Why does the Hawaii Kilauea volcano keep erupting?


  1. drfix2020

    drfix202010 days ago

    Well it did stop officialy & today's earthquake is not related to any volcanic activity, true perspective though! I know I live on the island

  2. M R skunk budz

    M R skunk budz2 months ago

    Its growing simple now dum peple see ferst hand how hawaii was made

  3. Aloof Trash

    Aloof Trash5 months ago

    Big oof

  4. Johan Swan

    Johan Swan8 months ago

    Revelation 8 verses 8-9

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  6. Noah Lawler

    Noah Lawler9 months ago

    Hawaiii is just on volcanos

  7. SyrDoN

    SyrDoN9 months ago

    I'm saving this in case the eastern rift zone has a massive landslide. You forgot about the island chains most disastrous potential.

  8. Matt Grillz

    Matt Grillz9 months ago

    Good to see someone not blow their own lid over this, people been way to paranoid. It is bad, but like he said, the others on hawaii arent bothered, its local. Good luck to those affected

  9. Spider-man the Hero

    Spider-man the Hero9 months ago

    The gods are angry at you guys thats why

  10. MarchOf TheLorex

    MarchOf TheLorex9 months ago

    If only we could throw all the racists into the lava.

  11. Peter Scherling

    Peter Scherling9 months ago

    As the ocean temperature rises the sea gets heavier and weighs down on the soil to push the magma up ! Also heat rises so it looks to me another 3 months of magma unless the ocean doesn’t cool down in September! Maybe the scientists can explain Noah’s arc! But if they can’t or choose not to then the Bible stands to say Hawai’i is only maximum 4000 years old about! Also it’s highly possible that Hawai’i becomes the new South Pole! Edgar casy might be right! Wait and see!

  12. Libery One

    Libery One9 months ago

    I think I rather live near by a volcano than be married to that woman!

  13. Tyte Hhays

    Tyte Hhays9 months ago

    What does this mean for the world? More eruption's

  14. Songs Mirth

    Songs Mirth9 months ago

    He looks positively happy. Thank you for explaining that. Very interesting. He's a good teacher. What we want to hear is that all those stubborn people who are refusing to come out, come out and there isn't another Truman. I think that was he name. The older man who did interview after interview bragging that Mt. Saint Helens was his home and he'd never leave! I wonder if he'd NOT done those interviews, not bragged so much, if he would have come out? We saw the destruction the day they reopened the mountain. We happened to be there and it was terrifying to see all those trees just mowed down like they were nothing! Frightening. We sure hope there aren't people who are too proud on Hawaii. It makes SO sense that people will stay. God gave us a brain for a reason and it isn't to take our own lives because of pride. :( Mahalo from Montana. Songsmirth

  15. Pat Stokes

    Pat Stokes9 months ago

    Is that guy a professional or not. Because the difference in why some volcano explode and other flow is NOT water. The composition on the megma is the difference. Volcanoes with lower quantities of Silica will flow as the magma is more viscous. Water has zero to do with it. It makes me wonder how you can have just a guy telling people faulty information on the news.

  16. Lisa Archer

    Lisa Archer9 months ago

    Can Bob get his own show? I like the way he explained things.

  17. RC Hobbyist Extreme

    RC Hobbyist Extreme9 months ago

    never happened. Way to go BS media.

  18. Gabriel of Urantia

    Gabriel of Urantia9 months ago

    Boy that's Tourist propaganda for sure. He forgot to mention on the big island biggest active volcano is flaring up. Mauna Loa

  19. unru11ey1111 unru11ey1111

    unru11ey1111 unru11ey11119 months ago

    Why doesn't anybody consider the reactor cores that have been burning down toward the core of the earth since 2011 from fukushima.hitting lava tubes on it's way to the core.All volcanoes are connected through the core aren't they ?So why wouldn't those reactor cores release pressure through these lava tubes?I'm not claiming to know what's going on here.Im just wondering why nobody has even considered this.

  20. Adam Hagen

    Adam Hagen9 months ago

    This guy just makes so much sense when he talks...

  21. Moneynvrsleeps

    Moneynvrsleeps9 months ago

    Think bob comes back to eat crow?

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  23. sickasso72

    sickasso729 months ago

    Geeesh-- here comes climate change- should’ve signed paris accord-dammit Trump!!!!

