Why Don't U.S CARRIERS ORDER the A380?

  • Apr 14, 2018
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  1. Hank nvt

    Hank nvt15 hours ago

    Well the us is jealous simply because they didnt come up with the idea to make one or design one. The 380 is very efficient and can move a lot of people at once. the us........is always wining at anything that they didnt come up with....................the us cant take it that the world is walkng away with this plane. Just a pitty that this tape of this american boy havent been removed. Whats wrong with you guys???

  2. Landry NDAYAKIRE

    Landry NDAYAKIRE3 days ago

    It's all about money and competition

  3. soaringtractor

    soaringtractor6 days ago

    same reason they did NOT order the Concorde !!!! They're BOTH losers !!!!

  4. Chris Longski

    Chris Longski6 days ago

    Not a revolutionary aircraft like the 747...

  5. Indominus 2018

    Indominus 201810 days ago

    Delta, United, and 'America'???

  6. AtomicPickle1

    AtomicPickle111 days ago

    A380 is such garbage. Engine failures, cracks all over the wings, etc. Wait til one of those things go down God forbid. The A380 is the result of basically a 5th rate aircraft manufacturer being jealous of Boeing and because they are, having to build a bigger plane than Boeing's 747 just because they're childish.

  7. TradShow UK

    TradShow UK15 days ago

    Great video, would have appreciated some more numbers. Eg fuel/seat/mile of A380 vs 2x twin boeing

  8. Double chin potato with a unibrow and a monicle

    Double chin potato with a unibrow and a monicle15 days ago

    KORD Chicago ohare seems to be making what looks like a really strong runway, and they have 747’s and 777’s, pls be a sign that this beautiful beast is coming to us.

  9. Viktor with a K

    Viktor with a K15 days ago

    Because they aren't Texans.

  10. George Steele

    George Steele15 days ago

    You left out the 787-9 on LAX and Syd. Great ride.

  11. Princeton Op

    Princeton Op16 days ago

    Boi its American United Delta and US airways cause the us airways landed in New York in the Hudson

  12. Rare Raindrop

    Rare Raindrop16 days ago

    It's a hard bill of sale when you have to ask airports to reconfigure their arrival and departure facilities to accommodate this size of aircraft. The US isn't building new airports and only upgrades current ones due to traffic volume (mostly). Boeing got it right in offering a plane that could be fuel efficient and fit existing airports with zero modifications. Having fewer seats means flights can be booked to full capacity which means less revenue lost to airlines. There's a reason Boeing shifted from 747 to 787 for long haul/higher capacity flights. If I can take a Boeing 787 from Los Angeles to London for less than $500 because lower cost airlines are buying these planes, I'm going to take that option.

  13. Rudolf Graspointner

    Rudolf Graspointner26 days ago

    Fact: Airports in Murica are technically not good enough to be hubs for A380s!

  14. Neil Sunnell

    Neil Sunnell26 days ago

    I would like to study the number of passengers arriving at a destination versus the capacity of the airliner by carrier.

  15. Galland 34

    Galland 3426 days ago

    I think the US is backwood looking and can't compete with the EU which has a population three times that of the US. Boeing neither has the financial clout compared to Airbus and that is why you will see the dominance of Airbus in years to come.


    MINECRAFT PLAYER28 days ago

    Ikr. I am not in America but still

  17. Seb E

    Seb E28 days ago

    Americans are obsessive min/max'ers. You are too right, moreso when considering the 747/all quad engines has been more or less dead to american carriers for almost 20 years now.

  18. Ian Gourlay

    Ian Gourlay29 days ago

    You forgot to include that the Airbus ain't made in the USA... which has protected its markets in all sorts of ways, all the while howling when/if other countries did the same... If it was as simple as economics nobody would buy the thing.

  19. Nabeel Shariff

    Nabeel ShariffMonth ago

    American carriers are pussies If operating A380 is not good Then how is Emirates and Etihad and all these other airlines thriving with A380 operations

  20. Doug Carter

    Doug CarterMonth ago

    What a stupid question... its money stupid... dont give an opportunity of gain to your competitors !

