Why Do We Laugh? ft. Steven Suptic


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    * taps mic * Is this thing on? BIG thank you to Steven Suptic for being in this video! Check out his channel in the description. Are there any other creators you want me to collab with? I'm also loving some of these jokes you're giving me! Thank you SO much for watching! :D

  2. Dominick Keys-Jones

    Dominick Keys-Jones16 days ago

    Sas 4 I think the answer to that we would all freeze to death. Quickly. And painfully.

  3. Dominick Keys-Jones

    Dominick Keys-Jones16 days ago

    Heavy Tanker Fun fact: you DON'T have to wait two hours to go swim right after you eat! It turns out that this was just a silly wives tale so children wouldn't take food with them into public swimming areas. *The More You Know!*

  4. Dominick Keys-Jones

    Dominick Keys-Jones16 days ago

    Life Noggin what do beer, a pillow, and a fan all have in common?...nothing, just like this joke! XD

  5. Sabah Ayub

    Sabah Ayub16 days ago

    Life Noggin i

  6. Lefty The Gamer

    Lefty The Gamer3 hours ago

    why do servers have lag? Because they're stupID haha! isn't that Funny? oh yes...

  7. Little Lollipop

    Little Lollipop14 hours ago

    Knock knock Say “who is there” Hatch Say “hatch who” Ha ha, made you sneeze

  8. scoutsdenYT RBLX

    scoutsdenYT RBLXDay ago

    guys, one thing that made me laugh are these videos made by theTig3r42. These videos are: Soldier's Splendiferous Misadventure and Soldier Flies to Pipeline. Oh! and i almost forgot! Engineer's interesting day :D The part that made me laugh in Engineer's Interesting day are: The Engineer.exe Has Stopped Working, The Fast Gibberish in the beginning not the funny heavy, the demoman scaring the engineer and the Glitching out heavy. The funny parts in Soldier flies to pipeline are: The Engineer glitched and cannot process this Jar file called: PISS.jar, the engineer kicking soldier's Painis and the fast gibberish, the medic saying: diagnosis? Your ded!, the scout throwing away the medic with his bat, then he copied the medic results are in saying: Diagnosis? And he says: YOU SUCK! And lastly: Soldiers splendiferous Misadventure: these funny parts are: the beginning in which the soldier is crazy, the sniper saying: GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME PISS! The soldier replied to him: No, then he kicked him, and lastly, the soldier is a bomb!

  9. Liezel The woof pup

    Liezel The woof pup3 days ago

    I have a question, Why do we laugh in response when we miss out on what the person said?

  10. LeeLeeDog

    LeeLeeDog3 days ago

    My laugh sounds like im dying, But *I* enjoy it ; v ;

  11. Shadowcandyclaw playz365

    Shadowcandyclaw playz3654 days ago

    what do you call a bee fr thr USA? USB. Get it!?

  12. Hiro Shima

    Hiro Shima5 days ago

    What happens if you keep your laugh? (I tried it thanks to my classmate!)

  13. butkicker

    butkicker5 days ago

    Y'all want to hear a joke blocko sucks at jokes, am I right. No seriously he is bad at jokes

  14. Minecraft36590

    Minecraft365906 days ago

    lkjh I've gone crazy

  15. Bryce Fields

    Bryce Fields7 days ago

    When I start laughing I can't stop

  16. lil' larry rages

    lil' larry rages9 days ago


  17. Theo Brown

    Theo Brown9 days ago

    I keep on adding fruit to my wife’s wine, and now she is sangria than ever

  18. Gabriel Portales

    Gabriel Portales9 days ago

    Lots make me laugh. Mainly stuff blowing up.💣

  19. LoJo Man

    LoJo Man11 days ago

    What do you call a sleeping bull? A bulldozer

  20. Nader Mansoor

    Nader Mansoor11 days ago

    yoooooddddaaaaaa! Poop...

  21. Emmylou Paninsoro

    Emmylou Paninsoro12 days ago

    I will laugh at everything

  22. Julia Brown

    Julia Brown14 days ago

    Why couldn't the salmon move up stream? Because it was TIDE up!

  23. Joacim A Juarez

    Joacim A Juarez14 days ago

    A power nap!

  24. Joacim A Juarez

    Joacim A Juarez15 days ago

    What do you call a sleeping battery?

  25. 4 Wenson杜坤育

    4 Wenson杜坤育15 days ago


  26. Ninja Polo

    Ninja Polo16 days ago

    Poop are pepole

  27. Enrique Villegas

    Enrique Villegas16 days ago


  28. xTOOTSx

    xTOOTSx16 days ago

    Why can't skeletons play church music? They have no organs!

  29. Jill McMahon

    Jill McMahon16 days ago

    i laugh when i listen to comedy. My joke: what is red and smells like blue paint. A: RED PAINT!!!

  30. Kurt Gazes

    Kurt Gazes17 days ago

    KnockKnock, Who is there? Vera. Vera who? Vera few people get these jokes.

