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Will the Rockets finally dethrone the Warriors in the West? | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED10 days ago

    Will the Warriors make it to the finals?

  2. Oleg Gavrilov

    Oleg Gavrilov2 days ago

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  3. kublaikhan1215

    kublaikhan12152 days ago

    Yes 😎

  4. King Cort 24

    King Cort 244 days ago

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED yep

  5. kermit and the All-Time Friends

    kermit and the All-Time Friends2 days ago

    Lets go warriors

  6. hood xayarak

    hood xayarak2 days ago


  7. vmntmn

    vmntmn2 days ago

    skip is the goat

  8. Ramon Barajas

    Ramon Barajas3 days ago

    I want to see GSW vs Celtics 🍀

  9. J D

    J D4 days ago


  10. TheRealManOfSteel

    TheRealManOfSteel4 days ago

    Someone please tell me how this skip clown is still on this show.....

  11. David Yutoob

    David Yutoob4 days ago

    Where's Richard Jefferson?

  12. Ohmy bama

    Ohmy bama4 days ago

    Gsw will defeat Celtics or Cavs in finals. And I'm a Celtics fan.

  13. Ryan Melean

    Ryan Melean4 days ago

    Well dubs are up 1-0 on the rockets

  14. Lil Zay

    Lil Zay4 days ago

    Skip was right for once Warriors 1-0 😆


    BEN DIAKITE4 days ago

    I really love the way these two guys talk about Basketball😂👍🏽

  16. Jason Stubbz

    Jason Stubbz4 days ago

    Short answer: Umm No😂

  17. Robert Makennan Young

    Robert Makennan Young4 days ago

    Warriors in 4

  18. Marco Delgado

    Marco Delgado5 days ago

    Nba needs reboot or else gsw will be nba champion for the next 8 years

  19. Major Prodigy

    Major Prodigy5 days ago

    No more debates warriors Owed them

  20. Mike M

    Mike M5 days ago

    can you guys switch for one day with first take? I miss seeing skip and steven A together.

  21. gilbert trinidad

    gilbert trinidad5 days ago

    hahahahahahahah talking talking hahahahahah

  22. LxTxSURGE

    LxTxSURGE5 days ago

    You cant

  23. Harold Hoffman

    Harold Hoffman5 days ago

    Sorry Shannon i meant Skip apologies.

  24. Harold Hoffman

    Harold Hoffman5 days ago

    SS luv ya bro. You wear your heart on your sleeve like some of us. That's what makes us great. Nobody can hold a candle to you. Shannon you have your points just as good. U 2 make a good team. Keep it up guys. HHH

  25. JR Martinez

    JR Martinez5 days ago

    Lebron please come to Houston Rockets and shut down the Warriors for good!! KD did it so LBJ can too !

  26. Loso Banks

    Loso Banks5 days ago

    Houston Rockets 🚀 should of sign Carmelo Anthony it would of been over trust me on that

  27. otbway

    otbway5 days ago

    Well skip was right about game 1...

  28. Corrie Van Velzen

    Corrie Van Velzen5 days ago

    New theme song?? I AM A WARRIOR ?? (and my soul is on fire) by Vibrant Arm from Amsterdam!!

  29. Leomared Campos

    Leomared Campos5 days ago

    Yes. your right its GSW and Houston. Not Lebron.

  30. 2SHAYNEZ

    2SHAYNEZ5 days ago

    I like how my comment on GSW winning tonight just got deleted like an hour ago... Guess its cause I ssaid I bet $100... OK.

  31. 2SHAYNEZ

    2SHAYNEZ5 days ago

    Bet $100 warriors snag game 1 by 10.

  32. 2SHAYNEZ

    2SHAYNEZ5 days ago

    Oh this is from May 9th... Its irrelevant..

  33. dyshr d

    dyshr d5 days ago

    I'm a warriors fan but I will not disrespect the rockets by saying they can't win.

  34. Mieczu Mieczu

    Mieczu Mieczu5 days ago

    GSW blew a 3-1 lead

  35. Joshua McClellan

    Joshua McClellan5 days ago

    I think Home Court advantage is going to be bigger than what people think.

  36. Joshua McClellan

    Joshua McClellan5 days ago

    I really hope Houston beat GSW. KD don't deserve another ring didn't deserve the first one

  37. nini rudeboy

    nini rudeboy5 days ago

    Is RAy Charles styling Shanon?

  38. nini rudeboy

    nini rudeboy5 days ago

    those glasses are horrible....

  39. Keith Strauss

    Keith Strauss5 days ago

    Skip is High. Someone needs to do an intervention. Because he has lost his mind. Utah did have a chance. Skip has nothing good to say about the Rocket. Too Bias for Utah, LeBron, The Cowboys. Tell the truth Skip. You lost again. As a matter of fact I don't want to like the Rockets because every time you hate on them they win.