  21. Anthony Cornelius

    Anthony CorneliusMonth ago

    This was possibly the least succinct explanation I’ve seen on this channel. The US has so many international airports, creating a situation where travellers don’t need to transit through a hub to access international routes (travellers in the US increasingly actively avoid some major ports). Furthermore, US carriers have deep connections with Boeing, even if the a350 variants turn out superior to the 787 they will access (or lobby for) tax breaks for supporting US domestic manufacturing.

  22. Dj's Aviation

    Dj's AviationMonth ago

    I'm aware, it was quite a long time ago and I do regret how it turned out. I've worked overtime to improve the quality.

  23. GH1618

    GH1618Month ago

    Because it’s a white elephant. Unnecessarily large, so good only for a few densely travelled routes.

  24. Brunon Paul Bielinski

    Brunon Paul BielinskiMonth ago

    If American carriers had ordered the 380...the American Economic Decline would have been greater. Extensive modifications are needed for this Fourth Reich aircraft.

  25. Wizard Gaming

    Wizard GamingMonth ago

    A380s are for airlines that have good customer service so you'll never see one in American or Canadian paint.

  26. Music Feign

    Music FeignMonth ago

    In reality four engined aircraft cannot compete with two. Airbus , I think created the giant loser for all the wrong reasons. It won’t carry the same legacy as the 747, 707, dc8. These were four engined aircraft that practically all airlines operated with success for several decades.

  27. X_Grave_ X

    X_Grave_ XMonth ago

    Aw man why didnt u put qatar’s a380 in the video?


    TT DE NADA ABBAMonth ago

    For the same reason they didn't order the Concorde, a lot of the Airports in the USA are not equipped for the A-380 , not to mention the runways, this is exactly what trump wants to change.

  29. Thomas Brown

    Thomas BrownMonth ago

    Appreciated all of the footage of the A380s but it would have been nice to see images of the A330, A340 and so on when you were talking about them. That would allow some context to the comparisons.

  30. CristianCarnero

    CristianCarneroMonth ago

    Resume: European made so what about the bald eagle?

  31. Apriest99

    Apriest99Month ago

    A380 is just only for prestige and showoff at airports

  32. 99bimmer

    99bimmerMonth ago

    Of course non of the US carriers would sell all the seats on a 380. Nobody wants to fly those asshole airlines

  33. Lucky Ladies

    Lucky LadiesMonth ago

    Unpatriotic, America First! Haha!😂

  34. David d

    David dMonth ago

    Because Airbus is not American owned while boeing is American owned. What a Stupid question

  35. AceSKYwalker

    AceSKYwalkerMonth ago

    The US has 2 (Spirit, Frontier) soon to be 3 (Allegiant) airlines that fly exclusively Airbus planes. There is only Southwest that flies only Boeing planes.

  36. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    Why does American and United have so many A319s, A320s, and A321s and Delta have so many A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s, and A350s?

  37. Paul Gulston

    Paul GulstonMonth ago

    US airlines also dont have the kind of customer service that often goes with these kind of luxurious and high tech air crafts. All airlines that use these units give you the best in class service

  38. AceSKYwalker

    AceSKYwalkerMonth ago

    Paul Gulston US fliers don’t care for that kind of luxurious 5 star service. All they care about is the price on the ticket.

  39. Besma Elyusuf

    Besma ElyusufMonth ago

    All lies simply because they jealous others prosperity

  40. raishul

    raishulMonth ago

    I will never choose any plane ✈️ if I have option to fly on a380. I know you will too if you have flown once, such a quite and reliable Flight

  41. BOEUF Alexandre

    BOEUF AlexandreMonth ago

    Everybody except you "americans" knows that you don't buy foreign materiel just because they are not made by you ! You are too proud and jealous to admit a foreign product is better.

