When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.


  1. hjaylee

    hjaylee7 hours ago

    7:48 Charles Barkley is the one that said "yips" LOL

  2. riff724 riff724

    riff724 riff7249 hours ago

    And i do feel bad for charles when all his friends are gonna golf and they wont go with him because of a mental block ,,,,,,, as a golfing nut it really is the greatest game in the world and takes you all over the world if you wish ,,,,,,,, so i would bet charles is sort of or very bummed about his hesitational swing and the fat he went from 75 to 125 or whatever .

  3. riff724 riff724

    riff724 riff7249 hours ago

    hard to beleieve maybe the most famous black woman has no idea how bad a hall of fame basketball player like barkleys swing was after all the years commercials media hype and so on ,.... while on the other hand i would bet barkley knows tons about oprah or at least her most highlighted stuff ......... and for what its worth yeahh charles is right when he says jordan couldnt have done it with out pippen and rodman and a few others ............ i still say magic and bird had more talent and ,aybe a few before them .



    Funny big bro and lil bro 👍😂

  5. Chosen One

    Chosen One23 hours ago

    1:00. Barkley has a good point.

  6. Melchizedek Lockwood

    Melchizedek LockwoodDay ago

    Charles is too real...Mike just seems like that bitter Aunt that came into a lot of money after school and looks down on everybody 😂

  7. Nick Johnson

    Nick JohnsonDay ago

    18:30 had me stuck for like 15 seconds🔥🤦🏽‍♂️....Thats one of the realest things I heard bruh😂

  8. fwd.dance

    fwd.dance2 days ago

    what is Leo's problem?!??! We must know!!! 🧐

  9. Nez.the.best.89

    Nez.the.best.892 days ago

    Does that child molester hunt still exist?

  10. Fe

    Fe2 days ago

    Charles is the realest mf on earth.

  11. Ousmam Sonko

    Ousmam Sonko3 days ago

    Damm Charles can be a serious comedian

  12. Robert Brown

    Robert Brown3 days ago

    Jordan comes across as a insecure person, if you notice his comments are mean spirited and almost childish. Not a good look! Still the greatest ever.

  13. King Kable

    King Kable3 days ago

    dude what was with the child molester shit?????????

  14. Cornelius Moore

    Cornelius Moore3 days ago

    I'm dead ...this is so funny

  15. screw mane

    screw mane3 days ago

    Is it just more or did Oprah actually get emotional at 16:30 with Sir Charles complimenting the hell outta MJ? You could tell on Jordan's face too "man I love Charles. He knows I love him." It even got to me a little bit as well.

  16. SnowLizard

    SnowLizard4 days ago

    Producers from TNT seen this, light bulb turned on, and the rest is history for Charles Barkley

  17. Mitchell Cruickshank

    Mitchell Cruickshank4 days ago

    Charles Barkley’s first 4 sentences made absolutely no sense

  18. Alan Edher

    Alan Edher4 days ago

    these guys were men at work on and off the court, but this recent generation of NBA players...

  19. Larry Cabardo

    Larry Cabardo4 days ago

    The friendship made up when the ball started to roll this both.

  20. Everett Gray

    Everett Gray4 days ago

    What’s with all the fat jokes?

  21. James Cavazos

    James Cavazos5 days ago

    And thus a meme was born.

  22. Franco Israel Morcilla

    Franco Israel Morcilla5 days ago

    Jordan was about to cry on Chuck's golf issues... That makes me laugh so hard

  23. sk8bardruss

    sk8bardruss5 days ago

    mike has ugly fashion taste nigga get you stuff tailored

  24. Z Dawg

    Z Dawg6 days ago

    All three of them are Aquarius

  25. James Manning

    James Manning6 days ago

    Barkley never got his powers back from Spacejam

  26. qwertpoiuy430

    qwertpoiuy4306 days ago

    TF does Jordan say now they earn by potential... He got his bike deal as a rookie. Mike made a gamble Jordan was going to be good. Yeah sure, it was amazing for Nike, but nonetheless a gamble

  27. Habeeb Mustapha

    Habeeb Mustapha6 days ago

    I am mad they no longer talk

  28. Larry Games

    Larry Games6 days ago

    "Specially black folks...." LMAOOO fking Barkley.

