Why black Americans are getting less sleep


  1. jbvap

    jbvap2 days ago

    This ended up being even more ridiculous than I thought itd be. According to the leftists black people cant do anything right, not even sleeping.

  2. Emma_Jo

    Emma_Jo5 days ago

    Everything is about race now.

  3. Saral Thakur

    Saral Thakur5 days ago

    Are black Americans so dumb? How is it other races who arrived in America don't face all this? What about Indians living in America? Why only there African Americans poor and have problem like this? Do white people only discriminate against them but not other races? It's almost as if your race is simply filled with losers and fail to help yourself.

  4. Slick Goten 3GS

    Slick Goten 3GS8 days ago

    This girl been getting paid that good money for this

  5. J2FINE1

    J2FINE112 days ago

    Damn white people and there *shuffles cards* sleep!

  6. Edward Cruz

    Edward Cruz16 days ago

    Everyone in the comments needs to calm down, this video was meant to tackle the study by searching for the reason to why their is a difference in sleep between races in America.

  7. Zen

    Zen20 days ago

    This is sad bruh

  8. Makeesha Šímqś0ñ

    Makeesha Šímqś0ñ22 days ago


  9. kpop killed me.

    kpop killed me.23 days ago

    this video is just a fcking jokeee


    THEGRINCH23 days ago


  11. SD2018

    SD201824 days ago

    Didn't even answear the damn question...

  12. nuke018

    nuke01827 days ago

    cause they live less

  13. So So

    So So29 days ago

    Maybe cuz yall dont work

  14. fuzzy

    fuzzyMonth ago

    Its not a race thing

  15. How bout' you chill

    How bout' you chillMonth ago

    Tf is this lololol

  16. David Lime

    David LimeMonth ago

    Vox logic=Damn white people and their *pulls card* sleep

  17. Jason Bowden

    Jason BowdenMonth ago

    I thought when I read the thumbnail to this video it might not be about blaming white people. Turns out I’m wrong. How crazy is it that black people being delusional is keeping them up and now it’s our fault. White privilege does not exist and racism only exists because it can’t be gotten rid of. I don’t hate the race, I hate the people who are bad. It isn’t my fault that when I am judging my life to keep myself alive that I take into consideration that the black population makes up 13% of the U.S. population yet still is responsible for 43% of the crime in the United States. So if I’m trying to not be a victim of a crime, yes I generalize and avoid black people. It’s not racism, it’s survival.

  18. Ozjasz Goldberg

    Ozjasz GoldbergMonth ago

    Sleep is racist we shouldnt do this

  19. fx Gamer

    fx GamerMonth ago

    because we need to rob in the night (in America only)

  20. Brian Funt

    Brian FuntMonth ago

    Wow the white trolls are flocking to the dislike button and comments section

  21. Hallow!

    Hallow!Month ago

    Can I dislike again please? Vox, I'm disappointed in you.

  22. Raymondx

    RaymondxMonth ago

    No one should be getting their information from Vox

  23. Hale Hardy

    Hale HardyMonth ago

    Here we go again, blame whitey from Sox

  24. XXRolando2008

    XXRolando2008Month ago

    I bet poor white Americans get less sleep too.

  25. MrArthoz

    MrArthozMonth ago

    Rich people have better quality of life than poor people....fact of life. Us asian have it even worse, some of us got almost no sleep trying to keep our population largest in the world. I see this as a discrimination that we are not included in this study among the focus subject.

  26. Elijah Hunt

    Elijah Hunt2 months ago

    The question should be more of "What" is causing the lack of sleep for african americans and just humans in general and what are some possible solutions to that. The video is indeed informative, but having such a huge following to present the problem, there should also be information to promote ideas for individuals to come up with a solution.

  27. ayla souleyman

    ayla souleyman2 months ago

    Research also shows that black Americans are more likely to suffer from sleep paralysis. The cause of sleep paralysis is stress and anxiety.

  28. Márk Pozsonyi

    Márk Pozsonyi2 months ago

    So black Americans are getting less sleep?

  29. Chris Bishop

    Chris Bishop2 months ago

    this is actual comedy gold thank you vox

  30. Jonathan Mason

    Jonathan Mason2 months ago

    I wanna know the main reason people don't get enough sleep because they're not allowed to even sleep at work people work such busy schedules that it's now impossible to take a nap and that a time Unless you don't wanna eat lunch which is just as unhealthy

  31. HellsJerome87

    HellsJerome872 months ago

    Door lock : 100$ Ear plugs : 1$ Fan : 30$ Reducing the racial sleep gap : Priceless.

