1. Savannah Ross

    Savannah Ross30 minutes ago

    This episode really made me want Taco Bell’s steak nachos

  2. josh Snider

    josh Snider30 minutes ago


  3. Ult Kpop

    Ult Kpop30 minutes ago

    # 1 on trending 🤪

  4. TheStryper777

    TheStryper77731 minute ago

    Guys thank you for going back to the good ol' format. Less is more =D Mythical beast here since 2009!

  5. Spaghetti_I_No_Regretti

    Spaghetti_I_No_Regretti32 minutes ago

    Ayyy numba 1 on trendin

  6. Daniel Baxter

    Daniel Baxter32 minutes ago

    i actually want reciepe to pancake nachos how to do em they looked so yummy

  7. I’m funny I swear

    I’m funny I swear32 minutes ago

    #1 on trending! What a way to start season 14 😄!

  8. Izziebella 1109

    Izziebella 110932 minutes ago

    #1 on trending you go girl!

  9. Katherine Lucretia

    Katherine Lucretia33 minutes ago

    I like being back to the old format. It doesn't seem so rushed.

  10. Evan._c

    Evan._c33 minutes ago

    Will it milk for cereal??

  11. Michelle Deshazo

    Michelle Deshazo33 minutes ago

    Firs episode and link is already puking

  12. Owen Bunnell

    Owen Bunnell33 minutes ago

    Who else eats all the will its

  13. Master Pandacorn

    Master Pandacorn34 minutes ago

    Love it! Keep it up guys!

  14. Carrah Christensen

    Carrah Christensen34 minutes ago

    Yes!! I am so glad the old format is back.

  15. Sillybearmad

    Sillybearmad34 minutes ago

    Mr. Starch *I’m nacho feeling so good*

  16. Eliza Ann

    Eliza Ann34 minutes ago


  17. Markie Harper

    Markie Harper35 minutes ago

    You guys are dorks I love it !!!!!!

  18. Nishat Haque

    Nishat Haque35 minutes ago

    NACHO? Trivago.

  19. Michael Orellana

    Michael Orellana36 minutes ago

    Will It pizza Like if you agree

  20. Collin Kee

    Collin Kee36 minutes ago

    Love you guys! Stoked you are back and glad you are back on the old format!

  21. smdmofo

    smdmofo36 minutes ago

    Pig head is actualy lovely though, don't do it injustice xD

  22. social - disaster

    social - disaster37 minutes ago

    I lost my shit at "Ninety proof nacho" XD

  23. Betania e Claudio M

    Betania e Claudio M37 minutes ago

    Link, Charlotte was the spider, not the pig.

  24. Vicki Ikciv

    Vicki Ikciv37 minutes ago

    One ep a day again? Hmm :/

  25. Harkat

    Harkat37 minutes ago


  26. Josh Paulk

    Josh Paulk37 minutes ago

    So glad you guys are back to the old schedule. With the other, I didn't have time to fit gmm into my daily routine

  27. XxUserPersonxX 123789

    XxUserPersonxX 12378938 minutes ago

    Congrats on #1 on trending!

  28. KyleSerraoLfc

    KyleSerraoLfc38 minutes ago

    Season 16 link will have grey hair fully

  29. David Roudebush

    David Roudebush39 minutes ago

    I don’t want the galaxy note 9 god dang it

  30. Julianna Davis

    Julianna Davis39 minutes ago

    #1 on trending yayyyy!!! Great way to start off an amazing season! #season14

  31. Saoirse Boyd

    Saoirse Boyd39 minutes ago

    Number one on trending!!!!!

