Why You Should Wake Up at 4:30 AM Every Day, According To A Navy SEAL


  1. OverHurdle840

    OverHurdle8402 days ago

    when u fall asleep at 5am.........

  2. Juan Vargas

    Juan Vargas2 days ago

    I’m 15 and I go to bed at 7:00 PM to wake up at 4:30 AM like this guy, but instead of working out during those early hours I spent it gaming until 7AM and then go to school 😎


    THE SOUL2 days ago

    Yeah I wake up early all the time I sleep only 1 hour a day the PTSD gets me but I need to get don't shit it doesn't feel good to get things done then not doing anything I feel like I don't feel like I accomplish anything.... If I'm forced to sleep I can't sleep for months for some reason 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. MK Josol

    MK Josol3 days ago


  5. DR H

    DR H5 days ago

    I work with haggard old women who get up at 2:30am and they don’t make a big deal out of it.

  6. Hello

    Hello5 days ago

    "Sleeping in to 6 AM" wdym

  7. John Drew

    John Drew12 days ago

    “what are you doing at night? watching stupid youtube videos.” this is the most accurate statement.

  8. workonlinecoach

    workonlinecoach12 days ago


  9. Spicy Doge

    Spicy Doge12 days ago

    I'm going to wake up at 4:30 hold my beer

  10. Kimi

    Kimi13 days ago

    R.I.P to people who actually starts to sleep at 4:30 a. m.

  11. Alyssa Chandler

    Alyssa Chandler16 days ago

    0:44 SLEEPING IN untill 6:45??? bruh

  12. Rjay Soriano

    Rjay Soriano16 days ago

    And Here’s me Watching Stupid MReporter Videos... hahahhahahhaha

  13. Rylee Hockersmith

    Rylee Hockersmith17 days ago

    “You’re watching stupid MReporter videos” it’s 2:16 am

  14. madeeha fakhruddeen

    madeeha fakhruddeen18 days ago

    How do you bring discipline to your life? How do you fix in your mind?

  15. Gay For Dio Sama

    Gay For Dio Sama18 days ago

    I’m watching this at 4am so like wdym

  16. Sterling Lowery

    Sterling Lowery19 days ago

    It's not if a person will pay the price, but when they will pay the price. As there is a price to success, and a price to failure.

  17. Taekwondo Time

    Taekwondo Time20 days ago

    I'm normally just getting to bed at 2am. This "one size fits all" mentality doesn't work. Some people are more awake/alert in the evening than they are in the morning. I've always been that way. It's a struggle for me to wake up early, and I'm always sluggish and tired when I do so. If I wake up early, I'm tired all day. If I wake up late, I can go all night.

  18. Lior Rosenman

    Lior Rosenman20 days ago

    Why 04:30? Why not 03:00?

  19. Kelley R

    Kelley R20 days ago

    Non sense. When it’s not winter I get up at 5:50 and go for a 5 mile run and I’m still done by 7 am. I get extra sleep and still get the workout done for the day


    BL4CK DRAGON21 day ago

    I wake up from bed at 1:00 pm then sleep at 4:30 a.m

  21. Warren Trout

    Warren Trout22 days ago

    What BS. Anything a seal says must be true.

  22. j lll

    j lll22 days ago

    makes sense in a way, u get up that early u can get stuff done, u don't half to mess with the rush hour traffic and can go to the store and no one in there

  23. MedievalShadows

    MedievalShadows23 days ago

    Anyone else live in LA here?

  24. One does not simply

    One does not simply25 days ago

    A true Soldier never sleeps

  25. Potenti4lz

    Potenti4lz25 days ago

    I create websites at night and apply for jobs lol. But yeah, TV sucks me up big time sometimes, although there a periods where I don't watch much TV for weeks hah.

  26. Joey

    Joey29 days ago

    I haven't even watched the video yet but my answer is: No.

