Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions


  1. Vox

    Vox3 months ago

    Violins aren't the only thing where a high price may not translate into quality. Watch our video on why expensive wine is for suckers: bit.ly/2wBvje9

  2. Adam Schaeffer

    Adam Schaeffer2 months ago

    The wood was also, as far as I heard, much denser and rare by today's standards. That it would have been harvested just about the time the "mini ice age" in Europe was ending, and so some trees' growth had slowed down so much the rings inside were incredibly close together, creating the dense wood Stradivari used and giving his instruments a particular harmonic quality.

  3. Rehdman6444

    Rehdman64443 months ago

    Jack Jammen: That's a really good idea but, a 52-pound violin would be a bear to play.

  4. Bo Kyong Kim

    Bo Kyong Kim3 months ago

    You prefer 'to' something... Not 'over'...

  5. bennemann

    bennemann3 months ago

    @3.141 59 I don't know, maybe because they're worth millions of dollars due to their historical value? That answer is literally at the end of the video...

  6. Ty Cobb

    Ty Cobb3 months ago

    I'm not surprised

  7. zer00rdie

    zer00rdie9 hours ago

    Stradivarius are just myhological, no point ever using one over a new violin.

  8. Eduardo Ota

    Eduardo OtaDay ago

    It's value is priceless. There is no comparison. One truly is an heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation and the others are just modern violins.

  9. kainoamh

    kainoamhDay ago

    1:59 Damn, thought she was going to play Paganini's 5th Caprice there for a second

  10. holy guacamole

    holy guacamole3 days ago

    That cab driver regretted it for the rest of his life....

  11. Iksha Limbu

    Iksha Limbu4 days ago

    I was just searching on google about... never mind...

  12. FaceFuck

    FaceFuck7 days ago

    That cab driver is a saint

  13. Saravannan Balakrishnan

    Saravannan Balakrishnan7 days ago

    Because it's old is what they're trying to say.

  14. Gla ZeD

    Gla ZeD7 days ago

    What bullshit .... says they got experts to play mean while it's just some music teachair at some shitty school. If u can't tell the diff and it's ur profession I think it's time to move on.

  15. Great Mallard

    Great Mallard6 days ago

    Gla ZeD there are so many things wrong with what you just said

  16. Caroline Sturkie

    Caroline Sturkie7 days ago

    I treat my 1000 dollar violin like an actual child I can’t even imagine breathing around a strad

  17. Nix0996

    Nix09968 days ago

    First time I heard of one of these violins was in an episode of White Collar

  18. Gabriel Jolabero

    Gabriel Jolabero8 days ago

    So ur basicly paying 4 millions for a shittier version

  19. Cảnh Nguyễn

    Cảnh Nguyễn8 days ago

    Why do their left fingers have to push & move while playing it?

  20. Earache

    Earache6 days ago

    its called vibrato

  21. Earache

    Earache6 days ago

    its called vibrati

  22. Jonathan Soto

    Jonathan Soto9 days ago

    I'd rather have a linguini

  23. Julius Noah Siebert

    Julius Noah Siebert10 days ago

    When a instrument is older than the united states...

  24. Penrose

    Penrose10 days ago

    Can we take a moment and appreciate the coolest name ever : "Urelli Corelli"???

  25. vivi Schwarz

    vivi Schwarz10 days ago

    Why r american people the only ones that will never ever pronounce a name as it is but make it sound english tho

  26. Thom

    Thom11 days ago

    In American English, you wouldn't be able to tell if it were Stradivarius or Strativarius...

  27. Critical Posts

    Critical Posts11 days ago

    Yes it sounds very silvery... Wtf is that supposed to mean? I'd say hitting a bin with a rotten fish produces a diamondy tone.

  28. jerolvilladolid

    jerolvilladolid12 days ago

    Its like Rolls Royce. Basically paying 100 times the cost of a jeep, but its also really a jeep.

  29. Angela Mei

    Angela Mei12 days ago

    My history teacher's father owns one.

  30. Priesthoodagitator

    Priesthoodagitator12 days ago

    Stradivarius made his violins to be played in bars and other honkey tonk places. He never intended serious musicians to play them.

