Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon?


  1. Anca Pucerea

    Anca Pucerea2 hours ago

    1-anyone not pass exosphere were temperature it 2.500 C degree,everything it conspiracy

  2. Mohan Kushwah

    Mohan Kushwah4 hours ago

    WTF R u saying ....

  3. Narko Warrior

    Narko Warrior10 hours ago

    That's the reason i don't believe people landed on moon

  4. 15,000 subscribers with no videos

    15,000 subscribers with no videos11 hours ago

    bcos they have never made it to the moon ;)

  5. Carlos Chavez

    Carlos Chavez19 hours ago

    All bullsh##t NASA was there on the moon. Due to budget cuts and scientific research getting to expensive and tv ratings also dropped NASA cut all flight.

  6. Peter Gruben

    Peter Gruben19 hours ago

    20%truth 80% lies!

  7. yungdung samten

    yungdung samten20 hours ago

    Cause its a waste of resources and money !



    But moon does not exist atmosphere. How is it possible?

  9. Everything Forest

    Everything ForestDay ago

    What a load of shit, disliked.

  10. Millenum

    MillenumDay ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-WeA7edXsU40.html Guess what, we're going back

  11. Kris Oluich

    Kris Oluich2 days ago

    Silicone-based alien spiders that love to feast on human brains? Am I close? I am close, right?

  12. Anamul Rasel

    Anamul Rasel2 days ago

    bag of Garbage's

  13. Tai WooDz

    Tai WooDz2 days ago

    Garbage pice of shits that humans are still believe that the fucking Americans visit the moon How stupid can you all be Once you get there there is no way to come back because you pice of shiet humans that all of you are you don’t have the tech to come back Plus on mars with that robot who took selfies on mars is anyone here who saw those photos with the robot ? Geezaz fucking crist what dumb fucking retards stupid pice of fucking bacteria s that all of you are You don’t even know our planet our waters oceans all they know is 5 % of our oceans and they know how is mars Unbelievable stupid fucking humans If i was a dictator I could be better than Hitler and kill all of you and after kill all the fucking planet I will shot my self in the head just to make God a favour

  14. Rico Pongyan

    Rico PongyanDay ago

    you don't have mind. that's a 1 way trip

  15. valli kalyan

    valli kalyan2 days ago

    Where is stars and did they left the camera man

  16. rippah05

    rippah052 days ago

    those who claim it’s fake better have a legit degree in this field.

  17. Francisco Villarreal

    Francisco Villarreal2 days ago

    Wow people are stupid. U.S.A. landed on the moon. The reason why we don't go back to the moon is because it costs too much and also there is NOTHING on the moon!!! We brought back moon rocks, but they are similar to Earth rocks that's about it. No reason to go back

  18. Kareem Salessi

    Kareem Salessi3 days ago

    Copy-Paste (NOT click) this link into FireFox browser to see why Apollos could NOT even lift off launch pad! NOT ONE INCH: mreporter.net/v/video-Vi6fjs_8Yx8.html&lc=Ugx39brZ54UvXsOaNp14AaABAg

  19. Kareem Salessi

    Kareem Salessi3 days ago

    Apollo-18-top-secret mission, recently leaked, final "REAL-NASA-MOON-FILM": mreporter.net/v/video-9WoM2bHfr48.html The National-Hero-Astronaut who filmed this real-video, seconds before his own demise, manged to beam this HD-footage back to earth, before he was crushed to death by this Moon-Native, who prevented the American invasion of the Moon, and its conversion into yet another super-toxic dumping-ground !

  20. Noalanie Rivera

    Noalanie Rivera3 days ago

    We never went to the moon. Neither to Mars. Earth is flat

  21. somenath majumder

    somenath majumder3 days ago

    Human never land in moon, it was just a CIA project with the help of Hollywood.

  22. Krid Adounsattapong

    Krid Adounsattapong3 days ago

    Because expensive and difficult way ( road ) to control ship straight, airmosphere flextitude [ signal ? ]

  23. dreamy mankini

    dreamy mankini3 days ago

    This didn't happen and clearly so fake, everybody knows the moon is made of cheese

  24. voceteo10 1

    voceteo10 13 days ago

    Because they realised it was a waste of time

  25. Ed James

    Ed James4 days ago

    Because it's expensive and there's nothing there

  26. arnold evers

    arnold evers4 days ago

    Certainly you all must know by now that Trump has announced that NASA has never even been able to go into space much less to the moon as they can't get past the DOMED FIRMAMENT. Check this out for yourselves and you shall become informed. Regards,

  27. madso 5

    madso 54 days ago

    kill the aliens an steal the equipment

  28. Mo Da

    Mo Da4 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like destiny concept art

  29. Steven Strawn

    Steven Strawn4 days ago

    Extra terrestrials.... lol You meant terrestrial beings or and demons

  30. Steven Strawn

    Steven Strawn4 days ago

    Returned to the moon? Hahahahah Thanks for the laugh...i needed it. NASA = biggest rookie actors lol But it is good for laughs. I love the seriousness in their faces when they stick to the nasa stories like it's really real. There's better places to go for acting lessons people.

