Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


  1. Dick Dastardly

    Dick Dastardly17 hours ago

    OK seeing how no one else is going to state the obvious I will, this guy throws worse than a little girl and his batting isn't any better. Actually he has absolutely NO baseball mechanics whatsoever and his up there trying to convince people that because HE can't do something no one else will either. At 6:20 when he squatted down on that 80 mph "Fastball" I thought for sure he was going to Tinkle. I want to apologize to all the little girls and women out there for comparing this pathetic excuse of man to you, it wasn't meant to be derogatory. I have been humiliated by girl/women's fast pitch Softball many times and I've played organized league baseball and softball for 40 plus years.

  2. Luky0805

    Luky08053 days ago

    miles??? uh, I already know that I'lln't understand this video (metric)

  3. Mr.Knight The Detective

    Mr.Knight The Detective4 days ago

    You don't have to look or pay attention for defense precision, you can rely on your reflexes. When I play soccer to defend the goal I rely on reflexes. And the results are much better than paying attention or looking. Well this at least works for me...

  4. kungfuchamps

    kungfuchamps5 days ago

    His was 53 mph? No offense but this is what happens when you go full vegan.

  5. Vickie Moberg

    Vickie Moberg5 days ago

    Same but me Mostly 99 some times101

  6. BGames Studio

    BGames Studio7 days ago

    I got to like 65 or 70 then my shoulder said NOPE

  7. nikolas araiza

    nikolas araiza8 days ago

    But Trevor Bauer threw a ball at 116.9 mph so it’s possible

  8. dReB

    dReB11 days ago

    Im 11 and i probably throw faster than him

  9. Fire in the head

    Fire in the head12 days ago

    fake.. the earth and baseballs are flat. haha sorry been reading this crap everywhere.

  10. peter wyatt middleton.

    peter wyatt middleton.13 days ago

    how much smaller would the ball need to be to go 110 at the current force exerted?

  11. Fizz

    Fizz12 days ago

    peter wyatt middleton. Increasing mass increases kinetic energy, not speed. Making the ball heavier would make the pitch slower.

  12. peter wyatt middleton.

    peter wyatt middleton.12 days ago

    or...... how much heavier would it need to be to go 110 at current size and current force?

  13. Hanif Jones

    Hanif Jones13 days ago

    Chapman. He plays for the yankees. Check him

  14. Tom Visser

    Tom Visser13 days ago

    I wonder how fast I can pitch if I can throw a golf ball 90 metres(295.2756 feet) while standing. That needs a lot of acceleration.

  15. phos phophylite

    phos phophylite14 days ago

    i threw my phone for 10000mph when subaru said i love emilia

  16. John Constantine

    John Constantine14 days ago

    Does anybody know David miller.. He sometimes throws ball so fast that momentum takes the keeper down

  17. Som _ Bull _ Sheep

    Som _ Bull _ Sheep14 days ago

    I can throw my life away in about 137 mph

  18. Uriel Perez

    Uriel Perez14 days ago

    Genes are getting better every generation

  19. Chase Harris

    Chase Harris16 days ago

    What about returning John isners serve

  20. tawonga munyanduri

    tawonga munyanduri16 days ago

    Get some cricket batsman in there I think he'll hit it

  21. Muhammad Azmin Izzuddin

    Muhammad Azmin Izzuddin16 days ago

    I can throw paper at the speed of sound

  22. Matt Mitchell

    Matt Mitchell16 days ago

    12 bowling balls! Holy crap!!!

  23. casey leedham

    casey leedham16 days ago

    how does that not destroy their arms and shoulder??

  24. The Channel26

    The Channel2617 days ago

    I’m twelve an i can throw a baseball at 75 mph

  25. BrokenGod Ent.

    BrokenGod Ent.17 days ago

    Nolan Ryan is the greatest pitcher that has ever lived.

