Why You Should Wake Up at 4:30 AM Every Day, According To A Navy SEAL


  1. sinan beyreli

    sinan beyreli3 hours ago

    The most soldier face that i've ever seen.

  2. Nico Antonio Gucci Lerma

    Nico Antonio Gucci Lerma5 hours ago

    I wake up at 1240am to go to work

  3. Marco Neuer

    Marco Neuer8 hours ago

    Hold on everybody... if we all wake up at 4:30 now where will your own free time come from.

  4. El Pollo Loco

    El Pollo Loco8 hours ago

    He’s overweight tho.

  5. Reygissify

    Reygissify9 hours ago

    Doesn´t work for people who are shift working...

  6. Mike DEEZ

    Mike DEEZ11 hours ago

    4:30... 5:00 for a sunday sleep in.. ;)

  7. Bobby Wilson

    Bobby Wilson11 hours ago

    "Do anything very intensely and you will see benefit." Welp, time to get back to intensely fapping

  8. Johnlyn Kingstoro Limbong

    Johnlyn Kingstoro Limbong12 hours ago

    Why not at 04:00 AM??

  9. An Abra

    An Abra12 hours ago

    What if I work nights and I wake up at like 1800 and sleep around 1000.

  10. An Abra

    An Abra12 hours ago

    Aw shit he answered it never mind.

  11. Teutone

    Teutone13 hours ago

    Because I feel like a reanimated corpse before 7am.

  12. Sgt Pot

    Sgt Pot18 hours ago

    Imma try it out

  13. -TheEvilAsylum-

    -TheEvilAsylum-18 hours ago

    I go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 5:30 . By the way I'm 16 haha .

  14. Benjamin Coolguy

    Benjamin Coolguy21 hour ago

    That's when I get off work.

  15. Adam Howells

    Adam HowellsDay ago

    Bro this is so true we waste so much time and we need to get things done.

  16. Twisted Peanuts

    Twisted PeanutsDay ago

    Lmao I wake up every single day for 10 months at 4:00 am to go to school and let me tell you that you actually feel pretty disciplined and free and healthy, do it

  17. thekk

    thekkDay ago

    My schedule: -Wake up -Read dank memes -Eat -Review dank memes -Sleep

  18. Josh B

    Josh BDay ago

    I naturally sleep for 10hours straight, people are different. If I only had 4:30 hours of sleep I would probably kill my self after a year. Why do you need to be so busy all the time anyway? If you feel like you need to maximise all your time, you probably spend too much time doing things you dont like, thats a bigger problem than having an extra 3 hours of sleep man.

  19. David CWS

    David CWSDay ago

    Not many people has normal working hours or life... I want to have a normal life too.. But i work shift 7 days a week 12 hours a day non stop to feed my family... Not including travel time yet..

  20. James Khademi

    James Khademi2 days ago

    I wake up at 4:30 everyday since last week. I eat a quick breakfast, in bed, watch some MReporter videos, read the news until 6 AM. Then I jack off and go to sleep until 12 PM. Thank you, sir, you just ruined my life.

  21. Gamestergolem

    Gamestergolem2 days ago

    Wanna knoe how to ruin thie vid? Read the comment section

  22. Stephen Marsh

    Stephen Marsh2 days ago

    I wake up at 4:30 PM usually every day does that count?

  23. SimplyPops

    SimplyPops2 days ago

    I love how this video is short and straight to the point and not a 30min dragged out video.

  24. Daniel D

    Daniel D2 days ago

    I always get up at 5:00 for school

  25. Nero

    Nero2 days ago

    Lol that’s what I do

  26. Herman A

    Herman A3 days ago

    I'm never still in bed at 430a.

  27. The Gangsta Frog

    The Gangsta Frog3 days ago

    Maybe waking up at 4:30 of the morning is good, for the day will be longer. But what if I don't want the day to be longer and just want it to end as soon as possible?

  28. Zachary Goodwin

    Zachary Goodwin3 days ago

    This guy's crazy

  29. ghostkilla931

    ghostkilla9313 days ago

    7 am every day. Workin 3pm-12am or 2pm-12am

  30. Erik Hosszú

    Erik Hosszú3 days ago

    In hugary kids start shool at 7 am. I'm 18 and I had to wake up at 4:30 for the past 5 years just to get to shool in time. I usually get home at 5 pm. And this is not unusual because in small cities there arent enough schools or workplaces so everybody has to travel an hour or more just to get to school or work. And since the public transport is so bad... Yeah I have been thinking about suicide a lot.

  31. Oscar Escobedo

    Oscar Escobedo3 days ago

    This man said “It’s better than sleeping in until 6.45 am”. I think he’d cry if he saw my daily routine.

