Why I wear suits all the time


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    Did you "dig" the "sick fits" as they say?

  2. Sy Ali

    Sy Ali5 days ago

    Yes, I do.

  3. Steven Utter

    Steven Utter8 days ago

    I think the real question is why don't you also film with cameras from the 90's and then play that video back on TV's from the 90's and record that image with your modern camera , It would much more more authentic that way.

  4. Jeremy Parker

    Jeremy Parker2 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek you need to get your suits fitted and add a little color to your ties and shirts

  5. Aaron B

    Aaron B4 months ago

    You have more suits right now than I have owned in my entire life. You do look fine in them.

  6. Sandria Basile

    Sandria Basile4 months ago

    +M Hal, most definitely!!!

  7. Fear the Squish

    Fear the Squish38 minutes ago

    Mr Rogers lookin motha fucka

  8. Haha Nerd

    Haha NerdHour ago

    Ive only just discovered his channel, but my god is it refreshing to see someone like him.

  9. Sklugg

    Sklugg2 hours ago

    Dude you need a top hat to complete this look

  10. Merkava TV

    Merkava TV7 hours ago

    I believe suits styled more for the 1940/50 would look better on you than the 1980/90 ones you wear. I mean it is your free will and choice i respect, it is just a suggestion.

  11. Mark Freeman

    Mark Freeman22 hours ago

    Why are your suit so massive

  12. Schockyboy

    SchockyboyDay ago

    This Dude Is a friendly Ben Shapiro 🤔

  13. Schockyboy

    SchockyboyDay ago

    Why does he look straight out of Kanye West - "I love it"

  14. クーロンクローン

    クーロンクローンDay ago


  15. bradley reyes

    bradley reyesDay ago

    👾👽🕴🕵️‍♂️MIB 👽👾🕴🕵️‍♂️ MIB

  16. Method Man

    Method Man2 days ago

    I was watching the video “oldest footage of London” and after I searched “why did everyone wear suits back in time” and here I am now, how did you get here? Let me know..

  17. Gianna’s Roblox adventures

    Gianna’s Roblox adventures2 days ago

    I really not trying to be rude but your heads to small for ur body

  18. the hundreds

    the hundreds2 days ago

    How can i donate to this guy?

  19. Hossam Ibrahim

    Hossam Ibrahim2 days ago


  20. Butler's Collection

    Butler's Collection2 days ago

    You look fine, but if you are going to wear a suite allot, you should have it fit well, you deserve it. Try having your shirt sized, the neck line of a dress shirt should be snug not loose, and it looks like that suit is wearing you.. A loose suite, to me looks like you robbed a grave yard.... I hope you did not leave the poor man naked......

  21. Pbounds

    Pbounds2 days ago

    0:24 your crap haircut😂

  22. PabloV99

    PabloV993 days ago

    18:00 I wish I were as slick as you are dude, damn



    Pretty cool nothing wrong with looking different, i admire your taste!! keep it up mate👌

  24. Jaymond Lei

    Jaymond Lei4 days ago

    I just noticed you kinda sound like Sheldon Cooper (in a good way).

  25. Xuan Liang Foo

    Xuan Liang Foo4 days ago

    What are your thoughts on Zhongshan Suits? As in those worn by Chinese Communists and Nationalists back in the 20s and 30s.

  26. modern studies

    modern studies4 days ago

    Most of the suits are the same Its ok to have a few like that but then it becomes boring . Suits should have various colours and looks

  27. Wu Tang

    Wu Tang5 days ago

    3 people like you can fit in your suit. Whats the size xxxl ?

  28. Sy Ali

    Sy Ali5 days ago

    This video puts a smile on my face. He is so wholesome. It feels as if he is like a father figure that I never really had giving me pure honesty and advices.

  29. Otto Skorzeny

    Otto Skorzeny5 days ago

    your channel is very aesthetic , i respect that.

  30. Kia Bee

    Kia Bee5 days ago

    You have an old soul and u look very handsome in your suits.