  42. BOEUF Alexandre

    BOEUF AlexandreMonth ago

    Im not saying you are (not you, but the economie in the US, in general)

  43. Dj's Aviation

    Dj's AviationMonth ago

    I'm not american lol

  44. hijkl hijkl

    hijkl hijklMonth ago

    The A 380 is an unrealistic monster much like the Concorde.

  45. simonsmatthew

    simonsmatthewMonth ago

    Apparently the 747, although it has sold in the many hundreds, almost broke Boeing - and the 747 was also a big factor in Pan Am's demise. Boeing was not going to make that mistake again and nor are US carriers.

  46. Anton Kaye

    Anton KayeMonth ago

    the "A380" is NOT American

  47. AceSKYwalker

    AceSKYwalkerMonth ago

    Anton Kaye Lot of US airlines fly non American planes. The US airlines decided the A380 wasn’t worth it for them. There would have been US registered A380s, but they were to only be cargo planes flown by Fedex and UPS. Airbus cancelled the A380 freighter, and those companies went elsewhere like the 747-8

  48. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    Neither is the A319, 320, 321, 330, and 350 but US carriers seem to use a lot of them.

  49. 6lemans10

    6lemans10Month ago

    Americans are too fat to walk up those A380 stairs

  50. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    There are no stairs to walk up on an A380. They are blocked off between the two floors by every airline and passengers load the upper floor using an inclined ramp...no stairs.

  51. _ mbisaf _

    _ mbisaf _Month ago

    If you mute the video it becomes an a380 landing compilation

  52. Captain Sum Ting Wong

    Captain Sum Ting WongMonth ago

    Well the 747 exists

  53. Patrick Todd

    Patrick ToddMonth ago

    Such an incredible machine. I'd love to fly on one.

  54. Pample Moose

    Pample MooseMonth ago

    I would much rather have more flights/departures at multiple different times throughout the day and evening than to have only one jam-packed, A380 flight per day which would obviously not be at a time convenient for many passengers.

  55. Michael

    MichaelMonth ago

    I think some people came directly to comments and didn’t bother to watch the video

  56. kalitor mensa

    kalitor mensaMonth ago


  57. Nate Watson

    Nate WatsonMonth ago

    We don't use the A380 here in the US because the US is less urbanized than a lot of places. Australia, for example, has millions of people with the majority of the people in less than 10 cities. That basically guarantees enough passengers to operate an A380 profitably. Japan airlines used the 747 for a long time because similar urbanization garunteed that the routes would be profitable. Here in US, in contrast, the vast majority of our passenger airports are single or double runway airports which have 5 flights per day at most; serving an area with less than a million people. The A380 simply isn't economical for routes to or from these locations. The only routes you could theoretically profitably operate an A380 here would be routes between urban areas with at least a million people. We don't have very many cities like that, and have entire states with less than that. There simply aren't enough viable routes here to make such a craft worth purchasing. Many routes here struggle to fill an MD88. It's the same reason you would never see Air Greenland fly the 747 or A380.

  58. fassil kiros

    fassil kirosMonth ago

    Some major Airports like JFK , DFW, SFO and LAX do have facilities for the A380 , because of the foreign Airlines ..

  59. Ross Schultz

    Ross SchultzMonth ago

    Too many interruptions for advertisements!

  60. FWRF80

    FWRF80Month ago

    And they have to much liabilities and no money for the A380. Most of the US Airlines have been insolvent.

  61. Bob Gerbracht

    Bob GerbrachtMonth ago

    Anybody who thinks that U.S. carriers did not purchase the A380 because of national pride is a moron. Every American’s home has lots of foreign products in it. Millions of Americans drive foreign-built cars. And American businesses operate to make profits - if a foreign-built product or service will do the job best, they will purchase it. There are many, many Airbus jets operating in the U.S. carrier fleets. Anybody who flies knows this. The fact is that the A380 is not the best choice for the domestic U.S. market. There are virtually zero 747s flying between U.S. cities for the same reason: the mid-size, two-engine jets make more sense. As for the Concorde - the same story applies. The U.S. was well on the way to developing the SST, but realized that in the long run, it would not make economical sense. So the project was dis-continued. Given that the SST was dis-continued at the same time that the U.S. was sending Apollo rockets to the moon, I doubt it was a technology issue - it was strictly a business decision, and it was the right one. Just as not building or buying the A380 was the right one for the U.S. market.

