Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. WIRED

    WIREDYear ago

    Sorry folks, we had a corrupted audio file, but thought you'd want to see this anyway. Hope you still enjoy the video!

  2. Rockmyballsplease

    Rockmyballsplease7 months ago

    I think they were using a boom.

  3. TDS

    TDS8 months ago

    doesn't sound corrupted at all. It simply sounds like a bad recording

  4. Brian Orr

    Brian Orr8 months ago

    I didn't notice...?

  5. Allan J.

    Allan J.19 hours ago

    Amy got fat!!

  6. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore2 days ago

    We almost learned nothing about them in this lol

  7. A nobody Really

    A nobody Really4 days ago

    “Which NO ONE HAS SEEN” lmfao I’m dying

  8. Michaela Kopczewski

    Michaela Kopczewski9 days ago

    I don’t think they say a word of truth in this but it’s still hilarious

  9. Kami

    Kami9 days ago

    Those pants are awesome :D

  10. Courtney Lucas

    Courtney Lucas9 days ago

    Here for amyyy

  11. onepcwhiz

    onepcwhiz11 days ago

    She's a fat slob.

  12. Miss Blonde Ambition

    Miss Blonde Ambition13 days ago

    When I lived in Florida I modeled and acted at showcases with Amy's cousins, she is so different than they are but that was the first time I heard who she was.

  13. Jasi Gr

    Jasi Gr16 days ago

    They just called my mans Will Ferrell, Skip Bayless..?😭

  14. TheInfected

    TheInfected20 days ago

    I really love that you can kind of hear people giggling behind the camera every once in awhile, it made me laugh more

  15. Peder sundström

    Peder sundström21 day ago

    U wish u were swedish.....

  16. LOOLGam1ng

    LOOLGam1ng23 days ago

    Amy says if you want to hear coke you gotta pay us. well she just said it LUL!

  17. No, but I got Cheez wiz

    No, but I got Cheez wiz26 days ago

    I WAS born on JULY 16 tooooooooooooooooooo

  18. Brandon Zielinski

    Brandon Zielinski28 days ago

    trash didn't answer some questions and lied

  19. Barello Smith

    Barello SmithMonth ago

    Oe is pronounced as ö not ü.

  20. SnackPatrol

    SnackPatrolMonth ago

    amy poehler lowkey *_t h i c c_*

  21. Wild Flower

    Wild FlowerMonth ago

    Aww well that was disappointing 😒

  22. PerfectParadox

    PerfectParadoxMonth ago


  23. Jazz V

    Jazz VMonth ago

    Casa de mi padre is my fav😩😩

  24. Twist

    TwistMonth ago

    Amy Poehler looks like a female Tom Segura.

  25. Michael Kline

    Michael KlineMonth ago

    Not funny if they don’t actually answer any of them

  26. marinarose741

    marinarose741Month ago

    Will Ferrel = Amy Schumer

  27. Nrogara Odorf

    Nrogara OdorfMonth ago

    Well well for having been born in 1980 you look like ....

  28. Kid_Flash

    Kid_FlashMonth ago

    Amy poehler is so fat in this video

  29. enstef

    enstefMonth ago

    I love them! 😂😂😂

  30. herbertson lee

    herbertson leeMonth ago

    Casa de me padre great movie. Question: how to exist as a cancer

  31. Ernesto G Valdés

    Ernesto G ValdésMonth ago

    Love Amy! Casa de mi padre is a really good movie actually, go watch it of you can

  32. Psilo b

    Psilo bMonth ago

    Casa de me padre is AMAZING

  33. marcelo2169

    marcelo2169Month ago

    Amy Poehler is getting fat

  34. Steve Matthews

    Steve MatthewsMonth ago

    Casa de mi padre. Hah!!!

  35. MrSuckeragi

    MrSuckeragiMonth ago

    69butthole ave. that's just across the street!

  36. Drew Jennings

    Drew JenningsMonth ago

    Amy is the will ferrell of women

  37. The Apple Seeds

    The Apple SeedsMonth ago

    The sarcasm is real in these interviews.

