Why I wear suits all the time


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    Did you "dig" the "sick fits" as they say?

  2. McLovin McLovin

    McLovin McLovin26 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Oh yes

  3. Ryan Castillo

    Ryan CastilloMonth ago

    Lookin fresh

  4. Wayne Campbell

    Wayne CampbellMonth ago

    You always look DAMN GOOD! WE LOVE YOU BRAH.

  5. welcometospace LilB

    welcometospace LilBMonth ago


  6. Marco Paez

    Marco PaezMonth ago

    I LOVE your style, it's very masculine and professional. Please give me tips on were I can find these suits.

  7. MikusLove Soul

    MikusLove Soul12 hours ago

    Dang save some women for us man.

  8. Elijia Yelton

    Elijia YeltonDay ago

    You have such a good soul

  9. Elijia Yelton

    Elijia YeltonDay ago

    These videos make me so happy

  10. Baked Banana

    Baked Banana2 days ago

    Love your work Keep it up please

  11. cordell Rohde

    cordell Rohde3 days ago

    you need a nice gold or sliver watch brother!

  12. 7018 THE GOD ROD

    7018 THE GOD ROD4 days ago

    Honestly I wish I could wear suits everyday but I’m broke. lol

  13. Amélie Birosak

    Amélie Birosak4 days ago

    My close friend used to wear suits everyday to school and would get teased, but I always admired that he never stopped wearing them. And because of the fact that I'm a classic movie fan myself, I have my fair share of plaid and black trousers and the white blouses woman used to wear with skirts.

  14. lagom dum

    lagom dum4 days ago

    You remind me of David Byrne in Talking Heads. That's hella dope ofc but then your style is not just an eccentric gimmick, it's genuine. People try soooo hard to reach that level of effortlessness - you just live it. Kudos brah.

  15. juice wrld fan

    juice wrld fan5 days ago

    Just cut to the chase already! Also, how are all of these comments nice. Are these all bots?!?!

  16. SkyStar

    SkyStar5 days ago

    I’m sure you already know this, but you are a god damn inspiration.

  17. offended bro

    offended bro5 days ago

    I really look up to you....your way of approaching life is so different and perfect ...i appreciate you man

  18. Cheyenne Cobain

    Cheyenne Cobain5 days ago

    You look very intelligent and handsome in a suit.

  19. uncompromised

    uncompromised6 days ago

    the ears

  20. c8

    c86 days ago

    why don't you do your hair?

  21. Adonis Playz

    Adonis Playz6 days ago

    There is no competition the reportofthweek 100000000000000000%

  22. Alexandru Constantin

    Alexandru Constantin6 days ago

    Reviewbrah is our hero in a society where fashion is so meaningless!

  23. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly6 days ago

    Question, why don't you wear shirts with collars that are fitted to your neck? That's just my observation and if that's your taste, I can respect that. Although a better fitting shirt would be neater. Notwithstanding, your demeanor is very admirable and your appearance conveys that.


    BLANK MEMES7 days ago

    Before watching this whole video I am going to say that it's definitely because you are a no-nonsense food based gumshoe from the 30s

  25. Louiev `

    Louiev `7 days ago


  26. Guns Of Boom Gameplay

    Guns Of Boom Gameplay7 days ago

    That's a great tie ur wearing in this video...what about wallets?do u have a certain type u prefer buying?

  27. Schmaggi3000

    Schmaggi30008 days ago

    Imagine him taking molly lol

  28. Itsz LalaxD

    Itsz LalaxD8 days ago

    Instagram ??

  29. Darius Evans

    Darius Evans8 days ago

    Good to see a genuine man like yourself, don’t change man

  30. Akan3

    Akan39 days ago

    e a r s .

  31. DeerKoden

    DeerKoden9 days ago

    Well, you're surely unique in your own way. Have you actually ever been asked to play a role in a movie or such?

  32. pinkscarf101

    pinkscarf10110 days ago

    You are so adorable I loved the fashion show ❤

  33. I main IQ

    I main IQ10 days ago

    i thought i was the only one

  34. Mike King

    Mike King10 days ago

    "Suit up!" - Barney Stinson

  35. Kajsa Djärf

    Kajsa Djärf10 days ago

    I appreciate you. You're cool and brave for just choosing to do what you want to do and for being yourself.

