Why You Should Wake Up at 4:30 AM Every Day, According To A Navy SEAL


  1. EOMFD69

    EOMFD694 hours ago

    How about you get things done by staying up later than anyone else? or waking up earlier? or staying up longer? or never sleeping? Or just do whatever you need to do while awake no matter what time you get up...

  2. IHeArTrOcK20

    IHeArTrOcK205 hours ago

    My mans, you need some rest aight. You got some bags under those eyes and stress marks on forehead. I understand the theory over here about getting a head start but everyday, the benefits may start diminishing after a while.

  3. Milind Motling

    Milind Motling8 hours ago

    Very True should get up Early in the morning

  4. Bennyofficial

    Bennyofficial10 hours ago

    I go to bed 4:30

  5. M D

    M D14 hours ago

    4:30am? Slackers! Get up at 2:00am and kick the days ass!!! In the middle of the night!

  6. Val B.

    Val B.22 hours ago

    R.I.P. me. It is past 1AM. I am an undisciplined slave. D:

  7. Google Nerd

    Google NerdDay ago

    Bruh, this Navy SEAL reads minds! I'm watching this at like 11:00 PM, doing exactly what he's saying.

  8. Jan Starcevic

    Jan StarcevicDay ago

    That's right, get up at 4:30AM, wake up your kids, go back to bed. Revenge!!

  9. bob marley

    bob marleyDay ago

    Watching stupid MReporter videos. Yep that's me. 3am in the morning rn

  10. Makki Zakki

    Makki ZakkiDay ago

    1st stage of a Seal grooming a civvy pedestrian pigeon into a droid.



    i tried telling my kids this...i dont even need an alarm anymore .. i get up between 430 and 445 every single day!!!!

  12. superplan89

    superplan89Day ago

    I did this, but i like sleeping late 12am-430. Feel always refreshed...Robert Kennedy only 4 hrs sleep

  13. Tulip Flore

    Tulip Flore2 days ago

    Dude literally I stay up till 4:30 and honestly all my senses are literally numb by that Time so I just am there lmao but it’s chill

  14. WillDEE

    WillDEE2 days ago

    Next video... why you should wake up at 10:00 pm

  15. aman chamola

    aman chamola2 days ago

    I sleep at 4:30 does that work for me?

  16. EmporerEnder

    EmporerEnder2 days ago

    4:30am is a lie in.

  17. flow repins666

    flow repins6662 days ago

    O started to wake even at 3 am because I can't sleep with brightness and my room window has no sheet so I had to adapt lol. Still I can say it's a better sleep, I suffered from imnsonia but sleeping at night early I don't have that problem you can feel the melatonin hormones helping it

  18. taxslave

    taxslave3 days ago

    6:45 - missed your kids going to school?

  19. alex Debroux

    alex Debroux3 days ago

    Biggest pseudo-scientific bullshit added with anecdotal "evidence" I've ever heard. This guy must have no social life nor a partner he sleeps with. A healthy adult NEEDS (scientifically proven) 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Does this guy expect us to go to bed at 8 pm? When do you meet up with friends? Or go out? Or do something with your partner? Just make sure you sleep 8 hours every day and go to bed at somewhat the same time and you're fine.

  20. Vostera Deadeye

    Vostera Deadeye3 days ago


  21. NIXO BW

    NIXO BW3 days ago

    I wake up 4:20 errday

  22. Code X

    Code X3 days ago

    What a great personality.....so much focus, dedication and hard work....people dream of it, he has achieved it.

  23. rupert giles

    rupert giles4 days ago

    He is 100 percent right. Without a shadow of a doubt

  24. Timothy Stone

    Timothy Stone4 days ago

    He looks very tired like he needs sleep

  25. Ramon Key

    Ramon Key4 days ago

    Excellent advice

  26. Ryan Agar

    Ryan Agar4 days ago

    i work till 12.30 lol

  27. climber 1152

    climber 11524 days ago

    He extra extra

  28. Al Gilder

    Al Gilder5 days ago

    As marine who has gotten up at 03:45 why would want lollygag

  29. john john

    john john5 days ago

    At night you’re just winding down and not doing anything productive? I don’t know about all of you but the complete opposite is the case for more. I start getting ready to do meaningful and productive things at around 9pm.

  30. Llama Nation

    Llama Nation5 days ago

    Is he calling this video stupid?Because it’s night here.

  31. SosaltySereezy

    SosaltySereezy5 days ago

    *i get up at **4:30** am just to fap, now i have another problem*

  32. laclaireluna

    laclaireluna5 days ago

    I really like these vids About how great iT is waking up early. But the big question i have is: at what time do these people go to bed and what is there nighttime ritual? Because i want to do this too but at 21:00 (9pm) i still have a lot of homework to do and stuff like that. So how would one wake up so early and get enough sleep???