  27. Tamim Islam

    Tamim IslamMonth ago


  28. Kriti Mishra

    Kriti MishraMonth ago

    Iam dng productv thing listning to u ....nt watchng crap...2:08 ....plzz dnt genralise

  29. Gustavo Arzich da Gama

    Gustavo Arzich da GamaMonth ago

    is he awaken when talking?

  30. Bongo Boy

    Bongo BoyMonth ago

    *Sleeping in until **6:45**.* *_SLEEPING IN UNTIL _**_6:45_*

  31. Morgan Freeman's Son

    Morgan Freeman's SonMonth ago

    I go to sleep at 4:30 in the morning lmao

  32. jay park has the biggest boobs in korea

    jay park has the biggest boobs in koreaMonth ago

    Hell no. I have to wake up at 5:30 for school.

  33. AutoPursuit

    AutoPursuitMonth ago

    Matt Damian got old. 😂😂😂

  34. Kat.

    Kat.Month ago

    I have a year old baby and a 3 week old. I have no choice. 😂

  35. MrYarinK

    MrYarinKMonth ago

    Now seriously, how do I do that without losing my friends? I think for waking up at 4.30am I should go sleep in the time I'm having some time with my friends (9-11.30pm)... so what I should do?

  36. Andrei Voronov

    Andrei VoronovMonth ago

    If you are not slave of jews ....wake up when you wake up ...because you can not control it youself without alarm klock ....we are fuskin slaves

  37. good content

    good contentMonth ago

    As long as I'm out of bed before 1pm I'm happy with myself

  38. Oliv Trees

    Oliv TreesMonth ago

    All these videos telling people to wake up in the middle of the night are posted by people who have no social life. It's fine if you're an army dude with a bunch of comrades who're on the same schedule or even if you happen to have a partner at home who's on a similar schedule as you. Otherwise, you end up going crazy with lonliness because everyone else is out having drinks and socializing past 9:30 or 10 while you're in bed sleeping.

  39. Drosso

    DrossoMonth ago

    Someone call the SAS

  40. Court Bucks

    Court BucksMonth ago

    I only came to read the comments

  41. Fernando Solorio

    Fernando SolorioMonth ago


  42. Dre Tv.

    Dre Tv.Month ago

    I see why he wakes up at 4:30 but other than his reason it’s kind of dumb to wake up at 4:30 you can wake up at 8:00 and do the same stuff you’re just losing more sleep for no reason

  43. Zoe Jeremy

    Zoe JeremyMonth ago

    been doing this for about two weeks. I feel great.

  44. chaqstar

    chaqstarMonth ago

    Mate I go to bed at like 4.30am even when I got work/uni the next day. Look what waking up at 4.30 every mornings done to him guy's probably in his 20's lol.

  45. Trevor Raj

    Trevor RajMonth ago

    Before I watch this video, hell no

  46. Lars Freeburg

    Lars FreeburgMonth ago

    Looking like if Tom Hanks and John Cena had a child

  47. Ivan Rios

    Ivan RiosMonth ago

    False. 1st sgt said formation at 0430, be 15 mins prior.

  48. PH Piano Cover

    PH Piano CoverMonth ago

    My respect for this Navy Seal, but no, thanks. Getting out of bed before 7:30 or 8:00 am is the perfect recipe for me to feel like crap and die of laziness (thus unproductive) for the rest of the day.

  49. Ølivage A

    Ølivage AMonth ago

    From the thumbnail I thought you had to wake up at 4;30 AM because someone’s sniping you. 😂

  50. A.C. Jelly

    A.C. JellyMonth ago

    I wake up at 4:20.

  51. Kevin G

    Kevin GMonth ago

    I live under a rock so this doesn’t really work out for me.

  52. Emmanuella Onwubuya

    Emmanuella OnwubuyaMonth ago

    😂😂 I'm mad he said sleeping in until 6:45.

  53. Chris Hernandez

    Chris HernandezMonth ago

    That’s the time I go to bed

  54. Josh S-TV

    Josh S-TVMonth ago

    Did u get enough sleep?

