Why did young voters pick a 92-year-old? - BBC News


  1. Ibra The Conqura

    Ibra The Conqura14 days ago

    I'm not a Malaysian but I love this man... God bless him

  2. Nini

    Nini16 days ago

    Tun M is a legend.. U need to read his bio, all of his achievements n u will impress.. He is the only one who can save us from our former prime minister.. He is a genius.. He is back because he worried about our country.. Even the kids will choose him.. Believe me if u ask the students who live in KL n Selangor 98% of them will choose Tun M

  3. Syed Shahrom

    Syed Shahrom26 days ago

    He will be more controversial this time around.Health is Wealth?

  4. Huiyang Ong

    Huiyang Ong28 days ago

    in chinese there is a saying, 不管是黑猫还是白猫,只要是会捉老鼠的就是好猫。which literally means, be it white cat or black cat, as long as it can catch the rat it is a good cat. So, as long as our PM can help develop our nation and people, age, gender, social background, ethnicity etc. does not matter.

  5. Beast Master

    Beast Master29 days ago

    Tq kids

  6. muhd syahril syahril

    muhd syahril syahrilMonth ago

    Tun Dr Mahathir must be listed in a National Geographic documentary. Because he is the oldest government in the world...Like if agree

  7. xoxo hyomin

    xoxo hyominMonth ago

    for sure malaysian nation choice for Tun M is more smart than choose donald trump as leader

  8. xoxo hyomin

    xoxo hyominMonth ago

    hey I'm there & so happy Tun M finally back to bring back malaysia from corruption

  9. ItsMeAndrea

    ItsMeAndreaMonth ago

    He was known as the Father of Developement. Now he is known as the Father of Come back. 😂 Little youthful Malaysian joke for ya. All skeptics aside. We learn as we grow older. And I like to believe that Tun Dr Mahathir has learn his errors in his past and that would change the way this country will be running from now on. Even though, its almost a month since the new party has been in power, they have achieved so much and Malaysia has a brighter future ahead.

  10. Honest Man

    Honest ManMonth ago

    oh shit,,,, white people not knowing who Mahatir is.... switch to ALJAZEERA...DONT WATCH BBC REVIEWS OF MALAYSIA XD

  11. khalid taib

    khalid taibMonth ago

    Old is gold....

  12. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaMonth ago


  13. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaMonth ago


  14. aman saad

    aman saadMonth ago

    I personally joining "the change" because I don't want to be ended up like The Unhappy Generation of HK. The moment they realized that they are no longer afford to live in HK because of the house price and high cost on living...it was too late.

  15. Muhammad Hadrami

    Muhammad HadramiMonth ago

    He brings economic booms to the country in 18 and 19 so I can see why. Not gonna lie that he had a mix record but when you have a leader that has been accused to be stealing people money I can see why. I'm just glad my country can pull this through without bloodshed.

  16. Desmond Nathan

    Desmond NathanMonth ago

    We chose Tun M because he has done it before and he will do it again, this time better because we have DSAI and Tun M together with a new vision for the country.

  17. Lian Kings

    Lian KingsMonth ago

    The winning feels like the cancer that hunted Malaysian has been remove from the world..

  18. daranlively

    daranlivelyMonth ago

    OMG I love her Attire and .................. of course her comments too

  19. Krishna Sellam

    Krishna SellamMonth ago


  20. Michael Wong

    Michael WongMonth ago

    Pakatan Harapan, kesaksamaan untuk semua rakyat Malaysia!. The Coalition of Hope, fairness and impartiality for all Malaysians!!.

  21. Michael Wong

    Michael WongMonth ago

    May all Malaysians of all racial backgrounds and religions be treated equally from now on, with this Coalition of Hope (Pakatan Harapan)!. Equal opportunities please, from now on, for all Malaysians, whether they are Malaysian Malay, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Orang Asli, Malaysian Iban, Malaysian Kadazan, Malaysian Bidayuh, Malaysian Melanau, Malaysian Kelabit etc.. It's high time, for this Malaysian-style *apartheid* in Malaysia to end, when it comes to study places in the local universities and jobs with the whole government sector, just to give two examples, during the last almost 50 years, in Malaysia. A whole generation (maybe even two generations) of Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian communities have apparently lost out on their career opportunities, during that period of time. That was why the MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association). MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) and the Gerakan lost almost completely, on 9th May 2018 (they are the traditional partners of the Barisan Nasional). We are now in the modern age and the whole world is watching current events in Malaysia, very closely indeed. Only then, will Malaysia finally, get the respect and admiration from the whole world. **Ubah**!!!!

