When Your School Degree Is Useless


  1. Vansh Aggarwal

    Vansh AggarwalDay ago

    But actually you do work as a psychologist because you just uplift people's mood at any time !!!

  2. Jazura

    Jazura4 days ago


  3. Anna Krol

    Anna Krol4 days ago

    My mom has a degree in accounting and she actually uses it She is an accountant

  4. Zachariah M. Baird

    Zachariah M. Baird7 days ago

    She said "stay in school" at 4:20

  5. amirah alese

    amirah alese10 days ago

    i dont wanto go school anymore

  6. The teenage Casual

    The teenage Casual12 days ago

    I only need it for where I want to be in the military. Also getting a finance degree. So I can use it anywhere.

  7. Money Success

    Money Success12 days ago

    psychology subject is very marketable skill if you can be an entrepreneur and go to your market , like here able to go to market via youtube/internet ,other degrees only good for salary market aka fixed salary and can be laid off anytime by one BOSS ,some degrees dont have good salary market like liberal arts degree

  8. FirecrackerTNT

    FirecrackerTNT15 days ago

    4 minute ad before this about making a profit/your own business without a college degree,,, fitting lmao Also I didn't skip the ad ;D Make that coin sis

  9. sharn shanu

    sharn shanu19 days ago

    Wtf I totally agree with this education is useless only experience is needed

  10. uMncedisi Lifestyle

    uMncedisi Lifestyle23 days ago


  11. Band freak YJ

    Band freak YJ28 days ago

    your degree is actually useful lilly. i think that degree has helped you in analyzing peoples mindsets and social issues which has lead you to become this youtube superstar

  12. Amelia Rose

    Amelia Rose29 days ago

    And this is why I’m glad I got my degree in something that will apply to literally anything I do (Business degree). Because literally any job in the world is a business and understanding how that stuff works will be useful somewhere. Unless the world throws away the entire economy which is impossible. (Plus classes I took have been about stuff like how to write a resume and do well in job interviews).

  13. Wolfheart

    WolfheartMonth ago

    My degree is going to be in Art. ART! I WILL GET A PIECE OF PAPER ON IT TO TELL ME I CAN DRAW WELL! I donejffjxjckdndjdjdndj

  14. Alexis Dupont

    Alexis DupontMonth ago

    I live In Rhode island, so if I ever got excepted to Harvard or brown, it would just be a half hour to an hour drive away

  15. cooler_than _you

    cooler_than _youMonth ago

    0.06 *dying*

  16. The Llama Studio

    The Llama StudioMonth ago

    My childhood is ruined before I even went to highschool ;c RIP

  17. Aya Elmaiss

    Aya ElmaissMonth ago

    i want to be a engineer when i grow up

  18. Sangita Dutt

    Sangita DuttMonth ago

    Scarbro is the cutest dog in the world I want a dog like scarbro

  19. Sunset Awesomness17

    Sunset Awesomness17Month ago

    I plant to go in to college for a veterinarian, but who knows, I could be an artist. (The type of artists that draws, and paints and stuff.) idk. I don’t know what to do in life and I’m already a junior in high school.

  20. Shruti Giri

    Shruti GiriMonth ago

    Psychology degree i want that tho....but i am not gonna go to College..lol

  21. anonymous singh

    anonymous singhMonth ago

    Don’t worry you will use it as your MReporter career is going to finish in a few years

  22. Yasmine Art

    Yasmine ArtMonth ago

    I have an english degree..guess what I'm doing with it

  23. rogeramosjr

    rogeramosjrMonth ago

    Scarbro: *yawns at end card* Me: *dies of cuteness overdose*

  24. Kent Clark

    Kent ClarkMonth ago

    well I'm a P&C agent in Las Vegas and I can tell you that most employers are steering clear of all of you college kids especially a girl like this. Nobody wants anyone over the age of 18 that acts like she's 12 in a place of business let alone talking about psychology. Nevermind that I wanna know what the f*** is going on with her facial expressions? Maybe she should take this opportunity of her channel to explain all the different things MReporterrs are exempt from because they're a bigger liability than a f****** politician. Lmfao no umbrella on your home for you Ninja turtle looking chick.

