Why black Americans are getting less sleep


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    Look at the dislikes😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    It's because the racist sun sets on everyone else but keeps black people up at night. Are these people (and by that I mean leftists, not blacks) really running out of things to call racist? I'd say they're unhinged, but that would be offensive to doors that have come loose off their frames.

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    this has to do with race lmao

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    Why mention that black people on average get less sleep and black people on average make less money and make the correlation? Why not just assess the direct relationship between sleep quality and income? Also, you said at the end that you wanted a government mandate and about 20 seconds later said it is not known if getting more sleep will improve overall health and research is still being done. How can you be so quick to advocate for such government overreach when the science itself is still not done let alone the moral and political implications of such a stance?

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    always trying to show that black and white people are different, what a bunsha BS

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    Lol 666k views

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    Instantly lost all respect the second she said a major reason is due to discrimination

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    Funny because in Japan workers get no sleep and sleep at work and are also being worked to death

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    I just thought I was watching The Onion

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    this is racist

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    Bullshit..Is there a white version lol

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    Are you serious? There is a black woman telling me that black people sleep less because of " Stress due to discrimination" This is going to far and have to stop.

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    lol i love the victim culture so much fun, yeah black people aren't unique in this. WTF vox cmon get your agenda straight.

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    This is why we need adblocker

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    i think Russia is behind it !!

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    Yes, not getting enough sleep is an entirely black issue. This is how you create mental borders and encourage segregation.

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    Stop agitating this victimhood.

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    9-11 hours...

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    Is anyone else distracted by the fact that they erased the Vitruvian Man's junk at 2:05? 😂 It's a line drawing! It's like the most famous line drawing in history. This adpocalypse thing is out of control.

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    I have been coming back to this video everyday since it’s been uploaded and I’m still in awe that it exists.

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    It's because you have to stay awake because if you fall asleep then they might reinstate slavery

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    i always get 3-5-6 hours of sleep. does asian count?

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    Vox running out of ideas next video will be " Why do black Americans get less oxygen."

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    "The sleep gap" All this says is that it sucks to be poor and the US working class life is a desperate, stressful environment. Im pretty sure we always knew that rich people with good homes have better sleep, better health and better lives.

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    Vox boss: You're always tired at work, what gives? Black Vox employee: Oh, haven't you heard? Racism.

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    Vox is really scraping the bottom of the pail on this one

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    Smoking more crack?

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    I have difficulty sleeping due to flare-ups with my hemorrhoids. could you please make a video about this vox

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    thanks for giving me an excuse for my lazyness vox!

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    Its the systemic sleep epidemic fueled by toxic whiteness. #woke

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    It all comes back to the same thing. We must only trust the govt and taxes to fix things. You have NO idea how insulting this is to black people. You are saying once again... that blacks are incapable of doing something thay every one else deals with... not enough sleep...and that the govt must intervene to save poor black folks. What you are doing is evil. Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics and all other races are no different. The only thing separating us is less than 0.04% genetically and nothing mentally. We all struggle with paying bills, raising kids, working hard and dealing with challenges. Only you people keep telling minorities that they face Nazis around every corner where there is none. 1963 America was 55 years ago. Democrat him crow laws are history... not reality. How about telling black folks what they can do and be. ANYTHING DAMN THING THEY WANT TO BE. We just all have to follow the same rules. Get an education. Be responsible. Pay taxes. Raise good kids. It's really that easy.

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    I thought this was a late april fools video.

  38. Hari I.

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    this video is getting way too much hate and it was actually really informative and tells a story that isn’t really heard. it’s also the first vox video i’ve seen that wasn’t by a white person; thank you for supporting diverse journalism despite controversy and thank you for the informative content

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    Oml all these percentages are like within 10% of eachother, there is absolutely no correlation yall are dumb😂

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    Maybe if black folks stay out of the “Clubs” ? They will get more sleep.

  41. Sergiuss555

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    0:41 54.2% versus 66.8% based on self-report? How indicative of anything is this data (obtained with this method)? For example, you can't make meaningful expectations of sleep of a randomly met white versus black person. Also, since the degree of sleep deprivation matters, overall distributions of sleep amount should better be taken into account, not just 7 hours bar.

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    These guys are so lazy they didn't even read the poll they are quoting. Here it is sleepfoundation.org/media-center/press-release/poll-reveals-sleep-differences-among-ethnic-groups. The answers as to why different ethnic groups get less sleep and by how much are in the questions and answers in the poll. But these folks were too busy fabricating their own racism based theory to read the f*** poll

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    Beds are racist.

  44. GOD

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    I don't understand the likes to dislikes ratio of this video. This video's reasoning and supporting evidence is logical to me. Economic status has a strong correlation with quality of sleep.

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    this is our generation!


    POLANDWAR3 days ago

    what the hell is this??

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    Vox, you are entirely deserving of being cyber bullied into corporate suicide

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    We need government policies to regulate our sleep Congratulations - you nailed it!!!!

  49. Mattie

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    Quite possibly the worst video ever to come out of the internet

  50. Cosmic Centaur

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    This is a *really* dumb video. The title is stupid. Race has nothing to do with sleep, all you're telling me is stressed Americans don't sleep well. The graph you show at 2:33 tells me poverty rates in Natives is almost as high as the one for black people, so why aren't they considered as well? They're not getting good sleep because of stress, living in noisy neighborhoods or annoying work hours, none of those affect just black people. Some people just need to stop making everything to be about race, jfc.

