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  1. WIRED

    WIREDYear ago

    Sorry folks, we had a corrupted audio file, but thought you'd want to see this anyway. Hope you still enjoy the video!

  2. Jared Maples

    Jared Maples2 months ago

    Its ok....you can't win them all😋

  3. Rockmyballsplease

    Rockmyballsplease11 months ago

    I think they were using a boom.

  4. TDS

    TDS11 months ago

    doesn't sound corrupted at all. It simply sounds like a bad recording

  5. Amanda Kersey

    Amanda Kersey2 days ago

    Casa de mi padre is sooooo good!!!

  6. Sophie Rambler

    Sophie Rambler3 days ago

    He cant remember when he was in an ep of Spongebob lol.

  7. Blorgisson

    Blorgisson4 days ago

    Will Ferrell is my god

  8. Ronald Díaz

    Ronald Díaz7 days ago

    Haha some people thought David Hasselhoff is Will Ferrell in that Spongebob movie.

  9. Fred Herrman

    Fred Herrman10 days ago

    Amy is so cute! Will...not so much.

  10. big baby josh

    big baby josh10 days ago


  11. Victoria McGinnis

    Victoria McGinnis11 days ago

    Sorry I’m just really focused on how nice it is to see a normal size woman with things like arm fat 😂 I love her

  12. c k

    c k11 days ago


  13. Follow the Sun

    Follow the Sun13 days ago

    Wow, this was really disappointing. I'd have expected more out of Will Ferrell but at least I know he's human now.

  14. Sophie Belle

    Sophie Belle15 days ago

    I'm buddy the elf

  15. Bryan Fricot

    Bryan Fricot16 days ago

    Casa De Mi Padre is by far the weirdest but one of the funniest movies I have ever seen

  16. Veritas

    Veritas18 days ago

    Where is a question about: "Does Will Ferrell sucks giant high ones?"

  17. chicken

    chicken23 days ago

    Will Ferrell was on a spongebob special.

  18. MiniMarlo12

    MiniMarlo1223 days ago

    I watched that Spanish movie. I couldn't understand it😂

  19. Rey L

    Rey L24 days ago

    How you gonna do this to my bro Will Ferrell

  20. David Boyd

    David Boyd29 days ago

    I would've preferred just will ferrel.

  21. Fab Elger

    Fab ElgerMonth ago

    I love how she pronounces her OWN NAME WRONG!

  22. Matt Slosman

    Matt SlosmanMonth ago

    I'm really upset neither Amy Poehler or Chris Pratt bring up parks and rec during their interviews. She even had it teed up with "how did you get famous?" "My alter ego leslie knope" or something, dang. This is what I get for rewatching a TV series nobody remembers

  23. cadence Henry

    cadence HenryMonth ago

    idk why but i have seen him in lots of movies but i only think of elf and buddy when i see his face

  24. Devin D

    Devin DMonth ago

    She so hot

  25. Moracha !

    Moracha !Month ago

    Amy Poehler is literally Joy.

  26. halvars90

    halvars90Month ago

    Man Amy is so fat

  27. Lisa Lane

    Lisa LaneMonth ago

    You two are hilarious! Love ya, mean it 😜

  28. putsome basilonit

    putsome basilonitMonth ago

    Will Ferrell looks really good for a dead 38 year old guy.

  29. Michelle Gonzalez

    Michelle GonzalezMonth ago

    I liked Casa de mi Padre

  30. SwollenRhino

    SwollenRhinoMonth ago

    Did Will Ferrell actually put his balls on the drum set in Step Brothers

  31. Nate Eddy

    Nate EddyMonth ago

    I've seen Casa de mi Padre

  32. NemS S

    NemS SMonth ago

    They're both annoying like diabetes and diarrhea

  33. Fadoua Ouni

    Fadoua OuniMonth ago

    Everyone here complaining about the sound while I'm constantly irritated by the white tape ruining the questions 🙄

  34. Jennifer B.

    Jennifer B.Month ago

    Um, Amy...Louis CK was on your own show "Parks and Recreation" as a love interest.

  35. Jennifer B.

    Jennifer B.3 days ago

    +Your Highness II My point was that she mentioned another show she was on in 2012. So your point is moot. I just thought it was odd she mentioned being on his show years ago as you mentioned instead of her own show. But thanks for the snark.

