When Trees Go Nuts


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    MinuteEarth can you do a video about Hippopotamuses please?

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    you make 3 videos a month that are 2 mins long and 1 min begging for money at the end of the video, why do you employ 8 people for 6 mins of TOTAL video a month?

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    Tree sex lol X3.

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    I was born on April 2010!

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    Never knew trees were so smart.

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    it becomes doodoo

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    Thanks for the interesting video. I wondered if they reduced yield the 1-2 previous seasons. This would reduce the squirrel population while allowing the trees to save energy or allocating energy to roots and canopy to harvest energy better next year. Trees do track time, and synchronize flowering. Apple trees produce ever other year.

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    Now I feel bad for eating plant babies

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    0:01 _Was Brought To You By You_

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    I read "When trees grow nuts" And i thought it was "that" nuts...

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    In Jamaica, there's no trees nuts

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    let them save the world

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    Actually there is evidence that points to that they can communicate with each other.

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    Trees should make no nuts the year before masting.

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    why do we have so much water

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    That tree got aborted

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    If mushrooms can communicate with trees then they can communicate with each other to send a trees 🌳 message to a another 🌲

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    2:16 Quizzer: Is that a pregnant squirrel, or did it just eat lots of nuts? Contestant: *ACORNS!!* Quizzer: Nuts still work, though. Contestant: Oh. Is it... pregnant? Quizzer: Nope! It just ate lots of nuts. Contestant (thinking): *darn, now I'm out of the game >:-(*

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    Wait... trees go nuts lol

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    It's because they're TREEting each other

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    so it was a massive tree orgy? damn, those naughty trees, they need jesus.

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    Are they friable? If so I can make em go extinct in the first day.....FRYED ACORNS

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    Can we change the name of masting into nutting ?

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    But wait.. first you told us that plants communicate by their roots

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    When you say they cannot talk, it's not to say that they don't communicate. They found large regions of trees in the northwest of United States communicating via a mycelium Network.

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    MinuteEarth Delivering Puns Since ????

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    So trees have a concience?

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    Wait....arent trees female and male at the same time?🤔

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    The first graph showed with squirrel icons probably should have looked more like a sigmoid (logistic) curve. To me, it seemed almost like the top section of a logarithmic function! When populations transition from one carrying capacity (or their lag phase) to another, it almost always resembles the same S-style curve.

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    I hate being talked to like I'm a kindergartener.

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    Why do Birds Live so Long?

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    Species, feces, They RHYME!

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    OMG, does the hyena have a knife?!. *illuminati music plays*

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    It is possible they "talk" to each other. Symbiotic relationships between trees and fungi (fungi are the largest single living organisms on earth) could provide chemical queues to the whole forrest.

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    Sometimes i like my own comment to get it started.

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    Hey just wondering. Did we evolve from reptiles (we have that thing that reptiles have on the side of our eye)

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    0:12 ITS AUTUMN

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    Why is water translucent or transparent whatever it is.

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    I like how the last graph shows an increase in the squirrel population and then a die-off. Economics has the same root as ecology.

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    Bro How you did that animation. I Just want to know the software used........... Kindly respond to the query

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    trees can have sex? what position? I'm interristed

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    Why don't the trees just not produce any acorns at all on most years and then only produce acorns once a few years?

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    I don't know why but I feel good after watching your videos. A video explaining that phenomenon would be appreciated

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    *T R E E O R G Y*

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    Read a book on trees, apparently they are able to communicate through intricate root systems and also send signals with underground fungi. Some times they produce lots of nuts because they are dying, spending the last energy to reproduce.

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    YES! We're doing an episode on this soon :D :D :D! See people, plants ARE interesting!

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    One tree was very lonely I guess you could say they are in Soli-tree now. (I AM TRYING TO MAKE A GOOD PUN XD)

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    0:40 it's not that weird, because Plants like Trees can communicate with each other through the ground and even trough the air with chemicals www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-whispering-trees-180968084/

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    Masting=Tree orgy

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