Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


  1. Joe Marshall

    Joe Marshall51 minute ago

    this guy looks like he never threw a ball in his life. The limit thing is always wrong in sports. If you have more really tall guys pitching, there will be more guys throwing 105. A big pitcher with strong arms has bigger and stronger tendons. I remeber when they said the limit was 98, then 100. Now it's 105. we'll see.

  2. Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong18 hours ago

    Lol I throw Mach 3.

  3. Christopher Beatty

    Christopher Beatty19 hours ago

    I dont recall ever seeing someone look athletic, while being opposite of athletic physically. A grown man that cant break 55mph with a baseball, thats sad & scary!....what has happened to the world?

  4. Derek Cavin

    Derek Cavin20 hours ago

    Has the host ever played baseball? He looks like he's never even picked up a baseball.

  5. Jonathan Ferguson

    Jonathan FergusonDay ago

    This halfbreed who throws like a girl isn't the best choice for making a video like this.

  6. Kevin Montresor

    Kevin MontresorDay ago

    I’ve played for 14 yrs, and top out at 81 mph. It takes a natural talent to throw anywhere above like 88. I could probably never get past 84-86 no matter what I did

  7. Gainz R Us Fitness

    Gainz R Us FitnessDay ago

    Anything Thrown over 100mph is Crazy

  8. WhatchootalkinboutWillis?

    WhatchootalkinboutWillis?2 days ago

    Batters at the higher level aren't deciding to swing, they decide not to swing. The swing mechanics start before the pitcher releases the ball.

  9. JohnathAn Lyga

    JohnathAn Lyga2 days ago

    wearing jeans and what kind of shoes for batting? sheesh...

  10. Hoppies Hopkins

    Hoppies Hopkins2 days ago

    Impossible Case Study: Sir Roger Bannister and The Four-Minute Mile? Up until he did it in 1954, the world and doctors thought the four-minute mark was impossible to break. They thought the human body couldn’t physically go that fast - that it would collapse under the pressure. No-one could run a mile in less than four minutes. It was impossible. You were crazy to even try.

  11. Jason Carson

    Jason Carson3 days ago

    When I'm on steroids I break the sound barrier

  12. Digitalbumpin

    Digitalbumpin3 days ago

    You can tell this guy never really played sports or was involved in athletics of any kind. He has that sissy awkward throw dudes have who never went out and played catch when they were young. The problem is he thinks he looks good doing this. It's laughable to watch. Look at him kick his leg up when he is swinging like he is some pro but when he swings you see the sissy girl mechanics again. Give me a break with this. LEARN TO THROW LIKE A MAN BEFORE MAKING A VIDEO LIKE THIS.

  13. Dan Lyons

    Dan Lyons2 days ago

    Digitalbumpin It was fun to laugh at.

  14. Crittek

    Crittek4 days ago

    As a gamer with an average 170MS reaction time (including input, monitor and other uncontrollable delays) I feel that I can answer the question if seeing the ball or "keeping your eye on the ball is necessary. When you react this quickly my brain is able to interpolate ahead of time. When I click a moving target at this speed I'm not even looking after the initial moment it's all in my head. I know this isn't directly comparable but I do have a history in many sports through middle and high school and I think it's close enough.

  15. GreenTools NYC

    GreenTools NYC4 days ago

    Mira ete palomo dique queriendo pitchar lol

  16. Baseball God

    Baseball God4 days ago

    Chapman has thrown 107 mph

  17. Saidakine

    Saidakine4 days ago

    Nolan Ryan held the record that Chapman broke for many years. Some say that Ryan in his early years was actually throwing between 105 to 110 mph

  18. J C

    J C5 days ago

    Has this dude ever thrown a baseball? Lol

  19. Marco Deo

    Marco Deo5 days ago

    A fastball is not the hardest thing to do in sports. Ted Williams couldn't be more wrong. I have hit many fastballs including 100 MPH. Here are a few things harder to do Ted: I never scored a hockey goal, kicked a field goal in foot ball, scored a soccer goal. Ran a 5 minute mile. Ran a 4.4 40 yrd dash. Ran a 10 second 100 yd dash. Ride a unicycle. Won a boxing match. Wrestled. UFC match. Hit a homer.

