Why this black hole photo is such a big deal


  1. Vox

    Vox3 months ago

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  2. level 5000 commander

    level 5000 commander7 days ago

    1000th like

  3. Andy Martinez

    Andy MartinezMonth ago

    Gif was more disappointing than this MReporter channel.

  4. Chris Hendricks

    Chris Hendricks2 months ago

    *why did you presumed we have 7secs attention span?* 🤣

  5. cairo

    cairo2 months ago

    Really great script, and narration Joss, you have a talent. :)

  6. Èlia Gàmiz

    Èlia Gàmiz2 months ago

    @Brett MacnChee go suck pewdipie's lasagna

  7. Cute Krishna

    Cute Krishna15 hours ago

    Good place to dump our Waste 🙂

  8. Big 1 Nick

    Big 1 NickDay ago

    “Nothing goes faster than light” Cameras: well I took a picture of a black hole 54 million light years away

  9. I add irrelevant comments to videos

    I add irrelevant comments to videos2 days ago

    Bruh, point 2 cameras at the black hole, 1 for photos and the other 1 for videos.

  10. Beanmachine91

    Beanmachine913 days ago

    the center of every galaxy is a black hole, or is it?

  11. Aravind Reddy K

    Aravind Reddy K4 days ago

    Ask Tony stark he might have a picture Already..

  12. Captain America

    Captain America4 days ago

    What happened to the dude that normally narrates these vox videos?

  13. deathstar94

    deathstar945 days ago

    What if a black hole is a worm hole that leads somewhere, would explain why it's so far away from us, maybe we weren't ment to find it

  14. Phantoms Animations

    Phantoms Animations6 days ago

    The thumbnail black hole looks like an eye!

  15. lord beerus

    lord beerus7 days ago

    everything about universe is scary and awesome at same time......

  16. BAMF

    BAMF8 days ago

    wow 20 years of work. This probably the most time spent on making a meme i have known.

  17. HongKong ball

    HongKong ball9 days ago

    all i see is a donut

  18. As If Aye Mate

    As If Aye Mate10 days ago

    What if a black hole is really just a black planet where Africans live ?

  19. As If Aye Mate

    As If Aye Mate10 days ago

    For all we know that image that was taken could've captured something that has happened millions of years ago.

  20. Pagong27Gaming

    Pagong27Gaming10 days ago

    I'm going to nickname this image as "The Blurry Black Hole Image."

  21. Name

    Name11 days ago

    Inside the black hole is our system administrator

  22. ahsan iqbal

    ahsan iqbal12 days ago

    It's a kid's doing and adults just came up with the big idea

  23. s s

    s s13 days ago

    Photoshop black hole,there is no black hole

  24. Sassa M

    Sassa M8 days ago

    s s Explain.

  25. Master Gamer

    Master Gamer16 days ago

    Born to early to see the end of memes born just right to see the blackhole

  26. Caroline Kessler

    Caroline Kessler16 days ago

    I just don’t understand space

  27. Roman Kondrachov

    Roman Kondrachov19 days ago

    Extraordinary stuff!

  28. Khairul Nizam

    Khairul Nizam20 days ago

    5.30...is that is the first picture of black hole..then all other photos of black hole was just a fabrication of a graphic representation of a black hole...lol

  29. tyler mack the game child

    tyler mack the game child20 days ago

    Imagine if we were in that computer

  30. Astronuat Izzy

    Astronuat Izzy21 day ago

    I-ts s-so beautiful 😭 Such a discovery can blow your mind Sniff*

  31. Chi Pa Pa

    Chi Pa Pa23 days ago

    No matter how far the black hole is in the center of our galaxy, it is slowly pulling everything around it. Our solar system will one day far far into the future be sucked into it.

  32. Chi Pa Pa

    Chi Pa Pa8 days ago

    @CryoToast Unless humans colonize other planets. There are already plans being made for Mars.

  33. CryoToast

    CryoToast11 days ago

    Well, our sun will explode before that, and humans will have been extinct for billions of years

  34. sportster306

    sportster30626 days ago

    4 seconds in and they can’t stay away from the word privileged 🙃 shocking

  35. ChristianTRP

    ChristianTRP29 days ago

    Ugh I can’t even take a picture of a star. But wait, if nothing can go faster than light, how does light get stuck and can’t escape?!

  36. digitalsonder

    digitalsonderMonth ago

    Scientists: We finally took a picture of a black hole!! This changes everything Internet: UwuU!!! We presSent to u,,,, black hole chan!!! >3< !!!

