Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy


  1. San Andreas Department Of Public Safety

    San Andreas Department Of Public Safety3 months ago

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  2. Estella Hagin

    Estella Hagin23 days ago

    good job

  3. Sarah Brzykcy

    Sarah BrzykcyMonth ago


  4. Joseph Nicholls

    Joseph NichollsMonth ago


  5. Fun4U

    Fun4UMonth ago

    Congrats! 🎉

  6. Mark Samuels

    Mark SamuelsMonth ago

    me to

  7. The MLG Quinndin

    The MLG Quinndin3 hours ago

    I’m Quinn! But the Quinn in the video is a different Quinn.

  8. Annabelle Dodd-Sutton

    Annabelle Dodd-Sutton16 hours ago

    So you are saying 5 guys isnt your mums house

  9. Kim Mj Mangos

    Kim Mj MangosDay ago

    What is 5 guys XD

  10. Kimberly Kimmy

    Kimberly Kimmy5 days ago

    Five guys is a restaurant there now you now all they sell is hamburgers I go there like all the time

  11. Helé Erasmus

    Helé Erasmus5 days ago

    Zorgo duivuise 5:26

  12. Tigist Chka

    Tigist Chka6 days ago

    I live in Canada and we only have McDonald KFC agw

  13. The fantastic 4

    The fantastic 46 days ago

    Hi alex

  14. Cupcake Lps

    Cupcake Lps7 days ago

    Five guys is A Diner

  15. turkey 22

    turkey 228 days ago

    I've been to Five Guys before about. 8 months ago

  16. Craig Grando

    Craig Grando8 days ago

    duh five guys is the best!

  17. Jarek Rudy

    Jarek Rudy9 days ago

    what is five guys

  18. Ashley Adams

    Ashley Adams10 days ago

    So what is five guys?

  19. The sad parts of life Iife

    The sad parts of life Iife11 days ago

    I love five guys 😻🤗🍔🍔🍔🍔🥤🥤🥤

  20. Cirilo Jr Sanchez

    Cirilo Jr Sanchez11 days ago

    4:40 Alex cussed he said sh*t

  21. Delaney Drottar

    Delaney Drottar12 days ago

    You only go 5 times in your life?

  22. Jacob Utke

    Jacob Utke12 days ago

    5 guys is good

  23. Zamantha Tello

    Zamantha Tello13 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 3:28

  24. Zamantha Tello

    Zamantha Tello13 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 3:28

  25. Zamantha Tello

    Zamantha Tello13 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 3:27

  26. Zamantha Tello

    Zamantha Tello13 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 3:27

  27. Tracy Sault

    Tracy Sault13 days ago

    I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work.

  28. Bepis Shibe’s Entertainment

    Bepis Shibe’s Entertainment13 days ago

    I don’t like 5 guys.

  29. The RandomPie

    The RandomPie14 days ago

    Crying of happiness

  30. It's Alex Clark

    It's Alex Clark14 days ago

    yay! - hopefully I'll see u at a show :)

  31. Mia Holly

    Mia Holly14 days ago

    Did you know that five guys was actually invented by 4 guys

  32. Valrhi YT

    Valrhi YT14 days ago

    I hate 🍔 (hamburgers) and I just can't but I sound like a vegan or something but I just don't like eating them

  33. Tracee Morton Gough

    Tracee Morton Gough14 days ago

    Is that was in the background

  34. Jose Castillo

    Jose Castillo15 days ago

    What is 5 gyus

  35. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump15 days ago

    Why cant it be five Mexicans that got deported Pls pin Imexican but have a visa

  36. Zoe Loves puppys

    Zoe Loves puppys17 days ago

    do you know the odd ones out

  37. Kim Macdonald

    Kim Macdonald18 days ago

    Five guys is happy because of the business.

  38. Panda Friend

    Panda Friend18 days ago

    Five Guys is my babe!!! 🍔💟🐼

  39. TheLennyChannel

    TheLennyChannel18 days ago

    Why are you sleeping with your girlfriend tho?

  40. unicorn_poop5000

    unicorn_poop500018 days ago

    What’s...five guys Jkkk

  41. Nickster/Kevin Gomez

    Nickster/Kevin Gomez19 days ago

    He said shit=#$?#

  42. Jay and Pae

    Jay and Pae19 days ago


  43. Allison Scoville

    Allison Scoville20 days ago

    6:07 Odd1sOut shirt

  44. Karatee 44

    Karatee 4420 days ago

    Was that vegan bacon?

  45. fazefiresword101 awesomeness

    fazefiresword101 awesomeness20 days ago

    people don't know what five guys is!!! ps. I love five guys

  46. Blitz Boy Games

    Blitz Boy Games20 days ago

    Alex you've earned a cooking show y

  47. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn20 days ago

    I want 5 guys now

  48. Tyler BUNCE

    Tyler BUNCE20 days ago

    At about the last minute there was a guy waring the odd1sout isnt that alexs enemy

  49. Ventner

    Ventner21 day ago

    I feel sorry for you

  50. Gaming With Cam

    Gaming With Cam21 day ago

    Why is five guys, not my comment

  51. Thatonedeepseaguy Films

    Thatonedeepseaguy Films21 day ago

    Holy 🤬 4:03

  52. L Savage 565

    L Savage 56521 day ago

    4:40 ALEX CURSED!