  40. G.T Breezy

    G.T Breezy5 days ago

    I like how we’ve just accepted who he warriors are and we are just like “ No one can beat them every year since 2015”

  41. Jorge Reynaga

    Jorge Reynaga5 days ago

    Warriors vs Celtics - NBA Finals

  42. Daniel

    Daniel5 days ago

    Gs will win easily. Harden never shows up in the clutch and he will choke

  43. Mike Padilla

    Mike Padilla5 days ago

    This show is getting old quick. Every debate is lebron vs mj or lebron vs GSW or lebron isnt the best... old topic get some more content on your show

  44. Victor Torres

    Victor Torres5 days ago

    Game 7

  45. Toad Man

    Toad Man5 days ago

    LeSkip bayless. C'mon Leskiiip

  46. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller5 days ago

    Thompson on Harden Steph on CP3 Durantula and Capella. Gimme G.S in 6

  47. Joky

    Joky6 days ago

    Warriors can defend this Rockets lineup but can Rockets defend this Warriors. I say NO!

  48. Jonathan Ng

    Jonathan Ng6 days ago

    I'm not a warriors fan but let's be serious Houston has 0% chance 5 games gsw

  49. Josh S Lemos

    Josh S Lemos6 days ago

    “That’s the eastern conference” yup “He’s not built for the final season” yup

  50. Zae

    Zae6 days ago

    Rockets also have the better bench

  51. Ren·ais·sance man

    Ren·ais·sance man6 days ago

    The Rockets will shock themselves And lose 🤪

  52. daone billygunnz

    daone billygunnz6 days ago

    Best match up all season..agree with Shannon I say should the warriors sweep or give up 1 game (freebie) will add another title to their dynasty on to the next year.

  53. daone billygunnz

    daone billygunnz6 days ago

    Skip on Lebron: “ I don’t think he is built for the finals season” lol

  54. Jesse James

    Jesse James6 days ago

    Mitchel did also "right angle" his ankle only a game or two before and plyd threw it! he was already compromised heath wise!

  55. jay bollozos

    jay bollozos6 days ago

    Yes Warriors win why not

  56. mumbus 27

    mumbus 276 days ago

    Finally skip says the truth

  57. Clyde Means

    Clyde Means6 days ago


  58. mumbus 27

    mumbus 276 days ago

    Rubber face Sharpe speaking the truth finally

  59. Jorge Marmolejo

    Jorge Marmolejo6 days ago

    Sharpe is better talking about NFL football.

  60. justin rob

    justin rob6 days ago

    Warriors beat Lebron and Kyrie in 5 last year like nothing yet you guys think Houston has a chance...

  61. Travis D

    Travis D6 days ago


  62. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    And why was that girl even there?

  63. RichBoy Walter

    RichBoy Walter6 days ago

    I don't know the other mans name but the man with the white dress shirt on is off topic asf 😂

  64. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    Houston will lose. Its a 100% fact. Real news. PS: Rockets fans, stop being delusional and fake saying rockets will win. Just be real. Tired of fake people saying there team will win just because there fans, but they know the truth that rockets are going to lose. Why lie to yourself? Its like if you said your never going to die. Really? Stop living in fantasy land. The sad part is when rockets lose, all those rockets fans who said there going to win, will never ever say they was wrong. Pathetic losers for life. ✌️

  65. Keep'N It Xtra Real

    Keep'N It Xtra Real6 days ago

    I hope they dethrone the Warriors

  66. Kirk Nathan Moralde

    Kirk Nathan Moralde6 days ago

    The Warriors have Steve Kerr. That's all they need. Great coaching wins Championships.

  67. Kenn Mack

    Kenn Mack6 days ago

    Am a Rockets fan since since day one win or lose! But we have to play well but people think the warriors can't be beat at all.

  68. JM M

    JM M6 days ago

    Houston has a chance as long as Zaza doesn't do his thing and try to injure Harden

  69. Atlas Lion

    Atlas Lion6 days ago

    I hope it will be a close series.

  70. Money Mike Socray

    Money Mike Socray6 days ago

    No rockets won't be them u would need a few more good players

  71. get dis channel to 1000000 subs with no vids

    get dis channel to 1000000 subs with no vids6 days ago

    blasephemous, rockets win in 7

  72. ghy76764

    ghy767646 days ago

    Leave it to shannon to bring LeBron into a conversation about 2 other teams , sheesh

  73. Light your Vega

    Light your Vega6 days ago

    I have not heard this a lot, but James Harden is a HUGE defensive liability. I'm guessing the Warriors will game plan around that. People seem to forget how bad he is.