  32. unicorn gacha

    unicorn gacha39 minutes ago

    Im eating nachos right now lol🤣🤣😂

  33. Agent Phoenix

    Agent Phoenix40 minutes ago

    Happy season 14

  34. pineapple pizza

    pineapple pizza40 minutes ago

    I lost it at Charlotte's nacho LMAO

  35. unicorn gacha

    unicorn gacha40 minutes ago


  36. Danaily Mercer

    Danaily Mercer41 minute ago

    They have number 1 on trending

  37. Daydreams 182

    Daydreams 18242 minutes ago

    I've been wanting a will it nacho for *YEARS* Now my wish has been fulfilled and I'm a happy boy

  38. Zee Juris

    Zee Juris42 minutes ago

    the pig head nachos look like sisig and I'm wanting to eat it.

  39. chill im just a poptart

    chill im just a poptart43 minutes ago

    Ayeee congrats in trendinggg

  40. Doodle Bob

    Doodle Bob43 minutes ago

    I love waking up at 6 am before school and watching these videos with breakfast. I am so glad they are back! This is going to make school much easier to get used to again.!

  41. Skateboarding Time

    Skateboarding Time43 minutes ago

    Love that shirt Link (you and Rhett)

  42. danielciech7971

    danielciech797144 minutes ago


  43. Lauren O

    Lauren O44 minutes ago

    On point boys. Bravo. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  44. Radiohead6992

    Radiohead699244 minutes ago

    R.I.P. season 13 format :(

  45. Louis Pagliara

    Louis Pagliara44 minutes ago

    Yes gmm is back to the old ways

  46. Chloe Byte

    Chloe Byte45 minutes ago

    #1on trending 😆

  47. danielciech7971

    danielciech797145 minutes ago

    They are back! The show ever!

  48. Fenia Guilford

    Fenia Guilford45 minutes ago

    When will there be a Mythical Diner?

  49. Poisoniveee

    Poisoniveee45 minutes ago

    Will it slushie?!

  50. Banana Man747

    Banana Man74746 minutes ago


  51. Wicked Passive - Investing Videos

    Wicked Passive - Investing Videos47 minutes ago

    Very creative guys this is great. Love pork belly. Pig cheeks are amazing, popular in Italian cuisine.

  52. 美Lyn

    美Lyn47 minutes ago

    YES OLD FORMAT 🤣🤣😄😄❤️💕💕❤️🍵

  53. janet lavergne

    janet lavergne47 minutes ago

    Link gets hotter as he ages.

  54. Projorja 67

    Projorja 6747 minutes ago

    Next thing I know they will do a will it ketchup


    VAVVY RETURN47 minutes ago

    "Like college!"

  56. Buckeye

    Buckeye48 minutes ago

    Congrats on no. 1 on trending!

  57. maddie palmer

    maddie palmer48 minutes ago

    will it soda?

  58. The Obvious

    The Obvious48 minutes ago

    Will it tea?

  59. Enderman252

    Enderman25248 minutes ago

    Congrats On Number 1 Trending🎉🎆🎉🎆🎉🎆

  60. Max Drapeau

    Max Drapeau49 minutes ago


  61. 10,000 subs no videos

    10,000 subs no videos50 minutes ago

    Ur Mom Gae Lol

  62. chris-toe-gopher

    chris-toe-gopher50 minutes ago


  63. god is woman

    god is woman50 minutes ago

    Will it boil for safety 😂

  64. Glitch, The Zendog

    Glitch, The Zendog50 minutes ago

    But we still have one more age old question... Will it sprinkle?! LETS TALK ABOUT THAT! :D have a good day/evening guys, I really appreciate your videos 😅

  65. LGrecgamer YT

    LGrecgamer YT52 minutes ago

    1st on treading dang

  66. Kristin Lawrie

    Kristin Lawrie52 minutes ago


  67. Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson52 minutes ago

    THANK YOU for going back to one per day. The other format was awful.

  68. Bl r

    Bl r52 minutes ago

    ugh... I could really go for nachos right now.

  69. Jonathan Cesari

    Jonathan Cesari52 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for fixing your HORRIBLE show structure from last year! Looking forward to another enjoyable season.