  33. macsnafu

    macsnafu5 days ago

    He gets up at 4:30 am. What time does he go to bed? How much sleep is he getting every night?

  34. Hard Road

    Hard Road6 days ago

    I wake up early for devotional time🙏🙏

  35. big wong

    big wong6 days ago

    I wake up at 430 and then go back to sleep again.

  36. Colossus

    Colossus6 days ago

    You don’t need to wake up that early. Plan accordingly. Smh

  37. rajeev raj44

    rajeev raj447 days ago

    Aged version of Matt Damon...

  38. Treasure Forever

    Treasure Forever7 days ago

    This thumbnail is too much ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼 I followed you for inspiration not to see images of a gun pointing on my direction. Actually disappointed.

  39. Block Buster

    Block Buster7 days ago

    I can see the pain in his eyes

  40. Dustin Collett

    Dustin Collett7 days ago

    I'll tell you his statement about excercise not needing to take a lot of time is so spot on. It needs to be blasted from the rooftops

  41. paul the deceiver

    paul the deceiver7 days ago

    Watching this at 4 am.. Just woke up.. Slept at 10

  42. Rekv1n

    Rekv1n7 days ago

    I go to sleep at 4:30 am lol

  43. Zahid Jabbar

    Zahid Jabbar7 days ago

    i dont know why so many people disliked this video

  44. Ed Meyer

    Ed Meyer7 days ago

    This guy looks like he woke up at 4:30😆

  45. Jonathan Koller

    Jonathan Koller7 days ago

    Counter-point: not sleeping enough correlates with much higher incidence rate of dementia and Alzheimer's. Do a search: "sleep deprivation Alzheimer's"

  46. Abyssal Hope

    Abyssal Hope8 days ago

    Oh yeah, I'll start waking up at 4;30, which gets me around 4-5 hours of sleep, assuming that most people sleep at 11 or 12, JUST so I can work out... Aye. Naw.

  47. Marilu Carvallo

    Marilu Carvallo8 days ago

    Great! I woke up at 4am and run at 430am

  48. Flip2 Futures

    Flip2 Futures8 days ago

    I do this before trading every day! Good video!

  49. Thomas Harris

    Thomas Harris8 days ago

    "the reason I wake up at 4:30 every morning is because no one else is awake, it gives me a chance to get things done that I need to do..." *FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP*

  50. Edward Ellison

    Edward Ellison8 days ago

    So noon is unexceptionable!

  51. The Roo

    The Roo8 days ago

    Why would you not wake up at 4.30?😂🤣 love it

  52. Antwone DAVIS

    Antwone DAVIS9 days ago

    im 15 and be getting like 11 hours of sleep every night and can never feel tired before midnight so...

  53. Puma

    Puma9 days ago

    I don’t think 6:45 is sleeping in maybe like noon 🕛 or 1:00 tho

  54. DeAja

    DeAja9 days ago

    I wake up this early at times. If you really think about it, a day is only 24 hours. That’s very short, especially when you spend majority of those hours sleeping, working, on your phone, or just being unproductive.. You really do get ahead of most people when you start your day early. 👍🏾

  55. lahbib nabil

    lahbib nabil9 days ago

    I am a Muslim and I wake up always at 4 or before cause I will pray at the mosque. And most of Muslim do it as well Peace

  56. Alex Denton

    Alex Denton9 days ago

    4:30 in the morning I’m milking cows Jebediah feed the chickens and Jacob plows fool!

  57. Rakesh Chandra

    Rakesh Chandra9 days ago

    That is jocko willink.. Retired us navy seal. Inspirational person!!

  58. Stuart Jeffries

    Stuart Jeffries9 days ago

    If someone tries waking me up at 4:30am they've either got to be brave, stupid, really strong or enjoy getting their lights punched out? Lol

  59. ai chan

    ai chan10 days ago

    Get up and go where? whats the productive thing you do in the morning? Just exercise? I do exercise without waking up early, i do not see a point in this video.

  60. ggguuueeerrraaa

    ggguuueeerrraaa10 days ago

    12:15 am and I'm watching this stupid video LOL

  61. Lokeshkumar N

    Lokeshkumar N10 days ago

    Because of countries like you live in , makes people in other countries to work for you in night shifts and also for the people work in normal timings need to extend their work to catch up with you guys during your morning. Because your fellow citizens are lazy so that other country can spoon feed you. First go and change those, do your work on yourself don't outsource them and don't ruin the lives of millions living in other economically emerging countries. At last we wont be able to eat dollars

  62. DreamBeliever365

    DreamBeliever36510 days ago

    Cool deal

  63. Puke Grenade

    Puke Grenade11 days ago

    11am LIKE A BOSS.

  64. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo11 days ago

    The contrast between the interviewer and interviewed cracks me up. Bad ass being interviewed by a snowflake. I know, not really ~ but maybe...