  22. Michael Wong

    Michael WongMonth ago

    Kesamaan semua orang-orang Malaysia!.

  23. Haziq Zamri

    Haziq ZamriMonth ago

    Even he is 92 but the his strategy and powerful of skill is as a young man... Good election from Malaysian ... Im also malaysian .... 🤗

  24. Andy Kris

    Andy KrisMonth ago

    They did not pick Mahathir, they wanted Najib out. By chance Mahathir happened to be the leader. Just like Trump, who wanted him, they did not want Clinton’s again.

  25. bink bee

    bink beeMonth ago

    Look at the bright side. Hes gonna be the first oldest Prime Minister in the world. How cool is that!!

  26. A R.

    A R.Month ago

    To be honest, me as local youth don't vote for him alone, but his whole coalition which is made of dedicated and relentless people who never stop trying to make a change in the country. Nonetheless, I could see the former "dictator" is a changed man, he realized he made a mistake by reccomending that crook fatass as our PM and restricting freedom of local media during his past reign. Most importantly, he owned his mistake and work hard to fix it. I commended him for that.

  27. Hazrel

    HazrelMonth ago

    For me personal, I see Tun M as our grandfather that really want to save and care of all his junior grandchildrens in Malaysia for the better future.

  28. Wiko Jerry

    Wiko JerryMonth ago

    Sy dah lama tk cakap..sy bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia..tp hari ini sy sgt bangga..sbb Tun Mahathir perdana menteri yg sgt membanggakan..sangat jelas rakyat Malaysia sangat sayangkan Tun..Melayu Cina India semua sygkan Tun.

  29. 666huntu Fireman

    666huntu FiremanMonth ago

    An old saying, the inexperience of youth is no challenge to the experience and knowledge of age.Good luck and safe ruling Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Rambo.

  30. Khairul Anuar

    Khairul AnuarMonth ago

    Orang muda banyak hisap ice sebab tu mereka memilih orang tua nyanyuk

  31. Ahmad Aiman Asyraf Al-Iskandari

    Ahmad Aiman Asyraf Al-Iskandari2 months ago

    He's our Godfather, alhamdulillahi-rabbi-al-amin for giving us the new leader, hope for a better Malaysia, MALAYSIA BOLEH!

  32. Ashik Iqbal

    Ashik Iqbal2 months ago

    BBC still calling him controversial! No wonder people do no longer care about propaganda machines like the BBC.

  33. Gamer girl

    Gamer girl2 months ago

    Age is just a number

  34. Arib Hellmi

    Arib Hellmi2 months ago

    Supports only for the reformation father

  35. denzel lim

    denzel lim2 months ago

    Cos his not najib

  36. Steve Thorn

    Steve Thorn2 months ago

    I love you, Tun Mahathir. Malaysia can only go forward!

  37. BuzzSargent

    BuzzSargent2 months ago

    These young people are so well spoken and articulate what they want so well. They seem also understand that it will take some time. Very impressive young people ! God Bless

  38. Zul Kebau

    Zul Kebau2 months ago

    The reset button in malaysia has been pressed, alhamdulillah..well done pakatan harapan

  39. Anam Shah

    Anam Shah2 months ago

    He was PM for 22 years and never did i felt pressured or poor from the government, he even manage to recover malaysia from the economy downfall 1998. But during najib ruling i felt seriously pressured by the government and economy really dropped.

  40. Seth Nasyriq

    Seth Nasyriq2 months ago

    I'm Singaporean 🇸🇬and i love Malaysia 🇲🇾 Malaysia is a great country and very nice people.. congratulations for the new government 👏

  41. Dan L

    Dan L2 months ago

    This is a bit misleading. The voters voted the opposition front. They then picked Mahathir. The voters did not vote for Mahathir. It's the British system, unlike US where voters pick the president directly.

  42. Dan L

    Dan L2 months ago

    The point is that US voters actually vote for their leader. They don't vote for a party and then have the party nominate the leader. So they can have a Republican Senate and Republican House but a Democratic president. That can never happen in Malaysia.

