Why Hasn't NASA Returned To The Moon?


  1. Reginald Nixon

    Reginald Nixon4 hours ago

    Conspiracy theory.....there is no such thing as a moon....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. painter of light

    painter of light9 hours ago

    Theu never went there


    DELTA-SKY LIGHT13 hours ago

    Because they never went there in the first place...

  4. Marselis Drane

    Marselis Drane15 hours ago

    NASA lie about everything

  5. smith jeateux

    smith jeateux19 hours ago

    It's because they haven't been there yet

  6. Vito Pahlevi

    Vito Pahlevi23 hours ago

    i believe in alien but i didn't believe this conspiracy is crazy what the f

  7. buster C

    buster CDay ago

    How do you know they went to the moon? Because they told you we went to the moon. Everything is taught and passed from generation to generation.

  8. indian dude

    indian dudeDay ago

    I don't know why american govt. or nasa still fooling their own citizens.everybody knows that nobody reached moon.

  9. Greerzy XXI

    Greerzy XXIDay ago


  10. joe belicano

    joe belicanoDay ago

    fake news stop this broadcast

  11. Nigel Mc Keen

    Nigel Mc KeenDay ago


  12. Edline Mutekwa

    Edline MutekwaDay ago

    No body has been on the moon,all face theories

  13. Two Eye

    Two EyeDay ago

    It's just funny people believe this, there was hundreds of missions to the moon before man ever stepped foot on it. If the reason they don't go back is because there is life there they would have never went in the first place. One of the early probes/rovers would have went there and everyone would be like "nope".

  14. pratama ananda

    pratama anandaDay ago

    are you found megatron there?

  15. Steve Jarvis

    Steve Jarvis2 days ago

    Ohh eff off aliens are with us and some look like us. What ya gonna do about it?

  16. Don Schillaci

    Don Schillaci2 days ago

    NASA was never there in the first place

  17. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 days ago

    The last?

  18. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 days ago

    Why just the moon???????

  19. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 days ago

    50 is 40 years old

  20. Eduardo Biasi

    Eduardo Biasi2 days ago

    They never have been there!!! Research FLAT EARTH!!!

  21. Son Sung

    Son Sung2 days ago

    Stupid alien theory, the truth is Man can't land on the moon. It was faked back then. USA just want to prove the world that they are powerful. They raced and faked it against Russia for global acceptance that they are the most technologically advanced and most powerful country in the world. They can't even make they're own rockets back then what more about landing on the moon. They even hired a German for them to produce a well functioning Rocketship.

  22. EaterOFToast

    EaterOFToast2 days ago

    They should send robots to the Moon so it looks like another alien to the alien's

  23. Gautham D.hazarika

    Gautham D.hazarika2 days ago

    Why hasn't NASA been back to the moon... Hmmm... Well I guess they did find any Crude Oil on the moon....

  24. James T.

    James T.3 days ago

    No-one has gone to the moon. Never has, never will.

  25. Song

    Song3 days ago

    105 Billions spend on this scam/hoax ?

  26. ares hera

    ares hera3 days ago

    We used to have the technology to go to the moon but we destroyed it and we can't recreate it. I used to have the new Audi with all the gadget's and mod cons but they destroyed the technology so now I drive Fred Flintstones car. YABADABA DOOOOO 🤭

  27. slap happy

    slap happy3 days ago

    Every time they land and take off from the moon puts us in danger. IT'S MOVING AWAY FROM EARTH.

  28. GamerFromJump

    GamerFromJump3 days ago

    Funny that they’d make a statement stating that there’s no hurry to return to the moon, when it’s already hard enough to justify their existence.

  29. Russell Mattingly

    Russell Mattingly3 days ago

    Morons.If you have a high powered telescope you can see the landing sites and equiptment.

  30. Trollf ather

    Trollf atherDay ago

    prove it.

  31. caft2001

    caft20013 days ago

    nobody has gone to the moon yet. dont be delude by these despicable evil doers.


    BLACK HOLE ENTRY3 days ago

    There is no "Dark Side of the Moon.....0.50) anymore than there is a dark side of the earth. Darkness is transitory and not permanent!

