Where's That Wallpaper From?


  1. Songe Kepo

    Songe Kepo5 days ago

    What is app name please :(

  2. Uhhcallmejefe

    Uhhcallmejefe25 days ago


  3. Freddie

    FreddieMonth ago

    Where did you get these wallpapers LMAOOOO I’m joking

  4. Rehovy Cardenas

    Rehovy Cardenas2 months ago

    which is the background with the waves you have on the iphone x?

  5. Tashi Phuntsok

    Tashi Phuntsok2 months ago

    But how

  6. Brandon Farley

    Brandon Farley3 months ago

    You guys should do a "day at the office" vlog. That would be neat.

  7. Brandon Farley

    Brandon Farley3 months ago

    Thanks bro! Much appreciated!

  8. Bryan Perez

    Bryan Perez3 months ago

    Another good place to find wallpapers is Pinterest 👍🏼

  9. Johan Channel

    Johan Channel3 months ago

    Y’all some trolls still asking what’s that wallpaper 😂.

  10. cjh3005

    cjh30054 months ago

    can anybody link me the wallpaper at 4:47


    WALDEZ FAMILY4 months ago

    What is the blue iPhone x wallpaper at 0:04?

  12. el rumi

    el rumi6 months ago

    I mean, why iPhone's screen always looks beautiful?

  13. Tea With Phee

    Tea With Phee6 months ago

    Another good app for backgrounds on android is Wali

  14. Fahmeeed Hanif

    Fahmeeed Hanif6 months ago

    unsplash is the best wallpaper app!

  15. Uak Fam

    Uak Fam6 months ago

    Thanks I needed wallpapers for my iPhone X

  16. Tharun Madhav

    Tharun Madhav6 months ago

    Personally, I like Resplash over Mysplash.

  17. ไก่กา อาราเล่ย์

    ไก่กา อาราเล่ย์7 months ago


  18. Jonathan Dy

    Jonathan Dy7 months ago

    great vid thanks so much


    NOLAN VALERO7 months ago

    Where’s it from?

  20. Sam Roy

    Sam Roy7 months ago

    Really awesome, thanks for the info

  21. Shashidhar Shashi

    Shashidhar Shashi7 months ago

    Share me link which u puted for ur pc pls.....

  22. Lloyd Sato

    Lloyd Sato7 months ago

    Thanks buddy

  23. Keniel Rivera

    Keniel Rivera7 months ago

    Link to the wallpaper in the iPhone X in the video I’m serious btw

  24. Mino Grande

    Mino Grande7 months ago

    Or Pinterest

  25. c

    c7 months ago

    Vellum is amazing!!! thanks so much for this video

  26. Rajmund HORVATH

    Rajmund HORVATH7 months ago

    Macbook wallpaper link?

  27. Kaito Hamada

    Kaito Hamada7 months ago

    Yey my wallpaper is in the video! 😂😂 The next question that people might always ask might be, "Where did you get that phone?!" Or "Can i have that (insert phone)?? I WANT IT! im broke... 😭"

  28. Princess

    Princess7 months ago

    Where’s that wallpaper from?

  29. MILES

    MILES8 months ago

    Dam, this was so helpful thank you so much

  30. Todd

    Todd8 months ago

    try this: appstore.com/claritywallpapereditor

  31. Pogo Gaming

    Pogo Gaming8 months ago

    Nice & Cool Wallpapers 👌

  32. Stan

    Stan8 months ago

    Hi where did you get that wallpaper

  33. Cristian Estrada

    Cristian Estrada8 months ago

    New Wallpapers can be found here Awalls HD play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.awalls.hd.visuals

  34. YDINO

    YDINO8 months ago

    I think wallrey is better than my splash

  35. naeema alkiyumi

    naeema alkiyumi8 months ago

    *Everpix* and *vellum* those two apps is the answer for people who’s using iPhone, Ur welcome 👍

  36. Aye Moe

    Aye Moe8 months ago


  37. tom bond

    tom bond8 months ago

    what kind camera is that and lens thanks

  38. Damonatar

    Damonatar8 months ago

    Where'd you get your hoodie

  39. Grace Nathaniel

    Grace Nathaniel8 months ago

    thank you!!