  31. Moustapha Loum

    Moustapha Loum5 days ago

    The backpack kid is dressing sharp now

  32. Jack Curley

    Jack Curley5 days ago

    That Blazer is 2 sizes two big for you. The tie is HUGE You look like you're playing dress up

  33. Jack Curley

    Jack Curley2 days ago

    On purpose or not, it looks ridiculous.

  34. Allison Hamer

    Allison Hamer3 days ago

    Jack Curley He sort of is because he is not going for a modern suit, he is going for a more oversized 40s-50s boxy oversized suit which can be replicated more cheaply by wearing 1980’s suits that were also boxy and oversized. It’s on purpose.

  35. FPS NorthKorea

    FPS NorthKorea5 days ago

    The real answer is autism

  36. Mr. smiley 420

    Mr. smiley 4205 days ago

    I like it and love the story kind of reminds me of myself but I had different reasons at some points to wear suit's but I go for the purples oranges greens but also the casual Wear so I'm a bit multiple choice to suit's

  37. V. Siddhartha

    V. Siddhartha7 days ago

    I have only two words to say- Barney Stinson.

  38. WideGauge

    WideGauge7 days ago

    I guess people can't understand why you would choose to look this bad. It's like you're punishing yourself. Stop embarrassing yourself, and stop dismissing sound advice as "Opinion." It's not opinion, it's reality - and you cannot dismiss reality. Need to learn what suits you. There's "full cut" - and then there is "drowning in fabric" which is what you do. You could make a whole series of videos where you try to fix your style game. There's a ton of stylists out there that would love to give you a makeover, purely for audience's sake.

  39. Marqan

    Marqan8 days ago

    I wanna meet this guy in person..

  40. Steven Utter

    Steven Utter9 days ago

    You must not do any manual labor. Good for you, but others have to be concerned about the utilitarian practicality of their clothing.

  41. Ps4 Trophy Guide

    Ps4 Trophy Guide9 days ago

    Eat ass to this thanks

  42. Ali Haider

    Ali Haider9 days ago


  43. Brandon Key

    Brandon Key9 days ago

    Question is; what is your choice of footwear, and do your pants contact, partial-break, or no break with the shoes.

  44. Brandon Key

    Brandon Key9 days ago

    Small Gentleman's Gazette

  45. JJ Ryan

    JJ Ryan9 days ago

    Why don't you get your suits tailored? They look poorly fitting. I can sympathize, I am skinny, but a tailor should be able to help with that. It's also important to get the neck size of the dress shirt correct as well.

  46. Burt Ford

    Burt Ford10 days ago

    I have to say man, keep doing your thing. Continue facing fear in being you and building confidence. Get up, put your suit on, stand tall with your shoulders back and your chest proud, and soon the suit becomes you instead of the other way around. Keep it up pal.

  47. Xrocny -

    Xrocny -10 days ago

    3:58 I thought he was gonna say t-series 🤣

  48. angus salisbuty

    angus salisbuty10 days ago

    I know he said that he likes them running a little baggier, but I would love to see him in a tailored single (even double breasted) with pants maybe an inch or two tighter and shortened. The wide notch collar is fine, but the width makes them look like he's trying to look bigger.

  49. Peter S

    Peter S11 days ago

    my question is, why do you wear *ugly* suits?

  50. MrDeleon9999

    MrDeleon999911 days ago

    Never change for anyone but yourself... I like your style and mannerisms... You look like you should be driving a 1951 For business couple .... A cast member of Mad men... You bring back a long past era of Americana... I subbed your channel this morning, and will enjoy your channel... I see you as young man with a old soul... Keep it up... Like to see a hat video.... Best wishes from southern Oregon..

