When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.


  1. Michael Acuna

    Michael AcunaHour ago

    Charles Barkley is the GOAT, this man just to real XD

  2. Ryan Warchol

    Ryan Warchol7 hours ago

    We have the same bday sir charles lets celebrate one year. My favorite nba player.

  3. Angry Mobsters

    Angry Mobsters17 hours ago

    Why is it that a 2005 video like this looks clearer than half of the youtube vids in 2018?

  4. TrustNone35

    TrustNone3523 hours ago

    Mike and Chuck need to bury the hatchet and be brothers again.

  5. Lam rof

    Lam rofDay ago

    The sentiment here is Jordan is the King, Barkley is Butler. The King don't say too much.

  6. Deezy J

    Deezy JDay ago

    Oprah was so beautiful

  7. OniBerserker Menace

    OniBerserker MenaceDay ago

    I’m literally fucking crying this so damn fucking funny

  8. Kauxcion

    Kauxcion2 days ago

    Michael Jordan : I thin- Oprah : We’ll be right back.

  9. Johnstone72

    Johnstone723 days ago

    Barca leaning away from both of them.....😞

  10. Migdalia Beauchamp

    Migdalia Beauchamp3 days ago

    6:18 just charles B nerves

  11. Migdalia Beauchamp

    Migdalia Beauchamp3 days ago

    just nerves

  12. The Fight Stop

    The Fight Stop3 days ago

    Oprah wasn't bad looking. Lol.

  13. Oh Thatz DQ

    Oh Thatz DQ4 days ago

    i Thought She Was Finna Say Nba Youngboy 🀯

  14. Boss GBEMi

    Boss GBEMi4 days ago

    That Charles Barkley Swing πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Angel Rincon

    Angel Rincon4 days ago

    Barkley is pointing out all the narcissistic symptoms of Jordan by mistake. Narcissism not in colloquial terms but in psychological terminology. Lol

  16. Joe Stisser

    Joe Stisser4 days ago

    Charles is so much more intelligent, thoughtful, and sincere than Michael. Michael is trying way too hard to be cool the whole time in this. Charles is salt of the earth type of dude- Michael- not so much. And Michael's take on the difference between the feeling of a Star athlete and a rock star made no sense. It didn't answer Oprah's question at all lmao. Really wish Charles was able to elaborate more on the feelings/euphoria that success in sports brings, compared to that of a rockstar's euphoria in his opinion, since he is the one who made the point to begin with about sports bringing the greatest feelings ever (18 minute mark). But instead, Michael offers a non-sensical and irrelevant point on "potential" being the difference between rockstar's euphoria and star athlete's euphoria. What??? Michael spoke of it as he was spot on too, lmao. It didn't even answer Oprah's question and all he was doing was bolstering his own ego while simultaneously not making sense or answering the actual question- yet the crowd still clapped and cheered at his nonsense.. Charles and Oprah looked dumbfounded after Michael talked about "players now-a-days paid on potential"... (not relevant at all to Oprah's question about feeling of star athlete vs feeling of a rockstar).. and His wife sorta rolls his eyes at him real late too around 21 minute mark when he's talking about how Chuck is always honest with him.. She knew he looked like an ass, you can tell. Bad look for Mike in this if you are able to recognize his inability to be a regular, humble human like his friend Chuck.

  17. Richard Leka

    Richard Leka4 days ago

    0.10 secs priceless hehehehe

  18. Munchies A

    Munchies A4 days ago

    Not denying the mans skill, talent and wealth, but Michaels arrogance is overwhelming and annoying

  19. Rich_Edreed

    Rich_Edreed4 days ago

    So this is where the meme came from

  20. Munchies A

    Munchies A4 days ago

    I love charles barkley after watching this. He seems so genuine and he is HILARIOUS

  21. Brian Jett

    Brian Jett5 days ago

    I like Barkley. The problem is not perpetuated by receiving but but by what is withheld. The McDonalds remark is a cute and quick platitude but points out Jordan, not the homeless man, is really the one with the lesson to learn.

  22. Chronix Rasta

    Chronix Rasta5 days ago

    Why not a reunion with the 90 players, playing a golden game again. I am very curious if they can still play well?.

