Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


  1. Bobby Lemons

    Bobby Lemons10 minutes ago

    His form is horrible

  2. akaredcrossbow

    akaredcrossbow4 hours ago

    I think in 10-15 years it will be 108-109mph and average speed will be 100-104. Batters won’t be able to hit anymore there will be a lot of walks and strikeouts. Baseball will have to change in some way, like the elimination of the mound. If the mound was eliminated the velocity of the ball would drop drastically. Hitters now are having s big issue with hitting 93-97mph and it is showing in the strikeout stats in 2028.

  3. Grizlerber

    Grizlerber13 hours ago

    I have no idea what you're saying I live in Canada we use metric.

  4. Blue Dash

    Blue Dash15 hours ago

    53 miles per hour? An 11 year old can throw that fast

  5. Ford Smith

    Ford Smith17 hours ago

    i'm soryy but i'm in sixth grade and I throw 60 mph

  6. Xul

    Xul22 hours ago

    I know it's an American sport .. but damnit - use the metric system ....

  7. OGgaming FTW

    OGgaming FTWDay ago

    Not everyone has a fastballs kenely jansen

  8. Firstname lastname

    Firstname lastnameDay ago

    Hey, how about that Jordan Hicks new fastball leader!

  9. InternationalE

    InternationalEDay ago

    That's nothing, wild thing would've probably broken that record

  10. Armando Sanchez

    Armando SanchezDay ago

    So the only thing keeping us back is the strength of our elbow ligaments

  11. Mark-It-8-Dude

    Mark-It-8-DudeDay ago

    Dude throw's like a girl

  12. Jacob Casha

    Jacob CashaDay ago

    Emphasis on *ALMOST*

  13. Dynamix

    Dynamix2 days ago

    in 30 years time i bet someone will have got 110

  14. Matthew Dalziel

    Matthew Dalziel2 days ago

    These balls go faster than my car.

  15. cogito ergo sum

    cogito ergo sum2 days ago

    buckled @ 6:19. Dude did you dirty throwing a bp curveball to a newbie

  16. Knaubel

    Knaubel2 days ago

    Please use metric numbers too.. or at least m, m/s and m/s² .. the rest of the world cant imagine Mph, Feet, or Inches (because these are the most stupid kind of measure things)

  17. UHBT Kurama

    UHBT Kurama2 days ago

    btw: 100 mph = ~161 kmh 105 mph = ~169 kmh 110 mph = 177 kmh

  18. Seth Larcomb

    Seth Larcomb2 days ago

    They are throwing wrong. Just saying. Very few know how to throw correctly without hurting their arm. Indians Ironically have 1 pitcher who can do it.

  19. K C

    K C2 days ago

    jigga what? jigga who? with my slow switch my nose they know how the jigga will flow jigga what? jigga who? jigga WHAT jigga WHO????!! 😀😀😀😀

  20. ESFitnessSavage

    ESFitnessSavage2 days ago

    Wow they used a host who throws like a girl off the mound

  21. Hillel Buchsbaum

    Hillel Buchsbaum3 days ago

    I am kinda disappointed that no physics were discussed- I assumed the Reynolds number would be brought up. I guess i was wrong. Does anyone have a guess why?

  22. Konata

    Konata3 days ago

    but can they beat Christopher Robin?

  23. Alejandro

    Alejandro3 days ago

    i was throwing 50-55 in middle school. hmm

  24. Hyde

    Hyde3 days ago

    Uh, Ted Williams never said that hitting a fastball was the hardest thing to do in sports, he said that hitting a baseball was the hardest thing to do in sports. Seems moderately important when you're talking about the fastball over and above other pitches to get that quote right..

  25. soccer gamer05

    soccer gamer053 days ago

    But but.. Cardinals Player with the 105?

  26. Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Ludwig Van Beethoven3 days ago

    The hardest to hit is a ball going 1 mph

  27. Justin Mather

    Justin Mather3 days ago

    Aroldis Chapman is no longer on top. Jordan Hicks for the Cardinals threw two pitches clocked at 105 mph today.

  28. V Varrin

    V Varrin3 days ago

    *You play ball like a girl!*

  29. Joe Marshall

    Joe Marshall3 days ago

    Chapman is 6'4". If a 7 foot pitcher could have the same mechanics as Araldis, he could throw it well over 1110mph....Pdero Martinez adn Ron Guidry were 5'11 and they threw at 95-98.

  30. Antix619

    Antix6193 days ago

    the triple digit fastball is only effective because of the transition to off speed. humans can hit a 120 mph fastball if they know it's coming

  31. Mohd Aradi

    Mohd Aradi3 days ago

    Hitting a 110 is impossible !!!! tell that to Isao Machii . who can hit a faster BB Pellet

  32. NarcissBlue

    NarcissBlue3 days ago

    400ms is hard to react to? 24 frames is a long time in a fighting game.

  33. News Coulomb

    News Coulomb3 days ago

    I had to bat against a pitcher in high school who threw 87 mph fastballs. Even that was ridiculous.

