Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


  1. SwampertandAggron

    SwampertandAggron12 hours ago

    I am pretty sure Ted Williams said that about the slider, not the fastball.

  2. Erix Babiera

    Erix Babiera15 hours ago

    Just because they can't do it doesn't mean we cant u even have no scientific explanation why it is u pricks

  3. Louis Irvine

    Louis IrvineDay ago

    "Is there something different about them physiologically?" "That's one of the cool things about Baseball, the answer is no" *literally 0.1 seconds later* "They tend to be tall" So the answer is yes then...

  4. Hayden Fairchild

    Hayden Fairchild2 days ago

    Good thing it’s almost Bc forest whitney threw a 110 mph fastball on a pull down and Trevor Bauer threw 116 mph fastball on a pull down

  5. vcostor

    vcostor2 days ago

    Those computer simulations look like they were made back in the 90s.

  6. taladuga picpwaspwat

    taladuga picpwaspwat4 days ago

    110 mph?? how many bananas per second is that?

  7. Andrew Burns

    Andrew Burns6 days ago

    So it’s still possible what was the point of this exactly to prove a person could possibly throw 110mph 😲

  8. Michael G

    Michael G6 days ago

    So, you’ve done 110mph fastball. What about 125mph or 130mph exit velocity? Stanton has hit 121+. How much faster can we get? Get that 110mph pitch vs Giancarlo?

  9. Craig Rutledge

    Craig Rutledge7 days ago

    The host throws like a girl (with a rotator cuff injury and a neurological disorder)

  10. jeremy stewert

    jeremy stewert17 days ago

    Babe Ruth was an outstanding pitcher. His first two years in pro baseball he pitched and barely ever went to bat. Hank Arron went to bat about 2000 more times than Ruth.

  11. Tyler Cunningham

    Tyler Cunningham18 days ago

    A, Chapman might actually can if he only works on his velocity

  12. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    BariumCobaltNitrog3n18 days ago

    nothing is impossibru

  13. P S

    P S19 days ago

    someone jerks off at 110mph

  14. Matthew Lamb

    Matthew Lamb19 days ago

    Nothings impossible

  15. sparda dante

    sparda dante21 day ago

    Now try thorwing a ball at 100mph but without bending your elbow............and facing that ball on a 22yard pitch .........

  16. Jesse Smithson

    Jesse Smithson23 days ago

    Throws like a girl

  17. Tetra Digm

    Tetra Digm26 days ago

    thanks to my prosthetic arm, i can pitch well over 175MPH. MLB wont take me though cuz they cant handle the competition.

  18. Fast Internet

    Fast Internet28 days ago

    No more pictures.. Only machines... 125mph

  19. mh19926

    mh19926Month ago

    Baseball is the shities sport ever.

  20. Daniel Hooper

    Daniel HooperMonth ago

    Forrest Whitley did it he's an Astros starting pitcher prospect

  21. BAli Baba BABA

    BAli Baba BABAMonth ago

    Just contact shoaib akhtar,bret lee to bowl fast..... actually very fast

  22. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir SekhonMonth ago

    Is it that much harder to hit a fast ball than it is to catch a fast ball?

  23. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir SekhonMonth ago

    +Ł Catalyst That presumes that the pitcher can throw the pitch at the speed and direction he wants to everytime. I'm just trying to give the catcher a bit more credit than they normally get. But the fact that the umpire wears padding and face mask suggests that they do not trust the catcher 100%.

  24. Ł Catalyst

    Ł CatalystMonth ago

    Sukhbir Sekhon yes cause the catcher knows what you’re throw is if you practice it

  25. G - idle x TWICE

    G - idle x TWICEMonth ago

    My mom is faster than chapman

  26. Johnny .Bravo

    Johnny .BravoMonth ago

    This just isn't true because were talking about in the future and as we continue to evolve we won't be who we are today. Back in the fifties they said no one will ever throw 100. They'll be a day in the future when a pitcher will throw 120 mph and that again one day will also be broken through evolution.

