Why I wear suits all the time


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    Did you "dig" the "sick fits" as they say?

  2. Aaron B

    Aaron BMonth ago

    You have more suits right now than I have owned in my entire life. You do look fine in them.

  3. Sandria Basile

    Sandria BasileMonth ago

    +M Hal, most definitely!!!

  4. 19flamingo92

    19flamingo922 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek you should have done a face reveal in this video

  5. Silent Golden

    Silent Golden3 months ago

    +vollsticks totes

  6. eli does random

    eli does random3 months ago

    Mili A. Yes

  7. CMDRFandragon

    CMDRFandragon58 minutes ago

    The most formal I get is khakis n a polo t shirt. I hate wearing suits.

  8. Will Be

    Will Be3 hours ago

    what the heck is this pure boi?

  9. Che Garcia

    Che Garcia9 hours ago


  10. lazarus1867

    lazarus186717 hours ago

    I admire ur passion for it.. but to be honest. If it going to wear a suit then u need to actually "WEAR" the suit.. u can have the most expensive suit in the world but still look like crap.. u need to have ur suits tapered and tailored.. you need to have them fitted.. dont just wear a suit.. WEAR the suit..



    I’m concerned about that Starbucks water.

  12. Jose Guerrero

    Jose GuerreroDay ago

    This was really inspiring, I think it's so cool that you're so confident. If I may I think wearing a wrist watch would look real nice with your whole attire!

  13. D Chaz

    D ChazDay ago

    Men used to wear formal attire every day, every time they left the house especially. Video of average people walking the streets more than 50 to 100 years ago attests to this. People have gotten lax and social standards have dropped considerably. These days one has to make a video explaining and practically apologizing for doing so. I think you look great in a suit btw.

  14. Jonathan Ford

    Jonathan FordDay ago

    Swag 👌

  15. scotie scotson

    scotie scotsonDay ago

    You don't need a 20 min video to explain. You saw a news report when you were young and you wished you were just a dirty turd like them. You're just a dried up, white dog turd. The suit is the least of your problems.

  16. revtv

    revtv2 days ago

    I'm actually a little jelly about the ears.


    CS GO FORYOU2 days ago

    Who the bleep watches you

  18. Erik Ramirez

    Erik Ramirez2 days ago

    The suits I dont mind, but the fact that they're 6 sizes too big on you is what bothers me the most.

  19. *H M M M M M M M *M M M M M M M M

    *H M M M M M M M *M M M M M M M M3 days ago


  20. The Fomads

    The Fomads3 days ago

    Why does this guy remind me of mr bean

  21. teNNy __

    teNNy __3 days ago

    16:15 Reviewbrah's mini fashon show.

  22. Praveen b

    Praveen b3 days ago

    Found this channel today. Interesting to see a MReporterr who always looks like he walked out of the Great Gatsby era, and carrying it off with exquisite aplomb. Also reminds me of the famous mathematician, Cederic Vallani, who is known for wearing a distinctive suit with a silver spider brooch. People often ask him, why the spider? And he says, if i tell you, no one will ask me anymore. I'd rather they keep asking, so I'm not telling!

  23. Nathan Blair

    Nathan Blair3 days ago

    Your suit is fucking huge

  24. Bethesda Boy

    Bethesda Boy4 days ago

    You are like an 1800's plantation owner with a horrible taylor, crossed with a dash of Christopher Walken...In an 18 year old's body.

  25. Luthfi Nasser

    Luthfi Nasser4 days ago

    Your measurements are entirely wrong.

  26. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden4 days ago

    Any age between 14 - 37, tell me, I’d believe u

  27. Ramsey Lewis

    Ramsey Lewis4 days ago

    great suits

  28. Ramsey Lewis

    Ramsey Lewis4 days ago

    you are a national treasure

  29. John Seymour

    John Seymour5 days ago

    Dude... you need to understand this is not an insult - you look like the bastard love child of Gordon Gecko and Nosferatu...this a a good thing.

