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Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon?


  1. Alltime Conspiracies

    Alltime Conspiracies3 months ago

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  2. akasteve ps

    akasteve psMonth ago

    wowso refreshing to see the comments, never knew so many people had woken up to the truth, that we never went to the moon awesome

  3. akasteve ps

    akasteve psMonth ago

    how do you return to somewhere you have never been before?

  4. ///AMG

    ///AMGMonth ago

    Alltime Conspiracies they haven’t return because they never went if they did trust me they would be to the moon once a year! Now we suppose to believe aliens on the dark side of the moon lol this is bullshit

  5. 1BigHead 2Sameshoes

    1BigHead 2SameshoesMonth ago

    Earth administrator's complained about humans being disrespectful and playing golf on the Moon.

  6. legnivetz

    legnivetz2 months ago

    is the narrator Jimmy Somerville for real?!

  7. EntityRocknRolla1

    EntityRocknRolla16 hours ago

    Very clever indeed. This is actually a conspiracy on its own, seeing that the moon landing itself is allegedly a big hoax and purposefully increasingly more population are now believing that is the truth, SO, it only makes sense to have a conspiracy within a conspiracy to debunk a growing conspiracy, that is the truth. My respect for this channel IS at its lowest and what were these guys even thinking, or not, but I must say, I had a good giggle at how much the serious narrative and production pyrotechnics these guys put in to make this ‘not laughable’. Like I said...I had a good giggle.

  8. mokiloke

    mokilokeDay ago

    We havent been back because people have got dumber idiocracy style. The evidence of this is in the number of Moon Hoaxers now in circulation, who have no ability of rational thought. You heard it, people are now too dumb.

  9. Craig O neill

    Craig O neillDay ago

    Because it’s boring

  10. CodA2501

    CodA25012 days ago

    They found the Hive.

  11. Sir Joe

    Sir Joe2 days ago

    Very funny! No one has ever been in the moon. Morons

  12. Chris p

    Chris p3 days ago

    We don't return to the moon because it's a big ball of nothing. just rocks and dust. NOTHING!!. We already went there so why go back!?. We wan't to go to mars because it could possibly support life. Earth's moon can't. There is nothing there for us. So why go back.

  13. Abhishek Dipankal

    Abhishek Dipankal4 days ago

    Because they never went shut the fuck up that they got some aliens and all bullshit. Get lost with your stupid video.

  14. WillKYT

    WillKYT5 days ago

    This guy is just chatting shit.

  15. tetrodotoxin RJA

    tetrodotoxin RJA5 days ago

    maann.. our kitchen has so mysteries like this..

  16. ProGaming27_YT

    ProGaming27_YT6 days ago


  17. Farid khan Khilji

    Farid khan Khilji6 days ago

    Because of chuck Norris

  18. Hannibal Irasius

    Hannibal Irasius6 days ago

    Because the aliens won't let them xD

  19. Hayd

    Hayd8 days ago

    NASA would not know.... they have never had a man on the moon. when will the bullshit end..

  20. Anubisofthedead Reaper

    Anubisofthedead Reaper8 days ago

    We really need to try to colonize a planet since we are ruining ours and will soon be overpopulated

  21. ET Music

    ET Music8 days ago

    0:03 *Jazz music Plays*

  22. Mērs TV

    Mērs TV9 days ago

    Take ak 47 whit u and go tho the moon agen just do it noob

  23. M USMAN

    M USMAN9 days ago

    Because next home is Mars not moon because earth not more good after 100 years maybe and no water and Mars is good option

  24. Paddy Rhatigan

    Paddy Rhatigan9 days ago

    🌍😨😨😨💨 💨 🌛👣👣👣 👽👾

  25. Vedran V

    Vedran V9 days ago

    Bla bla bla bla......

  26. Call Me Daddy

    Call Me Daddy10 days ago

    When I was young I use to moon oncoming vehicles at night. What a moon


    SWOLESILVERBACK10 days ago

    Because there’s nothing up there and the moon dust is dangerous.

  28. RandomBlake

    RandomBlake10 days ago

    Some say the Moonlanding was a hoax I don’t know what to believe to be honest

  29. Luz Delatorre

    Luz Delatorre11 days ago

    Unsubscribe never landed on the moon and aliens don't exist. Jesus christ is our savior and God is our creator to believe otherwise is ignorant.