  51. norman hauser

    norman hauser11 days ago

    ...after all a young man does not simply jump into wearing suit and tie, theres a lot to know, youre right, how do i tie a Windsor knot? Youre right, how do i begin to carry myself decently? youre right, what shoes go with my style? youre right, a hat maybe? a fedora, a bowler, who knows? Culturally youve reached the heights of cultured civility and youve earned that, maybe youve motivated others and myself as well? Keep up the good work young man.

  52. ForkKnifeSux

    ForkKnifeSux11 days ago

    Clearly you don't know how to find suits that fit you correctly. Also clearly he was born a woman and enjoys crossdressing as a man. Nothing wrong with it. Learn Brittany... I mean Reviewbrah alone. Also it's in the name. People think it's bro but it's bra. He added the h to hide the hidden message.

  53. Eve Harris

    Eve Harris12 days ago

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your experience with us.

  54. Lemons & Listerine

    Lemons & Listerine12 days ago

    bang banG baNG bANG BANG BANG BANG BANg BAng Bang bang. Edit: I was in a Discord call and I heard banging so I thought it was the video. It turns out that it was the discord call, so I might have sounded weird. I guess it makes it funnier now that it came out of no-where.

  55. Honey? Where's my super suit?

    Honey? Where's my super suit?12 days ago

    You look fabulous!

  56. H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e

    H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e12 days ago

    So basically, you dress like the men from the 1920s.

  57. Le monsieur

    Le monsieur13 days ago

    Don't be scared of what other people will say.If you want to dress in an elegant way,do so.Be yourself!

  58. Scilaxxits Stunaep

    Scilaxxits Stunaep13 days ago

    Are you 21??

  59. R C

    R C13 days ago

    Suit number 2, hem about an inch or so off the pants, and number 4 looks great. I must say sir, grey is a good color for you. Number 4 with the red tie was very nice. Keep up the good work, bud.

  60. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan13 days ago

    I have a theory that he was actually born in the 1940's and is aging backwards like Benjamin button

  61. Skiller Killero

    Skiller Killero14 days ago

    Nigga sounds like the protagonist from Antz

  62. Ostrich

    Ostrich14 days ago

    So why does he wear suits?

  63. David Smith

    David Smith14 days ago

    You look great. One of the first things I noticed the first time I saw your videos. Also love your calm diction when giving reviews. But also keep an eye on the shirt collar size, I know you like big clothes but this one looks a little epic.

  64. Number 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce

    Number 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce15 days ago

    Maybe it's time you wear coats over your suits.

  65. GoodGuySceri

    GoodGuySceri15 days ago

    Suits do look very good and make you seem more professional. Edit : Yeah I’ve also seen in movies when everyone is wearing very formal, I think it looks much better than what everyone is wearing today.

  66. robb mitchell

    robb mitchell7 days ago

    Salute to ReviewBrah! A true original! Thanks for the insight into your style, and wardrobe

  67. Rexxy

    Rexxy16 days ago

    The fashion show part reminded me of the ending of Genesis's I can't dance video. Also I just found a new ASMR trigger "light steps with florida outdoors background noise"

  68. basically hell

    basically hell16 days ago

    17:48 mr house is thst you

  69. Hans-Peter Ording

    Hans-Peter Ording17 days ago

    You should use a pocket square 🙃

  70. roman

    roman17 days ago

    1:57 when she give the good succ

  71. Frolic the Cat

    Frolic the Cat17 days ago

    He reminds me of a kid i used to go to school with named Benjamin Beagley... Little mother fucker always wore a big ass suit

  72. Naiinee

    Naiinee17 days ago

    I still like my niggas how I like my niggas.

  73. Naiinee

    Naiinee17 days ago

    Know u can tell he was privileged

  74. Kai Busuttil

    Kai Busuttil18 days ago

    You come across as a really nice person. You speak in a way which makes people want to listen to you because you sound honest and yes, you do look very smart young man. The way you talk makes me feel calm. You gained a new subscriber and a fan. Thank you.

  75. Bryan John

    Bryan John18 days ago

    Anyone notice he hides his finger nails

  76. whitenight369

    whitenight36918 days ago

    Nay I say We countrymen do not possess the 30k/month to dress respectably and with panache.

