Why Don't U.S CARRIERS ORDER the A380?

  • Apr 14, 2018
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  1. Tony copyoftontplays199

    Tony copyoftontplays19918 hours ago

    LAX-JFK imagine a A380 as a Southwest 😂

  2. James Johnson

    James Johnson18 hours ago

    Why have airbuses when we have Boeing.duh.

  3. Ivan Toscano

    Ivan Toscano2 days ago

    Cuz they suck ballz

  4. Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson4 days ago

    "Yanks" know that Airbus build much better/safer aircraft's, which are a challenge to Boeing, so their major airlines do not wish to be part of the proud super Airbus 380 aircraft...Jealousy / sour grapes / politically motivated policies!

  5. Lee Zinke

    Lee Zinke5 days ago

    I think American Airlines and Delta liveries would look good on A-380.

  6. Alan Bush

    Alan Bush5 days ago

    if it aint a Boeing they wont buy it cos its un-American to buy anything that aint a Boeing. A good example was the Concord. WE! aint got one of those and it aint got Boing stamped on the side so we are going to BAN it until we can build one of our own. So you've got no chance . Sell your superior aircraft to the rest of the world and forget the Yanks cos they aint goner buy em and leave them play catch up because aviation technology wise like it or not they have always been one step behind Europe [Brits]. Don't get me wrong I love America and the American but the truths the truth amen [wright brothers exempt]

  7. Scooby1

    Scooby110 days ago

    Very interesting and it makes perfect sense when you explain the reasoning .

  8. K N Subramanian

    K N Subramanian10 days ago

    It is a question cost-benefit analysis!. In their wisdom born on long experience in running airlines,it was clear to US Aircraft carriers, that A-380 is a white elephant and a loser too!.It was fit only for the dollar- oil rich Middle East Arabs who have no conception of Economic forces and much less care whether the airlines runs profitable or not!.

  9. Michel Le Belu

    Michel Le Belu10 days ago

    Much more luxary at this ariplane. Depends on the configuration. Some of the configuration you would have your own room.

  10. Noel Lopez

    Noel Lopez13 days ago

    bottom line U.S. carriers are cheap as hell, that is the reason they didn't order them. The infrastructure to most airports were an issue but upgrades had to be done nonetheless. They pack them in like sardines, if they could have you stand they would. I worked for UAL and those flight from the west coast to Hawaii are jam packed, they used to be all 747s and every single seat would be full, but the bean counters don't like paying for 4 engine aircraft when you have 2 engine aircraft. As for the training, you think the legacy carriers actually work on aircraft they've ordered in the last 10 years? Nope UAL doesn't, its all farmed out.

  11. FLNY Mike

    FLNY Mike14 days ago

    “american, united, and delta. what do they all have in common?” They all suck ass, that’s what. But United sucks the most.

  12. 8 Instruments

    8 Instruments14 days ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Delta will not do flights on A380

  13. Kojak

    Kojak18 days ago

    All airlines that own the A380 took them. Just a joke.

  14. Kojak

    Kojak18 days ago

    All airlines that own the A380 took them. Just a joke.

  15. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina18 days ago

    I’ve seen an American Airlines A380 before...

  16. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina16 days ago

    Nyko Yes, when I was taxiing at LAX i saw one sitting in a hangar.

  17. Nyko

    Nyko16 days ago

    Bob Dobalina nope

  18. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding19 days ago

    Because American money men will not allow it to happen under government pressure. They stopped anyone buying the Brabazon back in the day and said we need a smaller faster more elite plane like the supersonic one they were building. They failed and Concorde did not. American Airlines wanted it but again. If the yanks can’t build it you can’t have it. So green with envy they refused to allow American Airlines the funds.?

  19. HI I'm a perso

    HI I'm a perso21 day ago

    I swear in the future. A company is gonna make the largest twin engine jet, with the size of A380 or B747. I know this is bound to happen

  20. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady16 days ago

    HI I'm a perso Yeah, it's called the 777, but without a second floor.