  30. Kevin Encarnacion

    Kevin Encarnacion12 days ago

    If these was actually real then let's hope the aliens won't kill us all or worse make us all slaves and let us suffer

  31. Perkamentus

    Perkamentus10 days ago

    Kevin Encarnacion we did it to so why wouldn’t the do it

  32. Close Up

    Close Up12 days ago

    I'm like stay dark side Moon same my garden. Same my house

  33. Close Up

    Close Up12 days ago

    Come the place NASA. But one day will building in surface Moon or dark side Moon I'm do for you job. When you back I'm need pay you make some job there for my place. I'm known you come in we place pay many money but for flying to asians by night to hell cave inside Moon or dark side Moon. I'm will see you

  34. Close Up

    Close Up12 days ago

    I like UFO man because he look very handsome and have eye same diamond. I'm see him frist time. He very smart for me

  35. spitzndtruth 1

    spitzndtruth 112 days ago

    Ummm maybe due to the fact we didn't go there in the first place?

  36. IsMu Ok

    IsMu Ok13 days ago

    Coz its fake hoax! They cant do it anymore! Stupid nasa scared of aliens hahaha! All apollo missions data were lost yhats stupid! What id toyota lost data in creating cars hahaha

  37. tamatu Roa

    tamatu Roa13 days ago


  38. ZOMBIE PRO46

    ZOMBIE PRO4614 days ago

    Let’s blow up the moon

  39. Howard babcom

    Howard babcom14 days ago

    Neither the imperative (to beat the Russians) nor the resources exist to gp back. Asimov was right to state the momentum had to be exploited before the end of the 20th century, and Jack Mc Devitt gives a sober analysis of the value of NASA in his novel, the Cassandra Project. As for UFOs, WA Harbinson's Projeckt Saucer and Jacques Vallee's Dimensions provide the answers. The future of space exploration will principally be a i in nature, but the glory days are far behind.

  40. sebastian giray

    sebastian giray15 days ago

    How about the movie apollo 18??

  41. Lugia Playz

    Lugia Playz15 days ago

    Wow! Nasa is a great man.

  42. todd wayne

    todd wayne16 days ago

    The moon is an alien slave prison and if we see the prison they think we will fight a war for the slaves freedom

  43. Tamer Aydogdu

    Tamer Aydogdu17 days ago

    Not dark but far side of the moon. Moon orbits around the earth locked but that doesn't mean far side is dark.

  44. Joshua Traffanstedt

    Joshua Traffanstedt17 days ago

    People either believe we haven't been to space at all and the Earth is flat or theres alien bases on the moon that spooked apollo astronauts. Lol. One extreme or the other.. People always think theres a conspiracy and that absolutely NOTHING is EVER what it SEEMS. Man, Americans are retarded. Im almost ashamed to be one lol.

  45. Jason Bradley

    Jason Bradley19 days ago

    When caught in a lie, just keep lying😎

  46. reaper creeper

    reaper creeper20 days ago

    i'm not saying we have or haven't been to the moon- both sides give good stories. my one and only question since i was young was how would they know how to land on the moon safely? math and calculations? i understand it has no atmosphere but it does have gravity. so on previous trips where we did not land i just have to assume they gathered enough information to make the call and finally said screw it- we're going to do this? there's plenty of reading to be done and i have but still boggles my mind the balls to detach from the mother ship and float on down. i don't know...

  47. Shinmen Oppa

    Shinmen Oppa20 days ago

    How do you guys know that they haven't been on the moon we're you there when they faked it? No and why would you return to moon? Give me a valid answer please

  48. Booger McGee

    Booger McGee20 days ago

    This is stupid. They make these videos to discredit actual true conspiracies such as: we never went to the friiggin moon

  49. Christopher Hall Moorehouse

    Christopher Hall Moorehouse20 days ago

    Come on guy's play nice after all it's impossible to return if they never went in the first place

  50. John Yossarian

    John Yossarian13 days ago

    Actually they did return, five times.

