Why Don't U.S CARRIERS ORDER the A380?

  • Apr 14, 2018
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  1. Alan Kennedy

    Alan Kennedy14 hours ago

    Fantastic plane to fly in, quiet and very smooth and comfortable. American carriers were basically pressured by Boeing not to buy.

  2. gmcjetpilot

    gmcjetpilot18 hours ago

    A380 is dead... USA airlines did not order them because 1) Its Airbus, 2) too big, 3) 4 engines, fuel economy... filling that many seats is a challange...

  3. Joseph Sciberras

    Joseph SciberrasDay ago

    Because US carriers are gutless

  4. Don Maloba

    Don Maloba3 days ago

    Bullshit...its just coz,Airbus is a result of European genius..and America considers themselves to be the best in the world..when they aren't.

  5. Ted Rickards

    Ted Rickards5 days ago

    well that wasn't very informative

  6. Danny

    Danny5 days ago


  7. JChAvEzZ 777

    JChAvEzZ 7775 days ago

    US carriers isn't interested in purchasing A380's in their fleet since the A380 is designed for international airlines to purchase for long-haul routes such as Emirates, Qantas, Asiana etc

  8. Lostcreek 1

    Lostcreek 16 days ago

    Well done Alex P! couldn't of said it better!

  9. Alex Partridge

    Alex Partridge6 days ago


  10. Tomás Santos

    Tomás Santos6 days ago

    TAP( air Portugal 🇵🇹) the Portuguese carrier

  11. Tomás Santos

    Tomás Santos6 days ago

    Do something on tap

  12. George Semel

    George Semel7 days ago

    I am a long time career pilot the point of the matter if a company operating an airplane or helicopter for that matter, I fly both cannot make a profit no matter how good the aircraft maybe- it's a moot point, you are not going to be able to stay in business. When I took my first flying job in Alaska, you think Bush and you think oh Piper Super Cubs, Cessna 180's and 185's DeHavilland Beavers Twin Otters etc. Nope, I flew Cherokee Sixes. They were cheap to buy and for what we did with them the worked well, we could haul enough and we made money. The Cost of one Beaver at the time we could buy 5 Sixes. It always comes down to how much it's going to cost to buy and operate vs how much you can make from the market you serve. The A-380 is a black hole for you to toss money into. A lot of Egos when into the decision to build, then buy and operate the airplane. I expect they will all go to the junkyard within another decade.

  13. zigwald

    zigwald7 days ago

    the A380 was developed to dominate a dying market.

  14. johnthegreek1980

    johnthegreek19808 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind flying on an A380, especially first class!

  15. Follow The Grow

    Follow The Grow9 days ago

    If theyre would be a 20 percent increase in passengers flying in the us their would be a need.


    MR JONBELT9 days ago

    You missed out on the unwritten reason... US not keen to banner this European brag machine.

  17. therocklobman 28

    therocklobman 2810 days ago

    Ameican carriers don't care about comfort/luxury, they only care about profits (a total paradox right....?!) The A380 cost too much to operate to return any favorable 💰💰

  18. USARAY1947

    USARAY194710 days ago

    Yesterday Singapore Airlines cacelled their longstanding order for eight A380s. Emirates Airlines, the A380's largest customer, is said to also be reconsidering orders it has for the plane. Interesting that most A380 purchases are by national airlines and that the plane is built/subsidized by a consortium of nations. Airlines that need to make a profit, including U.S. carriers, don't buy A380s.

  19. Shawn P

    Shawn P13 days ago

    Jumbos aren't selling.

  20. Rolls Royce

    Rolls Royce14 days ago

    Please change location to show the work of suspension during the landing. Moment of contact is very interesting.

  21. sylvo schroeder

    sylvo schroeder16 days ago

    You have forgotten LUFTHANSA

  22. John Small

    John Small18 days ago

    Because it’s not american.

  23. TechTalk

    TechTalk18 days ago

    I love the 747, it was the first plane I ever flew in and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The 747 is still a considerably well-doing aircraft today considering the age of the original model, from 1968 (launch) and still running, that’s quite a history. The a380 only first flew in 2008 (I think?) so it was really invented way past its time. If it were the 70s-late 80s right now, it would be the most commercially successful plane to date imo. I think the future lies in planes along the size of 777, especially promising with the recent revealing of the 777x model. Great vid as always DJ, keep up the great work!