  32. HellsJerome87

    HellsJerome872 months ago

    Vox is the Breitbart of the left

  33. Subittoo

    Subittoo2 months ago

    THANK YOU for saying black american instead of african american. I hate that word.

  34. WickedGaming

    WickedGaming2 months ago

    White Americans are under constant stress to succeed and do well in school because we have high standards. How about talking about how white students are losing sleep?

  35. Annoying Commenter

    Annoying Commenter2 months ago

    “Sleep is raycissst!!”

  36. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez2 months ago

    Shitty video it isnt discrimination. It could be that the majority of black americans work for long hours at low pay jobs, it could also be genetics

  37. Gerardo Moreno

    Gerardo Moreno2 months ago

    Dam white people and there *shuffle deck picks card* sleep

  38. Tristan Heet

    Tristan Heet2 months ago

    Beds are racist

  39. SoCali

    SoCali2 months ago

    Wow, black people will blame white people for anything.

  40. ZScentral

    ZScentral2 months ago

    Late April Fool's joke

  41. Unfettered Patriot

    Unfettered Patriot2 months ago

    Is dat why Dey bring Dey babees to de laundrymat at 3 in the morning?

  42. Joel Smith

    Joel Smith2 months ago

    “Black people have less solid poops throughout their day. Is it a diet issue? Or is oppression once again rearing it’s ugly head?”

  43. Adam Rafeedie

    Adam Rafeedie2 months ago

    Wtf was this post for? This was a literal waste.

  44. BeanieWearing Cook

    BeanieWearing Cook2 months ago


  45. parabel

    parabel2 months ago

    well prisonbeds arent supposed to be comfy

  46. Doralingus Memberberries

    Doralingus Memberberries3 months ago

    Why are “black Americans” not getting enough sleep. Oh boy can’t wait to hear this bullshit...Manage better lifestyles and you’ll sleep better. Problem solved problem staying solved.

  47. HSDev

    HSDev3 months ago


  48. EO's

    EO's3 months ago

    This is so stupid, victimization is so dangerous, I see in your vid that poor people and any other with stress no matter which race they are, if they can enter in those descriptions they will be affected. Then why did you make it about poor you? Nonsense.

  49. Syble Nicholas

    Syble Nicholas3 months ago

    I’m literally watching this at 2 in the morning

  50. Egypt Ra

    Egypt Ra3 months ago

    Very good Vlog!!!!

  51. Harvey Nicholson

    Harvey Nicholson3 months ago

    People trashing this video have no imagination whatsoever! It makes absolute sense and is supported by many studies. Read something before you react for once!!! www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/25770043/

  52. Shawn Doe

    Shawn Doe3 months ago

    I love reading the racist excuses for white supremacy. I suspect this, for the majority of white people, is the norm. And no, I'm not black. (Nor am I a liberal or a Muslim.)

  53. pat the sketchy kid

    pat the sketchy kid3 months ago

    Why is vox so obsessed with race

  54. SEMS

    SEMS3 months ago

    I wonder how many people actually watched the video and reasoned the points presented before pressing the dislike button and expressing their pseudo-wisdom.

  55. SEMS

    SEMS2 months ago

    Cultof Ian I believe it's trying to point out the correlation between sleeping habits and status quo. Its not trying to say, "every black person," rather, as you say, a broad statement. You can make broad statements like that based off a sample group. In other words, it's not meant to be taken as everybody who is black sleeps worse, it's simply pointing out the connections. While I did not agree with every single point the video makes, it doesn't render everything it's trying to convey "stupid."

  56. Cultof Ian

    Cultof Ian2 months ago

    The problem is the generalizing of races. Some black people pop a xan after school and sleep through the night and some white people stay up all night smoking meth, we're all fuckn individuals. There taking some small random piece data to make all sorts of generalizations about race and it doesn't help anybody. If anything they make black people look helpless and pathetic, like what's wrong with sleeping on a couch anyways? Besides its not like they surveyed everybody in the US. And if black people need more sleep, they just need to go to bed earlier. Also, why is it every white person's problem? What do they want from us anyways to start sleeping less? Its idiotic and pointless and any point that might have tried to be conveyed was lost to the stupidity of the subject matter.