  51. EdThatsIt

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    so sleep is racist, ID's are racist, movies are racist, the government is racist, discipline is racist, self-respect is racist, motivation is racist, breathing is racist, starbucks is racist...

  52. New Goliard

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    It's hard to sleep when you're worried about getting kicked out of Starbucks, shot and beaten for no reason by the cops.

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    33k dislikes are from white people getting triggered

  54. Alca

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    hahahahahahaha discrimination? really? what about dietary habits? or propensity to exercise? nonono it must be discrimination hahahaha

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    Like / dislike ratio 😂

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    This is why I don't watch Vox...

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    before this video starts im calling it, it white peoples fault, just like everything else... cause this is leftist sjw channel of race traitors

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    Jesus Christ. ANY mention of race gets people pissed. The dislikes on this is ridiculous. I don't get it.

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    Man look at all these dislikes! Maybe you're doing something wrong Vox? Stop being so one sided.

  61. assassinate241

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    I'm wondering why the video got so many dislikes and after reading some comments I think it's because of the way the title's answer is being presented. Honestly, I thought the video was quite insightful but I did also roll my eyes when the answer was "discrimination". Discrimination is wide reaching subject and generally the impact of discrimination is not perceived as being related to stress. If the answer was "money", which black Americans have less of indirectly thanks to discrimination, then people wouldn't have been so displeased. I've seen this late because the video never showed up in my recommended probably due to the dislike ratio being so high and MReporter's Algorithm not liking that. Discrimination should have been a connotation not the direct answer. This is my opinion and although it's unlikely a Vox staffer will see it, I hope it helps someone. Despite the overall displeasure of the video, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

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    im getting some real dystopia vibes from this

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    Biggest BS I’ve ever herd! EVER!

  64. sagebeer

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    Non of these examples are unique to black people....this video is reaching hard af.

  65. sagebeer

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    Vox kills voxs career.

  66. Akhtaruzzaman Joy

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    I sleep almost 7.5hrs plus .... Am I in wrong track ?

  67. xScopeLess

    xScopeLess3 days ago

    "Researchers point to stress caused by discrimination as one strong possibility." I emphasize "one" because this video is very misleading. You can't pick out only one study that may possibly and obscurely suggest that black Americans get less sleep and offer no connection between the two. You are basically admitting that your main source is unsure if your central argument is even valid. It is as if you are looking for reasons to complain even though your reasoning isn't even accepted as true by your own source. You are effectively minimizing true discrimination.

  68. prohorisit

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    "...cause sleep is the cousin of death."

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    Blacks can’t sleep thank to discrimination,ninja plz 🔆🚱

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    Sunday to Thursday night : 1:30-8:25 am (6 hrs 55 min) Friday and Saturday night: 2:15 am - 1:15pm (11hrs) -always in my bed -15 min to fall asleep -never waking up through the night .... I sleep a lot on the weekend fxckin hell

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    You have to be tired enough to fall asleep! Vox, you leave much to be desired if this is the content you are dishing out!

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    What about us Mexicans we work more than anyone and don’t get enough sleep don’t see a video for us.

  73. Warren Starc

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    Everything is Everything is a "gap" for y'all.

  74. dominic conte

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    woah... wait a minute, black people get ten percent less sleep then whites because racism. ok

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    That’s some fine ass dislike ratio

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    Next time, on Vox “If you don’t like dark chocolate, you’re a white supremacist”

  77. Seb In Spaace!

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    I fell asleep watching this video (cuz it’s so stupid)

  78. Seb In Spaace!

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    Don’t tell me this is gonna involve racism. Edit: WHAT A SURPRISE!

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    T O E S

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    i love this 😍😍😍

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    It’s not any body’s fault black people cant seep like wtf

  82. Tyler Foss

    Tyler Foss4 days ago

    Systematic racism is a lie

  83. Joseph Lawrence

    Joseph Lawrence4 days ago

    Vox media attempts to divide along racial lines to cause political divide in America thus further supporting their funding political party's agenda. Most major news outlets do that there though I am pretty sure. America is such a funny country haha. Their people are so controlled by their government and media, yet they still believe they are so free.

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    I'm weak 😂😂😂

  86. Mark Tverskoy

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    We are literally living in the victimization olympics.

  87. JuliuszP

    JuliuszP4 days ago

    The thing is, its not white people's fault, and that the "sleep gap" does *not* reflect inequality.

  88. Dustin Black

    Dustin Black4 days ago

    The sleep gap, lol.

  89. Gary Oak

    Gary Oak4 days ago

    being black is so awesome you can be as racist as you want and whenever you have a problem you can blame everything but yourself and no one will tell you off! guys this woman actually made this video, she has gone her entire life without someone explaining her action

  90. Primitive Primate

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    Keep Calm and Carry On Vox is merely a propaganda machine.

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    Was this aimed at mentally retarded?

  92. Dean V

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    I'm black and I get good sleep so...

  93. christopher carey

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    Black Americans are getting less sleep because white people be racist...suuuuuuuuuuuure.

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    Because tey out in deez streets catching bodyz

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    Vox you are FAKE NEWS.

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    Gotta bring race into it again wow vox

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    Yay, more excuses for blacks to fail with

  98. WknGrAsfvXv

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    so.... poor people get worse sleep than rich people. Groundbreaking.

  99. I'm An Orange

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    Why this video got a lot of dislike ? People ...

  100. Dan Krolikowski

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    These idiots are so condescending with their speaking tone it is disgusting. They have to use that tone so us ignorant morons can take it in, like shitheads who talk to kids in that "kid voice." God damn this is horrid. How do these morons take themselves seriously?