  38. Seba Diconca

    Seba DiconcaMonth ago

    she´s hot

  39. Mac Unum

    Mac UnumMonth ago

    Casa de me padre is an amazing movie. Count me as a fan

  40. mini mary

    mini maryMonth ago

    1980 lmfaoooo

  41. fla la

    fla la2 months ago

    They’re so cool 😎 I love them

  42. Andrew Neumann

    Andrew Neumann2 months ago

    Will Ferrell was born in 1967. What's up with the sound. It's all slap slap wang.

  43. DustDaRapper

    DustDaRapper2 months ago

    This one wasn't as funny :(

  44. Sojie Insinger

    Sojie Insinger2 months ago

    Blades of Glory the reunion 😂😂

  45. Daniela Rodriguez

    Daniela Rodriguez2 months ago

    I’ve seen Casa De Mi Padre 😂

  46. j neilson

    j neilson2 months ago

    Amy looks like she just woke up .... in a ditch.

  47. CheesecakeLasagna

    CheesecakeLasagna2 months ago

    Spongebob expert here, they must be referring to David Hasselhoff, and not Will Ferrell. David is in the Spongebob Squarepants The Movie as himself.

  48. Matt Wheeler

    Matt Wheeler18 hours ago

    Better SpongeBob expert here he was in the special truth or square I have it on dvd

  49. MukkoDouble-ro-ga

    MukkoDouble-ro-ga2 months ago

    에이미 폴러보면 박나래 생각남ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 존나 당당하고 웃김

  50. Amadeo Monje

    Amadeo Monje2 months ago

    Im all lat3 but i saw casa de mi padre when it came out

  51. yoga asix

    yoga asix2 months ago

    Hey Will did you ever get up in the morning and look at the mirror and said to yourself "I think I will suck a giant hard one today.."?

  52. Sean O'Neill

    Sean O'Neill2 months ago

    This was not informative.

  53. Pier-Alexandre Harvey

    Pier-Alexandre Harvey2 months ago


  54. suraj gautam

    suraj gautam2 months ago

    Will ferrell and ryan reynolds should make a movie together .

  55. Michael Thomson

    Michael Thomson2 months ago

    For those who want to hit up Will Ferrell; sassypants@earthlink.net.ie.supersexy.com

  56. Soul 8th Saturn

    Soul 8th Saturn2 months ago

    1980!!! Lmaooooo

  57. Dob Williams

    Dob Williams3 months ago


  58. Kevlar Arms Training

    Kevlar Arms Training3 months ago

    She got fat

  59. Aj00098

    Aj000983 months ago

    How dare you! Casa de mi padre is an classic. Never has there been a more fluent and articulent Spanish, than the one Will ferrell speaks

  60. Soneyburst

    Soneyburst3 months ago

    did anyone else also click on this video only cuz it had will Ferrell in it

  61. Junior Vafai

    Junior Vafai3 months ago

    Why is this amy poehler and will Ferrell but not amy poehler and tina fey

  62. Anthony Wellman

    Anthony Wellman3 months ago

    Fire your sound guy. Hire me.

  63. Bethni Stalnaker

    Bethni Stalnaker3 months ago

    They should do Tom Holland!!!!

  64. Lahra Santos

    Lahra Santos3 months ago

    Hey! Will! I went to the theater to watch 'Casa de mi Padre' and I liked! I just regret don't have smoke before. Hashanah but Diego Luna is totally worth it. Ahahahahah

  65. Mortimer Aeinhardt

    Mortimer Aeinhardt3 months ago

    That's what I think when I hear any sorority or frat-whatever house name. Sorta like Benedict Yoelerflat's name.

  66. Nathan Gill

    Nathan Gill3 months ago

    Six wake ice downtown indeed hat prisoner acceptable.

