Why the US national anthem is terrible - and perfect


  1. Vox

    Vox2 months ago

    If you want to learn more about the anthem, check out this site: starspangledmusic.org/blog/ They're obsessed with the Star Spangled Banner and have tons of interesting facts and videos. This book by Marc Ferris is also really interesting www.amazon.com/Star-Spangled-Banner-Unlikely-Americas-National/dp/1421415186/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

  2. General Amsel

    General Amsel6 days ago

    +Sheratim because simply always complaining how something is racist doesn't do anything, we don't even sing the third verse so why complain about it? Its like complaining about how oh since some of the founding father had slaves that means even though the literally committed high treason against the British crown and proceeded to fight against the strongest army and navy in a the known world, nah since some of them had slaves that just throws that all to the side and doesn't matter.

  3. Pure Donut

    Pure Donut13 days ago

    Cut fergie some slack

  4. Bakura 2400

    Bakura 240018 days ago

    Mrpoker1963 Gaming Ha that's a great joke. You should be a comedian.

  5. Bakura 2400

    Bakura 240018 days ago

    _KendallRd0 They have ruined nothing the National Anthem is perfect.

  6. Bakura 2400

    Bakura 240018 days ago

    balort santa Are you daft?

  7. Aleya MC

    Aleya MC3 hours ago


  8. omgitsharrypotato!

    omgitsharrypotato!3 hours ago

    Battle hymn of the republic is a better song but due to its heavy religious undertones i understand why its not the anthem

  9. Jeffrey Applegate

    Jeffrey Applegate3 hours ago

    Shame on Vox for including the bit about Whitney Houston lipping to a pre recorded National Anthem. That remains unproven and needs to stop being repeated as though it is the official truth. It's been repeated for so long and buy some new people that everybody assumes that it must be true, but if you have proof of some sort that she actually lip synced to a pre recorded track at the Super Bowl, Please share it as I have yet to hear or see anything that this defamation.

  10. eblu

    eblu3 hours ago

    But what are we going to replace it with

  11. MfPotatoeater99

    MfPotatoeater994 hours ago

    our national anthem is garbage compared to every other countries' anthems

  12. Simple Carolina

    Simple Carolina5 hours ago

    Jesus if I am in 9th grade and can remember all the lyrics then adults can too, not saying I can sing it good but atleast I can remember it.

  13. Norbert H

    Norbert H5 hours ago

    I feel like the lack of stepwise motion in favor of jumps suggests that the tune was meant to be played on instruments rather than sung (leaps like that are much more common in instrumental music, often larger too). Of course a national anthem without lyrics is a bit redundant (not to say that instrumental versions now are bad, but people know the lyrics even when they aren’t being sung). God Bless America would make a good anthem.

  14. Mutant Enderman

    Mutant Enderman5 hours ago

    God d*mn it John Smith!

  15. Esteban Maldonado

    Esteban Maldonado5 hours ago

    I do not feel comfortable when I hear a national anthem sung as a pop song.

  16. Tc

    Tc6 hours ago

    I can sing the national anthem without dying. am I weird?

  17. Maelat Habib

    Maelat Habib6 hours ago

    Who else here can sing all the notes? 🙋‍♀️

  18. ronny raygunz

    ronny raygunz7 hours ago

    wah, it's too haarrd, wah, slaveowners, shaddap!

  19. Mattispher

    Mattispher8 hours ago


  20. Mattispher

    Mattispher8 hours ago



    HUNNID K BEATZ9 hours ago

    Our national anthem is AWESOME!! I don’t care what you say!! Nobody’s telling you you have to sing it! There’s nothing wrong with it! If you can’t play it on an instrument or sing it, learn it! Or don’t! Don’t blame the anthem for you lack of skill!

  22. Kamilar135

    Kamilar13511 hours ago

    Wtf you must have never been in a choir to believe that 12 notes is a lot...

  23. Sharon Titus

    Sharon Titus13 hours ago

    Yes because if something is difficult it’s not worth attempting.

  24. CyprusHot

    CyprusHot13 hours ago

    Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are untouchable. Everyone else are tragic.

  25. African MusicGenuis

    African MusicGenuis14 hours ago

    C'mon, I've known the words to that anthem since I was like ten, never having been to the US. The peeps in this video trying so hard are killing me man!

  26. African MusicGenuis

    African MusicGenuis14 hours ago

    Whitney Houston, 'nuff said.

  27. Ella Exterkamp

    Ella Exterkamp15 hours ago

    Its called mixing your voice to reach low and high notes. Anyone who takes music lessons should be able to reach all of the notes. Its mostly about range

  28. Rop2

    Rop216 hours ago

    It‘s easy for me to sing.