  62. Omar KHODARY

    Omar KHODARYMonth ago

    I have 747 large big plane in the sky

  63. Brendotec

    BrendotecMonth ago

    Easily. US has a not invented here mentality. It's why Australian cars were never allowed to succeed in the US. Priority to American made machinery is the primary reason they don't use Airbus.

  64. Brendotec

    BrendotecMonth ago

    And plenty of "foreign" cars built in the US too!

  65. AceSKYwalker

    AceSKYwalkerMonth ago

    Brendotec There are a lot of foreign cars in the US LOL

  66. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    They do use Airbus. American, Delta, and United have tons of 319s, 320s, and 321s and Delta also has a good number of 330s and 350s.

  67. Steven Som

    Steven Som2 months ago

    The A380 is just too big for almost all the airports in the USA. It would be too expensive for American airports to build gates big enough to accommodate these behemoths.

  68. William Bristow

    William Bristow2 months ago

    Look who owns the airlines

  69. TheFat SlenderMan

    TheFat SlenderMan2 months ago

    They won't order the A380 because it isn't american... murica

  70. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    No. American, Delta, and United have tons of 319s, 320s, and 321s and Delta also has a good number of 330s and 350s.

  71. Brian Clark

    Brian Clark2 months ago

    I sort of wonder that if used A380s come down in price, if there would be a point where Delta, who has purchased other used aircraft, would find the A380 attractive. I would imagine the main purpose would be to increase capacity in and out of severely slot restricted airports like London.

  72. ntcrawford722

    ntcrawford7222 months ago

    Because Donald Trump is to blame for that too

  73. trent8002003

    trent80020032 months ago

    Better question : why doens't almost everybody else order the A380?

  74. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    trent8002003 - Exactly.

  75. Paul Grimm

    Paul Grimm2 months ago

    It’s a half ass plane with no manual controls

  76. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    You fly an Airbus exactly the same way as you fly a Boeing - point it down the runway, gun the engines and pull back on the stick when it reaches Vr. You wouldn't necessarily spend any more time on autopilot in an Airbus than you would in a Boeing. The difference is that in an Airbus the computers intervene if the pilot does anything stupid. As far as I know, most Boeings manufactured these days are FBW like the Airbus. I couldn't say if Boeing is any safer than Airbus or vice-versa. Most modern airliners are pretty safe.

  77. Paul Grimm

    Paul Grimm2 months ago

    A Pilot should have the option to manually fly a aircraft . How many Air Busses have crashed in its short history?

  78. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Don't get me wrong, Paul. I love the 747. It changed the face of commercial aviation. Back in 1971 my Dad drove nearly 400 miles so I could see the first Qantas 747 land at Perth Airport. It is, however, an unfortunate fact that the Jumbo's days are numbered. The same goes for the A380. As superb as it is, I cannot for the life of me understand why it was built at all. It makes little economic sense, and it certainly isn't taking any business away from Boeing. Airbus pioneered the wide-bodied twin. They should have stuck to their knitting.

  79. Paul Grimm

    Paul Grimm2 months ago

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne Can’t beat a 747 for safety

  80. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Paul Grimm - It's a superb aircraft that would have been perfect in 1975.

  81. Tony de Castro

    Tony de Castro2 months ago

    and yet, non-American (European, Middle-Eastern and Asian) airlines fly the A-380 aircraft to the major American cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.). so, what gives? are American, United and Delta saying that these flights are not profitable?