  32. Bruno Herrera

    Bruno Herrera4 days ago

    00:19 if everyone starts doing it then that statement is no longer valid

  33. Boss__

    Boss__4 days ago


  34. TheOfficials Real

    TheOfficials Real4 days ago

    Why we(muslim) wake up at 4:30 AM is to pray to god( sholat) and it basically a prayer+ execrcise

  35. RJ

    RJ4 days ago

    I can see the nightmares in his eyes

  36. RJ

    RJ4 days ago

    Im up it's 3:33 where do i get overly large shirts like this guys it is sooo hard to find them,,

  37. SparkyTheFox

    SparkyTheFox5 days ago

    navy seals need to mind their damn business.

  38. Nicholas

    Nicholas5 days ago


  39. Myrh Stories

    Myrh Stories5 days ago

    I've started integrating an earlier wake-up time into my routine. I feel better waking up early, it's 6am instead of 4.30am but that works better for me. I feel less in a rush and can take the time to wake up in the morning. I plan to make better use of that time but I am still trying to make this a solid habit.

  40. Study Tips

    Study Tips5 days ago

    Well my school starts at 9:00 so i wake up at 6:30 from 6:40-7:30 i code from 7:30-8:00 I eat breakfast change clothes, 8:00-8:25 I code a bit more and then i leave my house at 8:30. Most of the time I arrive at the school by 8:50 so I have 10 minutes to prepare but sometimes 8:55 if there is some traffic.

  41. Llama Cross

    Llama Cross5 days ago

    this man is speaking the truth.. i always wake up at 6 and go back to sleep 15 mins later and wake up again at 10.. i wonder what i can do at those hours i spent sleeping..

  42. lil toaster

    lil toaster5 days ago

    If you do this u will b taking a nap by 12

  43. Jacob Ross

    Jacob Ross5 days ago

    No one is awake ? 😂 I have been working night shifts for almost 5 years now

  44. Abdulgani Handur

    Abdulgani Handur5 days ago

    I wake up at 4:15 am in morning for school I'm in 7th grade

  45. I selled my wife for interned connecton

    I selled my wife for interned connecton6 days ago

    His head looks like a tic tac..

  46. I selled my wife for interned connecton

    I selled my wife for interned connecton6 days ago

    I just looked at his hair line entire video..

  47. TotallyRandomThings

    TotallyRandomThings6 days ago

    Yes lets go sleep at 8 when im usually waiting my mom to come back from work and cook at 9:30

  48. ZESTY

    ZESTY6 days ago

    I actually sleep at 4:30

  49. Trash

    Trash6 days ago

    sleep 8 hours every night or wake up at 4:30am. Which one is it?

  50. Volire

    Volire6 days ago

    yeh im gonna stay on bed till 12

  51. C.J. Davis

    C.J. Davis6 days ago

    This must from that book "How To Be A Self Righteous Prick"

  52. Zip Jones

    Zip Jones6 days ago

    I can sleep alllllll day and I love it lol

  53. Jayseboy 03

    Jayseboy 036 days ago

    Stupid MReporter videos seriously he does know this it a MReporter video right?

  54. Gabriel Bautista

    Gabriel Bautista6 days ago

    Before i watched...ummm am waking up at 4:00 am before i go to school.

  55. Azarilh

    Azarilh6 days ago

    _"because no one else is awake"_ meanwhile there are people that still are awake since yesterday.

  56. TheElMuffin

    TheElMuffin6 days ago

    Ha, talk about click-bait. 1 Willink doesn't have a 9-5 office job. He's self employed. He wakes up at 0430 because he can afford to. It's a luxury. 2 He doesn't say when he goes to sleep. If your work/shift ends at 2000 and you're home at 2100, like I am, the only option is to be in bed by 2200. My shifts are 13 hours, 14.5 with travel time included. I work only half the week, or else a rhythm like that would be unsustainable. That's still a 40 hour week. 3 Further to the point of short sleep, lack of sleep accumulates, not to mention that some people need less and some people need more. 4 Waking up at the same time everyday, however, is without contest something everybody should do. Wake up at the same time every day, let your body dictate when you should go to sleep.

  57. Azarilh

    Azarilh6 days ago

    Yeah, but that's only if you have a normal routine, what if i, fo' example, work at night? What if i do not have kids to say goodbie. For me 3PM is early. Just sayin'.

  58. 6 days ago

    4:20 always better!

