Why I wear suits all the time


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    Did you "dig" the "sick fits" as they say?

  2. 19flamingo92

    19flamingo9218 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek you should have done a face reveal in this video

  3. Silent Golden

    Silent GoldenMonth ago

    +vollsticks totes

  4. eli does random

    eli does randomMonth ago

    Mili A. Yes

  5. eli does random

    eli does randomMonth ago


  6. eli does random

    eli does randomMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek yes

  7. gymonx11

    gymonx1116 hours ago

    Sometimes you just gotta suit up

  8. Bram Van Hooydonck

    Bram Van HooydonckDay ago

    I don't mind that you wear a suit, but I definately recommend getting a smaller size suit or maybe get a tailored suit, if that's possible. I bet you'll do yourself a great pleasure!

  9. Pro Gaming

    Pro GamingDay ago

    Damn, cut your nails dude

  10. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekDay ago

    My response: mreporter.net/v/video-ymo0WJd1w0w.html

  11. Fritz Cockin

    Fritz Cockin2 days ago

    But there's always one consistency between all my videos. *EARS*

  12. Bubblegumhorror13

    Bubblegumhorror132 days ago

    I like that you wanted to just be you. Sometimes style of what you like doesn’t have to be (in style). Plus you could take this video and add it as a plan of what you want to do and just go for it ... who cares what everyone else thinks. And that is what I like about you.♥️

  13. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth Wigglesworth2 days ago

    I think tweed would suit you.

  14. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth Wigglesworth2 days ago

    When I look in your eyes I see loneliness. Detachment. I also see your an educated young man. My intuition says you have been bullied in actuality. Am I wrong?

  15. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth Wigglesworth2 days ago

    Who would wear a top hat?

  16. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth Wigglesworth2 days ago

    What job do you do?

  17. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth Wigglesworth2 days ago

    This guy looks more english than me

  18. Desarae Decamp

    Desarae Decamp2 days ago

    I thought perfect people didn't exist.

  19. nevspunk

    nevspunk2 days ago

    damn! this guy is the man

  20. Diortelon

    Diortelon3 days ago

    Hey, hey guys! Get a look of this dude! He looks so fancy and classy with those suits! I really wish I looked as well as he does!

  21. Dario da Silva

    Dario da Silva3 days ago

    You are the FUTURE Nigel Farage.

  22. TheChronic2000

    TheChronic20004 days ago

    Damn imagine you in a Gucci suit 🔥

  23. biomerc 84

    biomerc 845 days ago

    Good on you man. Respect.

  24. biomerc 84

    biomerc 845 days ago

    There’s one similarity EaRs

  25. Matthew Hartshorn

    Matthew Hartshorn6 days ago

    I love the suits. Forget the naysayers. :)

  26. Steezy Mac

    Steezy Mac6 days ago

    Cut your fingernails bruh. You already look 12, no need to complete the look.

  27. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek6 days ago

    My response: mreporter.net/v/video-ymo0WJd1w0w.html

  28. Danny DeVito

    Danny DeVito6 days ago

    I absolutely love this video. We don't deserve you.

  29. MzClementine

    MzClementine7 days ago

    I love your style. I knew instantly. This was a love of old time style. I too have many period pieces and I dress way different than those around me. In my home. I’m comfortable by when I leave. I dress for myself. Love hats and specialty pieces. Always get compliments. Keep being you love. Although I will admit, seeing you in a more tails suit would suit you very well. The tighter clothing will make your body look it’s size. Instead of hiding everything you do have. 😍

  30. Karina Candelario

    Karina Candelario7 days ago

    I picture you like a gangster from 1940's-50's, you just need a hat to match with the suits & you will kill it 😄

  31. zen zerkus

    zen zerkus7 days ago

    My favorite suit was the blue one, my second favorite was the black one with the white pocket square.

  32. Mt. Zod

    Mt. Zod7 days ago

    Also thought myself how to tie a tie in a pinch online and nailed it first try lol, love your suits brah

  33. Martin B

    Martin B7 days ago

    You have so much confidence it’s so admirable

  34. Sturm Tee

    Sturm Tee7 days ago

    How come you dont have a watch yet? ;)

  35. Roy Ansell

    Roy Ansell8 days ago

    Why do you look like a rat

  36. Insert your feelings [here]

    Insert your feelings [here]9 days ago

    You look so out of place in a suit

  37. Hybrid Vlogs

    Hybrid Vlogs9 days ago

    How many bitches do u slay?

  38. DavidD MLG

    DavidD MLG9 days ago

    You`re smart

  39. larry dude

    larry dude9 days ago

    because you are not right in the head

  40. Amoxap1ne

    Amoxap1ne4 days ago

    No one is "right in the head".

  41. I am individual

    I am individual9 days ago

    I love the way society used to dress in the 30's and 40's. So classy. So dignified.