  77. Pacha Pizza company

    Pacha Pizza company18 days ago

    wait this guys like 60? i thought he was like 20

  78. Rae

    Rae8 hours ago

    ...he IS like 20

  79. victor teran

    victor teran18 days ago

    Any one else annoyed by long finger nails???????

  80. Emanuel Fontomaševski

    Emanuel Fontomaševski18 days ago

    I Can't Bellive i say this But i Like your Suit.

  81. NPC 0012

    NPC 001218 days ago

    you look like you work at a funeral salon

  82. TheDankestDank

    TheDankestDank18 days ago

    You have been my biggest motivation to start youtube I only need some subs, but i will get there, one way or another

  83. Owen 678

    Owen 67819 days ago

    If you wear suits all the time...wear a Spider-Man suit!

  84. Haelen Hernandez

    Haelen Hernandez19 days ago

    He was ad(dress)ing why he dresses that way

  85. nathansoul

    nathansoul19 days ago

    You should try out a gween suit.

  86. BenjaminGessel

    BenjaminGessel16 days ago


  87. dagenham lad

    dagenham lad20 days ago

    I do it's better

  88. Shane Arbeau

    Shane Arbeau20 days ago

    He's the gentleman I could never be.

  89. Azael Contreras

    Azael Contreras21 day ago

    Suits are great friend, but you need a well FITTED suit. Nothing quite like it 👌 Oh and watch “ChinaTown” best suits in all of film 👌 great movie as well

  90. Kng Coltonious

    Kng Coltonious21 day ago

    Why do people make fun of this guy he’s got a passion.

  91. kobro.mp2

    kobro.mp221 day ago


  92. MrKingsman

    MrKingsman22 days ago

    e a r s

  93. BK Doezy

    BK Doezy22 days ago

    I finally get the ear joke cause you wear them

  94. Pierre Kuchmann

    Pierre Kuchmann23 days ago

    Wtf 25 minute video

  95. Sub Me

    Sub Me23 days ago

    *Why i wear suit all time* *Because your a lvl 100 boss you Pus*

  96. Harrison McCartney

    Harrison McCartney23 days ago

    Since when did Barron Trump get a MReporter channel?

  97. Guccicurry

    Guccicurry23 days ago

    Y’all just hating he’s got big 1940’s drip ❌🧢

  98. FULLMETALCAR157 43

    FULLMETALCAR157 4324 days ago

    I love your message Thank you for sharing your story i always wondered why you liked suits i think they suit you just fine you pull it of very well

  99. Isabelle Clark

    Isabelle Clark24 days ago

    he lowkey reminds me of Stingey from Lazy Town

  100. Craig Stevens

    Craig Stevens24 days ago

    This guy is the ultimate punk rocker. He does what he wants and to hell with the competition. Much love my dude.

  101. Adam Maxson

    Adam Maxson24 days ago

    What about your shoes

  102. SMPMS8389

    SMPMS838924 days ago

    Cus you're classy as fuck

  103. XxxTentacionFan Miss u x

    XxxTentacionFan Miss u x24 days ago

    * sips tea *

  104. Anne Cruz

    Anne Cruz24 days ago

    can you review your suits

  105. Bell Justbell

    Bell Justbell24 days ago

    Be bold . Be brave . You conquered your fear Many ppl can’t say the same 👍

  106. Fortnite Sensei

    Fortnite Sensei25 days ago

    You are a legend man

  107. Angad

    Angad25 days ago

    I can't believe he's 21

  108. Jake Griffin

    Jake Griffin25 days ago

    @TheReportofTheWeek. I like your philosophy but you need to improve your style. May I recommend a channel that is your taste. The channel: Gentleman's Gazette

  109. Shaggy

    Shaggy25 days ago

    You need some jewelry bruh

  110. John Youtebb

    John Youtebb25 days ago

    I really liked the last one suit