  82. Tony de Castro

    Tony de Castro2 months ago

    i think american airlines prefer to have two or three flights a day for high density routes, rather than using one single huge plane. i would imagine that this offers them benefits because those flights could be scheduled differently during the day, offering passengers a choice. when i travelled BA from London Heathrow to Hong Kong several years ago, I came from another European city but had to wait at Heathrow for 7 hours before i could board the A-380...

  83. Tony de Castro

    Tony de Castro2 months ago

    well, i can also say just as well: if they (continue to) operate it, then it must be profitable. otherwise, they would no longer use the aircraft.

  84. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Tony de Castro - You are, of course, presuming that the European, Middle-Eastern and Asian carriers are making a profit flying the A380 into Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. If there was money to be made, the American carriers would be queuing up to buy the A380. The A380 would have been perfect in 1975. Not so good in the ETOPS era.

  85. Tony de Castro

    Tony de Castro2 months ago

    I think it is a mistake to think of the two business models (hub-spoke and point-to-point) as either-or options; one can imagine an airline using both, minimizing the disadvantages of each while maximizing their benefits.

  86. jram0001

    jram00012 months ago

    Airbus will eat Boeing with the capacity and luxury

  87. Hoodie Nation

    Hoodie Nation2 months ago

    8:44 Why there's Malaysia Airlines in the background?

  88. Truthfears Guilty

    Truthfears Guilty2 months ago

    because u.s. carriers over last 30 years, have become greedy. they want to make the most by giving the least. u.s. carriers are only popular within usa as there's not much choice for the innocent / knaive people. foreign carriers treat passengers with royalty while greedyassed u.s. carriers chisle them ALIVE. smaller seats, no meals, no snacks, allowing less weight in baggage, limited baggage, charging extra per extra pound. it's why u.s. carriers keep merging and going out of business. once there were many such as EASTERN, BRANIFF, PIEDMONT, PAN AM, TWA, ALLEGHENY, AIR FLORIDA, MIDWEST, MARK AIR and host of others. SHAME ON U.S. CARRIERS!

  89. Truthfears Guilty

    Truthfears GuiltyMonth ago

    give me the last minute purchase price. huh? what? $2200?? and with the lousiest service?

  90. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-ThynneMonth ago

    Truthfears Guilty: LAX - LGA return $344. You can't possibly expect first class service for that price.

  91. Truthfears Guilty

    Truthfears GuiltyMonth ago

    @aceskywalker -- "lower and lower costs"? are you wearing your heinie for a hat or is it wearing you?

  92. AceSKYwalker

    AceSKYwalkerMonth ago

    Well the US customer is okay with it if it means lower and lower costs. Your leisure flier does not care about luxuries and service on the plane. The plane is a means to an end.

  93. Truthfears Guilty

    Truthfears Guilty2 months ago

    it's greed and monopoly of one party ruling the skies. endless looting, plundering the american consumer.

  94. Tenac 300

    Tenac 3002 months ago

    why are they going to buy airbus when they have their own, Boeing.

  95. patrisio3

    patrisio3Month ago

    They do buy Airbus. Look up how many 319s, 320s, and 321s American, Delta, and United have and look how many 330s and 350s Delta has.

  96. Philip Freeman

    Philip Freeman2 months ago

    Over computer controlled some pilots don't like airbus.

  97. Mr. Nibble Nips

    Mr. Nibble Nips2 months ago

    In 10 years, US carriers will be buying them.

  98. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Mr. Nibble Nips - They won't be making the A380 in ten years.

  99. kostastaxi

    kostastaxi2 months ago

    Who cares! USA thinks that the center of aviation industry is Everett and that's wrong! Airbus is an equal opponent and has the ability to build excellent planes! The A380 isn't a flop but it isn't also a clever move from Airbus! The world of aviation, wouldn't miss it, if they haven't build it!