  31. Allick Kuki

    Allick Kuki4 days ago

    I want to talk with Allien

  32. Edwin Amazona

    Edwin Amazona5 days ago

    Because they haven't

  33. ED Stockley

    ED Stockley5 days ago

    how do you return to where you have never been.....:)

  34. doberman

    doberman5 days ago

    How can there be plenty of film of the moon... yet NOT 1 photo of the Earth from space

  35. Dingiswayo Matayi

    Dingiswayo Matayi5 days ago


  36. Richard Jones

    Richard Jones6 days ago

    It's sad people always want to try and disprove we went there instead of celebrating that we did overcome the challenges and went there. It would have been the second biggest cover-up after religion if we didn't go there in the 70s.... llitraly thousands of people were involved with the moon landings

  37. Richard Jones

    Richard JonesDay ago

    Huge Bartlett it was disappointing after the moon landings for space exploration but I think we’re all intelligent enough to know that we just can’t afford any more space exploration. We have to realise that this planet we live on will be the one and only one we’re ever going to live on.

  38. Huge Bartlett

    Huge BartlettDay ago

    These events were celebrated for years afterwards,and the whole world waited for a stupendous follow-up which would launch us into space at last. It was all intended as a curtain raiser to space exploration,and we awaited the arrival of new heroes who would be stepping off to the stars. But what have we seen? Nothing but disappointments and lies and excuses for decades,so how can anybody wonder at the hostile feelings of today? We all feel let down by the whole miserable fiasco it has become. Only a new endeavour will encourage people to react positively towards NASA and space exploration in the future.

  39. Heero Yuy

    Heero Yuy6 days ago

    I don’t come here for the video, I come here to look at the flat earthers trying to convince people that their argument works and then utterly get shut down by actual facts instead of a the top 10 conspiracies video watched on MReporter a few mins ago.

  40. Alex Duggan

    Alex Duggan6 days ago

    what a load of shit

  41. Bobbie Carroll

    Bobbie Carroll7 days ago

    Go to Eric Carroll my ghost story and More video bi got

  42. Rose Faith Angel

    Rose Faith Angel7 days ago

    Nasa never went. No one did. Satan is the great liar and deceiver. Jesus will come.

  43. Joseph Finnegan

    Joseph Finnegan7 days ago

    Why hasn't NASA returned to the moon? ? According to Eric Dubay they NEVER WENT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! !!!😀😀😀😁😁😁!!!

  44. Mason Mckeown

    Mason Mckeown7 days ago

    This is so bullshit

  45. William R

    William R7 days ago

    Moon = danger.

  46. Jake Denham

    Jake Denham7 days ago

    truthfully i live in seaside oregon were i hsve lived the last 5 years. 3 years ago i was coming home from a special gifted christmas party were we helped people with mental dissabilities get together and celebrate christmas we were there till around 11:30 pm in a resturant in astoria, as we were driving through the woods coming from astoria going through warrenton we went around a corner at about 20 mph it was 11:57 pm i remember it clear as day because i looked up at the cresent moon on a clear night and saw a blueish glow comibg towards us we slowed to to a stop and all we heard was crickets chirping while, im not shitting u a flying saucer with 2 engines goes right over the top of us i asked my friend taylor if we could follow but we were driving 1 of the guys name bill home to his house in gearhart, he said no its too late i said this is a once in a lifetime experience please!!! he said no. we took him home and i went to bed. i woje up went to work at CRS thrift shop were i was working and my boss cathie came over and said did u hear what happened i said no what she said a good friend of hers caught the UFO on camera an recorded it she showed me the video he put on facebook as well as photos. later when i got home i looked it up to my astonishment his whole facebook account was deleted and all his friends were gone. ive had friends tell me i was lieing so i took a polygraph test and passed with flying colors. i said i would take a brain/retnel scan test the FBI uses t prove i am telling the truth.

  47. DopeOner The Artist

    DopeOner The Artist7 days ago

    The reason why NASA has it return to the moon is because It never made it to the moon.

  48. Scoza

    Scoza8 days ago

    The moon orbits the earth in 29+ days and the moon goes closer to the sun while orbiting the earth so it will be impossible to survive that much heat on the moon when the moons closer to the sun compared to earth. How would they know when to depart to the moon without getting fried ?