  34. Robert Mills

    Robert Mills3 days ago

    Cuz baseball players are weak. End of video.

  35. Chris Ou

    Chris Ou3 days ago

    wrong, fastest pitch is 106mph.

  36. 8Jallin

    8Jallin4 days ago

    The way he throws I can tell he never played baseball before.

  37. Outrageously Handsome Dashing Rouge

    Outrageously Handsome Dashing Rouge4 days ago

    I threw a fork 213 miles per hour.

  38. ZinoAmare

    ZinoAmare4 days ago

    tbh when I used to bat I used the arm of the pitcher to decide to swing or not I never look at the ball xD

  39. Prch

    Prch4 days ago

    Guessing these batters can’t do AR12 on osu

  40. Maximus The Champion

    Maximus The Champion4 days ago

    Until there comes an athlete with stronger ligaments that can take the force...

  41. JTR

    JTR4 days ago

    8:54 RIP headphone users

  42. The Natundi

    The Natundi4 days ago

    I once got nailed with an 80 mph baseball to the face. It hurt 😂😂

  43. Devin Cupit

    Devin Cupit4 days ago


  44. PrevosHD

    PrevosHD4 days ago

    feet...feet...feet...feet...feet...feet... METERS!

  45. cOoKiE cUtTeR

    cOoKiE cUtTeR4 days ago

    My mom can throw a Chancla faster than the speed of light

  46. No Way

    No Way5 days ago

    Pretty sure I've watched little sister swing aaand throw a ball with better form. Have you actually played a sport before? Lol. I wish there was a block channel option

  47. Cody Price

    Cody Price5 days ago

    this guy looks like he throws like a girl lol

  48. Beemer

    Beemer5 days ago

    I think someone with a genetic difference will be able to do it eventually, but the sport might be dead by then. What it really takes is arm speed and length, which are basically opposites of eachother; the more length you have, the slower your arm will go, and vice versa. You would have to have the perfectly optimal arm to throw at such speeds, but it's not impossible. So I guess this series's name is right, it's _almost_ impossible. The more I think about this perfect ratio of length to arm speed, the more I come to appreciate those who can throw at above 100 mph because that means they are actually genetically built that way. No amount of strength, nor special procedure could allow someone to throw that fast. You have to be born with the golden ratio.

  49. Fabian R.

    Fabian R.5 days ago

    The steroid game really improved between 2008 and 2017

  50. Step Brothers

    Step Brothers5 days ago

    5 12 pound bowling balls? Sooo 60 pounds lol

  51. Nuka

    Nuka5 days ago

    that guy on 2:36

  52. drrsc

    drrsc5 days ago

    why more are pitching fast in recent years: steroids, if you already have the mechanics for it. why the host can't throw for crap: bad mechanics. sorry, you will never throw well, no matter what.

  53. AndrewBrewer917

    AndrewBrewer9175 days ago

    Just pitched today, felt good. Got up as relief, 0 outs, bases loaded, shut down three in a row while throwing some heat.

  54. Anime HuNNter

    Anime HuNNter5 days ago

    There are cricket bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Shaun Tate who threw more than 156 kmph consistently and even 163 kmph.

  55. Carl Hopkinson

    Carl Hopkinson5 days ago

    Genetic engineering to the rescue??

  56. ccrpalex

    ccrpalex5 days ago

    steroid usage went up

  57. wilson blauheuer

    wilson blauheuer5 days ago

    this reporter sucks. he throws almost like a girl.

  58. GunMaster56 Josh

    GunMaster56 Josh5 days ago

    My best is 60km perh in little league

  59. Nick Hutchins

    Nick Hutchins5 days ago

    I played all though high school I was a catcher the highest I could throw was 85

  60. Jacob Brinson

    Jacob Brinson5 days ago

    “5 12 pound bowling balls” checks to make sure he is right

  61. Traveling with Rick

    Traveling with Rick5 days ago

    The hardest pitch to hit was Sandy Koufax's curveball.

  62. Andrew Harding

    Andrew Harding5 days ago

    this is why we need bionics in sports

  63. harvey ang

    harvey ang5 days ago

    This is why America is always at the top of their game 😮 Their technology is on 🔥

  64. Pluto :

    Pluto :6 days ago

    When i was 14 i was throwing 125mph fast balls into the wind, during hurricane season.

  65. ت

    ت6 days ago

    rip arms

  66. Piano Man - Piano Covers

    Piano Man - Piano Covers6 days ago

    0:34 Hitting a fastball is the hardest thing in sports? IDK if that sounds right. What about a hole in one for golf? There's one example just off the top of my head. Or maybe it's to vague to tell what he means by "single most difficult thing to do".

  67. Cole Stern

    Cole Stern6 days ago

    I got 153MPH in Wii Sports

  68. k.v.Narasimha Murthy

    k.v.Narasimha Murthy6 days ago

    dumb game.r

  69. Albert Jimenez

    Albert Jimenez6 days ago

    Why does Robbie Gonzalez look like a great value maluma

  70. Levi C.

    Levi C.6 days ago

    The increase of pitchers throwing 100mph fast balls is a clear indication of PED usage.