  67. theseinstrumentals

    theseinstrumentals3 months ago

    lmbo 1980? y'all letting him get away with that 😂😂

  68. David Mackie

    David Mackie16 days ago

    Haha only like 15 years off bro

  69. Anabelle Colf

    Anabelle Colf4 months ago


  70. Bridgeville Bulldawgz58

    Bridgeville Bulldawgz584 months ago

    I wanna do Amy

  71. Edmund Schrag

    Edmund Schrag4 months ago

    Yes, useful. It teaches that there are incompetent audio folks out there

  72. Rumbllenow5

    Rumbllenow54 months ago

    I love Will Ferrell but I’d love to see Any Poehler and Tina Fey do one of these lol

  73. Bobbie Daniel

    Bobbie Daniel4 months ago

    Hey I've seen Casa Mi Padre! Lol love them both

  74. Ivan Cruz-Cordero

    Ivan Cruz-Cordero4 months ago

    "Gator don't play no SH*T!"

  75. r.s.b 1997

    r.s.b 19974 months ago

    am I the only one who skiped Amy's questions ? lol

  76. Henrik Wenne

    Henrik Wenne4 months ago

    Wired, fix those stickers. Velcro or whatever

  77. Ashley Schwarzmann

    Ashley Schwarzmann5 months ago

    Just happened to be watching this on will ferrels birthday 😂😂😂

  78. Emily Glenn

    Emily Glenn5 months ago

    literally will ferrell makes me laugh so much

  79. ghee4345

    ghee43455 months ago

    Hang gliding accident? Honey take a good picture I’m DEAD

  80. ConcreteAngelx3

    ConcreteAngelx35 months ago

    I wish they would answer the questions seriously in these. The ones I have seen they are always joking around and give fake answers.

  81. DrRocketman 779

    DrRocketman 7795 months ago

    David Hasselhoff was on Spongebob....

  82. Matt Wheeler

    Matt Wheeler18 hours ago

    So was will

  83. AJ Baumeister

    AJ Baumeister5 months ago


  84. Gratitude Ranch

    Gratitude Ranch5 months ago

    No way he’s born 1980?!? Seriously?

  85. Mr. Cairo

    Mr. Cairo5 months ago


  86. TinUser

    TinUser6 months ago

    "When did WIll Ferrell die" Before Anchorman 2.

  87. Oopsilon

    Oopsilon6 months ago

    I mean I love both of them but they just couldnt answer even one question seriously. I get curious!

  88. patrick shwasted

    patrick shwasted6 months ago

    That was fun

  89. Jesse Mata

    Jesse Mata6 months ago

    Horrible audio

  90. Haley

    Haley6 months ago

    IT”S *JOY* and *Buddy the elf!!* “whats your favorite color?"

  91. BNP Zarie

    BNP Zarie6 months ago

    she was in the Feta sorority

  92. by KiMiYA

    by KiMiYA6 months ago

    Did Will say, “Spanach?”

  93. Kelsey Stomp

    Kelsey Stomp6 months ago


  94. JakeYencikMusic

    JakeYencikMusic6 months ago

    drunk leslie knope is sober amy poehler

  95. Malachi Constant

    Malachi Constant6 months ago

    HEY......I saw Casa de mi padre.

  96. grytlappar

    grytlappar6 months ago

    Every one one these seems to include an "is X vegan/vegetarian." Is that really _so_ important to vegans/vegs? What, they can't like an actor/actress if they aren't? Weird.

  97. Kiba

    Kiba6 months ago

    Tf dis bish said bout swedish people

  98. Twiixxo

    Twiixxo6 months ago

    Amy wth is wrong with swedish people

  99. L C

    L C6 months ago

    So she really did eat too many waffles... wasn't just for TV.

  100. Addy Taylor

    Addy Taylor6 months ago

    i am Swedish

  101. Shannon Rae

    Shannon Rae6 months ago

    I love them so much and she looks amazing! They both do.

  102. Mageneated

    Mageneated6 months ago

    Lol I think people mixed up will ferrel with Hasselhoff

  103. AirParrott

    AirParrott6 months ago

    She said ZINES 😍

  104. Abbas Ali

    Abbas Ali6 months ago

    I feel like those two think they’re funnier than they are

  105. lolawhiterabbit

    lolawhiterabbit6 months ago

    Casa De Mi Padre lmao I totally forgot about that one 🤣🤣🤣

  106. britt dino

    britt dino6 months ago

    What cold human being hasn’t seen Casa De Mi Padre???