Why Do We Laugh? ft. Steven Suptic


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    * taps mic * Is this thing on? BIG thank you to Steven Suptic for being in this video! Check out his channel in the description. Are there any other creators you want me to collab with? I'm also loving some of these jokes you're giving me! Thank you SO much for watching! :D

  2. NatashaMufasa

    NatashaMufasaMonth ago

    Oh wait....(I did not notice the end)

  3. NatashaMufasa

    NatashaMufasaMonth ago

    Um life niggon the first link for me made me go to a another yt channel

  4. Girly Winter

    Girly Winter2 months ago


  5. watermellon lv

    watermellon lv4 months ago

    This is a joke or is it

  6. Captain Smith

    Captain Smith6 months ago

    Euginna De Ramos I have no clue what the bloody hell you're on about

  7. Mr.Trololo

    Mr.Trololo4 days ago


  8. Fire Ring

    Fire Ring6 days ago

    2:10 was used in the ocd video

  9. Black Out

    Black Out6 days ago

    whats a ghost favourite fruit? BOOnanas

  10. Black Out

    Black Out6 days ago

    whats a ghosts favourite food? SPOOKghetti

  11. Senpai Wolfie

    Senpai Wolfie8 days ago

    *Laugh is the best medicine* But ppl says"Laugh to death"

  12. mega man zero

    mega man zero9 days ago

    this joke is form a video well well and then screaming demonically

  13. A Nickel For a Dime

    A Nickel For a Dime11 days ago

    What did one eye say to the other eye? Between you and me. . . Something smells.

  14. Katrin Rad

    Katrin Rad11 days ago

    Fetch my 💩 fgygtdhrfgfdgtd haaaaaaaaaaa

  15. ღ Baylee & Kikø ღ

    ღ Baylee & Kikø ღ11 days ago

    I laugh when I have to write too much. I laugh creepily. I basically go insane.

  16. catkillerwave 13

    catkillerwave 1315 days ago

    I got fired from a florist, apparently I took too many leaves.

  17. Mark RBLX

    Mark RBLX16 days ago

    Retarded jokes make me laugh.

  18. Dbz I Do You

    Dbz I Do You16 days ago

    Ur mom noob

  19. Jorun Holm

    Jorun Holm16 days ago


  20. Meme Uploder

    Meme Uploder18 days ago

    Wat did i sat ti my mom ITS raping time (IT hapend)

  21. Bac0nZ

    Bac0nZ18 days ago

    I Laugh if a hot dog flys into a wall but ive seen it lots of times so its kinda boring

  22. Mr. Helix

    Mr. Helix19 days ago

    What did the plant said to the shears leaf me alone

  23. Bear Production

    Bear Production20 days ago

    this is my joke: knock knock whos there ? THE DOOR !!!!!

  24. Bear Production

    Bear Production20 days ago

    i don't laugh i only wheeze

  25. Ellis Baxter

    Ellis Baxter27 days ago


  26. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    Best meme ever mreporter.net/v/video-rgy6U3Slgk8.html

  27. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    Theres The pretty girls👧 And the popular girls😂 And i look like🧓

  28. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    What if u wanted to go to heaven but God said OOF

  29. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    Why did The chicken cross The Road? To go to heaven U get it?

  30. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    Knock Knock Whos there Ur UR what Ur mom

  31. CookiezX VLOGS

    CookiezX VLOGSMonth ago

    What do u call a deer with no eyes no i dea

  32. AlphaAmoeba

    AlphaAmoebaMonth ago

    Have you ever Met a Knight?

  33. Candy Lady10000

    Candy Lady10000Month ago

    I laugh at almost everything

  34. The Masked Psycho

    The Masked PsychoMonth ago

    What the difference between me and a calendar? Calanders have dates

  35. Water Border

    Water BorderMonth ago

    Why did Donald Trump Cross the road? To be racist on the other side ( No Offense)

  36. miniature

    miniatureMonth ago


  37. AA Koolaid

    AA KoolaidMonth ago

    What's the difference between your mom and an elephant? - 2 pounds

  38. Alex the Wolfia

    Alex the WolfiaMonth ago

    What makes me laugh? Well, nearly everything is what makes me laugh.