  30. L3w1scal 03

    L3w1scal 035 days ago

    Im happy for this dude cuz he dont care what ppl say n he dose what he likes good on u dont let haters get u down

  31. Jayden

    Jayden5 days ago

    i wonder if your neighbors look at you and wonder “what does this kid do”

  32. Spacey

    Spacey5 days ago

    Damn that neck tie is longer than my god damn lifE-

  33. jhmhjm mkjhmh

    jhmhjm mkjhmh5 days ago

    lol watch at 1:55 he looks so cringy

  34. Glorious_Acrolytez

    Glorious_Acrolytez5 days ago

    To be honest, alot of people are also interested in formal wear well, i do.

  35. Daniel jennis

    Daniel jennis5 days ago

    First of all what's with the hair cut and second of all it looks like he fits a 28 slim sized suit but hes wearing like a 40 size jacket, that barely fits him and he talks about how hes been wearing suits his whole life... mate it looks like your wearing you're grandads suits c'mon

  36. Gundo Bundo

    Gundo Bundo6 days ago


  37. xXRedLineXx

    xXRedLineXx6 days ago

    I'm listening to a 1940's New York City Mafia member list off his suits.... How did I get here again?

  38. TheTurbofx

    TheTurbofx6 days ago

    At 13:11 I wanted him to say "you know what, fuck it" so bad. But, I know Reviewbrah ain't about that.

  39. Matt Hamilton

    Matt Hamilton6 days ago

    I like this guy. He just seems like a good dude.

  40. Christian Kanert

    Christian Kanert6 days ago

    To be honest, I thought Reviewbrah was just a lawyer for longest time and even entertained the thought of his area of work, Interesting video nonetheless... everyone can extrapolate a lesson of self esteem

  41. VENT Productions

    VENT Productions7 days ago

    Love the content !

  42. VENT Productions

    VENT Productions7 days ago

    Half way through I could feel my hair grow :()

  43. Negan

    Negan7 days ago

    I get your style, but it's very outdated. Dress how you want to dress my man

  44. Adam Elliott

    Adam Elliott7 days ago

    Looks like he’s borrowed his Dads suit. Nothing worse than a badly fitted suit!

  45. 2yoyodog

    2yoyodog7 days ago


  46. 2yoyodog

    2yoyodog7 days ago


  47. Luis Loustau

    Luis Loustau7 days ago

    Barney Stinson approves this video

  48. Dan3091

    Dan30917 days ago

    This dudes vids are not that bad

  49. Chris Compton

    Chris Compton7 days ago

    Have you considered bow ties?

  50. Scarlett Johnson

    Scarlett Johnson7 days ago

    I like your old soul and style. I’d drop my panties for you in a second. Better than these immature fuck boys my age. 😂

  51. craig gordon

    craig gordon7 days ago

    Why do you always wear a suit and tie?

  52. Cory Balderson

    Cory Balderson7 days ago

    very brave. i have alot of respect for that. classy styles too.

  53. Harsh Raj Always free

    Harsh Raj Always free7 days ago

    I can not believe this guy touches himself

  54. The McManus

    The McManus8 days ago

    Screw what other people think. If you're happy then that's all that matters. Wear what you want. I like the classic look. Good for you bud.

  55. LilFresh 04

    LilFresh 048 days ago

    Because they make you look hot

  56. Steven Corbin

    Steven Corbin8 days ago

    Wear and do what you like. A little bit of advice though. Spend the money on a tailored suit. They fit and look better. The wide big ties are out and skinny tailored suit are in. Also try wearing nice Jean's with a button up and vest for a high class casual look.