  24. Michael Schuenemann

    Michael Schuenemann9 months ago

    Great !

  25. Forever Freedom

    Forever Freedom9 months ago

    Look like a Hollywood fireworks CGI.

  26. b00ger901

    b00ger9019 months ago

    So don't buy a house to the south east of a volcano... problem solved.

  27. Tom Skillman

    Tom Skillman9 months ago

    Thanks for the good, clear, scientific explanation of what is going on with Kilauea. Use Google Earth to see whole chain of Hawaii islands and all the peaks just under the ocean surface. Stunning.

  28. Noel Reid

    Noel Reid9 months ago

    Hawaii is the main venting of earth and it is needed to keep a balance and prevents more dangerous pressure like that in Yellowstone which is apocalyptic. Our earth is breathing and the Lava might have traveled all the way round the world and now it is venting time. Hawaii this year and somewhere else next year or even this year. The earth has molten lava underground rivers or veins that keep moving and when it is tine to vent due any build up of pressure this what we get. I would not live on an Island that has an natural earth pressure vent. But this me talking and I am only a farm boy.

  29. Moe Joe

    Moe Joe9 months ago

    I think Hawaii Kilauea volcano keep erupting to balance the Earth's 30 degree wobble from March 4th just before eruption, it's pole shift or gravity pull from Planet X, Tectonic Shift, Is the Yellowstone Super volcano Next?

  30. Lorena Arias

    Lorena Arias9 months ago

    Very clear explanation. Thank you

  31. Shawn Schrader

    Shawn Schrader9 months ago

    Leave it to Canada say it’s not big deal and it’s spectacular thing.

  32. C Lan

    C Lan9 months ago

    Thanks Obama!

  33. Darnisha Bell

    Darnisha Bell9 months ago

    It's called The wrath of the most high i don't understand why people ain't in the middle of the street repenting people still don't want to give the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob all the Glory SMH

  34. Steven Jones

    Steven Jones9 months ago

    Still cant let your guards down ..how many times have man said its not a big deal..then it becomes a big deal..what if it spew out for decades non stop?

  35. Ric Flair

    Ric Flair9 months ago

    Your making predictions on data, right and trends and historical analysis. Good. Unfortunately there are peoples lives at risk here. If I lived on that Island, I would be on the next plane out of there with my family and loved ones. Why risk what we human beings do not understand or have the methods to control mother nature and her wrath. @ 1:45 oh there is "hardly any water involved" ISLAND SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC???? Right....

  36. E Mack

    E Mack9 months ago

    This lava will make fertile farmland in a few thousand years.

  37. Nick Escavor

    Nick Escavor9 months ago

    because the Americans stole their land

  38. Phonicks

    Phonicks9 months ago

    Ole Bob is just a chatter box huh? lol

  39. Save Hope

    Save Hope9 months ago

    3:20 "WeeHee"

  40. Jason Oconnor

    Jason Oconnor9 months ago

    Thank You Canada, leave headed talk.

  41. Raffaela Bartsch

    Raffaela Bartsch10 months ago

    the newsmen have to say something for the money they are being paid so they keep dramatizing it over and over they got 24 hr eachday

  42. Pansy Blackwell

    Pansy Blackwell10 months ago

    What could happen if lava keeps flowing for the next thirty five years, a least?

  43. Larry M.

    Larry M.10 months ago

    This is all Obamas fault. It's God upset with the far left. You haven't seen anything yet.

  44. Anthony Lemkendorf

    Anthony Lemkendorf10 months ago

    Thanks for the metrics lesson.

  45. MyChilepepper

    MyChilepepper10 months ago

    Go build more houses on top of volcano. Duh!

  46. Mel Mel

    Mel Mel10 months ago

    She interrupts him at least twice. SIGH

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  48. Gruber Schmitermit

    Gruber Schmitermit10 months ago

    From the fire they came, and found the souls of Lord's within the flame.

  49. DJ Deckard Cain

    DJ Deckard Cain10 months ago

    because its a volcano thats connected to the WORLDS supply of lava and the plate that hawaii sits on is constantly being pushed below the NA plate? i dunno, simple science why its erupting....seems like a useless...