  51. Jacob Stoker

    Jacob Stoker21 day ago

    Question Is it made of cheese?

  52. Dewan Rasul

    Dewan Rasul21 day ago

    Dumb NASA.

  53. Abid Ali

    Abid Ali22 days ago

    It's a fake story you need to have a more research 😂😂

  54. Abid Ali

    Abid Ali22 days ago

    Text=("aliens") Print (text) Else: Print ("doesnot exist") Result == ' aliens does not exist'

  55. Mathews

    Mathews23 days ago


  56. Denmark Roca

    Denmark Roca23 days ago

    Because its a big hoax. so that they not return

  57. tiger man

    tiger man25 days ago

    Because it's not made of fooking cheese that's why

  58. VITA kyo

    VITA kyo25 days ago

    They never went there , so they can't return ...

  59. Charles Foreman

    Charles Foreman25 days ago

    Man Has Never Walked On The Moon Ever. All Lies

  60. ozorone

    ozorone26 days ago

    Because the yanks were busy elsewhere ... Afganistan ... Irak ... name it ...

  61. Solar_ Ray

    Solar_ Ray26 days ago

    Bullshit we haven’t gone back because there’s no reason to go back we alpready got all the information

  62. Non ya Non ya

    Non ya Non ya26 days ago

    Tell me why this niga used a fallout character model for his click bait

  63. Schlimm Wiesel

    Schlimm Wiesel26 days ago

    We are being watched

  64. macmusic08

    macmusic0827 days ago

    I think you lost 9.3K of us with the “aliens have taken over the dark side of the moon” theory. Hey, maybe it’s not aliens at all. Maybe it’s just Pink Floyd.

  65. Nicholas Hendricks

    Nicholas Hendricks27 days ago

    Soo its basically "nigga we broke asf"

  66. sa an

    sa an27 days ago

    Because the world has know their hoax. There are no humans ever landed on the Moon

  67. seph manatac

    seph manatac27 days ago

    Why? Cause All The Moon Landings Are All Staged!

  68. Slavo Maken

    Slavo Maken27 days ago

    They stopped cuz Nixon left office , the only president who allowed such a hoax , as soon as Watergate scandal surfaced moon missions stopped , no other president allowed such a risk to deceive humanity , if you can't make it - fake it

  69. Brentondi/Gaming

    Brentondi/Gaming28 days ago

    #China landing on dark side of moon

  70. truth seeker

    truth seeker28 days ago

    So we didn't move back to the moon because of aliens there????? Or nasa is lying to us about aliens life or we just can't go anywhere because everywhere have aliens.

  71. Chris Wise

    Chris Wise28 days ago

    Never went to moon

  72. truth seeker

    truth seeker28 days ago

    Every place humankind go they return,unless moon for some reason. I mean,if we go some where,we know exatly how to go back right?????? We have the resorces,it's not like we are discovering how to do it,which is expencive,but in theory WE ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO IT AND WE HAVE THE RESORCES FOR IT,what are we waiting for???? If money is the problem and not will then we need to create a better system for human development.

  73. t Jones

    t Jones28 days ago


  74. t Jones

    t Jones28 days ago

    All a lie,

  75. John romero

    John romero28 days ago

    Why nasa hasnt returned to the Moon ?? Because they never went to the Moon .

  76. Nodrodsky

    Nodrodsky29 days ago

    Some scientist said we will most likely never leave our solar system .EVER.

  77. Nodrodsky

    Nodrodsky29 days ago

    They do not know how, because they have never been there.

  78. Aeron Denver Vlog2

    Aeron Denver Vlog229 days ago

    Why ypu know if the nasa choose to hide in the public???

  79. Hoang Tran

    Hoang Tran29 days ago

    Why they haven't been back to the moon is the wrong question. Why they never been to the moon is correct one.

  80. Kartik Tiwari

    Kartik TiwariMonth ago

    There is no suvh thing as dark side of moon

  81. Kartik Tiwari

    Kartik TiwariMonth ago


  82. Thabang Tsajoa

    Thabang TsajoaMonth ago

    This whole moon thing is mushroom, junk

  83. zac miles

    zac milesMonth ago

    Facts:- 1. Fake people believe in fake things. 2. Fake people are the easiest to fool 3. 3.5/4th of the world's population are fake fools 4. If 4/4th of the world's population are smart, there can be no supreme beings/elite groups, money moghuls... 5. Fools are dominated and they slave away, giving food while on their knees... 5. Successful people are based on - the larger the amount of people they fool... You're welcome fools...keep believing!