  21. Richard Cline

    Richard Cline21 day ago

    It's never the airplane but ALWAYS the pilots when an Airbus crashes. That is the morbid and cruel mindset of the biggest bastards, Airbus, in the airline industry! WHY would any American airline want to subject itself and it's employees to this kind of anal logic especially with a plane that was already on it's way out, like the dinosaurs, before the first one ever flew?

  22. George Travers

    George Travers21 day ago

    Airlines can easily overbook their seats with no fear of running out of those seats with an A380.

  23. Jay Deshpande

    Jay Deshpande21 day ago

    Because no one wants that ugly gas guzzler in the Skies, after only 10 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂. The 747 is way more successful and will always be in our hearts.

  24. Brian Foss

    Brian Foss22 days ago

    Another point is that American carriers have no geopolitical incentive to support the A380. The plane was ultimately built not because the 747 replacement market was huge but to prove that Airbus and the EU could build a bigger plane than Boeing, and to keep major European carriers at the center of global aviation. With the A380, Airbus succeeded at outmatching the 747, but they failed at preserving British Airways', Air France-KLM, and Lufthansa's market dominance. Emirates used the A380 for the opposite purpose intended, while the A330-200 and 787 unraveled the hub-and-spoke model for the largest carriers. Most American carriers looked to Boeing for the future of intercontinental travel, and they saw the 777 and 787 as better options for maintaining and expanding routes to the US than the A380. And with European carriers able to replace their oldest A340s and 777-200s with the A350-900, there's no incentive for them to continue supporting the A380, either.

  25. Private

    Private22 days ago

    Grow up DJ! There is only ONE reason: Racism! Yep the yanks lost the supersonic time to the Europeans. The long term future are long (80m) twin jets made from plastic. (composites) Any airport like Honolulu is going to be sorry to blow money set to idle in future. Aircraft makers are going to farm out component making. Plastic planes are more quiet and versatile. No point to talk up limited time slots to squeeze in an A380 only to find after it takes off no other plane want to be in that wake and just waits so much longer. No time saved. Congested ground? The new 777 flick up wing is going to address the issue!

  26. Maddox021 - Comedy and More

    Maddox021 - Comedy and More23 days ago

    It's meant for far away travel...

  27. Sonnyglenn Ibus

    Sonnyglenn Ibus23 days ago

    What about Southwest

  28. Sonnyglenn Ibus

    Sonnyglenn Ibus23 days ago


  29. chandrasekaran k.l

    chandrasekaran k.l24 days ago

    A good analysis . A380 is passenger friendly as the flight has 4 engines and safety is assured. But large Boeing air crafts have only 2 engines, may be fuel efficient. Now, your narrations do he lp us understand more about aircrafts.

  30. The Observer

    The Observer25 days ago

    Airbus was ready to stop producing that big large Airbus a few months ago and then the Boeing crashing story happened . Now airlines are practically forced to purchase Airbus airplanes. Either Airbus did something on purpose so beoing get in trouble , or boieing itself was producing bad quality planes

  31. Vincent.

    Vincent.24 days ago

    The Observer Na Boeing themselves said their hardware was the problem with the 737 Max

  32. Chill Bill

    Chill Bill26 days ago

    Because they're all butt hurt Boeing lovers!

  33. ehstronghold

    ehstronghold20 days ago

    How does that explain Delta then? A good chunk of their Fleet and most of their aircraft on order are from Airbus.

  34. Willan Khatter

    Willan Khatter26 days ago

    Do American airlines use Airbus to start with.?

  35. TheRedc0met

    TheRedc0met29 days ago

    Americans are cheap and can’t afford to operate 747s. A380s? That’s like giving Americans proper healthcare.

  36. Karsten Winkovics

    Karsten WinkovicsMonth ago

    maxcap on a 380 is actually past 800, but that's an extremen choice and not for long haul. BTW: did you note all the air lines that went for the Airbus Super are renowned for their Quality Of Service.. as opposed to certain big US carriers. Just saying.

