Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon?


  1. Darren Turnbow

    Darren Turnbow2 hours ago

    They never went to the moon idots

  2. Dimitri Khalezov

    Dimitri Khalezov15 hours ago

    Russian president Vladimir Putin on Moon landing: mreporter.net/v/video-Lkl56gX4_QU.html

  3. Strive

    Strive18 hours ago

    funniest BS ever

  4. brian flowers

    brian flowers18 hours ago

    no other country has even attempted to send man to the moon....I wonder why?

  5. boopr doopr

    boopr doopr22 hours ago

    They never went back cause there is no fucking point to going back

  6. Raoul Duke

    Raoul DukeDay ago

    Liquid filled shoes is what they used to walk across the moon without leaving a clue

  7. Don Hurst

    Don HurstDay ago

    to the moon Alice! to the moon!

  8. Michael Ryan

    Michael RyanDay ago

    Sad ugly truth is America's young are too lazy playing computer games. The view of the young is since we have been there then there is no reason to return, mining the moon, moving into space to colonize and advancing our future falls on deaf ears.

  9. ninjahawk

    ninjahawkDay ago

    Because they were never there


    ROLKANEXDay ago

    This is bull shit So you’re trying to tell me aliens have bubble heads and mushrooms shaped space ships, bullshit lies

  11. Michael Deth

    Michael DethDay ago


  12. Michael Deth

    Michael DethDay ago

    Great question. If they “did go” and “set foot” on the moon decades ago, wouldn’t you think that there would be not only bases, but colonies by now. The BS that aliens already are on the moon already is utterly ridiculous. If they are preventing the colonization of the moon, they would also prevent that so called space station from “hanging” in space. If you had control to colonize the moon, you would also have control of space, 😂😂😂

  13. Peter Gadd

    Peter GaddDay ago

    And no other country has been there either...you dont have to be to smart to understand that.

  14. Peter Gadd

    Peter GaddDay ago

    They haven't returned to the moon.because they never went there.its a hoax.

  15. The gaming freak 234

    The gaming freak 234Day ago

    It’s bc space dust eats through Kevlar and it’s so sharp I can get into you’re blood stream and they are trying to make something stronger bc it apparently chewed through seven layers of Kevlar on the boots

  16. Royce Hanson

    Royce HansonDay ago

    WOW people actually believe this shit? stupid stupid stupid people

  17. blacklion1 Lion

    blacklion1 LionDay ago

    Cuz its expensive af and we can get same info with machines at or looking at the moon? Why would Aliens pick the fucking moon. A piece of rock. LOOOOOOOL

  18. eric heine

    eric heine2 days ago

    If we went to the Moon? We never stopped going to the Moon. Mankind does not have that much self-control. The military probably took over the operation. It only takes 3 days. The space shuttle has a large cargo bay. Bring some snacks. Classified top secret. Iron American Dream on MReporter. Take a right across the Promised Land. Manifest Destiny.

  19. sweetgman46

    sweetgman462 days ago

    Can NOT RETURN to some place you have not been.

  20. Frosty

    Frosty2 days ago

    We’re going back this year or early next year so suck it

  21. Leo Veyne

    Leo Veyne2 days ago

    Hhhhhhm, because they never fucking went to the moon lol, Jesus guys, come on!

  22. Jakob Ellis

    Jakob Ellis2 days ago

    i fall asleep whenever i try to listen to this guy's voice :')

  23. Fast Pony

    Fast Pony2 days ago

    Went to the moon and kept a "top secret" bullshit. How will we progress if they will always make a "top secret" bullshitery? In short, they never went to the moon.

  24. RealStoopKid

    RealStoopKid2 days ago

    There is no point to go back..

  25. IiWaffleLordiI

    IiWaffleLordiI2 days ago

    They haven't returned because it was too expensive.

  26. kamenwaticlients

    kamenwaticlients2 days ago

    I see their CVIs aren't working. Give me your Global I need to contact Sandoval.

  27. Jason

    Jason2 days ago

    Why isn't there a rover on the moon, lying ass crackers...

  28. brave forever

    brave forever3 days ago

    Cause they never been

  29. yung rico

    yung rico3 days ago

    the Bible says that there are aliens 🤷🏻‍♂️

  30. Dr Simon Fox

    Dr Simon Fox3 days ago


  31. Liesbeth De Vries

    Liesbeth De Vries3 days ago

    Wow - aliens 😅

  32. Andy Guy CantYouLift

    Andy Guy CantYouLift3 days ago

    Why? Because its expensive as shit. Thats why.

  33. james smith

    james smith4 days ago

    9 trillion of the tax payers money has vanished, they are either building something or doing stuff descretly, the U.S already has a 600bn a year war budget.

  34. Oren Kitt

    Oren Kitt4 days ago

    my only question: why would anyone put a reptilian tongue on his logo ? ?