  59. My name is sparkle Specialist

    My name is sparkle Specialist6 days ago

    Who’s fuckin kids go to sleep b4 645

  60. CadeTennyson

    CadeTennyson6 days ago

    Anyone else see an 80 year old tom hank in this guy


    BUSHIDO WARRIOR6 days ago

    I bet he sleeps in the whole entire day after accomplishing early morning stuff--he’s thinking about going to be right about now

  62. Fairr monk40

    Fairr monk406 days ago

    I used to not sleep till 7 and wake up to my mom waking me up at like 11. I stopped that schedule though cuz school started 😂😂

  63. this is quist

    this is quist7 days ago

    *sleeps in to **6:45*

  64. Adam Trew

    Adam Trew7 days ago

    I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 4. I go to the gym at 4:15am and get back at 5:30am. Then I have free time to make money

  65. Stev

    Stev7 days ago

    This guy wakes up at my bed time

  66. Ishan

    Ishan7 days ago

    I always wake up at 4:30 :3

  67. - EBZ-

    - EBZ-7 days ago

    Bruuh i go to bed 4:30

  68. Zeek M

    Zeek M7 days ago

    Why you should NEVER sleep at night.

  69. AceWarrior

    AceWarrior7 days ago

    “...you’re just winding down and watching stupid MReporter videos...” Me rn lmao

  70. Maynard Guevara

    Maynard Guevara7 days ago

    Using up all of my AP before 9pm then play FGO at 5am

  71. ItsZander

    ItsZander7 days ago

    Should I do this while i'm a teen needing a shit ton of sleep

  72. Big Doug

    Big Doug7 days ago

    I bet he goes to sleep at 7

  73. FeelsGoodDarius

    FeelsGoodDarius7 days ago

    its a good night if i go to sleep at 4:30AM for me

  74. The King

    The King7 days ago

    Jeez even my school doesn’t make me wake up that early, why would I deliberately want to wake up that early

  75. Jhaas42

    Jhaas427 days ago

    Good shit, I've been pushing my sleep schedule back into a normal realm for the past month after consistently waking up at 11:30 I'm now down to 7 am

  76. Hogojub

    Hogojub8 days ago

    Wtf I dont even go to bed before 4:30 I do all my stuff at night

  77. Nabil Alam

    Nabil Alam8 days ago

    Ironic how he says watching stupid MReporter videos


    BLACK & WHITE8 days ago

    I'll sleep for myself...thanks

  79. Paul #San Antonio, Texas

    Paul #San Antonio, Texas8 days ago

    Thanks Jocko!

  80. Ali's Archive

    Ali's Archive8 days ago

    Well I was doing this for my highschool exams. I scored perfect scores in every subject. 100% score in all subjects. And ended up being a topper.

  81. Nishikata Sitohang

    Nishikata Sitohang8 days ago

    Well, 4;30 was the time for everyday morning prayer

  82. whiteape55

    whiteape558 days ago

    Yea. Getting up at 330 sucks tho

  83. Robert C

    Robert C8 days ago

    The U.S Military is a Security force for the Establishment. ..that's all it is .. go look up what Henry Kissinger said about millitry men ...

  84. Ryan Blais

    Ryan Blais8 days ago

    I'm divided on this. When I work nights, 12am or 1am to 2 or 3 is the quietest and most distraction-free time to get some reading and studying done, but then I feel like a zombie the next morning if I stay up that late. Getting up at 4:30 is good, but I always feel like dozing off if I try to get any work done.

  85. Stevethesandwich

    Stevethesandwich8 days ago

    Destroying your body by waking up early = freedom. America

  86. Richard R

    Richard R9 days ago

    There is no way in hell I'm waking up at 2am on my days off, I already do that 5 days a week.

  87. supermoto pirates

    supermoto pirates9 days ago

    don't wake up at 4.30 this guy is only 20 years old

  88. David Diehl

    David Diehl9 days ago

    It's sucks for about a week, but it really does make you feel better once your in the rhythm.

  89. memo boy

    memo boy9 days ago

    i wake up at 4:30 PM

  90. Soneiyo Gaming

    Soneiyo Gaming9 days ago

    Congrats to me Im waking up 4:30 PM

  91. Counting Sheep 123

    Counting Sheep 1239 days ago

    people dislike the most random stuff. Gotta be a reason for it I guess.

  92. surafel geleta

    surafel geleta9 days ago

    i wake up 5am every morning monday-friday for school

  93. Matthew Seven

    Matthew Seven10 days ago

    Beta waves effect sleep?....

  94. Thegoldenrule26

    Thegoldenrule2610 days ago

    I wake up at 4am ha!

  95. Anthony Mendoza

    Anthony Mendoza10 days ago

    “Stupid MReporter videos” and that’s where I’m watching him on lol

  96. pine app

    pine app10 days ago

    Sleeping in untill 6:45!

  97. Ryan Kelley

    Ryan Kelley10 days ago

    This is straight facts

  98. Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali10 days ago

    There is a prayer we Muslims make and it's called AL FAJR (dawn) and it's in that exact same time

  99. JackFuriox

    JackFuriox10 days ago

    “sleeping in till 6:45”

  100. Chip R

    Chip R10 days ago

    I wake up at 4:15

  101. Ester

    Ester11 days ago