  42. No No

    No No9 days ago

    "Pro Tip" for the guys... Suits are like lingerie for men. A well dressed man... is just so sexy.

  43. No No

    No No9 days ago

    "I'm not hearing it, it doesn't matter to me" ... Either you're channeling Marshawn Lynch, or he watches your videos.

  44. random stranger

    random stranger10 days ago


  45. Caleb Craft

    Caleb Craft10 days ago

    Dude you're an amazing person! This video really helped me today. I've been going thru a lot and it feels great watching this. Thank you for making this video man. You look hella fresh

  46. Tyler Tyler

    Tyler Tyler10 days ago

    There’s a old folktale that he is boss baby and he finally decided that it was time to stop drinking that secret antidote shit and grow up

  47. gameus boyius

    gameus boyius10 days ago

    Only report of the week can make a 24 minute vid about suits

  48. Z.A.N.A.

    Z.A.N.A.10 days ago

    He must get all the pussy from 1933

  49. xFiinn

    xFiinn10 days ago

    I'm not trying to sound nice. But I actually dig these outfits, they look cool man

  50. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis10 days ago

    Love the suit at 18:10 bro. Reminds me of Boardwalk Empire.

  51. phillip Bowls

    phillip Bowls10 days ago

    Hi. You seem somewhat malnourished to me. What's your diet like? Do you get any exercise? Have any hobbies?

  52. Mike Andrews

    Mike Andrews10 days ago

    Being yourself is the biggest fuck you to society.

  53. William Glass

    William Glass11 days ago

    You look like a gold fish that wants to be a real boy.

  54. Lanni Braga

    Lanni Braga11 days ago

    I just discovered your channel and i think is the community less toxic in this site , congrats mate you grown a great fanbase and a work surrealistic swett

  55. Lanni Braga

    Lanni Braga11 days ago

    That little wave was the cutest thing i saw today

  56. Eric Peña

    Eric Peña11 days ago

    Any opinion on the people calling you a god?

  57. customneonshirts

    customneonshirts11 days ago

    What? All these reasons? The first thing I thought is for getting women.

  58. ReaperOfTheNorthLegion

    ReaperOfTheNorthLegion11 days ago

    just get bigger and you will fit the suits better simple

  59. randle p. mcmurphy

    randle p. mcmurphy11 days ago

    Is he/she trans???

  60. ReaperOfTheNorthLegion

    ReaperOfTheNorthLegion11 days ago


  61. AAE Gaming

    AAE Gaming11 days ago


  62. Kat Green

    Kat Green11 days ago

    You absolutely need a tailored 3 piece royal blue suit. It would complement your hair and complexion. I think your look would only be amplified by more personally styled, updated suits with your vintage ties. Not that you don't currently look distinguished and dapper!

  63. Greg the Worm

    Greg the Worm12 days ago

    tl;dr it's his massive ego.

  64. Esk59

    Esk5912 days ago

    Let's close our eyes for five seconds and think about the suits. Omfg i cracked

  65. Tobbe E

    Tobbe E12 days ago

    I think suits and fancy clothing is really stiff and uncomfortable.

  66. blue cheese

    blue cheese12 days ago

    His image reminds me of death in supernatural. Keep up the videos I love your content.

  67. i am No one

    i am No one12 days ago

    honestly, solid life lessons from god.

  68. Darkend Smile

    Darkend Smile12 days ago

    "There's always one consistency Ears". I died ! 😂😂😂

  69. snazeq

    snazeq12 days ago

    He don't wear suits, suits wear him.

  70. Rosenberg

    Rosenberg12 days ago

    Suit Up!

  71. Rosenberg

    Rosenberg12 days ago

    You are Following the Barney’s Road.

  72. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez13 days ago


  73. T-BAG Production

    T-BAG Production13 days ago

    Why I never get bored watching his full videos? This man is amazing! He has style..

  74. zul !

    zul !13 days ago

    18:00 YES KING

  75. Historys Glare

    Historys Glare13 days ago

    Because you are classy

  76. Elene Mekvabishvili

    Elene Mekvabishvili13 days ago

    I think you look iresistibly handsome in these suits, keep it up. ;)

  77. Ailes

    Ailes13 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that I could fall in love with him if we knew each other in real

  78. suburbanwinemoms

    suburbanwinemoms13 days ago

    I can’t even describe how much I love this video. I also like to dress formally but am afraid of what judgements people may make on me.. whenever its really getting to me i watch this video, it makes me feel like I’m not all that weird for feeling happy when i wear suits and all that.. even though I dont all the time i still do a lot of times on the weekends like you did before (I’m in high school) and it blew me away you had such a similar experience.. it’s wild too that you were also inspired from history to dress like you do, I’m really into history and that’s where I got it from also! thank you reviewbrah you’re a blessing and an inspiration

  79. Vegas Chump

    Vegas Chump13 days ago

    Looks like lorde

  80. Niklaus Muller

    Niklaus Muller13 days ago

    You were a “ *Young Lad* ” as they said.

