Why You Should Wake Up at 4:30 AM Every Day, According To A Navy SEAL


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  2. Alquin Fuentes

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    I like how I’m now watching a click bait story

  3. Slyceth

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    WRONG! When you have responsibilities you are better off doing them at night, then you can do them relaxed as you have stretch hours. Doing things in the morning gives stress because you're on the clock. I wouldn't expect a cancerous cringy soldier to know. They have no responsibilities except being on time for training.

  4. YangSword9x

    YangSword9x3 hours ago

    He's right, I have more energy/focus/strength/body heat during sunny hours. -Morning I waste time struggling trying move around, eat, poop/pee, eat/drink, or just nodding my sleepy head off till I finally decide go back to sleep again lol! -Afternoon is most productive 4 me -Night time i waste time eating, drinking, MReporter...

  5. Michael Orme

    Michael Orme6 hours ago

    I get up at 2.am and function on 3 hours sleep a night. I'll get my sleep when I get Alzheimer's.

  6. Sajanpreet Manak

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    no ones awake at 2am either, can't i wake up then too

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    I see my genuine reply was erased but all the goofy ones remain. I guess this video is on the same level as the comments. 👎

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    How about no?

  9. Danny Ellison

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    Lmao talking about waking up at 4:30 *eyes look like they are about to shut off*

  10. TheSavege101

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    Been waking at 5 for years with like 6 hours of sleep and it is so helpful.

  11. Iroquois Plisken

    Iroquois Plisken11 hours ago

    My shift starts at 0430.

  12. Five Cents Matter

    Five Cents Matter11 hours ago

    I respect you. I appreciate your service to the country. I will not be waking up at 4:30am personally, but I do wake up at 5:15am for the same reasons. Quiet time to work and focus on yourself can really set the tone for the rest of the day.

  13. Aaron playz567

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    I'm 13 and I wake up at 5:00 everyday and doing that for a long time means I don't need an alarm anymore, I wake up naturally at that time lol

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    Yea nah thanks, off to the gulag with you

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    That ending was kind of awkward

  16. Paolo Scotus

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    Learn to sleep walk. Then you can have the best of both day and night. At 4:30 you can sleep and workout same time.

  17. Nick M

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    Who’s kids are already at school by 6:45? Lol

  18. Muhammad Malida

    Muhammad Malida16 hours ago

    Most muslims wake up at 4 everyday during ramadan and a lot even on normal days, it's really beneficial

  19. Neil Johnson

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    But McDonald's doesn't open until 10:30am!

  20. Teodor Dovleac

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    I bet he got that natural frown from waking up that early 🤔

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    645 is sleeping in? Shit, ive gotta get some discipline!

  22. Butcher89

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    In a matter of fact 4:30-5:00 am is the natural time to wake up and go to sleep soon after sun went down

  23. Vincent Quayle

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    what time does he go to bed tho?

  24. scoobert snaccs

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    "Sleeping in till 6:45" lol that aint sleepin in for me

  25. Kimora Diep

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    I go to sleep at 4am LOL

  26. Bill Hicks

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    The future is militias, like USA was founded on. What are police but a bunch of guys with guns and walkie-talkies. The Navy SEALs are for stupid and lazy people who just want to join the military because they have no future anyway. Militias are groups of true Americans who live and breath it.

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    Calls 6:45 "waking up late"

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  29. Marge onthat

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    I awake 4:05 am. Now sunrise is 5:00 am.

  30. miathapapaya

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    Nahhh. I work a 2-11pm shift, I'm a night owl and I like it that way because the world is quiet after midnight and I get my peaceful time to myself.

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    I dont know why but he reminds me of Matt Damon

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    I’m watching this at 4:47 am rn

  33. Vincent Bielawa

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    Less than 7 hrs of sleep per day is insanely detrimental to your health, so I hope he's going to sleep early enough

  34. TheGramJam

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    I work til 6:30pm to 6am. lol

  35. Filip Vacek

    Filip VacekDay ago

    You mean 4:20?

  36. Jacky Matt

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    Why you should not sleep every day, According to Jacky Matt.

  37. I_Say_Inappropriate_Things _And_Dont_Care

    I_Say_Inappropriate_Things _And_Dont_CareDay ago

    Sometimes I don't go to bed until sometime past 4:30 am.

  38. D.O. F.T

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    Just so you guys know, this is for retired people that have nothing else to do. Not you boys

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  40. Derek A

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    For years I woke up at the same time every day: 6:30am. And for years I felt like crap every day. So I started sleeping in on the weekends (against all advice). Now I feel like crap every weekday, but weekends are bliss! Maybe waking up at the same time every day works for some people, but it did absolutely nothing for me. Just seems like my biological clocks is tuned to a 25hr day, and the only way I feel rested is when I sleep in an extra hour or two.