  36. 8-Ball

    8-Ball11 days ago

    C'use is C L A S S Y

  37. Gamesland Store

    Gamesland Store11 days ago

    Just in case any females want to know, He smells like roses and is hung like a horse. Get in line ladies

  38. Lucatheperson 3

    Lucatheperson 312 days ago

    *tries to tie tie* *hangs self* Whoop

  39. zac tay

    zac tay12 days ago

    Keep it up man, looking good! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

  40. [COOL] ReesezPeacezYT

    [COOL] ReesezPeacezYT12 days ago

    In afraid to say that ur grandma is going to my videos do

  41. Dylan Michael

    Dylan Michael13 days ago

    If u do go to the beach do u wear a suit😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Hannah Mendoza

    Hannah Mendoza13 days ago

    You are definitely going to die alone.

  43. Ellie Ellie

    Ellie Ellie12 days ago

    Hannah Mendoza don't be so hateful...

  44. Danny C

    Danny C13 days ago

    Fucking love the suits! I have had the same feeling about them ever since I was little too! Indefinitely appreciate your confidence to do you!

  45. Randy Oh

    Randy Oh13 days ago

    "when I used to be a young lad" you look like 16, what are you talking about

  46. Anjili Veach

    Anjili Veach13 days ago

    I truly respect and admire you for this. I've been interested in vintage and historical clothing ranging from the 1300s to the 1950s for years, and I would very much like to buy and wear those types of clothing on a daily basis, but I've never had the confidence. Thank you for sharing the story of your personal style. It's inspired me to reconsider my own wardrobe choices.

  47. dstenske

    dstenske13 days ago

    I loved your video. I also love your suits. You are unique, Just like God made you. Blessings to you.

  48. -insert forgettable name-

    -insert forgettable name-14 days ago

    Get better fitting suits for god's sake

  49. Mr.Cookie

    Mr.Cookie15 days ago

    Isnt it too warm wearing it in summer ?

  50. Sebastian McConnell

    Sebastian McConnell15 days ago


  51. DarkAngelAfterLife

    DarkAngelAfterLife15 days ago

    Well, in some schools, we often use uniforms that are kinda formal, i think that you would not have had that kind of problem there

  52. Anna Mueller

    Anna Mueller15 days ago

    that starbucks cup sells it for me

  53. Kintrap

    Kintrap15 days ago

    It would look less strange if he wore single breasted suits with narrower lapels. Narrower ties. These are sleazy italian pimp clothes

  54. DTM Weather Videos

    DTM Weather Videos15 days ago

    I really love wearing suits! I also wear them all day, everyday! I love wearing 1930s/40s styled suits!

  55. Yee Cop

    Yee Cop15 days ago

    Hello Reviewbrah, fellow fashion afiocando. Suits aren't formal attire; they're informal, as formal attire is more so tuxedos.

  56. Infinity Gauge

    Infinity Gauge15 days ago

    I wore suits almost everyday throughout high school, I just really enjoyed them! But the negative remarks about them and stopped wearing suits. This video makes me wanna wear em again. Keep it up reviewbrah, you are one of a kind.


    DAMIAN BERRY17 days ago


  58. Mister Oof

    Mister Oof17 days ago

    They all have one consistency. Ears.

  59. Perpetual Mandelbrot

    Perpetual Mandelbrot17 days ago

    Respect for wearin what you want too, may I say Sir, you have MASSIVE hands (mine are giant but yours are next level)

  60. Donald Duck

    Donald Duck17 days ago

    He's like Hey Arnold Grandpa young and human

  61. Mia Louise

    Mia Louise18 days ago

    Holy shit

  62. HunterXray

    HunterXray18 days ago

    Anyone that doesn't think you look classy with the suit is a moron. All others are too busy thinking of themselves to notice.

  63. Ghastly Grinner

    Ghastly Grinner18 days ago

    How fucked up is our society that we had a kid nervous as to how people would react to him dressing like a gentleman but we have degenerates dressing like women and people call them brave

  64. vinnysgphone

    vinnysgphone19 days ago

    It would be awesome if you did videos on the history of formal wear and examples from your collection. It would also be really fun if you did a series on shopping for suits new and second hand

  65. Frost blue Scorpion

    Frost blue Scorpion20 days ago

    You might be an old man in a young mans body 😂 I love you tho

  66. Sean

    Sean20 days ago

    E A R S

  67. Mustang Boss

    Mustang Boss22 days ago

    You could atleast get a suit that fits you.... look like a suit version of a hip hop star with his sweatpants around his knees. Get one that fits the shape of your body.... instead of a stick man in a XXL suit...

  68. connor earegood

    connor earegood23 days ago

    Friend: How are you so motivated? Me: *Plays this video*

  69. LoRd428

    LoRd42823 days ago

    I mean...this channel is amazing, he is so fucking good

  70. Arthur Marland

    Arthur Marland23 days ago

    You look like a young version of Mr Burns from The Simpsons.