  50. glersh nern

    glersh nern10 months ago

    South East side is hilina slump

  51. Erick Hudson

    Erick Hudson10 months ago

    Because no one there prays, no one there talks about God, god is angry at Hawaii

  52. Will Camick

    Will Camick10 months ago

    This guy is a quack

  53. Round One

    Round One10 months ago

    this volcano will destroy all of hawaii if it doesnt stop

  54. Round One

    Round One10 months ago

    the whole island is a volcano

  55. sclogse1

    sclogse110 months ago

    Note the poster....cool. Not original, but still cool.

  56. Clos Wood

    Clos Wood10 months ago

    Just drop liquid nitrogen in there and some dry ice

  57. Allison taylor

    Allison taylor10 months ago

    Great video with understandable information.

  58. roachtoasties

    roachtoasties10 months ago

    These volcanoes have existed for as long as earth has existed, and will exist long after people no longer exist. In Hawaii, they're shield volcanoes, that are mainly lava flows, not an explosive stratovolcano like Krakatoa. The volcanoes in Hawaii created the islands, although it's the Big Island where they are and the other islands kind of drifted geologically from that point over hundreds of millions of years. There's absolutely nothing one can do about volcanoes. It's earth and its geology. They will start and stop erupting depending on whatever geology. Hoping it will stop, or making some idiotic statement linking volcanoes to politics will make no difference.

  59. Roger K

    Roger K10 months ago

    Let him explain, quit interrupting .

  60. flying turtle

    flying turtle10 months ago

    Nice report. Just wanted to clarify, the video that shows the grey ash clouds and the deep circular lava pit are taken at the summit crater of Kilauea which is actually 20 miles west of where the fissure outbreaks near the coast are. The lava that is spewing out is from the underground lava system which would normally be pooling in the main crater's vent. In late April the lava began draining from that main vent and began moving underground toward where the current volcanic activity is occurring. Initially the scientists thought the lava would exit at the Pu'u O'o vent which is about halfway to the current activity. This vent was really active from 1990-2014 with many spectacular lava flows to the sea. The sensors actually indicated that Pu'u O'o was filling with lava , but in a short time it became clear that the lava was moving on, and it must have surprised people when the fissures opened up in early May in Leilani Estates. Many have questioned why a geothermal well and residential neighborhood would have been built in an active volcano zone. Actually, in that area, the last eruption was in 1960 in the town of Kapoho, which is the region that is the farthest eastern tip of the island. Exploratory drilling for the geothermal well was done in mid 1970 as an alternate energy source during the time of high oil prices and gas rationing (1975). The unpopular venture was monitored for nearly 20 years for feasibility and stability and must have been deemed safe as the power plant was built in 1993. Leilani Estates must have used the geothermal project as reassurance for building there and actually the last lava flows in that area were in 1955. I actually watched that from my grandma's house. Anyway the decision to build there has just been shown to be a costly unfortunate gamble. One last point. Bob's colleague was concerned about the large boulder explosions. That is actually a concern at the Main summit crater which I already pointed out is 20 miles away. The mechanics of those explosions are like this; as the lava drains from the main vent toward Leilani Estates the level of lava at the summit will fall below the artesian water table level. The walls of the main vent will be collapsing in on itself and act as a debris plug. Meanwhile the water flowing into the vent will build up steam pressure until it is released as an explosive ash cloud eruption and the process will continue until the lava level rises to cut off the water source, So there is water involved, but the volcanoes Bob mentioned Mt. Etna, Herculaneum, et al, have debris plugs that build up over many years and are more massive and densely packed and the pressures that build up are magnitudes more powerful and also contain explosive volcanic gasses so they are much more violent. Also the lava in Hawaii eruptions, we call pahoehoe (pah-hoy-hoy) is more fluid and release any gas or steam pressures easily as seen in the fountaining at Leilani Estates. So deceptively beautiful.

  61. We don’t know Our name

    We don’t know Our name10 months ago

    I’m from the islands and this information was given to us in first grade

  62. We don’t know Our name

    We don’t know Our name10 months ago

    Excuse me but isn’t that how island are form? Everyone should know that by now, the island of Hawaii is on the fire chain of the Pacific Ocean is no surprise that Hawaii is still a virgin island because is still growing

  63. Darcy Skrill

    Darcy Skrill10 months ago

    if the fissures are coming open above the hole where volcano erupts and it takes thousands of years to shift from one fissure to the next the why are there over 20 fissures spread over a long distance? wouldn't it just come out one spot for a long time then slowly shift along as the plates move, i don't know, i'm not really satisfied with that explanation

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    him good, her not so much

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    Because it can

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    Why couldn’t I have him for biology 😒

  68. Rachel Lee

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    The lady is trying to get him to play into the panic and he's not having

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    Lexi Unicorn10 months ago

    wow bob is so good at explaining things, i wish he taught me science in school!!