  23. Chronix Rasta

    Chronix Rasta5 days ago

    lovely persons!. I love the 90's basketball! very nice to see this back after 28 to 30 years of dominance.They still look very well shaped MJ and Charles. Love you guys!

  24. Manuel Ruen

    Manuel Ruen5 days ago

    welcome to mcdonalds may i help you. lmao! i was dying

  25. Manuel Ruen

    Manuel Ruen5 days ago

    when to eat and not to eat haha

  26. HoiPolloi

    HoiPolloi6 days ago

    I have personally met and shaken hands with both Charles and MJ at the same time at a bar in Santa Barbara years ago when MJ used to have his basketball camp there. MJ was his typical self, a little bit aloof and stand offish because just as Charles described, everyone was trying to get his attention so he needed to keep his distance. Whereas Charles was extremely friendly, mixing with the crowd, taking pictures, drinking and just enjoying himself. He is such a generous person that he got on the microphone and bought the entire bar drinks for five minutes on his dime. As a basketball fan, I have loved the joy that these two men have given us over the decades and I sincerely hope that these two friends patch things up between them.

  27. Lawmsanga Ralte

    Lawmsanga Ralte6 days ago

    12:15 'He doesn't understand what it takes to be a winner' - MJ

  28. beejohn1016

    beejohn10166 days ago

    I would watch mj and sir Charles on a TV show ...

  29. beejohn1016

    beejohn10166 days ago

    How can 2000 people not like this ???? The two BEST players of the 90's !

  30. jessc1269

    jessc12696 days ago

    wish Oprah would stop talking over the ppl shes supposed to be interviewing

  31. Y Option 82

    Y Option 826 days ago

    AHH the good old days..

  32. Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises

    Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises6 days ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ press Charles- I was honest now your pissed 🀣

  33. Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises

    Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises6 days ago

    Is Charles taking notes in that friendship? That’s cool those 2 are friends.

  34. Faze Grapehead

    Faze Grapehead7 days ago

    Charles: He is the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet. Michael: I disagree with that.

  35. Harald Haram

    Harald Haram7 days ago

    Charley " Billy Zane" Murphy.

  36. Sam Batlle

    Sam Batlle7 days ago

    "if he can say can i have some change then he can say welcome to mcdonalds can i help u" BRUH LMAO


    THE CATCH8 days ago

    Just noticed waka flocka and Barkley talk the same way and kinda look like each other except ones bald

  38. jessie fabillar

    jessie fabillar8 days ago

    Barkley is the truth.

  39. Mohammed Khan

    Mohammed Khan8 days ago

    That was the most coolest looking Shoes ever. I wish I can get them in size 12/13. Amazing conversation among the best 3.

  40. J Salinas

    J Salinas9 days ago

    The greatest bar none , I was watching for a is LeBron better? Please!!!!

  41. Henrik Roursgaard

    Henrik Roursgaard9 days ago

    When The best player ever, says that Jordan is great. u know Barkley is KING

  42. bobby madison

    bobby madison9 days ago

    Charles throwed

  43. Cluez31

    Cluez319 days ago

    I wonder what Leo Dicraprio had to say on that Thursday

  44. ejones9924

    ejones99249 days ago

    Charles Barkley need to have his own talk show

  45. Savage J23

    Savage J2310 days ago

    The monstars took barkleys skills/his swing

  46. Cynthia B. McCoy

    Cynthia B. McCoy10 days ago

    State farm ttowling Γ…

  47. Cynthia B. McCoy

    Cynthia B. McCoy10 days ago


  48. Cynthia B. McCoy

    Cynthia B. McCoy10 days ago


  49. Ceo Gizzle

    Ceo Gizzle10 days ago


  50. Kewon Taylor

    Kewon Taylor10 days ago

    What he said about Scotty & Dennis being his teammates might be true a lil bit...

  51. Alton Rodgers

    Alton Rodgers10 days ago

    Charles even chocking on the golf course

  52. Prince Darius

    Prince Darius10 days ago

    Charles ordered a sandwich right after me at Einstines Bagles.