  35. Febrian Chrityansen Nara Djo

    Febrian Chrityansen Nara Djo4 days ago

    Time to watch american retard saying "never went to the moon". This is gonna be good,,,

  36. ExperiencedGhost

    ExperiencedGhost5 days ago

    The first images in the intro of this video are showing an astronaut hooked on wires.

  37. DeathStroke

    DeathStroke5 days ago

    NASA admitted they couldn't get through Van Allen belts radiation

  38. Andrew Abboud

    Andrew Abboud5 days ago

    Fake news, they never even went to the moon. Fucking liars and cowards, NASA and the fucking government

  39. Little_ZAZA_prime

    Little_ZAZA_prime5 days ago

    If we return to moon, that aliens will destroy us. And NASA know it.

  40. Dieseluk2k

    Dieseluk2k5 days ago

    NASA gets to the moon... NASA guy: we come in peac... Alien: *pumps shotgun* ger oof maa land!

  41. dantealighieri1265

    dantealighieri12655 days ago

    Now here is the thing. No matter what you believe, no matter if you believe we didn't went to the moon like I do, or if you believe we have been there, we as normal persons can't prove either one. We can't just make our own investigation and fly to the moon and back. But apart from all so called "conspiracy theories" surrounding this topic and all arguments trying to prove those wrong, one thing that really makes me 100% believe we never went to the moon is a really basic one. The behaviour of the persons that allegedly went to the moon. I am not psychologist or expert on body language whatsoever, but I have a really good sense for the nature of a human. Now just look at the press conferences after the apollo 11 mission! Look at the other rare interviews or public appearances of those "astronauts"! Do they really behave like the alleged worldwide heroes they are? Heroes that accomplished the greatest achievement of mankind? No they don't. You have to be no expert to interpret their behaviour. You can clearly see that they seem like to be attending a funeral, rather than the press conference of the greatest achievement of mankind. You can clearly see the shame on their faces, no smile, every difficult question asked gets avoided somehow. Also they retired immediately afterwards and public appearances of the greatest heroes of mankind became a very rare event. And even in those rare events, you could still see their remorse and shame, like Neil Armstrong in the 90's when he almost started to cry while talking and indirectly hinting this big lie.

  42. Ni Made Radyaning

    Ni Made Radyaning5 days ago

    i was actually buying this whole thing until they drop "because it is secretly inhabited by a sophisticated alien civilisation" shit

  43. john woody

    john woody5 days ago

    Hi, there is so much evidence that there is alien life on the dark side of the moon this is indisputable. The problem with inhabiting the dark side of the moon is that it is in permanent darkness and is no use to earthlings, the aliens on the other hand must have evolved to live without UV radiation. I think NASA is frightened to go back to the moon in case they upset the resident aliens. Why doesn't NASA just come out and tell us the truth? Why do they keep this knowledge to themselves. Have they been able to take IR photos of these aliens and their buildings? Could NASA send a special satellites to orbit the moon with an IR camera and send back the images? How long do we think that aliens have been monitoring our activity on earth? 100 years, 1,000 years, 10,000 years? Are they waiting for a time when we would be vulnerable to an attack? I reckon we should nuke the dark side of the moon before they nuke us!!

  44. Teddi786 OG

    Teddi786 OG5 days ago

    If there is aliens there use your fucking head they went back to the moon 6 times

  45. Bruce Banner 5280

    Bruce Banner 52805 days ago

    Lol Allens don’t exist

  46. joco2k

    joco2k5 days ago

    What percentage of viewers actually believe this garbage? The fact that there was never a manned landing on the moon is outrageous enough but then to add insult to any vestige of intelligence from the viewer, they claim dangerous aliens 👽 👽 live on the far side of the moon and that’s why NASA hasn’t returned. Forrest Gump says, “How stupid is stupid?!” 🤪 🌒

  47. Joey sims

    Joey sims5 days ago

    These videos are old AF... Humans have never in the history of nigga dumb have been to the moon😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Kieran0223

    Kieran02235 days ago

    I wish I was president so I had all the answers to this

  49. alpha beta

    alpha beta6 days ago

    Because they never went there in the first place.

  50. Blue

    Blue6 days ago

    photo labs, to fake the video?

  51. Blue

    Blue6 days ago

    because of dame tu cosita

  52. kash

    kash6 days ago

    Wow what a load of a crap 💩

  53. That was SAVAGE

    That was SAVAGE6 days ago

    Simple ..... WE NEVER WENT THERE IN THE 1st Place.

  54. Rúnar Smárason

    Rúnar Smárason6 days ago

    This fucking people that write shit like that is the blame that real conspiracy theories are dismissed and are put in the same category as this fucking shit !!