  65. cpz1019

    cpz101911 days ago

    im here winding down watching stupid youtube videos

  66. snoopdodoublegeezy

    snoopdodoublegeezy11 days ago

    I used to wake up at 4:30 everyday for a year, it sux

  67. Man Sour

    Man Sour11 days ago

    Did you know that muslims wake up during that time to pray alfajr(it changes slightly in winter ,over one billion people know what I mean)

  68. Jake Richards

    Jake Richards11 days ago

    I’m awake at 4:30 watching stupid MReporter videos lol.

  69. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha13 days ago

    I've tried this and failed but I'll try again

  70. Jarred S

    Jarred S13 days ago

    His Jaw line could cut through solid ice

  71. Sergab

    Sergab13 days ago

    Most of us are wired to be diurnal animals... It does not takes science, debate or anything people, if you don't feel good with your current habits just live from sun to sun, sleep when dark. Period... Like it's been done for millennia by our ancestors... Where is this world heading to that there is debate even with sleeping hours...

  72. Ricardo Miranda

    Ricardo Miranda14 days ago

    I will wake up and bone my wife at 430 and still see my kids and at the same time i bone is like working out

  73. Gilbert Mariano

    Gilbert Mariano14 days ago

    Waking up at 4:30 a.m. and taking a cold shower is the way to start your day.

  74. ravi chandar

    ravi chandar14 days ago

    thank God i'm not watching this at night!!..... "what are you doing at night....just winding down and watching stupid you tube videos!!"

  75. NeTriXz

    NeTriXz14 days ago

    What ami gonna do at 4:30? Everyone a sleep

  76. jaysysum

    jaysysum14 days ago

    Pathetic... most people who do a 9 - 5 job will go to bed between 10pm and 12pm. To try and get 7hrs sleep. Anyone planning on getting up at 04:30 will no doubt be planning on going to bed at 8pm to 9pm. All he’s doing here is moving his waking hrs. He’s not making more use of his day than anyone else on the planet. It want change anything for most people other than getting a few household chores done before work rather than doing them when you get home from work.

  77. Itz_Kuri

    Itz_Kuri14 days ago

    Im a smoker why am i even watching this

  78. DaChr0nic420

    DaChr0nic42015 days ago

    This guy is an idiot

  79. Jimmy Wu

    Jimmy Wu15 days ago

    Jesus this guy is intimidating.

  80. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe16 days ago

    I work until midnight tho

  81. Shadow1234

    Shadow123416 days ago

    it will painful but it successful

  82. Shadow1234

    Shadow123416 days ago

    only 10 procent people wake 6 in morning it means there are only 10 procent peoples successful are keep humans lifes like there are work in the office or USA white house or military or government something like having successful

  83. Adit

    Adit16 days ago

    Wake up 4.30 for Shubuh. If you don't know Shubuh/Subuh, go googling !

  84. Hyderabadildar Shiv

    Hyderabadildar Shiv16 days ago

    I'm waking up at early morning for my English classes

  85. marshall capuano

    marshall capuano17 days ago

    I did a situp today😀

  86. Paige Hett

    Paige Hett17 days ago

    This guy looks like my dad


    SWAG KNIGHT6917 days ago

    I dont wake up till like 1230

  88. Edgar Gomez

    Edgar Gomez18 days ago

    I watching this at 1:36 am

  89. angusjc16

    angusjc1619 days ago

    And go to bed at 8?

  90. Nzanthung T Ngullie

    Nzanthung T Ngullie20 days ago

    Yo... watching this video at 4:30 am 😂

  91. The Galloping Naartjie

    The Galloping Naartjie20 days ago

    Anyone else set their alarm, knowing they won't get out of bed, but just to know that they can go back to sleep for a couple more hours...

  92. jim casper

    jim casper20 days ago

    Boy now I have to set my alarm at 10 pm to wake up finish husband duty 💗🐶💗sleep then wake again at 4:30. 🕟

  93. Tinokap

    Tinokap20 days ago

    why not wake 4:20 instead ??

  94. Steven Ward

    Steven Ward20 days ago

    I get up at 03:00 for very physical job and my life sux!!! Love my kids but!!! 100% with the go to sleep discipline!!!

  95. Shockwave Bot

    Shockwave Bot21 day ago

    I don’t sleep till 4:30.

  96. ROB C

    ROB C21 day ago

    That’s why he has them bags under his eyes.

  97. 1985jimenezalfredo

    1985jimenezalfredo21 day ago

    Early for me is 1pm

  98. metalmorgan

    metalmorgan21 day ago

    Yeah he didn't say that.....

  99. D C

    D C22 days ago

    I get up at 4:30 every morning to use the bathroom...

  100. Madcircle Throughell

    Madcircle Throughell23 days ago