  84. Cody Carlson

    Cody CarlsonMonth ago

    Theres nothing to explore

  85. Jeff Mendozza

    Jeff MendozzaMonth ago

    China just came up with a new dish ..."no see moon"... its delish.

  86. look up

    look upMonth ago

    Because it's hard enough to pull a lie once. Let alone today how people would sell out secrets for ends meat. So yeah hard to do something you never did.

  87. LadOf TheCentury

    LadOf TheCenturyMonth ago

    Seems legit...

  88. Alltime Conspiracies

    Alltime ConspiraciesMonth ago

    I know right?! Do you think NASA will "return" to the moon anytime soon?

  89. Alfa Painting

    Alfa PaintingMonth ago

    China will tel!

  90. Brian Bauer

    Brian BauerMonth ago

    Mooninites. That's why

  91. Bill Dianat

    Bill DianatMonth ago

    because they never went to the moon

  92. Dee Jay

    Dee JayMonth ago

    I mean if they saying they went before why haven't they went now with all this technology 🤔

  93. Angel Reina

    Angel ReinaMonth ago

    Alright lets pack our bags to mars area 51 is taking over the earth

  94. John Smith

    John SmithMonth ago

    Gave up on hearing the phrase "inhabited by alien civilisation"...

  95. Aaron Moreno

    Aaron MorenoMonth ago

    So many retards that don't believe that we went to the moon. This is why aliens haven't visited us.

  96. Junc Junc

    Junc JuncMonth ago

    NASA dident return to mone because they dident went in the farst place 🙄🤔

  97. I lost my wig

    I lost my wigMonth ago

    I think the U.S. os poor and cant make more rockets

  98. NightFalcon85

    NightFalcon85Month ago

    Its more of a been there, done that situation. Think about it. There are obviously better worlds out there to go to. And communism we raced agenst lost the struggle for control

  99. Wizard Gaming

    Wizard GamingMonth ago

    The dark side of the moon always changes... and the so called “sophisticated” aliens don’t have lights on their cities

  100. cov ky1

    cov ky1Month ago

    Or because they never went to the moon

  101. kustom13rods

    kustom13rodsMonth ago


  102. Officer Downe

    Officer DowneMonth ago

    hahaha humans, posion other human minds

  103. Marciel Luta

    Marciel LutaMonth ago

    What for a joke the nasa never have send astronauts of the moon surface ,them ridiculouse old fotage show us ,they have put them flag of the moon surface ,and the wind curent have push them flag .What for a retard propaganda, of the moon surface do not exsist any( atmosphere) ha ha ha they have consumed all the us money useles and have maked the huge fake from all history !

  104. rodhaa rasmii

    rodhaa rasmiiMonth ago

    Cant we meet the aliens if there mean we need a war on the moon


    PCNRIDERMonth ago

    If you believe in Jesus, you believe in the NASA Apollo moon landings. Enough said.

  106. Prithvi Paigude

    Prithvi PaigudeMonth ago

    This video is peice of shit .........after flat Earth society r this bastards.....plss Don't spread fake information.......😠......

  107. I lost my wig

    I lost my wigMonth ago

    Its not

  108. Ben Novick

    Ben NovickMonth ago

    The largest secret is about to be revealed, and "why we haven't been back to the moon" is just part of it. The big question: Even if gov'ts present the "phenomenon" correctly could people accept the fact that alien civilizations exist, and having that piece of information . . . would it not disrupt the course of their daily lives?

  109. Acra V

    Acra VMonth ago

    they said there are aliens in moon. So beside too expensive, they afraid about "Alien". So, Nasa make Alien rumor to support their lie. Make a Alien Movie. and insert a mini globe or earth from sky so people believe that earth is round. Hha

  110. Tejbeer Singh

    Tejbeer SinghMonth ago

    Don't worry India gonna be on moon soon