  26. Landon Luebke

    Landon Luebke17 days ago

    i pitch at 54 ft and throw 65 mph that is equivilent to a 96mph mlb fastball

  27. Landon Luebke

    Landon Luebke17 days ago

    aroldis chapman sets the record at 107mph

  28. SpiciestSam17

    SpiciestSam1717 days ago

    i can throw 94 but that isnt aiming

  29. Autumn Buttocovla

    Autumn Buttocovla17 days ago

    What about softball

  30. El someiro

    El someiro17 days ago


  31. Hunk

    Hunk17 days ago

    Why can't cricket playing nations play baseball, it looks so much easier than cricket.

  32. David Goodwin

    David Goodwin18 days ago

    Fastest is a 106 I watched it it was a dodger pitcher

  33. TheBenvelope

    TheBenvelope18 days ago

    I remember little league through highschool levels I batted an 800 by watching the pitching hand, where the ball left the hand and hand position and just adjust for minor differentials

  34. Sam Martin

    Sam Martin18 days ago

    Daft punk can throw harder better faster and stronger than all those pros can

  35. My Dude 367

    My Dude 36718 days ago

    I’m only10 and I can throw faster I’m travel baller

  36. Oliver_B

    Oliver_B18 days ago

    Baseball, golf, and nascar aren’t sports, that’s a fact

  37. Corey Morris

    Corey Morris19 days ago

    6:56 - 7:13 trippy

  38. 7071t6

    7071t619 days ago

    What i have thrown a sponge ball or tennis ball faster then that, over 165 to 170 KM per hour ( at a Museum ball testing place, which had a punching ball to test how much force you generated by hitting the ball, well over 250KG) and a baseball is a lot heaver than that, but throwing it all the time is a totally different matter, but try throwing a cricket ball which is so heavy and dense its not funny, now i have seen cricket balls going way over 100 miles per hour and thats throwing them like they do in the game, not a base ball throw which i have seen the ball going over 200KM per hour to hit the cricket stumps. :)

  39. Devin Hawley

    Devin Hawley19 days ago

    So we jist gonna ignore the fact he knew where the camera was with the oculus on

  40. TheBeastly Champ

    TheBeastly Champ19 days ago

    53mph? That's not even High School that's T-ball pitching right there

  41. Damien J.

    Damien J.19 days ago

    What was the frame rate on that simulation?

  42. SinSeer Love

    SinSeer Love20 days ago

    Learn how you can add 5-10mph to your fastball bit.ly/2Opb9fe

  43. Baby G

    Baby G20 days ago

    This guy never played sports

  44. sapphir8

    sapphir820 days ago

    Clearly. The moment I saw him pitch, I was like man...there is a reach back and he's not really extending. It's like he's just lobbing it. Even the mechanics guy he was talking to was saying he maybe could throw between 70-80 and he only threw 53. Personally, I doubt I'd get to 53 myself, but at least I don't throw like him.

  45. CapAnson12345

    CapAnson1234520 days ago

    The fastest pitcher of all time was almost certainly Steve Dalkowski, an early 60s minor leaguer who was thought to throw about 110. Nolan Ryan later in his career could touch 100 mph. Early in his career looking at video he was NOTICABLY faster. 105-plus and possibly closer to 110. But it's tough to really know for pitchers pre-1980. Feller, Koufax, Walter Johnson, guys like that probably topped out at 95. But usually lived in the low 90s to save on wear and tear. What made Ryan unique was how long and how many innings he could throw at those speeds.

  46. ChaseD

    ChaseD20 days ago

    I’m 11 and I can throw faster than him XD

  47. jdmsavage wotblitz

    jdmsavage wotblitz20 days ago

    I don't throw like that

  48. jdmsavage wotblitz

    jdmsavage wotblitz20 days ago

    I'm 14 years old and I can throw 100mph

  49. The Flying Pig

    The Flying Pig21 day ago

    Sooo why is it impossible? "It's probably not gonna happen"

  50. ITEM

    ITEM21 day ago

    A R E L D I S chapman

  51. Michael Mahoney

    Michael Mahoney22 days ago

    So this is what jon bellion has been doing. Working on this youtube series.