  24. darwin duffis

    darwin duffis19 days ago

    money no its to Big and you nota going to Win money

  25. f moana

    f moana19 days ago

    Because it's not made in China. 😂

  26. jc9 shineon

    jc9 shineon20 days ago

    The answer to your question is because you were so mindless to vote chump in! IDIOT!!!

  27. Biju Nair

    Biju Nair20 days ago

    If you fly a typical not-low cost US airline like Delta or United , the food is Mc Donalds quality, entertainment is non-existent. But Emirates or European airlines like Lufthansa are better connected and service is much better. To say it easily, average beginner pilot earns $30k with Delta but a lufthansa pilot of same level earns more tha $60k. Same applies to service and entertainment. I had the misfortune of flying in an old 747 of Northwest a few years back to Amsterdam- That plane should have been in the museum.. Then I flew Delta to Paris, it is the worst food I saw ever on an airline, luckily I had a sandwich and some snacks.The Delta yogurt looked like melted plastic.

  28. thewidower1

    thewidower121 day ago

    Way too many ads

  29. Airbus A330 Asiana Airlines

    Airbus A330 Asiana Airlines21 day ago

    The A330 Asiana Airlines is better than a bloated beluga A380

  30. ivan salazar

    ivan salazar23 days ago

    I think a better question would be why Emirates, Etihad, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Lufthansa, Air France and a few other airlines bought and have kept on buying a few more of these airplanes? Even better, why none of Japan's carriers ever bought of these planes for use in its high density domestic flights. Also, four engine jet planes have no future!

  31. Samuel Schlote

    Samuel Schlote24 days ago

    You sound like Will Poulter.

  32. Eduard Caupa

    Eduard Caupa25 days ago

    The U.S. Carriers don't order the A380 because they hate it when someone is better than the us-ameriCANT's. They hated the Concorde too and tried everything to destroy it.😉

  33. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    People saying that U.S. carriers won't buy the A380 because it is not an American brand know absolutely nothing. Current, United’s fleet is 22% Airbus (A319s, and A320s) with an order for 79 more Airbuses (including A350s). Delta’s fleet is 28% Airbus (A220s, A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s and A350s) with an order for 282 more. American’s fleet is 44% Airbus (A319s, A320s, A321s, and A330s) with an order for 106 more. United and Delta got rid of all of their 747s last year. So if they didn't want 747s and have no intention of getting any newer 747-8s, why in the world would they get A380s? No airline in the entire Americas is looking for 4-engine superjumbos anymore.

  34. Anders Olofsson

    Anders Olofsson25 days ago

    The a380 is much more fuel efficient per passenger. I'd say the reason is more political

  35. Herbie and Missi

    Herbie and Missi26 days ago

    Most intelligent aircraft vid in a long time. And no millenial upspeak, yay.

  36. Greg Bell

    Greg Bell26 days ago

    ide feel alot safer flying on this beauty than a twin engine .

  37. Greg Bell

    Greg Bell26 days ago

    gas pigs thats why. they could use it i think for los angeles to sydney austrtalia

  38. iskander Krida

    iskander Krida27 days ago

    Feels like us market focusing more on Boeing to keep promoting Boeing sales also i got doubt that Boeing will reveal a new larger aircraft

  39. Christofer Riche

    Christofer Riche27 days ago

    Bigger isn't necessarily better

  40. Boban Pantović

    Boban Pantović27 days ago

    too much lobbying from Boeing!

  41. Charlie Hein

    Charlie Hein28 days ago

    Now if we could get American car drivers to buy American cars!

  42. Lasagna Eliminator

    Lasagna Eliminator29 days ago

    Lemme fix that, a few 747s

  43. Lasagna Eliminator

    Lasagna Eliminator29 days ago

    Delta owns a 747, it wouldn’t hurt to buy an A380. It’s just a bigger 747..

  44. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    Delta retired all of their 747s in December.