  33. linda darnell kozak

    linda darnell kozak3 days ago

    what is the point we spend billions of dollars on space exploration , this is insane this money could be spent to solve more pressing problems like hunger, war and so on, what the hell

  34. Theodore Heinemann

    Theodore Heinemann3 days ago

    The moon is made of swiss cheese

  35. rokmole

    rokmole3 days ago

    do fuck off

  36. meme adict

    meme adict4 days ago

    WRONG! Apollo 18 wasnt the rocket that was used for the moon mission, it was SATURN V

  37. swadey 2.0

    swadey 2.04 days ago

    There they go again, a bunch of alien UFO bullshit conspiracies to cover up the fact that they never went to the moon in the first place, they're too embarrassed to admit it was all a hoax, and they've gone too far into this lie. We can't get there with our current technology let alone 1969, almost 50 fucking years ago

  38. hJYIRI GKK

    hJYIRI GKK4 days ago

    How many times do you want to go to a place where there is nothing of importance ? How many times do you want to spends billions going to place and find there is nothing there and you just spent a nations wealth on a silly nationalistic space race that meant nothing in the end ? We ,we wasted lives and money to set foot on a barren rock . Did we go ? Sure we did .Why ? Because mankind is fucking stupid .It was a space race between the two nations who at the time were the most full of shit ,Communist Russia and Self Righteous America .

  39. Krishna

    Krishna4 days ago

    USA went there or not we don't care, but soon ISRO and Indians will land there and we will clear your doubts whether is there any US flag or not, but due to excessive radiation US flag might have become white in colour, anyway US made it fake.

  40. lei luzares

    lei luzares4 days ago

    Moon is landing is a hoax Did u born in 1964?

  41. Shafiqah Eris

    Shafiqah Eris5 days ago

    (19** Landed on the moon) Astronaut : Finally! Alien : Jeez you guys 1000 years late

  42. Trollf ather

    Trollf atherDay ago


  43. Arthasz 81

    Arthasz 815 days ago

    Are there huge amount of mouths to feed in the moon that they seriously fund a big amount of cash for landing there? hmmm..makes me wonder if they really been there. wake up people!, starvation is on earth not in moon LOL..

  44. venomous sting

    venomous sting5 days ago

    More questions neeed to be asked but will not find easily

  45. TheSavage 908

    TheSavage 9085 days ago

    Imma go to the moon get a pump shotgun and a double barrel and a heavy shotgun shoot them in the head.....8 damage sings:mmm baby I don’t understand this your changing I can’t stand it my pump just did 8 damage and the way I failed can’t stand it mmm I made my own story no copy right report anyone if they right this cause I made it up only if you like this comment you can right it 👍👎👌👋

  46. Sebastian Padilla

    Sebastian Padilla5 days ago

    this is so FAKE

  47. jeijei rivera

    jeijei rivera5 days ago


  48. William Henry

    William Henry6 days ago

    We never went to the moon ! It’s all government propaganda! The government spends billions on nasa so they conjure up these lies to funnel billions of tax payers money into a program so they can launder the money! Same as social security! It made trillions in the 80s with interest rates as high as they were ! They stole the money and told the dumb Americans there isn’t any left! They were so greedy that they want Americans to pay more into it ! So they told the American people that they are living longer and therefore they must work longer! This way they have them working longer paying in longer and passing away! Also they told Americans it’s running out of money and that the American people will only get a smaller portion! Government greed and theft from stupid citizens!

  49. Voices To Be Heard

    Voices To Be Heard6 days ago

    Uhh..yeah. the moon rotates, so how is there a "dark side"

  50. Voices To Be Heard

    Voices To Be Heard4 days ago

    +Rolan A Ohhhhh I see, okay thank you for correcting

  51. Rolan A

    Rolan A4 days ago

    The Moon is tidally locked to the earth, so it rotates with the earth at the same speed, so we never can see the Dark Side from here.

  52. Belhabchi Oussama

    Belhabchi Oussama6 days ago

    us couldn't return to the moon because they never been there


    BHARGAV ANKEM6 days ago

    Bocz it was fake

  54. _king_of_strange _

    _king_of_strange _7 days ago

    People keep saying the moon landing is fake.... So who let the special ed kids take out there tablets?

  55. Fulltronpet

    Fulltronpet7 days ago

    The answer is easy: Been there, done that.

  56. Trollf ather

    Trollf atherDay ago

    There's aliens on the other side of the moon.

  57. Rob Orton

    Rob Orton7 days ago

    Ah yes 60s tech will get us to the moon and back in one piece at the first attempt LOL , that would be one hell of a fluke .

