Will This Trick Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


  1. double negative

    double negative4 hours ago

    yall think robots will take over the world but i think pianos will take over.

  2. Buzzy Beez

    Buzzy Beez7 hours ago

    1:40 I have synesthesia but it’s a mix of hearing and touch. I feel a handful of sounds, usually music.

  3. Bailey Weinberg

    Bailey Weinberg9 hours ago


  4. Official_Diamondpro99341

    Official_Diamondpro993412 days ago

    You Said 'Did You Hear It' Then You Start Talking And Dont Let Us Hear It

  5. Official_Diamondpro99341

    Official_Diamondpro993412 days ago


  6. Anneliese Osborn

    Anneliese Osborn2 days ago


  7. Sumaya Hussain

    Sumaya Hussain2 days ago

    I didn’t hear shit because I don’t know the song ✌️

  8. Relentless Avos

    Relentless Avos3 days ago

    Strange... i heared this song a long time ago but i didn't know the lyrics anymore. But i anyway heared them singing... And now i know them again. But were this really only recordings of a piano, and the lyrics where anywhere hidden in my brain?

  9. zainey tee vee

    zainey tee vee3 days ago

    I didnt even know the song in the beginning but l could hear the voice of the singer

  10. DojoHD

    DojoHD4 days ago

    Except I don't know the lyrics to smash mouth and I still heard the singing...

  11. GothicGamer2012

    GothicGamer20126 days ago

    I don't have any form of synaesthesia but I swear on my life I heard a tiny, barely audible thump when that tower thing jumped. Wtf. Idk if I have extremely mild synaesthesia now or if that is completely normal with that gif. 😅

  12. Muhammad Umer

    Muhammad Umer6 days ago

    The piano give me nightmares

  13. Sadman Hossain

    Sadman Hossain7 days ago

    thank god i didnt know the song before

  14. Elastic Potato

    Elastic Potato8 days ago


  15. hi Hi

    hi Hi9 days ago

    0:10 i started hearing to voice

  16. Pink Faith

    Pink Faith11 days ago

    Are u sure I'm not on drugs

  17. SupProBro

    SupProBro11 days ago

    I think it's saying laurel

  18. Cgle

    Cgle11 days ago

    I could understand that “perception” one with my eyes closed

  19. iMEMElikeTHAT

    iMEMElikeTHAT11 days ago

    I hear laurel

  20. Kestrel And Keshia Blogs

    Kestrel And Keshia Blogs13 days ago

    the cough surprised me

  21. Slippery Paws

    Slippery Paws13 days ago

    No, the piano doesn't copy human sounds.. People sound like pianos

  22. Etheria Hollow

    Etheria Hollow14 days ago

    It’s beacause the piano is replicating the sounds.

  23. Flapjack Lang

    Flapjack Lang15 days ago

    Can't fool me.

  24. Youtuber27

    Youtuber2715 days ago

    At 0:49 I could still hear the words, even without looking at the screen.

  25. Lopertoner 123

    Lopertoner 12315 days ago

    I hear despacito 5

  26. SimonBD

    SimonBD16 days ago

    If i see a explosion in a video game or movie with no volume i still hear it.

  27. Alann Hod

    Alann Hod16 days ago

    This guy is such a fuckboy

  28. Greg Loughran

    Greg Loughran17 days ago

    I didn’t hear it I heard random piano notes...

  29. U M

    U M18 days ago

    I don’t hear fud but my eyes shook

  30. Blue Wolf Pajamas

    Blue Wolf Pajamas21 day ago

    At first my bro didnt know the song but then I showed him and showed him this video again and he started screaming 😂

  31. Highway Star

    Highway Star21 day ago


  32. PurpleDragon 305

    PurpleDragon 30522 days ago

    Guy: You may recognise this as 'Allstar' by Smash Mouth. Me: Psssh, there's nothing there! Piano: Hey now, you're a rockstar. Me: *HOLY CRAP, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?*

  33. Uh oh vertigo

    Uh oh vertigo22 days ago

    That piano creeped me out

  34. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez22 days ago

    you should hear the audible illusions you hear from the fan when you're sleep deprived. You can fool yourself into hearing anything - it's unsettling but kind of cool.