  29. 1 D 1 0 T 5

    1 D 1 0 T 519 hours ago

    Oof sorry fergie :/

  30. Sharkfowl

    SharkfowlDay ago

    Vox hates America

  31. Sanitäter

    SanitäterDay ago

    Australia's one is almost as annoying.

  32. Amberlynn Stowers

    Amberlynn StowersDay ago

    Ugh, Whitney. I was typing “I have goosebumps” when she said “I have goosebumps”.

  33. Rifqi Main Gitar

    Rifqi Main GitarDay ago

    You know, Indonesia's national anthem also has a 12 note range and also has an octave progression in the first word of the song, but we sing it in every event no problem. I think the reason why most American can't sing it is the culture. From what I see, you treat the anthem as something to be listened when someone's singing it while we treat our anthem as something to be sung along together no matter you can sing or not because apparently hundreds or thousands people singing together can make the song sounds good even though not all of us can sing properly

  34. Kimberly O'Neill

    Kimberly O'NeillDay ago

    Sadly, I do not like the Whitney Houston version.

  35. Doc Philip

    Doc PhilipDay ago

    Shut up vox

  36. contemplativegirl21

    contemplativegirl21Day ago

    I still get chills hearing Whitney's version. What a phenomenal talent she was.

  37. the pimp dady of himlich county

    the pimp dady of himlich countyDay ago

    The big inspiring idea is that one fort held out against the strongest empire in the world. The point of the Star Spangled Banner is that there is still hope to win the war against their far superior foe. I personally love the anthem and as an american i think it's one of the best ones, but everyone's intitled to their own opinion so i dunno

  38. Th33Khann

    Th33KhannDay ago

    vox rlly doesnt understand music, im in highschool and our choir sings music that changes 2 or more octives and my band plays music that jumps 3 octives

  39. Angel Mendoza

    Angel MendozaDay ago

    The song isnt about how it sounds, it's about what it represents 🇺🇸

  40. zach rubin

    zach rubinDay ago

    if you want to say the national anthem is anything other than the best noise on earth, thats fine but I hope you like the taste of the dirt in the cracks of the sole of my combat boot 🇺🇸

  41. DQUACK

    DQUACKDay ago

    best anthem is Tuvan Republic [Like a state] of Russia also before the adoption of this anthem America had no de facto anthem Hail, Columbia and My Country, 'Tis of thee acted as a unofficial anthem

  42. ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDon't bother

    ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDon't botherDay ago


  43. Maria pinkie

    Maria pinkieDay ago

    2:39 literally everyday at school right after the Pledge. Dude I know you're making a great point but we sing it more often than you'd think

  44. dominustin

    dominustinDay ago

    I like Feliciano’s version

  45. Lorenzo Meteori

    Lorenzo MeteoriDay ago

    Mariah Carey Star Spangled Banner is better that Whitney!

  46. A Trapdøør

    A TrapdøørDay ago

    The anthem of Trinidad and Tobago is the best. You should listen to it

  47. RogueHitman71273

    RogueHitman71273Day ago

    The Welsh National Anthem is actually kinda nice

  48. Zac Moore

    Zac MooreDay ago

    Please make a video about Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Bedroom Pop!

  49. Dherick Matthew

    Dherick MatthewDay ago

    I mean... The philippine anthem is the best

  50. wasabisazzdafirst

    wasabisazzdafirstDay ago

    i just want to put this out here since i see quite a few soviet comments. why commecon why you can comme mine?

  51. His Overlord Upon High

    His Overlord Upon HighDay ago

    The whole premise of this video should be out lawyer. The Globalist's want to take down everything American. Do not believe their lies.

  52. Stefano C.

    Stefano C.Day ago

    Another example of America's idiocy

  53. Orgha Roy

    Orgha RoyDay ago

    no anthem beats the Russian anthem and I'm not even Russian

  54. JD Casantusan

    JD CasantusanDay ago

    1 like = 1 send to Fergie

  55. Tabassco Productions

    Tabassco ProductionsDay ago

    i love the us anthem

  56. Pizza Time Fanatic

    Pizza Time FanaticDay ago

    Wow the side wanting to keep the national anthem sucks

  57. Esme Osgood

    Esme OsgoodDay ago

    No one knows the tune, no one knows the words. It’s pretty shoddy!

  58. Alexander

    AlexanderDay ago

    only true american ÜBERMENSCHEN can sing our anthem. it's a test. anyone who can't do it won't be allowed into the final phase.