  20. Marco Deo

    Marco Deo2 days ago

    Played street hockey a little, but no

  21. WhatchootalkinboutWillis?

    WhatchootalkinboutWillis?2 days ago

    Do you even play hockey, football, soccer?

  22. Kirk Radeck

    Kirk Radeck5 days ago

    I wonder what the max speed is for throwing an NFL football? Josh Allen is around 62 MPH which is one of the highest in the league. I’ve hardly ever thrown a baseball but I believe the mechanics are really different, and obviously a football is much heavier.

  23. Alex Fry

    Alex Fry5 days ago

    I thrown 61mph but avg 56mph. And I’m only 11

  24. Roberto Martinez De Leon

    Roberto Martinez De Leon5 days ago

    We ain’t s#@#% in the bigger scheme of things

  25. paysonfox88

    paysonfox886 days ago

    They got one thing right, height as it relates to speed isn't everything. Also finger and hand size isn't everything. Example of this Pedro Martinez was a little short guy with long fingers and big hands who threw over a hundred miles an hour in his prime. Nolan Ryan was slightly above average height and about six foot two and had short fingers but through 108 estimated in his prime with the Mets. For the height argument there is no argument. Pedro Martinez threw a hundred and so did Randy Johnson. Randy Johnson was 7 foot tall Pedro was five foot nine.

  26. Howard Ford

    Howard Ford6 days ago

    I regularly threw 90-95 in high school......and a couple of years at JUCO. Today my arm is completely wrecked. Permanent nerve damage in my elbow and shoulder.

  27. dompolblanka

    dompolblanka6 days ago

    Why does he throw like he's 2?

  28. Brendan Quan

    Brendan Quan6 days ago

    He looks like JaVale McGee

  29. Ethan Kincaid

    Ethan Kincaid6 days ago

    I'm 14 and I'm almost throwing in the 70s

  30. BigSnipp

    BigSnipp6 days ago

    Robbie, I am a fan of you after watching your juggling video. So I can say with a kind heart, you throw like a girl.

  31. Swiss Cheese

    Swiss Cheese7 days ago

    "so, why do they keep throwing that fast? because they get paid millions of dollars a year

  32. Juan Pablo Salazar-Ortiz

    Juan Pablo Salazar-Ortiz7 days ago

    Is it good im throwing 82 at 11 years old

  33. WhatchootalkinboutWillis?

    WhatchootalkinboutWillis?2 days ago

    Your fake birth certificate says 11, but you are really 18.

  34. BattleCorgi TV

    BattleCorgi TV8 days ago

    The Indian version of Martin Freeman???

  35. V Brown

    V Brown8 days ago

    Host's throw sucks ! Throwing like a girl !

  36. Logan M

    Logan M8 days ago

    I bet u Aroldis Chapman threw 110 mph in practice

  37. Bun Dazy

    Bun Dazy8 days ago

    All we need is Chapman On steroids

  38. justafanintexas

    justafanintexas8 days ago

    My son was a very promising pitcher 10 years ago until a drunk driver killed him. My son consistently threw over 100 mph. His fastest pitch, on the gun, was 111.2 mph. So it isn't impossible.

  39. justafanintexas

    justafanintexas3 days ago

    Alternative Redneck - Did your parents have any children that lived? You haven't got enough money to wager, fella.

  40. Alternative Redneck

    Alternative Redneck4 days ago

    justafanintexas that's a false statement he didn't throw that fast why are you lying?

  41. Landen Games???

    Landen Games???8 days ago

    Nolan Ryan actually threw the fastest ever at 108.5 mph

  42. Raj Upadhyaya

    Raj Upadhyaya9 days ago

    I just play fast balls before they’re at me

  43. IceWallowCome

    IceWallowCome9 days ago

    Y’all sleeping on jordan hicks

  44. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper9 days ago

    Couldn't a simulator actually improve player skill beyond what normally could be achieved?


    THEBIGMAN9 days ago

    5:27 They suck at batting

  46. Kanti123

    Kanti1239 days ago

    my shoulder hurt seeing them throwing at such a high speed

  47. A Celery

    A Celery9 days ago

    I can do this in Wii Sports

  48. Jermaine Petit

    Jermaine Petit10 days ago

    Baseball is lame


    SSTWELVE2 days ago

    Apparently interesting enough to make you click the video.