  31. Kurt Gazes

    Kurt Gazes17 days ago

    I’m ticklish.

  32. Liezel The woof pup

    Liezel The woof pup17 days ago

    0:25 ha, potty joke.

  33. Jinxed Drawings

    Jinxed Drawings17 days ago

    Yo momma so poor, I saw her with one shoe and said “you lost a shoe?” And she said “no I found a shoe”

  34. Carol Schultz

    Carol Schultz18 days ago

    Hey, did you hear about the broken pencil? Nevermind it's pointless.

  35. Claire Baloyi

    Claire Baloyi18 days ago

    what do you call someone with no nose . nobody nose ha

  36. King R.K.

    King R.K.18 days ago

    My joke : I don't like to make elephant noises because if you don't know how to do it then it makes you look stupid...

  37. Dong Jin Ying

    Dong Jin Ying19 days ago

    I am glad I know sign language hahahaha hahahh

  38. DeadBroz

    DeadBroz19 days ago

    What is an egg that scares you? FLUMPTY!!!! Get it FLUMPTY

  39. HoneyWolfTory

    HoneyWolfTory19 days ago

    markiplier videos

  40. Hope Williams

    Hope Williams19 days ago

    mostly people's pain but also other stuff

  41. Doggo gaming sis

    Doggo gaming sis19 days ago

    Also scared sometimes you laugh because your blood is moving fast and also sometimes you feel really fast. Eating sugar can make you CRAZY and EXPLODE TOO EVEN WHEN YOU EXCITED! EVEN ANGRY TOO!

  42. Lumine Minecrafter

    Lumine Minecrafter19 days ago

    What makes me laugh? My enemies bleeding to death after I rip their arms off. 😏

  43. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez19 days ago

    Blocko Makes Me Laugh 😂 about his Toilet 🚽Jokes. What’s this thing used for ?

  44. mariem abdulsattar

    mariem abdulsattar19 days ago

    what do you call some thing with no body or no nose nobody knows

  45. Julie Zarillo

    Julie Zarillo20 days ago

    I laugh at the “dirty mind” stuff

  46. Grace the FNAF fox

    Grace the FNAF fox21 day ago

    (huff) Q: okay so you meet a man/woman named Giene who loves keeping clean what do you say to them A: Hi Giene (hygiene)

  47. M.A.J.22

    M.A.J.2222 days ago

    Q:Why can't dinosaurs clap?? A: *BECAUSE THEY'RE DEAD*

  48. Spetznaz Ninja

    Spetznaz Ninja22 days ago

    Have you seen the clown that hides from gay people? No Of course you haven’t

  49. Spetznaz Ninja

    Spetznaz Ninja22 days ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Why? To get to the idiots house Knock knock Whose there? The chicken

  50. Spetznaz Ninja

    Spetznaz Ninja22 days ago

    I quit being a banker because I simply lost interest.

  51. Weetwo

    Weetwo22 days ago

    Something that makes me laugh is memes and funny vids and turtles

  52. Andrew McClure

    Andrew McClure22 days ago

    Poo poo and pee pee

  53. the one and only Chicken 53

    the one and only Chicken 5322 days ago

    A girl I know has emotional issues and one moment she laughing all of a sudden she gets angry

  54. ashhad ahmed

    ashhad ahmed22 days ago


  55. Fizzy Cake

    Fizzy Cake22 days ago

    here is a joke! what's the difference between a piano and a tuna? you can tuna piano but you cannot piano tuna *LAUGHING INTENSIFIES*

  56. MrFun

    MrFun23 days ago

    Here's a video I like about laughter and the importance of safety (really!): mreporter.net/v/video-H6_9hOQOKzQ.html

  57. Carter Aispuro

    Carter Aispuro24 days ago

    People running into walls. That’s the best way to make me laugh.

  58. Marzipan Wars

    Marzipan Wars24 days ago


  59. Killersoul

    Killersoul24 days ago

    İts serious there is nothing which doesn't make me laugh

  60. Killersoul

    Killersoul24 days ago

    What doesn't make me laugh?

  61. Killersoul

    Killersoul24 days ago

    İm gonna tell what makes me laugh and a joke that some some some some people knows

  62. Anthony K

    Anthony K24 days ago

    Blocko walks into a restaurant with a piece of asphalt. Blocko says to the waiter “A drink for me and one for the road!”.

  63. Anthony K

    Anthony K24 days ago

    Me: Why didn’t the Dino break the wall? Blocko: I don’t know, why? Me: I’m asking you the question!

  64. Amanda G.

    Amanda G.24 days ago

    Once I was walking with a friend, and I started laughing really hard at a joke she made, At one point, I was on the ground, flopping like a fish, and about to pass out from lack of oxygen. I finally calmed down, stood up, and looked across the street, discovering that there was a woman standing on her front porch, and had only seen me fall to the ground spasming like a maniac.