  57. SEMS

    SEMS2 months ago

    Cultof Ian I'd recommend paying further attention to what it's saying. Part of the problem is a lack of comprehension.

  58. Cultof Ian

    Cultof Ian2 months ago

    If you pretend they have even half a point you're stupid and a part of the problem.

  59. TheAllAmericanKayaker

    TheAllAmericanKayaker3 months ago

    This proves these mfers make everything about race, EVERYTHING

  60. Jesus420

    Jesus4203 months ago

    If people with bad sleep get fat, thes should do sports in the evening untill they can sleep...

  61. Trump sucks co*k!

    Trump sucks co*k!3 months ago

    White people are triggered... Lol

  62. Nicocap X

    Nicocap X3 months ago

    I blame carbs, that is all.

  63. Nick Last Name

    Nick Last Name3 months ago

    Sleep quality is partially determined by how wealthy or discriminated you are? Good god, who writes this stuff?

  64. Knowledgeable Queen Khair

    Knowledgeable Queen Khair3 months ago

    Well my question won’t you black Americans travel to a land where u will not be discriminated against travel to Africa. You black Americans complain too damn much catch a clue change your environment travel stop being corporate slaves don’t y’all have any sense.

  65. james staggs

    james staggs3 months ago

    Gunshots? Crack? Bass? No Kool-Aid? White people stole your bed?

  66. Danielle Shank

    Danielle Shank3 months ago

    I find that social media doesn't help when it comes to sleep. This can especially be the case for African Americans. You go on Facebook see all types of stories about racism and police brutality then go to bed angry and upset.

  67. john smith

    john smith3 months ago

    I have a solution for the entire minority population, UNITE & PROTEST! Not everyday protest, Martin Luther King Protest, Vietnam protest. I know people work and have children but this has been proven time &a time again to work!

  68. ThatCrazy Drunk

    ThatCrazy Drunk3 months ago

    You see I like VOX but this is one of their really bad videos.


    ATLANTIS3 months ago

    How can this study be credible when you can't even see black people in the dark to know where they at.

  70. Deo IndoFX

    Deo IndoFX3 months ago

    Crack and meth can cause stress eventually

  71. GuyOnAChair ​​

    GuyOnAChair ​​3 months ago

    Uhh it's not exlusive to one group of people...

  72. Salgood Sam

    Salgood Sam4 months ago

    Yeah that all makes sense, sucks balls too. Mostly i sleep well myself, but i certainly notice how it impacts my health when i don't. And I can easily see how dealing with prejudice would impact that.

  73. T. O.A.

    T. O.A.4 months ago

    I sleep fine lol

  74. Foxy the Pirate

    Foxy the Pirate4 months ago

    I sleep 4-5 hours. I wake up and I don't go back to sleep. Sometimes I go days weeks without sleep.

  75. Terry Hunter

    Terry Hunter4 months ago

    cuz sleep is the cousin of death

  76. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Nathaniel Hawthorne4 months ago

    This is probably the worst video I've ever seen Vox publish. To state that discrimination may be a factor for the black American "sleep gap" is arguably the most preposterous thing I've ever heard. Look, the issues that impact black American culture has nothing to do with discrimination. Enough with that already. The primary issue that plagues black Americans is lack of personal accountability and ownership over one's self. This impacts EVERY culture on the planet, whites included, but is found far more often in black American culture than anything else. YOU are responsible for your own success. YOU are responsible for your own education. YOU are responsible for adhering and abiding by values that benefit both yourself and the ones around you. And for the love of all that is holy, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP! The day black Americans (culturally) begin to take ownership over yourself is the day the pay gap, sleep gap, life expectancy gap, etc levels out. There is no boogyman out there holding you back. The greatest enemy to one's success is themselves.

  77. acdenh

    acdenh4 months ago

    There are studies of lead (Pb) exposure done on rats; they show the neural system underlying circadian rhythms gets damaged directly. In such cases sleep disturbance does not have to be a side effect of stress, or mental health issues, or anything. It seems to me the claim of this video is a no brainier; but I guess that conflicts with racist stereotypes about laziness.

  78. whatevernm555

    whatevernm5554 months ago

    I pity those lads who spent hours of sleepless nights to edit the nice motion graphics just to produce this shitty content and be called privileged by this girl.