  55. Derek

    DerekMonth ago

    Just get 6-8 hours of sleep and work hard when you’re awake. The time you wake up has zero effect on productivity because when you get tired, everyone else who slept in still has energy. Therefore you have to say “sleep less for success” which is fundamentally unhealthy.

  56. Gucci Flip Flops

    Gucci Flip FlopsMonth ago

    HA! This guy calls sleeping until 6:45am “sleeping in” lmaoooo

  57. B BG

    B BGMonth ago

    Just be productive with your time and learn to say no (esp. to yourself), have self-discipline. Wake-up time is irrelevant. Plus why does it matter a Navy SEAL advocates this? It does NOT, he is just a soldier and doesn't know more than you.

  58. Sean Moran

    Sean MoranMonth ago

    He looks tired.

  59. Connor Anderson

    Connor AndersonMonth ago

    I don't enjoy working out at early stages in the day so I'm afraid this is not for me 😂 I did try waking up at 5 but late nights on the weekend made that pretty hard to maintain

  60. Jacob Polansky

    Jacob PolanskyMonth ago

    "you're just winding down and watching stupid youtube videos." heh heh...

  61. ridethetigre

    ridethetigreMonth ago

    "Sleeping in until 6:45"

  62. carritohmc

    carritohmcMonth ago

    Jocko looks like he wants to tear the other guys head off, very intense dude.

  63. Guillermo Zavala

    Guillermo ZavalaMonth ago

    I can’t work out in the early mornings cause I always need to shit mid way

  64. Reza Fedriansyah

    Reza FedriansyahMonth ago

    kenapa lu mesti bangun jam setengah lima? supaya lu bisa sholat subuh coyyyy.

  65. Daily Scratchers

    Daily ScratchersMonth ago

    I work 1030am to 7pm Monday thru Friday but on Saturday and sundays I wake up earlier than I do on work days because I just love the early morning weekend hours to relax and just chill out. I usually wake up at 7am during week but weekend I'm up at 5am usually. Its great

  66. Daily Scratchers

    Daily ScratchersMonth ago

    I suck at going to bed early tho during work week. Some nights I stay up past 2am and get up at 7am

  67. Gabe Parra

    Gabe ParraMonth ago

    I would fall asleep again an then i would end up faling asleep again look at the clock and see a big 6:00 at this point im just wondering if its AM or PM

  68. Diamond_ Avenger

    Diamond_ AvengerMonth ago

    This aint it chief

  69. Syed Ali

    Syed AliMonth ago

    Lmao, that's why he looks sleepy in that interview.

  70. Antwan

    AntwanMonth ago

    3am to 9pm

  71. Sergi Molins

    Sergi MolinsMonth ago

    Better at 4 20😈😂

  72. Bob Keeler

    Bob KeelerMonth ago

    he looks tired....

  73. Pen Griffey

    Pen GriffeyMonth ago

    talks about being a slave while he's killing people without knowing the reason on the other side lmao

  74. Michaela M

    Michaela MMonth ago

    This guy calls 6:45 "sleeping in" and here I am waking up at ten. (I work a weird afternoon-night shift though, so...)

  75. ben roxy

    ben roxyMonth ago

    What time does his kids go to school??? He said he would miss his kids going to school at 6:30?

  76. ben roxy

    ben roxyMonth ago

    I just looked at the clock I'm up at 4:30AM...

  77. Frosty WoW

    Frosty WoWMonth ago


  78. Ex Nihilo Rex

    Ex Nihilo RexMonth ago

    I wake up everyday 4:20 hits a joint and Go to sleep

  79. Central Intelligence Agency

    Central Intelligence AgencyMonth ago

    If you want to be a lion, you cannot run around like a mouse the whole day from 4am on, imitating a freaking hamster in a wheel, because lions sleep a lot. This is sleep deprivation for political indoctrination, so our Masters can easier shove their orders up our arses. It's the quality that matters and not the quantity. You remember the word sleepdrunk; well, that fits our masters to pump us up with political lies. I learned through several military campaigns and for weeks behind enemy lines, that you can go on for days without food, but not without sufficient sleep and bivouac, which make you take fatal decisions - but hey, sleep deprivation is not for taking solid decisions but for executing them without thinking, right. Watch video "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil" with some solid intel on the enemy within on all key positions of today's society.