  39. Sina Saeedi

    Sina SaeediMonth ago

    Memes make me laugh! Thanks for asking! And what's a fish with no fins? Ish! How was that?

  40. just a game

    just a gameMonth ago

    Yeah but if I laugh to for a long time I won't be able to breath

  41. Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winter

    Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winterMonth ago

    What makes me laugh is that funny cat and dog videos those are funny to watch lol.

  42. Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winter

    Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winterMonth ago

    Hey that's funny hahahahahahahGgbghh

  43. Jell0 Mell0

    Jell0 Mell0Month ago

    What do you call a peanut in space? An astronut

  44. Hack Lab

    Hack LabMonth ago


  45. MR TeVy

    MR TeVyMonth ago

    joke: how do you call a madick owl? A hoodiny xD

  46. A B

    A BMonth ago

    What do you call a cheese that's not your's. Nacho cheese

  47. Koi Chew

    Koi ChewMonth ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the idiots house, Knock knock (You know what to say) Its the chicken I stole this joke

  48. Dana cp fan

    Dana cp fanMonth ago

    The game-grumps make my laugh

  49. phin treptow

    phin treptowMonth ago

    oh you want to laugh? Go watch pewdiepie reacting to doctor phil, Boyinaband reacating to childhood videos 20 years later, and Theodd1sout. I dare you to try not to laugh. I dare you.

  50. Glamorous cutlefish

    Glamorous cutlefishMonth ago

    2:46 Intersectionality

  51. Elmo ????

    Elmo ????Month ago

    The thing that makes me laugh is that fortnite is getting sued

  52. MrGuy Indusries

    MrGuy IndusriesMonth ago


  53. Nana The Golden Pineapple

    Nana The Golden PineappleMonth ago

    What is cow's rarity? Answer: LegendDAIRY Get it???

  54. Payton B

    Payton B2 months ago

    - “A day without laughter is a day waisted.”

  55. Online BR Music

    Online BR Music2 months ago

    What can you do when you laugh too much? I have this problem, it's frustrating, annoying and I just can't fix it, I laugh at the most simple thing and no one takes me seriously, despite trying for 8 years there's no change, I keep laughing as if I don't have control over this action at all, I probably spend 3 hours of my day laughing, it's so frustrating and it makes me sad.

  56. Jared

    Jared2 months ago

    Steven Septic Tank

  57. Kirimi Soma OfficialMUSIC

    Kirimi Soma OfficialMUSIC2 months ago

    *HONESTLY BAD.* *B A D P R O F O R M A N C E.*

  58. Sam Ablon

    Sam Ablon2 months ago

    knock knock

  59. Narinder Kaur

    Narinder Kaur2 months ago

    how did the noggin make a video it uploads with poop

  60. Pokemon Boss 2007

    Pokemon Boss 20072 months ago

    People who say you can’t buy love haven’t been to a pet store

  61. Pokemon Boss 2007

    Pokemon Boss 20072 months ago


  62. Starter Aiming fpr: 1,000 subs

    Starter Aiming fpr: 1,000 subs3 months ago

    What is a Earth that does not have a sun? A frearth (freeze-marth)

  63. kiwi productions

    kiwi productions3 months ago

    Blokco: Has very complicated explanation for laughter Me: Thinks laughter is from burritos

  64. Skywarrior Gaming

    Skywarrior Gaming3 months ago


  65. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes3 months ago

    Ha ha ha He he he Hoo hoo hoo Wait you thought this was a poem?

  66. Lara Ahmed

    Lara Ahmed3 months ago

    I love u life noggin

  67. Kitty Girl54321

    Kitty Girl543214 months ago

    Has anyone noticed that laughter can be contagious? I mean, one person laughing can cause other people to laugh.

  68. Alex Supernova

    Alex Supernova4 months ago

    What do dogs say i wanna poo haha

  69. Vi Bi

    Vi Bi4 months ago

    earth said to sun *i guess im special cus today is earth day* the next day sun tells earth * i guess IM special cus today is sunday* !!!

  70. UltimateBoom TM

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  71. Doge mapping and more!