  43. David Tay

    David Tay2 months ago

    in the US is same as well they have Republicans and Demorats, both with their own agendas. But yes the party matters more in Malaysia's case. PM isn't as powerful as a POTUS.

  44. Farihah Rashidi

    Farihah Rashidi2 months ago

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed is a genuine stateman ❤️

  45. Aidiel Ynwa

    Aidiel Ynwa2 months ago

    I love tun mahathir

  46. Ammii Rul

    Ammii Rul2 months ago

    Legend is back we Malaysian always love Tun M..proud to be Malaysian

  47. Wesley Yeap

    Wesley Yeap2 months ago

    I've voted for him before when he was in BN. Those days every Malaysia get a piece of the economy. I wouldnt say he is the best n totally no corruption in the country but at least Malaysia is making progress and everyone is happy. Now I vote for him again to make Malaysia great again. To help the people who are starving cause BN don't help the people. We the people believe in him.

  48. OhgirinSH

    OhgirinSH2 months ago

    Since i was a kid I heard so much great new and compliments about him. All generations truly respect him for what he had done up until now. He made Malaysia known to the world when he was the PM. If it’s not for him, we won’t be living in this developing country comfortably. We made the best choice and he will remain as one of the greatest man in Malaysia history.

  49. Huda Sarkowi

    Huda Sarkowi2 months ago

    The Dawn Raid, Twin Towers, the 1990s economy crisis that hit Asia yet he was adamant not to succumb to IMF, the establishment of Proton, the Look to the East era, the I-dont-give-a-eff attitude that our Tun Mahathir has. Compared that to our last PM.

  50. Dead Af

    Dead Af2 months ago

    Because he was the 4th PM before and has led Malaysia to success? No wonder people want him back.

  51. Anthony Butler

    Anthony Butler2 months ago

    Mahathir Mohamad was a pugnacious would be dictator when he was the leader previously but he is now a breath of fresh air compared to his replacement, who was the most corrupt and venal man in Asia.

  52. truebluekit

    truebluekit2 months ago

    What most people tend to forget is that the youth of today, who voted for Tun Mahathir, are the ones who grew up under his watch. Whether they like him or not, he was the force who shaped their lives. They know that if he wants something, then he will find a way; you just have to choose whether you're with or against him. Malaysia would not be as it is today without Tun Dr Mahathir.

  53. Luke Lim

    Luke Lim2 months ago

    :) Change may be good for Malaysia. It's good. But honestly my mom kinda still hold some grudge against Mahatir for the shit he did when he was the previous PM, he wasn't exactly very fair or care about economics sometimes. But hey we all recognize that at least Mahatir made some great stuff happened when he was the old PM. Najib is all the way down man. So ya when I heard Mahatir talking instead about doubling the trains speed and building infrastructure. I'm actually happy, cause that matters more then hating and politicking isnt it. Like pls improve the trains and build new tracks PLS!

  54. Yes Fakhri

    Yes Fakhri2 months ago

    because of his great vision n experience.he already shown he make malaysia great b4. btw he already said at 1998 incoming 2020,barisan nasional will fall down due to money politics.and now it. happen

  55. Pro F

    Pro F2 months ago

    Epic comeback. Comeback is real.

  56. ean dean

    ean dean2 months ago

    The grand DADDY ISSUES

  57. claire l.

    claire l.2 months ago

    tun dr. mahathir may have been an authoritarian back in the day but i'm thankful for his reintroduction into the world of malaysian politics. we would have never been able to topple the previous ruling party without such an obvious swerve of support for the current governing coalition. it's understandable that people are confused that we're calling him authoritative but at the same time showing him support, but during his campaign in the past year he's owned up to his mistakes and his sincerity to lead the country to a path of change and improvement was obvious. he's 92, soon to be 93 in a couple of months, and there is no need for him to hustle as hard as he does at this day and age. he truly wanted, and wants, to fix the mistakes of his successors and to make up for his policies when he served as the 4th prime minister. i grew up looking up to him without knowing much about how he played his politics back in the day, but now that i'm educating myself i can see that he was a flawed pm but he's malaysia's best chance at ousting corruption now. it's also amazing that we're not far from 2020 so he can see to the end of wawasan 2020 that he started. he's only been working as our 7th pm for less than a week but i hope he serves the people well during this short time. may tun live long and happy.