  40. Tejas Prabhune

    Tejas Prabhune8 months ago

    omg i need that wallpaper at 6:08!!

  41. Joshuva Antonio

    Joshuva Antonio8 months ago

    The Video made me a subscriber 😋

  42. Sandeep Doguparthi

    Sandeep Doguparthi8 months ago

    He's good. Nice video

  43. Diego Guzmán

    Diego Guzmán8 months ago

    Where did you get the wallpaper in the Mac ?


    NAVNEET SHARMA9 months ago

    Where do you get desktop wallpaper???

  45. BajaRush

    BajaRush9 months ago

    How about Pexels? :) www.pexels.com/

  46. Flo Ryan

    Flo Ryan9 months ago

    Another great app for wallpapers on the iPhone X is the app called "Wallpapers for X". It's got an heavy subscription model, however you get the first week free and can download extremely good looking, high-res wallpapers then. But don't forget to unsubscribe, or it'll cost you some bucks 😁

  47. RULAND

    RULAND9 months ago

    Where do you get the wallpaper?

  48. Mino Marimat

    Mino Marimat9 months ago

    Nice! Thanks so much for these links

  49. Rohan Jaiswal

    Rohan Jaiswal9 months ago

    Any list without this app is a joke : play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cacheteamwallpapers.flatsters

  50. Yoey Garfield

    Yoey Garfield9 months ago


  51. Juhi Amin

    Juhi Amin9 months ago

    what about that dark green leaves wallpaper on your two month review of the iphone x vid?

  52. Jeffrey Heister

    Jeffrey Heister9 months ago

    This video is so true

  53. sumting wong

    sumting wong9 months ago

    Zedge is better

  54. Lek H

    Lek H9 months ago

    I use walli

  55. Nischal Shrestha

    Nischal Shrestha9 months ago

    Can you put that wallpaper you snapped while reviewing the iPhone X ??

  56. Debzon Pahanguin

    Debzon Pahanguin9 months ago

    This was really helpful. Thanks!

  57. yoyopanda

    yoyopanda9 months ago

    please give me the wallpaper which was shown in 4.30min.

  58. shyam

    shyam9 months ago

    yeah i like the behind the scenes

  59. Best collection of Uppum Mulakum

    Best collection of Uppum Mulakum9 months ago

    Backgrounds s great but they are very poor at uploading new ones

  60. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko40009 months ago

    This is amazing

  61. el rumi

    el rumi9 months ago

    Why is every iPhone design looks beautiful

  62. Elvis Iorga

    Elvis Iorga9 months ago

    the link to his mac wallpaper: unsplash.com/photos/EZ7MEhpilcQ

  63. Rajmund HORVATH

    Rajmund HORVATH7 months ago

    Elvis Iorga thanks!

  64. KL Nguyen

    KL Nguyen9 months ago

    The wallpaper on iPhone X in 5:09! Can anyone tell me the name of it? And which app to download it? Thanks.

  65. that dude

    that dude7 months ago

    I'm pretty sure I saw it on mysplash

  66. Mujtaba Ibrahim

    Mujtaba Ibrahim9 months ago

    damn, the iPhone X looks so good in this video. nice shooting.

  67. Victor haddadin

    Victor haddadin9 months ago

    download zedge same but also includes notifications and ringnote sound

  68. Michael Lechner

    Michael Lechner9 months ago

    I have an iPhone X and I think the Vellum App is awesome! Thanks for mentioning Unsplash! I didn't know about this App prior to watching this video and so I quickly went to the App Store and installed it on my phone! I should add that Everpix Pro is also a great wallpaper/background App for iOS!

  69. Farhan Kabir

    Farhan Kabir9 months ago

    Can anyone name or provide a link to the pier wallpaper on the pixel 2 XL?

  70. Chief Vivek

    Chief Vivek9 months ago

    Low quality wallpapers from mysplash

  71. Urmil Shroff

    Urmil Shroff9 months ago

    There’s also a native Unsplash app available for the Mac that I’ve been using for a while now. It’s nice, simple and free. I think you guys could check it out!