  50. Alternative Redneck

    Alternative Redneck4 days ago

    Jermaine Petit Only to the mentally challenged like yourself.

  51. David James

    David James10 days ago

    Where is this speed measured at? When it leaves the pitchers hand or when it crosses the plate?

  52. TheSturmgeist 92

    TheSturmgeist 9210 days ago

    I bet Gabe Kapler has one of those in his basement

  53. Marty Harold

    Marty Harold10 days ago

    Tyler Hicks hit 105 MPH three times in the same inning I believe.

  54. dubnessIII

    dubnessIII11 days ago

    Maybe next time they will send an interviewer who has actually played baseball at least once in their life. He could strike himself out with that horrible swing

  55. Cameron Snyder

    Cameron Snyder11 days ago

    Dear Wired, 106 MPH was achieved by Chapman, the pitcher for the Reds in 2014.

  56. Thomas Stanton

    Thomas Stanton11 days ago

    this guy has never even thrown a baseball, look at his form. it's so pathetic

  57. Sam Hall

    Sam Hall11 days ago

    How do they throw that fast? Because they are juiced to the gills

  58. Edgar González Casasola

    Edgar González Casasola11 days ago

    I actually think a pitcher that has a brilliant curveball and changeup, or slider, can be better than pitchers with the best fastballs. Breaking balls are what makes Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer that good

  59. Om Hira

    Om Hira12 days ago

    Nolan Ryan had technically thrown 116mph if you changed the way you measure it to the way that they measure it now

  60. Analytics Andrew

    Analytics Andrew12 days ago

    Dude has a garbage swing

  61. Michael

    Michael12 days ago

    Comparing Bob Fellers (a starter) to Chapman (a closer) isn't fair. Much easier to throw hard as a closer when you know you only have to get 3 outs, and not 27. Plus, Feller left baseball and spent 3 or4 years in the military, then came back and was still an all-star. That is amazing!!!! The players of yester year were so much superior to today's players. Nowadays, a pitcher has a sore leg and he is on the DL for 2 months. Back then, guys fought in WW2 and then came back and pitched a full game.

  62. Omar Jamal

    Omar Jamal13 days ago

    anticipation is what great hitters do.

  63. elevate111

    elevate11113 days ago

    Hold my beer

  64. Devon Maihi

    Devon Maihi13 days ago

    Hitting a softball is harder because it's trajectory is an underarm and can rise higher

  65. peter zebot

    peter zebot14 days ago

    A university studying something completely useless for society because MLB gave them money for research. If only american schools could not waste research time on this nonsense you would be great again....maybe.

  66. These Hands

    These Hands14 days ago

    What if I crowhop

  67. Ethan Hammer

    Ethan Hammer15 days ago

    I throw 94

  68. Savage Panda

    Savage Panda15 days ago


  69. beruckoo

    beruckoo16 days ago

    in cricket the fastest ball bowled at 162.5 km per hour ...which is over 100 miles per hour..but the distance between bowler and batter is 24feet..with swing and unpredictable bounce sometimes....

  70. Da_Fonz

    Da_Fonz16 days ago

    I KNEW as soon as I saw his mechanics, he was only throwing around 50 to 60.

  71. Ryan Games

    Ryan Games16 days ago

    Am I the only person who thinks mounds at every age and leave should be moved back a few feet?

  72. Michael Gullo

    Michael Gullo17 days ago

    Isn’t it 107 now ?

  73. Doge Life

    Doge Life17 days ago

    He tied the record

  74. Doge Life

    Doge Life17 days ago

    Jordan hicks of the cardnials throws 102 mph

  75. Wyatt Graham

    Wyatt Graham17 days ago

    53... lmao

  76. Wyatt Graham

    Wyatt Graham17 days ago

    Lmao are you serious. It's a hundred ten miles an hour, that's all the explanation you need

  77. alex tworkowski

    alex tworkowski17 days ago

    What a crock. Normal reaction times are a quarter of a second or 250 milliseconds. I noticed that the catcher has no trouble catching such speedy pitches. He knows where they're intended to go, but his success rate is very high even when pitches are not perfect. All this fuss about impossible feats. Grow a spine. And the ligaments are gonna break? Harden them up and stop complaining. How fast can a gorilla pitch a ball? Now you're on to something. Train a gorilla to fire a 500 mph fastball and give him a banana every time he does it. Give him 2 if he can hit mach 1. Now that's a plan. And gorillas have a different pay scale.