  70. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?52 minutes ago

    #1 on trending WTF?

  71. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach53 minutes ago

    # *1 on trending* !!!!

  72. JorgeJavier Laborde

    JorgeJavier Laborde53 minutes ago

    seafood nachos?

  73. illrhymes25

    illrhymes2553 minutes ago

    Re-subbed after finding out the change back

  74. Monica Cesario

    Monica Cesario54 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who's sad to see the old format go?

  75. Luke

    Luke54 minutes ago

    Number one trending in Georgia 😌

  76. Brieanna Moon

    Brieanna Moon55 minutes ago

    "its the getting stuff down phase" *gags almost right after saying that*

  77. Mister Piggy

    Mister Piggy55 minutes ago

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!

  78. moontheloon5

    moontheloon555 minutes ago

    I loved the new format...still can't understand why they went back. Smh

  79. AaronTV

    AaronTV56 minutes ago

    YESSS old format!!!!!

  80. Kaylee B

    Kaylee B56 minutes ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-SRuv8C-Nuo0.html COME SHOW LOVEEEE

  81. LuckyGoose

    LuckyGoose56 minutes ago

    ayyyee #1 on trending

  82. Jace Mcgill

    Jace Mcgill56 minutes ago

    #1 on trending!

  83. Gothik Gypsy

    Gothik Gypsy56 minutes ago

    Will it Ramen?

  84. Redmund Cheung

    Redmund Cheung56 minutes ago

    #1on trending

  85. Chloe Roethler

    Chloe Roethler57 minutes ago

    For what it's worth, I liked last season's format, idk why everyone got so bent out of shape about it. I pretty much like anything you guys do, though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I'll never quit you guys!

  86. FleakDomino 5

    FleakDomino 558 minutes ago

    I’m sad because i miss seasons 3

  87. Tyler

    Tyler58 minutes ago

    Will it Pierogi?

  88. Bspaker

    Bspaker59 minutes ago

    After watching the long island nachos. I think you should make a show or maybe a livestream called good mythical evening like once a month the whole mythical crew gets together for drinks and just chats. Kinda like ear biscuits but for the adult audience haha.

  89. Trevor Coulombe

    Trevor Coulombe59 minutes ago

    Good choice

  90. Epok97

    Epok9759 minutes ago

    Nacho, nacho man I've got get me some nachos man Nacho, Nacho man I've got to get me some nachos man

  91. Greenleaf.

    Greenleaf.59 minutes ago

    Link, the gray hair is taking over

  92. Yousuf A.

    Yousuf A.Hour ago

    Ohhhhh YEAAAAA

  93. Joey  Svehla

    Joey SvehlaHour ago

    Why does the new GMM logo color scheme look just like Sorted Foods? 😂

  94. agrenade611

    agrenade611Hour ago

    Welcome to seaon 4 frickin teen!

  95. Katie

    KatieHour ago

    I’m so glad it’s back to the way it was before. I ended up missing so many videos because I just couldn’t keep up with all of them

  96. Mrcaidozrellik

    MrcaidozrellikHour ago

    Why don't you guys get a chef that knows how to cook the parts of animals u hate like pig face. Filipinos and Mexicans know how to properly cook big face or Pig you should give the stuff you don't like a second chance by a chef that knows what they're doing

  97. bacon_n_meggs

    bacon_n_meggsHour ago

    I KNOW I was in the minority because I liked the new/multiple video format because it meant more content and it was easy to skip the 2nd or 3rd video if it didn't interest me. However, I'm glad they are bringing back the old format because it means they're listening to their fans! And I appreciate them giving it some time to see if it would "stick" instead of switching back right away!

  98. Elite Gamers

    Elite GamersHour ago

    Will it lasagna?

  99. theacp127

    theacp127Hour ago

    I just finished the ear biscuit. Excited about the new season!

  100. Smith Jradon

    Smith JradonHour ago

    Bring back old intro for a week?