  45. Travis McGee

    Travis McGee29 days ago

    I recently returned to MIA on a Lufthansa A380. After landing, we spent at least 30 minutes waiting on the tarmac because, as the captain expressed it, “This is a small airport and there is only one gate for this aircraft, which is currently occupied by an Air France plane.” I thought, well, Fritz, this “small airport” you speak of has limited resources, and maybe we decided that it made no sense to go all out to accommodate what amounts to a massive vanity project.

  46. Bob Masencup

    Bob Masencup29 days ago

    I don't think. I've ever watched a video with so damn many adverts ! It is annoying as hell. I won't watch any more of your vids.


    VICTORIA VICMonth ago


  48. donovan campbell

    donovan campbellMonth ago

    A380 is modern marvel a lot of people laugh at the idea now it bring heart burn 4 engines is safer and more luxury in every way

  49. toonmag50

    toonmag50Month ago

    One post war policy by the US, was to destroy the British aero industry. The US wanted, and still wants to be the sole provider of aircraft in the west. This policy continues with Airbus.

  50. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    Well US policy is doing a poor job given that American, Delta, and United have a total of 830 Airbuses combined (one-third of their fleets) with an order for another 467.

  51. Nina Ahgase

    Nina AhgaseMonth ago

    i love watching the landing gears stored lmao

  52. sebastian Sm

    sebastian SmMonth ago

    Rich americans have private jet, in west asia we pay for the room on the a380

  53. Carl FortniteRoblox

    Carl FortniteRobloxMonth ago

    0:35 yaaayyy thai airways Dj's Aviation you sjould DJ in a A380 (lol jk)

  54. openheimer

    openheimerMonth ago

    Envy, because it's not american made, rednecks

  55. Brice Fleckenstein

    Brice FleckensteinMonth ago

    Because US carriers don't have routes that need the kind of capacity it offers, since the ETOPS rules got changed to allow their flights to be covered by FAR MORE ECONOMICAL TO OPERATE PER PASSENGER large twins.

  56. Elias Dib

    Elias DibMonth ago

    If anyone been to DXB and seen the airplane board at the gate, Emirates also utilizes their A380 planes for cargo. When the flight forecasts empty seats, they fill it up with cargo heading to the route destination.

  57. Waqar Ghulam

    Waqar GhulamMonth ago

    Some American carriers do have other Airbus aircrafts.

  58. Ali Nili

    Ali NiliMonth ago

    No Americans air lines having Airbuses? No way if boing had they would have had by now that’s obvious

  59. David Murphy

    David MurphyMonth ago

    Because they are chauvinists

  60. CPMatt

    CPMattMonth ago

    Imagine the outside check pilots would have to do before passengers board

  61. AviationAJ

    AviationAJMonth ago

    Honestly, Delta would look AMAZING with an A380. The thumbnail of the A380 photoshop on the thumbnail looked extremely beautiful.

  62. Region Baptiste

    Region BaptisteMonth ago

    Lieeeeeeeeeee......America hates to see another country do better than them..Boeing is American and airbus is European the a380 is the best and safest ever made..and way better than the 787..period

  63. Doug Mammaro

    Doug MammaroMonth ago

    If the US companies bought these would have to readjust their gates at airports worldwide to make it fit plus has to be a profitable aircraft for the US carriers. Smart not to buy them & our major airlines are doing fine & still turning a profir without these.

  64. Doug Mammaro

    Doug MammaroMonth ago

    I'm glad they don't, bedides defeats the purpose when Delta Air Lines & Untied Airlines getting rid of the B-747. In my opinion this aircraft is ugly plus the 747 is more beautiful in looks as other Boeing aircesft. Sorry Airbus fans.

  65. kenz546

    kenz546Month ago

    We don't need four engine aircraft anymore.

  66. Christopher Stevenson

    Christopher StevensonMonth ago

    The A330 first went in production a year before the A340. While the A340 production was cut in 2012, the A330 is still being produced. However, starting this year production numbers will be massively cut.

  67. Sue Bolden

    Sue BoldenMonth ago

    I’ve flown in plenty of A380s with AA. Check out AA72 and 73.