  27. Stan Smith

    Stan SmithMonth ago

    Roldy Chapnuts throws the bean 138mph’s

  28. TechNick

    TechNickMonth ago

    Impossible? Nah son wait til I get my bionic arm. Ill be able to throw a fastball at 111mph and simultaneously give the middle finger.

  29. martino amello

    martino amelloMonth ago

    Amazing thing happens when you're trying to hit a really fast fastball. The ball appears much bigger than it really is. It's a trick your brain plays on your eyes. I always got scared by a 80-90+ pitch even when it wasn't coming at me. When it did come at me I couldn't duck out of the way fast enough.

  30. MsUncleKevin

    MsUncleKevinMonth ago

    My fastest fastball was over 240 mph but i havent yet notifyed guinness..

  31. satyakrishna

    satyakrishnaMonth ago

    Please make a video about the mechanics of bowling in cricket, and if there is any human limit to bowling the fastest ball.

  32. Im A Fanboy

    Im A FanboyMonth ago

    53 mph is my masturbation rate

  33. metalheadmnw

    metalheadmnwMonth ago

    Yo check out Michael Kopech of the white Sox. Hes hit 110 in workouts. Never in a game. But he's done it.

  34. ITILII

    ITILIIMonth ago

    The greatest pitchers of all time, AL-Walter Johnson and NL-Christy Mathewson threw as hard as these VASTLY overpaid, over pampered pitchers who donn't know what a complete game is; Johnson and Mathewson threw OVER 30 complete games in a season 7 times, Mathewson over 300 innings in 11 seasons, Johnson in 9......the all time greats played YEARS ago, no one will ever be anywhere near the equal of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson......and they didn't pull a hamstring running to first or have rotator cuff and Tommy John surgeries.......baseball now is a BUSINESS, not a sport

  35. Dizy Tizy

    Dizy TizyMonth ago

    This is the perception in cricket. You have bowlers maxing the pace out of the ball. The truth is that batsmen today are selected because they play the fast ball so well. In fact they play a ball at pace better than any other ball. Yet the bowlers keep bring more and more speed thinking they are some how going to get through. The reality is that the batsmen end up scoring off every fast ball and win. I wonder if this is the same stupidity which happens in base ball. Its not the speed, its the variation of speed.

  36. John Rambo

    John RamboMonth ago

    Nolan Ryan is said to have been able to throw 111mph

  37. Robin

    RobinMonth ago

    Sorry man. What are you going to show me when you can't even throw.

  38. Boy Zao

    Boy ZaoMonth ago

    what's that someone just threw a 110mph fastball

  39. Nicholas Macdonald

    Nicholas MacdonaldMonth ago

    Those graphics look hilariously out of date.

  40. G Marru4

    G Marru4Month ago

    I once threw a wiffle ball at 105mph

  41. Fehler37

    Fehler37Month ago

    50k and they couldn't program a better graphic? pathetic...

  42. jonathan yang

    jonathan yangMonth ago

    Lol my 11 pitcher on my team throws 61

  43. T1Oracle

    T1OracleMonth ago

    Could the batters be making that decision based on the movement of the pitcher, instead of the actual flight of the ball?

  44. Steve McMillan

    Steve McMillanMonth ago

    I think a 900 series in bowling is harder

  45. Mr Logical

    Mr LogicalMonth ago

    Bro you throw like I imagine *PARIS HILTON OR THE OLSEN TWINS would throw.*

  46. Kennyaa 6000

    Kennyaa 6000Month ago

    I be throwing 50 or 30 mph

  47. uselessjoe

    uselessjoeMonth ago

    there's no explanation why Nolan Ryan played a billion years and had millions of strikeouts... except that he stayed in shape year round...even during a game he would go in the locker room and pedal on the stationary bike..

  48. Teresa hikes

    Teresa hikesMonth ago

    you gonna tear up your arm doing that

  49. Michael Graham

    Michael GrahamMonth ago

    Exactly. Look at Greg Maddox. Not an overpowering fastball. He's won more games than any modern day picture. Striking out hitters takes at least 3 pitches. This rarely happens. Isn't a 1 pitch groundball out better than a strikeout? The less pitches you throw the better in my opinion.