  29. Tony Wright

    Tony Wright6 days ago

    man even my grandmother like to watch Michael Jordan play the only reason why she's watched basketball any damn way

  30. My non famous burner account Famous

    My non famous burner account Famous6 days ago

    wouldn't give money to a homeless person ?? lebron would have heck he'll prolly build a school

  31. Grande Dizzy

    Grande Dizzy7 days ago

    0:07 A meme was born

  32. Swfty

    Swfty7 days ago

    i was hoping this video would never end

  33. Bacon Williams

    Bacon Williams7 days ago

    @23:41 And people still say Jordan never gives away free stuff.

  34. Serg732

    Serg7327 days ago

    Too those models at the beginning of the video wearing Jordan outfits , Michael Jordan doesn’t give a shit if you bought that stuff , he’s just happy he’s taking your money 💰😂

  35. Darren elpresedente06

    Darren elpresedente067 days ago

    when you get something so easily..you not gonna work so hard👍👍👍👍

  36. Young deej

    Young deej7 days ago

    Great to see such powerful black leaders be so honest about everything and how relevant it still is, maybe more so today

  37. Alain Revelo

    Alain Revelo7 days ago

    The Legend still humble

  38. Truman Tucker

    Truman Tucker8 days ago

    Jordan is the better player. Chuck is the better person. When I watch Jordan's facial expressions as Chuck is talking, you can tell that Jordan is very concerned about anything being said about him... he's very uncomfortable not being in control, and worries about his image above all else. This is why he rarely voices his opinions on anything, and refuses to put himself out there publicly- he's always protecting his image. Chuck on the other hand doesn't give a damn. He'll put himself out there and speak his mind about anything and everything...if you like him, great...if it turns you off, he's not going to lose any sleep over it. As much as I love MJ, Chuck seems much more authentic... Like he's never allowed his success to change him, and has always stayed true to himself. I like Jordan better as a player...I like Chuck better as a person off the court.

  39. GamingSportsFreak

    GamingSportsFreak8 days ago

    Just random thought why MJ all touchy on Charles that’s kinda suspect 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. Taz Da Husky

    Taz Da Husky8 days ago

    gambling was Michael's addiction and amy dealer or waitress will tell you... hes cheap.

  41. c b

    c b8 days ago

    Sure, Jordan has,”It”, but a lot of white people are way too fanatical too. Especially here in Phoenix. Aside from Barkley, Larry Fitzgerald and a couple of the ‘01 Diamond Backs we have never had any real stars of sport here. I don’t doubt one bit that a hundred people stood and stared at their false idol. I’m actually surprised there wasn’t more. I don’t do it, but I understand why many do.

  42. Mg Mt

    Mg Mt8 days ago

    McDonald's don't hire everyone that's why he outside begging

  43. Pmf Lawrence

    Pmf Lawrence8 days ago


  44. My Opinion

    My Opinion8 days ago

    You gotta love Charles! 😂

  45. frankunderxx

    frankunderxx8 days ago

    Oprah was paying rent on this show....how many commercials?!....damn smh

  46. Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez8 days ago

    I am the only one who think that Oprah is hot here??

  47. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace9 days ago

    18:40... I swear Kobe is a reincarnation of MJ!!! The way he talks, the way he sounds, his facial expression. They are the same damn person

  48. Alex Fares

    Alex Fares4 days ago

    Nora Peace well Jordan taught Kobe a lot even Kobe said it himself

  49. Ohio Muscle

    Ohio Muscle5 days ago

    Nora Peace cloning

  50. ZSHIN

    ZSHIN9 days ago

    12:15 that burns...

  51. BooN

    BooN7 days ago

    ZSHIN I’ve

  52. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace9 days ago

    10:08 Jordan wants to cry from laughter 🤣💀

  53. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace9 days ago

    7:35 MJ reminds me of Kobe in the face 🤔

  54. Franklin Wallace

    Franklin Wallace9 days ago

    I literally sat here and watched this whole video and loved it all ..

  55. ESPN First Take

    ESPN First Take9 days ago

    To bad Jordan hate that nigga now.lol

  56. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace9 days ago

    ESPN First Take why?

  57. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez9 days ago

    Vcr recorded footage?

  58. Omar Sanes

    Omar Sanes9 days ago

    Charles is the man; the original bad boy of the NBA.