  68. Trevor Washington

    Trevor WashingtonMonth ago

    Delta will be good on the a380

  69. andy99ish

    andy99ishMonth ago

    The main issue is mentioned yet not given enough emphasis in your otherwise lucid analysis. The idea of the A 380 is founded on the premise that in order to increase volume between two destinations one cannot simply add flights as there are simply no more slots available. Which is mostly true for one-hub (European and Asian) countries and destinations. Hence the only way to increase volume is to use larger planes. The USA is a multi-hub country plus there is a tendency to offer more direct flights, which is easy given the significant amounts of unused slots at secondary US airports. On top expanding airport size and capacity is easier in the USA than in Europe. All other factors you mention -as big is less flexible, or fixed system costs/plane being higher if a few planes are operated are relevant too (though speaking of system costs what counts is system costs/seat or per passenger mile flown, not per plane). However these other factors are not specific for the USA and so they do not explain why specifically US carriers did not purchase the A 380.

  70. forbiddencrisis

    forbiddencrisisMonth ago

    There is only one reason they haven't ordered the A380 and that is it's European. US protectionism working well

  71. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    That US protectionism isn't working well. How could it when American, Delta, and United have a total of 830 Airbuses (A220s, A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s and A350s) combined with an order for another 467?

  72. Peter Rodriguez

    Peter RodriguezMonth ago

    Why going around the bushes, it is just simply that no American air carrier would buy that piece of junk. Airbus is way much lower quality than Boeing, period.

  73. stephen melnick

    stephen melnickMonth ago

    How would an A 370 Airbus fare with the airlines?

  74. Brett Dawson

    Brett DawsonMonth ago

    Good video but why don't U.S, carriers operate the A380?

  75. CentralGaming9500

    CentralGaming9500Month ago

    Jet blue?

  76. pjdsa

    pjdsaMonth ago

    Because they are also happy with the 777 or 747?

  77. Nathan Fishing21

    Nathan Fishing21Month ago

    God damn communists they keep seizing the means of production

  78. Jason B

    Jason BMonth ago

    Very cool video. Thanks for doing this!

  79. Asmitha Muthukumar

    Asmitha MuthukumarMonth ago

    Do why don't US airlines have cargo airlines

  80. Jaxson Marchett

    Jaxson MarchettMonth ago

    U forgot one thing, Boeing are American and Airbus are European. Obviously the american carriers want to support their country and not support a plane that could have been so big for the Europeans. This is a point :)

  81. kene ferdinand

    kene ferdinandMonth ago

    A380 is expensive to maintain they fly on empty seats and high price ticket. Boeing is cool

  82. dave boydell

    dave boydellMonth ago

    Two words. American Jealousy!

  83. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    It's more about the model. American, Delta, and United currently have a total of 830 Airbus planes (A220s, A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s and A350s) combined with an order for another 467. Those airlines don't even fly 747s anymore because they don't fit what those airlines want to do. So if they don't want 747s, why would they want A380s?

  84. Flak Jack Edd

    Flak Jack EddMonth ago

    Although an engineering and technical marvel, the A380 will go down in aviation history either as one of the greatest and innovative aircraft or one of the most costly “white elephants” of all time just like the ship SS Great Eastern in 1859 and the Bristol Brabazon in 1948-1950’s. $$$$$$

  85. Suhel Sayyed

    Suhel SayyedMonth ago

    This channel is just an anti Airbus channel. All you can see here is A380 bashing. Nothing else.

  86. Marty Mahem

    Marty MahemMonth ago

    Most likely the top reason is that they're not big enough money makers and in fact in many cases are big money losers.

  87. simonsmatthew

    simonsmatthewMonth ago

    You don't talk much about domestic routes in the US which is the elephant in the room with respect to US carriers. New York (Newark) - Chicago (Ohare), Chicago-Atlanta, Los Angeles-San Francisco, Chicago (Midway)- Miami, Washington-Boston, Dallas - Philadelphia, Houston -Minneapolis, Newark-Seattle, Chicago-Los Angeles etc etc etc - all these routes between major cities within the richest economy in the world itself are far more important than pretty much any international route anywhere. I could only think of Tokyo-Osaka (which is also served by bullet trains) or Hong-Kong-Taipea (large numbers of ethnic Chinese commuters) which might even come close. So the interesting question is why aren't the A380s used on these very high density routes between very large cities, especially with such large airport congestion. Imagine the demand for a 7pm flight from New York to Chicago.

