Why you should make useless things | Simone Giertz


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    Vitor Oliveira15 hours ago

    Now that is funny, because i have also ansiety issues and i did also found a very similar solution.

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    she has Summer from Rick and morty voice ,-,

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    MReporter. The famous for nothing place.

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    wow Simone, more I watch you vidéo, more I admire you. (and enjoy it... the video of course) :)

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    Are you not allowed to laugh during a Ted Talk? She's fucking hilarous

  7. Jade Wu

    Jade Wu4 days ago

    I am just thinking about changing my focus from daily work to learning to be a happy maker in my daily life. Your TED Talk makes me feel more confident on my choice. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

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    She is a legend.

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    Marry me!

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    That head orbiting machine was in Charlie Chaplinś ¨Modern Times.¨

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    Celeb crush? No, oh no. MReporter crush, and it's her.

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    The best TED talk I have ever seen. ..... Simone..... I am waiting for more funny inwentions🤣😘😉

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    Her accent gets more shvedish when she's on stage compared to on MReporter

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    LOL the popcorn

  16. the Pink Kitty

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    they aren't useless though. they have a use, they just can't do it well

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    Standing ovation at TED! PFG!

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    all the time when I have my own anxiety or my girlfriend has anxiety I try to remind her and myself to really look at what kind of rules we are hearing to what kind of social pressure is and what kind of imaginary rules that were following sometimes that are no longer even applicable. sometimes when I do this I realize if I want to wear a pickle on my head or if I want to wear pajamas to a party even though it's not a pajama party I can do whatever I want. It's that same mentality that when we're in adult if we want to come home and it's our house and we just want to take her pants off that's our business. as long as we are breaking the law or hurting anyone there's all kinds of rules that we don't have to adhere to and there's a certain empowerment in that. I love this video this is exactly what I try to tell my girlfriend all the time. My girlfriend worries all the time about "doing things right" and she gets anxiety and her handshake and shes scared. One day I decided to shave all of the beard I had grown off because it was really just a lazy person beard it wasn't like something I wanted to keep. I tried to convince her that since I was going to shave it all off she could not possibly do it wrong if I handed her the trimmer and if she wanted to carve a shape in it or anything she wanted it wouldn't matter because I was going to shave it all off anyway. I have this new trimmer that can't possibly cut me and she could just go ham. she was still a little too scared to do it but there's a certain empowerment in that that you can't really do it wrong especially if you just doing your own thing. And then something magical happens like this Google I shirt where the rest of the world is a little bit in awe of it because it's a personal expression that no one else has seen. I love this video it's great I'm going to share it with my girlfriend right now.

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    aww she's the fucking best! Love you SIMONE!!!

  20. Blasted

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    We all know that Simone badly wanted to say "I build Shi--y robots"

  21. Jonas Hamill

    Jonas Hamill15 days ago

    so about 25 minutes ago I was watching the video she did with Physics Girl where she says "Alexa set a timer for 45 minutes" which my echo interpreted as 25. When my echo sets off an alarm the philips hue bulbs in my apartment alternate flash. I'd completely forgotten about this and just as this video finished all the lights in my apartment began flashing. Suffice to say i was a little befuddled

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    She is so smart and funny! I like her!

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    It's ridiculous and I love it

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    Hehe. Reminds me the scenes from Modern Times, from Charlie Chaplin.

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    she is the most charming person i've ever seen omg

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    Ja, je, ji, jo, ju. Me parto.

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    I have Huge respect for you!

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    i wonder what her tattoo says 7:36

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    i don't understand what this is....... what is this.......

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    How brilliant

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    The Greatest Inventor All Time!!

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    when will ted talk

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    2k people have no life

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    Dead audience

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    hail queen of r/shittyrobots, big ups.

  36. richardhalo

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    Hey Ted, how's the "pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation" campaign going?

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    What is that controller she is using for the orbital thing? That looks like a nifty maker controller.

