 days ago

    Me:I don't hear anything. Narrater:Now listen to this. Me:WOW Mind:Hey now,your a rockstar!

  39. pratik ravate

    pratik ravate15 days ago

    Why all of their vids are freaky

  40. Magna Films

    Magna Films15 days ago

    Man the talking piano is creepy as hell

  41. Samar Dev nath

    Samar Dev nath15 days ago

    How stupid must our brain think of ourselves

  42. Sir McTingleFinglerPordyDoo

    Sir McTingleFinglerPordyDoo15 days ago

    I dont hear the thud thing

  43. Nathan Yin

    Nathan Yin15 days ago

    Holy shit

  44. Vanessa Ortuño

    Vanessa Ortuño15 days ago

    All I hear is the piano 🎹


    RHAEGAMING16 days ago

    The piano is a paid actor

  46. Eveything Is good at this planet.

    Eveything Is good at this planet.16 days ago

    Umm, The piano thing is RUBBISH! It is like a baby playing piano.

  47. 1000 Subscribers with no video challenge

    1000 Subscribers with no video challenge16 days ago

    A FREAKING TALKING PIANO....yeah i cant sleep now

  48. sanicDuHejog

    sanicDuHejog17 days ago

    I still hear Yanny

  49. Gaby Diaster ETY

    Gaby Diaster ETY17 days ago

    In the electric antena video you really put a quiet sound behind

  50. Chanuth Gunawardene

    Chanuth Gunawardene17 days ago


  51. Chanuth Gunawardene

    Chanuth Gunawardene17 days ago

    I don't hear the thud but I feel it!

  52. hypermelon

    hypermelon18 days ago

    my ears are bleeding pls do not

  53. Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

    Driftliketokyo34 Ftw20 days ago

    Can you make a fixed speed version of that beat for listening?

  54. Paulplagaming #

    Paulplagaming #21 day ago

    I know this

  55. Dr.GrapeWithout theG

    Dr.GrapeWithout theG21 day ago


  56. Hotball1

    Hotball122 days ago

    Who hasn’t heard all star lol

  57. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye22 days ago

    Well I can’t really hear anything when you’re talking the whole time.

  58. Jackson Dunn

    Jackson Dunn22 days ago

    I caold not here it at all and I know the song

  59. Hannah Hyde

    Hannah Hyde22 days ago

    1:29 I don really hear a thud but I feel it through my heaphones xd

  60. Rampage Kurt

    Rampage Kurt22 days ago

    so that’s why the tik tok gets faster even after its looped

  61. Bella the dog gaming

    Bella the dog gaming22 days ago

    i dont have ears

  62. i love brawl stars

    i love brawl stars23 days ago

    That speaking piano is back to the future

  63. i love brawl stars

    i love brawl stars23 days ago

    Some body once told I wanna be Tracie i think it's muffin time so go sub to PewDiePie

  64. Finlay Spowart

    Finlay Spowart23 days ago

    Could not hear it

  65. Nik__735

    Nik__73523 days ago

    they its not a audio illusion they put the smash mouth mp3 into a midi converter so it turns the song into piano keys but they kept the vocals in lmao so the piano is playing the vocals, no shit you can interpret the vocals

  66. Philipp Wilmer

    Philipp Wilmer23 days ago

    So our brain explain us that we are beeing tricked but keeps getting tricked by the same thing, even though the brain knows the trick because we just learned it. As if we are not the brain.

  67. Whitney Ormond

    Whitney Ormond23 days ago

    The first one just sounded like a weird piano.

  68. phoebecatgirl

    phoebecatgirl23 days ago

    You're from Canada, right?

  69. RadzYt

    RadzYt24 days ago

    Fake, the piano was a paid actor

  70. Galaxy Gaming

    Galaxy Gaming24 days ago

    At the start I new the song but not really words so it sound Hay now your a rockstar .... hbjkvhjk

  71. Mandy

    Mandy24 days ago

    I didn't HEAR the thud, but I felt the thud

  72. m

    m24 days ago

    Out of all the songs....out of all the world's songs.... You chose All Star.

  73. JohnTRM // TheRubyMinecart

    JohnTRM // TheRubyMinecart24 days ago

    That beat is like that shape that you can keep zooming in on infinitely. Edit: Quickly googled it. It's called a Fractal.

  74. Tennis Ball

    Tennis Ball25 days ago

    I hear black and blue dress

  75. Extremely good Mysterious

    Extremely good Mysterious25 days ago

    Gonna be honest I didn’t hear anything on there

  76. 8R14N NoLastName

    8R14N NoLastName25 days ago

    It’s black and blue

  77. potato cakes

    potato cakes25 days ago

    with the jumping transition tower i heard “weee” when it jumps

  78. King.K ,

    King.K ,25 days ago

    And how tf do you know this?

  79. Bagel Trash

    Bagel Trash25 days ago

    I only hear the thumbing when he was talking, when he stopped i couldnt hear it

  80. dan savage

    dan savage25 days ago

    I can’t hear the words

  81. TTV pillowmunchr

    TTV pillowmunchr26 days ago

    Trust no one Not even yourself

  82. Ghachaunicorn😍😍

    Ghachaunicorn😍😍26 days ago


  83. Jesse Franco

    Jesse Franco26 days ago

    I pick A. Yanny

  84. Emily Garbonzo

    Emily Garbonzo26 days ago


  85. jacob henke

    jacob henke26 days ago

    The piano is a paid actor

  86. Caitlin Grall

    Caitlin Grall26 days ago

    2:30 that’s crazy, I didn’t even know what that word was never heard it before like anything but it still did that.l

  87. Charlie Porter

    Charlie Porter26 days ago

    I just piano notes

  88. Stephen Stern

    Stephen Stern27 days ago

    actualy if you speaka english hypothedically could still hear the song without ever previously actiouly heearing it

  89. ʎpɐǝɹ sᴉ ʎpoq ʎɯ, ǝuᴉl ʎɯ sɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ 'ʎǝɥ

    ʎpɐǝɹ sᴉ ʎpoq ʎɯ, ǝuᴉl ʎɯ sɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ 'ʎǝɥ27 days ago

    who actually realized that the risset rhythm went on for the rest of the video or did it stop

  90. 恋

    27 days ago


  91. Bla Bla

    Bla Bla27 days ago

    Wtf the first one

  92. Jack O'Doherty

    Jack O'Doherty27 days ago

    The speaking piano is like the possessed piano form Mario 64

  93. Tomkanplay 2

    Tomkanplay 227 days ago

    Holy hack

  94. mlg kid

    mlg kid28 days ago

    This happened to me

  95. [blank_] Ømega

    [blank_] Ømega28 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  96. Narek Amiryan

    Narek Amiryan28 days ago

    anyone else start tripping themselves out when the best continued playing in the back of the outro

  97. Dérick Turgeon

    Dérick Turgeon28 days ago

    no i dont hear it

  98. Dérick Turgeon

    Dérick Turgeon28 days ago


  99. saba chixradze

    saba chixradze28 days ago

    i dont hear it its like i buzz i feel it supposed to make me fall or something

  100. Little Ink Devil Darling

    Little Ink Devil Darling29 days ago