Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries


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    dack 16309 Can you link the vid

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    Hey I have proof that planet Dolan does not exist doopie was on Earth playing snipperclips on MReporter and I saw nexion carving something on Earth and Dolan was seen on Earth and NASA does not know about any planets called planet Dolan and aliens should talk like this fjdvdhjdhdhejdjdhjdjejdbbdjdhhrudjhrufifi

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    Jjjkjmj nhbkjSuper Planet Dolan

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    What would happen if there was gravity in space

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  7. Rose Vampire

    Rose Vampire10 hours ago

    But religion was the main cause for lack of progress in medieval times.

  8. Matrix 21

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    9:07 man this movie night looking pretty chill

  9. Animation creation station!!!!!

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    Actually cats are afraid of cucumbers because when they see it they are like I’ve never seen that before and are scared of it

  10. Gebunator

    Gebunator3 days ago

    Oh oh, religion whatifs! I do wholeheartily agree with the notion that religions allowed us to advance. I mean, if anything, common set of beliefs also brought common rules and ethics, allowing group of humans to take first steps towards civilization

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    i miss you Doopie

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    My inner planet Dolan person is pringle

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    2:25 "corners" of the "globe" so is our planet a cube or a sphere

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    what will happen if something is happening and you don't know what is

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    wait moocluck????....

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    If wheels don’t exist on earth *THE EARTH IS FLAT* Round earthers: *TRIGGERED* 3:30

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    not evolution allah creates it and humanity can live with only one gender

  19. Osman Sekmani

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    My religion is Islam NOT IZLAM K

  20. Osman Sekmani

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    9:14 😂 hellbent wtf

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    9 to 11? Yea George Bush's ass was boiled back then.

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    Wait, PRINGLE IS ANSEXAL Also, how ya like it if someone sneaks up on you why you are eating

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    Purr second cause im a bunny my friend is a cat.

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    Can you sleep for a 100,000,00 years?

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    Can you get Dolan cart on a Kindle fire

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    9:19 he dead :V xdd

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    if you kill pringle off 1:you will go to jail 2:he wont produce anymore popcorn

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    Wait* a second, I watch this the second time, and i don’t have a religion and I feel like I’m not real....

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    Wait a minute "whether we can breathe in liquid oxygen". Hmm... Where have I seen this phrase???....

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    We must unite all otakus!

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    2:38 Flying Spaghetti Monster 2:40 Loss

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    Shima should home been in the video

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    0:28, what the hell is Dolan doing?!? Don’t you dare say “dancing”

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    @2:40 They really pulled a loss on us

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    0:23 I think doopie got it in a diffrent way...

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    Fooooo ga ga fgooooo ga ga uhhhh

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    -why are cats afraid of cucumbers?- I feel soooooo dirty-minded!

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    2:13 - 2:27 And that's how indoctrination works.

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    That means the pink cat

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    2:41 heh loss

  43. Idk what I'm doing with my life

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    8:54 who else yawned

  44. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez24 days ago

    my cats arent afraid of cucumbers, they just sniff it and walk away like nothing Happened

  45. Sammi Nases

    Sammi Nases25 days ago

    Well this is was interesting

  46. Anime Mermaid

    Anime Mermaid26 days ago

    Aren’t the cats just very surprised and scared at the huge (to them) object silently appearing? Would you feel scared if someone placed a huge green vegetable behind you silently while you are eating? Also don’t do this it traumatises the cats for life, they will never trust anyone while eating.

  47. EarDrummz

    EarDrummz27 days ago

    Dasa weird fruit

  48. MewMew chan

    MewMew chan29 days ago

    Nope. I refuse to believe religion. I'd rather be atheist..... I'm way too lazy too follow the rules of religions.

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    I squealed with joy

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    i will fucking put pringle' name to SHAME

  51. Антон Головин

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    me: what does Y-E-S spell? pringle: Yes me: What does E-Y-E-S spell pringle: eYes me:...XD WHAT DOES E-Y-E-S SPELL? pringle: eYes? me:XD ok what does Y-E-S spell? pringle: Yes me: What does E-Y-E-S spell? pringle: eYes me: XD **cries of laughter** pringle: What're you crying for?.. me: what does- XD pringle: what're you do- me: Okay, try again what does Y-E-S spell pringle:...Yes... me: What does E-Y-E-S spell? pringle: EASE? AS? your making me- me: XD I CAN'T BREATHE...ok **theodd1sout sniff sound effect** pringle: EY. ES. eYES! **both laugh** me: Say it again, What does E-Y-E-S Spell?...XD pringle:... eYES? XD....WHAT?? **both still laughing** pringle: You're making me crying, what? me: XD E-Y-E-S pringle: E-Y-E.... EYES! **both explode with laughter**



    i love this vídeo

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    HAHA I GET IT!!! Pringle is PRINGLES

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    3:13 i dont have to whe got minecraft

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    2:57 That’s my name.

