Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy


  1. Sneaky Mystics

    Sneaky Mystics16 days ago

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  2. Diego Cabralesruiz

    Diego Cabralesruiz2 days ago

    Dreamiing Xo what

  3. Diego Cabralesruiz

    Diego Cabralesruiz2 days ago

    Sneaky Mystics i saw it

  4. Kittty Jr

    Kittty Jr3 days ago

    2:58 that’s you?

  5. the Invisible guy

    the Invisible guy3 days ago

    Bestgamer Yung ikr

  6. the Invisible guy

    the Invisible guy3 days ago

    lorenz cammon the gammer cammon yup

  7. NiteWind 221

    NiteWind 22115 minutes ago

    I want to meet you Alex

  8. LPS Darling

    LPS Darling8 hours ago


  9. Maverick Smith

    Maverick Smith10 hours ago

    Springfield or branson Missouri would love to have you!

  10. Dragos Dragnea

    Dragos Dragnea11 hours ago

    Not gonna lie just had five guys.......... yes

  11. adam fultron

    adam fultron12 hours ago

    wait people dont know what five guys is :O

  12. Isaac

    Isaac18 hours ago

    Most people from the uk haven’t bee to five guys

  13. Panda man

    Panda manDay ago

    Five guys Party !

  14. fighter foxxx

    fighter foxxxDay ago

    you schould draw that lama that kid made in the background of your vids as a thankyou😊😊😊😄😄😄😌😌😌

  15. Jayden LaGrone

    Jayden LaGroneDay ago

    Frickin Quinn that’s amazing

  16. Heather Thorpe

    Heather ThorpeDay ago

    Come to the UK!!!

  17. Game User

    Game UserDay ago

    Why you can't do a game

  18. Israel Castillo

    Israel CastilloDay ago

    How dare you put Five Guys as low as McDonald's? XD

  19. Crystal Amalgam

    Crystal Amalgam2 days ago

    You've heard of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, but have you heard of Five Guys with Colorful Ties? If you know what I'm referencing then you get a gold star.

  20. Mr. Langan18

    Mr. Langan182 days ago

    Five guys burgers In Canada sk sasktoon

  21. marvin brand 3rd

    marvin brand 3rd2 days ago

    Those people are lucky.

  22. Swagy _ Red

    Swagy _ Red2 days ago


  23. Elle

    Elle2 days ago


  24. Whaddup Pimps

    Whaddup Pimps2 days ago


  25. Chris Atherton

    Chris Atherton2 days ago

    I've never eaten five guys

  26. Lydia

    Lydia2 days ago


  27. Peyton Macnair

    Peyton Macnair2 days ago

    i literly knew what 5 guys was before

  28. Seif Gaming/Herobrine

    Seif Gaming/Herobrine2 days ago

    Can You Cone to Egypt Please

  29. AnneTheNinjaSpy Playz

    AnneTheNinjaSpy Playz2 days ago

    GingerPale is a gingerpale.

  30. FeAR

    FeAR2 days ago

    So what happened to 4,3,2,and 1 guy?

  31. Anjel Villasenor

    Anjel Villasenor2 days ago

    Five guys’s burger or your girlfriend?

  32. the best of the Internet probably

    the best of the Internet probably2 days ago


  33. SIRnope

    SIRnope2 days ago

    Wait I thought


    BUBBLES2 days ago

    South Dakota

  35. Karter CAMMOCK

    Karter CAMMOCK2 days ago

    Umm sorry to say this but... at 4:41 I heard you say the s word

  36. Gnossienne the witch /Bre

    Gnossienne the witch /Bre2 days ago

    You ever been in five guys?

  37. MAD ¿

    MAD ¿3 days ago

    I love Five Guys

  38. kawaii potato

    kawaii potato3 days ago

    Who don't know what 5 guys is i have it in Florida it soooooooo good i always get bacon burger so good I was really surprised that no one knew what Five Guys was

  39. ANTonio

    ANTonio3 days ago

    What is five guys?

  40. Cloud The Savage is awesome

    Cloud The Savage is awesome3 days ago

    I wish I could've gone to your show but, I was in Minnesota with my family!

  41. Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson3 days ago

    The scene at the end of the video I saw that guy that you first talked to had a shirt that said the odd ones out!! I love the odd ones out just a bit more than you cuz I watched it about eight hundred more times than you know I meant a thousand million times than you does he has a really good voice and I got inspired by his drawing yeah I got inspired but it's okay I still like you.

  42. Fennec IsMe

    Fennec IsMe3 days ago

    So that’s why there is a picture of it on the back of about every video in the room

  43. ConfusedPupII - Roblox

    ConfusedPupII - Roblox3 days ago

    I LOVE Five Guys!

  44. Kittty Jr

    Kittty Jr3 days ago

    2018? :D

  45. Kittty Jr

    Kittty Jr3 days ago

    Five guys is five people

  46. Dashia Embergale

    Dashia Embergale3 days ago

    Who saw Alex perform at the Fargo street fair?

  47. Jordan Z Byrne

    Jordan Z Byrne3 days ago

    My Uncle, Blake Kump, is the General Manager of all the Five Guys in Idaho and Utah.

  48. High Hi

    High Hi3 days ago


  49. Hermes Gaming

    Hermes Gaming3 days ago


  50. the Invisible guy

    the Invisible guy3 days ago


  51. giseli brito

    giseli brito3 days ago

    WOW NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE (being sarcastic)

  52. Holsp

    Holsp3 days ago

    2:40 song?

  53. Bankers Campers

    Bankers Campers3 days ago

    come to Minnesoda!!!

