When the voice doesn't match the rapper


  1. loveliveserve

    loveliveserve11 days ago

    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥 Which rapper you want to see next?

  2. Glitchy_ Slayer

    Glitchy_ Slayer9 days ago

    It mf sounds like a fly

  3. PrettyboiRo

    PrettyboiRo9 days ago

    Rod wave

  4. Naverne Moore

    Naverne Moore9 days ago


  5. S B

    S B9 days ago

    Travis Scott

  6. Nick

    Nick9 days ago

    how to roll a blunt tutorial

  7. Hector Ponce

    Hector Ponce4 minutes ago

    This is wut I would call “Mosquito Rap”😭😂

  8. Zaylee Lauvao

    Zaylee Lauvao27 minutes ago

    Low key slaps tho ngl👀👀

  9. Shania Campbell

    Shania Campbell28 minutes ago

    Him: mumummmmmmmmmmunmmmmmmmmmynmmmmmmmmmm Him again In deep voice:YEA Me:now what in the hell type of junk is this🤣🤣😭

  10. Eric

    Eric29 minutes ago

    What's the song of the name

  11. Yslanne Emmanuel

    Yslanne Emmanuel31 minute ago

    My mom giving her speech 3:07 me daydreaming about how hungry iam be later

  12. Ner0

    Ner032 minutes ago

    when he said "wejwwe ejuwaehu" i felt that

  13. EJ Darby

    EJ Darby33 minutes ago

    Got my All Money In chain my the way! 🖤

  14. Yslanne Emmanuel

    Yslanne Emmanuel34 minutes ago

    There face 3:07 When ur mom giving her speech and she mention something u didn't even do

  15. FIVE 6 MAFIA

    FIVE 6 MAFIA57 minutes ago

    Is that Majin Buu?

  16. NOSL666

    NOSL666Hour ago

    lowkey slaps

  17. MxV

    MxVHour ago


  18. JAYJAY Diaz

    JAYJAY DiazHour ago

    Tell me why I knew it was gonna be 645AR as soon as I clicked on the vid

  19. Ross Logan

    Ross LoganHour ago


  20. gaming gods

    gaming godsHour ago

    Vv on my wrist

  21. Giovani Salazar

    Giovani Salazar2 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta until spongebobs boots start rapping

  22. Keira Murray

    Keira Murray2 hours ago

    Rapper stairs at you when your asking then something 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Keith Bunch

    Keith Bunch2 hours ago

    I come to this video just to hear the song

  24. Flopptartz

    Flopptartz2 hours ago

    My dumbass really did the scratch the ear thing

  25. king vicious

    king vicious2 hours ago

    what is the song called?

  26. Jaylen Fermin

    Jaylen Fermin3 hours ago

    Why rhino be typing mad hard

  27. Sindre Horn

    Sindre Horn3 hours ago

    it lowkey slaps tho fr

  28. Jaydagoat223

    Jaydagoat2233 hours ago

    They got dude up on here yesrrrrr

  29. Micheal Judon

    Micheal Judon4 hours ago

    Ynw bslime be like...

  30. Victoria Tinubu

    Victoria Tinubu4 hours ago

    i like the song😅

  31. Alexia Gaither

    Alexia Gaither4 hours ago


  32. keithanderton12

    keithanderton124 hours ago

    Sounds like that cardi dude

  33. Crackhead on a budget

    Crackhead on a budget5 hours ago

    he sounds like those mii singers from tomodachi life

  34. YUN KZ

    YUN KZ5 hours ago


  35. Itsme 0000_93211

    Itsme 0000_932115 hours ago

    Is it weird I understand what he said? 😂 this song fye asf

  36. Team Cobra

    Team Cobra5 hours ago

    Why did I expect the song 4 da trap to come on and it actually did. I'm so confused

  37. Gavin Goldberg

    Gavin Goldberg5 hours ago

    When I found out 4 da trap had lyrics I lost it then he had like a genius interview 🤯

  38. Hopeless Romantic

    Hopeless Romantic5 hours ago

    He sounded like pikachu going super saiyan

  39. Tango Hambre

    Tango Hambre5 hours ago

    Pacman and a 645 collab coming soon?

  40. JR Sanchez

    JR Sanchez5 hours ago

    It actually sounds good

  41. P R O G A M E R

    P R O G A M E R6 hours ago

    Kinda random but... Imagine how good noah can be as a rapper if he can say the N word... 😂

  42. XxxSmith_yt

    XxxSmith_yt6 hours ago

    Sing What your feeling brother!!!


    JOSHUA SALINA7 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Rhino look like a taller version of Skee -Lo

  44. Dan Neveu

    Dan Neveu7 hours ago

    Young thug left the chat.

  45. Lakaiyah Haggan

    Lakaiyah Haggan7 hours ago

    When the beats fire but the lyrics are trash

  46. Rajon Rondo

    Rajon Rondo8 hours ago


  47. TheLegitDogeXD

    TheLegitDogeXD8 hours ago

    Lowkey he looks like a grown ass baby man with tatoos, which actually kinda matches the song

  48. Janpieter TM

    Janpieter TM8 hours ago

    If Mickey Mouse was from Chicago


    TBD TRAYYY9 hours ago


  50. Burned Water

    Burned Water9 hours ago

    I’m waiting for a karaoke video now

  51. D B

    D B9 hours ago

    This is so weird why is Pacman in these niggas video

  52. D B

    D B9 hours ago

    A crossover I never expected

  53. scotty06

    scotty069 hours ago

    Yo Noah’s fresh trim bro

  54. Kelton Canada

    Kelton Canada9 hours ago

    Not gonna lie wasn’t that bad 😂🙈


    LION BARON11 hours ago

    When are given the ability to speak any language in the world

  56. Diana vlogs

    Diana vlogs11 hours ago


  57. Moe

    Moe11 hours ago

    3:38 you finally getting that one word clue of who's been chasing your rats

  58. Moe

    Moe11 hours ago

    3:38 you finally getting that one word clue of who's been chasing your rats

  59. Bluson bmw

    Bluson bmw12 hours ago

    Who da faq made this beat?

  60. No Name

    No Name12 hours ago

    I liked it, great song damnit!

  61. Bluson bmw

    Bluson bmw12 hours ago

    Yooo why is this fire tho lol

  62. deadly legz

    deadly legz12 hours ago

    Whats the name of this song tho

  63. Dinos Aliaj

    Dinos Aliaj13 hours ago


  64. TF foxy

    TF foxy15 hours ago

    Nobody : Tik tok : this is mine now

  65. Boomerpodss •

    Boomerpodss •16 hours ago

    Lil mosquito