Why do medieval buildings overhang their lower floors?


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    My house has this

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    When you are in a narow area eaven few cm can help and They can create a psychological effect against peoples who want to atact you You can really say from far awey if ther are meticulation or not (exemp for those 10 cm gap) If you are an under educated foot soldjer you may not want to take that risk And it shoud be wey mor easy and chep to creat that gap without meticulation And it's cool XD

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    Also you can empty your chamber pot without splattering it on the wall of your house

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    *M A C H I C O L A T I O N S*

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    I turned my volume way down at the start of this episode in anticipation of MASCHICOLATIONNNNNNNNNS

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    I just thought it was a defence mechanism for people trying to climb the wall. To make it more of a pain in the ass.

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    Function becomes Aesthetic.

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    Tudor TUDOR TUDOR!!!!!!

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    If this guy didn’t ramble on so much would like watching his videos

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    I've got a theory of why there were battlements without machicolations. A license had to be granted by the King Of England, before battlements could be build. Maybe, without the machicolations, they bypassed having to get a license?

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    Do we get a diploma for subscribing to Shadiversity? 😊

  12. Matthew Egan

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    The reason for the overhang was more practical. When it rains you can walk under it and keep dryer.

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    why do you speak like you're talking to a bunch of tards

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    I enjoy watching your videos so I can downvote them all

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    I think it's really easy for us to forget that these were people just like us and a lot of things were probably done for no other reason than it looked cool

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    Interesting,Thanks. (Makes Sense)

  17. Alcerus

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    My first thought for the reason behind jettying was for better rain protection.

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    Now that was a plug and a half xD

  19. Elizabeth

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    If you were to add machicolations when the ramparts were extended, then you still wouldn't have any more space to walk because there would be holes.

  20. Zach Hilleary

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    Also consider most jetting was on the side of a building where the roof wasn't sloped. To prevent rain from soaking the timber causing it to rot.

  21. insorte diaboli

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    at 5 minutes when you're talking about the bottom floor being used for storage and keeping animals and the living quarters being over it makes me wonder if that is how the concept of basements came along

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    What is the name of the castle at 13:51?

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    Also, 17:23... That’s beautiful. ❤️

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    The machiculations and the goal of extra space for movement on the ramparts are at odds, because a defender can't really walk on the openings, no?

  25. Johan Uskrup

    Johan UskrupMonth ago

    When I visited France a tour guide there told me that it also had to do with the local governments only taxing the floors on the square footage of the bottom floor, so there was no variation in between the taxes. Medevial tax evasion. This may have only been for the region of France that I was in though. It was a about 10 years ago so I only know that it was a walled city in northern France(I can’t remember the state or name of the city though)

  26. David Volta

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    8:30 is my hometown : Dijon !! so proud to live there and be in your video

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    did you ever think about the advantages of water draining apart from the wall than sliding across it?

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    Why wasnt this channel recommended before

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    What castle is that at 9:26?

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    "Maybe you have seen these houses in documentaries, games, movies or whatever" - I see them everyday in reality. It's Europe over here.

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    Shad, your intro gives me Nostalgia in every video I watch because it sounds a lot like the combat music in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

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    RE castles not having true machiculation(sp?). If so you know in life is what you've experienced and the last few castles you attacked had these death holes in pretty sure you'd remember that the next time you attacked a castle that looked anything like that. So in addition to looking imposing and aesthetically pleasing I'd think your average medieval person would be a bit weary. Besides, SOMEBODY has to get in real close to see if they're real or fake.

  34. CaptBunnykiller

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    Two additional reasons I recall for jettying in the city: in many cities there may have been a floorplan tax for merchants instead of an income tax. So the tax was determined by the size of the shop on groundlevel. When those where build, there was not yet a restriction to the usage of "air space", of course smart people would take advantage of that. The second reason: When you empty your toilet bucket through the window, you don't want to hit your own store front.

  35. thomasthemtman

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    ANSWER: In midevil times many properties were taxes based in the FOOTPRINT, the bottom area of the building. So you build a small bottom and have a large bedroom upstairs to save on taxes BAM

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    This was quite fascinating. Thank you for sharing this.