  57. FaZe Pat

    FaZe Pat9 days ago

    This man is Art

  58. panzeider

    panzeider9 days ago

    Get your suits tailored, your baggy suits look cheap. Don’t go to bold on the ties, solid colors at the way to go. Also always go with cool tones warms tones make you look like a sleazy pastor.🤙🏽

  59. Kyle Nelson

    Kyle Nelson9 days ago


  60. hellkeeper86

    hellkeeper869 days ago

    the real question is aren't you getting your suits tailored to you

  61. runningkirk walk

    runningkirk walk9 days ago

    I cant believe this guy is 42 years old. Wow

  62. Michael Statia

    Michael Statia9 days ago

    Hit a tailor. Dont be sloppy

  63. The _Grin

    The _Grin9 days ago

    Do you sleep in a suit and shower in a suit

  64. JTray Blah

    JTray Blah9 days ago

    why is it oversized tho? Planning to build your body?

  65. Thundamuffinz

    Thundamuffinz9 days ago

    I have to say, this video was enlightening. 1) There are vastly different styles of suits 2) The suit he is wearing is not "modern" 3) There is different ways to tie a necktie 4) Not everyone will ever like you, so just be yourself and don't worry about it Thanks reviewbrah.

  66. Thundamuffinz

    Thundamuffinz9 days ago


  67. Bert

    Bert9 days ago

    i like how confident you speak yet you speak with purity. i feel like you walk the earth ready to die every night and no demon can stop you from doing what you like. yo keep going

  68. Caleb Skies

    Caleb Skies9 days ago

    I didn't expect so many life lessons from a food review channel. Me likey.

  69. Wankej

    Wankej10 days ago

    They are to big on you

  70. Devon Teaney

    Devon Teaney10 days ago

    Do you live in Lakeland or close by?

  71. ninja boyz98

    ninja boyz9810 days ago

    I feel like a virgin just looking at you

  72. xWillife

    xWillife10 days ago

    u look like a dickhead

  73. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf10 days ago

    I would seriously help donate to get you a tailored suit for you. You’re swimming in these suits which makes your proportions a bit off (shoulders slouched and the size makes your head look smaller). If you get a gofundme or Patreon for personal things, I’d love to contribute. I’m a stylist for almost a decade, I love you and love you in suits and it would be amazing to see you get in something fitted for you.

  74. Anthony Ornelas

    Anthony Ornelas10 days ago

    I wanna look like him 😩 I’m ugglly

  75. Cheryl Peterson

    Cheryl Peterson10 days ago

    Any plans to add cufflinks?

  76. an Undead Soldier

    an Undead Soldier10 days ago

    Seems like you find it difficult to change the correct size.

  77. that_one_shark gaming

    that_one_shark gaming10 days ago

    why is it not gween?

  78. Jordan Warren

    Jordan Warren11 days ago

    I can't help but admire his courage and ability to overcome his fears. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a suit everyday regardless of it being vintage or modern. I do prefer the look modern suits though. With that being said, in my opinion I think he'd look much more fetching were the suits that he wore tailored to his dimensions. Regardless of their style, they just seem a couple sizes too large on him. Maybe that's the intended style, how it 'should' look, but once again, in my opinion I feel they should fit better. This is coming from someone without the courage to do something like this though so I'm not really one to judge.

  79. Matthew Iversen

    Matthew Iversen11 days ago

    Can you pay a couple hundred dollars and get them all tailored?

  80. Mars Roam Handley

    Mars Roam Handley11 days ago

    Who goes to Starbucks for water

  81. Rashawn Ramdeen

    Rashawn Ramdeen11 days ago


  82. McKellar Townes

    McKellar Townes11 days ago

    You are awesome man please never ever change

  83. RuneFactory 3-4greatestgame

    RuneFactory 3-4greatestgame11 days ago

    i genuinely thibk they really suits you and you look very good in them, also you have pretty good savoir faire, i like the way you talk, very calm and self confident :)

  84. Nig Fury

    Nig Fury11 days ago

    It's gween!

  85. Meccha Baron

    Meccha Baron12 days ago

    This video is definetely refreshing! As someone who does define themself as a metrosexual, I often feel constrained by society's norms when it comes to what I wear. But every now and then, I put on my favourite tie and vest and I feel like I'm a rockstar, like I feel completely comfortable in my own skin. Maybe I should just do it like you and wear what I really want to every day

  86. ItsShawJ

    ItsShawJ12 days ago

    Why not buy something that fits a little better?