  25. Pretty Pastries

    Pretty PastriesMonth ago

    She shud be a school counselor

  26. Pretty Pastries

    Pretty PastriesMonth ago

    People can take away everything from you but they can’t take away your views

  27. V Hufflepuff

    V HufflepuffMonth ago

    School= Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives 😂😂

  28. parnesian parrapio

    parnesian parrapioMonth ago

    I’m a communications/journalism major....

  29. Prabhvir Nahal

    Prabhvir Nahal2 months ago

    "They wanted it , they paid for it ." I feel you !!! 😂

  30. 4kidsOPfan

    4kidsOPfan2 months ago

    you chose psychology, that was expected

  31. alm ina

    alm ina2 months ago

    Referring only to psychology, a BA degree is useless, you need at least a master's degree to do something useful that pays well.

  32. Dr Outlet

    Dr Outlet2 months ago

    I've been in biology, started my Phd last semester, and i dropped it two weeks ago. Now i'm looking for a job at macdonalds. lucky me

  33. Stella Eweka

    Stella Eweka2 months ago

    I like the part when you went noooo😂🤣😂🤣

  34. fatma housin

    fatma housin2 months ago

    why I have to stay ? 98%of school is a wast for your time

  35. Raquel Taborda

    Raquel Taborda2 months ago

    Can relate. I have an art historian degree... and I work at a gaming shop 😂😂😂

  36. Naeem

    Naeem2 months ago

    Don't do biomed. You'll regret it.

  37. Anushka Arun

    Anushka Arun2 months ago

    OMG the ad before this video was for Air Canada. If you know Lilly, you know why I posted this comment lol.

  38. Marnus Matthysen

    Marnus Matthysen2 months ago

    allot of Z-Visa regulations requires a minimum bachelors degree of any major. I didn't have one so I couldn't teach English in China further. So It does definitely help. But don't expect the world, even if you have one. There are very successful people without them but they were just lucky. You might not be as lucky. So if can get one, do it. It will also boost your self-esteem. Some people being not successful and not having education links the two together, like myself. A degree will help me to be more confident and have a better appeal on a candidate list. It happens to be so.

  39. Ghadeer Alsaffar

    Ghadeer Alsaffar2 months ago

    Be your self lily and I love you the way you are 🥰😘😍😊😅


    QUEEN BEE2 months ago

    42.5 % IS GOOD ???? AT CLASS 9

  41. Rayan Saad

    Rayan Saad2 months ago

    I want to be psychologist, but after this video I am actually gonna change to something else, I don’t want a useless degree... good thing I’m still 13

  42. deathpearl360

    deathpearl3602 months ago

    im a communication major with a media studies emphasis and am looking for customer service jobs to start my MReporter channel.

  43. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    purplecatlover1825 randompizza2 months ago

    I could actually see your psychology degree in your 5 things ruining your relationship

  44. Amanda1482x

    Amanda1482x2 months ago

    Oh god I want to study psychology but y'all are saying it's useless? So now my passions are irrelevant in my survival?

  45. flufflepufflover

    flufflepufflover2 months ago

    That's because psychology degrees are the most useless degrees after philosophy, all the other degrees are harder to obtain, and therefore have more power. Im not saying its immediately easy, but degrees in the field of science are probably more useful in resumes.

  46. Santhosh s

    Santhosh s2 months ago

    I am got a degree on chikostrist in 1899

  47. Hamna I

    Hamna I2 months ago

    This helps me be everyone around me is getting a degree, but I chose not to 😭😭

  48. I’m so Basic it Hurts

    I’m so Basic it Hurts2 months ago

    I swear, I keep thinking I have seen every superwoman video, but almost every day, I watch a new one

  49. Ch B

    Ch B2 months ago

    hey, my friend actually used her psychology degree. she worked as a school psychologist part time and got half of the minimal wage for it.

  50. Achamy Allissa

    Achamy Allissa2 months ago

    I'm scared. I'm going to be 13 next year. I need good advise. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  51. Srijita Chakraborty

    Srijita Chakraborty2 months ago

    I am showing your video to my parents thank you ..