  35. Született Gamer

    Született Gamer24 days ago

    I CAN HEAR GIFS!!!! Am I a freak?

  36. Vines Are My Life

    Vines Are My Life25 days ago

    I expected the cough.. although you said that there wasent going to be a cough... *what does that mean*

  37. capital gamer

    capital gamer25 days ago

    That's mad 😂😂

  38. Mollie Holyoake

    Mollie Holyoake25 days ago


  39. NekoGirl Nyan 3

    NekoGirl Nyan 328 days ago

    ...all of these except the last one didnt work at all or i had to try and them it only worked a little...what does that mean?

  40. Alyssa Fourman

    Alyssa Fourman29 days ago

    I can t exactly hear anything if you keep talking ;-; .-.

  41. Adele Brown the animal lover

    Adele Brown the animal lover29 days ago

    That piano is a paid actor.

  42. JohnnyBoy

    JohnnyBoy29 days ago


  43. Animals Are Amazing

    Animals Are AmazingMonth ago


  44. Impersonator

    ImpersonatorMonth ago

    This isn't Laurel vs. Yanny. What are you mentally challenged?

  45. dian lezan

    dian lezanMonth ago

    The cough scared me haha

  46. Conlan McGovern

    Conlan McGovernMonth ago

    yoooooooooo whattt

  47. FiveForks

    FiveForksMonth ago

    I have finally knew it... Whenever I mute the volume of my phone and when there are sounds playing, I can still hear it in very quiet places in a very low volume.

  48. dadautube

    dadautubeMonth ago

    some good points AS WELL AS some misinformation!

  49. Shawn DC

    Shawn DCMonth ago

    This is scary

  50. Ivo Etzelt

    Ivo EtzeltMonth ago

    Dude, give the audience some actual time to try to listen for the thud. When you're talking we obviously don't hear it but there is basically no time to just watch and listen . A less stressful and slightly longer video would be much appreciated :)

  51. 17 Days

    17 DaysMonth ago

    Nope didn’t here shit.

  52. Tahmin Helal

    Tahmin HelalMonth ago


  53. MetalFox

    MetalFoxMonth ago

    If I don’t hear words and just hear notes overplaying each other, even if I know the song, am I broken or.....?

  54. Gacha with dat  fofo

    Gacha with dat fofoMonth ago

    0:75 has be done

  55. Gacha with dat  fofo

    Gacha with dat fofoMonth ago

    Wtf is ghis

  56. Stephen King

    Stephen KingMonth ago

    I also has Synesthesia, but i hate it, because i feel a certain taste for some sounds. So, when i go to a concert, sometimes i feel a metal-like taste, and sometimes a bit of peaulnut butter.

  57. Jon Bowman

    Jon Bowman5 days ago

    same here, except everything has an associated color. Including sounds, tastes, and _especially_ numbers.

  58. Martin Epstein

    Martin EpsteinMonth ago

    At what point does something go from regular human interpretation of noisy, compressed data to being an illusion? The distinction must get very fuzzy since pretty much all of our sensory processing involves the brain filling in gaps using memory and prediction. While you're right that I can only understand the words in these MIDI renditions if it's a song I know (so far), if it's a song I don't know I can at least make out the human voice quite clearly. A lot of people have the impression that there is some hard limit where no amount of audio data recreated on a piano will ever be able to produce a perceptible word, but I doubt this is a proven scientific fact.

  59. heart_pink_erayo 9890

    heart_pink_erayo 9890Month ago

    The talking piano kinda sounds like pama

  60. Erico Mendoza

    Erico MendozaMonth ago


  61. Tessa Sagner

    Tessa SagnerMonth ago

    Omg you guys missed the perfect opportunity in your podcast promo at the end. You could have said something about how hearing is really important, which is why your doing an audio-only thing.