  59. Ken Fregien

    Ken Fregien9 days ago

    Oprah's a hoe

  60. Francesco Cabiddu

    Francesco Cabiddu9 days ago

    Don't like jordan's attitude. don't like oprah... Charles is funny and honest

  61. Sheena walker

    Sheena walker9 days ago

    The audience thought they were getting shoes lol

  62. Sentry Robert Reynolds

    Sentry Robert Reynolds8 days ago


  63. Edwin Ortiz

    Edwin Ortiz9 days ago

    There’s a part missing. He talks that he stayed riding motorcycles on tracks because there’s was an issue one night at a gas station when he was riding with his boys in Chicago.

  64. SirSmart theAuthor

    SirSmart theAuthor9 days ago

    Love Sir Charles he gone tell it like it is

  65. aaron teves

    aaron teves9 days ago

    Didn’t know Jordan was scum

  66. Lar

    Lar10 days ago

    Crazy they don't speak anymore. Charles made a honest comment on how bad his team was and MJ got mad.

  67. S H

    S H10 days ago

    Wait.. why are they not friends anymore?!!

  68. ESPN First Take

    ESPN First Take9 days ago

    Charles call Jordan a horrible GM on tv Jordan took it to the heart .Charles wasn't lying Jordan just can't handle the truth

  69. willie peppers

    willie peppers10 days ago

    The round mound

  70. Jamichas Huff

    Jamichas Huff10 days ago

    Charles funny as hell😂😂😂

  71. james lachs

    james lachs11 days ago

    Jordan is the, no doubt, GOAT. I worshiped him as a kid. This clip reminds me of how much love and adoration Jordan got because of brilliant corporate marketers. It's pretty clear he's not that wonderful of a human being. He seems like an older, grumpy egomaniac. Barkley is the one people love now. He's a 'call it as it is' commentator and he said, in so many words, that Jordan has done a poor job as a GM. Jordan, while he surely knows everyone agrees with Chuck, won't speak to him now because of his comments. The GOAT can dish it out but he can't take it.

  72. Drew Blood

    Drew Blood11 days ago

    Wtf, Chuck? Sayin’ if you had Scotty Pippin. . . blah,blah,blah. Mother fucker, you had Dr. J, and I believe Moses Malone for a little while. That was before 23 changed the game.Sixers never came close unless I’m forgetting a season. Celtics, Lakers, pistons, and blazers were all solidly better before pippin and mj even hit the league. Fuck off, fat whiner.

  73. Lashaw Love

    Lashaw Love11 days ago

    This was awesome 😂😂😂

  74. Lashaw Love

    Lashaw Love11 days ago


  75. Daniel M.

    Daniel M.11 days ago

    That’s like the Borat golf swing lol

  76. self-loving loser

    self-loving loser11 days ago

    LOL Michael Jordan is a fucking rich pussy beggar who gets his kicks from demeaning homeless people.

  77. Saathvik Anand

    Saathvik Anand11 days ago

    I wish the crowd would stfu

  78. K Jay

    K Jay12 days ago

    And that was the last time they went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles...

  79. Ryu Long

    Ryu Long12 days ago

    Oprah and Michael Jordan' My Wife and My Hero. #BlackPower

  80. ruga blacc

    ruga blacc12 days ago

    Lml nah MJ Shaq Kenny Charles and Ernie on NBAONTNT

  81. DarkKnight

    DarkKnight12 days ago

    That MJ's insights about today's players getting paid over possible potential over the old days, was lit tbh

  82. Antonio Luna

    Antonio Luna12 days ago

    Two of the greatest, love their chemistry and their authentic friendship.

  83. DarkKnight

    DarkKnight13 days ago

    Rewatching this at 2018. I wish they would do this again.

  84. Rolin H.

    Rolin H.13 days ago

    Oprah could have got it back then..

  85. Dwayne

    Dwayne13 days ago

    Incredible! MJ don't play!...:)

  86. No name

    No name13 days ago

    Ayyyy Michael is just great "if he can say do you have any spare change, he can say welcome to McDonalds how can I help you" its so true I get people may fall on some dark times but it's true.

  87. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez13 days ago

    Best rivalry in nba period 😂

  88. Petros Papas

    Petros Papas14 days ago

    ear ring ?? mmmmm

  89. אלעזר הראל

    אלעזר הראל14 days ago

    they are not really in the same leauge

  90. אלעזר הראל

    אלעזר הראל14 days ago

    All the "Michaels" are great people.

  91. Gregory Pappas

    Gregory Pappas14 days ago

    This is pure gold.


    IYPITWL14 days ago

    10:03 Barkley: we dont even know Jordan: We is you, I havent tried to figure it out 😂😂😂

  93. Braaappp

    Braaappp14 days ago

    Every jokes was by charles. He made this interview great!