  71. Travis_life 10

    Travis_life 106 days ago

    I throw 60 and I just got a no hitter last weekends tournament

  72. Ryan Cannon

    Ryan Cannon6 days ago

    I can almost throw 70 and I am thirteen this guy throws like he is 7

  73. Smites.

    Smites.6 days ago

    Aroldis Chapman: Hold my beer.

  74. Gus Burr

    Gus Burr6 days ago

    I’m ten and my highest pitch is 62 and this guy only through 53

  75. ezzz9

    ezzz96 days ago

    LOL, your slow-mo pitch at 3:30 looks Like a girl where did that ball go? way high. your swing is even more laughable.

  76. David W

    David W7 days ago

    Nobody suspects that the rise in injuries is related to added muscle without the frame to handle it? (steroids?).

  77. David W

    David W7 days ago

    No worries about the guys throwing harder or faster. They're 2 miles an hour above what Nolan Ryan did, most don't match Ryan (even the power guys), and the guys at the plate are similarly enhanced by designer roids that aren't tested for (and if they become tested, another designer roid will be made to evade numbers that change with known roids). Increase pitch speed 5 miles an hour, increase bat speed 5 miles an hour and enhance batters with the confidence that comes along with synthetic testosterone and the batters are a match for anyone who doesn't have movement. Kyle Farnsworth threw high 90s to 100 for the yankees and could never be relied on to get outs, because he had no movement. Movement, location and changing speeds are what differentiate pitchers. Nobody is afraid to strike out and look like an idiot guessing wrong on a pitch, so the idea that a pitcher needs to see and decide is sort of antiquated.

  78. Karl Mohan

    Karl Mohan7 days ago

    fastest tennis serve is 160 mph, i think thats more impressive

  79. morphman86

    morphman867 days ago

    If you explain in metric instead, it will be a lot easier for people to understand the maths behind it. Here you had to explain the maths, because 100 miles per hour over a distance of 55 feet is not something you can calculate that easy in your head, unless you're used to mph to fps calculations. 1600 cm going 160km/h is a lot easier to calculate. 1600cm is 16m. 160km/h is 160 000m/h. 16/160 000 = 0.0001 hour to reach the plate. Multiply by 60 to get minutes instead of hours, which is 0.006. Multiply by 60 again, because 60 seconds in a minute, and you get 0.36 seconds for the ball to reach the plate. Round up and you get 0.4 seconds, or 400ms. Same maths with different units giving same result and no need for calculators or lengthy explanations.

  80. JCatRC

    JCatRC7 days ago

    Joel Zumaya Detroit Tigers (2006-2011) fastball topped out at 104.8 miles per hour.

  81. Peter Freier

    Peter Freier7 days ago

    I bet Steve Dalkowski did it!

  82. Richard Hoepfner

    Richard Hoepfner7 days ago

    You throw like a girl.

  83. Nsosh 1234

    Nsosh 12348 days ago

    The way he swings

  84. Shriram Maiya

    Shriram Maiya8 days ago

    Who else thought that it was 110 KM/Hr.

  85. Maksim

    Maksim8 days ago

    All of the kids saying how fast the trow on the internet lol. This is probly this guys first pitch ever

  86. zsandoval97

    zsandoval978 days ago

    This dude looks like Indian Jon Bellion

  87. Nick Niehaus

    Nick Niehaus8 days ago

    have you pitched before this video?

  88. Jason Brewer

    Jason Brewer8 days ago

    wheres the guy that puts the time at where the title is relevant?

  89. Hottiedonkey

    Hottiedonkey8 days ago

    Pronounced "Tommy John" wrong - that's hard to do. Jackass.

  90. Hottiedonkey

    Hottiedonkey8 days ago

    Pronounced Aroldis wrong.

  91. Hottiedonkey

    Hottiedonkey8 days ago

    Why "almost impossible" is a stupid thing to say. Cause, think.

  92. Hottiedonkey

    Hottiedonkey8 days ago

    "Every pitcher is judged by his fastball." False.

  93. ImDudePRO

    ImDudePRO8 days ago

    is it me or this fool literally Jon Bellion

  94. Roberto Bigoneo

    Roberto Bigoneo9 days ago

    This dude can't throw...his form is horrible.

  95. Yezza

    Yezza8 days ago


  96. Snaps Often

    Snaps Often9 days ago

    Guy has a non existent athletic ability, zero...

  97. John Butler

    John Butler9 days ago

    Tell that to KENNY POWERS

  98. Next G3N Gaming

    Next G3N Gaming10 days ago

    Ok I guess

  99. Dan

    Dan11 days ago

    Remember when throwing 100+ was impossible? Or when running a sub 4 minute mile was impossible?

  100. krmaguire

    krmaguire11 days ago

    That is the worst form I have ever seen

  101. Chad Nelson

    Chad Nelson11 days ago

    Hitting a 100 mph fastball is hard? Try returning a 140 mph tennis serve.