  58. I AM

    I AM7 days ago

    Weird. NASA said that they still working on the technology to communicate deep inside of the cave, deep inside of the sea. So how come they can communicate with something that far far far away from Earth back then!?

  59. Larry M.

    Larry M.7 days ago

    There is no sense in going there. There is NO MacDonald's there yet, and where are you going to get workers who want $15 to make you Big Mac?

  60. TiP ToP Im Da Killah

    TiP ToP Im Da Killah7 days ago

    They are like Chinese ghost jumping around

  61. Peter  Pereira

    Peter Pereira7 days ago

    send all the grateful dead fans to the moon

  62. Connell MacCool

    Connell MacCool7 days ago

    We went to the moon to make first contact not bring back a few rocks and dust back.

  63. Ahb 16

    Ahb 167 days ago

    never returned because it was never done

  64. SiliconBong

    SiliconBong7 days ago

    Because the MAN IN THE MOON told them to piss off, they were squishing all the cheese!

  65. a speedingdrunk

    a speedingdrunk8 days ago

    To believe this, you’d need to believe the previous moon landings were all real...

  66. t m

    t m8 days ago

    because it all took place in white sands new mexico in 1969, plus we can only make to the space lab on the fuel we have, the moon is 1.6 million miles each way, going yes, coming back no.

  67. Sabla

    Sabla8 days ago

    well theres not much to see on the moon but it would be nice if they go back there and film with high quality cameras so we can see a clear videos/pictures

  68. داوود الخبيطي

    داوود الخبيطي8 days ago

    NASA is big liar ..... all stories about the moon is fake... No one able to leaves the earth..

  69. GamerFromJump

    GamerFromJump3 days ago

    Certainly nobody from the arab world can.

  70. Imad Karaki

    Imad Karaki9 days ago

    Enough bullshit, get a life uploader

  71. mothman1967

    mothman19679 days ago

    THINK ABOUT THIS: Listening to the monologue in this video, there is frequent use of the word "alien". If anyone from earth HAD gone to the moon THEY WERE ALIENS! This reminds me of a young woman who told me about her first trip overseas. She said it was nice, but there were foreigners everywhere. She didn't understand that SHE was the foreigner. Footprints left on the moon by aliens? If anyone from earth really goes there, that will be their footprints.

  72. Yes

    Yes9 days ago

    To everyone who seems to be under some wild illusion that the moon landings were fake: 1. NASA spent billions of tax dollars in research money and in the process of building the Saturn V they invented modern necessities like Velcro. 2. Some people say that America couldn’t get to the moon as they didn’t have enough money. According to this logic, if the moon landings were faked, in order to make it seem genuine NASA would have to launch an actual visible rocket in front of an audience. If they did this that means they’d have to still pay for the most expensive part of a moon landing, the rocket. They’d also then have to make it fly high enough to no longer be seen and it would have to have the three working stages. Then they would have to use extremely new film-making techniques to create a subtle fake video, paying everyone onboard to keep it quiet. On top of that they’d have to bribe every major engineer, mission controller, accountant etc. This seems quite a terrible plan considering that the cheaper and, quite frankly easier, alternative would be to just go to the moon. 3. In terms of proof we’ve actually been there, a powerful enough telescope will allow you to see the landing site from your home if you know where to look. In addition NASA installed reflector panels on the surface of the moon. These are used to judge the distance between the earth and moon. Chinese satellites have also orbited the moon and observed the various landing sites. We of course have the astronauts own testimonies of the events, and all the video evidence. I suppose the only question that remains is: why on earth would they bother to fake it?

  73. Max Nodwell

    Max Nodwell9 days ago

    What an idiot 🤦‍♂️

  74. Todd Christopher

    Todd Christopher10 days ago

    They didn't go back because there's nothing there

  75. Roberto Alvim

    Roberto Alvim10 days ago

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk......... now, is a gold

  76. loose taco

    loose taco10 days ago

    To infinity and beyond

  77. Muhammad Tariq

    Muhammad Tariq10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 The First landing was fake

  78. kaydenleegameplay

    kaydenleegameplay10 days ago

    save us ELON

  79. Bigga Winna Crapsa

    Bigga Winna Crapsa10 days ago

    Then I had a ham and cheese and hopped back in my speedy rocket.

  80. Matt St. Clair

    Matt St. Clair10 days ago

    Going to the moon is expensive and people don’t care enough about it to spend the money

  81. Gildardo Molina

    Gildardo Molina10 days ago

    They never went.