  65. Emily Duh Jedi

    Emily Duh Jedi24 days ago

    Me using the same exact face and noises as my little brother, but exaggerating it! It makes him laugh too😂😂😂

  66. Lachelle9 Brews

    Lachelle9 Brews24 days ago


  67. Cassidy Kennedy

    Cassidy Kennedy24 days ago

    Never trust an atom… they make up everything!!

  68. LB Gamer

    LB Gamer25 days ago


  69. Jose Acosta

    Jose Acosta25 days ago

    why did Earth marry the sun because she's hot

  70. noting 3548

    noting 354825 days ago


  71. You Panhamorakath

    You Panhamorakath25 days ago

    Can a bird fly with 19 leg and 100 wing???😂🤣

  72. You Panhamorakath

    You Panhamorakath25 days ago

    Well Sth that make me laugh is with my cat do a ninja kick like naruto

  73. Let's Play!

    Let's Play!25 days ago

    Knock Knock Who's there? *gets slapped by the door* THE DOOR Oh, wait i have another one! Knock Knock Who's there? The mirror. I am lonely.

  74. Civic 2k4

    Civic 2k425 days ago

    The videos that made me laugh are DCC Tour and the most funniest video in youtube: the SeeS or SooS

  75. Romeo Señal

    Romeo Señal26 days ago

    The that makes me laugh is the just do it meme

  76. Evan Morales

    Evan Morales26 days ago

    Whats a fish without an eye a fsh

  77. Kartun Girl

    Kartun Girl26 days ago

    This joke from Jay Kubz Scout. He make a joke when a person was near with senpai in yandere school "Yesterday your birthday, today your death day" IDK if this make you laugh. At least, i try okay!!

  78. KittCat NotHere

    KittCat NotHere26 days ago

    I want to take a sheet

  79. Rayne Craft

    Rayne Craft26 days ago

    ヽ(´▽`)/ hahaha hah.. Heh heh heh... Idk y I did that..

  80. Sam O

    Sam O26 days ago

    airline food am i right? (notice me senpi)

  81. Tawny Baird

    Tawny Baird26 days ago

    Whydidthecowcro why did the cow krowd to get to the other the movie theater

  82. Across The Games

    Across The Games26 days ago

    Did you hear about the new anti-gravity book? Apparently you can't put it down 😂😂😂😋😋

  83. Ziad Farag

    Ziad Farag28 days ago

    Someone with no hair and he go to cut his hair

  84. Bre Harvey

    Bre Harvey28 days ago

    Jungshook my work here is done

  85. Aninda Mitra

    Aninda Mitra29 days ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road. Give up Oh no I hoped you would know

  86. alex5 152nope

    alex5 152nope29 days ago

    What did the stachu said to the other stachu is stachu hahahaha.

  87. Inu Suhaz Hari

    Inu Suhaz Hari29 days ago

    ok here's a joke one time my friend got headshoted with a ball i was like DONG!! XD true story

  88. White Tubby

    White TubbyMonth ago


  89. Lps Stars

    Lps StarsMonth ago

    My sister make me laugh all the time XD

  90. the Invisible guy

    the Invisible guyMonth ago

    toilet paper i meant not toilet

  91. the Invisible guy

    the Invisible guyMonth ago

    why could'nt the toilet cross the road?.......BECAUSE HE GOT STUCK IN THE CRACK

  92. khadija ahmed

    khadija ahmedMonth ago

    Ok once there was a guy he bought a house he named it BUTT and his cats name was POOP and when his house was on fire he told the police MY BUTT IS ON FIRE AND POOP is not coming out haha LOL!!!!😂

  93. Pooja Bharadwaj

    Pooja BharadwajMonth ago

    What did the ocean tell to the shore Nothing it just wave

  94. Homie Missouri

    Homie MissouriMonth ago

    :Me Knock knock :Life Noggin Whos There :Me Boo :Life Noggin Boo Who :Me BOOHOOOOO! Edit : Replaced @ with !

  95. David A Flores

    David A FloresMonth ago

    Why don't we go to goer so we can make original orange jeece

  96. katiriamoran

    katiriamoranMonth ago

    Nothing makes me laugh except tickles by my dad

  97. Uglyduckling123 Sougly

    Uglyduckling123 SouglyMonth ago

    I never heard that phrase

  98. Dave Bruder

    Dave BruderMonth ago

    1 second.........Lol Lol lol lol lol like if you thank it was funny

  99. boring channel name nothing

    boring channel name nothingMonth ago

    What is the difference between mountains and hills? Hills are hillarios

  100. Tina 4 LIFE !

    Tina 4 LIFE !Month ago


  101. Steven 87999

    Steven 87999Month ago

    dancing chickes make me laugh

  102. Steven 87999

    Steven 87999Month ago


  103. Steven 87999

    Steven 87999Month ago


  104. finlay dominy

    finlay dominyMonth ago

    What didthe change to a dollar ive changed

  105. Dr. Bee

    Dr. BeeMonth ago

    this song: SHART, SHART, DIARRIAH!