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    I love ur videos! May be next time talk about some city walls plzzzz

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    Is it sad that I had to pause the video to be sure that the hammering sound was coming from the video?

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    I live in France and my house has no ground foundation and actually stone originally it was covered by tile and cement. in our countryside it was still until a hundred years ago!

  40. Zafar Sami

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    Overhangs also make climbing over the wall more difficult.

  41. Haris Manou

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    In Greece they use to make the floor overhang so they can have view and check the entrace and also they control the street better in cases of attack.

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    They should have had a guy yelling : Attention! All archers please head to battle stations! Mind the gap! Attention! Mind the gap!

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    Woudln't it be terribly dangerous for the archers on the battlements? I mean, one step and they're down the machicolations.

  44. Goce Kocov

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    in my country, until the 19th century, this style of construction was used. Such a structure was retained in the city of Ohrid www.thiscityknows.com/greetings-from-ohrid-its-the-1930s-on-the-postcards/ plepe.at/14

  45. electrogestapo

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    I was in a 100-something year old Spanish colonial house in Asia one time and it had a 5-foot overhang over the main door below. On the floor is a small trap door which the owner said is for shooting arrows / guns on unwanted visitors. I thought it was funny since the house was half made of wood and the victims of this defensive feature could retaliate by simply burning down the house and the occupants along with it.

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    Taxes were based on the footprint of the lowest level.

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    i liked the video when i heard a battlecry at the end

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    This video will help you build a house in minecraft)

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    Its to stop minecraft spiders getting in

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    In middle ages (especially in countries affected by wars including wars between neighbouring feudal lords), towns and cities had to be protected by walls against possible attacks. Stonewalls were expensive and took siginicant time to build. Space inside the city walls was limited. Therefore the cost of land and land taxes were significant. To reduce cost and pay less taxes, people used to build overhanging structures.

  51. phil h

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    Overhangs on a house could also provide protection against weather. Rain etc. Also better for throwing waste out of upper windows. Overhangs on stone walls could also make it more difficult to climb over the wall.

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    Also if you didn't have machicolations but a mutually supporting tower they could fight of guys at the base of your tower and vice versa

  53. son of loki 3011

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    Fight off*

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    I like the simple answer, “it’s for shooting arrows at and dropping rocks onto bad guys down below.”

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    Did any other fellow Subscribers at 9:06 yell, MACHICOLATIONS!!!!!

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    I never thought about before but this was quite informative

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    Wow, at 8:25 ! I know this place ! I live in that city ! (Dijon in France) Also my favorite type of architecture

  60. M V

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    Regarding castle part. Imagine someone climbing on top from outside. Even 10cm of that wall going out could easly make him problem to climb up. Even when using ladder. Ladder needed to be placed that much far away and that much higher then usual .

  61. M V

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    And when its rain or snow you can sit in front of home and have cover . And only top would need painting every cuple years because water elements wouldn't go down to the bottom of building and you won't need to spend money to pain it all only the top one.

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    hey shad can you talk about mongolian archery they have a style of using a bow behind the back where they can shoot straight down off a wall

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    The buildings are scared of the assassins climbing on them

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    I could write an entire short story about all the ways I'd hurt myself on machicolations.

  65. Dwight Looi

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    Jetting is also done in part because it PROVIDES SHELTER! The upper levels jutting out and the roof jutting out beyond that provides a sheltered area below. This shelters not just humans and living things underneath, it also shelters the WALLS underneath from water and snowmelts dripping from the upper levels. Keeping your walls dry is important for the purpose of keeping your walls from rotting or becoming moldy.

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    you just make shit up.

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    "Stumps"?? Oh, you mean pilings. Or stone footings. Yes, conserving the use of those would be a labor saver in the country.