  82. bill j

    bill j10 days ago

    Ya know, lately Ive been getting into this alien existances stuff. So far I have not seen any proof of anything but talk, so with that,I really am not convinced.Show us something that we can see and not hear...

  83. Andrew Shirley

    Andrew Shirley10 days ago

    Really dude. Ur fucking retarded

  84. ThePina558

    ThePina55810 days ago

    Because they were never there hahaha. Stupidity isn't contagious in the world besides the U.S.A

  85. ToMma pat

    ToMma pat10 days ago

    According to transformer dark of the moon they found a ufo an stop all people from going back

  86. Travis Saile

    Travis Saile11 days ago

    Too costly to return to the moon??? "BULLSHIT" "WE SEEM TO JUST PRINT $ OUT FOR EVERYTHING ELSE", "why Not to Return to the Moon"? "Why won't they ALL JUST TELL US EVERYTHING"? "THE TRYTH"?? "I don't care if It makes me wanna slice my wrists, and then hang myself".... "Just give us the GOT-DAM truth"!!! ""SERIOUSLY ALREADY""......... 🥃🤐🚬 "Thrashing On"

  87. Forrest Hunter

    Forrest Hunter11 days ago

    What makes me wonder is this: Why is Space-X by passing the moon and going to mars? Why not do practice missions to the moon first? Kind of makes sense to me, but what do I know. I guess a one-way-ticket to mars is the ticket. No practice needed.

  88. IanJames Javier

    IanJames Javier11 days ago

    You know these all commented a negative issues are you really a human?you already watched the video?why you don't think first before act like that...damnit.

  89. IanJames Javier

    IanJames Javier11 days ago

    That UFOs like I've seen here in the Philippines.

  90. Bunbun

    Bunbun11 days ago

    No oil, no point

  91. rich barry

    rich barry11 days ago

    We never went back, because we were never there.

  92. Alan Mckeown

    Alan Mckeown11 days ago

    Someone hand me that 9mm i have heard enough

  93. David Morinville

    David Morinville11 days ago

    They left the cameraman on the moon thats why they didnt go back. Because the cameraman would of created his own cameraman army on the moon.

  94. Randy Fricke

    Randy Fricke11 days ago

    They haven't been back because you can't go back to a place that you never went to in the first place. What silliness.

  95. Cindy Montgomery

    Cindy Montgomery11 days ago

    Mankind has never set foot on the moon. We've never had the capability to put a man on the moon.

  96. Flat Earth Debunker

    Flat Earth Debunker11 days ago

    You can’t return to a place you never been lol 2018 now stop talking about fake missions

  97. gwhite713

    gwhite71312 days ago

    So its more expensive to go to the moon than to put men on Mars? LOL OK, for one, we have the technology now for private space companies to go there. Yet Elon prefers to go to Mars first has plans for a base colony on the moon. It is more likely than not that we did find things there. We are going out of our way to avoid the moon. Since this video was made, many voices of sane people are making incredible claims of being .."involved". I can discount all this as nonsense but very sane intelligent educated people are now backing these claims and some with attempts on their lives. No one makes attempts on the lives of the insane. To be continued.....

  98. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden12 days ago

    A lot of ignorance in the comment section. Instead of weighing in on the obvious truth, lets see if we can bring a few back to reality. I won't criticize but you think your government and countless others are involved in a giant conspiracy spanning decades and hundreds of thousands of people. Our government can't even protect our border which is on land. And its just people walking in the desert. You really think they could pull something like that off. Get real

  99. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden12 days ago

    There's no need

  100. Ekta Halder

    Ekta Halder12 days ago

    Shut that fuck up !! Humans never stepped on moon !!

  101. Md Rafiqul Islam

    Md Rafiqul Islam12 days ago

    the grass effect...

  102. Blue6Sub6

    Blue6Sub612 days ago

    1:14 whaa? looks like moon :D

  103. Don Patron

    Don Patron12 days ago

    Cuz theres no reason to, why would they waste their time and resources to go back there.

  104. slaviboy

    slaviboy13 days ago

    The real question is: Is his voice real or generated(text to speech)? :D


    XBASS KINGTING13 days ago

    the moon is real death star

  106. Marek Pająk

    Marek Pająk13 days ago

    Nazis from the moon, commanded by the MoonFuhrer.