  50. Kristoff Adriano

    Kristoff AdrianoMonth ago

    *_Ez_* *_Throw it in a tornado_*

  51. Maka Subritzky

    Maka SubritzkyMonth ago

    Teenage girl can throw 110mph somewhere in your country guys

  52. Ankit Singh

    Ankit SinghMonth ago

    One word, cricket!!

  53. Joey Estridge

    Joey EstridgeMonth ago

    Didnt explain why its impossible.....

  54. Aaron Walton

    Aaron WaltonMonth ago

    i know mark jupina lol

  55. William H

    William HMonth ago

    Didn’t Kopech throw 112 mph off of a crow hop

  56. Cristian Jaramillo

    Cristian JaramilloMonth ago

    Fastest pitch was 106

  57. eskimolord

    eskimolordMonth ago

    why does glenn lowkey look like nick cage

  58. Anthony

    AnthonyMonth ago

    I mean it is the MLB and steroids are legal, the upper limit is going to be a slight bit higher than for normal humans.

  59. Colin Bird

    Colin BirdMonth ago

    Good thing he throws softball speeds

  60. Kzee

    KzeeMonth ago


  61. Miss Fox

    Miss FoxMonth ago

    What if we give them a foam bat in the pitching simulator

  62. TrVp Tino

    TrVp TinoMonth ago


  63. kaosbrot

    kaosbrot2 months ago

    0:52 you can always draw a line through two datapoints. ez data analysis.

  64. Sunny Gogna

    Sunny Gogna2 months ago

    Brett Lee, Shaun Tait, Shoaib Akhtar literally bowled the 100mph ball and its nerve-racking.

  65. Terpene Torpedo

    Terpene Torpedo2 months ago

    Ted Williams is absolutely correct

  66. Pegleg Noid

    Pegleg Noid2 months ago

    Fencing is faster.

  67. WeirdWorld

    WeirdWorld2 months ago

    Can someone check my music, thank you

  68. DinnerBells

    DinnerBells2 months ago

    Hasn't it been confirmed Ryan threw a 108.something??

  69. Cristian Jaramillo

    Cristian JaramilloMonth ago

    DinnerBells Chapman’s highest is 106 period

  70. Shasanka Sekhar Dasgupta

    Shasanka Sekhar Dasgupta2 months ago

    Cricket is much bigger in whole world than baseball

  71. helicopter weewee

    helicopter weewee2 months ago

    Black guys throw faster, run faster, etc...Chapman is Latino-black.

  72. Kerron

    Kerron2 months ago

    Jeans.. Where did you get them?

  73. Mxat1hew M&M

    Mxat1hew M&M2 months ago

    U r a trash player

  74. 日西ディエゴ

    日西ディエゴ2 months ago

    please translate to international system of distance

  75. phyto12

    phyto122 months ago

    If pitchers in general could throw faster, the mound would be further away

  76. Morgan Ruiz

    Morgan Ruiz2 months ago

    my brother threw 55 mph in 8th grade, this guy is a pansy.

  77. squeezer24

    squeezer242 months ago

    Could they find a less athletic person?

  78. Jim Steele

    Jim Steele2 months ago

    Chuck Norris can hit his own 118mph fastball.

  79. YooTooobJeff

    YooTooobJeff2 months ago

    Beta throws 53mph... wow, do you feed and dress yourself?

  80. I am an artist but can’t draw

    I am an artist but can’t draw2 months ago

    almost impossible means possible right

  81. jeremy stewert

    jeremy stewert17 days ago

    Bruce Lee could do it with a kick or nun chuck.

  82. Uncharted Unspoken

    Uncharted Unspoken2 months ago

    You baseball fans don't know the terror of Brett Lee. A fast pitch is nothing compared to fast bouncer of cricket ball... 😂 😂

  83. Cristian Jaramillo

    Cristian JaramilloMonth ago

    Uncharted Unspoken Crocker ball lol Just say cricket bro

  84. quiflington

    quiflington2 months ago

    I was clocked throwing a fastball at 113 MPH.