  53. cee dee

    cee dee10 days ago

    Sir cumference

  54. J P

    J P11 days ago

    Great tv

  55. gbounit

    gbounit11 days ago

    Sir Charles is one of the REALEST motherfuckers on earth. I love that man!

  56. Bogdan Spaarkey

    Bogdan Spaarkey11 days ago

    what did MJ said at 13:03-13:04 ????

  57. Faze Grapehead

    Faze Grapehead7 days ago

    Bogdan Spaarkey This is jealousy.

  58. J

    J11 days ago

    I miss those generations. just talking shit to each other lol now days if you do those people will get mad get others mad then play victim. lmao

  59. chri mar

    chri mar11 days ago

    MJ is an ASSHOLE

  60. Joshua Urbex

    Joshua Urbex12 days ago

    Barkley sound like Ali

  61. Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    Veego von DOOM- Reviews!12 days ago

    When Jordan realized you have to be mindful of who you're sitting next to in the business world.

  62. Rainy Daiz

    Rainy Daiz12 days ago

    Ai Try again

  63. Aan Mai

    Aan Mai12 days ago


  64. Nichelle Stewart

    Nichelle Stewart12 days ago

    Shitting me Jordan is Finnnnnnnne! Charles is Finnnnnnnne!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Bilal Itaoui (Contractor)

    Bilal Itaoui (Contractor)12 days ago

    G O A T

  66. Michael Tracy

    Michael Tracy12 days ago

    You can’t talk shit on a white man for not knowing how to dress after looking at MJ in this interview...


    THE MOVEMENT14 days ago

    Fck Jordan's uncle tom ass and Barkley washed up ass ill slap the brain's out they stupid ass

  68. Pumpkin the Wonder Pug

    Pumpkin the Wonder Pug14 days ago

    Michael Jordan is very talented for sure but his GIANT EGO got the best of him.

  69. Alan Flores

    Alan Flores14 days ago

    β€œI know when to eat and not to eat” LMAOOOOOOOO

  70. Chinemere Ahanotu

    Chinemere Ahanotu14 days ago

    Barkley is a national treasure

  71. Chinemere Ahanotu

    Chinemere Ahanotu14 days ago

    Mike we got to get you a better tailor

  72. Pick N Roll

    Pick N Roll15 days ago

    2:57 4:55 8:40 12:50 14:40 Oprah: Who is smarter? MJ: (laugh) I know when to eat and when not to eat. (while looking at Chuck's belly) Chuck: Once you get a certain amount of money and your famous they'll just assume you grab the bill all the time....... especially black folks. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chuck: I got hypnotized and all I got was a good nap. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chuck: People always kissing his butt the whole time. People always telling me he's handsome. He is not handsome. Oprah: You don't think he is handsome? Chuck: No I don't. Anytime you get three.. four.. five hundred million dollars you become handsome. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oprah: What's the worst buttkissing you've seen? Chuck: Well I got a friend named Roy.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  73. Kevin Levin

    Kevin Levin15 days ago

    Charles barkley is a great human but wth michael its like to former souls back together again

  74. Kevin Levin

    Kevin Levin15 days ago

    These guys are fucked up up topπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  75. Franck Yan

    Franck Yan16 days ago

    Sounds like Barclay is deeply caught in jealous love with him LOL LOL the man jealously admires him! Of course this is Michael Jordan even Michael Jackson would be starring at him playing golf dumb ass. Who wouldn't.

  76. Aldo Lopez

    Aldo Lopez16 days ago

    12:20 what a goddamn dickwad πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  77. Aldo Lopez

    Aldo Lopez16 days ago

    The dude is honest as shit. I gotta motherfucking give him that.

  78. Stone D

    Stone D17 days ago

    Oprah was T H I C C ! πŸ˜‚

  79. Charlie Mac

    Charlie Mac17 days ago

    This is crazy, whenever I see celebs in public I tend to give them their space, I don't want to waste my time and a good night or day bugging them when they are just trying to enjoy their time out and about.


    RAIDER GAINZ17 days ago

    18:40 its like a crystal ball of what the nba has become now

  81. j5689

    j568917 days ago

    I wish there was a show that just did this regularly, former NBA players just shooting the shit and joking around about non-basketball related stuff.