  71. Blake Alvarez

    Blake Alvarez10 months ago

    let experts talk about this, and keep ignorant reporters from scaring people. stop interrupting him until hes done talking!

  72. 2 Cents

    2 Cents10 months ago

    If you throw water on it there is a chance it will turn into cobblestone or obsidian.. Bad Minecraft joke 😞

  73. Alberto aka Turtleman

    Alberto aka Turtleman10 months ago

    thanks for explaining how the Volcano works

  74. Arnold Stollar

    Arnold Stollar10 months ago

    Repent, and believe the Gospel., holy scriptures.

  75. Arnold Stollar

    Arnold Stollar10 months ago

    It’s a warning from God.

  76. Keone Jones

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    The only bother to us on the other side is the vog blowing this way.

  77. Justin87

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    Lava is earths ejaculation

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    People in this clips look happy

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    Why is she yelling?

  80. jim hall

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    nice Bob .could this be part of the trump effect ?

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    Oh... Thanks Obama

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    He's a good teacher.

  83. Tisi mars

    Tisi mars10 months ago

    I thought Yellowstone was the biggest volcano but not active right now

  84. Doc Lewis

    Doc Lewis10 months ago

    Ouch...no water? Um...ocean? Water table? Hmmm...the lava in the volcano has dropped and yes there could be water that gets to it from tubes made by the volcano itself centuries ago/decades ago. It is a danger. It may not ever happen but you can't say it won't happen. It's not likely to hurt anyone because it's in a National Park area (thank goodness for national parks).

  85. Helge Moulding

    Helge Moulding10 months ago

    The Pacific plate is moving at just 7 cm per year. In a thousand years that's less than the length of a football field. I think Bob's estimate of "a couple thousand years" may be a bit optimistic. :-)

  86. Victrola 1926

    Victrola 192610 months ago

    because the god awakoawko is mad

  87. Sheenal Deo

    Sheenal Deo10 months ago

    People are being evacuated. It isn’t “spectacular.” 😒

  88. 3Gunner

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    Really good Idea there boss......living on a Volcano that is 😆

  89. Vaneshia Ragland

    Vaneshia Ragland10 months ago

    I was reading the comments and I guess everyone was thinking the same. This man should or I hope he is a teacher. Wow, his way of explaining and giving a visual to help us understand is amazing.

  90. chris corona

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    That lava looks awesome

  91. Lewis Cleveland

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    Cause it ain't done!

  92. Shannon Mc

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    Why? Because Pele is pissed 😂

  93. AR T

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    Well make some good ole man made fissures to direct the lava flow. Pop that zit before it pops itsself. Use your lava wisely.

  94. Black Gamer

    Black Gamer10 months ago

    if you are hawaii you need to evacuate

  95. Allen A

    Allen A10 months ago

    You ask why the volcano keeps erupting. It's because Madame Pele is annoyed with the people on Hawaii.

  96. falling Angel

    falling Angel10 months ago

    It demands a sacrifice

  97. Heidi K.

    Heidi K.10 months ago

    This is all part of the end times scenario, the 7 year Tribulation is right around the corner, GOD'S wrath upon the unbelievers. Please get rapture ready people! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid n the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!!

  98. Jordan Burton

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    Finally new land

  99. Maui Randall

    Maui Randall10 months ago

    I love all these jealous mainlanders acted like we should evacuate the islands and they're not coming here because of "dangerous" Ash in the sky when our air is still like a hundred times cleaner then the city they live in probably a hundred times cleaner in every aspect Jealousy pure and simple

  100. xXxKillquickxXx

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    The next volcano should be called moana so Maui isn't lonely

  101. xXxKillquickxXx

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    Maui Randall Maui is a god in moana named after the volcano, the people in the movie are Samoan, just thought it was a funny pun

  102. Maui Randall

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    I'm kind of lonely but I don't see how naming a volcano after a kids movie would help that

  103. I am depression

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    Here's some common sense the hawaii volcano had a eruption like this before it just effected hawaii