  37. Ryk Son

    Ryk SonMonth ago

    Yet the nasa data was lost

  38. The Word Forever

    The Word ForeverMonth ago

    "If one conceives of religion and science according to these definitions then a conflict between them appears impossible. For science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be..." - Albert Einstien (theist)

  39. Scotty Storm

    Scotty StormMonth ago

    It is not a photo it is made up BS.

  40. Sassa M

    Sassa M8 days ago

    Scotty Storm Explain.

  41. Bernardo Ortiz

    Bernardo OrtizMonth ago

    This is fake, astronauts threw an android from the moon with a slingshot and took a picture

  42. Sassa M

    Sassa M8 days ago

    Bernardo Ortiz Explain how that would create such an image

  43. iTzRemo

    iTzRemoMonth ago

    its not real

  44. The Gooberment-Sucks

    The Gooberment-SucksMonth ago

    Turns out it was debris on the lens

  45. Depressed Cat

    Depressed CatMonth ago

    Nobody: Vox:WhY ThiS BlaCk hOLe pHOto iS sUcH a BiG DeAL

  46. Goldenboy 214

    Goldenboy 214Month ago

    The black holes imo are portals acting as a revolving door between the spirit world and natural world. Like the looney toon sign when a cartoon reacts with the real world.

  47. Penny29

    Penny29Month ago

    it looks like a donut

  48. Galimah

    GalimahMonth ago

    the only other feat by humans that comes close to this is the game X-com: UFO Defense

  49. Kpshyamala Palanippandi

    Kpshyamala PalanippandiMonth ago

    Who else is scrolling through the comments

  50. Momchil Andonov

    Momchil AndonovMonth ago

    THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE! If this was a picture it would've been taken with an optical telescope like Hubble yet it was take via multiple radiotelescopes thus it's an image! Also I wouldn't call it an image of a black hole either for one simple reason - you cannot see a black hole by definition but you can see an Event Horizon and the scientists made an image of it :).

  51. Greg Smith

    Greg SmithMonth ago

    How do you "know" it's a black hole? You don't! No one does. But some INTERPRET it as one. Some people WANT it to be a black hole. Even though black holes are only hypothetical, mathematical constructs. Think for yourself for a change.

  52. Bugler55

    Bugler55Month ago

    @XY ZW No, but the theory for why we stick to the ground is equally applicable for black holes.

  53. Bugler55

    Bugler55Month ago

    What do you mean hypothetical? I mean is gravity merely a mathematical construct? All these things are just mathematical theories supported by empirical evidence. Could there be another reason we stick to the ground? Certainly, but this is the best theory I've heard.

  54. Syon Cheung

    Syon CheungMonth ago

    Orange space donut

  55. Tinashe Masoka

    Tinashe MasokaMonth ago

    You didn't explain why it's a big deal, ya you make it clear that It was very hard but why the hell does this image matter

  56. Tinashe Masoka

    Tinashe Masoka3 days ago

    Proving theories is nice and all but the point of the video was to explain why know the image of a black hole is such a big deal. The way I see it didn't fulfill its purpose which to explain why the image was such a big deal

  57. TwiSteD Cringe

    TwiSteD CringeMonth ago

    *When u are the most powerful being in the space but people makes memes on u* *Cries in Space*

  58. fat cunt

    fat cuntMonth ago

    Guys... that's me in the womb

  59. noob now

    noob nowMonth ago

    I don’t like the line “that’s coming towards us”

  60. Dark MaesterTM

    Dark MaesterTMMonth ago

    1987 : we will travel faster than light 2019 : Oh finally got a pic of a black hole


    SCRUFFS BEATZMonth ago

    "so thats why it's real" lmao he just said they used a computer, aka CGI computer generated muthafuken image...

  62. rest

    restMonth ago

    I mean hey we could just literally wait many more years just to take a picture of a black hole in person and setting humanity behind a 1000 years because we have to disprove the claims of the conspiracy theorists.


    SCRUFFS BEATZMonth ago

    I can't believe you guys believe this bullshit

  64. Sassa M

    Sassa M8 days ago

    SCRUFFS BEATZ Explain why you don’t.

  65. Bernard van Tonder

    Bernard van TonderMonth ago

    "At the centre of the black hole is a singularity. A point of infinite density." Really? How do you know it's infinitely dense? Isn't it possible that it's finitely dense but beyond our measurement capabilities?

  66. Bugler55

    Bugler55Month ago

    No, because the mass keeps accelerating inwards. If it's finitely dense as in your view, what's in the pinpoint center?