Will This Trick Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


  1. Celia Leung

    Celia Leung41 minute ago

    I don’t know this song so

  2. colbyhowto

    colbyhowtoHour ago

    That first clip was stolen

  3. fel_hd_ draw

    fel_hd_ draw5 hours ago

    3:10 powerpuff girls theme song?

  4. Efren Rodriguez

    Efren Rodriguez13 hours ago

    Who else is watching this high asf ?

  5. Night Skieler

    Night Skieler20 hours ago

    *go play*

  6. SolarFlare

    SolarFlare21 hour ago

    Thank you for using all star

  7. Lindeboom 12

    Lindeboom 12Day ago

    It scared the living shit out of me when they suddenly coughed in the temporal induction part. I wasn’t expecting it and it is 1:36 am for me so I’m tired. That jumpscared me😂 (edit: “jumpscared” instead of “scared)

  8. Elias Poulsen

    Elias PoulsenDay ago


  9. øverjoyed aj

    øverjoyed ajDay ago

    stop talking during the jumping tower gif. i cant hear it even tho it has no sound

  10. XxNamoun Z KunG4xX

    XxNamoun Z KunG4xXDay ago

    I tried very hard to hear the all star word But I just can't hear it *I do know the lyrics

  11. MrrMellowMan

    MrrMellowMan2 days ago

    What if none of this shit worked on you? Am I retarded?

  12. Robeon Mew

    Robeon Mew2 days ago

    I used to have an auditory illusion that I had a Fiancé for 2 years

  13. Shallow Stream

    Shallow Stream2 days ago

    I know the lyrics so i heard it so coool

  14. Shallow Stream

    Shallow Stream2 days ago


  15. James

    James2 days ago

    Can you give atleast like 5 seconds when you ask "can you hear it now?" because I couldnt listen to the audio clearly with your people talking immediately.

  16. 100,000 Subs With No Vids Challange

    100,000 Subs With No Vids Challange2 days ago

    The first one is totally fake. All star was intentionally done like that because i dont know the lyrics but i know a remix of the song which has totally different lyrics but same flow and beat.

  17. Gamer Dragon

    Gamer Dragon2 days ago


  18. matthew situ

    matthew situ2 days ago

    Same when my parents aren’t even speaking, I hear them arguing and shouting in my room. They are always arguing and even when they aren’t, I hear them. It’s amazing!

  19. Em The Wolf

    Em The Wolf3 days ago

    Do you hear it? ...no

  20. Roshan Paul

    Roshan Paul3 days ago

    That cough at 2:08 scared the shit outta me.

  21. Ocean Piester

    Ocean Piester3 days ago


  22. That Band Kid

    That Band Kid3 days ago

    He doesn't give us time to hear the thud

  23. Durgon

    Durgon3 days ago

    I hear yanny

  24. Pedro Panigazzi

    Pedro Panigazzi3 days ago

    What would be really astonishing and profound it could be to prove with this experiments and some more investigation that all of our perceptions at a brain level are illusions... What do you think about this?

  25. MLG__Raccoon

    MLG__Raccoon3 days ago


  26. Namara Bhatiti

    Namara Bhatiti3 days ago

    *_SHREK IS BAE_*

  27. Fun With Neighbors

    Fun With Neighbors3 days ago

    I was scared with the caugh

  28. Blinkkd

    Blinkkd3 days ago

    Dude that’s just all star converted to a midi file

  29. Taryn Carlson

    Taryn Carlson3 days ago

    I can't here the words and I've heard the song

  30. Carla T

    Carla T3 days ago

    Am I am alien if I didn't hear All Star at first? Haha

  31. Adriana Fernández

    Adriana Fernández4 days ago

    Is it weird I don’t hear the thud but feel it?

  32. Fat Mantatee

    Fat Mantatee4 days ago

    But I don’t know the words... and I didn’t hear it

  33. Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ

    Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ4 days ago

    None of these illusions etc. worked on me. I swear to god I must be retarded in some way.

  34. Shizuka

    Shizuka4 days ago

    What the actual

  35. Pup Pup444

    Pup Pup4444 days ago

    I didn’t hear the thump at all with the jump roping...

  36. Jxden

    Jxden4 days ago

    Do color illusions

  37. Moonwolf 3000

    Moonwolf 30004 days ago

    What is allstar

  38. INFIRES MAN096

    INFIRES MAN0964 days ago

    At first I don't actually understand what's going on but any sec past IT FREAKE OUT A BIT when the piano talk

  39. Kapkan

    Kapkan4 days ago

    I can hear colors now

  40. FireGamerGT

    FireGamerGT4 days ago


  41. Always . Nancy

    Always . Nancy4 days ago

    Do more

  42. kpop snatched my wig

    kpop snatched my wig5 days ago

    I didnt hear the thud. Probably cuz ive never been in a situation where something has made that much noise lol

  43. Yeng Pachow

    Yeng Pachow5 days ago

    I now know the lyrics because I could hear them

  44. ANDMES team

    ANDMES team5 days ago

    I know one say but how like 10× faster don't let the word mess

  45. Sauceysavageflame

    Sauceysavageflame5 days ago

    1:37 I heard it with headphones on but I couldn’t with them off.

  46. Robert Melton

    Robert Melton5 days ago

    Boy or girl : What did you see first? And which one is it?

  47. Robert Melton

    Robert Melton5 days ago

    Theres a reason why The person who copied the notes to the song and the lyrics has voice in it.