  59. Deadly

    Deadly2 days ago

    just get good

  60. Jakesto

    Jakesto2 days ago

    Vox you just want to pick on everything american, don't you. You don't even try to be non-biased. You gave someone with an opposing viewpoint the mic for once, but her arguments were horrible, and you knew. The best she could come up with was, "It's fun to laugh at people who fail," and, "It should be a challenge." This is by design, of course, because you don't want to hear opposing viewpoints that you can't counter easily, so I will stand in. To start, I have never had any problem singing it. I even started on the "high" note that you shouldn't start on, and I was still able to sing it. The words are fairly easy to memorize as long as you sing it every so often, but they are certainly no harder than other songs like america the beautiful. It is more complex than just 7-9 notes, which makes it all the more beautiful and original. This doesn't make it much harder to sing, and the accidentals flow naturally. Second, the message is much more than, "We still exist." It is about how persistently we fought for our freedoms and rights. Stop spreading anti-american crap like this. I don't say that because I hate people who bash America, I say it because I believe America's laws, founding principles, and the ways it enforces those are righteous and good. If you disagree, which, of course, you do, I want to see a video that picks apart what is wrong with ANY founding principle or general law with facts and logical arguments. You MUST source ALL of the resources you use and they must be credible. If a credible source has data that conflicts with another credible source, do further research until you find one has either a more credible source agreeing with it or has an overwhelming majority of credible sources. This is basic debate, but doubt you will do any of this, because you have never done so before.

  61. Gui Antonioli

    Gui Antonioli2 days ago

    Well, some of the info the vocal coach gave is wrong, opera singers use CHEST voice and when he tried to replicate the woman singing that was supposed to be chest he used mixed voice. I am a vocal coach as well and I can sing this anthem in two, maybe THREE different octaves. Would you like to do that too? Contact me! Skype lessons all over the globe! =)

  62. Lia

    Lia2 days ago

    Ok hi I’m from Balimore and that’s the only thing we have here

  63. 64Beograd

    64Beograd2 days ago

    At least the Turkmen anthem has a chorus.

  64. Gerrad Reynolds

    Gerrad Reynolds2 days ago

    was expecting a video about how its racist or something but glad to see it was just some cool music theory

  65. EquestrianSisters

    EquestrianSisters2 days ago


  66. josorr

    josorr2 days ago

    The Star Spangled Banner may be a bit difficult for the intellectually challenged, so I can understand why leftists don't like it. But they hate America too, so screw 'em.

  67. Dicky Martin

    Dicky Martin2 days ago

    Indonesian anthem is shitty hard too my throat bursting every morning cause we sing it before class start btw Mariah america beautiful is so great

  68. Inés de Erausquin

    Inés de Erausquin2 days ago

    Oh, come on, it isn't *that* bad. Anybody with a bit of range can handle it; in the original key it sits a bit high, but it's still singable. I actually kind of like the vowel in "land" -- I freely admit I modify the vowel on "free," but higher sopranos than I am do that. Note: Francis Scott Key did NOT write the music --- which was a drinking song, "To Anacreon in Heaven." Imagine a bunch of drunk Brits roaring out the tune and just tearing through the high notes. (Granted, apparently Brits can just sing... witness all those videos from the Last Night of the Proms. But still.) :) Honestly, though, I wish at least one person would... just sing the anthem. High note at the end, sure. But just sing it, as written, in a nice bold 3/4, without all the scoops and slides and changes of time signature. It loses a lot of its swing and power when it's flattened out into a 4/4, which so many singers seem to do now.

  69. Skidodles

    Skidodles2 days ago

    What is the song playing at 7:25?

  70. Brooklyn Hope

    Brooklyn Hope2 days ago


  71. Caleigh Moreland

    Caleigh Moreland2 days ago

    Libs always try to change everything

  72. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell2 days ago

    This. I've always thought our national anthem was terrible. Many other countries are able to have the unifying experience of singing their national anthem in unison. Here, though, we focus all of our attention on the 1 person in the room who is semi-capable of remembering the words and hitting all of the notes. Then, we must provide our opinion (generally negative) of their performance.

  73. ratchet

    ratchet2 days ago

    where I'm from, our national anthem is very religious, yet Catholicism/faith is dying out

  74. ratchet

    ratchet2 days ago

    can you do this about the birthday song?

  75. ZakuIIX

    ZakuIIX2 days ago

    No Colin, you still have to stand

  76. Fire Fox

    Fire Fox2 days ago

    *America intensifies*

  77. Samuel Mensah

    Samuel Mensah2 days ago

    Whitney Houston is so so so so good oh man

  78. Banana Demon

    Banana Demon2 days ago

    Why did my elementary school made us memorize and sing the national anthem every morning?! I would not want to be a kindergarten teacher to a bunch of screeching children struggling to sing.