  31. Glade Fuller

    Glade Fuller12 days ago

    That taxi driver must have been careless.

  32. Raphael Franks

    Raphael Franks12 days ago

    my grandad didn't know he had a Stradivarius and gave it to his neice. it wasn't until she took it to get tuned at a shop once that they were shocked to tell her she had a Stradivarius. I have no clue where he got it from originally, most likely his parents gave it to him. all I got given was his music stand : /

  33. wwbdwwbd

    wwbdwwbd14 days ago

    I'd rather have Chef Boiardi.

  34. Daniel Ramos

    Daniel Ramos14 days ago


  35. wellfuckyoumr

    wellfuckyoumr15 days ago

    A charity auction price means nothing, that’s just rich people being rich people. Also this is just like the current vintage guitar market, it’s hilarious that people will pay more for old stuff that’s worse than new stuff.

  36. monsterluv101

    monsterluv10115 days ago

    People who bash on strads need to realise that not only are these violins (and other strad instruments)are still playable but that they've 1) survived over 300 years 2) have been played by renowned musicians 3) for the age of the instruments most are still in immaculate condition and still playable 4) AND there are so few strad instruments left which makes the top dollars you pay worth it. Its not just the hype or just the sound, but also the history, the prestine conditon, and the rarity of the instruments.

  37. monsterluv101

    monsterluv10115 days ago


  38. Dbadaing

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  39. Debansu Bhadra

    Debansu Bhadra16 days ago

    Soul of Italian

  40. Donutsandorsleep Maps

    Donutsandorsleep Maps18 days ago

    so it's the les paul of violins

  41. nworb yfaol

    nworb yfaol18 days ago

    but was it tuned to 432hz?

  42. Anton EightBall

    Anton EightBall19 days ago

    It’s the history of the instrument

  43. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu19 days ago

    Violin on thumbnail looks like a fake...

  44. malychi truslow

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  45. DDXGaddini

    DDXGaddini20 days ago

    "So, if I were * plays violin * But, you know, if I play something * plays violin * And versus you know, something * plays violin * Because in my daughter's instrument i would have to..." * plays violin* ...WHAT?

  46. apotheos1s

    apotheos1s21 day ago

    Of course they're valuable, they're a goddamn quest item in Fallout 3.

  47. RickJason

    RickJason21 day ago

    A 1959 Gibson Les Paul is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are dealing with an electronic instrument. Electronics don’t get better with time. They degrade. The wood is the same woods as they use now and it’s really unknown how much that effects the sound. If people believe something is better, to them it becomes a reality,

  48. Nora Germain

    Nora Germain22 days ago

    luthierrrr not "luthie-yay" lol. my dad is one.

  49. Malamockq

    Malamockq22 days ago

    Like red wine, no one can tell the difference between cheap and expensive.

  50. Hiago Prata

    Hiago Prata22 days ago

    This is just like modern branding. Nobody buys an Apple product because of its quality, but because it's an APPLE!

  51. Salatiel Jyrus Tumanan

    Salatiel Jyrus Tumanan22 days ago

    Will Strats and Les Pauls still be loved by guitar players like Strads are valued by violinists in the next hundred years? Hope so

  52. Axeli

    Axeli22 days ago

    These violins are like hypebeast clothes for rich and sophisticated people

  53. sahanii

    sahanii22 days ago

    That "study" was not done in a propper way, it was performed in a small environment, and a strad is NOT a close quarter weapon. Do the same study playing from a scene or an amphitheater and the outcome would change drasticly.

  54. Diego Khoo

    Diego Khoo22 days ago

    one question, how do they keep things made out of wood for so long?

  55. The Lonesome Wanderer

    The Lonesome Wanderer23 days ago

    pretty cool, never been a musician myself but this stuffs interesting

  56. Jack Vai

    Jack Vai23 days ago

    same reason picasso s are...human perceptions... the future will look back on us and laugh at our primitive BS

  57. D Zuke

    D Zuke23 days ago

    So strats and strads are pretty similar: they're both string instruments that, while still high quality, get most of their value from their name. Erm, strats are stratocaster guitars for those unfamiliar. Although if you're unfamiliar you likely don't know a lot about the value to quality ratio of stratocaster guitars and thus have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'm not sure why I'm even saying all this.