  58. Eva Emmanyna

    Eva Emmanyna2 months ago

    He made us an offer we couldn't refuse; change ;)

  59. Lol Loo

    Lol Loo2 months ago

    praying for a better Malaysia outside and inside

  60. Nana Almani

    Nana Almani2 months ago

    “I’m 93, not dead!” - Steve Rogers

  61. Chim²little. booty

    Chim²little. booty2 months ago

    He's my idol.I always adore him and his wife.They're a cute couple.

  62. Little otaku potato

    Little otaku potato2 months ago

    He has been a leader for 22 years i think

  63. azahri Yana

    azahri Yana2 months ago

    I luv U Tun M!

  64. kamal Bardia

    kamal Bardia2 months ago

    Congratulations to Dr.Mahathir.Love from 1300millions Indians to this lovely great youngster. God bless him with healthy and happy Century. Long live Mahathir.

  65. Sponge Hayley

    Sponge Hayley2 months ago

    I love mahathir mohamad ❤

  66. sunset bloom

    sunset bloom2 months ago

    The moment my dad told me that Tun M will be the new prime minister, i just straight away woke up and almost got tears bcs this is the beginning for the new Malaysia. Yesss, it will take times to clean up all the mess that najib razak have been doing for the past 10 years. Its not easy. Give Tun M time to clean all the mess. We’ve waiting for 5 years and now we got what we wants. Just put the trust to Tun M

  67. Unkwon Malaysian Guy

    Unkwon Malaysian Guy2 months ago

    Becuase they dun like gst lolz . Good marketing right there pakatan. I need these guys' advices on how to get rich 😉

  68. Fitria Aidili

    Fitria Aidili2 months ago

    Because he touched our heart ♥

  69. Helena Wan

    Helena Wan2 months ago

    Y not???? He is a wise man ..very brilliant & a living legendary. He made Malaysia well known for a lot of good things & uncountable contribution to our country. Hell yeaaah I voted for him!

  70. Steven Ng

    Steven Ng2 months ago

    Kuasa rakyat bkn kuasa najib!!

  71. Michie Warrioh

    Michie Warrioh2 months ago

    Lk like my uncle........wa stay strong Long liveeeeeee

  72. Yefraim Yef

    Yefraim Yef2 months ago

    He better than Najib

  73. is

    is2 months ago

    the main reason is to topple najib razak. everyone know this.

  74. Princess Katara

    Princess Katara2 months ago

    Finally, i can say that i'm proud to be a Malaysians. I'm glad i voted him.

  75. GaeBulga

    GaeBulga2 months ago

    That's what we're looking forward to now. We need that change so much since we are in deep shit right now. Cost of living is very high and jobs are scarce. The RM is recovering slowly. The country is in big debt because of the now former government.

  76. Helen Pang

    Helen Pang2 months ago

    He saved Malaysia from being ruined and emptied out. He is the only man who has the power to command respect across a broad spectrum of race and parties with different goals to come together for the sole purpose of saving the country. A fantastic man with worldly experience and who cares for his people. Malaysia is lucky to have a PM like Dr. Mahathir once again! Please treasure every minute he has with you!

  77. Hadid Eb

    Hadid Eb2 months ago

    yas we Malaysian need to change..to be a better Malaysia 🇲🇾

  78. Algabron

    Algabron2 months ago

    The Real Malay Hero...He is Tun M

  79. Colin Yuan

    Colin Yuan2 months ago

    “Why did young voters pick a 92-year-old?” anyone else can be chose?

  80. Ulau Joe

    Ulau Joe2 months ago

    He give the malaysians a holiday on thursday to friday

  81. Rumaizah Nordin

    Rumaizah Nordin2 months ago

    only him can destroy the monster that he himself created. 92 years old, we believe he has nothing personal to gain apart from wanting to redeem himself. he should have been resting and enjoy his golden age with his family but no, he join the opposition party that initially was created to fight his leadership. he join forces with his former nemesis and admit his mistake. please make malaysia united and great again. #freedomforAnwarIbrahim!