  52. Aide moi j'apprends le Français

    Aide moi j'apprends le Français2 months ago

    Anyone thinking Domics Architecture ----> animator on YT

  53. potato productions

    potato productions2 months ago

    Should i get my degree then...im becoming a doctor...but i make money of of drawing..sooo am i getting my degree for nothing when i already have a good money making job...IM CONFUSED!!!


    THE WILLOW GIRLS3 months ago

    lilly u inspire me

  55. TsukiNaito1

    TsukiNaito13 months ago

    Millennial life. Our parents told us we had to get degrees and now hate us for being poor and not buying enough diamonds.

  56. Cheyanne Sutherland

    Cheyanne Sutherland3 months ago

    For Christ's sake the video is made for a joke. Don't take it too hard.

  57. kowsi kowsi

    kowsi kowsi3 months ago

    I feel happy when people say clg degree is worthless Hearing these words from super women makes me feel much happier

  58. yashasvi sharma

    yashasvi sharma3 months ago

    Forget about degrees , going to school is useless in itself. ... like what's the point ? School is all about marks and mugging uo everything that you read ...

  59. Jenny Valdivia

    Jenny Valdivia3 months ago

    What about a bachelors I. Social welfare ?

  60. Andy Brie

    Andy Brie3 months ago

    Wow watching this and I have two days left before I graduate from college and I'm majoring in film

  61. Elijah Rakotoarivony

    Elijah Rakotoarivony3 months ago

    The English degree is beyond relatable to me !!!!!!!!

  62. Laura Garnham

    Laura Garnham3 months ago

    Gets undergrad degree, tries to get a job, realises all the jobs she wants require a masters degree, gets a masters degree, tries to get a job, realises all the jobs she wants require a phd...is now 2 years in to phd...

  63. Ezekiel Wong

    Ezekiel Wong3 months ago

    *school is pointless*

  64. Aminjin Bilegt

    Aminjin Bilegt3 months ago

    Without school degree u have nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂my parents are quakinggg

  65. ganaa0620

    ganaa06203 months ago

    This is why I quit my school early

  66. krystle ツ

    krystle ツ3 months ago

    Scarbrow is like, "What's going on mommy?" 💕💕💕💕

  67. Karla Moran

    Karla Moran3 months ago

    None of this is copy and pasted.

  68. Trøjan

    Trøjan3 months ago

    What was your friend hoping to do studying English?? Woulda done better studying food ( can't spell the word for it 😅😅 )

  69. David Rivera

    David Rivera3 months ago

    U mean juiceless

  70. TheNariman

    TheNariman4 months ago

    I'm studying art and pay thousands of euros just so People can ask me to draw them fro free :|

  71. Thato Motopi

    Thato Motopi4 months ago

    I love this girl

  72. Jennifer2017

    Jennifer20174 months ago

    Anyone can get a degree. But sometimes not everyone follows through with that degree. like...they just got it for the label. There are plenty of people who got their degrees, and actually used it and it helped them. Please don't just say degrees are useless. Maybe you're just mad because you didn't get into that psychology field. I don't know. My father got a degree in business, and for many years he's worked as a business consultant. Instead of retiring, (he's 62) he's now doing freelance consulting and is doing rather well for himself. So no kids, degrees are not useless. If you don't go into the field you got your degree in, that's your fault.

  73. alexandra silverstein

    alexandra silverstein4 months ago

    i can relate. my parents didn't finish college and they both were offered to go at no cost to them but i was always compared to my best friend growing up and she was in advance classes and I was in normal college prep classes. She got a 4.0 in honors in hs and I got a 3.5 but she ended up dropping out of college and now I am in honors at the 5th best public university in the u.s. but I worry I will not be able to pay off my student loans. i probably wouldn't have gone to college if it wasn't for all the pressure other people put on me or that I was constantly compared to other people. I have learned a lot but not sure it was worth the price- I could have learned most of it from the internet.

  74. I am Trash

    I am Trash4 months ago

    My mom got a degree in criminal justice..... she’s a cashier for Cosco

  75. K J

    K J4 months ago

    This is NOT what you said in the Interview with Michelle Obama in 2016.