  82. Joseph House

    Joseph House17 days ago

    Michael's response at 18:24 is so great and so true.

  83. Ethan Rogers

    Ethan Rogers18 days ago

    why does jordan look like hes crying?

  84. Polaris sportsman

    Polaris sportsman18 days ago

    Basketball went downhill after these guys retired

  85. SneakerEND TV

    SneakerEND TV18 days ago

    When he was trying to play baseball πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Charles Barkley

  86. Bjmw Kids

    Bjmw Kids18 days ago

    That was to short noOooo

  87. Bjmw Kids

    Bjmw Kids18 days ago

    It's 2018 sad MJ n Barkley are no longer friends

  88. 00Mindi00

    00Mindi0019 days ago

    Damn I wish Michael would chill the F out. Its 2018 and Michael STILL hasn't spoken to Chuck.

  89. Shawn Chase

    Shawn Chase19 days ago

    Jordon is worth two wins to the bulls

  90. Eric Mitchell

    Eric Mitchell19 days ago

    This is why I hate Jordan- if he can ask for help he can say :welcome to McDonald's (coon as nigga man your a fucking billionaire- maybe Mike didn't help out the homeless bc he invest in prisons- he can make more money off this homeless guy by putting him in jail- most homeless are Vet's-Some just got down on there luck for the lack of better words shit happens.

  91. Fernando Bueno

    Fernando Bueno19 days ago

    I see all the comments and most of them are about how funny this is but honestly I can definitely see why MJ is so successful, the way he see things is unbelievable and you can just tell that he is a great business man and I can see why he became a billionaire.

  92. SIR Churchill

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  93. SIR Churchill

    SIR Churchill19 days ago


  94. SIR Churchill

    SIR Churchill19 days ago


  95. SIR Churchill

    SIR Churchill19 days ago

    No beef just goat

  96. Jose Emiliano

    Jose Emiliano19 days ago

    Fuccc oprah

  97. Quinton Odom

    Quinton Odom19 days ago


  98. Pat

    Pat20 days ago

    "When you get something so easily, you're not going to work as hard." (The truth spoken by MJ) This is what is wrong with how our youth is being raised today, and to a great extent how we are teaching them in our schools within a broken educational system. Our culture has gradually pulled away the responsibility from kids to work for something greater, and filled in the gaps with excuses and alternative methods of perpetuating their stagnancy and/or reluctance to strive for greatness, or just to simply achieve. Mediocrity has become an expected norm while dreaming big is the main goal, throwing out accountability and integrity. We have a younger generation that is more accepting of dreaming and finding an easier way out rather than working hard to get where they want to go. There's a serious lack of realism and planning, and with that comes the ill-preparedness to face the crazy world, the lack of self-respect and respect for others, and, a damaging lack of work ethic. We've allowed instant gratification to replace gradual acquisition. In the NBA, the lack of work ethic has literally changed the game. There has been a lack of team/franchise loyalty. Players look to sign with other` great players and become part of super teams that are favored to win championships. The competition, particularly in the paint, has been so lackluster that it's become frustrating often times. We have more and more players throwing up 3's, and who would rather stay outside the paint than work the ball around and slow the pace down in a more defense-oriented ball game. It has become much less physical, and so the game has shifted to favor shooting guards who are very often left uncontended. Don't get me wrong, I love basketball, and still enjoy it. I just would like to see the rapid fire mentality of ball handling to diminish in favor of more methodical ball playing.

  99. AH

    AH20 days ago

    When they used to be friends. Charles told him the truth about his poor GM skills and MJ cut him off.

  100. K. R.

    K. R.20 days ago

    Very Cool!

  101. alihme88

    alihme8820 days ago

    Some one please tell Charles Barkley that Markelle Fultz also has the Yips, thats why he cant shoot anymore. would be nice to have him get that support from someone that understands the struggles on the Air!!

  102. Michael Sun

    Michael Sun20 days ago

    β€œEspecially the black folks” Lmfao

  103. Moriz Moriz

    Moriz Moriz20 days ago

    @14:02 MJ is ant to cry -undo what Chuck just said. 😭