Why do medieval buildings overhang their lower floors?


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    the small extended battlements are part of blocking intruders, walking up a wall with a 50cm extended battlement means the angle of your rope is closer to 90 degree(you cant push your feet into the wall for grip) if a wall had an inward battlement wall or a flat battlement wall a rope tossed up would angle towards the wall you were climbing giving you an advantage when scaling it. also a anchor running up the wall (because you tossed it to far forward) will bounce back or hit the bottom of the battlement instead of have a chance to hook the wall.

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    But an important part of a castle's function _was_ the look. It was a symbol of status, power, authority, investment, continuity. The military eye might see (lack of) machicolations and fields of fire and such stuff, but the common eye would just be impressed by the sheer scale and audacity and architecture and presence and massive cost of the thing. Form is the function, especially moreso after the need for maintaining original military function became less relevant. It's the same psychology which is behind extravagant government and corporate buildings today.

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    In most cities taxes depended on the size of the ground floor. The overhanging roofs also kept some of the rain away from the stressed lower walls. You could build the upper floors with as much overhang as you wanted, so long as carriages and knights on horseback were able pass through. That's why often a second floor had even more overhang than the first. And it's not illogical that tax laws were so similar throu out northern europe. They needed a simple and easy to enforce tax system. And the wealthy people, the only ones who could afford houses in the city centre, wouldn't have liked tax officers walking through their houses measuring the size of their bedrooms. That's also why many smartass local lords tried to counter that loophole with additional taxes, like taxes on the number of doors to the side alleys, the number of windows facing the main street etc. Stuff a small number of not too smart city officals could put onto paper without even being noticed by the house owners. There weren't many non-violent ways for the aristocrats to make money so they copied what others did.

  4. William Barath

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    "because it looks cool" - it's a design style called Brutalism and it makes things feel dangerous to approach because we instinctively know that something which is heavier on top could fall over on us.

  5. William Barath

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    The overhang also causes the water to fall a distance from the stone base, so the action of the movement of the water when it strikes the surface isn't to carve the ground away from the base which would cause the foundation of the stone wall to break apart.

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    To keep the spidurs out

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    At what point I. The video does he answer it. Jeeebus get to the point.

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    An additional reason for upper floors, in some holds, taxes (in form of coin, product, or labor)in "urban" centers were assessed by the footprint of the building. This also added to the number of floors in a building.

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    I thought it was because they through there buckets of shit out windows and didn't want poop on the side of their walls

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    Screaming at the end killed it for me

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    18 mins? anyone got the TLDR version?

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    Taxes! Medeveil house taxes where calculeted by the foot print on the ground not on the total square footing of the building. Everything above ground was free of taxes. Humain ingeniosity did the rest.

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    Hi i'm from france and when i was in school my history teacher gave us this explanation at 6:44

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    They didn't have AC back in those days so air could come up in vents and each level would protect the lower levels from weather.

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    Well it's very convenient if you don't have an umbrella and pouring rain.

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    thats the skyrim mod music

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    Seems like you forgot to mention the taxes. Since taxes were calculated based on the ground level surface. So each floor they gained in surface, but didn't have to pay additional taxes. The extension is also called a corbel. Video was quite interesting though.

  18. Peter Sobocki

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    A story I was told was that people of the time would throw the contents of their bed pans and wash buckets out of the windows into the street and the overhang gave those on foot a bit of protection - sounded plausible at the time.

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    People must have looked in each other's windows a lot.



    It's so it's harder to climb up

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    Get to the fucking point!

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    Harder to climb a wall that extends out as well.

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    is your accent real?

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    They look as stable as a fat man with skinny legs!

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    I thought it was so they couldnt be climbed up as easily.

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    The castle openings are called Machicolations.

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    About the ground floor... Keeping animals really requires a non-wood floor, since cows and such are not usually house-trained.

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    This is how i buld my houses in Minecraft...