  82. Bluesunset TX

    Bluesunset TX2 months ago

    92 years young! I pray I'm as energetic & healthy at his age. ✌❤🌏

  83. heng cc

    heng cc2 months ago

    Mahathir won because of Najib's alleged corruption

  84. Az Eddie

    Az Eddie2 months ago

    Melayu bukan mudah lupa. Melayu lebih suka memaafkan kalau orang tu betul betul mintak maaf. Itu sebenarnya sifat melayu. Lembut hati. Memang melayu dikenali suka dendam irihati boleh mengamok macam tu saja. Tapi hakikatnya Melayu ni lembut hati.

  85. ahzerlumli

    ahzerlumli2 months ago

    We, the people, the rakyat, vote for Tun Dr Mahathir because we want him to snap his finger and vanish half of the Barisan Nasional supporter out of corruption & wrong doing to our beloved country, Malaysia.

  86. Shizuka Kuchiki

    Shizuka Kuchiki2 months ago

    American out there if things got worst follow what Malaysia had done elect Obama back 😉

  87. kimi goon

    kimi goon2 months ago

    Not just young voters but also many older citizens voted for this special man, a living legend - YAB Tun Dr Mahathir. We voted for Tun because we saw he was truly sincere and courageous to help us all, in our battle against kleptocracy. And together with Tun, We WON!!! May 9th GE14 will be a very emotional and special day for us Malaysians. On May 10th upon hearing of our victory, i wept tears of joy....> i was once anti-govt, not anymore now- I Love Tun Dr Mahathir for so many reasons, too many to list here.

  88. mohamed basri hasan

    mohamed basri hasan2 months ago

    Tun M is legends for Malaysia...

  89. Najwa Jamalludin

    Najwa Jamalludin2 months ago

    As one of young Malaysian voters, I would like to say, we Malaysian want new Malaysia. Yes, Tun M is also a human and not perfect. He may do mistakes. He is a dictator? Define dictator first. I admit, he did made mistakes. He also admit it. But the mistakes is not harm Malaysia generally. But, compared to DS Najib, who worse? All Malaysians can see the comparison between Tun M and DS Najib. Tun M much better. Why not choose the better one when you can? Tun M also someone that have great influence. Not only in Malaysia, also globally. Despite of all of his mistakes, he had done great to Malaysia. That's why he once again, able to gain peoples' trust. Well, just my five cents opinion. Thanks. ^_^

  90. Timmy Randall

    Timmy Randall2 months ago

    Its time for changes

  91. Adline Writes

    Adline Writes2 months ago

    Authoritarian can be good for us, because lots of people in top levels need a good smack on the ass and it's long overdue. Bring them down a few pegs to remind them they work for the people.

  92. Steven Foong

    Steven Foong2 months ago

    Fuiyoh...slang bukan main terrer hehhe :P

  93. afn nanana

    afn nanana2 months ago

    "The struggle never ends"


    FAZILAH BASARUDDIN2 months ago

    Old is GOLD. we Malaysian, young nation choose him as our PRIME MINISTER because we want him to help rebuild our communities and our economy.

  95. Adam Ford

    Adam Ford2 months ago

    This was a terrible analysis of the Malaysian election. I live in Malaysia and people I speak would have said a lot more about the corruption of the previous government, leading me to believe that the BBC have edited that out of these interviews.

  96. Dah lan

    Dah lan2 months ago

    He is the "God father" haha..😂

  97. Shukri Sharif

    Shukri Sharif2 months ago

    The Asean Tiger are BACK..

  98. Saf

    Saf2 months ago

    can somebody drop the @ of the guy in plaids? thanks

  99. CHITRA Channel

    CHITRA Channel2 months ago

    Its not about his age or dictatorial past, its more the urge to overthrow the Malay power and BN.

  100. Incognito Demigod

    Incognito Demigod2 months ago

    Between Mahathir and Najib, who with his wife were incredibly corrupt and would embezzle money for their own gains, who were rumoured to have bombed a woman and whose own children hate, the choice is obvious. Those of you who are saying Najib isn’t corrupt clearly needs to read the news and enlighten yourselves.

  101. MyNkal ?

    MyNkal ?2 months ago

    He is 92 years old and can still stand steady without anything I'm proud to be Malaysian

  102. zarith4fiddy

    zarith4fiddy2 months ago

    Because a Medical Doctor (the 92-year old) cares more about the people/rakyat than an Economist (Najib). Najib only cares about his family and money. Truth isn't it? A Medical Doctor (Mahathir) must love his patient while a Businessman (Najib) only wants their money from the treatment.