  81. Mad Cow

    Mad Cow13 days ago

    I think the suit is steampunk style.

  82. Augusto Miguel Rodriguez

    Augusto Miguel Rodriguez13 days ago

    Review brah is yoshikage kira

  83. Aska

    Aska13 days ago

    *E A R S*

  84. Hump Mater69

    Hump Mater6913 days ago

    Does he wear a suit pajama

  85. SixBladeKnife

    SixBladeKnife13 days ago

    Cheers from Spain man! You need an special kind of bravery to go against the stream, specially being young. You chose to do what made you feel good despite all the mean comments I'm sure you got when you started, and now people respect you (at least I do). Speaking boldly, I wish I had your balls back in the day.

  86. Gregory Michael Lawlor

    Gregory Michael Lawlor14 days ago

    Could you add some more details? What pants pockets do carry things like watches or bill folds. The hair style, do you trim your hair or do you go to a barber shop? That might make a good review! Just curios Thanks.

  87. Don Dan

    Don Dan14 days ago

    I love the blue one, it looks amazing!

  88. Lau2356

    Lau235614 days ago

    That 3 piece suit at the end of your fashion show looks really great on you

  89. Mara Nox

    Mara Nox14 days ago

    You look like someone who could rule the world someday. You are a breath of fresh air in comparison to how society is lately. Keep it up, don't let anyone dull your shine.

  90. Delicia Megary

    Delicia Megary14 days ago

    You sound and look very distinguished.


    TINA ΜΑΤΑΡΑΓΚΑ14 days ago

    You really are a breath of fresh air. A true gentleman.

  92. SpiritualSaurian

    SpiritualSaurian14 days ago

    I'll wear waistcoats (womens, considering the fact that i'm a woman) and I am always laughed at.

  93. Talking to the Internet

    Talking to the Internet14 days ago

    Ears... Curveball.

  94. Sue Travers

    Sue Travers14 days ago

    Love the double breasted very Handsome☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  95. Nepe king

    Nepe king14 days ago

    You're scarily similar to ted bundy like a funny version

  96. Nepe king

    Nepe king14 days ago

    1:55 i'm fucking screeeammiiing HAHAHAHAH "a l r i g h t"

  97. Matilde Carbonell

    Matilde Carbonell15 days ago

    Barney Stinson is proud of you

  98. DeadyBear

    DeadyBear15 days ago

    for anyone that says "the suits are too big for him" the modern suit is too small, they are supposed to fit loosely because its a non-stretch material, your blazer or jacket is NOT supposed to fit like a fucking spandex tee you uncultured cunts

  99. Xanthor The D&Demon

    Xanthor The D&Demon15 days ago

    God gave us an ANSWEEEEEER

  100. Alex Kingston

    Alex Kingston15 days ago

    Your outfits are always copacetic, man. I applaud you for dressing more formally, showing both modesty and dignity. Never stop looking dapper! Also, I'm totally jealous that you've got TCM. I had it years ago when I had Rogers Cable, as that is, afaik, the only Canadian provider that shows it. When I stumbled across it, it became the only thing that I watched when the TV was on. You really can't beat the classics! Really wish I could get it again.

  101. bo derrick

    bo derrick15 days ago

    You ought to check out a magazine called The Chap edited by Gustav Temple; he knows a thing or two about sartorial concerns. I think you'd like it, dude

  102. Talha Abbas

    Talha Abbas15 days ago

    This channel reminds me of Sheldon Cooper's Fun with flags

  103. Eizel Inoa

    Eizel Inoa15 days ago

    Love love the black suit with the vest and the $1 thrift store suit. Amazing my friend!!!

  104. ethan anderson

    ethan anderson16 days ago

    I don't think anyone cares that you wear suits, I think we're all just baffled as to why you wear suits made for men 200 pounds heavier than you. Also for the love of god, TRIM YOUR FUCKING NAILS, YOU'RE A "grown" MAN

  105. ethan anderson

    ethan anderson10 days ago

    I.....i apologize reviewbrah. I have no excuse, that was completely mean of me to say. I watch you every single day.

  106. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek10 days ago

    My response: mreporter.net/v/video-ymo0WJd1w0w.html

  107. Impulse 311

    Impulse 31116 days ago

    "Every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" ..

  108. Taco Tuesday

    Taco Tuesday16 days ago

    I love suits, and you look great in them :)

  109. Taco Tuesday

    Taco Tuesday16 days ago

    Don't listen to the haters!

  110. lilstatic

    lilstatic16 days ago

    He's a man in black 🕵🗣👥🕶

  111. Deveren Frimm

    Deveren Frimm16 days ago

    That's it! I always knew it but now it's confirmed!! He has ears on all of his videos!!! 👂