  72. Joachim Kroun

    Joachim Kroun9 months ago

    I can't find Background in the app store... weird

  73. Christopher Riley

    Christopher Riley9 months ago

    Great job

  74. Rohan Deshnehare

    Rohan Deshnehare9 months ago

    I think pinterest is cool for wallpapers😂😍

  75. Hawichii

    Hawichii9 months ago

    Mysplash is now Resplash

  76. hexlgaming

    hexlgaming10 months ago

    unsplash is absolutely awesome. thx for the tip

  77. Jared Hackbarth

    Jared Hackbarth10 months ago

    Would be nice to have a tablet version

  78. Mriganka Lahkar

    Mriganka Lahkar10 months ago

    Name of the android fone model?

  79. Ronak patel

    Ronak patel10 months ago

    thanks for the wallpaper apps but i want that exact wallpaper that you have on the iphone X, so please give me the link of that wallpaper

  80. Saad Yaqoob

    Saad Yaqoob10 months ago

    There are artists on Google+,they also have great wallpapers. Like wallpaper amaze

  81. Bautista Guerrero

    Bautista Guerrero10 months ago

    Tune elderly cognitive lsenps attempt take nothing rather show guest.

  82. Imran Virani

    Imran Virani10 months ago

    What's the name of wallpaper in the Mac book ?

  83. chamod

    chamod10 months ago

    There's also an app made by google for mobile walls

  84. Aditya Mugen

    Aditya Mugen10 months ago

    iPhone apps are beautiful..

  85. Vinay Vinny

    Vinay Vinny10 months ago

    I want your laptop background

  86. Dave Su

    Dave Su10 months ago

    what is that icon pack? looks sick

  87. Black Bird Noodle

    Black Bird Noodle6 months ago

    Get nova launcher I guess..

  88. Daniel Jensen

    Daniel Jensen10 months ago

    Dave Su they're stock icons

  89. Daniel Jensen

    Daniel Jensen10 months ago

    There isn't one

  90. Christian Omar

    Christian Omar10 months ago

    Can we have that unique wallpaper that you made and used in the iPhone X?

  91. clueless

    clueless10 months ago

    Can u link the photo that you took when ya'll were reviewing the iphone x?

  92. Trooko T

    Trooko T10 months ago

    4:31, can you post this picture somewhere? I’d love it!

  93. Pushkar Kumar

    Pushkar Kumar10 months ago

    I am so fed up with the ads coming up on the screen all the time on each and every app or the browser of my iPhone. Guys please give me a way out of it.

  94. Tim Sigler

    Tim Sigler10 months ago

    Where did you get that wallpaper from?

  95. M.

    M.10 months ago

    Thanks guys

  96. M.

    M.10 months ago

    Tried the apps and these wallpapers are sick. Never knew wallpapers this good exist.

  97. Jon Rettinger

    Jon Rettinger10 months ago

    Thank you!

  98. Erik Wood

    Erik Wood10 months ago

    Having Matt aboard and consistently in videos....amazing! 🤘🏻

  99. Jon Rettinger

    Jon Rettinger10 months ago

    Matt is a beast! We are happy to have him.

  100. MO Vlogs

    MO Vlogs10 months ago

    Hey you have my clicked wallpaper... Thank you

  101. Karthikeyan Thani

    Karthikeyan Thani10 months ago

    Could you make a video on Editing apps?

  102. Esa Dicky

    Esa Dicky10 months ago

    Good video. But I want the wallpaper that you took with your phone. 😂

  103. Luke Collinson

    Luke Collinson10 months ago

    I hate what you’re doing with your arms it’s making me feel uncomfortable. Good video though

  104. U Droid Mania

    U Droid Mania10 months ago

    Thanks for this video! It's extremely helpful.

  105. Samuel Au-Yeung

    Samuel Au-Yeung10 months ago

    Thanks for the app suggestions!

  106. MudRat324

    MudRat32410 months ago

    Where is "that" wallpaper from though?

  107. Miguel

    Miguel10 months ago

    couldn't find the one of a climbing plant on your iphone x