  79. Jacob Villalobos

    Jacob Villalobos4 months ago

    The ignorance in these comments is staggering. If you studied sociology, you’d know that Vox is highlighting the fact that black Americans face a sort of double disadvantage in that not only do they face discrimination but also anxiety as a result of it.

  80. Guy Wit a goat

    Guy Wit a goat4 months ago

    or just do like the germans and meth your way to poland

  81. Darryl Barnes

    Darryl Barnes4 months ago

    lol the sleep gap tho

  82. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly4 months ago

    i don't believe it

  83. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly4 months ago

    pretty sure no ones getting enough sleep

  84. Toxic Potato

    Toxic Potato4 months ago

    Hot take: America's cultural habit to include one's race into every topic is one of the biggest contributors to modern racism.

  85. W Miller

    W Miller4 months ago

    I feel like I should pity-like this...

  86. Daniel Lindqvist

    Daniel Lindqvist4 months ago

    Debt resource consistent so sacrifice precisely gate hopefully effectiveness everyone search host roof.

  87. tremendor gigatron 1 zillion

    tremendor gigatron 1 zillion4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure it's a problem for everyone. Not just black Americans

  88. jjj023

    jjj0234 months ago

    Because blacks are up at the crack of dawn supporting their families and building this country right? Oh wait....

  89. PyroTheCat

    PyroTheCat4 months ago

    Wow, sleep is good for you? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

  90. Q A

    Q A4 months ago

    I got it I got it, I have to feel even more guilty about my white-greenish-yellowish skin. Give me a break, God !

  91. Elizabeth Nichols

    Elizabeth Nichols4 months ago

    It's not about color. Nobody is getting enough sleep.

  92. John Henson

    John Henson13 days ago

    Elizabeth Nichols there is a racial gap

  93. Eric Augusto

    Eric Augusto4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 Wow.... Just wow .... 😂😂😂😂 Damn i love this channel

  94. #RhymingOverBeats

    #RhymingOverBeats4 months ago

    I stopped watching when she basically said sleeping had to be in a bed.

  95. BlackGold Soul

    BlackGold Soul4 months ago

    The viewers of this channel are extremely racist. It's like every video that acknowledges black people's experience in this racist ass country gets the worst response and us filled with racist white trolls in the comment section. It's crazy how no matter what our experience is always belittled and ruled off but then we are forced to remember bullshit like memorial day, Pearl harbor, 9/11 and all that bullshit while white amerikkkans simultaneously deny and degrade black history smh

  96. bigdud

    bigdud4 months ago

    7 hours recommended of sleep? you sure it's not 8...?

  97. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter4 months ago

    Too much 2 chains and henny. They need more family values and less liberal brainwash

  98. Hrishi Wagh

    Hrishi Wagh4 months ago

    Discrimination can be said to be one of the cause for low quality of sleep. Sleep is essential for everyone but when you specially focus on the African american community as a whole, financial struggle can be so stressful that it can hamper your sleep. Few solutions that i think can help are. 1) living in a good locality. or else keeping the locality clean where you live in. (FEEL GOOD MAKES YOU DO GOOD) 2) better education and family support from family. ( taking care of each other is very good in the community but also you all need to work on the educational part so that every one can support their families in the later run ) 3) Struggling with finance is heart-aching so understand how to live in limited amount of money with utmost dignity. and then saving the money you earn for your well being 4) Try living a modest life (simple living and high thinking) 5) Drugs are one of the major cause which have led the community in such hardships. try to avoid it if you can. 6) Human being is a social animal we need to interact with other people of the community but the only thing that i found lacking is the co-ordination with the others in the society. 7) try not to do anything illegal.

  99. Jacob Seger

    Jacob Seger4 months ago

    Remind me, which side is the racist, stereotypical one again?

  100. GamingTV

    GamingTV4 months ago

    "people" aren't getting enough sleep, not just black ppl you damn racists

  101. Cyberbob

    Cyberbob4 months ago

    "Why black Americans are getting less sleep" Guilt that whites have been paying their way all these years.

  102. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard4 months ago

    That's what crack,rap and wearing your pants on your knees does to you.

  103. Jayden Colour

    Jayden Colour4 months ago

    With all rhe dislikes. Its like v o x cant do any interesting videos

  104. gabriellewey03

    gabriellewey034 months ago

    2:04 and there it is blaming racism on your problems when it's not the real issue

  105. CleverTOOTH

    CleverTOOTH4 months ago

    lmao this is so retarded straight up just retarded