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    My inner planet Dolan person is like HB aka. Hell bents try to guess it....................your right a demon!

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    My personality is like his,obnoxious, rude,funny,and crazy

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    Shima should have done this

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    Naruto uzumaki hair!!!!!!!!

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    I don't have a religon

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    *Rick and Morty fans already know the answer*

  63. Quwanterz

    QuwanterzMonth ago

    Has anyone noticed that the word "Theory" is misspelled to "therory" at 8:03?

  64. 박성민

    박성민Month ago

    Fuck hellbent die hellbent the bitch

  65. Xenomorph Queen

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    Mars's inner core is solid. (Or mabye outer core...) anyway. That is why we can't live there.

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    Pringle my fav shape is a squirgle

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    I lost my cat😭😿

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    Pringle is my fav

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    Ey thet Voice who said cuconbers are Cats natural animys sounded like some One i know...

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    If there was only a girl in the world they could be a lesbian Like being gay

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    Is Dolan dumb or a moron

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    Do you sell Pringle popcorn machines???

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    I got to "how do cats purr" and my cat walked up to me and purred in my ear

  74. Mira Deliu

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    How soap makes bubbles ????

  75. St0rmy Animati0ns

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    Is nobody talking about how they spelled theory “therory” at 8:04? And I have a burning question: if jellyfishes don’t have brains or hearts how are they alive? That’s all I got.

  76. Roman God

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    I can pop my ears on command

  77. DD

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    3:29 see, my children, THE EARTH IS A FLAT

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    2:40 I S T H I S L O S S

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    I have a question. Is Pringle really delicious? And is Doopie a rival to Shima?

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    First we cats are smartphone so puring is yes us and smartphone

  81. catimate29

    catimate29Month ago

    Cats 🐱 we are your be friend jk we are scared of snakes

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    Yo snoring is bad for you if you snore like a pig your stomachs will hurt

  83. Cat Lover 226

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    He ain’t scared of cucumbers

  84. Cat Lover 226

    Cat Lover 226Month ago

    Last time I tried to scare and prank my cat but he was not scared

  85. Cat Lover 226

    Cat Lover 226Month ago

    Hold on is danger dolan supposed to be dOnaLD DuK he is wearing dOnaLD DuK hat

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    A cat not Afraid of a cucumber

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    😡😡😡😡😡why do I hear swear words in some of your videos😡😡😡😡😡

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    Wut the fuck

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    7:10 Are you saying that pringle is a child *A HECCING CHILD EXCUSE ME*

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    stop man

  91. Robertson lolol

    Robertson lololMonth ago

    Cats are afraid of them because they are bigger than theirs

  92. trux the destroyer

    trux the destroyerMonth ago

    If over boil a egg it can have a chance to turn the shell brown and it will explode if cracked open

  93. Iris Huisman

    Iris HuismanMonth ago

    Actually, while what Doopie said about what make cucumbers scary to cats is true, most people who scare their cat with a cucumber put it behind the cat without it noticing. When the cat then turns around, there will suddenly be something behind them. I think we’d all be a little startled if we turned around and there was suddenly an object like half our size.

  94. Robyn Hutchins

    Robyn HutchinsMonth ago

    What if there was a another world that is the opposite of our world?

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    Spread the word of weeb!

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    Halibut should be idiots shaking a guy with superpowers that sucks

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    Pringle you are a food or a person robot what ever you are

  98. Zafino and Kalinya WildCraft!

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    Why isn’t there other life in the universe? (I mean it’s hard to think we are the only ones)

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    cause their feminist XD

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    6:43 Finding Nemo

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    *_SO BE IT_*

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    i like my boild eggs lightly greened i like the whites to stay white but i just cook it long enough for the outside of the yolk to lightly green

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    Because OF a Snake

  105. Ellys Aron

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    M'y cat was killed

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    David attenborough @ 7:41

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    there was naruto at the start :D:D

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    when dolan was talking about wix when the cam was going into the characters section doopies name said D O P P I E