    Hes fkn disgusting looking

  42. Wrath of Achilles

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    5am with a 30 min lap hours l8r ftw

  43. Thomas Tait

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    Will have to try it but the only problem is I get home everyday 11pm after work :D butt will definitely have to set a time

  44. Polis

    PolisDay ago

    Its not "you should"... its him saying that it is his personal schedule. He even states that you should make up your own schedule and follow it. Nice clickbait, idiots.

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  46. Alex

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    6:45, day is already half gone.

  47. CoopDEVILLE TV

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    @2:09 he almost said “watching porn” at night 😂😂

  48. Shining Star

    Shining StarDay ago

    Jocko is a moron. We need people to be employees, to perform ordinary labor, to have bosses. No country can function without ordinary people doing ordinary labor. I very much doubt that all of his kids and grandkids will be successful businessowner bosses or freelance writers. This guy reeks of unrealistic optimism and entitlement. Yes, be more disciplined, get your 6-8 hrs of sleep and keep a schedule so that you can do whatever it is that you want to do with your time.

  49. Don M

    Don MDay ago

    That's relative nonsense. If you do the work the night before, you get a jump on the guys having to wake up at 4:30 to do it.

  50. Guilherme Lembi

    Guilherme LembiDay ago

    Actually, the best thing to do is to set up a time to go to bed, instead of setting up a time to wake up.

  51. George Deal

    George DealDay ago

    He's definitely right about the Click-Bait. That's how I got here.

  52. Ian Berry

    Ian BerryDay ago

    I go to bed at 4:29am and wake up at 4:30am and no winding down. I get alot done during the day its fantastic.

  53. Jaybriel Akoi

    Jaybriel AkoiDay ago

    Okay I'm going to go on a little rant here that may not be coherent but I need to get this out of my system. Sorry I apologize in advance. So, honestly I don't care that you were a Navy seal because nobody cares about it .Other than fat call of duty warriors that live their lives through video games it doesn't matter that you're a navy seal. Sure people are going to tell you "Thank you for your service" but they don't really care. They're not going to join the military , they're just trying to make themselves feel better. Now, I get it. You're making a living after the Navy because you're now realizing that other than killing people as a mercenary or teaching people to be mercenaries that you have no job prospects. But telling the population that being a Navy seal or the military in general has any relationship to being successful in the civilian world as absolutely ludicrous. The civilian world is way different than the military. That's why military people suck at their transition. If there was a huge correlation then everyone would join the military then become a civilian and dominate. but that doesn't happen. People join the military get injured and go back to the the world expecting to be heroes and they're not treated that way. Ohh yeah by the way I know I'm right because I was in the Army for 11 years and served in high level commands. I've studied and practiced wars and now I work in the corporate environment and I know for a fact you have to really stretch the military stuff to make it applicable to the civilian world. So I'm asking from the bottom of where my heart should be that you please not make up any more of this navy seal crap. It's annoying and it's not actually helping it's just a bit of motivational speaking that people mention but never do. Can you just be like all the other former seals that are failures as civilians and just make movies and write normal war story books with lies. I can bear that a lot more than this stuff. Sorry I had to let this out it's just I see this video pop up and I know half of it is lies or the mass majority of seals don't think this way or do this stuff. By the way....I do wake up at 4:30 AM every morning and I workout. And I never make my bed and I never will because of that Navy Admiral.

  54. Carlton Clare

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    FOH! If you have a morning job

  55. Urban Beasts

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    Pokemon gameboy theme in the background?

  56. drott150

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    If getting up at 4:30 is a such a great idea, then why not 3:30? Why not 2:30? It's a bit silly to suggest simply getting up earlier and earlier offers some "secret sauce" to a successful life. The main thing is to get up consistently at the same time as he said and applying discipline for the hours you are awake. But the earlier you rise, the earlier you go to bed. Almost everyone needs around 6-8 hours of sleep every day to be healthy and productive. You can slice it and dice it anyway you want, but you can't squish a 28 hour life into a 24 hour day; FACT.

  57. W Wil

    W WilDay ago

    If there where more people like this, with this good and humble attitude, the world would arguably have a lot less problems.

  58. Phan Tien Si

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    Come on am I watching “stupid MReporter video”?

  59. In Korea

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    He large body shape. He small peanut head. He not match.

  60. New Goliard

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    This guy looks like Thanos

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  62. Harz.exe

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    I recommend getting up at 4.20... you know what time it is ;)

  63. zelig C

    zelig C2 days ago

    Jocko is 100% correct, discipline provides freedom. Do the work, commit and do not waiver. You will live a longer healthier and more rewarding life.

  64. Jason Campbell

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    4:35 am everyday for 20 yrs...holla if you hear me!

  65. smorekyle

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    4:24am watching this... haven’t slept yet

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    Matt Damon is that you?

  67. cyberpig 83

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    I think I'll continue on with the 'Martin Riggs' method...seems to be working for me 🤔

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    He has the look of someone who wakes up at 430 in the morning,

  69. Jagini Amogh

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    I sleep at 4am

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    Meathead, feel sorry for his family, dinner at 2pm.