  76. K J

    K J4 months ago

    I am an Engineer and Psychology is NOT a useless profession, specially in today's world. More and more, people don't control their thoughts, their emotions and we see more erratic behaviors then ever before. People are being led by their emotions, instead of being lead by their intellect. People are letting the "Auto-Pilot" mode run their lives and this is when great psychologists come into play. One day as you grow older, you will understand the great tool that you have at your disposal... and you will value the knowledge in psychology that you have. You just need to learn how to apply those principles to change the lives of other people.

  77. Mitaale Ram

    Mitaale Ram4 months ago

    Loved the star wars reference

  78. Simba 207

    Simba 2074 months ago

    Love you Lilly, but have you even attempted to find a psychology job? Where you could be making hundreds of dollars per session? Not having to worry about demonitization? Not every one wants to be a MReporter star you know. Some people would like to have a real job. Please be considerate when the facts are college and degrees for whatever field you want to go into are more important and valuable that you tube will ever be.

  79. Camilla Tesafaye

    Camilla Tesafaye4 months ago

    This is literally me...

  80. That Movie Reviewer

    That Movie Reviewer4 months ago

    Believe me that 10 years experience part is the #StoryOfMyLife and I am the one with a Law Degree 😒

  81. Nikki B

    Nikki B4 months ago

    Sadly, very relatable ^^; I haven't had any use for my degree, nor do any of my friends with their degrees, we've tried.

  82. Catherine S

    Catherine S4 months ago

    Psychology like most other health sciences require more than a bachelor degree. I did a double undergrad in nutrition and exercise science and it's pretty useless without masters

  83. pastel moon

    pastel moon4 months ago

    i knew this was going to happen and i wanna do pycholgy

  84. Eleanor Richardson

    Eleanor Richardson4 months ago

    Yay I’m planning on being a phycologist 😂😂 Also I probably just spelt psychologist wrong

  85. Titus Priz the Wiz

    Titus Priz the Wiz4 months ago

    "The sound of my Indian parents when reading this video title and dying inside."

  86. Kate Nurik

    Kate Nurik4 months ago

    That’s the sound of my Indian parents reading this title. NooNNOOOOooooOoooOONnOewwwwwwwEeEeeeEewww

  87. Ceilidh Farm

    Ceilidh Farm4 months ago

    I have know idea what I’m going to do when I have to go off to college even though I don’t need to worry about it cause I’m in elementary school Ahah 😛

  88. Heidi Mota

    Heidi Mota4 months ago

    I have a bachelor’s in Animal science. I’m an actor.

  89. Chelsey Sizemore

    Chelsey Sizemore4 months ago

    Musical Theatre major for the Win! Hahahaha

  90. Anitka

    Anitka4 months ago

    They wanted it. They pay for it🤣

  91. max olande

    max olande4 months ago

    Life is useless

  92. Jasmine Ryelle

    Jasmine Ryelle4 months ago

    Actually there was that one time when I used it. Me: Awaiting eagerly. I am your father. 😂😂😂 I died.

  93. Katy simon

    Katy simon4 months ago

    Major question ... Do you rember my harto

  94. xxFledglingComedianxx

    xxFledglingComedianxx4 months ago

    I probably shouldn’t be watching this at 2:00 am... oh well Lilly’s worth it

  95. xxFledglingComedianxx

    xxFledglingComedianxx4 months ago

    How did I know she would be talking to the coffee maker?

  96. The Unspeakable

    The Unspeakable4 months ago

    I don't find her funny anymor

  97. Khadeeja Siddique

    Khadeeja Siddique4 months ago

    The Unspeakable she's the best youtuber ever!!👿

  98. shivesh maharaj

    shivesh maharaj5 months ago

    Did no one ever tell you in your 4 years of studying psych that you need a masters to be anything.

  99. Bryson Richter

    Bryson Richter5 months ago

    For a chef you need a paper that says that you can cook and you need to renew it

  100. megan elsaesser

    megan elsaesser5 months ago

    I’m literally in school for psychology right now. This is reassuring...

  101. Riyyan D

    Riyyan D5 months ago

    There's a reason why I chose a finance degree. Atleast I'd get my way around by corruption.