Widows | "This Is Not Your World" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX


  1. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin7 months ago

    Terrible trailer, incredible film

  2. Skynet Dreams

    Skynet Dreams8 months ago

    Looks tense af.

  3. Trouble man84

    Trouble man849 months ago

    These are the movies i look forward to not comic book films

  4. Will C

    Will C10 months ago

    At 0:15, Kaluuya has that same intensity in his eyes Heath Ledger had in "The Dark Knight" when the Joker was messing with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

  5. Miss Nyc

    Miss Nyc11 months ago

    I’m looking forward to this movie!

  6. Du_ux

    Du_uxYear ago

    The thumbnail reminded me of get out

  7. Chris Corley

    Chris CorleyYear ago

    Good cast. Looks deep.

  8. smit4459

    smit4459Year ago

    I think "Widows" has Oscar written all over it!

  9. aj the young king

    aj the young kingYear ago

    I thought this was a Get Out promo for the World Cup

  10. Robert George

    Robert GeorgeYear ago

    I love 2oth century fox,it is phenomenal!

  11. Александра Александра

    Александра АлександраYear ago

    Does anybody know the song please?

  12. So ein Spast

    So ein SpastYear ago

    Looks unrealistic

  13. Yolo Lollipops

    Yolo LollipopsYear ago

    Looks good

  14. The Ghost of Winterfell

    The Ghost of WinterfellYear ago

    I don't know if is just me, but Daniel Kaluya seems going to be one of the highlights of this movie. He appears in three shots on the first trailer, plus this one, his character might steal the scene, or try to when Viola Davis isn't around. I need to see this movie.

  15. Ani Ani

    Ani Ani8 months ago

    @Alex Bauman The wave at 0:10 just shows how Intimidating he's gonna be.

  16. Sweet Karma

    Sweet Karma8 months ago

    @Alex Bauman His character is apparently a truly sick and nasty gangster who would do almost anything to get by... Apparently there's a dark/funny scene in the movie where he 'helps' someone in a savage way 😂

  17. Will C

    Will C10 months ago

    From the early word at Toronto, he's going to be a Supporting Actor frontrunner this year; he, Timothée Chalamet (which is fun to see them both in contention for the same award again) and Richard E. Grant.

  18. Alex Bauman

    Alex Bauman11 months ago

    I love that shot at 0:15 of him eyeballing that guy. It's genuinely intimidating in just a couple of seconds. I'm curious if his character is actually unstable or more plays up a kinda "crazy" persona to mess with people.

  19. Bart Man

    Bart ManYear ago


  20. Erica Nation24

    Erica Nation24Year ago


  21. JR Sutton

    JR SuttonYear ago

    Jose Miguel Puchero all about that paperboi!

  22. Jose Miguel Puchero

    Jose Miguel PucheroYear ago

    paperboi paperboi

  23. louriane lay

    louriane layYear ago

    Viola Davis is everything.

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    李颖Year ago

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  25. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    Alesso Vermudi GalánYear ago


  26. Vincent Arceo

    Vincent ArceoYear ago

    Wow this film is getting better each time I see its ads

  27. Ryan McDowell

    Ryan McDowellYear ago

    More like set it off two

  28. kind ken

    kind kenYear ago

    0:02 reminds me a music vid of False Alarm By The Weeknd

  29. Third Eye Cinema

    Third Eye CinemaYear ago

    Looks good!

  30. I post random suff

    I post random suffYear ago

    Thanks Fox for blocking my video !!!!😠😑 why????????????

  31. Wild Hunt

    Wild HuntYear ago

    Michelle Rodriguez is the reason im watching lol

  32. Trouble man84

    Trouble man849 months ago


  33. يو يو

    يو يوYear ago

    حماس ✔️🔥

  34. TwinkleStar

    TwinkleStarYear ago

    Looks good!

  35. Lonnie Davis

    Lonnie DavisYear ago

    So they always want to push interracial couples on black man now I'm not saying this movie

  36. Simon Kendra

    Simon Kendra11 months ago

    Oh yeah, let me just go and tell my aunt that she has to divorce her black husband because it is "pushing something". You, Lonnie, are a sick and sad racist human being.

  37. Lonnie Davis

    Lonnie DavisYear ago

    TwinkleStar nope i dont ever since started dating Amber Rose

  38. TwinkleStar

    TwinkleStarYear ago

    Are you not listening to Kanye? Because black men push interracial coupling more than anyone. 😐

  39. ComiXEdits Trailers

    ComiXEdits TrailersYear ago

    Suicide Squad 2 looks good.

  40. 하리보님

    하리보님Year ago

    ComiXEdits Trailers when is movies ~??

  41. Delfi Candia

    Delfi CandiaYear ago

    Entre les murs

  42. JosephMarcelinoGamer YT

    JosephMarcelinoGamer YTYear ago

    Too early to have a TV spot...

  43. JosephMarcelinoGamer YT

    JosephMarcelinoGamer YTYear ago

    It’s better if they like show off the TV spot like around October

  44. Desire Released

    Desire ReleasedYear ago

    JosephMarcelinoGamer YT true but I think the film slipped under a lot of radars so they’re just letting y’all know come November it’s GOIN DOWN

  45. Black Manta

    Black MantaYear ago

    First again. Omg. Sorry.