  52. Jayden Miskin

    Jayden Miskin22 days ago

    This guy throws worse than a girl

  53. Natsu the gamer

    Natsu the gamer22 days ago

    73 mph i forgot

  54. Natsu the gamer

    Natsu the gamer22 days ago

    Wow I'm stronger than you my fastball is73

  55. Drk

    Drk22 days ago

    Watching this made my arm hurt

  56. #lol cat

    #lol cat23 days ago

    It should be legal cause if you have that talent use it

  57. John Smith

    John Smith24 days ago

    That's easy: Nobody wants to destroy his arm like an idiot... Ignorants would wonder, those who can understand physics and anatomy know that throwing 110 MPH is destroying your arm.

  58. cellominork

    cellominork24 days ago

    How fast could a pitcher pitch if a pitcher could pitch? If a pitcher could pitch, how fast could a pitcher pitch?

  59. Sam Lee

    Sam Lee24 days ago

    Little league kids can throw faster than this dude, haha not only his throwing motion is wrong, his batting mechanics is wrong.

  60. 1 1

    1 126 days ago

    Yup, same eggheads who said it's impossible to break the 4 minute mile, break Beamon's long jump record, yada yada yada. Somebody will throw beyond 110. Maybe not today, but it'll happen.

  61. Charles Lusk

    Charles Lusk26 days ago

    If you could throw over 110 mph constantly, you will need Tommy John Surgery every other game.

  62. WIO Sports

    WIO Sports26 days ago

    4:38. Dont make a sound...... shooot, shooot, shooot.

  63. Róy `

    Róy `Month ago

    Chuck Norris can throw 1000mph and same time he hit that ball to moon 😁😂

  64. Jackie Treehorn

    Jackie TreehornMonth ago

    Pitching coach was polite with a guy who clearly throws like a girl.

  65. MTX BOMB

    MTX BOMBMonth ago

    I can literally throw faster than him but still liked the vid

  66. a german dude

    a german dudeMonth ago

    haha their using a $50k system istead of a htc vive xD

  67. Jesus Bv

    Jesus BvMonth ago

    Lo han de poner en español

  68. Cade Carter

    Cade CarterMonth ago

    Hole in 1's are probably harder

  69. aaron l

    aaron lMonth ago

    i have been clocked at 115 and i hate baseball

  70. D VS

    D VSMonth ago

    The answer:@5:19 The force required to throw that fast can also rupture arm tendons and ligaments.

  71. Justin Barton

    Justin BartonMonth ago

    Why does the "My mother wouldn't let me play sports as a child" guy do this? I mean, 50 mph is little league and he is a grown man. What kind of dude can't even throw?

  72. ted gapinski

    ted gapinskiMonth ago

    I am a 3 year old female tabby and I can reach 49mph!

  73. Salvador Nobre Veiga

    Salvador Nobre VeigaMonth ago

    Im sure a tennis player could throw pretty fast too. The mechanics of a tennis serve and a pitch are basically the same. I never played baseball and one time, I pitched a baseball and it was clocked 61 MPH... I was 15 at the time. Im now older and much stronger. Im in shape and continued ot play tennis. ID be curious to see what speed i could pitch. Granted when they at 3:50 secs or so in the video talk about his arm not being perpendicular, that was the first thing i noticed. not enough "racquet drop" was we say in tennis.

  74. bLaCjAcK Daniels

    bLaCjAcK DanielsMonth ago

    Does anyone really need to watch this video to know that it's near impossible to throw 110mph? Lol

  75. 世界を制した男

    世界を制した男Month ago


  76. zvczvcvzxcv

    zvczvcvzxcvMonth ago

    Get Tommy John surgery. You can't bulk up ligaments.

  77. John Wayne

    John WayneMonth ago

    Well if you throw with the form of Mohammed here, you're never going to get high velocity (100+mph) and you'll need elbow surgery in a hurry.

  78. Zenyatta

    ZenyattaMonth ago

    I can probably throw it cuz I'm a pro fastball pitcher.

  79. Shane Schaefer

    Shane SchaeferMonth ago

    It doesn't matter if you throw the baseball 200 miles per hour they'll still hit you. You have to have movement on the ball.

  80. Bob Cobb

    Bob CobbMonth ago

    charlie sheen did it after a month of training.. all he needed was some steroids. It can be done.