  87. David Steven

    David Steven12 days ago

    When you look good,you feel good.

  88. Moses Ramirez

    Moses Ramirez12 days ago

    Suits are fine, but you need a better tailor to make them fit better.

  89. Stephen Kagan

    Stephen Kagan12 days ago

    All of these comment about the suits... looks like you’re live in Florida somewhere. But from somewhere in northeast.

  90. Gaunter O'Dimm

    Gaunter O'Dimm12 days ago

    I enjoy your garment

  91. SIU Airsoft

    SIU Airsoft12 days ago

    Fucking Michel Scott

  92. Erebus

    Erebus13 days ago

    hes naked from waist down 23:59

  93. arpxdagoodone

    arpxdagoodone13 days ago

    Some people have 1.2 million subscribers. The question is 'why?'.

  94. Jon Swe

    Jon Swe13 days ago


  95. Remy Cousino

    Remy Cousino13 days ago


  96. yunghart_og

    yunghart_og13 days ago

    you’re secretly a government agent and the suits have kevlar in them to protect you in case someone tries to take you out.

  97. kenny garcia

    kenny garcia14 days ago

    Sure you wear nice suits but does your shit not stink? Those nails probably scratch your ass hard

  98. HerrBratwurst

    HerrBratwurst14 days ago

    If i run a tailor shop, i will sponsor your videos. and even make some tailor-made suits for you.


    RDNCKRAMNOSD114 days ago

    you need more fitted suits

  100. Jose Calmejane

    Jose Calmejane14 days ago

    Hey I’m all for suits and wear one every day I even have different suits with different fabrics for different seasons and even different times and most of the rest of my wardrobe is jackets dress pants to get a mod everyday wear instead of a 2 or 3 piece suits but dude your suits are like WAAAYYY too big and your ties WAY to thick for your knots you need your suit to fit on you and not have any extra fabric that should be inside the suit go to a tailor have your measurements and choose the fabric you want in your suit or have him choose according to what you want even with suits and “formalwear” you have different types of choices day, night, winter, summer, mid season, etc. Now regarding vintage suits even vintage suits fit the shoulders and have a smaller waist they are longer yes but still give the wearer a stylish and formal look now when buying used you need to know about how to really identify a cheap and expensive suits( Fabric, stitching, extra fabric inside the suit, extra buttons,etc) and Again measurements back waist arms neck, pants, etc) anyway you need to look for a fit or have a tailor fix the suit to your measurements now again you can tell him “I want a 1920’s 1930’s style suit” and they will make it that way but they will use your measurements because that is the only way to wear a suit otherwise it just makes you look sloppy and cheap now there are outdated suits that are cheaper YES but you have to be careful you don’t buy something that is really just a cheap suit. You need to also know about the diferent fabrics because that can give you a clue of the suits quality anyway this has gone too long now please don’t take this the wrong way it’s not to make you feel bad or me being nasty or even wanting to change your “style” it’s just that even with a vintage style there are certain rules if you will that make you dress like a gentleman because especially with the more vintage suits that’s what you are looking for anyway hope this helps you and if you have any questions just ask I’m always happy to help. Again don’t take it the wrong way just trying to help

  101. Jeronimo Garcia

    Jeronimo Garcia15 days ago

    Clipping your fingernails looks great too

  102. Matthew L'Heureux

    Matthew L'Heureux15 days ago

    It's not an age of a lifetime IT'S GWEEN

  103. Bo Zi

    Bo Zi15 days ago

    I'm guessing you wear a suit all the time because you are a pretty odd looking bird. Without the suit you would simply look like a carnival employee. With the suit, you look like the assistant manager at McDonald's, which is a step above 😆😆😆

  104. Josh Hause

    Josh Hause15 days ago

    E A R S

  105. Jared Kay

    Jared Kay15 days ago

    I know he likes the vintage and timeless looks, but who else thinks he would look fantastic in more tailored, fitted modern looks?