  36. Your Highness II

    Your Highness II3 days ago

    There's no point her in promoting a show (one that ended several years beforehand) that a network owns when she had a movie to promote.

  37. Acactusjuscuz X

    Acactusjuscuz XMonth ago

    They didn’t sensed my question. IS WILL FERREL LITTLE DEBBIE

  38. GeFeldz

    GeFeldzMonth ago

    Amy Poehler in Tenacious D... I'm still laughing! Wha, whe, how?

  39. dddsb

    dddsbMonth ago

    Why weren’t these two milked right on this one?

  40. Bipolar Gamer

    Bipolar GamerMonth ago

    Why is she such an arsehole?

  41. Martha Bixler

    Martha BixlerMonth ago


  42. Hollins23

    Hollins23Month ago

    Amy Poehler couldn't even answer one simple question seriously. What a clown!

  43. elizabeth headley

    elizabeth headleyMonth ago

    Will Ferrell should be on SpongeBob...😁

  44. Paul Gilmore

    Paul GilmoreMonth ago

    Whats up with the audio on this one... Someone forget the mics??

  45. dominic

    dominicMonth ago

    actually, my fam once rented that mexican movie he did lol we rented it on redbox

  46. efosa obasuyi

    efosa obasuyiMonth ago

    This is probably the best of the lot

  47. Chinmay Upadhye

    Chinmay UpadhyeMonth ago

    The moment when you realize Google search gives you more truth than the actors themselves.

  48. Lale G.

    Lale G.Month ago

    I want an autocomplete interview with Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter!

  49. Giraffe Next Door

    Giraffe Next Door2 months ago

    Yayyy my favorites in one video😍

  50. Bxmanolo13

    Bxmanolo132 months ago

    Funny cause I did go see Casa de mi padre lmao

  51. XLorate by davesexcel

    XLorate by davesexcel2 months ago

    Born: July 16, 1967

  52. Jared Maples

    Jared Maples2 months ago

    I just love them!😍

  53. netsirenful

    netsirenful2 months ago

    I MISS Mighty "B"!!!! Thanks Amy!

  54. Van

    Van2 months ago

    Casa de mi Padre is hilarious. Its avant garde to me. Its cheesy and artistic which I think is cool.

  55. Van

    Van2 months ago

    As a Chicano I enjoy it immensely. I feel it grasps the machismo of latino men. Mexicans making fun of the fact that they are so melodramatic. It is a hidden gem. Where is my Genesis Rodriguez?

  56. Van

    Van2 months ago

    I love the wedding scene with El Puma singing "A lighter shade of pale" in spanish.

  57. destiny kemp

    destiny kemp2 months ago

    Amy was awesome in parks and recreation lol and will Farrell is just a comedy legend.

  58. Raileigh Greene

    Raileigh Greene2 months ago

    This is the kind of thing that may seem like a normal conversation if you’re not actually listening.

  59. Kirby crac Man

    Kirby crac Man2 months ago

    I watched casa da mi padre

  60. endieeloah

    endieeloah2 months ago

    I love Casa de mi Padre! My mom and I saw it twice and we can say the at least you, Will Ferrel, can put 2 people on this movie's audience list. ;)

  61. ExTremeHYPE

    ExTremeHYPE2 months ago

    3:38 lmao the camera man weezing

  62. Rihana Jan

    Rihana Jan2 months ago

    I love them both so much

  63. Toxic Queen

    Toxic Queen2 months ago

    Did anyone think of Elf the movie when they saw the thumbnail

  64. Dank Mheems

    Dank Mheems2 months ago

    Someone screwed the audio.

  65. hello goodbye

    hello goodbye2 months ago


  66. Drawish Colors

    Drawish Colors2 months ago


  67. Broke Kids Tryna Have Fun

    Broke Kids Tryna Have Fun2 months ago

    I was born July 15 2006.

  68. Jeffrey Phillip

    Jeffrey Phillip2 months ago

    I hate that chick she thinks she's so funny...