  55. intelin123

    intelin1236 days ago

    Because they were never there. Watch capricorn one. Same crap except on this one they go to mars and they try to kill the astronauts.

  56. Mega

    Mega6 days ago

    But theres no reason to go back there. There will never be a colony there because theres no food/water so in best case its gonna become a big storage/mine/lab.

  57. asleepinthealley

    asleepinthealley6 days ago

    Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon? Because we've never left Earth's atmosphere. How would a Rocket propel itself in the infinite vacuum of Space?

  58. Milo The Russian Blue

    Milo The Russian Blue6 days ago

    This is silly. If there is an advanced alien race on the moon, what reason would they possibly have to hide from us? That’s like me hiding from the ant hill in my backyard.

  59. Dolster 99

    Dolster 996 days ago

    It's not what's on the moon. It's what's inside the moon... Its not hard to dig alot deeper into this

  60. Satorid Widzisz

    Satorid Widzisz7 days ago


  61. dantealighieri1265

    dantealighieri12657 days ago

    so we haven't been there since 72. We still don't know shit about our moon. The moon is still like our ocean, unexplored and full with resources. Yet even 46 years later we don't care about solving this mystery and collecting precious materials? If we were able to get to the moon 46 (!) fucking years ago, it should be able with our modern technology easily and much more cost efficient then back then. And still, nothing. I even remember one interview with a NASA official who said that they "lost" the technology to go back to the moon. Like wtf? You lost the technology from almost 50 years ago? This would be like someone saying he forgot how to swim, or how to ride a bicycle, or how to walk. There is something very fishy about the whole moon programs of the past.

  62. dantealighieri1265

    dantealighieri12657 days ago


  63. MrEdUrAt

    MrEdUrAt7 days ago

    dantealighieri1265 Please provide links to these experiments

  64. dantealighieri1265

    dantealighieri12657 days ago

    you think wrong, we know very little actually. We don't know why the mass of the moon is so low despite it's size. We don't know why in one experiment the moon vibrated for a hour and rang like a bell. There are many things we don't know. Did anyone ever drill deeper into the ground? I don't think so.

  65. MrEdUrAt

    MrEdUrAt7 days ago

    I think we know everything there is to know about moon, no need to go back.

  66. PT Stuff

    PT Stuff7 days ago

    105 billion today plz don't lie

  67. Para Pitro

    Para Pitro7 days ago

    Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon? Just because it never happened. Unexplained mysteries on the moon? Here are some...straight from NASA www.creationism.org/books/nasalunar/

  68. The Gawd Himself

    The Gawd Himself7 days ago

    Anybody 2047?

  69. Thankmelater

    Thankmelater8 days ago

    The reason is simple. Everyone will clearly see through their lies now. Technology is very advance now will be easy to se through it

  70. Victor Otero

    Victor Otero8 days ago

    Really! They never went to the moon. Because they can't.

  71. שיר לוי

    שיר לוי8 days ago

    Cz they r looking for santa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Mike Bates

    Mike Bates8 days ago

    Mike Bates I think instead of building all these facy space crats, the focus should be turning the moon into the space craft if your gonna explore the universe ride in style 💡

  73. Tbone Touch Hadebe

    Tbone Touch Hadebe8 days ago

    NASA waste American tax payer money. They never been to the moon. No pne is leaving Earth..Deal with it..Move on!!

  74. JJ Elpeso Condor

    JJ Elpeso Condor8 days ago

    Pure marijuana...!!

  75. Henning Diesel

    Henning Diesel8 days ago

    The much likelier explanation is they never went to the moon in the first place. No aliens; just a hoax for political reasons from the get go.

  76. Nazi King

    Nazi King8 days ago

    They never landed there cus the US is full of shit and has the country as its fuckn puppet

  77. cport4lyfe

    cport4lyfe8 days ago

    We are only allowed to have satellites in space and small space stations . The Tru rulers won't allow anything else bcuz that would let out the secret.

  78. Sourabh Karmakar

    Sourabh Karmakar8 days ago

    Inhumans city Atillan

  79. Chester Mccheesyton

    Chester Mccheesyton8 days ago

    Not to mention the shards of rocks are as sharp as knives and cut into space suits. Do you know how much one of them things cost!?

  80. Chester Mccheesyton

    Chester Mccheesyton8 days ago

    Because the cost and effort to launch a space craft and people to a big dumb rock is pointless and a waste of time and money.

  81. Ryan Mckamie

    Ryan Mckamie9 days ago

    All you curious 9 year olds don’t believe this shit it’s not real

  82. James Richardson

    James Richardson9 days ago

    Why hadn't NASA returned to the moon??🤔🤔 Simple,,,,, they never went to begin with. When you think about it it's more mysteries here on earth than anywhere else.