  100. Crazcompart

    Crazcompart2 months ago

    Why should they when there's so many different iterations of the 747, and almost 50 years of service? There's also the well-designed 777s and 787s to consider... All of these planes each come at a cheaper price than an A380... The Airbus A380 is indeed an impressive looking aircraft, but it's a pig when it comes to what it takes to keep one flying (Ditto the 747, depending upon what type of cargo or passenger service asked of it)...Emirates, the largest purchaser of A380s, is a mostly a government - owned carrier...Most US airlines however, are publicly traded, and have stockholders they have to keep happy, so they're going to expect all the return they can get for the millions they shell out for equipment, and not settling for something that just sits there and looks "colossal"...

  101. Scott 250r

    Scott 250r2 months ago

    The wrong plane at the wrong time. Boeing Baby The very best. . Boo Airbus Boo

  102. Scott 250r

    Scott 250r2 months ago

    +Hercules Grytpype-Thynne 😉😎😃

  103. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Scott 250r - So true. The A380 would have been perfect in 1975.

  104. supernumery

    supernumery2 months ago

    Bottom line....it's not American, ie., Boeing. The rest of the world manages just fine with them.

  105. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Min, he's fallen in the wa-ater Little Jim

  106. supernumery

    supernumery2 months ago

    Henry, did you put the cat out? Min

  107. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Bloodnock, You can't get the wood, you know ... Henry Crun

  108. supernumery

    supernumery2 months ago

    Dear Neddie, Yes, yes, I agree. Major Bloodnock (RA dscd) Has her husband gone?

  109. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    US airlines operate plenty of Airbus' - A318 - A321 and A330. I believe that Delta has ordered the A350. Yours faithfully, Neddie Seagoon

  110. Edwyn Starr

    Edwyn Starr2 months ago


  111. iamfake

    iamfake2 months ago

    short an sweet, they are poor bitches and have planes from 50's

  112. adam ryan

    adam ryan2 months ago

    They are just jealous .. bref.

  113. Bruneau François

    Bruneau François2 months ago

    L'Amérique considère le reste du monde comme des clients et non comme des fournisseurs.

  114. Jeff Parrish

    Jeff Parrish2 months ago

    I don't buy anything French. Wanna buy a Garand Rifle? Never been fired and only dropped once. Sorry, guess I still sting over their ingratitude for American efforts in Normandy. They are very fortunate they do not all speak German.

  115. marco flores

    marco flores2 months ago

    they won 't buy a a380 cause they don t need to

  116. Muhammad Fawzi

    Muhammad Fawzi2 months ago

    I wish there was an airline that made the seat configuration to fit lots of legroom and big seats for the entire aircraft.... that would fix the capacity problem 😂

  117. Hunter Of Liars

    Hunter Of Liars2 months ago

    Pity they apparently stopped producing the A340. I fly a lot andthe quietest aircraft i found is the A340. A joy to fly in. Ind=cidently, the noisiest airliner is the B747.... UNBEARABLE NOISE on 14-hour plus flights. Give me the airbus anytime

  118. Hunter Of Liars

    Hunter Of Liars2 months ago

    ... U.S CARRIERS don't buy the A380 because they want to stay 'loyal' to their Boeng. A litle jealousy believe me.... like they were jealous of the Concord and complained about noise etc etc.

  119. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Hunter Of Liars - It has nothing to do with parochialism. US carriers own plenty of Airbus'. The A380 would have been the perfect plane in 1975. Aircraft such as the A380 and the 747 don't make a lot of sense in the ETOPS era. The Concorde thing is a red herring. It was a loss leader for BOAC/BA and Air France. The market was limited to trans-Atlantic routes because they couldn't go supersonic over land.

  120. ณภัทร สุขแสง

    ณภัทร สุขแสง2 months ago

    They would sooner buy the B777 cattle truck because it's American made despite the A380 being more passenger friendly in every respect

  121. Philip Robb

    Philip Robb2 months ago

    Some A380s are already being scrapped

  122. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    Philip Robb - They'll stop making A380s inside of ten years.