  58. Clarence Royandoyan

    Clarence Royandoyan24 days ago

    There’s a Stradivarius merch store in a Philippine mall owned by SM. The mall is SM Aura Premier, if anyone was asking.

  59. Douglas Dennis

    Douglas Dennis24 days ago

    Complete utter nonsense. Every niche market will inevitably create a stratified layout of perceived value. Why? Because that is how you command the highest price. Objectively Stradivarius violins are no better than modern day high quality violins. Another thing that annoys me is when people say that Stradivarius made 1100 instruments in his day. He had a shop of people working for him. He didn't make everything himself. That would be impossible. Yes he was a good builder of instruments but he probably also possessed good management skills and that is why he was successful.

  60. David Dalmatian

    David Dalmatian24 days ago

    >lady goes on and on, trying to demonstrate the sound of the strad >me, feeling dumb >science says she doesn't know what she's talking about >me, feeling relieved

  61. shadysheep

    shadysheep26 days ago

    why would anyone spend millions fors some lil guitar with a stick

  62. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate Reductionist26 days ago

    Because musicians are overpaid idiots. That's why.

  63. Andrew Cai

    Andrew Cai27 days ago

    The wine video.

  64. smwavnxc

    smwavnxc28 days ago

    I mean, I've never played it myself, so I'm not sure about the special sound quality or something, but it has a lot of history in it and was also played by famous musicians in each century and generations, and it's also quite surprising that it's not just in a museum somewhere or just being collected but because it is still being played and is usable 300 years after the creation of it.

  65. Lai You

    Lai You28 days ago

    Paganini:give me g I give u world

  66. EroticFrankfurt

    EroticFrankfurt28 days ago


  67. Tiffany Wong

    Tiffany Wong28 days ago

    What song was she playing?

  68. Nathasakorn somchit

    Nathasakorn somchitMonth ago

    A multi-million placebo!!!!

  69. RK831

    RK831Month ago

    I saw a video where some top experts listened to three violins: a Strad, a cheapo and a Fustier. They picked the Fustier!

  70. federico saviano

    federico savianoMonth ago

    Cough cough *WOLF TONE*

  71. why

    whyMonth ago

    1:34 whats the song/piece name?

  72. Pablo123456x

    Pablo123456xMonth ago

    It's "literally" a violin. Figuratively it might be a link to the past.

  73. Vladimir Lopez

    Vladimir LopezMonth ago

    The true value of the Stradivarius is wrapped in hype from auction houses and high end dealers driving up the prices.

  74. Jester King

    Jester KingMonth ago

    Violinists love strads, guitarists love strats.

  75. milkeu bars

    milkeu barsMonth ago

    2:59 omg of all the things I noticed, why does it have to be the hands...

  76. Kai-Xuan Yao

    Kai-Xuan YaoMonth ago

    2:12 holy that's what my violin sounds like right there!

  77. Oreo KitKat

    Oreo KitKatMonth ago

    I'm in England and my school had more than 15 strads.

  78. JK JK

    JK JKMonth ago

    As a musician and former athlete, I understand how particular high quality instruments or pieces of equipment have subtle differences which simply makes them better for skilled players who use them. And its hard to explain these differences to everyday people. With that being said, 18 mil for a damn violin is ridiculous.

  79. Šarūnas

    ŠarūnasMonth ago

    people have a hard time grasping the concept of a brand. Stradivarius is one of the more prominent examples

  80. Around Reality

    Around RealityMonth ago

    Stradivarius violin more like Bach Stradivarius okay not funny but you dont need a violin that expensive you’ll be fine with Yamaha I

  81. amal zuhair

    amal zuhairMonth ago

    Two hundred years in the future they will display iPhones as primitive technology and dank memes as art of our generation in museums. Way to go everyone.