  79. Cristina Valencia 2.0

    Cristina Valencia 2.02 days ago

    My anthem is great, it's got no words

  80. MeDraNiQ

    MeDraNiQ2 days ago

    i'm not American but this anthem _is_ good

  81. Eksaminus

    Eksaminus2 days ago

    i had an ad of an african guy singing despacito and it was beautfiul

  82. Joe Mauch

    Joe Mauch2 days ago

    A video about The Star Spangled Banner and not even a mention of Jimi Hendrix's world-breaking rendition... okay...

  83. DP 83

    DP 832 days ago

    I think it’s easy.

  84. Christmas Devil6

    Christmas Devil62 days ago

    I have to sing the star spangled banner in chorus and i can see both sides of this argument

  85. JuTus JaxTon LastName

    JuTus JaxTon LastName2 days ago

    Aint nobody free tho😞

  86. Supreme Leader of Springfield

    Supreme Leader of Springfield3 days ago

    Soviet Russian and DDR anthems are far better than the US and A.

  87. boahkeinbockmehr

    boahkeinbockmehr3 days ago

    Besides being hard to sing, it just doesn't sound good and has a too conveluted wording to transport the essence of its nation. Don't get me wrong, my own anthem also has a gruesome unsingable second part, but it is at least an anthemly tune and has a clear message about what we value. As a contrast, the soviets anthem is what i would consider a great anthem.

  88. Peachy Bri

    Peachy Bri3 days ago

    Sis, you really sang the wrong words?? “What so proudly we sailed-“ 🗿🗿🗿 what the hell

  89. Joshua Luper

    Joshua Luper3 days ago

    The National Anthem is not just about the ‘country still exists’, the National Anthem tells of the Battle of Fort McHenry. The rebels and the fort were greatly overpowered, but despite the awful amount of fire from the British ships, the American Flag stood high in the sky. Something like that can’t just be inspiring for me, can it?

  90. Rae Smith

    Rae Smith3 days ago

    I can sing it easily. What is with people? I don't have the best tone, but I can hit every note on pitch. I'm not even good at singing. Not even trying to brag.

  91. George1234

    George12343 days ago

    I feel our anthem needs a lot more story to it. Like look at the story behind the Estonian National anthem Mu isamaa on minu arm!


    BUZZGUNN3 days ago

    why vox dosent like the freedom of america

  93. Amber U

    Amber U3 days ago

    I like to say that if you want to know if someone can sing make them sing the National Anthem, the weed out comes swiftly.... thats why you do not see all “ singers” being asked to sing it !

  94. Anominus 14

    Anominus 143 days ago


  95. josh manning

    josh manning3 days ago

    are you kidding me? yeah let’s change the national anthem after having it for over a century, who cares if it means anything to america or anything... let’s just hope a bunch of bitchy millennials can sing it at any given moment. dislike

  96. Irkz

    Irkz3 days ago

    A new anthem would never catch on.

  97. Chris Shearer

    Chris Shearer3 days ago

    When you want to change the world around you because you don't want to improve.

  98. Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman3 days ago

    AND THAT IS WHY ONLY WHITNEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM IT!!!! Lets reproduce her lovely interpretation of it and make it the official AND ONLY legal to be played anywhere in this world. It gives you freaking goosebumps and makes your proud of being an American even if you're not an American.

  99. 효리한

    효리한3 days ago

    Singing the us national anthem notes isn’t hard for me,but I don’t really know the lyrics cause I don’t listen to it

  100. Queen Unicat

    Queen Unicat3 days ago

    Whose else had an elementary school that made them do the pledge of allegiance, star spangled banner, and the school pledge every morning?

  101. Harleylover14

    Harleylover143 days ago

    No Roseanne? She took a hit for her attempt.

  102. Veronica Panella

    Veronica Panella3 days ago

    I think "America the Beautiful" should be the anthem.

  103. foxymittens

    foxymittens3 days ago

    the only perfect anthem is the Soviet Anthem because it's *OUR* anthem

  104. Robert Facione

    Robert Facione4 days ago

    The anthem SHOULD give you goosebumps! Don't dumb it down. It's a masterpiece. I have no problem singing it including the extended note on free and I'm an amateur. Just know your range, start in a lower key and you'll be fine. Good breath support helps. The notes don't come from the throat but from the diaphragm. Big breath, relax, and just sing. Anyone can do it if you know how to use your natural instrument. Sing it loud! Sing it proud! 'MURICA!!

  105. Danielle Falcón

    Danielle Falcón4 days ago

    Aww i didn’t know José Feliciano sang the national anthem...as a fellow Puertorican that makes me so proud