  78. Ali Kay

    Ali Kay17 days ago

    Is it me or did this video not really answer the question “why it’s impossible to throw or hit a 110mph fastball”?

  79. Tsukuyomi27

    Tsukuyomi2717 days ago

    How does this dude not know how to throw a ball. That was embarrassing.

  80. lite daya7

    lite daya717 days ago

    2:11 Tracy Chapman’s nephew.

  81. lite daya7

    lite daya717 days ago

    Goro can pitch it

  82. Sam Ghantous

    Sam Ghantous18 days ago

    isn't baseball really just two guys trying to play catch and some douche with a stick is trying to stop them

  83. Snø

    Snø18 days ago

    Rafa nadals diagnal spin forhand that goes out and back into the court


    PMPMPMPM18 days ago

    Hitting a twister in MMA is harder than hitting a fastball.

  85. Derrick Max

    Derrick Max18 days ago

    Nolan Ryan threw 110

  86. Proclaimed

    Proclaimed19 days ago

    I throw a 218 mph offspeed what are you talking about

  87. Meezala Mazala {Humanoid Form of the universes}

    Meezala Mazala {Humanoid Form of the universes}19 days ago

    There was a dude who chipped a air soft dart in mid air with a katana.

  88. TacticusPrime

    TacticusPrime19 days ago

    Until bioengineering ups the strength and durability of ligaments.

  89. bruzote

    bruzote19 days ago

    I once threw a ball at over 500 mph! The flight attendant snapped at me to stop the horseplay. :-b

  90. hawkman2111

    hawkman211120 days ago

    Jordon Hicks for the cardinals is getting real close mreporter.net/v/video--Z0rhiIv2vw.html

  91. Hoody

    Hoody20 days ago

    Why this guy look like Jon Bellion?

  92. oGsluXon

    oGsluXon21 day ago

    this reporter is a disgrace to all black people. i threw 53 mph in 4th grade wtf is he doing.

  93. Duke00x

    Duke00x21 day ago

    I am betting a lot of them (batters) started swinging as the ball is leaving the pitchers fingers. This would give them more time and if they don't think they can hit it they can not follow through with the swing.

  94. jhue rivas

    jhue rivas22 days ago

    I threw pingpong ball at 70 mph

  95. Obvioustroller

    Obvioustroller22 days ago

    Chuck scores homeruns with his fists.

  96. Aubrey Jean-Louis

    Aubrey Jean-Louis23 days ago

    Airoldis chapman

  97. loanshark lacrosse

    loanshark lacrosse23 days ago

    Nolan ryan threw 108 dont @ me

  98. Mason Henderson

    Mason Henderson23 days ago

    He has really bad form

  99. Lod dude

    Lod dude24 days ago

    Funny how cricket always slows to below optimum levels when it mutates. I blame the Mayflower, too cramped.

  100. danielgr86

    danielgr8624 days ago

    So he says, "the expert", there is no physiological impedance, and then he says, we will never throw a 100mph ball. Why?

  101. Magic of Y

    Magic of Y24 days ago

    love this series :)

  102. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson24 days ago

    Your trash at baseball

  103. Brayden Kirev

    Brayden Kirev24 days ago

    He’s a grown man throwing 53mph I’m a catcher and the fastest throwing pitcher a top speed of 79mph I’m 14and he is15

  104. rags15061

    rags1506125 days ago

    You play ball like a girl

  105. jon jhon

    jon jhon25 days ago

    Uncle Rico can throw a football 120 MPH over the mountains. This video is a lie!

  106. speakermanx

    speakermanx25 days ago

    This guy sucks

  107. Who Cares

    Who Cares26 days ago

    *sees title* HoLd My BeEr

  108. Jay Mistry

    Jay Mistry26 days ago

    certain all cricket pace bowlers can throw 100mph plus with a round arm; they bowl 80-90mph with a straight arm


    SSTWELVE2 days ago

    You honestly think cricket players who havent played baseball at all can throw harder than the baseball players who have trained their whole life to throw baseballs? Dont you think we have figured out how to best train our athletes? Cricket players are good at their sport but its different, expecting them to just transition to baseball is beyond stupid.