    JMion VIOLINISTMonth ago

    i cried, when she play

  83. Dino Spumoni

    Dino SpumoniMonth ago

    2:27 It's "LOO-tee-er" not "LOO-thee-ay".

  84. Ling Lings’s Little violin gang

    Ling Lings’s Little violin gangMonth ago

    I know the real reason why See more

  85. TakeMe ToSpace

    TakeMe ToSpaceMonth ago

    This is the violine.... The souns that always gives me goosebumps

  86. Dave Cullins

    Dave CullinsMonth ago

    In short: It's placebo.

  87. Akid Abdullah

    Akid AbdullahMonth ago


  88. Victor Agata

    Victor AgataMonth ago

    Sounds like the fine art market to me.

  89. sara manzur

    sara manzurMonth ago

    pongan subitutlos en español porfavor ta tremenda la info pero no se entiende nada a veces

  90. Mo Money

    Mo MoneyMonth ago

    They're the 🍷 snobes of the 🎶 world.

  91. satellite964

    satellite964Month ago

    Like that lady said, even a Strad can sound like a kids practice violin is played like one. There needs to be a long term study.

  92. jdvillao

    jdvillaoMonth ago

    What is the name of the asian artist @4:00 ? I have seen her in another video

  93. SuperPussyFinger

    SuperPussyFinger2 months ago

    People blindly fall for the hyperbolic mystique associate with this "special" violin. It’s all in their heads.

  94. njuta

    njuta2 months ago

    Really cool video. I think that it's kind of like the first editions of classic books, the story is the same, the ending is the same... but there's something very special with older items that have their own unique history.

  95. Alex Swiatkiwsky

    Alex Swiatkiwsky2 months ago

    Sounds pretty shitty tbh. I can make better sounds when I play the spoons at the bar.

  96. Johnnie Wei

    Johnnie Wei2 months ago

    In the last minute part, its great that the double-blind test shows elite musician can not tell the difference. It means Strad is just a piece of antique, people are focusing the history and reputation than its function;

  97. Der Alte

    Der Alte2 months ago

    The superiority can be true for trained ears. Well, at least it's not a "modern art" pretentious thing.

  98. Wesson Colt

    Wesson Colt2 months ago

    Can you do one on the Selmer Mark VI? I feel that’s the saxophone equivalent to a Stradivarius string instrument

  99. Emmett 251

    Emmett 2512 months ago

    What piece was she playing

  100. Portraitz

    Portraitz2 months ago


  101. Vito C

    Vito C2 months ago

    1:53 - I thought she was gonna test its durability by smashing it on the floor

  102. Nick Hutchins

    Nick Hutchins2 months ago


  103. In it for the long haul long haul

    In it for the long haul long haul2 months ago

    I got the answer to your question,

  104. Matthew Yee

    Matthew Yee2 months ago

    Pateks don't keep time any better than Seikos. But it's about the history and the craftsmanship that it took to make the piece. It's artistic as much as it is functional.

  105. Justin Marcellus

    Justin Marcellus2 months ago

    A Luthier isn't just a violin maker. They make stringed instruments that have a neck and a soundbox. Come on Vox.

  106. voilaviolamh

    voilaviolamh2 months ago

    The names associated with violins, violas, cellos, and basses impact the price just as much as "quality", and it impacts the way you perceive its sound and playability. After a certain point in level of quality, the quality of the make of a particular violin becomes utterly subjective just like it does once you get to a certain level of musicianship. You can't say, "well, this one is better than that one" or "he plays better than this other player." It just becomes different, not better or worse. That along with the names coming along with a fiddle makes shopping for an instrument difficult, which is why it's better to establish your a price range and just try instruments out without knowing if this one is a few thousand/hundred more or less, who played it before, the maker, etc. Even just the way it looks can affect your decision. So it's best to go off sound alone as much as possible.

  107. That Niga Across The Street

    That Niga Across The Street2 months ago

    "It's all in the mind"

  108. Tristan

    Tristan2 months ago

    A Strad? I'd rather have a Strat

  109. Jason Baskerville

    Jason Baskerville2 months ago

    It's hard for me to believe with the technology that we have we couldn't recreate something that is just as good or better.