  123. joao carlos

    joao carlos2 months ago

    So, in few words. They cant afford it! LoL

  124. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    joao carlos - They can't make money from it.

  125. Oath Garde

    Oath Garde2 months ago

    the truth is American Carriers would rather squeeze all 600 people in a small plane and if the passengers don't like it; they will just get dragged out or punched in the face.

  126. RixPlace1

    RixPlace12 months ago

    the 380 is a big fat pig in the farm yard 777& 787 are sleek goddesses children of the mightiest of them all The QUEEN of the skies Boeing 747

  127. anwar athikavail

    anwar athikavail2 months ago

    Pure jelousy is the one and only cause!😂

  128. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    anwar athikavail - So you don't think it has anything to do with the fact that aircraft such as the A380 and 747 make little economic sense in the ETOPS era?

  129. Alex Thompson

    Alex Thompson2 months ago

    On the a380 the fuel efficiency is great it that the can't get enough passenger to fill them

  130. David Endara

    David Endara2 months ago

    My guess... The first Low cost airline to use the A380 in a two class configuration for the transatlantic high demand routes, will rule.

  131. Doug Uyehata

    Doug Uyehata2 months ago

    Overhaul 4 engines or 2 engines. That is why the 747s are being grounded in favor for 777 as replacements aircraft. Is all about cost, the bean counters rule. The 2 engine 747 seem like an interesting idea if the US airlines think they could make a greater profit then a 777.

  132. LUpilot2012

    LUpilot20122 months ago

    Also think about scheduling. Many flights a day vs a few flights on a larger aircraft equals fewer options for passengers. Between United, American, and British, Chicago/London route has 18 flights a day which provides a TON of options. Usually on a 777, 787, or a380 in BAs case. But switching a few of those 777 flights with a single a380 means passengers just lost 2 flight options.

  133. yortko1

    yortko12 months ago

    The real question should be why Boeing hasn't made their own version with the 747 upper deck extended all the way to the tail.

  134. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne2 months ago

    yortko1 - Boeing realised a long time ago that aircraft such as the A380 and 747 have no future in the ETOPS era.

  135. Jasonsenipor

    Jasonsenipor2 months ago

    IN the not so distant future there will be regulations on how many planes can be in the air at the same time. Because of the pollution problem. Could be short air travels will be banned completely and long distance air travels can only be done with big planes. In this day and age, we should be traveling with high speed bullet trains and not planes. Only crossing the big oceans should be done with big planes.

  136. Val Dike Jr

    Val Dike Jr2 months ago

    I love planes

  137. Gnomezonbacon

    Gnomezonbacon2 months ago

    Eh, A380 is smaller than it looks in the pictures.

  138. ! HOW TO

    ! HOW TO2 months ago

    Too costly with four engines. Aviation industries are now producing a lot of twin engines, is least expensive and cost effective in the long run.

  139. ElMaestro 04

    ElMaestro 042 months ago


  140. Sudima

    Sudima2 months ago

    Because Americans prefer Boeing

  141. James Wikstrom

    James Wikstrom2 months ago

    The video was well made and documented. It succinctly spelled out the reason why US Airlines have not selected to operate the A380. US Airlines are profit driven to fill enough seats to generate a profit. Since they receive no government subsidies unlike the predominantly Middle East countries who own the airline, they must absorb all the associated costs. US Airlines would have a separate issue with maintenance having to stock an inventory of parts thus tying up working capital. It is a great long haul plane but not suited to US Airlines requirements! I want to thank you for making the video!

  142. Bkaye

    Bkaye2 months ago

    Flew from Minneapolis to Portland OR in a 737-900ER. Completely full, a great flying airplane, spacious overheads, arrived 20 mins ahead and ROI & efficiency was evident!

  143. Darren Spohn

    Darren Spohn2 months ago

    To many seats to fill.There would be no guarantee they could book/sell all seats. Making the flight less profitable if all the seats aren't filled.