  37. Yesnoyeswait

    YesnoyeswaitMonth ago

    A380 was a mistake from Airbus for sure. Thankfully they have other great models, and lets just say that this new Boeing MAX8 scandal is a lottery win for Airbus. Nobody wants to order MAX8 anymore. Airbus 320neo is the model that every big flycompany wants. In future, Boeing might take back their place, but it will take time.

  38. faisal Jan

    faisal JanMonth ago

    cut the bull ...american, delta and united have not ordered the a 380 because it is produced in EUROPE...all other multiple reasons are cock and bull.

  39. Herman Auer

    Herman AuerMonth ago

    The A380 is fantastic and therefore my aircraft of choice...

  40. MrCliffda3rd

    MrCliffda3rdMonth ago

    Us carriers have the A330, A340, A350, 777 and 787 Dreamliner etc to get them there while fuel efficient.

  41. Dandmore

    Dandmore11 days ago

    No US carrier has operated the A340.

  42. Kiandre Paul Backup

    Kiandre Paul BackupMonth ago

    U forgot jetblue

  43. VersusARCH

    VersusARCHMonth ago

    Because of orders from above.

  44. Nicholas Normand

    Nicholas NormandMonth ago

    Well since United retires one of their 747 models one of these could be a good replacement it's sad that they don't realize the money they could be making with this model of the Airbus planes

  45. Abdul R

    Abdul RMonth ago

    Lol A380 has officially ended

  46. Justin Abou atmeh

    Justin Abou atmehMonth ago

    United,delta and American Airlines don’t have a380’s THUMBNAIL:delta a380 🤔

  47. Roshen Thomas

    Roshen ThomasMonth ago


  48. Geronimo Samurai

    Geronimo SamuraiMonth ago

    Cuz US carriers suck and don’t care about user experience. Only profits.

  49. abinavsai chiluveru

    abinavsai chiluveruMonth ago

    Hi, thanks for your videos. Can you please do video regarding information of all Indian airlines their present situation and future ? Thank you in advance

  50. nictheperson

    nicthepersonMonth ago

    JFK-LHR is probably the only route involving a US city that has the demand to send regular A380s.

  51. Gilbert Amurao Jr

    Gilbert Amurao JrMonth ago

    Coz A380 is made in Europe

  52. monnides monnides

    monnides monnidesMonth ago

    Can you explain why the major airlines in the US have bought A-320, 330, 350 , they are made in Europe.............

  53. James Koralewski

    James KoralewskiMonth ago

    Because the U.S. carriers are smart. It's only wise to own an A380 or a B747 if you can keep the planes full of passengers and cargo. If you can't, and they aren't, the airline takes a loss on every flight they don't fill. I read today that Airbus is going to stop making the A380 in 2021.


    TREVOR HARTMonth ago

    Because they are paid by Boeing NOT TO! Check the 747 ACTUAL SALE PRICE

  55. Shards

    ShardsMonth ago

    So many ads in your vids. Unsub !!!

  56. Carlmaster96

    Carlmaster96Month ago

    American, United and Delta prefer high frequency with smaller planes pike the A330 and 767 rather than lower frequency high capacity aircraft like the A340, A380 or the 747.

  57. Charles H. O'Brien

    Charles H. O'BrienMonth ago

    The great 340 is a great airplane. The 380 is unstable during takeoff and landing. It's only a matter of time before there's a big crash.

  58. GH1618

    GH1618Month ago

    1. Airlines which need such large planes already have the 747. 2. It is uneconomic to support two different large aircraft. 3. The 380 requires gate modifications to support the upper deck. 4. It’s ugly.

  59. fan fan

    fan fanMonth ago

    if encouragement coming from sources of EGO, you will fail all the aspects of life including, family, love, job, business.. and we know a380 was an answer to b747.. now is19 there are thousands of tools for Rationalism tools out there für measuring your movement

  60. André O

    André OMonth ago

    Hallo buddie. Amazing videos, I was wondering the reason of your intro choice.