  81. usmausmma

    usmausmmaMonth ago

    60 feet, 5 inches? Graphics need to be corrected.

  82. ted gapinski

    ted gapinskiMonth ago

    Im not saying Im perfect but you can tell that guy never played baseball. He has absolutly no follow through. And he is griping the ball like it weighs 2 pounds, he has all his fingers wrapped around it, instead two.

  83. g0dbel0w

    g0dbel0wMonth ago

    Dude throws like my sister.

  84. MrJJuK

    MrJJuKMonth ago

    i can't wait to play all sports in VR, will make them way more fun and person friendly :)

  85. Antonelli Baseball

    Antonelli BaseballMonth ago

    Cool stuff!

  86. Josias Pujols

    Josias PujolsMonth ago

    how about you put people who can actually throw and hit

  87. Noah Hornberger

    Noah HornbergerMonth ago

    cave batting system cost $50,000 and does not have anti-aliasing?

  88. Hamza Alderman

    Hamza AldermanMonth ago

    Leading authorities on pitch mechanics says...what?

  89. total23

    total23Month ago

    you throw like a girl

  90. Paras Arya

    Paras AryaMonth ago

    A cricket player can throw even faster than 105MPH

  91. Warren552011

    Warren552011Month ago

    Paras Arya Yeah. Can't bend your elbow past 15 degrees. Just disputing the speed. That's all.

  92. Paras Arya

    Paras AryaMonth ago

    +Warren552011 yeah man I know but in baseball you dont have to throw the ball with a round arm action. The pitcher jerks his hand while we cannot jerk our bowling arm in cricket.

  93. Warren552011

    Warren552011Month ago

    Paras Arya Sorry mate, Aussie cricket fan here. Been watching since the 1960s. Shoahib Akhtar had the record with a bit over 101mph.

  94. Yusuf Jones

    Yusuf JonesMonth ago

    Maybe Tommy Johns would be less common if they stopped playing 160 game seasons... I mean seriously, whats the meaning of that? They should play 80-90 games MAX.

  95. Alexis Gabriel Cedeño Rondon

    Alexis Gabriel Cedeño RondonMonth ago


  96. A Katz

    A KatzMonth ago

    eat some taco bell and you'll smell the batter away

  97. Abhishek Meena

    Abhishek MeenaMonth ago

    Hey in cricket fastest bowling is more than 155kmph so I think its possible to throw more than 110mph

  98. Warren552011

    Warren552011Month ago

    Abhishek Meena Different mechanics involved. Outfielders have good arms though. Aussie cricket team have been using baseball fielding coaches since the '80s/'90s.

  99. OneTime 38

    OneTime 38Month ago

    Non athletes should not be used to prove anything athletic.

  100. Fly at 5280

    Fly at 5280Month ago

    Woulda been a cool video if they didn't ask a guy who threw like a girl to be the host...lol

  101. William Alespiller

    William AlespillerMonth ago

    Man, he throws like a girl ;-)

  102. Tony Iacomi

    Tony IacomiMonth ago

    Some day someone will do it. And in a decade or so we will be saying "Why its almost impossible to throw a 120 mph fastball" And 20 years later that will happen. And so on and so forth.

  103. Tony Iacomi

    Tony IacomiMonth ago

    Who throws the slowest changeup is what I want to know.

  104. proud atheist

    proud atheistMonth ago

    I'm 14 and can throw 64 mph

  105. Susie Que

    Susie QueMonth ago

    Throws like a girl and doesn't know how to hold a bat ... the only difference between him and my sister is the beard and the dress

  106. leerey14

    leerey14Month ago

    This barely actually went into any real detail about whats so impossible about it. Sure it mentioned injury, but nothing else.

  107. leerey14

    leerey144 days ago

    Eh I'll believe it when I see it. Im sure nobody thought over 100 was possible, 100 years ago.

  108. EnjoyCocaColaLight

    EnjoyCocaColaLight5 days ago

    The body has limitations. Throwing a baseball at, say, 122mph would cause instantaneous and possibly irreversible damage to the elbow. Therefore, the limit is <arbitrary number> and it is humanly impossible not break that limit.