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    She probably makes thoughs "life hack" videos

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    Omg she is amazing

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    This made me happy

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    Thật thú zị

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    OMG I just subbed and watched most of her videos like a week ago!!!!

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    that was a waste of time

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    You go girl! You inspire me through the absurdity~

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    She talks about a girl and men. You're a woman, you're not a girl.

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    You are awesome to infinity. I am so glad you are still on this planet. Your videos make being on the planet more better.

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    LMAO - Subbed we need more people like you.

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    I'm In love

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    man you r great ya I know you were very nerves because your eyes said that man but u controlled yourself and it was the great thing

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    Adorable .shes got tons of personality that one

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    This was really awesome! Also funny!

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    2K people are stupid haters

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    Well that was surprisingly deep.

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    She's the innovator of chaplinesque technoslapstick - the humour that allows both humans and androids to bond over a cup of synthale.

  56. Radio Active

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    Your googly eyes shirt gave me an idea for a safety shirt. Thank you for your idea.

  57. Doug Johnson

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    Glad to see Carrot Top looking better these days.

  58. Charles Vattimo

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    Here is a quote from Chicken Little's Dad: "If you set your expectations low, you won't be disappointed." Despite being pessimistic as well as a poor father figure, it looks like Simone took that quote to heart.

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    When the milenialls discover the entertainment

  60. Pluto

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    New favourite quote: "Maybe a toothbrush helmet isn't the answer, *but at least you're asking the question*." She's so good and funny and I love her!!! What an inspiration.

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    She is an inspiration.

  62. Perry Stroika

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    The Japanese have a word for this : chindogu.

  63. Mathematters

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    Oops. I read the title as, "Why you should make things useless." This may be a problem.

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    Most stupid strategies in games work the best.

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    All I can do is be is one more tini little thumbs up. She's awesome.

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    Expression of joy and humility!

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    Is it just me or did the audience seemed a bit dry?

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    Pretty useless, but really cool. Pretty sick-nasty if I do say so myself

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    worst audience ever

  70. A. Bern

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    useless audience

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    This is the most capitalistic title

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    She didnt put a bullet point next to wrong things 6:42

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    shes smart but kinda cringe

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    She is feminist :'(

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    Wow your Swedish accent starts to come out when you're nervous, lol! Really funny talk; you're always inspiring!

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    WAIT wait wait wait wait...... you were in vancouver? I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS IN VANCOUVER i didnt even know we got TEDx in vancouver.....

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    Great talk!

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    "I'm not an engineer" Oh I'm afraid you are indeed. You may just not have an engineering degree.

  79. Bartholomäus

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    Nutella cookies! Mix 180 g Nutella, 1 egg, 150 g flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder and work into a smooth dough. Form small balls and bake in the oven preheated to 180°C for about 8-10 minutes.

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    as someone who suffers from stage fright too this was really inspiring to watch !

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    Congratulations on the successful surgery. Can’t wait to see what you invent next.

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    Best type of related videos. Good job there youtube =)

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    Simone Giertz yeah

  85. Aaron Darwish

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    I know two people who can relate very well to her. They too made a very useless thing and called it a failure. These two people are my parents. And I happen to be the usless thing.

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    Aaron Darwish :(

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    She’s cute

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    Not "hysterically" funny, but very cute!😊

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    Ad was very nice

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    Do you have an email? I need help with a maker idea

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    Oh my God I love her

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    Well, my parents made me, so I guess they took your advice.

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    i wanna be on ted now

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    She's great.

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    I don't know why but she reminds me of Lilly from HIMYM. Her positivity is just infectious

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    she's actually the greatest in every way.

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    She's is so delightful. One of my friends likes to point out that there is the useless and the pointless. Art is (generally) useless, but certainly not pointless!

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    She is just so amazing and a mood

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    Crazy. Funny. Entertaining!


    HEALTHY BTSMonth ago

    omg my life is complete im going to show this to the rest of the fam

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    She's funny AND she's got *Vewie Nice legs owo*