  62. iM A bAnaNA bAnaNA

    iM A bAnaNA bAnaNAMonth ago

    I hear the thud

  63. flimflam

    flimflamMonth ago

    "Do you hear it now?" No nigga you wouldn't shut up long enough

  64. Jacob Jones

    Jacob JonesMonth ago

    The right side of my brain is vibrating now

  65. TMT Lamonte

    TMT LamonteMonth ago

    Look at me react to this

  66. TMT Lamonte

    TMT LamonteMonth ago

    Watch my reaction to this

  67. Irma Mosura

    Irma MosuraMonth ago

    1968: i hope there will be flying caes in the future 2018: pianos are taking over the world

  68. HighlandViolinist - Chantelle Ko

    HighlandViolinist - Chantelle KoMonth ago


  69. Nicky G.

    Nicky G.Month ago

    did that in a different video

  70. TheGamer44678

    TheGamer44678Month ago


  71. Joanna Stallard

    Joanna StallardMonth ago

    Who else got chills when you heard the piano talking? It’s like your in a haunted house and someone is trying to tell you your going to die or something.

  72. Space girl’s Life

    Space girl’s LifeMonth ago

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  73. Space girl’s Life

    Space girl’s LifeMonth ago

    S Sh Shr Shre Shrek Shrek Shrek r Shrek ru Shrek rul Shrek rule Shrek rules Shrek rule Shrek rul Shrek ru Shrek r Shrek Shrek Shre Shr Sh S

  74. Space girl’s Life

    Space girl’s LifeMonth ago

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  75. Space girl’s Life

    Space girl’s LifeMonth ago

    S Sh Shr Shre Shrek Shrek Shrek r Shrek ru Shrek rul Shrek rule Shrek rules Shrek rule Shrek rul Shrek ru Shrek r Shrek Shrek Shre Shr Sh S

  76. Space girl’s Life

    Space girl’s LifeMonth ago

    *S H R E K*

  77. Dylan McDonald

    Dylan McDonaldMonth ago

    Wow I heard the thud!

  78. Jerrytheman9, Patron of Bacon

    Jerrytheman9, Patron of BaconMonth ago

    what if you did the risset rhythm but in reverse so that it sounds like its constantly decelerating and the pitch getting lower? perhaps that would be a nice sleep aid

  79. Sam Paltiel

    Sam PaltielMonth ago

    I already knew the all star one

  80. Roleplay Host

    Roleplay HostMonth ago

    i have sensory processing issues...

  81. KoopyLoogy

    KoopyLoogyMonth ago

    some *kicks door open* BODY ONCE TOLD ME

  82. Get Everything

    Get EverythingMonth ago

    did you know what i had thinked that any of those test will work on me but none of them worked on me

  83. aissata diallo

    aissata dialloMonth ago

    Ow hell naaaaaw

  84. penguin master 64

    penguin master 64Month ago

    02:01 nope.

  85. Crystal Wolf

    Crystal WolfMonth ago

    I can't hear the words.

  86. Angie Garcia

    Angie GarciaMonth ago

    I don’t hear the thud at all tho

  87. BakedTopato

    BakedTopatoMonth ago

    This is creepy

  88. M Maria

    M MariaMonth ago


  89. Ani Portrait

    Ani PortraitMonth ago

    the piano test was kind of creepy...

  90. Mr. Lunt

    Mr. LuntMonth ago

    I don't have ears boi

  91. olivia osullivan

    olivia osullivanMonth ago

    Well I can’t hear it because you never stop talking... give us a minute to try to see if we can hear it

  92. Preza PrezaPreza

    Preza PrezaPrezaMonth ago

    The talking piano really hurts my brain

  93. Danneh SG

    Danneh SGMonth ago

    OK at first all I heard was piano nonsense then realized I’ve heard this song before and as soon as I realize that everything started to sound like a song and I can’t get it out

  94. Eva De Leon

    Eva De LeonMonth ago

    Hello world- Louie Zong is another example

  95. Irmantas Blazgys

    Irmantas BlazgysMonth ago

    Small Headache after this

  96. Gigi24678

    Gigi24678Month ago

    Yo I can’t hear shit.

  97. Jasmine Blake

    Jasmine BlakeMonth ago

    *DIES when allstar comes on

  98. Kuush kihng VEVO

    Kuush kihng VEVOMonth ago

    Someone made a video of this before... A little disappointed actually not really

  99. The Misanthrope Channel

    The Misanthrope ChannelMonth ago


  100. AcE DaRK

    AcE DaRKMonth ago

    Hey now your a keemstar

  101. Celia Leung

    Celia LeungMonth ago

    I don’t know this song so

  102. colbyhowto

    colbyhowtoMonth ago

    That first clip was stolen