  53. Iikelsieii

    Iikelsieii21 day ago

    Guy fives fugergs ad bries

  54. lulu haki

    lulu haki21 day ago


  55. Rockstar555

    Rockstar55521 day ago

    I wish I could go

  56. S O m E B O D Y T U ChA spGETt

    S O m E B O D Y T U ChA spGETt21 day ago

    Hi molly

  57. Dipper pines

    Dipper pines21 day ago

    I haven’t tasted five guys

  58. Emmett Ashton

    Emmett Ashton21 day ago

    You should come to Virginia!

  59. QuackyDoesStuff

    QuackyDoesStuff22 days ago

    Teach me.... the master ways...

  60. Emily Beatriz

    Emily Beatriz22 days ago

    didn’t used to have five guys in ga but they finally brought it here been wanting to go there I used to live in Cali but never ate it while I lived there

  61. Estella Hagin

    Estella Hagin23 days ago

    but i love five guys

  62. Angelica Guzman

    Angelica Guzman23 days ago


  63. Angelica Guzman

    Angelica Guzman23 days ago

    um I'm not making fun of its that he said a lot of fans

  64. Qlbbl

    Qlbbl23 days ago

    LOL My name is Quinn too!

  65. Scythe Froggy

    Scythe Froggy23 days ago

    Im sas i couldn't go😭😭

  66. Aubsdamobs

    Aubsdamobs24 days ago

    I love it

  67. Aubsdamobs

    Aubsdamobs24 days ago

    Oh my god he wears an odd ones out shirt

  68. elizagracesmom

    elizagracesmom24 days ago


  69. Niamh Harris

    Niamh Harris25 days ago


  70. GenuineAlpaca77 __

    GenuineAlpaca77 __26 days ago

    The llama is under the play button!

  71. Lil Pumpshotgun

    Lil Pumpshotgun26 days ago

    What is five guys?

  72. William Lim

    William Lim26 days ago

    Who seriously drove 18 hours just for a show?

  73. Nova Spear

    Nova Spear26 days ago

    What is five guys?

  74. top songs

    top songs26 days ago

    It's just five guys is HIVE GUYS because they have a hive!

  75. Daleksec 23

    Daleksec 2326 days ago

    The hell is still five guys I still don’t get it

  76. RedEvee

    RedEvee26 days ago

    but... what.. IS.... 5 guys !?!?!?!?!

  77. Jeremy Beyer

    Jeremy Beyer26 days ago

    Are you married ?

  78. GB L

    GB L27 days ago

    I love five guys

  79. David Landeros

    David Landeros27 days ago

    Anyone see that the guy at 6:08 was wearing the odd 1s out merch

  80. Is It Videos

    Is It Videos27 days ago

    britain, please go to britain. id so love to see you preform. but if you did could it be any of... worcestershire, birmingham, Stratford or london.

  81. Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.27 days ago

    Ur such a nice youtuber. That's awesome

  82. Animated Unicorn 101

    Animated Unicorn 10128 days ago

    This video was actually really sweet ^^

  83. Dolores Benavente

    Dolores Benavente28 days ago

    I saw five guys I saw the restaurant I saw it I know what it looks like

  84. Erin Kreis

    Erin Kreis28 days ago

    5:30 OMG Sams face I almost died 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Taco Doge

    Taco Doge29 days ago

    U know whats funny one of the kids where wearing a odds'ones,out tshirt

  86. sailor moon aj!

    sailor moon aj!29 days ago

    hey I went! it was so cool! alex was a pretty cool guy! I gave him a drawing of me and him!

  87. Water, Trails and Fun

    Water, Trails and Fun29 days ago


  88. puggaming#1

    puggaming#129 days ago

    Am I the only English boi in here? No? Ok...

  89. Nej Hatten

    Nej Hatten29 days ago

    I would fly all the Way from Denmark to see one of your shows. Bcoz i livd in Denmark.

  90. Daniel Hulse

    Daniel HulseMonth ago

    4:01 POOP LAMA

  91. Gamecrasher 2.0

    Gamecrasher 2.0Month ago

    Alex you don’t compare five guys to mc Donald’s, mc Donald’s sucks

  92. The channel of cray

    The channel of crayMonth ago

    What how do people not know what five guys is it’s the best

  93. RaitonNin

    RaitonNinMonth ago

    That manager must have went crazy with all those people at once

  94. Daddy Infamous

    Daddy InfamousMonth ago

    So, what is fiveguys?

  95. Toree Hines

    Toree HinesMonth ago

    He's so funny 😂

  96. Abandoned77

    Abandoned77Month ago

    Casey Neistat vlogging status

  97. MLG Gaming TV

    MLG Gaming TVMonth ago

    Who is better odd1s out or alex clark

  98. harry crab

    harry crabMonth ago

    What a wholesome video! Good for you Alex


    BADASSM1NERMonth ago

    please balance your audio better

  100. Krptik Legend

    Krptik LegendMonth ago

    Free marketing for five guys they should be happy

  101. Savagebear 2406

    Savagebear 2406Month ago

    OHHH MYY GOODNESS I love 5 hurt burger and fries

  102. Burhan Senih

    Burhan SenihMonth ago


  103. Super Ryan14

    Super Ryan14Month ago

    Just because you can’t go to five guys doesn’t mean you can’t eat five guys food

  104. Sarah Brzykcy

    Sarah BrzykcyMonth ago


  105. airplanemode

    airplanemodeMonth ago

    I am eating five guys while I watch this..

  106. Moon ._.

    Moon ._.Month ago

    My mom works there!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Hotdog Man

    Hotdog ManMonth ago

    5 guy is bad