  68. Harrison Rawlinson

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    The footprint of the building was preferred to be limited because often in medieval cities, I’ve heard they charged the price for land based on the footprint, so you get ‘free space ‘if you extend the floor above

  69. Gherman TheK

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    In school i was told that higher floors were bigger than lower floors because owners of the buildings counted taxes by the first floor. The smaller the first floor the lower are the taxes because that is how much land it takes for your building.

  70. Melanie Boots

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    Here's another reason to having these extended areas on stone castles. And that is to prevent people, or at least make it harder for attackers and theives to climb over the walls.

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    Obviously to stop minecraft spiders from climbing on the roof

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    Maybe the reason was a trompe-l'œil for themus looking at a distance with a desire to attack the castle.

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    Chamber pots. Wasn't chamber pots at least part of it?

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    7 minutes to give the answer

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    I was taught this was related to taxation being based on the ground floor footprint of a property.

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    2:00 Cut straight to the point and miss out the pomp

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    Guess what?? It has a name!!!. Yah.. Humans do like to put a label on stuff xD

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    So they look like a dildoes...

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    For a video this long I expected a physics explanation why the machicolations don’t break off. Some of those photos, it looks like the whole thing could tip off at the corbel.

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    I was always told (and sorry if I missed it) but I was always told that the bottom level footprint was what was taxed. The smaller the bottom floor, the less tax....

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    Interesting information that could have been conveyed in a more succinct manner.

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    More game designers should watch this video. I think even modern FPS's could benefit from this battle design of matriculations.

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    For the extremely slight overhang, the small bit could add a minor impediment to climbing the side of the wall when not using a ladder. Even then, the base of a ladder would need to be a bit further out and without as much support from the wall if set up without an angle.

  85. Lucky13

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    Okay first off I have no historical knowledge but from just thinking about it wouldn't it make sense to do it so that way you would have less wind blowing up to make your shots more accurate? and I understand that I'm probably way off base but it was just a thought

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    I love youtube, it's so damn weird drifting from IT tech videos (my field).. to magic and sleight of hand, to sign language, to beat boxing, to animation, internet series, editing, filming, screenwriting and directing, and now swords and medieval architecture XD

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    I'm so happy you wrote how to spell Machicolations I'd been wondering ever since I first hear of them from you! Could they not have been built on castles where the worry of slipping into them could have been an issue. Castles made of slippery stone or in colder climates that could lead the defenders to slip their leg in by accident and possibly twist or even break their ankles?

  88. fred white

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    I think in some areas in the united states [especially the older areas that have seen a century or two] you can observe a similar style on some buildings for example brick masonry architecture mostly at the top at the roof of the building though but there are Gothic style buildings in the US that have jettying so...

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    TELL ME WHY!!!! I need to know!!

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    So where did you get your winged spear in the back ground? I've been looking for a nice one like that but I don't invest in wall-hangers.

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    Come on, divs, everyone knows it was to do with taxes. The ground floor was taxed by cubic space so they made it small to pay less. The upper stories, which weren't taxed, are bigger to give more room.

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    First starts to answer the headline question at 2:07. Your welcome.

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    You gotta get to the point quicker otherwise we lose interest.

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    love it. rain. drips off n doesn't weather the foundations n rest of the building so much. sensible. I love castles.

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    The thing with the castles was not invented by the romans. For example the egyptians had it before.

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    12:59 hehehe more like cramparts

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    a lot of this pictures seem to be from guild 3

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    My understanding of the over hang in civilian buildings was because of a land tax. At least this is so in the UK. So you would buy land to build on then use as much as you could then the upper floors would over hang for more space as you said. The owner would then pay land tax on the land used. So a tax scam in a way. I also believe the style became fashionable and so was used more as it looks good but like most things, money was the motive..... well money and space. This idea would also add reason to to country side buildings as well. Anyway that my understanding, what do you think Shade?

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    14:55 That might be maybe usefull for Spilling boiling hot tar/oil on enemys that try to damage/climb the wall. Now I dunno if that was actually done in the medieval age but if - it might explain it.

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    The real reason is to prevent spiders from climbing your castle walls, everyone knows that

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    9:10 That would have been the perfect moment to scream "machicolation!!!"

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    Because it's pretty duh