    Doge mapping and more!4 months ago

    666K views XD

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    I asked this to my mom and he told me wellllllllll Watch life noggin

  73. Kit Carson

    Kit Carson4 months ago

    this has 666k views...

  74. RayRay OuO

    RayRay OuO4 months ago

    Up Next: Why do we die?

  75. SlyCrunchy

    SlyCrunchy4 months ago

    If you wanted to know why people laugh why would you have Steven suptic on that guys probably never even heard someone laugh

  76. CuzzISaidSoYay

    CuzzISaidSoYay4 months ago

    Omg there were 666,666 views when I clicked on this...

  77. snowy breeze

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  78. Superredman Gaming

    Superredman Gaming4 months ago

    What’s a lamb’s favorite car? A LAMBorgini! Budum TSS!

  79. DumbMarioFan64

    DumbMarioFan644 months ago

    Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long? A: because then it would be a foot

  80. All About April

    All About April4 months ago

    I'm mainly good with cat puns, even if they aren't PUNNY. Darnit, I started and now I CAT PAWsibly stop MEOW. Sorry for that CATastrophe, but when you find the PURRfect timing, you have to make a pun or two

  81. amber luck

    amber luck4 months ago

    What do you call a man with no body and no nose No body nose hehehe

  82. Baconmaniscool 2

    Baconmaniscool 24 months ago

    You can’t escape Minecraft Steven.

  83. Marlee Powell

    Marlee Powell4 months ago

    What’s funnier than 24...... 25!!!

  84. Blind Guy 3000

    Blind Guy 30004 months ago

    What is the medical term for owning too many dogs? A roverdose.

  85. Sara D.

    Sara D.5 months ago

    Here is a joke: what did the taxi diver say to the warewolf? where wolf?

  86. CHLOE K's YouTube Channel

    CHLOE K's YouTube Channel5 months ago


  87. אורי שביט

    אורי שביט5 months ago

    uhhhhhh best joke. ok ur mom gay

  88. Fallen Stars

    Fallen Stars5 months ago

    Honestly i cant luagh right now cuz im sick every like will maybe equal a pray?

  89. GumDrop NDGM

    GumDrop NDGM5 months ago

    Don't make a pencil dull. Why? Its *pointless*

  90. Hamad Fx9

    Hamad Fx95 months ago

    Why did the the skeleton not go to the cinema with his friends? Because he doesn’t have legs

  91. ChaosMinecraft

    ChaosMinecraft5 months ago

    Bsod's in the public... Ps. Bsod= Blue screen of death.

  92. Jordan Reynolds

    Jordan Reynolds5 months ago

    What do you call a cow with no legs? Grooooouuuuunnnd beef!!!

  93. The atomic Scotsman

    The atomic Scotsman5 months ago

    Guess what chicken butt

  94. Bryan Nguyen

    Bryan Nguyen5 months ago

    The usb mic sounds good lol

  95. Manny King Money

    Manny King Money5 months ago

    *laughing is really weird if you think about it you basically make a uncontrollable weird sound* 😂

  96. Fiddle WidmaToe

    Fiddle WidmaToe5 months ago

    We laugh because its facts , facts makes us laugh, that's why comedians uses the facts in society,politics,etc. To make us laugh.

  97. Str1ker3 Wisen

    Str1ker3 Wisen6 months ago

    What did the hat say to the mitten? Stay here I'll go on ahead

  98. The Laboratory

    The Laboratory6 months ago

    I put my phone on airplane mode and through it out the window. It wouldn’t fly.

  99. Beast Plays

    Beast Plays6 months ago

    My mom said we are going to The mall And I Said Hell no!!!!

  100. Beast Plays

    Beast Plays6 months ago

    What time did the man go to the dentist? 2toothy

  101. GiuseppeAlbert 84485

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  102. Sasha_

    Sasha_6 months ago

    *tickles my pickles* ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  103. Ammar Ibrahim

    Ammar Ibrahim6 months ago

    what do you call a small phone ? A microphone

  104. Ellen May Wilks

    Ellen May Wilks6 months ago

    What do you call a fake noodle an impasta

  105. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Pumpkin Spice Latte6 months ago

    heres my joke: life