  49. Daniel Shamu

    Daniel Shamu8 days ago

    We never went to begin with

  50. Hikmat Hikmat

    Hikmat Hikmat8 days ago


  51. Abu Coulibaly

    Abu Coulibaly8 days ago

    how do you know

  52. DoYouWantsomesugawithyourtae?

    DoYouWantsomesugawithyourtae?8 days ago

    Lien A. is short for Lien Armstrong Now if Lien A. backwards is A. lien it looks like alien so is he. ahuman or. not

  53. Raido Raud

    Raido Raud8 days ago

    How could NASA return to moon if they haven't even been there before!

  54. Dark Minds Media

    Dark Minds Media8 days ago

    Isn't it funny people believe jesus and god without any need of credible evidence yet they find it so hard to believe the moon landing.

  55. Sean Kimble

    Sean Kimble8 days ago

    Cnt return to somewhere u never been too

  56. Dark Star

    Dark Star8 days ago

    [Eye Roll].....oh yeah....the aliens....again....

  57. Yaseen Morgan

    Yaseen Morgan9 days ago

    Nobody has been on the Fuckin moon!!

  58. Gary Dorsky

    Gary Dorsky9 days ago

    Cause they never been on the moon in the first place

  59. oilersridersbluejays

    oilersridersbluejays9 days ago

    People seriously believe the moon landings were faked?! Let me guess, you guys also believe the Earth is flat and everything on Ancient Aliens really occurred. Fucking conspiracy cunts.

  60. Mike -_-

    Mike -_-9 days ago

    I can't believe all these people saying that we never went to the moon. Do you even know how many people would have to keep quiet? Why would thousands of NASA employees, the russians and australians lie about this moon landing. Why on earth would the sovjets lie about the moon landing, they were America's enemy's at the time. And why would some random australians lie about picking up the live tv signal from space? What reason would they have? Asking one person to lie is possible, maybe two as well. But try telling your entire class at school a deep dark secret and ask them all to not tell anyone. It's impossible to let over 400.000 people lie to everyone without 1 person breaking. It's just not possible.

  61. just some guy

    just some guy2 hours ago

    Adam sent you didn't he

  62. Autumn

    Autumn9 days ago

    What if I told you that we have never left the Moon, and that we have never been to Earth? O_O

  63. Yes my Young lord

    Yes my Young lord9 days ago

    The moon landing was faked call me idiot but it’s true if you research it

  64. HowlingBlue

    HowlingBlue10 days ago

    ok a lot of people say we never went to the moon THEN WHY DA HELL DOES IT SAY IN MY SCHOOLBOOK THAT THEY WENT TO DA MOON I F HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

  65. Opurno Islam

    Opurno Islam11 days ago

    If the moon is aliens home then we should be preparer for war... Because if human can fight each other for place, food etc then one day aliens will be kick our butt's that's for sure.👽👽👽🙊

  66. demon feline

    demon feline11 days ago

    In my opinion, if NASA revealed these photos , the public would careless because we already know there's life out there. But than the fake media would blow it out of portion.

  67. Jason Eddleston

    Jason Eddleston11 days ago

    Never been to the moon

  68. Ivan Simms

    Ivan Simms11 days ago

    What a bucket of PISS-Dribble!! If the Americans didn't make it to the Moon the Chinese & especially the Russians would be only too happy to say so to the Rest of the World assuming they have the capacity to Observe anything the Americans have Done or Not done from any distance at all in the past 50 years! And Wacky Science-Fiction tails of "Aliens" are insulting to even the most 'Below' average intelligence! The Reason nobody's gone back to the Moon is because while they were about the business of confirming that the Moon isn't made of Cheese, they ALSO discovered that it's Not made of ANYTHING ELSE worth as much as the cost of traveling to the nearest Earthly Desert to scoop-up with a table-spoon! BUT if there was actually anything ON the Moon that could make somebody Rich & especially if there was something there to make a more powerful Weapon with, you can Bet your ASS Governments would move Heaven & Earth to build a ladder of Gold & Silver plated Human-Bones all the way to the Moon if that's what it took to GET it!!

  69. Autumn

    Autumn9 days ago

    I agree. Of course we've been to the Moon. To say otherwise is just stupid. Where do you think all the nazi lizard people are hiding?

  70. jim morgan

    jim morgan11 days ago

    They did go.. they didnt go. Past caring.

  71. Jonni Liquid

    Jonni Liquid12 days ago

    There is no Dark Side of the moon The opposite side is completely illuminated by the sun so how can it be dark

  72. Moscow Mahi

    Moscow Mahi12 days ago

    USA landed on moon itself is a fucking lie.... fuck all ur theories and shit.

  73. arrivagabry

    arrivagabry12 days ago

    I don't get people that think Elvis is still alive, I don't get people that think we never went on the moon either. What would the US gain by a hoax? We were in a space race against the Soviets, we won they lost, they certainly were not our friends at the time, we were enemies, how can anyone think that the Soviets would keep their mouths shut if we never went to the moon? They were defeated, if we never went on the moon they would have known and told the entire world just to shame us, but that never happened because they knew we went. It was not a mission impossible the moon is not that far away, and we have the technology.