  54. Albos Hajdari

    Albos Hajdari3 days ago

    4:03 That moment when you realize, you can't swear because he's too young....probably because his mom was there too

  55. bethany Mermaid

    bethany Mermaid3 days ago

    I can't go to any of your show because I live in the UK (north Wales)

  56. MClord11

    MClord113 days ago

    5 guys is god

  57. MrBaconskinny

    MrBaconskinny3 days ago

    Aww, even though I wasn't there that made me super happy :D

  58. iAMbutterpuppy

    iAMbutterpuppy3 days ago

    "Im sorry 5 guys" lol I think they were happy but sad so many people getting food so many people paying for that food and probobly more people coming back for the food

  59. John Brady

    John Brady3 days ago

    That joint got so much business that night all thanks to you, I want you to take a moment to look and see what you have done for people. It's wonderful.

  60. kallen coz

    kallen coz3 days ago

    I almost forgot about you 😣😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  61. Rem Ruati

    Rem Ruati4 days ago

    One kid wore a odd1sout t shirt

  62. Rem Ruati

    Rem Ruati4 days ago

    This is why i love Alex, he loves us back

  63. S J

    S J4 days ago

    I worked at Five Guys!! I miss it!! AND I'm from North Dakota!!!!!!!!!! I worked in the Grand Forks store 🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈

  64. Swimmer Boi

    Swimmer Boi4 days ago


  65. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith4 days ago

    anything compared to McDonald's is great!!!!!!!!

  66. Grace Mallory

    Grace Mallory4 days ago

    I'd love you to visit florida!

  67. Plasma Serpent 48

    Plasma Serpent 484 days ago

    6:09 nice shirt

  68. Student Julian Chavez

    Student Julian Chavez4 days ago

    I love five guys

  69. Just Your Average Cat.

    Just Your Average Cat.4 days ago


  70. Obnoxious Octopus

    Obnoxious Octopus4 days ago

    Come to New Orleans!

  71. Atlas Lee

    Atlas Lee4 days ago

    Five guys makes AWESOME hamburgers

  72. Liam Rolfe

    Liam Rolfe4 days ago

    Do o live in tacoma

  73. Liam Rolfe

    Liam Rolfe4 days ago

    I have been at the wallmart

  74. PopularMMOs 911

    PopularMMOs 9114 days ago

    Type in First Job (Job Story) Then look Guy Five... Five Guys

  75. Kaylah Bailey

    Kaylah Bailey5 days ago


  76. Mello_ Yello3370

    Mello_ Yello33705 days ago

    Now I want Five Guys...

  77. Amanda Campbell

    Amanda Campbell5 days ago

    6:01 The guy is just ruining it by wearing theodd1sout merch

  78. Nayan Biswas

    Nayan Biswas5 days ago

    Pls can you do a show in England

  79. liamdude5

    liamdude55 days ago

    I love 5 Guys


    LOUIS BERRY5 days ago

    Five guys is a resturant

  81. NikeBoss

    NikeBoss5 days ago

    I really got excited for this video because he recorded me solving a Rubik's cube and I got my hopes up then I watched this video to find out I wasn't in it I got so excited to be in the video after I watched it I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  82. Nassir Azo

    Nassir Azo5 days ago

    I'm sorry i am your first subscriber

  83. Connor Noel

    Connor Noel5 days ago

    You rule Alex

  84. Tanson Nguyen

    Tanson Nguyen5 days ago

    I saw five guys before I think

  85. Ghaziya Sham

    Ghaziya Sham5 days ago


  86. Emmanuel Koledoye

    Emmanuel Koledoye5 days ago

    I really like his videos

  87. Rosita Perez

    Rosita Perez5 days ago

    Homemade tortillas are better

  88. DKO YT

    DKO YT5 days ago

    Does five guys have Doritos and mount.dew

  89. Gonzo Gamer

    Gonzo Gamer5 days ago

    San looks like Kylo ren

  90. Crazzychikenboy

    Crazzychikenboy5 days ago

    U swore

  91. Matthew Daniel Allee

    Matthew Daniel Allee5 days ago

    4:40 demonetized

  92. Alex Franco

    Alex Franco6 days ago

    What is five guys

  93. Alek Schroeder

    Alek Schroeder6 days ago

    Just got back to fargo after summer break, whadid i miss back at home. ( checks out Itsalexclark ).... Welp sheeeeeeeet.

  94. Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean6 days ago


  95. deus22488

    deus224886 days ago

    Hi Alex, If you are ever in the area feel free to stop by my Five Guys located in Swampscott, MA. Let me know and I'll make sure you and all your fans have the best experience ever! As for a reason to make your third trip, I liked and subscribed.

  96. XMANX

    XMANX6 days ago


  97. Art bullet

    Art bullet6 days ago

    Bee movie??

  98. Maud Valentijn

    Maud Valentijn6 days ago

    Did you get kick out??? 😂😂😂

  99. Adrienne Camacho

    Adrienne Camacho6 days ago

    Alex when and where is your next prophormenc

  100. Domdidaxx

    Domdidaxx6 days ago

    *i think you mean give fuys furgers and bries*

  101. GamingSquidYT

    GamingSquidYT6 days ago

    What is five guys

  102. Riv Abelow

    Riv Abelow6 days ago

    Charles Town, West Virginia!!!!!

  103. roberta o'connor

    roberta o'connor6 days ago

    watch naruto

  104. Wolfy

    Wolfy6 days ago

    visit canada

  105. Paula Mousseau

    Paula Mousseau6 days ago

    I though 5 guys was a pizza place😂😂 but nvm