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  1. Lamar Hardy

    Lamar Hardy3 days ago

    Movie = Perfection Writing = Flawless Cast = Impressive Widows = Classic . Everyone should watch it

  2. B. Fagan

    B. Fagan5 months ago

    Ugh..another socialital "strong wemunz" flick. Whatever.

  3. Maruwan Haib

    Maruwan Haib5 months ago


  4. Ms. Kenobi

    Ms. Kenobi5 months ago

    Trailer was better than the movie. Movie was...enh.

  5. BAdrianne91

    BAdrianne915 months ago

    Why this had a low budget??? Because people are stupid.... It can have any other explanation

  6. Trill Spill

    Trill Spill5 months ago

    The trailer was better than the actual movie

  7. M B

    M B5 months ago

    The trailer has some so-called powerful emotional bullshit in it that I think ruins a good film when it starts too early before you can connect to the characters...the story and cast are good but it looks like a slow starter...I nearly turned the trailer off but it was saved by the bank heist.

  8. joeduby

    joeduby5 months ago

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  9. Darth Maxer

    Darth Maxer5 months ago

    joeduby cool thanks

  10. Emanuele Cala

    Emanuele Cala6 months ago


  11. Mark Carolan

    Mark Carolan6 months ago

    feminist shite

  12. Little Eastwood

    Little Eastwood6 months ago

    What has happened in the world that normal now passes as excellence… When did we lower our standards… We are living in an environment where people are blind… What you don’t see you don’t know… Out of sight out of mind… We from this world got you down on your knees… If you know who this is comment please!

  13. Erika Odette

    Erika Odette6 months ago

    Marvelous movie!

  14. Genius General

    Genius General6 months ago

    where can i stream or download movie in hd.. plz comment thnku

  15. nocountry4oldfreeman

    nocountry4oldfreeman6 months ago

    One of the worst things about this year is people did not come out in DROVES to see this :(


    JULIO ROSENBERG7 months ago


  17. kendall cuthand

    kendall cuthand7 months ago

    i went to see this movie it's cool and please believe me i liked it

  18. Lara Lopes

    Lara Lopes7 months ago

    Liam e Viola >>>

  19. Natasha Dali

    Natasha Dali7 months ago

    Looks so good

  20. Francoise Larrieu

    Francoise Larrieu7 months ago

    Film brillant, passionnant et efficace.

  21. Mac Morris

    Mac Morris7 months ago

    This trailer nailed it and the movie was every bit as good as what I anticipated, better I’d say!

  22. Johnny Sack

    Johnny Sack7 months ago

    What’s that song?

  23. Rodrigo BL

    Rodrigo BL7 months ago

    I wish this was a tv show. More time to develop. Great ideas.

  24. ubaidillah bloodlust

    ubaidillah bloodlust7 months ago

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  25. Nikita la pozitiv

    Nikita la pozitiv7 months ago


  26. Erika Odette

    Erika Odette7 months ago

    I want to watch it so bad!!!!

  27. Denise DeniseHuxtable

    Denise DeniseHuxtable7 months ago

    They could have chose better bad guys actors for viola

  28. Rawan Naji

    Rawan Naji7 months ago

    Worst movie dont watch

  29. Britanie Gomillion

    Britanie Gomillion7 months ago

    Reminds me of SET It Off

  30. stylecollective

    stylecollective7 months ago

    Viola Davis, director Steve McQueen, AND the screenwriter of "Gone Girl"? Oh, they're not playing, we're about to be in for quite a ride!

  31. Pratik Roy

    Pratik Roy7 months ago

    Daniel Kaluya is one heck of an actor. And Viola Davis is a living goddess. 😍

  32. Stephen Lineker

    Stephen Lineker7 months ago

    Michelle Rodriguez looks good in this

  33. miwaly ffe

    miwaly ffe7 months ago

    Yesterdays (Junior Boys Remix) - Billie Holiday You are welcome

  34. Maria Delaghetto

    Maria Delaghetto7 months ago

    I wish Steve didn't have to edit so much out of the final cut. Even if it was 5 hours and 53 minutes long I would've watched EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. It was so fresh, exciting and amazing. The shot of Colin Farrell talking to his assistant in the car and all you could see was the exterior from poor to upper class was pure genius. They hit it out the park with this one.

  35. MystikalScope Productions

    MystikalScope Productions7 months ago

    That scene where Kaluuya made the boys (actual rap duo The Cool Kids) freestyle before executing both of them was chilling

  36. J 2forew

    J 2forew7 months ago

    Maria Delaghetto yeah I loved that scene! So well shot. I wish the movie was as action packed as the trailers made it out to be but it was still a extremely good drama with great acting and a very thrilling heist

  37. Anya Portman

    Anya Portman7 months ago

    Music ?

  38. Kani L

    Kani L8 months ago

    I just watched it and plan to rewatch it 2 times over! This movie is amazing.

  39. catrina malloy

    catrina malloy8 months ago

    My kind of movie

  40. Leah Lee

    Leah Lee8 months ago

    What age category is this movie

  41. Maria Delaghetto

    Maria Delaghetto7 months ago


  42. killa khalid

    killa khalid8 months ago

    I can't wait for this movie

  43. All In A Lather

    All In A Lather8 months ago

    A remake of the UK 80s series Widows by Lynda La Plante - was awesome then too!

  44. Josh Freaky

    Josh Freaky8 months ago


  45. Martine MM-T

    Martine MM-T8 months ago

    ''Because no one think that we have the balls to do this''

  46. Preston Lions FC

    Preston Lions FC8 months ago

    the only thing i know what will happen in this movie Liam Nesson, Jon Bernathal, rest of male actors will be killed off this movie, i haven't seen this movie it explains it on trailer if their husbands aren't coming back then that means those male actors won't be in it as much. shameful wasting great talented actors in this movie :/

  47. Johnny Marlin

    Johnny Marlin8 months ago

    Can't wait for the feminist SJW anti Trump hidden meanings in the film.

  48. peckerdecker

    peckerdecker8 months ago

    The 1980s British t.v. series was interesting. _this_ 2018 movie version looks kinda of lame. Dialogue sounds very _forced_

  49. Andy Theakston

    Andy Theakston8 months ago

    So weary; women being “badass” is empowering? Really? Film looks entertaining though

  50. boobieshitthefloor

    boobieshitthefloor8 months ago

    I loved seeing this movie.. in a trashcan

  51. Steven Williams

    Steven Williams8 months ago

    Preferred the original and the book to this version. It was just a case of waiting for the reappearance of Liam neeson later in the film. As a fan of McQueens work this left me cold.

  52. Elizabeth Sinclair

    Elizabeth Sinclair8 months ago

    The series was good nut this looks even better and with great actresses playing the fiery widows will definitely be watching

  53. Simon R

    Simon R8 months ago

    One of the best directors of his generation directing an amazing ensemble cast in a movie with a strong "Heat" influence and a superb soundtrack... Rarely am I looking forward to a movie as much as I am now!

  54. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson8 months ago

    I liked Steve McQueen in "The Blob".