  74. Riley Collins

    Riley Collins12 days ago

    Why would they go back? There is no reason too right now. They know everything they need to know. Why waste all that money on transporting them?

  75. Ollie Hicks

    Ollie Hicks12 days ago

    Bull Shit !!!

  76. william geddes

    william geddes12 days ago

    i dont believe anything nasa says

  77. White Shadow

    White Shadow13 days ago

    Ik why NASA havent returned to moon bc they faker they was on moon noone ever was on moon from earth

  78. Damagedone56

    Damagedone5613 days ago

    If u ask Eddie bravo they faked 6 moon landings

  79. iron man

    iron man13 days ago

    Best actor of hollywood is neil armstrong and best sponsor NASA.😂😂😂

  80. Springly ACE

    Springly ACE13 days ago

    Then why would u even lie about it in the first place.. to keep people entertained?

  81. SP prem sarimella

    SP prem sarimella13 days ago

    Moon contains Gravity. Then how these people hav returned from MOON. whether moon contains space ship launchers exactly to match their NASA launcher ?.

  82. rodney blanchard

    rodney blanchard13 days ago

    The moon is made of cheese

  83. Derick Walker

    Derick Walker13 days ago


  84. Robert Severson

    Robert Severson13 days ago

    Because we haven't been there in the first place


    DEAD POOL14 days ago

    Who in the world would believe this!!

  86. Frederick_YZ-0945 STL

    Frederick_YZ-0945 STL14 days ago

    I'm firmly convinced that I'm not firmly convinced. But, they do have rockets that can exceed the escape velocity necessary to clear earth orbit and landers that can reach the moon, and the technology to put a human on the moon. So, while they're playing with rockets that go that high, they may as well drop off a few humans, just for fun.

  87. Aditya Jha

    Aditya Jha14 days ago

    There is no dark side of the moon tools who believe it

  88. Ne Ararsan Var

    Ne Ararsan Var15 days ago

    I don't believe moon landing .NASA Lie .Mond landung ist Hollywood Film,Regisseur ist Kubrick

  89. Lawrence Ballack

    Lawrence Ballack15 days ago

    Why hasn't NASA returned to them moon? Because they never went to the moon to begin with.

  90. d mar

    d mar15 days ago


  91. Lifestyle8durty1

    Lifestyle8durty115 days ago

    You know this is true if Hollywood made a movie about it to warn us!!! But like always where so stupid if you don’t wake up Transformer dark of the moon 🌚 welcome


    ROY@AL PRINCE15 days ago

    if they exist they will surely visit earth.....idiot


    ROY@AL PRINCE15 days ago

    only the idiots will believe this theory like YOU!!!!

  94. pmwedoable

    pmwedoable15 days ago

    My sources say we are moving to venus in a couple years .my source is a song on lady Gaga's album artpop VENUS!!!!

  95. Rai Muresan

    Rai Muresan16 days ago

    Why they never went back ?....bcz they were never there 👽 Pile of sht nasa is full of bs and liars , dnt know even 10% of your own planets oceans and you want to go out in space

  96. J. Gona

    J. Gona16 days ago

    OR.. it's just a big space rock (without an atmosphere) and nobody wants to spend the money required to get there.. AGAIN..

  97. leji hafizi

    leji hafizi16 days ago

    Nipu hanyarrr. Mat saleh kuat nipu. Hahah. Isap gam kuat.

  98. Kratos Gutierrez

    Kratos Gutierrez16 days ago

    Someone kicked there ass off for a reason

  99. Larry Stevens

    Larry Stevens16 days ago

    The moon is flat, Donald Trump is not a bag of hot ass wind and the phythagorean theorem is Fake Math.

  100. Andrew B

    Andrew B17 days ago

    Visit www.aulis.com You will find many articles by scientists from around the world, including a British Professor of Mathematics, proving the Apollo lunar landings were faked.

  101. Andrew B

    Andrew B17 days ago

    You cannot return to a place you have not been to before.

  102. TheReal YungFlo

    TheReal YungFlo17 days ago

    Aliens are real because we cant be the only life in the whole solor system.. Lets be real.. But hiding on the moon?... Nahh. Then again we don't know who has more knowledge.. Us or them..

  103. Henry Lafromboise

    Henry Lafromboise17 days ago

    Who cares

  104. bill j

    bill j17 days ago

    If we were warned to not come back. Wonder what would happen if we did go back... Just curious.

  105. eddie mclaren

    eddie mclaren17 days ago




    EVALUATION: Humans have a lot of imagination.