When Trees Go Nuts


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    MinuteEarth I love you

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    Seriously. This comment needs more likes.

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    MinuteEarth can you do a video about Hippopotamuses please?

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    A mushroom runs a network that helps trees and other plants communacate

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    "When trees go nuts" More like "When trees GROW nuts!"

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    I did *Nut* know this Okay my pun is lame

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    ...there's s.k.o. WWW (wood-wide-web ;-) srsly in fact plants DO communicate...!

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    Nice propaganda by the way :D

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    Trees plz continue makin baby trees :( :)

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    extend the life of their species and not become feces

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    Oh wait I WAS BORN IN 2010

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    if acacia trees can talk on the wind with scents why couldnt oak or aspen

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    0:02 "this video was brought you by you". Oh thank u

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    Trees are smart

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    “This video was brought to you by.... _you_ “ Me: *but I found it. Not sent it to myself.*

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    If the planet is round how are we at the ground but not at space ?

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    Why does cow poop turn into hay?! Can you please make this episode?!

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    Who's you?

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    Miseilliea mushrooms

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    I love your puns!!!!!

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    I born in 2010

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    When I watched this there was 666K viws lol

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    i was born in 2010 oktober 4!?:D

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    Me: *sees title* ughhhhhhhhhhhh, I. Hate. Puns!

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    Go NUTS tok it HUH HUH XD

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    Please don't ever say "stuff themselves silly" again

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    The animation is just the most adorable I've ever seen, all those squirrels and trees

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    So they're... *_nutting?_*

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    it'd so fun learning with you keep going your amazing

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    *tree sex extravaganza*

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    Watch Scishow's video "The Earth's Internet: How Fungi Help Plants Communicate" to learn that maybe trees can actually talk to each other miles away.

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    My little sister is born on December 2, 2010 but I’m born on March 10, 2008

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    Admiring what you guys bring to the channels. This is my favourite channel. Very good for kids and parents to learn science attractively

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    0:36 is that the Kanto region

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    that joke was kind of *nutty*

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    So the trees literally went nuts?

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    When trees go nuts, squirrels go nuts, when squirrels go nuts, dogs go nuts, when dogs go nuts, cats go nuts, and when that happens, it's funny to watch.

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    If you're willing to teach me about trees so eagerly, I guess we could be _Happy Tree Friends_

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    i thought this said "when trees go nut"

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    I read the title as "when trees nut" ...

  59. Charizard Garfild

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    I read the title as "when trees nut" ...

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    please no.

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    Spieces and faeces, what 2 thinks that are so diffrent 💩💩

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    Had to come watch this again because I'm pretty sure this is a masting year for the oak tree next to my house. We're being bombarded more than usual.

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    Trees can have sex?!

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    Nature finds a way.

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    she said : if you like learning about tree sex or other wierd things XD

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    do you promote being vegan?

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    Wow.. that really explains a lot.

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    (Pun intended)

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    I had low volume and when you said “This video was made by you” I thought you said glue

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    Ur drawing tree sex m8

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    they bust a nut

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    What happened when the end of the world 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    2:18 wow i'm hilarious

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    T R E E S E X

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    Trees are more sophisticated than one may think. They may develop a sophisticated network of root systems to 'share' nutrients, and the way they coordinate pesticide production, balance, respond to weather, etc. is amazing

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    wow, acornt believe my eyes

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    you know what i was born in 2010 cool huh

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    Sooo... a forrest fuck fest?

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    WhyTrees Go Nutz

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    Tree sex lol X3.

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    Never knew trees were so smart.

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    it becomes doodoo

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    Thanks for the interesting video. I wondered if they reduced yield the 1-2 previous seasons. This would reduce the squirrel population while allowing the trees to save energy or allocating energy to roots and canopy to harvest energy better next year. Trees do track time, and synchronize flowering. Apple trees produce ever other year.

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    Now I feel bad for eating plant babies

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    0:01 _Was Brought To You By You_

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    A Dad joke? Wait, a MOM joke?

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    I read "When trees grow nuts" And i thought it was "that" nuts...

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    Actually there is evidence that points to that they can communicate with each other.