  69. Zach Evans

    Zach Evans3 months ago

    will ferrell was born 1967 lol

  70. Melodie

    Melodie3 months ago

    I'm not sure if Will loves Mexicans (because of his label "Sanchez Productions", his Spanish-speaking ability and how he claims to be Mexican for comedic effect), or if he just finds us comical and likes to make fun of us? Either way, I don't care and love him and love that he even mentions Mexicans as often as he does!!

  71. Jordan Parrish

    Jordan Parrish3 months ago

    This is so good, why doesn’t it have 25 million views?

  72. Ambzer Ambzer

    Ambzer Ambzer3 months ago

    What's a zeen?

  73. Taniia Bennett Alva

    Taniia Bennett Alva3 months ago

    Chazz Michael Michaels & Fairchild Van Waldenberg hehehe

  74. Kera Logan

    Kera Logan3 months ago


  75. Megan Darlene

    Megan Darlene3 months ago

    My favorite episode by far!

  76. Allan J.

    Allan J.3 months ago

    Amy got fat!!

  77. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore3 months ago

    We almost learned nothing about them in this lol

  78. A nobody Really

    A nobody Really3 months ago

    “Which NO ONE HAS SEEN” lmfao I’m dying

  79. Michaela Kopczewski

    Michaela Kopczewski3 months ago

    I don’t think they say a word of truth in this but it’s still hilarious

  80. Kami

    Kami3 months ago

    Those pants are awesome :D

  81. Courtney Lucas

    Courtney Lucas3 months ago

    Here for amyyy

  82. onepcwhiz

    onepcwhiz3 months ago

    She's a fat slob.

  83. Miss Blonde Ambition

    Miss Blonde Ambition3 months ago

    When I lived in Florida I modeled and acted at showcases with Amy's cousins, she is so different than they are but that was the first time I heard who she was.

  84. Jasi Gr

    Jasi Gr3 months ago

    They just called my mans Will Ferrell, Skip Bayless..?😭

  85. TheInfected

    TheInfected3 months ago

    I really love that you can kind of hear people giggling behind the camera every once in awhile, it made me laugh more

  86. Peder sundström

    Peder sundström3 months ago

    U wish u were swedish.....

  87. LOOLGam1ng

    LOOLGam1ng3 months ago

    Amy says if you want to hear coke you gotta pay us. well she just said it LUL!

  88. No, but I got Cheez whiz

    No, but I got Cheez whiz4 months ago

    I WAS born on JULY 16 tooooooooooooooooooo

  89. Brandon Zielinski

    Brandon Zielinski4 months ago

    trash didn't answer some questions and lied

  90. Barello Smith

    Barello Smith4 months ago

    Oe is pronounced as ö not ü.

  91. SnackPatrol

    SnackPatrol4 months ago

    amy poehler lowkey *_t h i c c_*

  92. Wild Flower

    Wild Flower4 months ago

    Aww well that was disappointing 😒

  93. PerfectParadox

    PerfectParadox4 months ago


  94. Jazz V

    Jazz V4 months ago

    Casa de mi padre is my fav😩😩

  95. Twist

    Twist4 months ago

    Amy Poehler looks like a female Tom Segura.

  96. Michael Kline

    Michael Kline4 months ago

    Not funny if they don’t actually answer any of them

  97. marinarose741

    marinarose7414 months ago

    Will Ferrel = Amy Schumer

  98. Robby Robby

    Robby Robby4 months ago

    Well well for having been born in 1980 you look like ....

  99. Kid_Flash

    Kid_Flash4 months ago

    Amy poehler is so fat in this video

  100. enstef

    enstef4 months ago

    I love them! 😂😂😂

  101. herbertson lee

    herbertson lee4 months ago

    Casa de me padre great movie. Question: how to exist as a cancer

  102. Ernesto G Valdés

    Ernesto G Valdés4 months ago

    Love Amy! Casa de mi padre is a really good movie actually, go watch it of you can

  103. Psilo b

    Psilo b4 months ago

    Casa de me padre is AMAZING

  104. marcelo2169

    marcelo21694 months ago

    Amy Poehler is getting fat

  105. Steve Matthews

    Steve Matthews4 months ago

    Casa de mi padre. Hah!!!

  106. MrSuckeragi

    MrSuckeragi5 months ago

    69butthole ave. that's just across the street!

  107. Drew Jennings

    Drew Jennings5 months ago

    Amy is the will ferrell of women