  71. Brian Howard

    Brian Howard23 days ago

    You're swimming in your massive suit you facking dweeb

  72. Gotham Collections

    Gotham Collections24 days ago

    Great video! Always enjoy them. Please check my comic book video series, thank you! mreporter.net/v/video-V15F_c7hC-4.html

  73. Jason Harmsen

    Jason Harmsen24 days ago

    He's a kingsman

  74. Zerota Fifty

    Zerota Fifty24 days ago

    I almost got into wearing suits and a fedora

  75. big oof

    big oof24 days ago


  76. Siirkis

    Siirkis25 days ago

    I wish more men wore old fashioned suits everyday. You look wonderful and so professional. 💟

  77. Dániel Markó

    Dániel Markó26 days ago

    0:49 EARS

  78. Коммунистический Иисус

    Коммунистический Иисус27 days ago

    I like how you wear suits. It makes you seem very professional or formal.

  79. Bradley D

    Bradley D27 days ago

    Take that youtube money and see a legit tailor.

  80. Kaylyn Webb

    Kaylyn Webb27 days ago

    You're so awesome! Keep being you!

  81. Pretty Damn Lonely

    Pretty Damn Lonely27 days ago

    E A R S

  82. Violet Beale

    Violet Beale27 days ago

    Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man, as ZZ Top informed us.

  83. Linda Garcia

    Linda Garcia28 days ago

    I like his house outdoors it looks nice lol

  84. Linda Garcia

    Linda Garcia28 days ago

    He looks so cute in them suits tho 😍☺🤗

  85. Lydia Andrews

    Lydia Andrews28 days ago

    "ears" ahahahhahah I love him

  86. The Spider

    The Spider28 days ago

    How the hell is that suit $1? Lucky.

  87. The Spider

    The Spider28 days ago

    When people see someone wearing a full suit like that, they usually automatically think that person is important or up to something important.

  88. Fabián Riquelme

    Fabián Riquelme28 days ago

    Loving the style, but hopefully you'll start getting shirts and suits that fit you better. A little less baggy and you'll look way sharper.

  89. Torodes23

    Torodes2329 days ago

    You need a siut sponsor

  90. Conner Coleman

    Conner Coleman29 days ago

    Budddddd you need those all in slim fit

  91. Creative Rocket Studios

    Creative Rocket Studios29 days ago

    *Wait, doesn't he was already born with a suit?*

  92. Dometrik Schramm

    Dometrik Schramm29 days ago

    You are so wholesome and seeing you happy like this brings me utmost joy, sir. :)

  93. Udonnz

    UdonnzMonth ago

    He’s just a wonderful simple man. That’s all. There’s nothing else. Just a wonderful stand out guy.

  94. Matt Harris

    Matt HarrisMonth ago

    This is an incredible lesson.

  95. Jack .122 -ur mom gay

    Jack .122 -ur mom gayMonth ago

    This guy is a fucking legend gg dude

  96. Aberdolf Lincler

    Aberdolf LinclerMonth ago

    Your voice is awesome. Reminds me of old school radio hosts. I could go to sleep to it

  97. Matthew Paternostro

    Matthew PaternostroMonth ago

    what do you where to bed

  98. Matthew Paternostro

    Matthew PaternostroMonth ago

    why do you ware a suit

  99. Rusty Boi

    Rusty BoiMonth ago

    The suits *Suit* You Puns

  100. Apples 22

    Apples 226 days ago

    The Great Hawk HAHAH

  101. The Great Hawk

    The Great Hawk11 days ago

    See over there? Go sit in that corner.

  102. Matthijs de Wit

    Matthijs de Wit25 days ago

    Or: the suit suits you, either way is correct.

  103. J J

    J JMonth ago

    What a cool dude. You rock your outfit. You are unique

  104. alexus brown

    alexus brownMonth ago

    How old are you? You have such a cute lil baby face but such a deep voice, nice manners, and very sophisticated.

  105. Bradley Brown

    Bradley BrownMonth ago

    I think your 3 piece suit and blue suit look the best 🤵🏻

  106. xMedical Anon

    xMedical AnonMonth ago

    I got a suit but I haven't worn it since my brothers wedding

  107. Mr Noob

    Mr NoobMonth ago

    Ö mind blown 🤯🤯🤯

  108. Ryan Teeter

    Ryan TeeterMonth ago

    This was so much more than I could have hoped for. First of many ReportoftheWeek videos for me

  109. Goofyfoot09

    Goofyfoot09Month ago

    Such respect for you. You are an inspiration and an incredibly brave person