  83. jimmy wayne

    jimmy wayne9 days ago

    Its not about UFO´s or aliens.. Its about USA never having reached the moon. But china will change that when they land latest 2025 and possibly become the first humans to set foot on the moon. They will have no problem at all proving if Theres any leftovers/evidence of american presence on the moon. If Theres no flag then there have been no Americans on the moon.

  84. swapnil roy

    swapnil royDay ago

    Cory Kunze no they didn't go to the moon because during Apollo mission buzz neil Aldrin they faked the distance as if they were half way to the moon but in reality they just rotating earth at low orbit and from a small round shape glass window they are showing earths small part as full earth and next day they were on the moon how is this possible if they half way to the moon. Man never went to moon wake-up dude

  85. Cory Kunze

    Cory Kunze5 days ago

    jimmy wayne I would think the Soviet Union wouldn't have confirmed that USA was on the moon if they weren't there. Every piece of "proof" that says we didn't go actually says we did. It's just a conspiracy theory for the scientifically ignorant. Like flat Earth.

  86. Phill Robinson

    Phill Robinson9 days ago

    Because they were never there in the first place?

  87. pspcraft

    pspcraft9 days ago

    IT never happened in the first place, moreover if it did - how did the camera crew arrive first to see them disembark the lunar module?

  88. j smith

    j smith9 days ago

    I wonder what aliens think of us? like. do they think when we humans go to the moon do they think like "it's a human!! we have to put this on the news!! ". like what do they think of us

  89. Cicilia Strijdom

    Cicilia Strijdom9 days ago

    They were never there 🎃. Must be frustrating to keep on faking ☃️

  90. Ronald Martens

    Ronald Martens9 days ago

    Why not have a satellite show the flag that is put on the moon. This way we all can be convinced humans were in fact on the moon in 1969. Well, there perhaps are aliens inhabiting the moon. We are not the only life in the cosmos. NASA had live Isil feeds that's now stopped and livestream that often had technical issues. That's because it's been monitored 24 hours to take it offline anytime something is not supposed to be there. I mean how do we build a craft to protect ourselves from the radiation. And the moon is 1/6 gravity of earth. This is why men in black three gave a clue when the man on the moon escaped prison and jumped very high.

  91. nicktesla45

    nicktesla459 days ago

    They ever went to begin with !! You MORONS !!

  92. Madeleine Hubtalo

    Madeleine Hubtalo9 days ago

    Äh!!! Snick snack

  93. askaboutcortexbomb

    askaboutcortexbomb9 days ago

    Because it costs 100 billion dollars, duhr. & it's hard when you have to take a poop and you have a spacesuit on.

  94. QuestionYourActionsOrITrollmore

    QuestionYourActionsOrITrollmore10 days ago

    Money problems.

  95. Roguishly Handsome

    Roguishly Handsome10 days ago

    It is way too expensive to explorer both the solar system and the Moon at the same time. The truly unknown and unseen is not on the very close and observable Moon.

  96. Roguishly Handsome

    Roguishly Handsome10 days ago

    So these hypothetical aliens are monitoring Earth from the dark side of the Moon, in secret, keeping out of sight, and yet they just came out in the open when astronauts reached the Moon and suspiciously trailed then, in plain sight, for the whole mission? Come on, be serious.

  97. John Smith

    John Smith10 days ago

    They miss it on the first 5 landings? We have telescopes that can spot a golf ball on the moon now , I think we can spot buildings.

  98. Jonathan Decosta

    Jonathan Decosta10 days ago

    Wait, are the beings at Nasa human? Why are they needing to go anywhere other than Earth? These are the relative laws by which our bodies are governed. Spend all those billions of dollars fixing your mess here on earth. When this group of humans die at nasa, what are the next generation going to waste billions of dollars on? How about seeing a psychologist to understand how smart humans CAN'T seem to value properly their position here on Earth. It's absolutely ludicrous how smart stupid humans are.

  99. Justin Sechrist

    Justin Sechrist10 days ago

    The Simpson's had us in the snow globe ya no.. There never wrong . lol

  100. Brigham Kaneki

    Brigham Kaneki10 days ago

    It's because the moon is a hologram

  101. Michele Saylor

    Michele Saylor10 days ago

    alien fish stank is all over nasa wake up sheep

  102. Michele Saylor

    Michele Saylor10 days ago

    alien fish stank is all over nasa wake up sheep

  103. Abhinav Sathvik

    Abhinav Sathvik10 days ago

    What is the reason for them to go again

  104. Alai Konyak Wangnao

    Alai Konyak Wangnao10 days ago


  105. Stosh Y

    Stosh Y10 days ago

    Fear leads to the dark side

  106. Utobia 048

    Utobia 04810 days ago

    Acually, why go to the moon again? The only reason we went to the moon was to beat the Soviet Union in the space race. Going to the moon is expensive and has NO purpose.