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    The American equivalent is the 'stockade' style.www.thoughtco.com/guide-to-colonial-american-house-styles-178049

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    Pretty interesting, I had always just assumed it was done for defensive purposes at least on stone buildings like castles, forts etc. I Don't think I have ever thought about it on regular buildings but it makes perfect sense now, Thanks :-)

  34. Robert T

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    The two architectural reasons seem the most likely.

  35. Brandon Pilcher

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    Maybe the reason jettying became popular with commoners' timber buildings is because it was a trend in the "elite" architecture of the castles? Maybe the commoners wanted to emulate their social superiors here.

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    You lazyyy mapet if you do a research do it all the way through. And don't pretend that you have all the answers. The houses another big reason you miss completely to have the walls out is the rain water do not go near foundation to sink them. And the castles to have gone out with top is for added strength against heavy projectile and added protection.... Just my opinion if I'm wrong ma bad. have a nice day

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    Jesus, get to the point man. I gave up. Blah blah blah.....

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    I thought the small overhangs was to prevent people from climbing or scaling the wall

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    I like the images of Canterbury! My unit city :D

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    why did youtube play this after I watched linus talk about iphone stuff ?

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    I think the reason is best described at the 7min mark.

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    In many of our medieval cities here in Germany some of the old houses, but also those built in later periods, continued to have this kind of overhanging. It was due to buildig regulations of the time. You paid for the used space on the bottom and could get more living space for your money. There was a later period where you paid for the wideness of the front. So they built really slim but very deep houses. In my city the rich patricians lived in the front while the families working for them had to live in shacks further back. It was a very unhygenic time. They where basically sleeping with the animals in ~1,80m tall sheds.

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    why is this video 18 minutes long!?!?!?!?!?!!?

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    There is also emptying the chamber pot without hitting the person emptying their's on the floor below.

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    I think the jettying without holes on castles was a clever way of killing or 'getting' more people at once when something like a vat of hot tar or some other deadly substance was poured over the edge, the radius of effect would be wider. They could potentially get 5 rows of people rather probably 3 if everything was flush.

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    You've become an inspiration Shad! www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/9feq4o/functional_battlements/?ref=share&ref_source=link www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/9fin9i/word_of_the_day_machicolations_they_dont_look/?ref=share&ref_source=link

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    9:29 do you really showed picture of the Spiš Castle? I'm honnored castle from my homeland Slovakia made it to your videos :D

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    Toilet was mounted there. Added advantage was in keeping loiterers away from your house.

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    crongratulations on this video. from an architect

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    5:46 - the problem with russian :D

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    I was going to watch this but I think I'll research it myself and save sixteen minutes of my life instead!

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    For someone who doesn't want to spend more than 18 minutes of listening this or speeding it up by 2. Some possible reasons: 1st - Lots of people in cities on foot so they need space for walking. 2nd - Less work during construction because there are less stumps to support the building. 3rd - They had animals and stocks in the lowest storey/floor so they did not use stumps in the first place, they did not even do the flooring. However this meant that the lowest storey/floor had to be the support for the building (it effected the material and the space of the lowest storey/floor). 4th - Architectural reasons (better stability for higher storeys/floors). 5th - It "looks good". The OFFICIAL reason: DEFENSE - there used to be holes in the floor, from where you could shoot arrows down on the men who tried to climb the wall and still were covered + you did not have to lean out and possibly kill yourself by falling down.). After that it was just a decoration.

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    And my first thought was, it was to give pedestrians a place to duck to should they hear a shout of "gardy-loo!" as they passed by.

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    Dunno when in the video he eventually comes to the point, so I stopped watching all this rambling about nullities to answer this simple question and had a quick look on a Wiki page instead: _'This has the advantage of increasing the available space in the building without obstructing the street.'_ That's it.

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    TLDR = to increasing the available space in the building without obstructing the street.

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    Getiing? Can you spell that word please?

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    15:45 Imagine being an architect in medieval times -Ah, my liege welcome to your castle construction +Hi there lowborn smart person +Hmm, the top is too straight it needs to be jettying -But mey liege without machicolations it will serve no purpose +Silence, it looks good

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    Always lived where there is snow during the winter and thought it helped keep the sidewalks clear of snow:)

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    I believe it was also so that they could dump the contents of their chamberpots out of the windows without staining the facade of the house.