  94. Private Eyes

    Private Eyes14 days ago

    The bottom line is that Michael Jordan is a class act an educated black man with a lot of respect and carries himself as such. Charles Barkely is the opposite he is the n*gger from the hood that never left that behind. I am not trying to down Charles for him being the way he is. However, he does need to recognize how to carry himself an conduct himself when the time calls for it. Some might call it him being real but you don't act this way in front of a live audience especially when your colleague and supposedly friend is the one you are acting that way towards. But on the flip side Jordan also needs a reality check and remember what it is to be humble and know where he came from. I don't like people like Jordan that now have money and act like they are untouchable. So I have to agree with Barkley on checking Jordan from time to time and the one tging about Barkley is he is true to whom he has always has been.

  95. Death Rager

    Death Rager14 days ago

    jordan's pops was jordan's blood sacrifice. instantly went huge and fucking rich as soon as his pops got popped.

  96. Death Rager

    Death Rager8 days ago

    you ask me something, i answer you. you then ask the same thing, which i already answered, but im answering it again. you still dont get it , then you ask me again, and i tell you the same thing. you then say that its me who is not understanding the question (typical female behavior, not listening to the given answers, then blame someone else when its really your fault) and ask me for the fourth time what u already asked me three times. maybe you need to learn to use your brain, and maybe you need to learn to read properly. maybe its you who need to stop blaming others not understanding your question when its really YOU who fail post, after post, after post. lol thats why i directly called you a typical female, this is what females do. they dont understand, then blame someone else , then apologize for not understanding it in the first place. i might have been rude, but my insight is on point. please next time , read the comment 3 times before you say that its someone else who doesnt understand it.

  97. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace8 days ago

    Death Rager sorry for not understanding u. But I still think you’re a little rude by calling me the “typical woman”. Learn how to talk to people

  98. Death Rager

    Death Rager8 days ago

    +Nora Peace you are asking if the celebrity gets to choose which family member is sacrificed, again i gave the answer to that question 3 times. they do not get to choose which, they only get to choose if they agree. 4th time i ve said it now. i can litterally quote your post here: Nora Peace 2 uur geleden Death Rager i live in America.. & in L.A unfortunately. But I’m asking, does the celebrity choose who they sacrifice? & how do they pick who should it be? me: no, they only get to choose ifthey agree to kill the family member yes or no, they dont get to choose. i litterally answered that to you multiple times, and here you are again saying that its me who doesnt understand the question, but really, isnt it just you being a typical woman? sorry dont mean to generalize, but you are being the typical woman. i litterally gave you the answer to that question 4 times now. see paragraph above. do you understand it now? or do i need to spoonfeed it to you?

  99. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace8 days ago

    Death Rager I keep saying WHICH family member! Ur just not understanding the question! & don’t generalize me Bc I’m a woman. That’s disrespectful

  100. Death Rager

    Death Rager8 days ago

    +Nora Peace maybe you wanna read my comment again, clearly i stated that they give you a choice whether to accept that your family member is gonna die, or you can decline the offer. its up to the one that got the offer offered to. i have answered your question 3 times by now. are you the typical woman who only reads what she wants or? dear lord.

  101. enrique el chingon

    enrique el chingon14 days ago

    I dont understand why this black lady never had bill burr in her show

  102. Mike B

    Mike B14 days ago

    Jordan is cutthroat haha

  103. Tito Cardona

    Tito Cardona14 days ago

    Jordan’s a scumbag

  104. Dan Makowski

    Dan Makowski15 days ago

    IMO, Jordan comes off as a real jerk.

  105. Calvino Dablackalpacino

    Calvino Dablackalpacino15 days ago

    I like Jordan as ah bball player but fck em as ah human being rns

  106. Faruk Beg

    Faruk Beg15 days ago


  107. Calvino Dablackalpacino

    Calvino Dablackalpacino15 days ago

    Istg yo I believe dat shyt @3:00 and noooooo Oprah that nigga,ain't shyt he builds prisons across America wit the $$$ he gets off shoes alone

  108. TheMyNameIsUnique

    TheMyNameIsUnique15 days ago

    We will be right back

  109. Mizanur Hussain

    Mizanur Hussain15 days ago

    Has Jordan become darker

  110. Paul Nelson

    Paul Nelson15 days ago

    Jordan a hater lol