    MILDA VILK5 days ago

    Blue and black

  49. Massimo Perotti

    Massimo Perotti5 days ago

    hey y'all stole that piano thing

  50. Subatomic Warhead

    Subatomic Warhead5 days ago

    I did not understand

  51. Fakey McFakers

    Fakey McFakers5 days ago

    I didnt hear the lyrics or hear the piano saying words does this mean my brain is stupid?

  52. Upsidown Baroh/Browns

    Upsidown Baroh/Browns5 days ago

    I wasn’t looking at the words on the talking piano and I still heard words that one was fake🤨

  53. Guter Preuße

    Guter Preuße5 days ago

    Ive never heard this shit but I still hear a voice

  54. Melinda Virosteck

    Melinda Virosteck5 days ago

    I know all-star, but didn't hear voices, just the melody. And I didn't hear the thud with the jumping cell tower either.... Anyone with me? I also heard both lani and laurel, back and forth randomly, and definitely when looking at a certain word as its being played.... Am I crazy? Yes, but not necessarily because of this...

  55. Milky Way

    Milky Way5 days ago

    The talking piano sounds like puma from mine craft storymode

  56. Mighty XavierTheStar

    Mighty XavierTheStar5 days ago

    Ear Rape

  57. Avaco

    Avaco5 days ago

    Jesus man I’ll hear the things when you give me time to listen stop talking bro


    AWEAEGIS5 days ago

    This is a lie. And I tested it

  59. SloppySlime31

    SloppySlime315 days ago

    If what I’m hearing is only piano, then why do I hear the lyrics when I don’t know the song...

  60. mac.kobun.Y Bonne

    mac.kobun.Y Bonne5 days ago

    If you have mental and auditory capacity, and you play the speeding up rhythm long enough, you'll be able to catch the 'moment' the previous tone slows down disappear.

  61. Liam Fisher

    Liam Fisher5 days ago


  62. Tarquinio Prisco

    Tarquinio Prisco6 days ago


  63. Tiberiu Rus

    Tiberiu Rus6 days ago

    Problem is i did know the song but i didn't get that reaction from the brain. So perhaps it has exceptions

  64. Okidoki

    Okidoki6 days ago

    I cant hear

  65. Ching Ching Chong Ching

    Ching Ching Chong Ching6 days ago

    Do I fap to this?

  66. Tyrese Fiedtkou

    Tyrese Fiedtkou6 days ago

    lol, i i figured out this on my own already its amazing

  67. ba55letmysoulfly

    ba55letmysoulfly6 days ago

    It’s like Yanni/Laurel

  68. Cuddles the Cat

    Cuddles the Cat6 days ago

    The talking piano makes my head hurt

  69. Darius Cross

    Darius Cross6 days ago


  70. despacito

    despacito6 days ago

    It's clearly depacito

  71. Madakyu

    Madakyu6 days ago

    Wtf lmao

  72. Chosen One

    Chosen One7 days ago


  73. Variety of Everything

    Variety of Everything7 days ago


  74. EAGLEsquatch 934

    EAGLEsquatch 9347 days ago

    My question is, hasn’t everyone heard all star at least once

  75. xOmqYT

    xOmqYT7 days ago

    I can't hear his voice at first and I love this song

  76. Andrada Albu

    Andrada Albu7 days ago

    They put vocals in the all star track oh boy

  77. The Living Embodiment WEIRD!

    The Living Embodiment WEIRD!7 days ago

    i see different colors when I hear different sounds

  78. Gregory and Zethan Nell

    Gregory and Zethan Nell7 days ago

    I heer guiter and vocals

  79. Ollie Box

    Ollie Box7 days ago

    Well maybe if you shut up we might be able to hear things

  80. lolrekt 43

    lolrekt 437 days ago

    2:08 wtf

  81. N

    N7 days ago

    the fast music gave me extreme anxiety omg

  82. HAHAHA

    HAHAHA7 days ago

    I hear Yaurel..

  83. Jenalei Fifita

    Jenalei Fifita7 days ago

    So scary!!!!

  84. Green

    Green7 days ago

    The cough scared me lol

  85. Daniel harman

    Daniel harman7 days ago

    Was it just me who didn’t hear anything more than someone randomly slamming the piano keys at the beginning?

  86. mohdsukri binramli

    mohdsukri binramli8 days ago

    wtf I didn't hear the song of all star at this video but after I heard the song video all star now I heard the singer voice after a I replayed it

  87. GamingWorld X VlogWorld

    GamingWorld X VlogWorld8 days ago

    This is scary kinda 😰😰😰

  88. Think How

    Think How8 days ago

    It just sounded like a broken piano.

  89. killer knight

    killer knight8 days ago

    I'm can't hear

  90. Angrywolf 378

    Angrywolf 3788 days ago


  91. White Roses

    White Roses8 days ago

    0:53 holy shit that's creepy my eyes are tearing up

  92. GigiSan

    GigiSan8 days ago

    Imho callng the talking piano an audio illusion is wrong, as it is just a poor sampling of an audio track.

  93. karen cashio

    karen cashio8 days ago

    I don't hear it

  94. Ozan Gürbüz

    Ozan Gürbüz8 days ago

    drawings are so funny :D

  95. Kai Strachan

    Kai Strachan8 days ago

    2:40 Creepy asf

  96. Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make

    Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make8 days ago

    o, how interesting and informative

  97. ivan18723

    ivan187238 days ago


  98. Original Limz

    Original Limz8 days ago

    OMG I coughed at the exact same time as the man did, coincidence?

  99. Paige Austin

    Paige Austin8 days ago

    some *BODY*

  100. Adult Onset Diabetes

    Adult Onset Diabetes8 days ago

    “Do you hear it?” Mf continues to talk and doesn’t let me hear shit