  85. Tesityr

    Tesityr2 months ago

    If I may explain, why 'it seems impossible' that the BATTERS are able to hit the balls travelling at such a high speed... It is because the brain is very, very good at estimating motion (as long as you have both eyes functional). There is in fact, a moment where the ball cannot possibly be 'looked at' (the "keep your eye on the ball" joke) - it actually 'disappears' to the human eye. This is because the human eye can only respond at about 200ms, the amount of time it takes to initiate a movement to track an object (known as a “saccade”). So, at the sharp incoming angle, the eye MUST lose sight of the ball for a short period of time. This is when the batter’s brain makes the calculation on where the ball is going to be and when. It is truly a wondrous thing that our brains and eyes can do this, as it is literally estimating where something will be - that it can no longer even ‘see’ - and when to move the arms/bat/etc, to connect with the ball, and how to do it all. This is likely why there are so little ‘really good’ batters in the world. [I am not one lol - although if I may boast for a moment, I can throw at over 83 mph (133 km/h) - well, when I was younger, heh] HTH

  86. One sub with a crappy vid? At least one sub?

    One sub with a crappy vid? At least one sub?2 months ago


  87. Giraffe Guy

    Giraffe Guy2 months ago

    You don’t need slow motion analysis to show that guy doesn’t pitch right

  88. Chase Mussetter

    Chase Mussetter2 months ago

    Lol the fastest I’ve ever thrown was 64 miles per hour

  89. T Bae

    T Bae2 months ago

    yea of course it's going to be impossible for a guy with that attitude. This guy literally said at the beginning people were getting faster, and people shouldn't be able to hit it, but it seems to be getting easier for baseball players so.... this dude is just trying to discourage everyone!!!

  90. Brett Fields

    Brett Fields2 months ago

    3:51 WHAT 53 MPH HOW I throw like 51 at 11 that's crazy

  91. Sinigang na Manok

    Sinigang na Manok2 months ago

    i remember "major" (anime)

  92. UnLuck3y

    UnLuck3y2 months ago

    I call this move the “ ball breaker”

  93. UnLuck3y

    UnLuck3y2 months ago

    I wonder what it feels like to get hit in the nuts with that

  94. Chad K

    Chad K2 months ago

    forget about the curveball ricky... give em the heater!!

  95. Joshua Luellen

    Joshua Luellen2 months ago

    He was short arming the ball. And also I am 11 and I could throw high 50s

  96. brad armstrong sr

    brad armstrong sr2 months ago

    I am a ten year old and I can throw 62mph

  97. Voltenic

    Voltenic2 months ago

    Make a giant stadium and create a vacuum then throw the ball

  98. Alvinson Panaligan

    Alvinson Panaligan2 months ago


  99. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith2 months ago

    Dude throws like a girl, lol.

  100. absoftitanium

    absoftitanium2 months ago

    I think MLB should train chimps how to throw a baseball. Their muscles and ligaments are much stronger than humans'.

  101. Danbob Stickpants

    Danbob Stickpants2 months ago

    Trump throws 110 foreigners/hour

  102. Mr. E's Mysteries

    Mr. E's Mysteries2 months ago

    I watched the game when Aroldis Chapman threw that 105mph fastball. The announcers were gushing about it, but failed to mention that it was a foot outside and two feet high. His catcher had to jump up awkwardly to get it. I'd like to know how many of those 1,000+ fastballs at 100+mph in 2017 were strikes and how many of them were balls.

  103. Khashon Haselrig

    Khashon Haselrig2 months ago

    Is this another garbage video that doesn't answer the question?

  104. Pacific Northwest Nomad Give aways soon!!!

    Pacific Northwest Nomad Give aways soon!!!2 months ago

    Nolan Ryan would pitch 107-108

  105. DankWolfie

    DankWolfie2 months ago

    Eat McDonalds to throw 120 mph fastball You’ll love it

  106. chris smith

    chris smith2 months ago

    Well it wasn't all that long ago that throwing a 100 MPH fastball was "almost" impossible, so let's revisit this topic in another generation or so. When I was a kid there were only a few dudes that had EVER hit 100 on the gun. Now there's a guy on every team that can do it, basically.