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    This is the style universal went for with diagon ally

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    I thought it was cuz they would empty their shit buckets out the windows and that way the neighbors below would beat theyre ass.

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    9:11 I Swear he was going to say defense against spiders, Because of Minecraft.

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    It's harder for a second-story man to break in.

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    Your illustrations are fantastic

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    Well...I still prefer my theory! It’s so when you’re throwing your poop out onto the street it don’t hit your house wall lol Great video though! Very informative.

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    I paused this at 5 minutes into the video to say that to me my first idea that came to mind was to be able to pour boiling oil onto people who where attacking the property without any of the oil staining the building

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    Awesome and informative. It doesn't get much better than that. So glad I clicked.

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    I watched the whole video on 1x speed and don’t understand what the problem is. I thought the video was very well done. Everything everyone has ever said can be reduced to a TL:DR, that doesn’t mean the value of the TL:DR is equal to the value of the whole thing.

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    Now I want to turn my house into a castle.

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    Ok... I'll buy your explanation for the reasons behind jettying. Now, what's the reasoning behind the patterning on the external walls? Is it merely painted on? Is it architectural? I've been puzzled by that patterning for decades! Not puzzled enough to actually do any research on it, but every time I'd see it, I'd wonder about it! 🤔

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    I thought it was because they used to throw their waste out the windows...

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    I believe those "Machicolations" are also sometimes referred to as "Murder Holes". Or at least that is so according to Age of Empires II. I know that the game is not supposed to be taken as a reliable source of historical data, but I think that particular term is correct.

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    Can't the enemy shoot up through the machicolations as well?

  81. Al Feyerabend

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    In theory, yes. But the defenders have the advantage of being much closer to the holes. Think of shooting out of a window vs. trying to shoot into a window from a distance. If I'm at the window shooting through it, I have a pretty wide range of angles I can shoot; the person shooting into the window has a very narrow angular range.

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    "It looks good. Reeeeally good."

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    Wasn't another factor that house tax levels were based on the ground floor sq footage?

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    They threw the contents of their chamber pots out the windows.

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    Because when they threw out their dead the bodies wouldn't get hooked up on shit

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    It's because of this type of houses that we "picture" British with umbrella, as umbrellas became very-very popular in UK after the ban of this type of house. Before the great fire of London you can walk in the street without getting wet by the rain

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    I thought it was to make it harder for rats to climb from the outside. Somewhere I read that some granaries had a gap between floors for that very pourpose.

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    Its because of weathering by precipitation. Water oxidises and rots everything even morter. If you jetty your Building you Need only maintain the Roof.

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    because of walking. And when cows caught the plague they walked in circles and made crazy paths.

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    Being anywhere near that Picasso fuckery going on at 2:35 would make me hella nervous.

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    I'm guessing you didn't intend this video as a "how to make convincing medieval LEGO buildings" tutorial, but that's what it is. :P

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    I have no idea how I got here, I don't know about architecture, and don't really care about architecture, but I not only learned something, but now I'm genuinely interested in this.

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    Before watching guess: probably to get more "land" without violating laws, or for the poop buckets

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    So ezio can climb them duh

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    I think that it might be to protect to base from rain

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    It was because in medieval times they would throw their trash out from the window. This way, when you throw shit from the third floor, it doesn't fly into the second floor window. Very simple.

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    Hey there Shad, Just found your channel, started with your newer video on how castles are designed, and absolutely love it! Had a quick question for you. I really haven't been able to find anything on the subject, so wanted to pick your brain. In my designing my own medieval cities, I always get stuck with buildings near the castle walls. Were most city / citizen buildings built into city walls, at least adjacent to, or were they separated by a pathway or something of that sort? Thanks a lot and keep up the awesome work!, Surly

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    It seems like the principal reason for it was - fashion.

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    2:36 didn't they use to toss waste buckets out the windows?