  80. Huy amba

    Huy ambaMonth ago

    his eyebrow are straight from every army-movie

  81. Darkman

    DarkmanMonth ago

    You are stronger in the evening, if You want to be stronger dont train in the morning

  82. Andrew Summerfield

    Andrew SummerfieldMonth ago

    I am watching stupid MReporter video

  83. Andrew Hampton

    Andrew HamptonMonth ago

    I use crystal meth and now I can’t sleep ever and now I’m a robot that is now programmed to eat your brains.

  84. riling

    rilingMonth ago

    Go back to sleep. You are talking nonsense.

  85. MrManiac DeathSentence

    MrManiac DeathSentenceMonth ago

    As a gamer, I do wake up early. Bcoz I got full energy to play games in the morning rather than after work. . . I remember those days when I play Fallout 4 at 8pm feeling drained out, it sucks. . .

  86. Mr.

    Mr.Month ago

    Go and read a book on Gravitational wave physics. Nutrition. Sacred Geometry. Alister Crowley. Copernicus. Work out a stretch, yoga, Tai Chi, isometrics, then weight lifting. But God,,, Do what thow will but everything in Moderation. Discipline is in Moderation not hulkingout to do whatever you want.

  87. Aditya Dabhi

    Aditya DabhiMonth ago

    Waking up at 6:45 is bad!!! , I can’t even make it to my 9 o’clock class😐

  88. Jared Araya

    Jared ArayaMonth ago

    I wake up at 4:20 everyday guys Wake and Bake u know

  89. Thor Casiano

    Thor CasianoMonth ago

    I wake up 3AM but when im busy, then 2AM. Sleep as soon as you eat dinner.

  90. nschive

    nschiveMonth ago

    First day today.. its not 4:30, but 5:30, and i feel pretty productive already! Doing laundry and preparing breakfast. Dont have any kids yet, but with this productivity the'll be coming soon. They'll be coming very soon 😏

  91. peteon4 wheels

    peteon4 wheelsMonth ago

    4.32am and just going to bed, good night.

  92. Roopinder Pal Singh Randhawa

    Roopinder Pal Singh RandhawaMonth ago

    What time do you sleep at? 7pm?

  93. dicE.

    dicE.Month ago

    now im gonna wake up at 4.20 u know why

  94. burned oils

    burned oilsMonth ago

    lol that solider is so corny

  95. ali ghanim

    ali ghanimMonth ago

    Bro Muslims wake up 4:30 everyday for prayer 👍🏻😊

  96. Wing Wing

    Wing WingMonth ago

    With that rule you won't have any social life... All drinks with colleagues or friends take place after 10pm...not speaking about girlfriends... But you go to bed at 8pm and miss the fun... Good luck!

  97. Jonnycomp89

    Jonnycomp89Month ago

    "the reason I wake up at 4:30 every morning is because no one else is awake, it gives me a chance to get things done that I need to do..." aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the reason i am up to 4:30 every night is cause no one is awake.

  98. Reknak

    ReknakMonth ago

    I wake up at 4:30 in the afternoon

  99. Cardboardguy 14

    Cardboardguy 14Month ago


  100. the sky one h

    the sky one hMonth ago

    I pretty sure that he doesn't wake up 4:30 everyday,i believe he can does that most of the days.

  101. BlazikenFriedChicken

    BlazikenFriedChickenMonth ago

    I try waking early because I like a long day. But the problem is it's hard to wake up early and time goes so fast