  88. rooberinoo

    rooberinooMonth ago

    for every like i will add a plane model name

  89. MagnumMike44

    MagnumMike44Month ago

    The A380 has a limited market and it would not work for all US-based airlines, and as mentioned in the video, many of the twin-engine wide-bodied aircraft, like the Boeing 767, 777 and 787, and the newest Airbus A350, are capable of serving long routes. Plus, the days of 4-engined wide-bodied aircraft are numbered, as we've seen many carriers either retiring, or repurposing them to freight duty, and many non-freight carriers are not ordering the newest 747-8. They're just not as efficient to operate as their twin-engine siblings.

  90. LTDT99 H

    LTDT99 HMonth ago

    2019 watchers?

  91. Nuageriq

    NuageriqMonth ago

    2 engines are far more better and economical.

  92. ron whiteleo

    ron whiteleoMonth ago

    US international carriers SUCK!

  93. Muserzz Z

    Muserzz ZMonth ago

    If A380 was made by Boeing then KACHING!

  94. patrisio3

    patrisio325 days ago

    No. They don't even want Boeing 747s. Delta and United got rid of all of their 747s last year and no one has any orders for the newer 747-8s. A Boeing 380 would be dead just like the Boeing 747 is now with not just U.S. carriers, but every carrier in the Americas.

  95. Sakaria Tangeni

    Sakaria TangeniMonth ago

    America airways cant keep up with it they cant afford it and they feel bad because they lost the competition at creating the largest airplane in the world. America is not great after all.

  96. Jacobin Girondiste

    Jacobin GirondisteMonth ago

    Anyone stupid enough to get on a commercial airline passenger plane deserves the personal insult that one will receive. One will first be squeezed into and confined to an uncomfortably tight little seat designed to multiply the airline's income by increasing the number of passengers that can be victimized by being crammed into the plane's internal airspace. Next, one must put up with the racket inflicted on one by the plane's sound system that insists on bombarding passengers with noise that is supposed to be music that no one requested or chose. Then there are the steward personnel who will wake you up to sell you a drink and otherwise annoy you while they go on the power trip that attracted them to the job in the first place, by doing things like telling you that you can't put your belongings where you did put them. And of course there will be the child in the seat behind yours whose legs are not long enough to hang down over the edge of the seat, giving the little brat the opportunity to spend the whole flight kicking the back of your seat for exercise, and the parent who wouldn't dream of telling the little darling to stop. And finally, there will be the rest of the human trash with whom you must travel, a gang of the unwashed who are yelling inane stupidities into mobile phones, wearing flip-flops, shorts and tank tops, and otherwise behaving in ways that conjure up the thought that genocide is not really a bad idea.

  97. Karl Zimmer

    Karl ZimmerMonth ago

    Cuz it’s a flop?

  98. Keith Mort

    Keith MortMonth ago

    This video answered my questions as to why no US Carrier's buy the A380. Excellent job.


    WYATT KUCERAMonth ago

    Because the US knows that big planes like that can't take off from aircraft carriers. _stupid french bois_

  100. Jim K

    Jim KMonth ago

    Most domestic flights are short hop trips from cities like Albany to Philadelphia or Charlotte to Savannah. An A380 makes no sense for the overwhelming majority of domestic flights. Only use case that makes sense are international flights to Europe or Asia, but other planes can serve those routes much more economically.

  101. Scott Rider

    Scott RiderMonth ago

    They don't buy it because it was publicity stunt and show-off attempt by Airbus. It doesn't make financial sense to operate this aircraft.

  102. Ernest Reichardt

    Ernest ReichardtMonth ago

    Because it’s a piece of crap ! The people who built it say they would not fly on it !

  103. onceANexile

    onceANexileMonth ago


  104. Fahim Rahman

    Fahim RahmanMonth ago

    Is he a American

  105. Donald Hill

    Donald HillMonth ago

    I will only fly in a 737.