Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries


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    Boring you're the top time Berlin crossing about why pokemon are so popular

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    Why are kittens afraid of lizards

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    Super Planet Dolan I have a question. If clocks didn't invented, will the time be military time?

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    what happend to shima

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    This is why we have to brush our teeth😶

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    How do parents make babies? And how?

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    R.I.P pringel

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    iitoxicCat (me) : *sees hellbent spinning pringle, eats popcorn and doesn't bother to help* Doopie: stop what your doing and help! me: nope. im gonna film this.

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    Press this and it willtake you to secret time 20:272

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    How about Shima?

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    :casually drawing baldi as an MLP character:

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    2:40 y’all think this is some kind of joke

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    what if dog who r the ones?

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    All corners of the globe?!?!?! 😖😖😖😖😖

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    Uggghhh Bad content

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    Why cant you look into cats eyes

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    Why is dolan made of marshmallow and what is dolan's gender??

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    Well if we could change our gender as humans, then it would be normal since we would be able and if we couldn't that would be the strange thing.

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    It’s because they are atheists and hence hate Veggietales

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    R.I.P danger dolan cuz of doobie

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    Isaac Meza Doopie pronounced it: Izay ic Meza *Clap Clap*

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    Do plants die of old age

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    Pringel you’re chips and a popcorn 🍿 MOVIE TIME!!!🎥🎞🤗

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    are u calling scottish ppl matians? i am offended m8.

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    Hey danger Joe and I am such a fan and please I have a question what if the population went down

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    9-11 minutes...... Uh oh

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    oh reallly loookk up snakes getting beat up by cats, cats aint afraid of no snakes or hellbent

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    Oh I have to pause the video. My cat's purring. I think it is my pizza.

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    Cats are scared of pickle rick

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    pringle appears to me somehow like a fusion between slim allmight, jony bravo, mother's basement and sam o'nella

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    what does bunny's come form

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    I LOVE it when doopie reads the questions!

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    Mu cat pur a lot and loudly

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    Oh My classmate is true

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    I'm like hellbent lol shake the idiot

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    How do cat's see when it's Derek???

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    Yes hell-bent yes

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    I waa eating pringles while watching this so when i saw the pringle pun i almost died choaking in laughter

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  55. a really bad art on my video

    a really bad art on my video6 days ago

    cat's hate Cucumbers cuz look like snake and there blind

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    All the thumbs down are the questions that didn't get shown

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    Hi planet dolan is it possible to have power's

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    Pringle is so cute 😂

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    7:44 This dude..

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    Why do we get rocks in our ears??? Question

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    R.i.p pringle

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    Who else just watched this video to see why cats are afraid of pickles?

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    I NEVER KNEW CATS ARE AFRAID OF CUCUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for telling me ;)

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    When I saw Dolan dancing during the Wix sponsor, that made my day even better😊

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    Why isn't the cat in the video shima??? Tho she not aroud to do any more videos... please include her sometimes... i miss her

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    SO BE IT I dropped my phone

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    My Cat Ain’t Scarred Of Cucumbers

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    2:40 is that loss?

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    7:32 - #green eggs and ham! I bet dr.suess cooked his eggs for too long so he just got the idea of green eggs and ham

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    Is anybody going to make a pussy joke?

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    why am I disagreeing on this "required" thing? What if you didn't want a child? 6:28 / 10:25

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    I hate hellbent 😡 let him down !!!!!😠😠

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    i tried it with my cat nad hes not bother.

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    Well when I wake up sometimes I have saliva at my cheek

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    cuz the cucumber rapes cats...

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    *ill spread the honor of weeb to all corners of the globe* There’s no corner in the globe 😂😂😂

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    CAT BITE MY ARM AT SCHOOL AHHHHH! 1 min later huh did't hurt me a lot

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    it really bite me

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    If Pringle ate a Pringle that means canabilisem???

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    I'm 12 I know more than i should about how children are made

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    You can boil an egg for about 15-20 minutes and still be edible I have

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    Actually a copperhead snake smells like cucumbers so cat make that connection

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    2:40 is that loss

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    what if cats can swim

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    why volcano is so hot?

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    boil egg

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    the simple way to know why cats is scared of cucumbers:they thought they are snakes

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    Do legends are real?

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